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 Outside - Franklin

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PostSubject: Outside - Franklin   September 17th 2010, 7:42 am

Outside - Story Seventeen

Part One

Excuse me. I know… you have been waiting for this. It is still hard for me. Give me a moment. Okay.

Let me remind everyone that my name is Sherman Albert Holmes. I know that I have become used to answering by my logname, Watson, but that is not my real name. Those that seek to touch me beyond my public persona call me by my name.

Those aboard the Menlo Park call me by my logname. That does not mean that they are distant, but only that they truthfully only associate me in relation to my job. They are not rude, unfriendly, or unsociable. If they were, I would not have signed on for this mission. Yes, I know what is coming, but I really don’t believe it to be worth it if I am all alone. Those of the Menlo Park however always include me in what they are doing. They are really very good people. While they nor I seek to extend our relationships beyond the job at hand, I believe that all of us will go into the future with fond memories of having spent time together.

This story actually begins with me at point with Castle. He was working on something dealing with Jane, his hopeful non-vectoring Kert field engine. Clover along with a number of other engineers and interested parties chatted with Castle about various known and theorized components of the manner in which we flew at greater-than-light velocities. I was not participating, but I was listening. I had been included in the story of Jane, and actually looked forward to developments in Castle’s project.

Harley, our communication officer, suddenly interrupted the chatter to say, “Watson, there is something on another frequency that you might be interested in.”

Not feeling that I would miss anything important in the present conversation, I activated the link that appeared on my board. “… Mining has been having. There is almost a cloud of boats active around the Reagan. Being in the Oort Cloud, there is little fear of any action affecting any civilization. While there are other mining stations and some communities, none are close to this location.”

I checked for a video feed as the reporter continued. “There have been a number of reports of serious raids in this section of space. Some reports even claim that a number of important attacks closer to Earth have been caused by some group operating from out in the Oort Cloud. The way that the military is acting, I would suspect that they believe that they have found the culprits.”

The picture was not of much, but I appreciated having the image. Space is mostly black, especially when other light sources are present to drown out the faint light from distant stars. I however could recognize a number of moving specks that I recognized as craft moving under Kert Fields. I then saw a bright flash as the reporter gasped and tried to give a clear report of a nuclear explosion.

As I listened, another switch showed itself on my board. It showed the details of being a private message from Andrew Brunson. I knew Andrew quite well, and I knew that he served as a corporal on board the Reagan. Wondering what type of private details I would learn, I activated the switch.

“Sherman, are you aware of what the Reagan is engaged in? It is being reported on the news.”

“Yes, Andrew. I am watching.”

The voice of the man broke, and I could tell that he was crying as he said, “Franklin was out there.”

“Oh,” was all I managed to say in return.

Andrew and I had spent time together, but I usually hung out with Franklin. I had a few close men that I kept in touch with, and Franklin was one of the closest. We would often spend time talking with each other about our various dreams for the future. If there was one man that I desired to spend my life with, it would have been Franklin.

I spoke with Andrew for a time. Serving aboard the Reagan with Franklin, I knew that the two probably had a close relationship as well. It however showed that he recognized my connection to the man in that he thought to call and not simply in the words that he said.

Our craft are well protected against nuclear radiation, so both Andrew and I held out hope that Franklin survived. Stars are too distant for solar power to work. While some speak of terms like ‘solar wind,’ space is still too much of a vacuum for any real windmill to operate. Various fuels are used in space, but their volumes are kept at a minimum just so we have room for other things. Nuclear supplies tremendous power over years of service while taking up relatively little space. Those of us that work in deep space thus use nuclear power plants, and we put in the safeguards to keep ourselves safe. I thus returned to my job feeling rather hopeful that Franklin survived.

For some reason I however could not relax and simply return to listening to Castle and the other men. Harley had been watching the news broadcast, so I spoke with her. She knew about most of the men in my life, so I found her somebody that I could speak with. Even though no one else joined in the discussion, I felt some peace in talking to the lady.

“Oh, Watson, bumping another private message out to you.”

I activated the link to hear another lady’s voice. “Sherman.” She was crying, and I began to cry as well in recognizing the voice. “I just got a message from the military. Franklin was killed.”

This was Franklin’s mother, so her words struck me as being very real. She lived on a moon around Saturn, and being that I also grew up on a moon around that planet, and worked a number of years doing tug work around Saturn, we met soon after Franklin and I first found ourselves becoming enchanted by each other. She wanted me to join the military along with Franklin, but when I stated my desire for a less structured life she helped me get the job as being a captain of a tug. More than her connections with certain officials, I was always appreciative of the fact that she showed her acceptance of me as becoming a possible member of her family.

