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 Versions of Speed (All Parts of Three)

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PostSubject: Versions of Speed (All Parts of Three)   July 22nd 2012, 1:14 pm

A Fight for Recognition
Story Thirteen: Part One
Versions of Speed

Advances in Technology
Sherita looked up from the couch where she read some legal briefs. Her desire was to get involved in the cases to the degree where the movement of family members would not trouble her. The matters being presented were just not that complex however, and she had already read them over a couple of times, so her mind never felt the need to devote its full attention to the words on the sheets of long paper. The exclamations of others at the sight of her brother caused her to look to the door, and seeing his cut up face caused her enough concern for him that she felt a need to get up whether he had motioned for her to come or not.

Stepping outside, Brian shut the door on the others also coming to check on him, then said, “The white boy is right. That bike will kill you.”

Sherita knew a number of white boys, so did not immediately know who her brother was talking about. The identity however did not trouble her, but the look of her brother did. She thus picked out something else that he said, and felt that was what she needed to talk about.

“You took my bike out?”

“With the tires. Come on, Sherita, you can change tires. The only reason to bring the bike and tires to me was that you wanted me to test them.”

She clearly remembered making it clear to him that she needed a special electric line to the tires. Simply running a wire would not work with the revolutions of the wheel. Having him test the equipment was not in her plans, and she let him know what she thought of his actions.

“Damn, Brian. You are not the one going around working with this technology. You are also not the one who even likes this technology. You just see the money. I like sliding around, and I safely go out sliding around even around people that want to hurt me. You do your thing, and let me do mine.”

Sherita wanted to scream those last few words, but she knew eyes were watching from windows. She thus retained some composure. Brian had an opportunity to speak while she settled her thoughts, but he looked at her clearly waiting for what more she had to say. To redirect those watching, she had a hand move to his face while saying what truly was on her mind.

“Now I need to go through the process again. Doing tires takes a hell of a lot more time and materials than shoes.”

There was a slight trace of an apology in Brian’s reply, “Let me give you some money for you to make a lot. We need to get out and see what we can do. It is time to push this technology so you can take it to someone to pay you.”

Not wanting to get her brother in further trouble, Sherita asked, “What about your wife?”

“She knows that I am working with you on something. She should even know that it concerns a bike. She probably thinks that it is something for your birthday.”

“Okay. I have court cases coming up, and classes. We don’t however want to get out on a weekend when everyone else is out. How about next Wednesday?” As he began to nod, she added, “Oh, and bring your helmet.”

His face showed a grin as he added, “Oh, and your bike is not hurt. I will need to redo some of the paint, but that is all.”

“I don’t like seeing you hurt, Brian.”

“It’s not the first time, Sherita. Scraps and such are just a part of riding a bike. I will be all right.” He then had a hand go to her face as he added, “I want you to be all right.”

They hugged each other. Brian then turned to leave, but Sherita let him know that their mother would not be happy if he left without speaking to her. He agreed, so followed his eldest sister into the house. Sherita returned to her work while her brother hugged everyone and spent time just visiting.

There is a Problem
She had spent good money on the game controller, but it was proving worth it. This was the fifth game that she had played, and it showed no hesitation or lag. That was good. What was better was that no one was coming to get her. She had brazenly taken the money that she spent on this controller, and it brought a smile to her face that they had not been able to identify her.

It was nice having the bills paid and food in the refrigerator, but it had taken almost everything she had stolen to reach this state. There would be more bills next month, and she would need some more food. As skinny as she was, most did not realize how much she needed to eat. It thrilled her having the ease to relax and play her games, along with the thought that she would need to feel the rush of getting more money to maintain her status.

She felt the material of her gloves about her fingers slip. She looked at the tips of her digits to realize that while the game controller was taking the abuse from her hands, the garment to protect her hands was breaking down. In thinking about buying new gloves, she thought about other clothes, then decided to go shopping.

Darlene Crimson looked at herself in the mirror. She was not large. Being skinny as well, she felt that she appeared as a wimp. The only part of her that had some substance were her boobs, but even they sagged heavily from her body seeking sources of nutrition. Without concern for her appearance she began eating some candy bars while considering what type of clothes she felt might look good on her.

