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One should not face a writer's block with the mentality of bursting through it. I have found in my own experience that a writer's block is usually due to my mind indicating that it has a problem in 'channeling' the story. One reason might be a re-imagining of certain story points. Another reason however is that there is a problem in where you are at in the story, so you need to look back and find out the problem with the 'journey' that prevents the tale from advancing.

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 No Zombie for a Neighbor - 3A

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PostSubject: No Zombie for a Neighbor - 3A   May 10th 2011, 7:50 am

No Zombie for a Neighbor
Day Three

Part One: A Problem with Neighbors

I awoke to feel a hand on a boob. The feeling did not bother me, except that it woke me up. Fluttering my eyes, I felt a kiss upon my lips. Not being a morning person, I did nothing but spread my legs to allow Al to do what he desired. Unexpectedly, he spoke of doing something else.

“I am going to see what our options are for travel.”

Wondering if the man had already tired of me, I said, “I do enjoy it, Al.”

“If we had food, I would stay here and do it all day with you.”

As I tried to will my body to wake up enough to grab the man, I felt the hand move from my boob to the part of my body that I had given access. I thus simply relaxed while hoping not to sleep through the activity. I did enjoy it, but I was not a morning person.

He kissed me and tried other things, but I was still too sleepy to respond. Well, my brain was too groggy to move any muscles. I did feel things happen that would help in my enjoyment of what Al would do. While my outer body did nothing to return any affection to him, my inner body did what it could to let the man know that I did enjoy his presence.

I continued to lie there as I heard Al move to clean himself up. After some business in the bathroom, he came back to kiss me. That was sweet, but I was wanting to go back to sleep.

“I am not a morning person, Al.”

“In the morning we have light to see by. Truthfully, zombies don’t care about the time of day. Vampires have trouble in daylight, but zombies move about at all times. You could sleep until noon, and the zombies would still be there. However, move about at night, and you need a light source, which could attract zombies.”

I agreed with the newsman that most zombies could not see, or did not primarily see. Some did however. A few of those in the deli saw me, which caused us to have to flee into this clothes store. I thus found myself again agreeing with Al’s words, so I got up.

Al again could not find an opening in the ceiling. He carefully opened the door to the front to look to the street. No zombies could be immediately seen, so I heard him mention that he was going to carefully move up for a better look. As I was working on my makeup, Al returned saying that he saw enough bodies standing around as if waiting for noise for him not to want to enter the street.

He moved to the back door, then came back to look at me. I continued putting on my makeup while having his smiling face staring at me in the mirror. I enjoyed it for a short period, but eventually had to ask a question.

“What are you thinking?”

“What I am thinking is not important. What I am doing is allowing you the time to do everything you feel needs to be done. You are a lovely lady, and what you are doing simply makes you lovelier. We however need to flee this place.”

Those were nice words, but I understood the relationship between us. “Do you want to have sex again?”

“Now? No. You are putting on your makeup. We can do it later.” I saw an expression of confusion cross his face before he said, “Hopefully we can find a place where we both feel safe enough to walk around naked and do nothing else but have sex.”

I did enjoy sex, but I had also found men to enjoy it more. Other men had found me grow angry with them as they continued to desire access to me. Those had been safer times with really no barrier to prevent me and the man from doing it again, but just with me wanting to do something else. However bitchy Al’s previous girl had been, I could tell that he truly loved her. It was obvious from the way he treated me that he was willing to love me as well. I had not reached that level with him. I did trust him. He also had a stamina that really made the sex act something rather enjoyable. There was thus no resentment within me that I had allowed him access to me, but he was the first that I had met who willingly rationed his desire for me.

“You had all those toys in the toy store, but you had sex with me instead of playing with them.”

“Those are not the toys that I like to play with, Livonia. I like real cars. Trucks, really. I would really like to make it back to my truck that I left on the interstate.” I saw him wipe his eyes as if he suddenly had a memory. “I was ready for a new truck, but it had been a sweet machine.”

I could not believe that he had shed a tear for his truck, but assumed that he had a sweet memory of him and his fiancé doing something in it. That caused me to think about things he had revealed about that relationship. About all that he had said was about the two of them going to college, so I decided to ask about that.

“What were you going to college for?”

“Computer science.”