There would be no body found. If Franklin’s boat was close enough to the blast for it to overcome the numerous safeguards, then it would have suffered more than what hurt Felix or his vessel. Strangely, what verified Franklin’s death was the finding of his nuclear reactor. While even the military would have kept up some hope should he not return from a mission, finding a hunk of radioactive metal and containment material that matched the components for his boat caused the admiral to take Franklin’s name off one list and place it on another. The funeral would be a formality, as no body would be present.

Harley gave me time, but finally she had to ask, “Do I need to pull you from duty, Watson?”

“No. I can handle it. If there is one thing my men in the military have taught me, it is to cry on my own time.”

“I didn’t listen in, Watson. Considering that it was Andrew that sent you a message, then Franklin’s mother…”

“Yes, it was Franklin.” I barely held my voice steady as I said, “They found his nuclear core.”

The voice of Black Dove came over the speaker. “The news is still sudden, Watson. You need to grieve. I can replace you.”

“I only have a few more hours, Black Dove. I can finish.”

Clover’s voice now came over the speaker. “I will put a couple of bottles of good wine in front of your door.”

I then heard Thor say, “Or if you want something stronger.”

I replied, “No, wine is good. It better be vintage, Clover.”

He said, “Hey, you had me meet Franklin when we were working with those of the Reagan, so I won’t treat his memory cheaply.”

“That’s right. Hey, don’t just drop them off. Bring them to me and let us share a toast.”

“Can do.”

I returned to my work. One of the advantages of working day shift was that there was not any annoying chatter. Harley would check on us, but she did not maintain the constant background of speech that Darlene performed. Malcolm managed the helm, but he seldom said anything more than comments. I thus had quiet time to spend with my thoughts even as I continued to have my sensors help those of the Menlo Park keep us from encountering anything major.

We are supposed to keep a watch for anything that might prove valuable. While our places at point are to enhance the sensors of the Menlo Park, our own detection devices are improved as well and our position does give us a slight advantage in identifying things. Our history is not unique, but most discoveries by vessels like the Menlo Park are done by the watchful eyes of others than those at helm. Not only do us pilots get better pay than those at helm, but we tend to earn the bonuses as well.

I am going to say this in memory of Franklin. I am not claiming this to be true. A few do claim to see a slight mist near my pilot’s chair in my video of the event, but I will make no statement about Franklin’s ghost possibly visiting me. If people want to think that, well, I want to think that as well. I miss you, Franklin.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Part Two   September 22nd 2010, 7:59 am

Outside - Story Seventeen

Part Two

I was at point duty. Part of my job is to keep a watch for potentially rewarding objects. We were approaching a system, but it was still quite a distance away. There thus should not have been anything to find.

What I remembered, and what was shown on the videos from my internal cameras, was me suddenly moving my eyes to a side monitor. I then began working a touch pad as if looking for something. I really cannot remember what it was that caught my attention. Whatever it was, and for whatever reason I felt a need to check certain readings, it was clearly recorded that I spotted something then hit the commands for a full stop.

The voice of Malcolm almost immediately came over my speaker, “What was that for? Oh, I see it. Yeah, it is bigger than Earth, and I am reading some strange density patterns. I guess we check it out.”

I now heard Thor say, “Don’t know what you found, but it fits the criteria for what you should be looking for. You and Castle are thus on exploratory time. Check it out.”

As I noticed my boat move due to a command from the helm to position us for a new vector, I said, “Thor, if this is worth anything, I want it named after Franklin.”

“Well, I...”

Clover interrupted to say, “It can be done.”

Thor kept on with what he was saying, “Won’t argue with you, but others might. Check with others first.”

My eyes darted to my tachy radio. It was off, as we go silent when there was a potential for profit. I figured it best if we first checked on the value of my claim. I thus turned my eyes back toward my view from the cameras on the front of my boat as I saw the stars jump in what I knew was us returning to moving at extremely fast velocities.

