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 Testing the Future (Both Part of Two)

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PostSubject: Testing the Future (Both Part of Two)   August 6th 2012, 4:05 pm

A Fight for Recognition
Story Fourteen: Part One
Testing the Future

A Moment of Success
Colonel Bennie exclaimed as the aircraft lifted and cheers sounded in the hanger, “That is wild! No exhaust or tons of fuel!”

“Hell yeah there is fuel,” I replied. “It just comes from hours of regular electric flow put through a number of special capacitors to build up the energy to create special particles. My electric bill gets high.”

“But still, you have enough energy for the trip?”

“Yeah, about forty-eight hours. That should be enough.”

One of the engineers that Colonel Bennie had brought in exclaimed, “You got wonderful technology here, son!”

“Well, it is not for war, but for moving through space. Honestly, right now the price of fuel is much greater than gasoline, and the technology still needing perfecting, so not available for the general public. Still, this is a step toward going public.”

“You taking it out?”

“No, you men can watch me handle it right here. An hour or two of tests, then I am putting the batteries back on charge. Should be able to go out tomorrow and have this machine do what I desire.”

The men thought I was being reckless in having the craft rotate. Considering that I rode my wings without even a seatbelt, I felt completely safe in what I did with the Minnow Plane. I checked the handling of the craft along with my code. After about an hour of having the small vehicle go through some paces, I shut it down feeling that it would more than do the job I desired.

Leaving the cockpit, I ordered, “Double check the seals. I am not worried about the machine’s ability to fly, as I have been flying around with this technology for a few years now. Working outside the atmosphere and gravity well of this planet however is something new for me, so what bothers me.”

After hearing the men assure me that they would have everything ready, I made an announcement. “Men, Colonel Bennie has an envelope for each of you. Note that this is not a payment for the work done. Your hours are being recorded, and once we go public you will be paid as agreed. That even includes bonuses as agreed. What you are receiving now is simply financial gratuity – a statement of thanks.”

We popped a champagne bottle and Professor Nathan brought a cake out from his car. Mrs. Lorshein had ridden to the hanger with the two of us, and I directed any questions about further development of the technology to her. I only wanted to think of what I would be doing tomorrow.

I did hear the men speak of wanting to build such vehicles for themselves. Everyone that Colonel Bennie recruited were retired Air Force people, so knew planes. While the chassis was something within their power, they had no idea about the engine. Some asked me if it was from space aliens, and I told them that it certainly was with the grays being really annoyed at the government for having the technology since Roswell and not doing a damn thing with it. They laughed, then asked about my timetable for releasing my designs. When they learned that the basic patents were already on record, I saw a number of grins.

Getting back in the car, Professor Nathan asked again, “You going to be wearing your spacesuit, Larry?”

“Yes, Sir. It is bulky, so I won’t promise to wear it once I get comfortable with the machine, but as this is the first trip I will be taking a number of precautions.”

Mrs. Lorshein spent some time speaking of my spacesuit. She had made certain inquiries, but had to speak with Colonel Bennie to actually put certain people into action. She had been worried that the spacesuit would not arrive, then called me excitedly just a couple of days earlier for me to rush to her house so I could try it on.

Professor Nathan then asked, “What about Cindy?”

“She still does not know, but after this journey I suspect she will be brought into the loop.”

“Do you think that you can pull this off?”

“I figure that I have nothing to lose.”

Others Watching
Captain DeStran was drinking whiskey in preparation for getting some sleep when the phone rang. He saw the name on the screen, and groaned wondering just how long he would be kept up. Knowing that there was no way to avoid the call, he went ahead and answered.

“General, why are you calling at this hour?”

“Because it took until this hour for word to make it to me along the chain of command. It seems that nobody wants to talk upon a certain subject during normal business hours.”

Not wanting to simply blurt out something that he should not, the Captain asked a question that he knew would get the general mad at him. “And what business is that, Sir?”

“You know damn well what business is that, Captain. Now, tell me about a certain Larry Kert.”

