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 No Zombie for a Neighbor - End of Day 6

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PostSubject: No Zombie for a Neighbor - End of Day 6   July 24th 2011, 8:13 am

No Zombie for a Neighbor
Day Six

End of Day 6: Late Night News.

This is Bruce Williams. I have a tragic story today. You might already be aware of this information, but I really have not heard or seen anyone report on it. I am thus making it a point to present the evidence.

Our objective for the day was to move to a nearby home that had the luxury of being surrounded by a good fence. The property is about two hundred yards away. That is a good distance, especially considering the threat of zombies, but we felt that we had a plan.

Of course, the undead were a problem. I have mentioned how time was spent every morning standing on the roof of the church and killing zombies. The other morning we made a loud noise while doing it in order to pull zombies from the back and sides to help us get away to the barn. This morning we again attempted to draw zombies away. This time the objective was to pull them away from the vehicles in the church parking lot. The undead did not make this easy, as more kept coming from the street, but eventually a moment was chanced.

One of our guns was used to aid those moving to the vehicles. Not only did the weapon kill any zombies going to our people, but it made a noise to pull the undead toward the church. Let me say that I was among the number going. I went to the barn, because I knew the owner. Should there be a later problem with what was done there, I felt capable of standing up to him and having him listen to reason. Clyde, I don’t mind making things good to you, as your barn has been a blessing. I will however need for you to tell me where you keep the shine. I went this day simply as the reporter. I wanted to give you a first-hand account of the activities. Those of the church allowed me to go for that reason, although I have proven myself as pretty handy with my wrench. I will say that as I moved out the sound of gunfire did not trouble half as much as knowing I was possibly surrounded by zombies.

We took two large trucks. The mass of zombies before the church all turned when the engines roared to life. They were behind us however, so not a concern. The driver of the truck ahead of us showed that he was not concerned with the undead along our route, as he aimed at one and ran it over without any damage to the vehicle. With no concern for making our destination, everything started well. Both trucks made it to the fence without any problems.

We did not stop at the gate. This was done for a number of reasons. While we had our suspicions, we stopped where we could get evidence.

As the reporter, I was the one selected to jump out of our truck. I moved out of the safety of the cabin and into the bed of the vehicle. I then went on the roof to look over the fence. I yelled to those below that we had a breach in the fence with zombies inside. Others jumped out of the truck with that knowledge, and while a couple fired rifles we held a conference on what to do now.

Having it a daily routine killing zombies that were below us, we killed those on the other side of the fence while determining how many were in the yard. We saw a ladder on the ground as well as just some usual clutter, and spoke of ways of sealing the break in the fence. We thus made the decision to go ahead and work inside the perimeter of the fence. Zombies were unable to get us on the roofs of the vehicles, and they were too stupid to think to run around and come in through the opening in the fence. We thus killed zombies while feeling the comfort of seeing their number reduce, something that did not occur when we did such at the church.

We finally were able to drop to the ground. While some fired at zombies, the rest of us gathered up things to rush the hole in the fence. As we did the work, the conversation was mostly upon how the hole had been made. The boards looked broken from the inside. A lawn table was set against the fence, then propped up with a bird bath and a grill. While we spoke of using the grill later, at the moment we felt it would do to keep out zombies.

It took some time to finish clearing the property. Wanting to save our ammunition, we walked around the large two-story house using our other weapons to kill zombies. Once again I must give credit to this pipe wrench that I carry. It has been a wonderful weapon for these trying times. While those with the rifles used the end of the barrels to keep the zombies at a safe distance, my pipe wrench would swing and end threats permanently.

Well, more on that last line later. Zombies are a horrible, horrible plague upon mankind. I don’t know why they have been sent upon us, but I feel that they are worse than any other disaster mentioned in the good book. Anyway, back to my report.

We did not go to directly to the door after clearing the yard. Not wanting to yell, we simply walked around looking at the windows. What we saw were zombies, so we discussed the best strategy for entering the house and working our way through the rooms.

