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 No Zombie for a Neighbor - End of 2

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PostSubject: No Zombie for a Neighbor - End of 2   May 5th 2011, 7:51 am

No Zombie for a Neighbor
Day Two

End: Late Night News

This is Bruce Williams again reporting from the outskirts of Shreveport. The situation today has not improved. My news team and I felt that we had some control of the situation at the end of the day yesterday. We had survived a number of zombie encounters, and successfully made our report at the close of the day. The walk to the barn was done quietly enough, and we settled in the hay feeling that things would turn for the better. That has not been the case.

Zombies were all about the barn this morning. I told you that the zombies could hear. Well, they were attracted to the sound of the animals. I will not say that some of us snoring did not add to the din of sounds. Anyway, we woke at the rising of the sun to see zombies moving about below us.

I really do not know what happened. I suspect that the noise of frogs, crickets, and other bugs caused zombies to wander away from the places that they had gathered. As they moved, the sound of larger animals attracted them. They thus dispersed about the countryside.

We have seen cow zombies and deer zombies. I mentioned yesterday that we had seen dog zombies and cat zombies, and we saw more today. Simply getting down from the upper part of the barn took up a major part of the day, as more than human zombies were waiting for us.

My pipe wrench ended up being a good weapon. It is quite heavy, and many laughed at me yesterday for lugging it around. Just dropping this thing could break a skull. That is basically what I did. I tied a rope to this end here. [Bruce holds up the pipe wrench and shows a hole intended to hang the tool from a peg.] I would then throw it down with some force, and I heard a number of skulls crack. Others tried leaning over and swinging their weapons, but we lost a man that caused most to simply take turns throwing my pipe wrench.

Whatever is causing the zombie condition is affecting the nervous system, but more than that I cannot say. Cracking the skull is not enough. You have to mess up the brain. My news team and I have discussed exactly what is necessary to end the threat of a zombie, but we really have no answers. Breaking the spinal chord does not kill a zombie, although it will stop movement from lower sections of the body. You need to smash the skull to truly end the threat.

I don’t know if you out there are having the troubles we are having, as zombies are tough. We have found that you cannot bleed them. They feel no pain. They don’t tire out. I am sorry to say that I have witnessed attempts to go one-on-one with zombies, and those are now dead.

I again spoke to the military. I was told that the available man power was kept quite busy simply assuring the safety of the base. They were willing to share some of their own experiences, but I found our soldiers as perplexed as I was about what created zombies and how they operated.

They do eat. I know that they eat. I have seen them eat. What happens to the stuff they put in their stomach I cannot say. I have not dissected one to learn, and I am not going to dissect one to learn. Even if they have digestive juices, they have no flowing blood to move the nutrients through their system. Thus, while they eat, I cannot say how the food helps them.

They are not rotting. We noticed that today. Having a number of zombies below us, we did not smell decay or even bad body odor – except from each other. [Some laughter is heard beyond the view of the camera.] While flies are normal, I cannot say that I saw more around the zombies than the rest of the barn.

Oh, back to the no-blood thing. The grossness of killing most creatures does not apply to zombies. It did yesterday, as, I guess, the blood in them was still fresh. I mentioned however that a good percentage of them did not have blood, as they had been embalmed. Those with no blood, or old blood, do not splat. The bodies seem to be tougher, but the fact that they do not have a circulation system brings up other questions.

The big one is how do they transfer their ‘disease,’ for lack of a better word. I still have to say that a scratch, a deep solid scratch, should be enough. Contact is not enough, thank God, as I have had my brushes with these creatures. I also know that those that are bitten are eaten. This leaves someone gaining a minor wound, then escaping by some method, to be the source of additional zombies. I must then assume from the number of zombies that the one who escapes did so with the help of friends, and their shared commitment to each other had them slow to react when the first changed with all becoming infected. That is mostly an assumption by me, but it keeps my faith in the general good nature of us humans. We might all be suffering from one of the worst plagues ever to occur, but I will not accept that it is because we are bad people. What I actually fear is that this disease will kill off the good people and leave only the bad, which will make the future of the human race not a pleasant one.