Captain DeStran picked up the bottle of whiskey to pour himself another finger while blandly replying, “Sophomore at the college. Works with Doctor Jackson.”

“Happens to have had a space suit made for him. Also happens to own certain patents dealing with high energy physics.”

“Yep, he’s the Minnow. Known for a time, but I like the guy. If you will check my reports, he helped me out in a non-superhero way a couple of times.”

“Okay, Captain, what is the guy planning that he needs a spacesuit?”

He took a swallow of the liquid in his glass hoping that his words would come out as smooth as the whiskey went in. “Not planning to sell his patents to the military. He plans for his technology to open up space. The night I first learned of his secret identity I heard about his plan to head into space. Should happen, oh, tomorrow.”


Captain Destran could not help but smile, and looked to the bottle of whiskey glad to have the support. “Listen, from what I hear you have a few retired Air Force working on this. I have not seen the plane. I just drop in on the guy, and make certain that I get an invite to any socials.”

“You are supposed to be keeping me informed.”

“Yes, I have started to work on the report. Just to let you know, my conclusion is that the guy is not a threat to US security. However, the fact that he is an American I believe makes him a person of interest in global development. The guy makes me glad to be an American.”

Captain DeStran had to drink to that. Hearing only silence on the other end of the phone, he decided to drink on behalf of the general as well. As he was pouring another and deciding to what he would drink that, the general finally spoke again.

“So, you won’t be there tomorrow.”

“No. I have only heard about this plane. I have not been placed in the loop to see it.”

It seemed that the general started drinking, took some pills, or personal meditation techniques, as his next question came out soft and even. “How about this Ballet Slipper?”

“Don’t know about her. I have met her, but that is about all I can say. How about this Wisdom of the Ages?”

“He dates back to VietNam. The Army will admit to his existence, but they are otherwise hush about him.”

“Well, we’re Marines. Tomorrow is Air Force. Wisdom of the Ages is Army. Damn, what is the Navy up to?”

Captain DeStran felt certain that the general had taken something, because a chuckle was heard before he said, “All right, Captain. Give me assurance that this is not a matter of national security.”

“You got my word on that, General. Now, what is happening here is good old American ingenuity, so only God knows where this could go. Still, these are honest red, white, and blue blooded citizens that we are sworn to protect.”

“Your ass is mine if this thing blows up, Captain.”

“My ass is retired whenever you get tired of listening to me.”

Captain DeStran felt certain that he heard the sound of liquid pouring into a glass, so felt that he was not drinking alone while the general said, “Tell me, Captain, do you think that I would hear this much if I had sent anyone else?”

“Nope. No one else around here knows as much as I do. If you would have sent some best-of-the-best jerk-off, you would not be hearing half of what I am telling you.”

“I have to believe that as well, Captain. You are correct that no one else has even the information that you have provided. I have to say that I did get acknowledgement of Wisdom of the Ages, but how much more the Army has I cannot say. I doubt that they will be at this Air Force activity. Still, I should not have needed to call you for this heads up.”

That last line should have been a reprimand, but it came out in the same conversational tone as the rest of what the general said. Captain DeStran really did not know how to reply. He liked the manner he was speaking with the general, but was scared that the tone from the man would again turn loud and serious. Hoping to get a feel of what was really happening on the other end, Captain DeStran felt a need to change the tone of his voice.

“Listen, you, or whoever is pushing you, is wanting some control over what is happening. I can tell you this, that Larry and these others are working their own plans. Forget about control, and just sit back and watch Americans do what they do best.”

“What about your own secret identity? Sir Soldier?”

“These people give me all the respect I need as a soldier for our great government. I am not going around as a superhero, but being treated like one. I told you, General, that these are honorable Americans. I am not worried about my country, but watching feeling proud of my country.”

“Okay, Captain, thank you for your time.”

