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 No Zombie for a Neighbor - End of Day 7

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PostSubject: No Zombie for a Neighbor - End of Day 7   August 13th 2011, 8:32 am

No Zombie for a Neighbor
Day Seven

End of Day 7: Late Night News

This is Bruce Williams reporting after an interesting day that went better than it probably should have. Looking at the video now, it does seem slightly comical. I felt scared today while it was happening. Sorry about the camera angle, and the distance, but our cameraman really did not have any choice about where he could shoot from.

I told you yesterday that I had returned to the church to make my report. Well, those of us in the church woke up this morning to the sound of a large piece of machinery being put to work. Mr. Eddlemon did indeed have access to a large ditch digger. He had tied large pieces of metal to one side, which kept the undead from being able to even pound on the glass of his compartment from one direction even as he worked to dig the ditch on the other side of him killing zombies that got in his way. How he got into position I cannot say, as when I finally got to where I could watch he was at work.

As you can see, there are a lot of zombies in our neighborhood, but they are not of a mass that could challenge the piece of heavy machinery. The ditch being dug is about eight feet deep. It is not that wide, so once we have some control over the area we feel that methods to allow vehicle traffic can be managed. About all of our bullets are used up, so we did not use guns to kill undead. As you can see however, a crossbow with lines attached to the quarrel was being used along with make-shift javelins also with lines attached. There – you can see how head shots were not being done so as not to overly wear out the tips breaking skulls. The zombies were pulled back to the fence where heavy objects were used to bust the heads. The loud noise of the ditch digger kept the zombies from focusing on the fence, so a number of undead were removed as threats while Mr Eddlemon worked to dig our moat.

Digging the hole took its time. The street had to be broken through. Other considerations had to be made. Still, he made it to the church. At the end of the day he drove back to its garage, and I am told is safely relaxing in his home watching this broadcast. Tomorrow he plans on digging the moat from the house to the church on the other side. The next day the plan is to finish the moat by digging around the back side of the church. Day four, the children play. We all hope that everything continues to go so well.

Right now there is a video from earlier in the day that should be played again. Considering that I was here in the church today, I did get to see it. I cannot say that I much like it, but I do feel that the public needs to be informed.

Good day my fellow Americans. This is President Stephens letting you know about the situations that are facing us in your national capital. Our land is secure. Our bases are secure. Most were drawing up plans to move out into the surrounding communities, but the world scene has caused me to give other orders. I need you, my fellow Americans, to continue to hold out, as instead of coming to your aid I feel the need to protect you in another manner.

So far, North America is free from any nuclear clouds. There are however some here around me that want to have missiles fly south. The talk is to turn the Rio Grande into a series of lakes. While the radiation itself won’t hurt the zombies, the water and mud will present a barrier to the flow of undead aliens. Besides my own resistance to the plan, what has silenced those proponents is the knowledge that we do have Americans along the border. I will not nuke my own people, and a very strong majority here in Washington support that policy.

As for Canada, they are having troubles, but they also agree that nukes will not resolve them. North America is thus presently free from having any nuclear bombardments. That is not however the case for the world at large. Nukes have flown on most of the other continents.

Antarctica has been struck. It seems that stories had a number of rich elitists using Antarctica as a safe haven. Nukes from Russia, and we believe France, have flown to the southern continent it is believed to spoil the pristine environment from benefiting the rich. Reports have come that the zombie epidemic was strong there, some even say that it started there, but I have found no proof of any of those facts. The only reason for attacking the southern continent that we can imagine is to take retaliation upon a number of aircraft that suddenly began heading in that direction.

Australia is safe, but they fear the fallout. Just as in a classic science fiction story, they fear that they will eventually fall as the fate of other nations finally comes upon them. Our blessings are with them.

Africa is safe. Being mostly a continent of poor nations, they did not have the nukes. Wars were common on that ancient continent, but fought in conventional manners. There are reports of continued fighting, and the common people suffering, but they at least do not have the poisons of nuclear wastes. The zombie threat is great in Africa with most hoping that the fighting will unite the people against a common enemy. Some here however speak of the magnificent animals of Africa again having a chance to thrive as the threat of men becomes heavily reduced.

