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 No Zombie for a Neighbor - Day 7B

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PostSubject: No Zombie for a Neighbor - Day 7B   August 3rd 2011, 7:53 am

No Zombie for a Neighbor
Day Seven

Part Two: The Children Play

Theo did not give the zombie a chance to get up. Whatever shock he felt upon seeing the undead come over the fence did not prevent him from acting. My man, my husband, jumped forward then drove the crowbar into the skull.

I would not have stopped him from kissing me, but I gladly exchanged the sign of affection feeling that he deserved it. I had given myself to a number of men with not all having done things to have earned my pleasure. It felt good having a man that not only wanted me, but was worth allowing him to possess me.

After breaking from the contact, Theo said, “I am going to check the house.”

I saw zombies begin to gather in the street, so said, “I believe that we have done enough.”

“Just a check, I promise.”

He jumped the fence, then went to the back door of the house. After jiggling the lock, I agreed with him that it was locked and we would have to break a window. He did look through the one near the door, and verified that those inside were zombies. With that information we both felt that we had done enough. I waited for Theo to come back over the fence, then went inside with him.

We came in, and while we spoke to the children all became quiet at the sound of gunfire. We went to the window to look out, and saw zombies huddled outside the fence around my home. I wanted to call, but knew to simply hold our position. I instead told the children to stay quiet while Theo and I cleaned up from our work.

I had a good time the night before, but taking a shower with Theo ended up being rather entertaining. He was not that muscular. Actually on the skinny side. While I was not big, I was in shape. I had men that could take anything I could dish out. Theo was not that tough. He however took everything in a playful attitude, and could control his own strength so that he never hurt me. I felt safe having fun with him, and that put him in a category that made feel that he was the man for me.

Rita and Sandra loaded themselves up with food, then made a rush to my mother’s house. Their objective was to put the gate on the fence. They had no idea how to do that, so simply planned to kill zombies through a window then see what would be necessary to restore the metal door. Annette spoke of what she was defrosting. She would be staying in her house, as the truck would next be moved to seal her yard with the Mitchell’s house presently being considered a danger zone.

I looked at the back yard. There was another large wooden fence along the rear property line. I asked Theo around those behind us and to the other side. He mentioned that a retired couple named the Herrings lived behind him, which he knew from he and his brother occasionally having to retrieve a ball from their yard. He did not know those to each side however, as he said they were new owners. There was no equipment for the children to play on. Theo’s parents had not been dead for long, so the children’s parents had not yet bought toys for the yard. I looked out the window and felt that I had something to do while also keeping a promise.

“Theo, I am going to look over the back fence. While outside, I am going to let the children get some fresh air and sunshine.”

The two boys cheered, which caused Theo and me to quickly silence them while telling them that the rules for play inside also applied to outside. We stressed to the children that the zombies were still a very real threat, but that they did need to spend time outside. The youngsters had been good so far, so we trusted them to act properly.

The boys brought trucks, and Claire brought a jump rope. I told them that I had promised them time to play, but I had not promised them a long time. They nodded in agreement. Theo was with me as we left the house to quickly move to the back yard. We put on gloves, then moved zombie bodies while telling the children where they could play.

With my husband watching the kids, I moved to the fence. I had brought a stool from inside to enable me to look over the barrier. What I saw on the other side amazed me. An elderly couple were sitting on a back porch drinking tea. They waved to me, and I waved back. He looked around, carefully stepped down the risers from his porch, then moved to the fence where he softly spoke to me.

“Heard the commotion the other day. How are you people doing?”

“The yard is safe, but there are zombies all in the street.”

He reached up a hand as he said, “Clyde and Sherita Herring.”

“Livonia and Theo Tork. The children are our niece and nephews. We think their parents are dead.”

“Yeah, zombies suck, and not in the blessed fashion that you women will. How are you surviving?”

“We are okay. Attempting to clear the houses over here. No zombie for a neighbor.”

“About the same here. No guns or anything, so nothing to attract them. The occasional zombie that does wander into our back yard, I have a sledge hammer for them.”

We did not speak much more. I however believed that we were both glad to speak to another living person. The couple had managed to survive, but were finding themselves alone. I promised them that I was going to try and give the children time to play outside each day, and would speak to them on those occasions. With both of us realizing the seriousness of the zombie threat, we left the fence.