The temptation to steal occurred every time that she made a purchase. The cashiers just moved too slow. Darlene felt that she could easily clean out a cash drawer and get away before anyone noticed. She however knew that there were security cameras and the cash drawers would not hold enough to make it worth the risk. Wanting to keep the retailers eager to do business with her, Darlene made certain to smile as she waited to make each purchase.

With her money spent, she returned to her apartment to prepare for getting more funds. Darlene was glad that she had not robbed anyone, as she felt herself without the actual ability to perform a crime properly. She slowed down her actions feeling her body grow warm. With controlled measured actions she put on a wool skirt even as her legs sought to twitch. Tremors came to her hands as she slowly put on a black blouse with white lace. Putting on gloves was almost impossible due to her shaking. With a pair of dark sunglasses over her eyes, she felt that her preparations were complete even as her body felt as if it were about to spasm violently.

Darlene gained control of herself moving to the bank she had chosen. With intense concentration she had her body act as a set of tightly coiled springs. Each part of her body was a hard rod due to the amount of tension present within it. Thinking of herself as a robot with only metal parts, she moved through back streets and alleys heading to her chosen target.

It was hard maintaining control once in the bank. Darlene had no idea about the layout or the type of security. History had proven it not important, but she still felt some control and choice of timing had helped in her success.

Hearing one of the tellers mention needing to take a break, Darlene tried to add more tension to each part of her body. Even her heart needed to be ready for what was about to happen. As the door to where the tellers worked was opened, Darlene allowed her body to release its energy.

Two of the remaining tellers had their drawers open, and that was enough for a profitable heist. Darlene did nothing more than take the bills. It took seconds. While she did not jump over the counter to begin her robbery, she stepped on the chair of a male teller using his weight to secure her movement up and over the barrier between him and the public. In less time than it would have taken to hand the teller a note and get him to realize that it was a robbery, Darlene was gone through door to the bank with the money from two drawers.

She again took up the mechanical method of moving once out on the street. She knew that it was best if she did not look suspicious. Some eyes did move in her direction, but she put that down to her being a female. Darlene had long ago accepted that men would look at her. She did not consider herself overly attractive, but the advertising industry had promoted the image of thin women as being pretty, which was presently supported by the medical industry in their attempts to get people to eat less and proper foods when they did eat. While her diet was far from healthy, her metabolism kept the weight from her body, so she fit the physique of what most were trained to consider beautiful.

Once in the middle of an alley, Darlene allowed the rest of the tension in her body to be released. She ran for a good distance through the avenues that few would be traveling. She did not discard the clothes, but worked at changing the style of how she wore them. By the time she felt the fatigue of all her internal energy having been expended, she could calmly walk upon a sidewalk the rest of her way home.

Darlene looked to her game console and the special controller she had bought. Her eyes then traveled to the kitchen while thinking that presently she could work a regular controller without breaking it. There was a strong desire to sleep, but Darlene knew that what her body really needed was sustenance. A candy bar was devoured while she fixed herself a full breakfast of bacon (she bought the packages that showed a lot of fat), eggs, toast (using white bread), butter (real), and syrup (jelly just did not have enough sugar content). Only as she put the calories into her did she feel capable of allowing herself to sleep, but understanding that she needed to allow the food to digest and for a complete sense of calm to come over her, she looked to the game console considering passing the time actually paying attention to some of the cut scenes that provided some story to the action in the games.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.

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PostSubject: Re: Versions of Speed (All Parts of Three)   July 23rd 2012, 3:43 am

Your work is always incredible and very detailed. I love how you pull me into the story, which is exactly what you are suppose to do.

Sidenote: Terish maybe you can make a post with a list of this series or maybe even the links to each section in order. I feel that I'm reading them out of order and it's making my understanding of characters choppy.

It is up to you of course. Is there even an order to these sections?

Easy reading is damn hard writing! I love you

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PostSubject: Re: Versions of Speed (All Parts of Three)   July 23rd 2012, 8:04 am

Kellycakes wrote:
Sidenote: Terish maybe you can make a post with a list of this series or maybe even the links to each section in order. I feel that I'm reading them out of order and it's making my understanding of characters choppy.