It was during this time that David cut his finger. He saw a window had been broken, so moved up to the screen to check on things in the room beyond. It was nothing more than simple cut, and he cut off a strip of his shirt to wrap around it. Nothing more was felt needed to be done at the moment, and we forgot about it.

We tried the doors, and found them both locked. While we discussed how best to enter, Frank picked up the ladder and set it to give access to an upper floor window. It was then that we saw a face at a window. It was the man that owned the property. He said that his wife and young kids had gone to town, but he had stayed home to do some work. It was his dogs that broke the fence. His teenage son and some friends went out to fight the zombies, then upon being bit had gone into the house to treat the wounds. They were the zombies inside the house. He had climbed up into his bedroom, and he mentioned being very hungry. We told him why we had come, and he said that he had no problem with that at all. We then asked for the house keys, and he threw them down to us. Knowing that we would have more zombies to kill, we unlocked the front door.

It was slightly tougher fighting zombies inside the house. I really did not have the room to get the type of swings that I had been using with my wrench. We got the job done however, and as we checked the rooms the owner of the house came out to see what food there was to eat. In discussing various things, David and a couple of others mentioned getting the bodies outside the house and tossing them over the fence.

We spoke with the owner about the number of people in the church and the resources available. He had a large house, but it was not of the size of the church. While he understood we would want to make use of his property, he felt that it would not be adequate for our needs.

I asked him about the families with children. I mentioned the playground equipment that we had, but that each day we had boys and girls crying because they could not play on it. He had a TV in his room, so had been watching the news along with these broadcasts each night. He thus knew who I was and what I had been saying. He thus accepted my words, then spoke of having a plan.

The men of the church and I have been discussing the layout of the community. We thus easily worked with the man to draw a simple map. His idea was not to build a fence, but a moat. He claimed to have earth-moving tools available. We spoke of the roads, but all of us admitted that no one was driving around. He traced out a path from his house, around the church, then back.

It was during this that we noticed a change coming to David. He held up his hand with the cut. I must admit that it was just that simple act upon which I have to base my warning. As far as we could tell there was no bite mark. None of spoke of having seen him get bit. Maybe if he had treated his finger once coming inside the house, he would have been all right. He had not done that however, but simply gone around with the finger wrapped with the strip of cloth. I know several times that I done such, and even treated my son in such a fashion. His mother would complain to each of us, but we were not going to interrupt what we were doing to worry about a minor wound. Around zombies, even dead ones, one must however be extremely cautious. Whatever it is that animates the undead is a most vile agent, and with it somehow getting to the David’s cut he began to lose his humanity.

Children get minor wounds all the time. They play hard, and without the experience of their growing bodies and the mental capabilities of fully thinking through their actions they often come to us speaking of their suffering. Knowing the trials that would face us, we spoke of what it would take to give us an area free of zombies where our children could play safely.

As you can see, I am right now back at the church. I drove a truck to speak with the congregation and prepare for this broadcast. Those who might know my location, let me warn you that the roads here are about to be made impassable. Once we are able to secure our area, we will be considering how to expand out, but one step at a time. There are many zombies out there, and their threat is such that even one undead is too many. I understand the stress of our military in attempting to secure their own base. Most of them cover quite an expansive area, so the places for one zombie to hide are probably many. By the grace of God they will hopefully soon be able to perform their duty, but they will not find us quietly huddling and waiting for them. Those of this church have already committed themselves to doing what they can, and they voted to again take the risk to overcome in the face of adversity.

I do not know what resources you have available. There are surely those that found their way to a grocery store. Others might be comfortable in a furniture store sleeping on the best mattresses available. Enjoy your comfort, as those businesses will need to again start making their goods available. Once we take back our neighborhoods, the next step is taking back our lives. We need to share, but we all need to assure our own survival as well. As we come again to deal with each other, let us keep in mind that we are human. Let us also keep in mind that there is good in us.

Thank you for your time. This has been Bruce Williams. Good night and God bless.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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No Zombie for a Neighbor - End of Day 6
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