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 Action and Advice at a Distance (All Parts of Three)

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PostSubject: Action and Advice at a Distance (All Parts of Three)   May 8th 2012, 4:48 pm

A Fight for Recognition
Story Seven: Part One
Action and Advice at a Distance

An Important Detail
Captain DeStran always found it amazing how facts would not support the stories being told. He understood that some editing was done in bars, but always felt that the public statements, especially those in newspapers or on the television, were basically honest. Researching many such stories, or actually having been present when they occurred, he however had learned that what the public was told often was very misleading.

He had come to town expecting to interact with Ballet Slipper. She actually spoke, and would operate during the day. Captain DeStran however found himself with more personal contact with Minnow. While the reports spoke of the silent superhero as seldom in action, the facts seemed to be that he simply worked in the residential areas. While Ballet Slipper would show up for major infractions of the law, Captain DeStran found himself loaded with reports from the police of people being found bound near open, usually broken, windows speaking of being stopped by a black-suited vigilante. Moving about on his own late at night, Captain DeStran had spotted the Minnow more often than the brightly colored female superhero.

“Captain DeStran, Sir!”

The officer really did not support formality. The way the lieutenant stood at attention with a smile on his face however declared that more was being done than simple formality. Captain DeStran thus returned the salute wondering exactly why the officer in charge of the regular men assigned to him had come.

A piece was paper was handed over as the minor officer said, “That Larry Kert is more important than expected. Guess where the lad is making his money.”

“I take it that there is more than simply scholarships.”

Captain DeStran mumbled that as he looked at the paper. He expected to reprimand the lieutenant, as whatever he found could not be important. Government grants for scientific research could not be a valid search criteria for independent superheroes. The paper however showed Larry Kert’s name as the recipient of a payment due to him being the source of certain information. Worse, the young man owned the patent as well, so actually received two payments: one as the source of the technology being developed, and another as the source of the underlying technology that was being developed. Captain DeStran found himself mumbling about Larry being more than just a sophomore lab stooge.

The lieutenant seemed to be able to read his superior’s expression as he asked, “Should we report this?”

“No. This is unexpected, so I expect the facts to be more complicated than it would appear. I mean, Larry is not that old and the Minnow has been active for a few years. Let me go contact Larry and see what his story is. We can decide on a proper course of action once we are certain of things.”

Captain DeStran walked outside and put on his hat while wishing that black shades were a part of the uniform. He liked what he saw while moving about the college campus, but really did not like the stares from the ladies when they realized that someone older was looking at them. All that Captain DeStran could do was pull the brim of his hat low and partially cover his eyes in shadow.

He moved to his humvee, then realized that he did not exactly know where to go. He preferred speaking to people directly, but did not enjoy having to run all over the place to make the confrontation. Captain DeStran thus pulled out his phone.

Hearing the young man say his name, the military officer said, “Yes, you are whom I am wanting to speak to. Where are you?”

“Physics lab. What do you want to speak about?”

“Something important. Be there shortly.”

Bad Guy Starts to Work
Butch Mesaba thought it was neat that he was on board the plane. It was just too cool that he made it through security even though he was one dangerous person. It was hard to stay seated as he was just too ready to enact his plan.

He was told to first create a disturbance. The actual instructions were very vague, but Butch had no problem with creativity. It did not bother him at all that his imagination tended to only operate in relation to certain subjects. That was just the type of guy that he was.

Butch could only smile as the stewardess displayed shock as while handing over a cup of ice her clothes suddenly started to burn along the line between her breasts. Truthfully, the uniform was made from material that was fire resistant. Butch had been told that the laser from his eye would be powerful, and he could not help but be pleased with what it managed to do to the outfit. It was not a huge eruption of flame, but the noxious smoke rising from the middle of her chest tended to indicate that fire was present. She held her composure, assured the man that she was serving that everything would be all right, then rushed to her compartment where she could apply water.

Butch was grinning as he moved behind the stewardess. She turned to the man to assure him that everything would be all right, but the words never left her mouth. The back of her throat suddenly hurt terribly. As she quietly writhed in agony, Butch closed the curtain behind him with one hand as the other held her throat.