It is up to you of course. Is there even an order to these sections?
Of course there is an order. I am pacing these stories in the same manner as I did the science-fiction stories. There were thirty of those, and there is supposed to be thirty of these. The first ten were to introduce the characters and settings. The second ten, which we are now in, has our superheroes advancing their plans while others begin to notice them. The third ten should be our superheroes facing problems beyond their concerns. This is story thirteen. I am right now stuck on story sixteen (I think I have it figured out, but my fantasy stories are right now demanding my time).

Thank you for you words, and suggestion. I guess that I can do a sticky with the story order, which I will update as I add to the stories. Will post it later today.

Oh, side note - My science-fiction stories had them moving through space using the Kert field drive, and Larry Kert is the Minnow. I thus see his technology as being developed. It is (and will be) mentioned that one of Larry's problems is speed with the science fiction story saying that it is an Albert Kert (a grandchild of Larry) that figures out how to advance the technology to enable extremely (even faster-than-light) speeds.

Further note - while the Minnow really is not concerned with gravity, it is not anti-grav (I could bore you with my theory, as I do have a degree in Physics, but why bother). My science-fiction stories state that real anti-gravity will be figured out by someone else.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Part Two   July 27th 2012, 3:06 pm

A Fight for Recognition
Story Thirteen: Part Two
Versions of Speed

Two Lives Merging
Sherita turned from where she worked at organizing the notes for the lawyer. It had been a pro-bono case, but her employer wanted it shown how such work could usually be easily handled with a basic adherence to certain procedural routines. She had to admit that many legal problems were easily resolved simply with a knowledge of the justice system, but worked at putting together her own thoughts how actually dealing with the real problems of the person were not so simple. As she worked through the conflict of limiting pro-bono cases to just court details, instead of the more costly work of actually dealing with the issues of the crime itself that could help justice and the client, she had to turn to someone wanting her attention.

Officer Novak handed her a manila envelope as he whispered, “Please look at this, Ballet Slipper. We could use some help on this.”

The policeman had been present at the hearing, so it was not odd to see him. Knowing the man as a regular patrolman through her neighborhood, Sherita even thought to speak a few kind words to him. It had come out in an earlier situation that he knew she was a certain superhero, but no communication had opened up. Sherita thus was surprised at the odd action, but took the envelope wondering what it was that he needed help with.

“It might give us something to talk about,” she politely said in return.

He smiled, spoke an agreement, then turned to move out of the courtroom. Sherita looked inside the envelope to see a DVD. Not knowing what else to do, she put it in her purse.

Felix Owen, the lawyer she worked for, asked, “Got your own case, Sherita?”

“If it is, I am certain that it will be pro-bono.” Being glad to see her employer laugh, Sherita felt a need to add something to put the event in a different perspective than business. “He patrols my neighborhood, so it is probably concerning some local development that he hopes will improve the neighborhood.”

“Well, if you want some advice, feel free to come to me.”

“If it is a legal issue, I certainly will.”

“I don’t mind helping the police. If it is something financial, let me know about that as well.”

Sherita quickly came up with something she hoped would end the discussion with the lawyer not considering the DVD worth remembering. “Probably something that will demand my free time, and I don’t believe either of us have any of that.”

Those words had Mr. Owen laugh and began to speak of his own early years of working to earn his reputation as a lawyer. That was what Sherita wanted him to speak about. Not only were there tidbits of information in such stories that might actually help her, but it put the man on a line of thought that would be dropped.

As expected, the two of them fell into the routine of working with cases. Not only did the lawyer forget about the DVD, but Sherita found herself surprised to see it in her purse. She felt glad that Mr. Owen had not mentioned it again, but looked at it wondering what the police officer felt was important. Returning to work, she found her routine disturbed by a curiosity of what problem others hoped her superhero personality might be able to solve.

Stopping for something to eat, Sherita put the DVD into her computer. What she found were a number of video files in separate folders. Wondering just how interesting the videos would be, she started the first one playing.

She did not even have time to reach for the plastic fork for her salad before the video finished. It showed nothing but a blurry picture of a small lean person dressed as a lady entering a bank. Thinking that if the only images were of such a fuzzy nature then the criminal would easily go free, she called up the next file. Sherita had to rethink the quality of the camera as the tellers could be seen quite clearly even as a blurred image of what appeared to be a small lady emptied the cash drawers. She did not even think of playing another video, but reached for her phone.