All that Captain DeStran could do was look at the phone as the line went dead. As if to verify the end of the call, he touched the button to end the connection. Wondering about how tomorrow would go, he closed the bottle of whiskey and began preparing himself for sleep.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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Number of posts : 1324
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PostSubject: Part Two   August 11th 2012, 6:33 pm

A Fight for Recognition
Story Fourteen: Part Two
Testing the Future

Up, Up, and Away
Professor Nathan sat in the small room set high to act as a control tower for the small airport. With him were those brought in to build the vehicle that was about to be flown. There was somebody who actually had the job to man the tower, but he was presently feeling crowded by the number of men.

The door to the hanger had been left open. All knew that Larry was preparing for his journey. The plane was not actually that big, so Professor Nathan knew to keep watching the hanger as the vehicle could really rush out without his knowledge.

He saw the plane move out at a high rate of speed. That was expected. What he and men had to speak about was seeing it at an odd angle. While the original question by most was ‘why?’ they all nodded upon seeing the craft suddenly right itself by what could be clearly seen as natural air resistance influence the aerodynamics of the plane. In spite of being disrupted, there was no sign of Larry losing control. It righted itself, then the plane shot off at a high rate of speed although still flying low.

Professor Nathan had to lift his own pair of binoculars upon hearing one of the retired Air Force men, notably one without any special visual instruments, that he could see the plane going up. Professor Nathan had to think back on the situation with the plane hijacker as he looked through special instruments to only see black dots. The speaker in the room had him move the binoculars from his eyes as what he heard he felt to have much more importance than what he could see.

A serious voice from some other control tower said, “Unknown craft, please identify yourself.”

It was the actual control tower operator that commented, “He does have a code showing, but it is just not registered.”

Professor Nathan had to smile upon hearing an extremely cheerful female voice say, “Darlings, surely you see the letters on your screen. That is more than my little Minnow has been using in all the years he has been flying around.”

He remembered hearing Larry speak about getting Mrs. Lorshein to record certain phrases. While he did not expect anyone to recognize her voice, he felt certain that no one would place the buoyant girlish statements as being from her. Professor Nathan had to agree that the lady he heard sounded nothing like the lady he knew.

The distant voice said, “Well, there are proper procedures. Please state your destination.”

“Up, up, up!”

The voice asked again, but it only got the same sound file in response. Professor Nathan moved to the radar, and verified that indeed very little lateral distance was being covered. Larry was clearly just moving straight up. When the voice asked once more, and got the same file, he obviously gave up in that he did not ask again.

Colonel Bennie said, “Professor Nathan, I would like to talk to the man.”

“It should be well known that the Minnow does not talk. Larry does however, so show up when we contact you about a debriefing.”

“But you said that there would be word if all is going well.”

Professor Nathan felt that he had already explained, so only gave a basic response. “The message will be to Mrs. Lorshein. Part of the reason for this particular mission is to hopefully handle a personal matter. If things go as Larry hopes, he will be able to make a private phone call from someone over there.”

“In a spacesuit?”

“Knowing him, he just might do that.”

All in the Plan
I joked with Professor Nathan that I would be doing my homework during the trip, but neither of us actually expected the ride to be that smooth. I had been flying my engines for slightly over three years, and the new ones operated as efficiently as my old ones. The control software was new, but the routines worked very well. While there were a number of tests to perform along the way, I still found myself confidently pulling out my books and notebooks to work on other important things.

While the view from space was spectacular, it really did not change much. I thus took moments to look between homework problems. What actually worried me were sounds, as it was felt such would be the major indication of the seals protecting me from the vacuum failing. I thus quietly worked on my school assignments hoping that my ears would not pick up anything. The silence became boring, but before I thought about playing some music I looked out the window, and the view of space calmed me.

It was uncomfortable being in the spacesuit. While it took time to get into my Minnow outfit, it was made for easily moving in. The reason for the spacesuit was to protect me should the life support of the vehicle fail. Honestly, I felt that I would quickly not bother with the spacesuit, but as this was the maiden voyage of my vehicle I did not yet have such a level of trust in its capabilities. I thus continued to suffer in the bulky garment.