One had to learn perspective in space. We were able to move rather fast, but even at our fastest velocities with a number of decades of research behind us, mankind had not traveled that far into our galaxy. A light-year was still a great distance. While media presentations tended to have spaceships easily covering great distances, such was far from the truth. A light year was the distance that light travels in a year. Should one go twelve times the speed of light, a rather normal velocity, it would take them a month to go one light year. If one managed to go fifty-two times the speed of light, of which there were only a handful of vectors, it would take a week to cover the distance of a light year. Considering that the nearest star to that of the one Earth went around was about three and a half light years away, you were back to being a month in space. Our sensors were like most detection devices in that there was a good range for clear readings, but objects further out could be sensed if one knew how to interpret the data. What I had found was at the edge of what our sensors, enhanced by us that flew point, could register. It was about the size of Earth, but from our perspective it was rather big.

Many people had a hard time thinking of the home planet of mankind as being big. It was especially hard for people like me, who grew up around a gas giant, to think of Earth as big. Truthfully, it was actually the largest of the rocky bodies around Sol. Earth’s moon was actually rather large as well, and it was usually what we measured other rocky spheroids against. There were very few rocky bodies larger than the moon of Earth, and barely a handful larger than Earth.

I smiled as the voice of Clover said, “Wow, so much for me being the lucky one. Good call, Watson. This thing is huge.”

No, it was not huge, but it did register on my equipment as being about a fifth larger than Earth. The law said that anything over three thousand kilometers in diameter needed to be registered. My equipment said that this planet was about eighteen thousand kilometers.

The voice of Thor now came over the speaker. “Do you see anything special about this thing, like, say, an atmosphere?”

Clover responded, “Yes, Thor. I am picking up bubbling brooks next to a city of towering spires.”

No, there were no bubbling brooks or towering spires. Of the two, only the towering spires were possible. There was no sun within two light years of this place. That sun, by the way, was already claimed. The one we were heading to was about five light years from us. Anyway, to find an atmosphere without a sun would be something special. No gas giants would be found in deep space. It was in a place like this that the scientists expected to find a really huge body like we found in the last system. Anyway, Clover’s comments of a bubbling brook were easily understood to be a joke. Towering spires, or any sign of an alien civilization, mankind still wondered why that had not been found. We of the Menlo Park wondered more than others.

Thor’s voice did not sound like it was laughing as he replied, “Well, I am going to re-initiate communications.”

Clover replied, “I will take it.” As soon as my panel showed that tachy signals were again being generated, my companion’s voice declared, “Damn, Watson. What were you expecting, towering spires?”

It was as good of an opening as any, and I replied, “This claim is mine. I am going to place my flag upon it.”

Those words caused a number of voices both Inside and Outside to begin asking about what we had found. Since this object was not expected and had no nearby sun to provide a reference, some time was taken to verify its place in the cosmos. While we worked to assure a number of factors about the location of my find, others asked about what we were seeing. Hearing Clover and I both mention readings of a covering of solid light elements over what we assumed was a core of heavy elements caused requests from many for an analysis of the surface.

Even Rachel would have been surprised if anyone bought this rock, but we all knew our business. Just because there was no money involved did not mean that we lacked any duty to mankind as a whole. We were trying to learn about our place in the universe, and that meant accumulating as much knowledge as possible. All of my boyfriends were in the military. I did my best to let them know my appreciation for their service even as I worked to secure my place in their lives by earning wealth and fame. While I felt no confidence in gaining a bonus from this claim, I made certain not to pass up an opportunity to place my name in the historic record.

I said, “Before we do anything more, I am going to plant my flag.”

Thor asked, “Do you have one?”

“Yes, I have one.”

Truthfully, I had a dozen. I really had no idea when I would use them, but as I was shopping while Inside I met somebody that made the things. We spoke, one thing led to another, and at some point I made the order for a dozen. I had them with me simply for the happy memories, although I was also actually pleased to have a reason to use one.

The voice of Doug came over the speaker to ask, “Castle, can you position your boat in a manner that will get a good recording of the event?”

My fellow point pilot returned, “Sure, no problem, except that now we are going to have to wait for Watson to choose his wardrobe.”

I did have three spacesuits, besides my hard-bodied suit. My spacesuits however came from military sources, so were not that glamorous. I thus did not pick the suit that I considered to be the better color, but the one that I felt had not been recently seen.

I did take the time to shave and put some style in my hair. The contrast between the blackness of space and the brilliance of light sources had caused a number to wear enclosed helmets that enabled sight only through optics transmitting the images from cameras. I never went for that fashion, but opted for visored helmets. Considering that there was no nearby sun to overwhelm my eyes, I chose the helmet with the clearest panel to assure that I could be recognized.