“Oooh, a little too quick to dial,” Larry’s voice said, “as the professor should be just now finishing class. Give him ten, and he will be around to answer your questions.”

Sherita replied, “Good, as I have something that I want him to see.”

Proving that he could recognize her voice, the man returned, “Okay, Break Neck. Will let him know. Oh, we do have a pair of shoes for you.”

“Really do not need the shoes, but I might as well take them as what I have to show Professor Nathan will probably put me back in action. See you in…” she looked at her salad before finishing, “about thirty.”

“Will pull out the chains and tie him down. See you, Break Neck.”

Attempts to Avoid Trouble
I hung up the phone and turned back to my ‘table.’ For matters of safety, and I believe simply for the enjoyment of working with my technology, Professor Nathan had me build two new wings for my Minnow Plane. Colonel Bennie had agreed with the idea. I however found problems with the suggestion, as my controls did not allow for perfect cooperation between my wings. I thus had to write new code to work with the controls being put into my vehicle. Since everything I did was state-of-the-art, and considering that I enjoyed pushing my technology when I had the chance, I was having fun perfecting some routines and seeing how the computer in my new wings would handle the instructions. Since Professor Nathan wanted to supervise my work, I had one of the new wings in the lab disguised as a table.

I had almost gotten a subroutine figured out, but not yet to the point where I was seriously writing code, when Professor Nathan returned. He asked me about phone calls. It seemed that he had a major test coming up in a couple of weeks, so was wondering how many students were asking for extra help. He made the usual complaint about most of his students not taking his class seriously when I told him that only Break Neck had called.

“Well, we have a pair of shoes for her,” Professor Nathan grumbled.

“She did not call about the shoes, although said that she would take them. She has something to show us.”

“Did she say what?”

“No – not that I asked. She might be working on a plane as well.” I moved my hands to support my humor as I said, “She might have a method of slipping through the sky.”

“If she does that, it would surprise me. Her science is just an expansion of already known processes, although she is making it work where others have failed. I believe that her technology is limited, so will be surprised if she can make it applicable outside a certain range.”

Hoping to get back to my own work, I said, “I told her that I would chain you down, so you better not be planning on going anywhere.”

“I will wait to eat until she leaves. Thinking of chicken.”

Sounded good to me, and I told him that before turning my head back to my notes. I had begun typing in the code when Sherita arrived. We just waved at each other. Since I was busy – Professor Nathan did move to look at my screen to assure himself that I was not playing a game – he and the lady spoke without me having to turn my head from my notes.

They had moved into the office when I heard Professor Nathan ask, “Larry, do you have my computer tied up?”

I had to think for a moment before realizing what he was talking about. “No. That was just some basic research. I can call it back up. Just exit out.”

“Come on in here and do it yourself. You might as well look at this as well.”

I saved my code, then walked into the room to hear Sherita ask, “Atmospheric data?”

“There are a lot of practical concerns that have to be covered – something that Professor Nathan and I try to lecture you about, Break Neck.”

“Then watch these videos and give me a lecture about the practical concerns in what you see.”

Professor Nathan and I shrugged while looking at each other. More than willing to help Sherita, I closed out what I had opened, then put the DVD in the drive. She told me what she had found, and seeing that I found the same she recommended opening a folder that I had not.

No sooner had he seen the final video file in the folder than Professor Nathan asked, “Larry, just how much graphic capabilities do we have?”

“None. The head of your department does not even want to improve the quality of our monitors. Now you are asking for special graphic software?”

“Well, can you do anything?”


He actually accepted that answer, and had me step through the videos. Considering how short they were, that was really not a problem. We watched them again in an almost frame-by-frame rate before making certain conclusions.

“It is a female,” Professor Nathan concluded with him adding before either of us could challenge the statement, “and she is really moving that fast.”

I would challenge the professor just to make him prove his conclusions as I was forced to do with my own. Having seen the video, I however worked to see if I could use the evidence to help verify what he said. Sherita also joined our analysis. In the end we ended up agreeing that the criminal was female and actually moving as fast as the videos showed.

