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One should not face a writer's block with the mentality of bursting through it. I have found in my own experience that a writer's block is usually due to my mind indicating that it has a problem in 'channeling' the story. One reason might be a re-imagining of certain story points. Another reason however is that there is a problem in where you are at in the story, so you need to look back and find out the problem with the 'journey' that prevents the tale from advancing.

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 No Zombie for a Neighbor - 6C

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PostSubject: No Zombie for a Neighbor - 6C   July 19th 2011, 7:36 am

No Zombie for a Neighbor
Day Six

Part Three: Zombie Assault

I thought of many plans to attempt to rescue the ladies from the mass of zombies. They however all dealt with me making some type of noise pulling a portion in my direction. Seeing the children about me kept me from putting any of those plans into action.

Uncle Theo put his arm around me as I watched what was happening. I found myself wondering if he could see. I had chosen a place in the middle of the room where I could look through the drapes without being obvious to any undead. Whether the man had a good view from his position or not, I was grateful for his sign of support.

There was no way to see past the throng of undead to tell what the ladies were doing. I however felt hope seeing the undead split up. I then saw Annette climb over the fence into my mother’s yard. Most of the undead were in the Mitchell’s yard, but the major congregation of zombies was still in the street. I thus saw a group move into my mother’s yard. I expected Annette to rush into the house, but she did something else. I could not tell what she did, as the number of zombies in my mother’s driveway became too many.

I jumped upon hearing my phone ring. Uncle Theo had also reacted, so he let go of me. I thus had little trouble except for my fumbling fingers to answer the call.

“Livonia, this is Sandra. Do you see Annette?”

“She jumped the fence. Are you and Rita all right?”

“Yes, for the moment. We are in the house. Rita is pulling down the attic access in case they break in. We ran around back, so hopefully no runners will get enough momentum to crash our windows or doors.”

I told Uncle Theo and the children that the ladies were all right, then I asked another question. “Annette stopped in my mother’s yard for something.”

“She was going to check on the gate. Since your mother has a gate for her fence, our next objective was to put it in and clear her yard.”

“Oh, that… wait a moment, I have another phone call.”

After working the buttons, I heard Annette. “In your house, Livonia. How are Sandra and Rita?”

“Worried. They are in the house, but have pulled down the ladder for the attic in case the undead get inside.”

“Well, we are going for your mother’s gate tomorrow. She still has hers, so we should be able to fence off her yard and clear the zombies like you did.”

I could not help but release some of my tension by providing advice. “Get up early. Waiting until the zombies bunch back up is suicide.”

“Yeah. Learned that lesson. Okay, Livonia. You could have left me something out.”

“You have a microwave. Defrost.”

I ended that phone call, then spoke some more with Sandra. Their house was keeping out the zombies for the moment, but we both agreed that the number could potentially break through just as they had pushed down the fence. They said that they were going to climb into the attic and try to sleep, hoping that the quiet would cause the zombies to move elsewhere. I agreed and ended the call.

I called my mother. I knew that she would want an update on everything. As soon as she picked up the phone I heard her speak of her concern for the ladies. I gave my mother as much information as I could provide. I felt good able to tell her that we were all presently all right.

“Miss Livonia?” I knelt to face Claire. “You have a mother?”

“Yes. She lives right across the street. Have you ever met Mrs. Abraham?”


I looked up to Uncle Theo and realized that I did not know him. For that matter, I did not know the three children. I did look to Claire as I asked, but I also lifted my eyes to Uncle Theo.

“Did you grow up around here? I grew up right across the street, but I don’t remember meeting any of you.”

Uncle Theo said, “I grew up here with their father. I know who you are, but that is all. The children grew up in an apartment complex across town.”

I hugged the girl as I said, “Okay, so we are not complete strangers. We’re neighbors, okay. We are not zombies, and we are neighbors. No zombies for a neighbor. Across the street is my mother. She is not a zombie. In that house over there are ladies by the name of Sandra and Rita. They are not zombies. In that house over there is a lady named Annette. She is not a zombie. We are not going to have zombie neighbors. That is what we are going to do. We are going to remove zombies from our neighborhood.”