Harley had called a couple of times to say that everyone was waiting for me. I knew that she was not attempting to rush me, but was actually working to keep other voices quiet. I listened as Clover played the straight man to the routines of our communication officer. All of us pilots worked with Harley, so knew most of her attitudes and preferences for discussion. I believe that most of her jokes were rather old, but I laughed at a few that I was unable to remember the punchline to. Harley was a lady, and worked in a place where she was regularly visited by others. She thus tended to take care of her appearance. Even before he had a wife, Clover tended to keep himself looking good, as he never knew when someone would contact him for an interview. Understanding that both of those handling the broadcast knew how to handle the public, I took my time assuring that when I stepped before the cameras that I would look my best.

I sat back down in my pilot’s seat to see a message from Doug. He had looked over the images of the planet and had chosen a few spots he felt would give the better picture. I had scanned a message board, so noticed that a number had suspected that my planet had once been part of a system where it had an atmosphere. The chemicals on the surface were gases at temperatures that humans preferred. I knew that Rachel would play up little details like that to hopefully gain a buyer, but I simply wanted a good picture. Doug had found a number of places where projections of the rocky core jutted out from a white to gray coating to provide some picturesque contrasting images.

I saw no reason to challenge Doug’s suggestions, so set my boat to move to one with a slightly even terrain. While precipices in the background did give one a heroic appearance, I wanted my flag to be easily seen. I also had the knowledge of others that had their flags later covered by rocks. I did want something in the background, so flew to a location hoping for an angle that would catch some scenery behind me.

Since there was no atmosphere, it was easy to move with my Kert field. I would need to drop it and use thrusters for the fine movements and control necessary to enable me to land, but I could use nearby stars to give me a slow steady velocity for inspecting places to make my scene. After checking out Doug’s suggestions, I moved to the one that I liked the best.

Due to the fact that a Kert field does not alter the momentum of an object, coming out of a Kert field usually had you adjusting to the differences in what you once thought was a steady position to the movements of the local surroundings. Once I had myself basically motionless to the ground below, I began my descent. Instead of landing on the surface, I however found myself continuing down.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Part 3   September 27th 2010, 7:58 am

Outside - Story Seventeen

Part Three

Space is not a perfect vacuum, and what tries to fill the void is the same stuff that will make a fresh clean room look bad over time – dust. There are a number of people that do get all excited speaking about the grandeur of particles that have existed unchanged for billions of years, but I am not one of those. The surface of the plane I choose for my position was mostly fields of what I considered solidified gases, but I had chosen what appeared to be an expanse of rock that rose above the white layers. While everything was solid, without air pressure there was no assurance that the gases had packed down. Most gases also had very low temperatures at which they would liquefy or even sublimate, and that process would pull heat from my spacesuit. It was thus simply safer for me to land on rock. While it looked like a strong surface upon which to land, where I had chosen was instead only a covering of dust over a very loosely packed depth of powder.

Realizing my precarious situation, I did something that made it worse. A number, including my boyfriends, have pointed out that the danger was covered in the training to become a pilot. The danger of solidified gases was however very minimal, as without an atmosphere to support certain reactions they would remain inert. Hydrogen would explode, but it needed to blend with oxygen. Oxygen would burn, but it needed something to oxidize. Alone, and with each element and compound having it own condensation and freezing point they tended to be found solidified alone, they were nothing more than stable solids. When I fired my thrusters I happened to be among the wrong combination of frozen gases, and the land around me erupted.

Castle’s voice could be clearly heard on the recordings of the event yelling, “ANTI-GRAV! ANTI-GRAV! ANTI-GRAV!”

We don’t tend to use our gravity plates except for our own comfort, as gravity is not a strong force. It is also constant. When we want to move, we desire something powerful and controllable. While our technology does give us the latter over gravity, it is still not a force that will zip you away – especially in the outer reaches of space far from any large mass. What I had however forgot was that I was in the influence of a strong gravity well, which could be used as a safe means of propulsion.

I might have sent the command for my boat to increase its thruster fire. I did not, and I will not deny Castle that I instead listened to his advice. Instead of spewing out more fuel for the chemicals around me to use for their own purposes, my hand went to the controls for my gravity plates. My ship lifted in a quick reaction against the pull of the planet.

No sooner did I ask about the exploding fire beneath me than Castle replied, “Spectrums are not holding steady, but it looks like you hit a large section of nitrates.”

“I almost joined Franklin.”

“No. Your hull can take a good amount of raw energy. I see residue all over however, so you might have problems initiating a Kert Field.”

I fired thrusters as I said, “I am moving closer to the mountains.”