Yes, his mind tended to only think one thought about women. One hand continued to hold the stewardess's pained throat as the other moved between soft mounds to enable his laser eye to burn away the fabric protecting the lady’s modesty. He really did not want to burn her skin, but he was not going to take the time to undress her in any proper manner. The lady attempted to grab something to use as a weapon, but stopped as her hand suddenly felt the pain of a burn. Her body thus simply tensed as the man looked at and touched the front of her naked chest.

Another stewardess stepped into the tight area, and Butch quickly had his hands go to her. He had the upper body on one showing, and put a burn on the top of a breast to assure that she stayed complacent. His eyes then moved to burn the fabric between the breasts of this lady, although he thought to put a plan into action that dealt with a lower portion of her body.

Both women sought to scream or fight him, but burns to their bodies kept them quiet. Neither liked the way he treated them, although both came to the conclusion that they would suffer serious harm if they resisted his actions. Tears from the pain of the burns along with thoughts of what he was doing poured from the eyes of the women, but Butch smiled as his plan operated as smoothly as he had hoped.

The people in the front compartment of the plane screamed as they saw the stewardesses pushed back out before them with parts of their uniform missing. Some of the men thought to stand, but decided otherwise as they suffered burns to their faces. The man between the stewardesses was obviously a serious threat, and all waited for his words.

Butch handled the breasts of one lady, then rubbed his hand on the butts of both. He was not doing it to expose the ladies in public, but just to display his power. Most could not see the actions due to the high backs of the seats, and those that tried got burned. All however came to the conclusion that the man could do as he pleased, and seeing everyone staying in their seats Butch felt that he could advance his plan.

"Okay, the boobs were simply for my amusement, but the bottoms of these ladies were exposed for a reason. I have put a bomb inside our lovely stewardesses."

Butch was lying. It was a few vitamin capsules tied together with thread that he had placed inside their vaginas. Butch had stopped at a health food store and bought a bottle of the largest pills he could find. His bluff worked because everyone considered that if he had managed to come on board with his dangerous eye then he could have also brought aboard other dangerous items. He opened the compartment over his seat and removed his satchel before saying anything further.

"I am not here to commit suicide." He put on a parachute as he said, "I plan on leaving alive. I do have a mission however, so unless you have plans of suicide I suggest that you remain in your seats."

"What about the bomb?"

Butch really wanted to know who asked that. He would not have minded making him an example. Butch however held his cool and simply answered the question.

"It is not big." Proving that he was a tough customer, Butch calmly added a question to one of the silent stewardesses. "It is not big, is it, Darling?" After she shook her head, his voice again growled with power. "It won't blow up the plane, but it will make a mess of the ladies here. It might blow through the floor, but it will definitely cost the life of these ladies to find out. I suggest that everyone stays silent and in their seats."

Everyone did stay silent. Butch ran his hands over the skin of the ladies giving some hero the time to get up his courage and act. The fact that everyone stayed silent and in their seats caused him to feel some disappointment, although he satisfied himself with the time to enjoy a simple pleasure of fondling things he otherwise would not get to touch.

Good Guys Informed
Captain DeStran was being nice and allowing the two men to explain what projects they were involved in toward discovering what theories. He was rather disappointed that their main objectives had nothing to do with the technologies of either superhero. Larry had not admitted to being the source of certain experiments, but Captain DeStran listened finding no reason to claim that what he was hearing was anything less than real science. The lessons in physics were nice, but he was coming to the conclusion that he had barked up the wrong tree. Luckily, the beeping of his cell phone gave the military officer a chance to break the discussion and possibly a chance to clear his head.

"Sorry to disturb you, Captain DeStran, but I was told to ask you concerning the status of your project."

"I have not been in town long, and am presently making initial contacts." The military officer smiled at the other two men as he said that.

"Sir, we have a hostage situation going on somewhere over your head. Any information that you have about local aid would be appreciated."

Captain DeStran smiled at the younger man as he replied, "I was told that I could go outside and scream my lungs out. Would that be desired?"

The voice on the other end of the conversation kept his professional voice as he said, "No, Sir, but any knowledge of developments would be appreciated."

The military officer closed the conversation on the cell phone, then decided to go ahead and release complete information to those that already knew half of it. "There is a hostage situation going on overhead. I was told to inform my superiors should one of your heroes decides to take action."

Captain DeStran gained the impression that the young man liked the fact that he was willing to joke before responding, "What is your cell phone number?" As he marked down what was said to him, he continued, "I have to go to class. If I hear something while moving about, I will let you know."