Europe and Asia have felt the explosions of several nuclear attacks. Those in France and Spain felt that strikes against certain population centers would help curtail the zombie threat. While I grieve with the loss of life, I have to admit that the evidence of the results has been used by me repeatedly to support my own beliefs. It is felt that Russia, Pakistan, and some other countries used the zombie affliction to cover their own desire for expansion, as the weapons flew to targets that had no relation to the outbreak of undead. There are presently cries for the UN to take action, and many here discuss methods of making the UN into a more effective body once we again have some stability in our world as a whole.

South America is mostly free of nuclear attacks. Reports are of two, but they are felt to be missiles heading to Antartica that went off course. Some claim that the missiles exploded as aircraft tried to stop them by shooting at them. Whatever the cause, I wish to speak my support of those of our southern continent. While our national tracking system is working, and those manning those stations report that they have contained any zombie incursions, at present we are only able to secure our own country. Canada is part of that defense system, Mexico is not, and further south is presently far beyond our capabilities.

That being said, I am having our military bases concern themselves with threats from outside our country. As terrible as our internal struggle is against the zombies, there are forces using the distraction as cover for their own dreams of conquest. I again promise all those of my nation that they need not fear their own government. I further promise that the military might of America will be firm against threats from beyond our borders. The zombies are a menace that need to be dealt with, but they are not the first internal struggle that our nation has faced. Americans have proven their strength by dealing with their own problems while continuing to be a dominating influence in the world at large. I am trusting in my fellow Americans to again overcome hardship. As you do, trust that I am working to assure that you have the security to remain free.

I hear talk of holding new elections. God bless all of those who feel that the menace upon their communities is so small that people can safely go to the polls to vote. From what reports I get, the zombie menace is however still a serious threat. Only as communities are able to remove the undead from their midst should the possibility of new elections be considered. Yes, I agree that those of us that assumed office during this crisis should have to face the decision of the public. Whether you disagree with my decisions, disagree with the manner that I gained this office, or simply do not like the way I look, all Americans should be able to cast their ballot with the majority decision being considered proper.

We are however only a week into this crisis. I believe those of us trying to make the best of this situation should be allowed to continue. I do not feel that I have yet been properly tested. I do not feel that the American people have yet to fully gain an opinion of who I am and whether or not I am the leader that they desire. Even if the zombie menace was fading, which there is no evidence of being the case, I would not be calling for new elections. That time will however come. We will take back our land from the undead, and our method of living will be restored. At that time, when this crisis is over, I will stand before you, the American people, and give you a chance to speak for or against me.

Thank you for your time. May all of you keep up the fight. Remember me in your prayers, and trust that I pray for you as well.

This is Bruce Williams again. Let me say that I do not know how we could have an election right now, because going outside is dangerous enough without making any trip to the polls. The internet is available, but we are a week into this crisis and there is no assurance that our infrastructure will continue. I do not hear of any call for elections locally. While I know that we are all watching what our leaders are doing and not doing, right now most of us understand the crisis before us. Hindsight is always twenty-twenty, and I thus believe it is wiser letting some time pass before we have to truly appraise the quality of our leadership.

We are here working to retake back our community and have no zombie for a neighbor. I hope that we are not alone. I would like for this video of Mr. Eddlemon to inspire others, although seeing the zombies around him probably has most of you watching thinking him very foolish. We in the church however spent the day praying for him, and plan on doing the same tomorrow. It is all that we can do, but we do believe that it is an effective use of our time. As I watch this video, I see the hand of God at work protecting the man. May He continue to work on our behalf.

Note that I did call Barksdale after hearing the President’s speech the first time today. The liaison verified what the man said. I did mention the infrastructure, notably the electricity. He agreed, but said that was a greater problem than most realized. The roads needed to be clear for the repair crews to work, and I knew from what was going on right outside the church how difficult it was to clear any parcel of ground from zombies. The person that I spoke of at Barksdale however assured me that they had the resources to support our President and begin moving to give support to the neighboring communities. He however gave no promises about how much or how quickly they would be able to move.

I hope that this video along with the words from the military liaison give those watching some hope that this crisis will be put behind us. The zombies will not keep us down. America will rise again with all of being able to live in homes without zombies for a neighbor.

This has been Bruce Williams. Good night and God bless.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
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No Zombie for a Neighbor - End of Day 7
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