The lady however spoke of her own concern, “Well, how do we find this person?”

Professor Nathan answered, “Honestly, that should not be a problem now that you know what to be looking for. That person has to have some obvious indicators. Be careful about those you perceive as acting oddly, as what you might usually consider to be an odd trait could be the indentifying clue.”

“Okay, say that I identify her, how do I fight her?”

“Actually, her momentum is not that much. She does not appear that big, and she really is not building up velocity. If you look, she is not making grand movements, but keeping her hands and feet close to her body. That is probably to prevent angular momentum problems and torque. That keeps her from harming herself, although also will probably keep her from harming you. Since your outfit is designed to protect you from an accident while riding your bike, your costume should handle her in a fight. I would thus suggest to simply tackle her, then keep her pinned until the police arrive.”

She nodded as if accepting the advice, although muttered, “She is not natural.”

Professor Nathan responded before I could, “Oh, come on, Sherita. This is the twenty-first century. There is no magic, just tricks that other people do not know about. It is natural. The laws of Physics are universal. Catch her, then you will learn her tricks.”

Sheria looked at both of us, then asked about the new pair of shoes we had for her. She took them, then wished us a good day. She left us the DVD to study more should we have a moment. As I escorted her to the door, she looked at me before whispering a thought.

“Larry, if you and Professor Nathan do know about the Minnow, let him know that I would appreciate his help.”

“From what I saw, Break Neck, catching that lady will be a matter of opportunity. You are going to have to be willing to go toe-to-toe with that criminal, as she won’t wait for you to do your spins and moves. Everyone today has a phone, so someone will surely call 911 while you hold the lady.”

Her face did not show her liking what I said. “Well, wish me luck.”

I hugged her, which helped put a more positive expression on her face before I said, “Good luck, and if the Minnow is around, I feel certain that he will help.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Part Three   August 1st 2012, 3:54 pm

A Fight for Recognition
Story Thirteen: Part Three
Versions of Speed

Need for Speed
Played my games straight through while lying low. Finally had to make a run for food, and felt relief seeing no one acting suspicious. It did give me satisfaction to find that once again I managed to steal money without being caught. Knowing that police investigations took time, I did not put any of my big bills into circulation. Came home happy, but went back to playing my games knowing to remain passive a few more days.

I drank rum while attempting to decide whether to leave for another town. I either needed to do that or strike again at a bank. I had hit enough in town that the police could begin to focus on those I had not yet visited. Striking at a bank I had already robbed would open up all banks again forcing the police to lose any hope of being at the right place at the right time. Leaving town would however also do the same thing without any hope of someone making a connection. I collapsed on my couch before I could come to any conclusion.

In a couple of days I felt a need for a new game. I had bought all the better games, so went to the store accepting that I would have to take a chance on some odd game from a small company. I listened as some people spoke of the alternate games as being imaginative, or simply different, as if those were desired qualities. I wanted speed, and it took a major player in the gaming industry to have the time and people to do the amount of graphics and tighten the code to really create something that could be fast and fun. I just hoped that a new game would get me annoyed to the point where I would willingly go back to one of the games that were of the quality I desired.

The game was so annoying that I destroyed the game console. The controller survived, which made it pay for itself right there. I still ordered another one. The act however solved one problem. Waiting for the shipment I needed to stay in town, so the police would be annoyed by one more robbery by me.

I began planning for it as I watched television. Of course, there was no true planning. At least, not the type of planning one usually considers as part of a bank robbery. I did think about the banks in town, and which one I considered looked like it needed to be robbed. My method of planning a bank robbery was highly subjective, about the same way that I played the games.

Not really liking anything on the tube, I went and looked at my money. I honestly had enough for at least a couple of months. The fact was that I did need to move, so I figured that I would need some extra cash. I thus considered that at some time in the coming week I might as well pull off another heist.

Recognition of Trouble
Sherita left the courtroom understanding to relax in what time she had. The lawyer she worked for had lost the case. He presently had business calming his client, although Sherita knew that he would be going over the case looking for problems in either his presentation or that of the prosecution. Sherita knew that her employer would consider his failure to be a teachable moment for his associate, as well as possibly a chance to actually turn this loss into an eventual success. At the moment however, she had time to herself.