Allowing the young man to leave, Captain DeStran turned to the elder to ask, "Is there a place on campus where I could watch the sky?"

"Astronomy is taught in this building, Captain. I have binoculars, but there are move powerful devices in a closet near a roof access that is more like a balcony.” Captain DeStran began moving to the door, but was stopped as Doctor Jackson barked out, “It is locked. Just a second, and I will take you.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.

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PostSubject: Part Two   May 13th 2012, 5:58 pm

A Fight for Recognition
Story Seven: Part Two
Action and Advice at a Distance

Superhero Begins Action
Larry did not have a class. He truthfully did not consider whether the professor recognized such or not. He did have to approve course selection, but they both stayed more interested in their work than what was going on outside of the lab. He did not know what he could do in the present situation, but was curious. It helped his attitude when he passed the Astronomy Lab and heard the news channel mentioning the crisis in the sky. Those on board the plane were using their cell phones to inform others of the hi-jacking. Those in the college room were studying their data of things above earthly concerns completely missing the fact that they had the instruments to personally watch the events the reporter was commenting upon. When Larry mentioned that he would be making use of a certain telescope, they waved at him and said that they had little use for it during the day.

Larry turned on the television and computer in the office of the computer lab, then shut and locked the door. As soon as the office terminal came online, he had the machine gain control of the larger telescope on the roof. It was set up to allow classroom control of the machine for night time classes, or to allow accurate computer control of videoing certain astronomical events. When the television mentioned that the plane was descending, Larry had already seen the change in course and was establishing other computer connections.

He did not know what he could do, but he felt the situation to be a good test of his engines. His flying machines did an admirable job performing the normal duties that his superhero identity required, but he had higher aspirations for himself and his technology. Thinking fate to be smiling upon him, because he had been working with his smaller machines, Larry reached into his satchel. His superhero uniform had been hidden in the professor's office, and he had grabbed that satchel instead of the one holding his class materials. He did not feel a need to get into costume, but his head piece had the mouth controls for his flying machines. Using the computer to access the server in his house, he activated both of his boys.

Other Important Players in Action
Nathan felt bad when he noticed certain lights on a computer station set up in the closet. It was a large storage room, and someone had cleared enough area for a small computer terminal. The console had been used a lot in the early days of a certain telescope being put into service, but now that the software had been tested it tended to be operated from other computers on the network. It did take certain passwords, but those were not too hard to gain. The lights told him that someone was using the larger computer.

Captain DeStran let it be known that he had noticed the attention of the elder black man. “What does that computer do?”

Nathan did not consider lying. “It was the original access terminal to a large eighteen inch telescope. Forgot all about it, but someone else is using it anyway.”

“What could they be looking at during the day?”

“Your airplane. We could access it from here, but it would be rude to perform any overriding commands. That eight inch should be enough.”

As the military man looked to see how to properly pick up the instrument, he asked, “How did Larry get his name on certain patents?”

Nathan moved to help move the telescope as he supplied an answer. “You will need to talk to Larry about that. All I can say is that a fellow member of the Masonic Lodge, Larry’s high school teacher, came to me about Larry. I found the young man incredible smart, and willing to work with me.”

“I noticed that he seemed able to understand what you are doing.”

“Yes, he slightly makes me feel bad. All that work I went through to gain my doctorate, then get this position, and that young man has been able to pick it up in almost no time.”

“Just about what you would expect from a superhero, huh?”

Nathan really did not know how to answer that question. He knew that Mrs. Lorshein felt that someone would figure out Larry’s secret identity. Nathan however also agreed with the young man about those with the government being slightly low on the intelligence scale.

“No, but someone more like an Einstein or Hawkings. Time will tell, but I am expecting great things from Larry.”

“Yes, you two are physics’ people. Okay, Doctor Jackson, help me locate that plane.”

Bad Guy Gets the Goods
Butch took hold of the special suitcase considering that everything had worked according to plan. As far as he was concerned, the suitcase held money. Truthfully, he had been told that it contained ancient pieces of fabric. The relics were considered too delicate to trust to the regular luggage compartment, but were kept in the pressurized cabin. Because of the value of the material, the airline allowed the suitcase to be placed in the security of the pilot's cabin. Butch was being paid to retrieve the suitcase. Stealing it in this manner was not actually considered the easiest method, but it was the best way to demonstrate his power and gain him the reputation to demand better payments on later jobs.