Nothing about Al gave me the impression that he was a computer guy. There had been computer games in the toy store, and he had not played with them. He also had not spent time on the computers found in the back of the stores. I thus could not help but express disbelief as I blurted out a response.

“Computer science?”

“Most of cars and trucks today are managed by computers. I wanted to know how they worked so I could improve my work on vehicles. I didn’t want just want to work on trucks, but really cause them to hum.”

I could believe that, although I spoke about our present reality. “Well, I don’t believe driving around is presently that safe.”

“No, the sound definitely attracts them.”

He made some engine sounds, then both of us jumped when a clear bang was heard. Fear showed in the face of Al as if worried that his noises had attracted zombies. His face turned to the back of the store, but the rear door was secure. He spun to the front, and was moving to look into the front of the door when we heard voices.

We moved to a wall to listen. What we heard were some people speaking of raiding a frig while asking about other benefits the store could provide. I had noticed the day before that doors had been locked, and remembered Al speaking words to a camera. What I heard told me that he had not simply spoken to a machine.

A gun suddenly went off. It seemed that others had been holed up in the store next to us. While those entering their space were not zombies, they still felt a need to protect themselves. Both Al and I looked to each other with wide eyes upon realizing that a bullet struck the wall where we were listening. The missile had not penetrated, but simply realizing how close we were to death shocked us. To then hear the sudden crash of a window had us rush to the middle of the room concerned for our lives.

It was not a window to our store, but when Al peeked through a crack in the door to look toward the front of our business he said that he could see a number of zombies out there. One had obviously run up and struck the window with enough momentum to overcome the integrity of whatever material was being used for glass. Both groups of people in the store suddenly began firing while speaking of moving back into the other shop, although one group loudly spoke of not having food. While Al and I could tell both groups felt desperate, we also knew that the noises they were making would pull the zombies toward them.

Al looked to the back door, then back to the wall separating us from the other store. I saw his eyes move back and forth between the two clearly understanding that he was coming up with a plan. Not wanting to disturb him, I stood still and waited for him to speak.

“Let’s gather our stuff. We need to move. The zombies are being attracted to those next door, so hopefully we can get away.”

I began gathering my belongings as I asked, “Where do we go to?”

He began speaking of the road the stores were on, then mentioning directions to the community where I had my home. Al did not have a knowledge of all the businesses and homes, but he did have a good understanding of the roads. He stopped as I mentioned the names of some shops, then only nodded as he accepted that I was a local with more specific knowledge than he. I however just did not have a head for handling directions, so accepted what Al said.

We waited near the back door. I could only assume with Al that their gun no longer held any bullets. Upon hearing loud bangs as if the people were attempting to break through another wall, we opened the rear door and moved through it.

There were zombies, but they were fixated on the loud sounds from the others. At least, they were until I let the door slip. It banged back into its frame, which turned the attention of some zombies.

Al and I took off running. I thought to actually question his decision to climb into a garbage bin. I however stayed silent realizing that he was not advocating hiding in the metal container, but using it to help us climb over a tall fence. Putting a barrier between us and the zombies I definitely considered a wise thing, so spoke an acknowledgement.

After two full days of being with Al, I felt that we were beginning to become a pair. I had given the man access to my body, and had been accepting his directions. In response he had done what he could to treat me properly and give me what control I wanted. My thoughts of my connection with Al were supported as we moved upon the dumpster. I do not believe that there were any zombies in the trash, but we really did not give them time to react if there were. Al jumped to have his foot land upon the bottom of the opening for throwing in trash. Instead of moving inside, one hand reached to grab the top of the opening while the other reached for me. I took his hand, and with the actions of my free hand and feet along with the power of being lifted by the hand that Al held, I found myself on top of the dumpster. Al joined me as I moved to judge the jump over the fence.

It was not a difficult maneuver. A simple turn during a leap, and my hands grabbed the top of the fence. I then dropped down. I quickly stepped aside as Al followed performing the same actions that I did.

One problem with sound was that it often was not stopped due to barriers. If zombies reacted by sight, we probably would have been safe. They responded to sounds however, so had heard the commotion in the store and had come to the fence seeking to get food with them now turning upon hearing the sound of us on the metal dumpster then jumping over the fence.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
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No Zombie for a Neighbor - 3A
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