It did not help her mood that traffic along Kingston Ave. was backed up. She tried to take some comfort in the fact that it was at least moving. Sherita however glanced about wondering why more cars were not getting through the red light.

Instead of seeing a traffic problem, what she noticed was a lady moving through the parking lot in front of a row of small businesses. Something in the way the lady moved bothered Sherita. She however almost caused her own traffic problem in slamming on the brakes when she saw the lady suddenly zip in front of a vehicle turning into the parking lot.

Sherita was going home, but suddenly set herself with another destination. Luckily, it was closer, and she felt would have what she needed. One advantage of her superhero identity was that it did have a reputation for showing up in the middle of the day, so she felt it would not be her that people would focus upon.

The young ladies in front of the shop knew her, so directed her to the back. Sherita did say some positive things to them, as they did indeed do their purpose of getting the men that came seeking motorcycle parts to spend more money on something more than basic equipment. She however had not ever found herself to share interests, so moved to the back while only trading basic comments with the young ladies.

Brian looked up, tried to be discreet in pointing out the other man working in the shop, then asked, “What brings you?”

“Just getting my bike. Should be ready, as all you had to do was put some tires on it.”

“Uh, I thought we had agreed upon this coming Wednesday.”

“You rode it, now I get to ride it. Wednesday we can trade notes.”

She could tell that her brother wanted to argue with her, but he gaze also stated that he recognized her tone of voice. “What’s up?”

“I believe that I need to make a scene. I should not actually need the special tires, but I would like to have them available while out and about.”

“How about you coming out and having supper with my wife and I?”

Sherita let her brother know that she was not mad at him by agreeing. His form did not relax, but he did tell her that everything was ready in its proper place.. Glad that she did not have a reason to be mad at him, she told him that she would bring some type of dessert.

It did not please her to find her bike under an old blanket. The only comfort was that her motorcycle was not the only one. Brian did it at first simply to protect her secret identity, but found that the rich guys he usually worked for liked finding their vehicles covered as well. Brian now spoke of ordering a number of blankets with his own design, but had not yet settled upon a design, color, or even material. While the old blanket did not please Sherita, she did like the piece of paper attached to it with the words ‘Dear Sister’ written upon it.

She knew where she could change clothes, and did so as quickly as possible. Luckily, Ballet Slipper did not have a special style of makeup, and what little she did wear was usually covered by what she considered her helmet. Sherita did change her lipstick from a reddish color to one more amber that would look better with her yellow outfit.

After carefully looking through a very dirty window, she walked her bike out of the storage room. Only when near the back street did she start the engine, and then took off to hopefully prevent anyone from connecting her appearance with the motorcycle shop. Turning toward the major road, she looked around hoping that her quarry had not rushed off.

The lady had not been large, so Sherita hoped to spot the outfit. It had been a pair of jeans of a nice blue polyester fabric that showed off the nice legs underneath. The loose white blouse had been tied at the waist, although the hem hung down as if to hide the fact that the legs were not that long. Sherita also remembered that the cuffs were buttoned at the wrists. While hearing the cries from those that recognized her, she looked for another wearing a distinctive outfit.

A streak of someone heading away from the main road caught her attention. She found herself glad not to have a car as her superhero means of transportation, as she had her bike move over a divider that would have stopped most four-wheeled vehicles. With a glance from the target lady, Sherita had her bike accelerate to quickly head toward who she considered a criminal.

The lady rushed away again at what was very fast velocity for a vehicle. Sherita found herself moving at an extremely high rate of speed just to match her pace, and raced behind the lady wondering how long she could keep it up. Seeing her suddenly move into a yard to rest beside a tree forced Sherita to make a number of decisions. She accelerated to the curb, then applied the brakes in a manner of performing one of her superhero spins that enabled her to disperse momentum, then in a practiced move brought her bike to a stop while using its leftover momentum to propel her forward. The lady expressed fright in seeing the superhero rush toward her.

Sherita expected the suspect of again fleeing, but had to take into account the terrain. Her technology did a good job of allowing her to slide on the concrete. Grass and dirt however were not that consistent, and had the amount of material that would gunk up her shoes. Sherita thus came from the road to the grass just planning to rush forward, then only move in the normal fashion once her speed slowed.