Both stewardesses still knelt in the aisle with one having her front exposed. She had complained and attempted to change her position, but burns to her back had forced her to remain. Gaining entrance to the pilot's cabin had gone smoothly. Yes, the airline had reinforced the door, but Butch did not want or need access to the cockpit. All that had been required was for the co-pilot to open the door and slide out the suitcase. Hearing the stewardess scream was enough to prevent any other actions from occurring.

With the objective in his hands, Butch prepared himself for the dangerous part of his mission. He had experience in jumping from planes, but understood that he was not in a vehicle designed for sky diving. Butch however considered the only real difference to be the initial speed. While he understood the danger, he also felt the rush of doing something few would chance doing themselves.

Loyal Spectator
Nathan did not know what to expect, but he watched other areas of the sky waiting to spot something. He had remembered that Larry's first class was not for another hour, so suspected that the young man had left to give himself the opportunity to be available. Saving an airplane seemed rather extreme for the superhero. Minnow was certainly not Superman, but Nathan knew that Larry had proven himself rather clever in the past and his flying machines had so far passed every test put to them. The elder man was thus not surprised when saw two black objects shoot towards the airplane.

Larry had plans to build a craft of his own, but was certain that the construction would expose his secret identity. He had been searching around the nearby mountains for a place to excavate a private hanger. The thought of building a Minnow Cave did sound like a bad joke, but going and coming from the airport would just be too noticeable.

The fact that the young man wanted to have his technology put him into space only complicated the issues he would face with his application of the technology. Nathan actually found interest in that topic, so would spend time developing those plans with Larry. The truth however was that more would be required to go into space than just a machine, so his technology would be better served with an existing space program.

Nathan however watched for any signs of the two larger machines having trouble with the altitude. According to the theories, and what tests had been performed, they should not have had any difficulty. This would however be their first test in an actual situation, so Nathan used his time between allowing the military man to make his observations to study the performance of the large wings.

Superhero in Charge
Larry feared connecting with his home computer with the college network, but wanted the readings that his programs could tell him about the operation of his wings. He wanted to do more with his machines, but had so far been stymied by sensible attitudes. Wanting full assurance that his wings could handle the altitude and speeds, he made the connections to access his home computer.

His uniform did a good job of protecting him as he flew around town, but his flying machines did not move at that fast of a speed. He did not trust his uniform to manage near supersonic speeds, although that was where he wanted his technology to go. His machines had the power, but directing the energy toward pure movement had been problematic. Both Professor Nathan and Mrs. Lorshein advised that Larry work on building an airplane before working on the speed problem. He however knew that most of the reasons that his wings flew beneath certain speeds was due to the software, and he knew where to click on the screen and what the password was to release a certain constraint. Wanting to really put his machines to the test, he had them fly as fast as they could.

Cameras on the front of his larger flying machines allowed him to see their approach to the airplane. Seeing it turn to begin ascending had him however wonder about things inside the craft. Seeing a spot barely a pixel in size move away caused Larry to redirect his wings. He checked a certain icon to assure him that the images were being recorded back home. The actual cameras were high definition, but the resolution of the college monitor did not provide that good of a picture.

Since he was not riding them, Larry had no fear of telling his machines to go as fast as possible. He however almost turned the engines off, as he felt gravity would provide the better acceleration. Only the fact that whatever had exited the plane would soon reach terminal velocity, while his wings would continue to accelerate, had him keep them doing what they were doing.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Part Three   May 18th 2012, 4:58 pm

A Fight for Recognition
Story Seven: Part Three
Action and Advice at a Distance

Anxious Spectators
Nathan was surprised as a hand grabbed at his pocket. Captain DeStran had a serious expression on his face as he took the elder man's cell phone and punched in some numbers. The officer's own phone suddenly announced an incoming phone call. He gave the professor back his phone, then Captain DeStran activated his. Making sure that the professor understood his actions, certain commands were spoken into his phone.

"I want you to stay here and keep me aware of any movements. I am going after whoever just jumped from the plane."

Nathan felt weird talking into his phone instead of the person that was right in the room with him. “I cannot assure that you will have access. This is mountainous terrain.”

“Just keep providing reports.”

Nathan put his focus back on the image in the eyepiece of the telescope as the Marine officer left. Understanding that it would be a few minutes before needing an update, Nathan left as soon as he felt Captain DeStran had gone down the stairs. He did not need to go far to find a phone.