Those were good words for the children, but Uncle Theo had to interject a dose of reality. “That is going to be tough. Still, you have done more in this one day than I have done up to now.”

I told the man thanks, then looked back to the children. “There are a lot of zombies right now. There are none in our yard, but there are still a whole lot outside. We need to stay quiet and let other noises get their attention. Tomorrow, we will do more, and hopefully let you play outside for a period. Okay?”

The children nodded, and I went to kiss each of them for knowing to do only that. I then went to Uncle Theo and kissed him. He only gave me a peck, so I wrapped an arm around him planted a solid one on his lips.

“I was not lying to you. Claim me. We can discuss anything later, but right now we have zombies to overcome. You do not have to plan, scheme, or dream about taking me. I am yours. Turn your mind to dealing with those zombies.”

His reply came back with a flat tone. “I heard you say what happened to the other men in your life. Well, I am not going to die. I also am not going to let these children die. Do you understand?”

“Mister, if you don’t take control, I will.”

I saw his eyes grow large. I really cannot say what went through his head. He simply stood still for a time. I believe that he thought about what he had been doing, and realized how desperate his situation had gotten. I had come into his life, and suddenly he saw things happening. When his eyes narrowed to stare at me, I understood that he had made a decision.

Uncle Theo reached for me to pull me close, and as one arm wrapped around me the other directed a hand at my breasts. I let him touch me. Only after he closed to again kiss me did I say anything.

“I believe that you are man enough.”

“What are your plans, Livonia? Let us say that we do manage to expand our area and push the zombies out or kill them. Are you going to move on?”

“Are you saying that you might want to keep me?”

“For the children, and for myself. These zombies have thrown a large wrench into my plans. I however do plan on continuing my education. I however now have a niece and two nephews to care for. It would help me not to have to worry about the dating scene. Think about it, Livonia. You are offering yourself as my wife. If what you are saying is real, and not just some ‘while zombies are about’ statement, I will accept.”

I heard his words. Honestly, I had never had a man speak like that. Some did speak of commitment, but not like that. I looked to the children. He was right. They had done fine with their uncle, but he had plans for his life. I really did not. I thus thought about my own words, and finally decided to test some limits.

“I enjoy a good time. Even with zombies about, I did not hole myself up in a room. Don’t think that I will just stay about the house all day.”

“Day care cost money.”

That was the correct response, but I was not finished. “I don’t make that much at a coffee shop.”

“Things could thus be tight until I finish my education.”

“Don’t you ever hit me, keep screaming at me, or rape me. The first is not how you treat a lady, especially your wife. The second is unnecessary. I am not deaf. Once you get my attention, if I am not listening then you have other problems than the volume of your voice. Finally, I like sex. If you are my husband, you had better not be getting something from anyone else. I have all you need right here.”

He again moved a hand to my breasts. He then undid my shirt enough to slid his fingers inside. He did not go to the nipple, but just moved it across soft flesh while watching my eyes. I guess that he saw enough, because he removed his presence from my chest then let go of me. The hand now was held out as he said two simple words.

“I do.”

I knew that it was not the proper ceremony, but shook the hand while stating the words to seal the pact. “I do as well.”

I called mom to tell her about Uncle Theo. She was happy for us, then had me hand the phone to him. I listened as he told my mother about himself. I did not hear anything bad, but cheerfully went to check on the children. Claire was however listening to the conversation that her Uncle Theo was having with my mother, and when I touched her she turned to me.

“Are you going to be our mother?”

“No, darling. You have a mother and father. They might be dead, but they are still your mother and father. Your Uncle Theo and I have agreed to start our own family, but we also agreed that we will take care of you as well. That is your Uncle Theo. He is your family. By becoming his wife, I am now your Aunt Livonia, and I am family as well. We will be a family. We will love each other. Is that all right?”

Claire hugged me as she said, “Uh-huh.”

“Okay, this has been an eventful day, but we need to stay quiet. What have you and your brothers been doing with your Uncle Theo?”

I played with the children that day. We could not get too active, but I did with them what we could. Uncle Theo also spent time with them. He did not spend time with me until we had put the children to bed, but by then I felt that he was a part of my life.

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No Zombie for a Neighbor - 6C
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