To the churches out there, I still plan on moving around to check on you. I fear for you, but I feel that the rest of us also hope that you are still there. I know that I want God to still be there, and I am hoping that I can give support to most of the viewers by simply letting them know that you are hanging on. Those of you in the churches, should you see me approach, you do not need to come out. Simply yell through a window. Somehow, just let me know that you are alive and well. That is all we really need to know right now.

I am sorry that I did not get to you today. Seriously, we were fighting for our lives today. We were surrounded by zombies. I am surprised that I have managed to get as much said as I have. All of us are tired, but again I want to stress that we are taking our jobs of keeping you informed very seriously. I swear that I am going to survive this to again have a home, and this time one with a fireplace. My pipe wrench is going to be enshrined above the mantle as was a good sword in times past. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. Hopefully, all of us will have a better tomorrow.

Oh, we are divided about what to do with the bodies. Burying is probably proper, but that takes time and work that presently must be spent killing more zombies. Burning is probably what we need to do, but that takes even more time and work, which will result in something that will surely bring even more zombies.

Those still at the station report that a number of bombs were set off today. Some of you are attempting your own plans. Those at the station are penned in, as just the number of people present continues to present situations that attracts zombies. I am told that there was hope that the bombs would pull zombies from near the station, but that did not occur. I also cannot say that bombs are good weapons for zombies, as the explosion cannot be aimed at their heads.

Back to burying our dead. I do not know if the carcasses are capable of transmitting the disease. While my team does want to keep you informed, certain risks we are all simply not going to chance. We actually use gloves, or wrap our hands in cloth, when moving the bodies. However bad the ordeal, my news team and I are determined to stay human.

We will be back in the barn tonight. There is a freezer there that supplies our food. The place was obviously used as a still for brewing moonshine, but they tried to cover certain necessities of their operation by having some practical uses for the barn. Deer meat and raw vegetables, like corn, are keeping us alive. We have yet to discover any reserve of illicit liquor. Probably that is for the best.

Note that I am not going to say much more than I have about our immediate situation. There will be a time for our story. There will be a time for all of us to tell our stories. Right now we are all having to survive. As is the situation in the main station, too many people in one place is not good. We thus do not want anyone else coming out to find us. When we find you, we do not want you rushing out too meet us. We need to know that each other is alive, but we all must stay apart that we can assure our surroundings to assure our survival. I just want all of you out there to know that you are not alone, but I also want all of you to lock your doors, assure yourself of your own supply of food, and do what you need to keep yourself alive. When better times come, I will then let you know some facts of my own survival even as I allow you to tell your own stories.

The electricity does continue to hold. There is a generator that we can use when the power goes out. Using it to make our broadcasts will probably be pointless however, as almost none of you will have power to run your television to watch. The new station also has a generator, but again we will need to decide whether to run our generators when our viewers cannot see what we produce. Also, the noise will bring zombies.

Let it be known that our electricity is something that is a benefit of the attacks of 9/11. After that tragic day for our country, our electrical plants were protected. At present there are people inside the plants assuring the continued flow of electricity. They however have no crews to service any lines that go down. They want to leave. They want to be with their families. They just want to interact with a larger community. To hopefully assure that day will come, they are doing what they can to give us some means of enacting whatever plans we have.

The phones also continue to work. I however am certain that I am not the only one who keeps his dial tone to vibrate only. Many of you know my number. I however often do not answer because I am busy attempting to survive. I am not making calls for the same reason. I am glad that many of you feel enough lack of stress to chance a phone call, but you must concern yourself with the safety of the one that might answer. If someone does not answer after a couple of rings, cancel the call. Hopefully, a chance to return the call will come. In the time that you spend waiting, pray for them. I again must say that I do not care what religious beliefs you have, pray. Whatever connection we have to some higher power hopefully still works.

We have not seen any UFOs. When it gets dark in the barn, most of us do look to the sky. While we have not seen legions of angels ready to do battle, we have not seen any UFOs either.

This has been Bruce Williams. I have been speaking after the second full day of the rise of the zombies. Hopefully, I will have a better report, and a more hopeful one, tomorrow.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
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No Zombie for a Neighbor - End of 2
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