“Larry, I suspect that it is you using the large telescope.”


Nathan spoke the question he felt that he needed to ask softly, “Are there others around you?”

“No. Believe it or not, the astronomy people are watching the television for reports.”

“Captain DeStran is going to have me track things with the eight inch.”

“Then you should see my wings.”

Nathan wished that he was presently where he could look through the telescope as he replied, “Yes, they seem to be following the man that jumped from the plane.”

“That’s a man? Sorry, but the monitor here is not that good.”

Nathan was not a department head, but made a note to speak the man that was about purchasing some better monitors as he said, “Yes, that’s a man.

“Well, I have my two boys up there, but I will try not to hurt him.”

“Listen, he should consider himself lucky to still be alive. You might want to check.”

“As soon as I get the wings to him. Speed is not my asset – presently. I do plan to work on that.”

Nathan knew what the young man desired for his technology. The fact that he was willing to jump to put his equipment to the test declared his belief in the capabilities of his machines. Wondering whether the results would keep the young man slowly working on improvements, or wanting to push his technology even more, Nathan made a reply.

“I know that you do, Larry. Listen, do what you can, but you should have help once the man gets to the ground.”

“The Minnow does not need to be involved. I am just testing my equipment. Once authorities are on the scene, I will call my boys home.”

“Good.” It definitely sounded like the plan Nathan would have suggested. “Well, I will be busy directing Captain DeStran.”

“Sir Soldier?”

“I don’t know if he is going to change clothes, but whatever I have to call him that is where I will be.”

Nathan returned to the telescope hearing the voice of Captain DeStran calling to him. He picked up the phone wondering what excuse he would give. He looked to his hands, then realized that he had something to tell Captain DeStran.

“Sorry. Went to get a chair.”

The military officer bought the excuse. Nathan thus cheerfully went to work giving directions to where the man appeared to be heading. Feeling that Captain DeStran would be able to pick up the situation once the man was on the ground, Nathan began to feel the joy of actually being a part of the action.

Superhero at Work
Larry sent Eagle home. His flying machines were not easy to control, and attempting to direct both independently using only the views provided was straining him. Even when he was on sight able to directly see their actions it was rather taxing to get them to fly exactly as desired. For what he had planned, Larry figured that Bumble would be enough.

The remaining flying machine had now gained enough speed to begin catching up on the falling man. The view on the monitor could now make out that it was a humanoid form descending. The man did not appear to be falling, but had his body straight with his arms by his side as if attempting to descend even faster. Larry could however tell from the way his view of man improved that he had reached maximum velocity while his wing continued to close.

Larry just had to assume that the man had a parachute. His view on the monitor was not clear enough to see details. He could make out the man occasionally lifting an arm as if to look at something, and could only hope that it was an altimeter. Larry understood that watching the seconds pass on a watch could also reveal some information about the approach of the ground, but could only hope that the man had not made the wrong assumptions about his height.

The sight of the canopy of trees quickly approaching caused Larry to worry about his wing. Before he sent alternate plans, a plume of black silk rose behind the falling man. Larry quickly had Bumble alter speed and heading. He felt proud of his machine as the view of the monitor had it swing over the trees and head back to the man.

Bad Guy in Trouble
Butch did not see the machine that was trailing him. He was too intent on watching his altimeter as he rushed to the ground. He wanted to wait until the last second, but the mountainous terrain and the trees made that an impossible thing to know. He also was not dressed properly. It would have been too suspicious for him to have worn a parachuting suit on board the plane. He was scared enough having the tightly packed parachute in his satchel. The business suit did not give him the normal sensation of freefall, so Butch felt even more unsure of when to pull the rip cord. He knew that he was pulling it early, but seeing the terrain around him he was more worried about the walk to civilization than about being captured.

He felt a disruption in the chute, but the fact that he was not suddenly falling caused him not to feel anxious. He however did become concerned feeling that he was not rushing to the ground. Seeing a distant road, Butch attempted alter his direction of travel. Not feeling the usual response, then looking up to not see the normal spread of his chute, he now felt himself feel some anxiety.

The fact that he was not falling caused him to attempt some explanation of his situation. Butch looked up to see his parachute no longer billowed out. It was merely a tightly stretched drapery from a point far above him. He looked around for the tree limb that had caught him, but realized that the nearest tree was still about a hundred feet below. Butch wanted to burn something, but understood that turning his laser eye upon his own parachute would be suicidal.

