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One should not face a writer's block with the mentality of bursting through it. I have found in my own experience that a writer's block is usually due to my mind indicating that it has a problem in 'channeling' the story. One reason might be a re-imagining of certain story points. Another reason however is that there is a problem in where you are at in the story, so you need to look back and find out the problem with the 'journey' that prevents the tale from advancing.

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 Dilemma of Dreams - 14

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PostSubject: Dilemma of Dreams - 14   January 14th 2012, 9:42 pm

An adult speculative Christian post-Armageddon fiction
Dilemma of Dreams
Chapter Fourteen: Complete

A Day of Rest

We did not break camp the next day. The air continued to stay hazy with the amount of water in it, which would fall at times as rain. It was just too damp and dismal to want to travel, so we did not.

I did spend time working with my pistols. While I could not feel the suffering from taxing my body, attempting to push my limits did not seem to hurry any development. I could sense some improvement, but after just a few days I felt that I was no further along than if I had a regular body. Still, I did not neglect the work, so felt that one day I would be very capable with my weapons.

Saroniel also gained part of my time. I did not saddle the horse. I did brush its coat while talking to it. I spoke of the hombres that we would one day chase down and other things about the life I wanted to live. While I could not be certain that Saroniel knew anything about the Wild West, it held itself proudly as I spoke to it as if glad that it belonged to me.

One thing of note about my horse, it was not shoed. I noticed the hooves of the other horses, so asked about mine. I was told that as a celestial being it did not need shoes any more than I did. Of course, I went about in cowboy boots, but that was just because of my desire for a certain fashion. I could run and not be weary, as well as not suffer hardship from the terrain. The same was true for Saroniel. I let the horse know that I would worry about it, as it was mine, and it nuzzled me to show its appreciation.

Remaliyne stayed around fixing food for whoever desired to eat. I however got to meet Forthelinar and Weshaminey. Both were said to be Peralte’s maids for maintaining the look of his home, and they were put to work to clean up what they could of our tents. I felt that Forthelinar and me would be about the same in height, build, and looks. She however had very large breasts. The blond hair and violet eyes also supported Peralte’s comments that she was his doll. Weshaminey also had rather large breasts, although they were slightly less prominent on her taller build. Her black hair and dark-blue eyes also had her appear more imposing. Neither slacked in their work, and once their tasks were done they were sent back with me getting no chance to speak at length with either.

Assadra returned early in the morning with an antelope. Nebrozenta was put to work with Remaliyne to prepare the meat while Assadra commented about the animals simply standing around. Peralte and Dimerkess listened to her speak of the ease in which she made the kill. While they considered the report of importance, both spoke their support of my belief that we needed to first contact Leotion. Assadra simply commented that finding fresh meat seemed to not be a present problem.

The meal that Remaliyne fixed from the antelope meat was rather elaborate. It was not simply a meat entrée accompanied by vegetables. I almost want to say that she fixed a grand platter of hors d’oeuvres. Everything was in small bites that appeared fried, although the light delicate outer layer only hid the delight of flavors within. I found myself not only pleased with the meal, but with another reason to live in the house with Peralte.

He was working at writing some notes, but I moved to him holding a plate of the food to ask, “You like food like this?”

Peralte took one of the items off my tray, popped it in his mouth, then said, “Yes, and that is why. I can eat without disturbing my work. Of course, when I am home I have a lady put the food in my mouth.”

I ate one myself, then said, “I like the flavor.”

“I believe that we both had a life where spices were rare. Remaliyne has access to a full spice rack, and has the freedom to use it as she desires. I enjoy my conversations with her about how things taste.”

“I never thought about food. There is a lot that I am learning about now.”

He sat down his notebook, then motioned for me to sit in his lap, and after I did so he said, “Don’t try to learn everything all at once, Vetacha. We have eternity. Of all the opportunities and gifts available to you, do not deny your ability to take your time. Travel about and experience things. Allow your body to mature. A million, two million, way in the future, I suspect that you will be a more complete person than those attempting to presently have it all.”

“Not if I get my Wild West. I swear that I will stay there.”

“Honestly, that is why I want it near my mountains. I would relax in my house with my ladies and let the years pass. I keep getting bothered however, and it does me well. If you are near me rooting and tooting while chasing down your hombres, it will keep me about wondering what might occur to disturb my peace. I believe the two of us can help keep the other from becoming boring.”

I kissed the man, then said, “That sounds good.”

“I want you to know that I am not stopping with you, however. I speak to Assadra about her running about your badlands. I don’t think she will, as she really has not yet formed any focus to her life. She likes her cat body, but talks of becoming a mermaid. Her problem at present is that no one is really developing an ocean environment. I promised her that I would add one to my reality after I finish with my forest. Anyway, Vetacha, if you meet someone that you feel could expand our reality, don’t be afraid to add his ideas and presence to your life.”

Right now I could not comprehend some of the comments and actions of those around me. While the concept of one day interacting with a man and moving off with him as Assadra did with Peralte intrigued me, it scared me as well. There was a comfortable feeling with my association with this man, which made me want to stay with him. It actually also comforted me to meet his ladies, as it presented him as someone who would keep certain things to only himself. Wanting to test some of his thoughts, I asked as question.

“You would be willing to share me?”

“Darling, we are not to marry. We are supposed to interact with each other. I have told God that He is authorizing incest, and He laughs as He admits it is true. He wants us to enjoy this life, and each other. You have a multitude of caring brothers besides me, and it would be wrong for me to keep you from getting to know them.”

Thinking of our present situation, I said, “Leotion could be one of those.”