Seeing the suspect attempt a judo maneuver almost took Sherita by surprise. What actually saved her was having taken a few such classes, so her body responded in a basic blocking action. Not really wanting to get into combat with the lady, Sherita tried some of her own maneuvers to down her target in order to secure the lady. She was quick however. Instead of fleeing, she tried to fight. The punches came fast, but the suspect had little body mass. Sherita thus found herself protected from the blows, so gained the courage to directly confront the suspect, tackle her, and take charge of the situation.

Sherita had her hands shoot up when a command from a man issued, “Stop right there!” but the lady took off running.

The officer looked at Sherita with a shocked expression, but lifted his gun when she took off after the suspect. The lady stopped after a short period again as if to rest. Due to the people in the neighborhood having fences between their yards, the suspect had moved back onto the road and this time did not even bother to move beneath the shade of a tree. Sherita thus could activate her shoes. While the suspect paused, Sherita kept her momentum enabling her to catch up, then plow into the smaller lady.

Since Sherita’s technology involved sliding, she had practiced slamming into targets. She had captured other criminals in such a fashion, although film footage showed it as being a rather crude technique. The fact however was that the maneuver was demanded by the technology, so Sherita continued to practice in order to protect herself and her adversary.

The target was quickly and efficiently put on the ground and secured with a yellow tie wrap. By the time her and the suspect were looking around for a sense of location, the policeman was coming up. Sherita looked at him eager to let him take charge.

“I feel certain this is your bank robber, Corporal.”

“I saw her speed, Ballet Slipper, so you could be right. Do you have any further evidence?”

“You will probably need a warrant to search her home. I based my apprehension on the speed as well. As we both know however, the final result will be decided by lawyers.”

She rose while noting the name Andrews on the uniform. The policeman did not look young, so she suspected that he had some military experience. He took hold of the lady still on the ground, and had her rise as he asked a question of the one already standing.

“You would not happen to have any pull with any lawyers?”

“Do you think I will need it? I don’t believe that I let things get out of hand.”

“You just never know how a court case will go, Ballet Slipper.”

Sherita did not want to give away too much, but did allow herself to say, “Well, let me say that if my name comes up on a court docket, I will probably get informed.”

He at first told her to wait for him to do some paperwork, but when another patrol car pulled up she was told to leave the scene. Wanting to assure that anyone would have a hard time tracking her, Sherita did not drive back to her brother’s shop. She took a number of back roads, actually stopping at one copse of trees to remove some more obvious parts of her uniform. By the time she reached her neighborhood, she felt no one would notice as she drove to her shed.

That night she looked up from her legal work as her mother told her that she had a gentleman caller. She moved to the door to see Officer Novak. He appeared nervous, although a grin came to his face as he saw her legal pad.

“Working on your case work for Felix?”

“Yes. We lost the case the today. He says that there is more to learn from failure than success.” Figuring what brought the man to her, she asked, “Do you want to speak outside?”

“Uh, yes – if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all.”

After closing the door, he said, “I would have sent flowers, but I felt it would have been more noticed than my visit. Anyway, I want to thank you for catching that lady. I don’t think that we would have done it without you.”

“It was chance, but I was happy to be of service.”

“Well, if you need help, Sherita, let me know.”

Thinking about the arrest, she said, “I am grateful that you do not force me to hang around during all the proceedings.”

“Well, we, and I mean all of us cops, are grateful for what you do. Just… Sherita – how long do you plan on doing this?”

“My brother and I will be testing an advance of my technology. As soon as I can present it to a corporation as a fully tested product, I will probably go public.”

He nodded for a period before smiling and asking, “Thought about going into law enforcement?”

“You know that I am learning to be a lawyer. I am going to leave the catching to you, but when you see me in the courtroom you should know that I do have some understanding of what you go through.”

He shot out a hand as he asked, “So, we can stay friends? Also, I would like your autographed picture one day.”

She shook the hand, then saw his face smile wildly as she said, “I will do that for all you fine officers of the law, but you, Officer Novak, I will have my picture taken while kissing you.”

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Versions of Speed (All Parts of Three)
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