He could not fathom his true situation, but he certainly was not going to simply wait to be captured. The sight of police cars pulling up on the road did not please him at all. Butch started working at pulling on one side of his parachute in order to hopefully release it from whatever held it. He understood that he was risking his life, but he truthfully feared being captured more than death.

His efforts started him swinging. It scared him at first, but then he realized that enough of a sideways movement would allow him to see the top of his parachute. It was not easy, and definitely gave him a rush of adrenaline as his body sensed the risk he was taking. Butch however did gain a view of the top of his parachute hanging on something. Not overly worried about a small tear in his parachute, he turned on his laser at the peak of the cloth.

Whatever was holding him must have began spinning, because he saw the cloth of his chute begin to twist before the world began revolving around him. The twirling did not bother him much, although realizing that his descent to the road also increased troubled him greatly. Not really caring about what held him, he put his laser eye to work.

Butch really did not mind crashing into a tree. It was not the preferred landing, but it was a method of stopping that he understood. When the fabric of his parachute tore, he did not get a chance to see what had been holding him. All that he could figure was that somehow he had momentarily captured a UFO.

Good Guy on the Scene
Captain DeStran thanked Doctor Jackson for his help. The military officer could see police cars ahead of him, so understood that he would need to work with others. Still, he had to admit that his association with Doctor Jackson had proven worthwhile.

Seeing the criminal dangling from the parachute high in the air did look odd, but Captain DeStran felt that he knew the reason. Professor Jackson had identified certain small craft as being the machines of the Minnow. Captain DeStran was not certain where the superhero actually was, although was glad to have his help. Looking up at the dangling parachute, the Marine officer had to admit that criminals faced even more challenges to working their illicit activities.

Seeing the dangling man suddenly fall had Captain DeStran slam on the brakes of his humvee. Determined not to allow the criminal get away, he got out of the vehicle then began running to the forest. He felt silly, as once under the canopy he really did not know where to go. The slope of the rocky ground did not make determining distance or direction that easy. Only the sound of someone grunting along with limbs breaking gave Captain DeStran clues on which way to head.

The voice of someone cursing further helped him decide on where to move. Breaking through some underbrush, he felt a sharp pain. A smell of something burning had him turn to see some of the leaves on the bushes smoking. He then felt a pain and noticed his own skin showing signs of being burnt. Captain DeStran cursed, but dealt with the pain as he raised his arm to shield his eyes as he sought the source of the damage.

Understanding that the police would probably be arriving soon along with someone video taping the event, the military officer felt a need to be humane. "You, in the tree, are you hurt?"

“Uh, you are on private property. Go away.”

“Tell you what, come on down and let us talk about it.”

Captain DeStran again felt the pain of the burn as the man threatened, “Listen, leave or suffer pain.”

Intending to declare that those were the wrong words, the Marine officer pulled out a pair of reflective sun shades. They were far from regulation, or stylish, but he liked them. He then pulled out his pistol, and pointed it while making a threat of his own.

“I feel your pain. Do you want to feel mine?”

It was one of the police officers that found the piece of luggage. By then Captain DeStran had the criminal out of the tree and his eyes covered by his hat put on the man’s head then pulled down to the start of the nose. The local authorities had been allowed to take over the situation, although only with stern warnings about what the man was capable of.

Resolution of the Crisis
Nathan looked up as Larry came in to drop off one satchel before grabbing another. The young man met the gaze. He put the strap of the satchel over his shoulder, then decided that he needed to say something.

“If the criminal gets away, we can blame Sir Soldier. Me, I actually do have a class to go to now.”

“What do you think of how your big wings handled?”

Larry moved to the door as if not willing to answer, but Nathan felt that he was just thinking over his response as he turned with a smile on his face to say, “Oh, you are going to hear about that. Still, I will check the data before pressing my case.”

“Yes, because I will expect that.”

“So will Mrs. Lorshein. Still, I am going somewhere, and not simply willing to stay a superhero.”

Nathan simply waved in response. He believed the young man. Nathan could not say that his own theories would ever amount to anything, but working with Larry had him feel that his name would actually be placed in the history books.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Re: Action and Advice at a Distance (All Parts of Three)   

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Action and Advice at a Distance (All Parts of Three)
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