“I don’t think you will like him. Still, only way to find out is to meet him. I don’t know how far away he is, but we hopefully should be able to get on our way tomorrow.”

Jeraketh approached to say, “Don’t want to intrude on whatever the two of you are discussing, but Dimerkess and I were wondering if our little cowgirl would be interested in sitting in a friendly game of poker.”

I exclaimed, “Poker? Isn’t that a card game?”

He spread a deck in his hands, then said, “And this being the divine afterlife and all, I can assure you that the deck is not marked. It will be as honest of a game as is possible.”

Peralte returned, “There are other ways of cheating.”

Dimerkess said from over at a table, “You are welcome to come and try. Not like we can really gamble, even though we can play with real money.”

Peralte set me back on my feet, then joined me in moving over to the table. I knew the game of poker, but having the life of a monk I never had any funds with which to play. I thus had a delighted smile when I reached into a pocket of my skirt and found the roll of unspent money along with the purse that would supply me with even more. Sitting down at the table, I looked at my companions, then made a comment.

“None of us smoke.”

Jeraketh said, “No addiction, no desire. I did smoke in life. Have a few cartons in my room in Heaven, and I have lit up a few. The smell and taste are there, but just not the physical satisfaction. I quit. If you want one however, Vetacha, I will smoke with you.”

“No. That is fine. I was just thinking of my western novels.”

“You didn’t have smoking in your Wild West town?”

We played the game while talking about my previous reality. I had whiskey, as the soil did well with barley and rye that actually made a good drink. Peralte mentioned that I drank wine now, and I admitted that I gained the taste while in the convent. As a monk I tended to drink beer, and knew about whiskey. The men came up with a bottle of rye whiskey along with shot glasses, and we made that our social beverage for the game. The men then asked me about ladies, and I spoke of gaining a number of commoners with a few females taking up jobs in my saloon. Dimerkess surprised me by being the one to ask if I had ever had one, and I thought about my time in my town while attempting to come up with a complete answer.

“I was the sheriff. It was my job to protect the ladies. I watched their shows.”

Jeraketh asked, “Ever see tits?”


I almost said that I had never seen a breast until seeing Assadra’s. The nuns at the convent always dressed in their habits. I am sure that they did bathe and such, but they did not do it in the presence of us children. Of course, being around nine-year-olds, none in my group ever had such development. The convent was however a closed environment, so some interaction did occur between our various groups. I remembered seeing the breasts of a few ladies in the older groups as they went around showing off their maturing bodies. Those of my group found such displays gross and intriguing, although we also spoke of knowing that it would one day happen to us. I believe that it did happen with many, as only I was able to stay nine. Realizing that it was now going to happen to me one day had my thoughts go one way, although I tried to form an honest response for the men.

“I mean, it is different for us women.”

I really do not know if the men were attempting to educate or annoy me, or were just being men. Having once been a man, the conversation did not seem improper, although being a woman, a rather young woman, I considered that they probably needed to speak of something else. I however drank my whiskey, played the game, and thought that as Sheriff Vetacha I would probably sit in on other card games with men and have to listen to such talk.

Eventually the game broke up, but I let the men know that I had enjoyed it. I moved to the door of the tent seeing it again raining outside. Assadra was there also looking out. Seeing me come beside her, she let me know what she considered an enjoyable time.

“On a day like this, not much to do besides have sex.”

Considering that none of the men were being propositioned, I replied, “Well, I believe that I could make use of the time working on my notes for my next Wild West town. I am learning so much however, so not really certain if I am ready yet to set to work.”

“Knowledge really is not any good if you don’t apply it. That is why you are making such a good girl. I am getting the impression that you did not make much use of yourself as a man.”

Those words did not please me at all, and I shot back, “I resent that. I did a lot of good. I kept the tenets of my order, and devoted myself to helping others. I was supposed to keep myself chaste.”

“Saving yourself for Heaven?”

I really hated to admit it, but I did. “Yes.”

“Well, why didn’t you take one of us ladies after stepping through the Pearly Gates?”

I knew the answer to that question. “I was so tired, and after a lifetime of denial it really was not on my mind.”

“I bet it comes to your mind a lot in a few years.” I do not know if she was waiting for me to comment, or just studying my reaction. “Enjoy it, as it is fun.” I still did not comment, so after a time Assadra said some more. “I enjoyed sex in my first life. That second pregnancy really hurt me however, and I did not live that much longer after that. If I hadn’t been hurt, I never would have been at the proper place with the proper frame of mind to listen to the missionaries. While I had lost the ability to enjoy sex, I found myself able to enjoy this life. I don’t know why, but I still feel that God had chosen me for some reason.”

I replied to that. “All questions are supposed to be answered.”

“Yes, but I don’t want the answer. Peralte constantly goes to God with questions. Me, I just tell the guy thanks.”

Thinking of things that I spoke with people about long ago, I asked, “Were your children saved?”

“I did go back and tell my whole tribe about Christ. I did what I could to introduce the missionaries, and teach them our language. It could be that they were.”

“Sounds like you did some good as well.”

She nodded. I considered how expressive her feline features were. The large ears and eyes made the movements of her face rather obvious. I thus easily identified a playful expression before she spoke again.

“Just for note, I did proposition some men soon after entering Heaven. Sorry that I was not there for you.”

I hugged her as I said, “You are here for me now, and I do appreciate it. It is not the same, but I believe it is for the better. I am glad to have you for a sister.”

“Same here. Once you grow up and mature, we can start trading notes about our brothers.”

“Sounds fun.”

“I told you, it is.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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Dilemma of Dreams - 14
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