The voice of Rachel came over the speaker, “Castle, transmit your spectrum readings.” I guess that he did, because she quickly replied, “Good. Will see if I can get a buyer.” Almost as quickly, she then said, “Well, it seems that we do have some interest.”

“What?” I exclaimed.

The voice of Andrew came over the speaker. “I did it, Sherman. It is not much, but it seems that your planet has some spirit in it. Nitrates are usually produced by life forms. It is proper that we should remember Franklin by thinking of an independent planet with its own ability to surprise.”

Suddenly, the broadcast channel became alive with a number speaking of chemicals. I found myself surprised to hear a number mentioning that they were placing their own bids. Rachel’s voice came over my speaker telling me that she had Indigo and Diamond ready to perform chemical tests after I performed my ceremony. I moved to the mountains wondering about the fate of this planet I found and was going to name after a dear friend.

I exploded a mine over my landing site to test its integrity. A number cheered in seeing some white powder flare in response to the energy from the explosion. Whatever the history of this planet, it was producing a show that caused a number of watchers to become interested in it. I did not consider the money however, but the value of the name. I don’t believe that Franklin ever thought that his memory would be attached to something like this. I landed feeling that I would be doing him justice.

Having chosen a solid place to land, it was hard finding a spot to set the flag. I somehow found a section of loose material and by moving a few rocks was able to keep my banner from falling. I then made a short speech of my love for Franklin before declaring that I would name this planet after him. I returned to my boat feeling that I had done a good job, although I waited for what others would say.

The chemical readings were not as expected, but so were the bids. I sat in the kitchen eating a steak that I pulled from our stores. It was not my usual meal, but I cooked it slow among some vegetables as I listened to Rachel excitedly yell out the numbers of each bid. I knew that my lady captain would be speaking to me with pride in the claim that I discovered, and I expected Andrew and my other boyfriends to mention my good luck, but I did not expect the call that I received.

“Sherman Holmes?”

The man had a full face with gray in his hair. I felt that he appeared rather distinguished, although did not think of him as homosexual. He was a little older than me, but something about him said that the call was all business and had no association with intimacy.

“Yes, sir.”

“I am General Ethingham of the YOU Space Navy. We presently have a bid that I doubt anyone else will care to match.”

Not really understanding the reason for the call, I said, “I hope the planet will be put to good use.”

“That it will, Mr. Holmes. I want you to know that we appreciate the name that you gave it. Major Franklin Armitage died proudly defending freedom. The planet will keep its name, and the base built upon it will also be in memory of the one whom it was named after.”

“Thank you, General.” Hoping that the officer considered the conversation private, I asked, “The purchase would not be due to a certain military base we encountered a system or so back?”

“Well, let us say that it came from the same funds as the purchase of the last system. Our computers say that we have a few thousand years before we have to worry about anything, but nothing wrong with planning ahead.” As if he understood that his words were being recorded, he added, “I mean, mankind is not slowing their advance into space. Even out here will eventually be considered Inside.”

“I would like to tour the facility you build here.”

“Franklin served with honor. As his widow, you would be welcome.”

No, I was not offended. I was highly pleased. The only thing that spoiled my smile were tears coming to my eyes.

“Thank you, General.”

Some more words were said, but I don’t care to repeat them here. Let me simply say that I was gracious to the general and he was kind in return. No, he was not homosexual, but he had the experience with dealing with others that were. What he said touched me deeply.

I looked up as a glass of wine was poured for me. Felix smiled as he sat it and a bottle before me. He then sat down next to me as he spoke.

“Welcome to the world of being rich.”

I clinked my glass with his before asking, “Did I make that much?”

“No, but it is still a good amount. Considering that we were expecting zero, it is a marvelous haul.”

Just checking facts, I asked, “Was it the nitrates?”

“Yes. Not only in the gases, but they are actually in the rocks as well. The military might have it, but I know a number of scientists that will be speculating about Franklin’s history as well. Good call, Watson.”

“I’m Sherman.”

“Yeah, and I’m Ezra.”

I clinked my glass against his again, then said, “If I could take you to bed, I would call you by your real name.”

“Fine with me, but that keeps you Watson as well.”

I smiled, then asked, “How are you and Indigo getting along?”

“Great, but she calls me Ezra.” He then said, “I hope that you meet someone as great.”

I lifted my glass before giving the toast, “To a future of success with money and love.”

He lifted his while answering, “The two things that will make any man feel his life is worth living.”

Indeed. I will miss you Franklin, but my life continues. I hope yours does as well.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Re: Outside - Franklin   

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Outside - Franklin
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