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 No Zombie for a Neighbor - End of Day 5

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PostSubject: No Zombie for a Neighbor - End of Day 5   July 4th 2011, 7:39 am

No Zombie for a Neighbor
Day Five

End of Day 5: Late Night New

This is Bruce Williams wanting to tell everyone that I am still alive and glad that those of you watching are alive as well. Had an interesting day, and I will tell you about it, but first I am directed to replay a video from our nation’s capital that ran earlier today. I do have a story to tell, but I will save it for after the message.

Hello, America, and others who might be watching. This is President Stephens. From all reports, the zombie menace has not subsided. I hear constantly of brave Americans fighting the good fight. Some are securing a livable area. Many are dying. I keep hearing pleas for me to release the troops. Let say in response, “Where are YOUR police? Where are YOUR National Guard? Where are YOUR local defenders?” I am not saying that our soldiers will not fight for us. I am saying that at this moment our soldiers are fighting. Most bases have given me the signal that they are secure, but they have not told me that they have control over their area. Please hold out. Our soldiers are struggling just like you are. They also have a bigger fight. When you see them it is you that will shout with praise at being rescued. It is not the soldiers. They will be the ones fighting. Give them time. Give them prayers. They have a job to do, and will continue to have a job to do. True, it is their responsibility to secure your welfare. It is their sworn duty to protect you from all threats, foreign and domestic. When they move, they have to be heroes, and right now they are doing their best to survive just like the rest of us.

The zombie infestation is worldwide. It is here in Washington D.C. I am president because of the pervasiveness of the zombie plague.

Trust me, America, that I have all of you in my hearts. Our military is strong. I am hearing reports that they are secure. I however am also listening to their problems. They have them. My orders to them have thus been to resolve their own problems. Once they are secure, they can then work to move out and expand their area of control. I want it that when you do see our boys in uniform that you have every right to cheer.

I have another fear that I am facing. I promised you that the nukes will not fly. Other leaders however have not made such promises to their people. Nukes have flown. I hope that the old alarms are still working, because fallout may fall.

Note again that America is secure. Our defenses are operational. A few nukes did fly in this direction, and they were shot down. I will admit that I did not care what happened to them, as long as the results were not in America. Luckily, we know the technology. We are not responsible for any nuclear explosion. America is secure, and it is strong.

As many of you could have predicted, zombies are not affected by the radiation. Those that are burnt in the blast, are destroyed, but they have no susceptibility to high levels of radiation. I promise you again that the nukes will not fly. I make it this time with the knowledge that it would be pointless to think the bombs would provide us with a solution.

Hold on, America; stay strong. I told you when I took office that I was depending upon you to make me a great president. I am still depending upon you. I know that you would like for the military to come in and make your lives easier. That day will be there, but they are presently fighting their own battles. You need to keep fighting yours. And if it is you that comes to rescue us, may God bless you.

May God bless all of you. You are in my prayers. Stay strong.

This is Bruce Williams again, and I want to confirm that Barksdale does report exactly along the lines that President Stephens said. They have secured the base. They however do have zombies within the airbase. My contact let me know that they have almost finished removing the threat, and they are beginning to patrol their perimeter. I was told that those that lived near the base might soon see troops. I told my contact that such was promised earlier, and he apologized for the delay. He did not say what had happened, but the base is a large area and the zombie threat is persistent.

Where I am at, the children still cannot go out on the playground. That was not our problem however, but food. There are a number of families here, and we all like to eat. I mentioned the food in storage back at our barn, and we discussed retrieving it. Considering that my team and I came here from the barn, planning a return was easy. We told the children that while they could not go outside and play, we would do what they could to at least keep eating.

The first part of the plan was easy. We usually spent the morning killing zombies from the roof. Today we did it a little louder than usual, to assure that we pulled in any nearby zombies. Worried about us, the women took over killing zombies. Those of us in the squad left out a rear exit.

We ran into trouble immediately. My team and I had not been afraid of going to the church, because we did not have to travel through the nearby community. I however had mentioned that the normal sounds of the insects, frogs, and other animals would pull the zombies out into the countryside. That seemed to still be the case, as even though we quickly stepped into a woods we encountered zombies.

We moved as we fought. That prevented the zombies from being able to surround us, as well as assured that when the undead arrived at the location of the noise that we would no longer be there. By the time we had crossed a stream we were free from direct opponents, although already tired from the hurried pace.

Looking through the field to the barn we saw a number of undead. We crouched down to move low through the grass. Zombies do seem to respond more to sound than sight. While we did drop low when a dog began to bark, we were not surprised to see the undead go for the canine. We did whisper comments about the identity of the dog, although none of could be sure whether the animal recognized any of us or was just glad to find living humans. After being assured that the zombies were not targeting us, we stepped quickly to the barn.

As we filled our bags with the frozen vegetables and deer steaks, a couple of members of our group hit boards on the most secure part of the barn in order to pull any nearby undead to that location. What we did not expect was to be charged by a zombie bull. We worked to hurry the task of gathering the food as we felt the barn shake.

I have reported before that animal zombies are not as stupid as human zombies. I guess it is because the animal brain is much simpler, so most of its responses are instinctual instead of requiring higher-order processing. The bull did not just run up and strike the way human zombies would. After meeting the resistance of the wall of the barn, it backed up to strike again. While the activity to gain the attention of the undead was to pull them from our path of escape, the dumb animal had us scared for our lives.

What did work to our advantage was the noise from the impacts. Those sent to bang boards together considered the bull to be doing their work for them, so they returned to help us do our jobs. After emptying the freezers, we slowly moved with our loaded sacks to assure that other undead would only hear the strikes from the bull.

We made it back safely, although it has forced us to consider a number of facts concerning our eventual survival. The children need to play. We need to again secure food. It might be too late to plant, but we adults need to do what we can to assure something nutritious to eat. While we presently have enough to keep us fed for the moment, electricity, water, and other basic components of a normal life, the zombies outside are preventing us from truly having anything resembling the lives that we knew. I and the other adults with me are considering what is necessary to let our children play and allow us to return to the routines of keeping them alive.

Let me say to all of you out there. Crime has never been the answer. I understand that many are dead, and what they had is no longer doing them any good. Destroying our infrastructure hurts us. It does not hurt the zombies. Being cruel to each other is worse than a crime, as even the zombies are not seen going about hurting each other. All of you, consider you own humanity, and the life you would like to return to living.

We are going to be expanding out. Should we meet any of you, let me say that we will be speaking of the grace of God and his son, Jesus. If you are not a believer, we will not condemn you, even though we believe a higher power will. We however are attempting to restore things as they were, and that means a tolerance of all forms of religion. As long as you are human, and show yourselves as attempting to preserve your sense of humanity, you will be considered our neighbors.

This church does not have a fence. We plan on moving to a house that is surrounded by a wooden barricade. We believe that the occupants are not alive, or simply not present. Should they be present, we will see what they need and work to form a partnership. We know that they are not members of this church, but we do not consider them enemies. They just have something that we lack, and we hope to make use of that to start our expansion into removing the undead.

No zombie for a neighbor. Nukes will not accomplish this goal. It is going to have to be done one head at a time. The process will be slow, but if done right the reward will be a return of things as they should be. I will continue to give you my reports, and hopefully I can inspire you to pick yourselves up and take up the fight to remove the undead from around you.

This has been Bruce Williams. Good night, and God bless.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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No Zombie for a Neighbor - End of Day 5
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