I told Theo about the conversation. He felt good knowing that we did not have to worry about the back fence. He turned his attention to the house whose yard we had cleared that morning, then spoke of plans to kill the zombies inside. I told him about what I had done to clear the Adler’s house. He liked the idea of only attacking in a manner where the zombies could not be a threat in return. After speaking for a time, we brought the children back inside, then Theo went to work planning tomorrow’s work while I had the children take their baths.

I moved to a window upon hearing a few gunshots. While the zombies might have sensed that there was activity in the houses, they had not congregated as they had the day before. I thus waited for a phone call providing an update while hoping everyone was safe.

Mother called and told me that they had used their final bullets clearing her yard. The ladies felt that they knew how to put on the gate, so would do that after waiting for the zombies to again disperse. I mentioned that the sound of gunfire had worried me. Mother however assured me that all was well, and she expected it soon to get even better.

I told her about allowing the children to play outside for a time, then mentioned that tomorrow we planned to clear another house. She again spoke of the plan to restore the gate, then moved the truck to block the Adler’s house. Theo asked for the phone, then asked for Sandra in order to make other plans for the truck.

He spoke for a time with the lady about using the truck to pull out the collapsed fence in front of the Mitchell’s house, and use it to block the street. While Sandra did not argue with the possibility, it seemed that she felt the fence posts had been bent and not pulled from the ground. Theo ended the call agreeing that they both had a present objective, but that larger plans did need to be considered.

Theo turned to me and asked about the number of vehicles I saw in my movement. I mentioned Al saying that the interstate was filled with vehicles. Everyone was moving to work when the zombies made their presence known. Most vehicles in the residential districts were thus gone with a major percentage not yet having reached their destination. I spoke of seeing relatively few cars and trucks.

We both turned hearing a large engine. From safe positions of peering through the curtains we could not get a view of what was making the noise. All we could do was wonder who was driving what and for what purpose.

A loud voice over a speaker system declared, “Zombies, zombies, zombies. Come to me zombies. Where there are a mass of zombies, there are certainly people. Zombies eat, but they don’t pay. People eat and pay, so we are people people.”

The distant engine suddenly roared to life. I could see the zombies moving to the sound. The number of undead again increased in the street, but this time they were not attempting to press against a fence. The engine roared, and I could tell that it was moving, although I did not see any movement in the street except for zombies.

The cab of a large tractor-trailer slowly advanced down the street. The bodies in front did not seem to give it problems, but the truck advanced to push undead down and then travel over them. I really did not know what the vehicle was doing, but I heard Theo give a suggestion along with advice.

“He needs to keep going. If he stops, he is in trouble. After a couple of loops however, I believe he might do enough good that another plan might work.”

I had to ask, “Why is he here?”

“Don’t know, but I won’t stop anyone attempting to kill zombies. I just wonder where he plans to get gas to refill that thing.”

I guess that those driving the cab saw the two yards cleared of zombies, because suddenly the speakers on top of the truck blared out, “Pizza, pizza, pizza. Your friendly neighborhood pizza parlor is in business killing zombies and feeding those who have survived.”

The truck had stopped in front of the Adler’s house, now that of Annette, and that of the one whose back yard Theo and I had cleared. Once again I have to assume that they saw our cleared fenced areas. Theo softly uttered a curse, then moved from me to the door.

He stepped outside to wave the truck along. Those in the truck asked over the speaker if he did not like pizza. Theo however was attempting to warn them of the press of zombies. They obviously did not believe that the number of undead could overpower their truck. As if to prove the might of the vehicle, its engine again roared. I heard the engine grow loud, but the truck did not move.

I screamed for Theo to come back inside as I saw the vehicle suddenly shake. I cannot say exactly what happened. I doubt that the mass of zombies underneath were enough to lift the truck. Zombies really were not intelligent enough to use their hands I have to believe that the truck had been worked to enable it to drive over undead, but that same design moved the press of zombies underneath with the force of a multitude of bodies causing it to lift off the ground. The mindless power of the undead attempting to act added their strength to moving the vehicle. I screamed as I saw the cab flipped over in the direction of Annette’s yard..

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No Zombie for a Neighbor - Day 7B
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