The plane did have various instruments and radio, but I had not turned them on to keep my focus on the noises of my craft. I thus sat in silence while working on my assignments. Professor Nathan was correct about lateral distance, but I did spend time testing my own theories about how my engine could perform once away from terrestrial concerns. I liked what I saw, although really did not want to return without having my work finished. I thus set the controls at a reasonable level, then left everything alone while I listened for trouble even as I worked on problems.

Finishing my homework, I again looked at my instruments. Turning on the radio, I heard a number of messages. That told me that they were watching. That did not bother me, although I worried that it might. Trusting that the vehicle would continue to operate as desired, I began making adjustments to gain my destination.

The plane had not been designed for stealth. The first reason was that I knew that perfect invisibility was completely in the realm of fantasy. The second was that I had nothing to hide. While I would prefer more time to work in secret, I was advancing beyond a level of easy seclusion. I thus accepted that certain instruments were detecting me.

I did toy with my capabilities with speed. As hoped, I could accelerate rather easily in space, but I found myself covering the lateral distance with the knowledge that I needed to reenter the atmosphere. I thus slowed back down to make my descent.

Other languages than English came over the speaker as I again found blue sky around me. I however ignored them just like I did those from my native land. I wanted to speed up, but knew the limits of my machine. I thus checked my instruments as I hoped no one would seriously consider me a threat.

My technology proved itself as I came close to land. I easily came to a stop, and once below most radar capabilities I moved at my leisure. With feelings of everything going well, I checked my GPS for both my location and that of my destination.

I was told that the man did not have a large property. Honestly, it was a grand parcel of land, but most was taken up by farms and a brewery. I left my plane above some trees, flying by means of Bumble that had been brought just in case the engines of my plane failed. I had paced my journey to hopefully get there as he walked out to pick up his mail, and smiled as I approached seeing him speak to the mailman.

He did not run seeing me descend. I feared that a scene might have occurred from him being frightened of the bulky black suit. He however just stared at me as I landed before him.

“*Could I walk with you back to the house?*” I asked hoping that my German was decent.

“*May I ask what this is about?*”

“*Sure,*” I said undoing a glove so I could hold out a hand, “*I want to marry your daughter.*”

I really could not afford the time. Knowing that I would be missing classes, I however was introduced to his wife, other family members, and even more people as I was brought about the property. We discussed his business, and what I wanted to do with my life.

It was Mrs. Serkovorga that asked me, “*Larry, does Cindy know?*”

“*No. She however needs to return at the end of the semester due to visa problems. I plan on coming over then, and if she doesn’t know by then, I will tell her then.*”

We discussed my relationship with Cindy rather intensely. I did not want to bring out certain things about our time together, but they did somehow get mentioned. Neither parent fussed at me. They had letters from her speaking about the superheroes operating in the city, and both had read up on the Minnow. They were both glad to meet me, see my technology, and ended up approving my relationship with their daughter.

Again it was Mrs. Serkovorga that asked a question, “*Larry, do you want us to tell Cindy?*”

“*No. What I really want is just no problems from you when she tells you. She will learn things, but I would like to surprise her little by little. As she tells you what I tell her, I believe it would help if you did not suddenly need to be convinced of things.*”

They actually surprised me by saying that they understood. Hearing that caused me to relax, and it was then that I asked to use their phone to call Mrs. Lorshein. They agreed, and upon hearing Mrs. Lorshein they surprised me by not needing me to translate, but managed to speak to her in English.

I had stayed longer than planned, but I had already tested certain routines. When I again reached the vacuum of space, I thus had no resistance to accelerating to a speed that I would not have dared on the previous journey. I thus again descended to Earth with a few hours of charge remaining.

There had been a fear that the hanger for my plane would be surrounded by people. My team was there, but that was all. They admitted that while my craft had been tracked, my movements about the mountains before directing my craft vertically had fooled those watching.

We spoke for a good amount of time about the craft. Other tests that could be performed, or repeating some things I did under more controlled conditions, were mentioned. I however pointed out the amount of time that it would take to renew my batteries, and spoke of classes that I would need to attend. Speaking to each other about more successes to come, we all headed home.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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Testing the Future (Both Part of Two)
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