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 No Rest for the Weary - (All Parts of Three)

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PostSubject: No Rest for the Weary - (All Parts of Three)   October 5th 2012, 2:35 pm

A Fight for Recognition
Story Nineteen: Part One
No Rest for the Weary

End of an Era
“Miss Clausen, we have studied the videos of your activities. While we have gained some ideas of how to duplicate your technology, there is no doubt that you have overcome a number of hurdles. We are thus willing to pay you two million dollars and two hundred shares.”

I looked to Brian not for advice, but found myself actually surprised that he stayed quiet in his seat. Not being able to determine what his thoughts were, I looked to Doctor Jackson. He stayed true to his word and also stayed quiet, but he had his level hand quiver letting me know his opinion.

I replied, “What about the twenty thousand?”

The man appeared disappointed that I remembered that part of the negotiation, but shrugged his shoulders before giving an answer. “Yes, and twenty thousand a year as long as we continue to find your technology viable.” He then surprised me. “Honestly, that is a small sum. What we would like is the publicity along with the technology. I am able to offer you an additional half million for your Ballet Slipper equipment. That is a half million for your clothes, the motorbike, and your equipment you used to make your shoes. I believe that is a healthy amount,” he pointed to Doctor Jackson as he added, “and one that you do not have to split with him.” He had not finished talking however. “We would then pay you twenty thousand an appearance as Ballet Slipper. Yes, we could get an actor, but there are a number who would like to meet the real Ballet Slipper – in uniform.”

Thoughts of my mother passed through my mind. I had brought her over to Brian’s house, and there told her about my secret identity. Her eyes told me that she had known, but her voice berated me for risking my life. When I thus told her of the corporation wishing to buy my technology, she told me to sell it all and put that dangerous activity behind me. Thinking of my mother, I gave my answer.

“Yes, I want that detailed in our contract, but I honestly want to say that I believe you will have a hard time getting me to take any of that money.”

“Well, we don’t desire any future lawsuits of you saying that we are using you for our gain. If you show up promoting ‘our’ technology, we want it in writing that we are willing to financially recognize your efforts to develop the technology.”

“Between you and me, I don’t want to be called Break Neck ever again.” I looked to Doctor Jackson, and his smile had me feeling good. “I did well. Not only did I develop this technology, but I have a successful career as a superhero behind me. I better quit while the quitting is good. I will take that extra half million.”

The man stood and held out his hand while saying, “Then I will consider things settled. I will have our lawyers work up the contract. You will then be given time to read them. Miss Clausen, my company has asked that you show up for the signing as Ballet Slipper. The extra twenty thousand will be added to the check with I believe the publicity giving you the proper acclamation for what you have done while letting our stockholders, of which you will then be one, know that our company is looking to a very healthy future.”

Brian stood while saying, “Sherita already has stock in your company.”

I stood and shook the man’s hand while adding, “Which was one of the deciding factors in why I chose your company.”

The man smiled wider as he said, “If you’re a stockholder then it is already ‘our’ company, Miss Clausen. Look forward to your signing. Hopefully, two weeks?”

“I work for a lawyer. If you can get your lawyers to move that fast, I will feel bad if I cannot comply.”

He laughed, then asked, “Thinking of quitting?”

“No. I am too far along. I will get my degree and pass the boards. Might not ever hang up a shingle, but I will at least make certain that I can claim the status.”

“That sounds like someone that has accomplished a lot. I look forward to meeting with you again, Miss Clausen, Mr. Clausen, and Doctor Jackson. Good day to you all.”

We had actually had the meeting at the college, so we left as well. My boss wanted it at his office, but I wanted to assert my own independence. The college was considered a friendly neutral territory, and I stepped out into the light of day feeling that I had done well.

My brother grabbed me while exclaiming, “I am going to have a sister that is a millionaire!”

He was getting ten percent, but I looked at the man getting fifteen. “Do you have any complaints, Professor Nathan?”

“No. I am satisfied.”

I was glad to hear that. Brian and I expected Doctor Jackson to ask for more, especially when it was his overly specific notes and schematics that actually forced the company to accept that we had done serious work on the technology and not just got lucky with some science experiment. I moved from my brother to hug the professor to let him know the depth of my pleasure in associating with him.

We then broke up to go our separate ways. Doctor Jackson headed toward the Physics building. I moved with Brian to a nearby parking lot. As we went to my vehicle, I told him that I would drop him back off at his house.

“No partying?”

“No, as we don’t have the money yet. I also need to start packing everything up.”

He was not silent for half the amount of time I expected. “You’re going out.”

“Hopefully it will be a quiet night. Just would like to talk to a few cops.”

“If you’re hoping for a quiet night, it won’t be.”

“Listen, my shoes and tires won’t last. I promise not to get any more. I might as well have some fun with those that are still working.”

Debts being Paid
I looked up from driving a number of nails to see someone getting out of a car. It took me a moment to recognize him. I was not that good with faces, but I did make it a point to learn those I considered enemies.

Cindy replied to my call that she saw the man, but had to move around to the back of the house. The work was far from done, but it was to the point where my brother felt that I could do it. I was proving him correct, although worked around the lumber to meet the man glad to take a break.

He spoke before I could. “Not the type of technology that I expected to see you active with.”

I shook Bart Silvers hand while saying, “It was basically condemned when I bought it, but I am not going to rebuild. It’s a college house, and will stay a college house. Told Cindy that when this porch gets trashed, I guess that I will sell it.”

He turned to shake hands with my fiancé while saying, “Yes, young lady, how did your finals go?”

She answered, “Wonderful. I now need to return to Germany and go back through the visa process.”

“Well,” Bart Silvers took out a roll of money and peeled off a couple of Ben Franklins to hand to the lady while saying, “treat you and Larry to a fine dinner.”

Cindy took the money, then said, “Thank you for the pizza.”

He turned his attention back to me. “I have to thank Larry for having Miss Clausen contact my company. We have come to an agreement, and should finalize papers in couple of weeks.”

I replied, “Well, I’m proud for her. Break Neck deserves it.”

“Yes, well, that was one thing I heard in the meeting. She said that she did not want to be called Break Neck anymore.”

“Care to make a wager on whether or not she will deserve to still be called that?”

“How about yourself?”

Not the reply that I expected, but I came up with an answer quick enough. “I already hit my thumb with the hammer, so I’m good for the rest of the day. As for my plans, going to the moon might kill me, but not due to a broken neck.”

He politely chuckled at my words before making a kind reply. “You’re going to be a rich man when you make it back, son. So come back alive.”

“Yes, well, if you check with the right people you might find them having wagers on me. A number know that I won’t keep myself from using my technology.”

“I heard that the Minnow was active last night.”

Not the response that I expected to my statement, so I found myself making an honest reply. “Well, I wanted to fly my plane, but I just cannot help people with it like I can with the wings.”

“Sounds like something from somebody with their heart in the right place.”

Cindy said, “My belief as well. Can I get you something, Mr. Silvers?”

“No, thank you, but this was just a friendly business call. I cannot say that Larry and my company will end up doing business, but no need to put us in a bad light. Thank you for your time.”

“Nice meeting you, Mr. Silvers.”

Cindy came over to me to give me a small amount of affection while looking over the work. She had helped me earlier measure and cut the pieces for the edges. If one of the boards was a little difficult about fitting properly, I would call her for what amount of muscle she could provide. Most of the time however a second person would just get in the way, and she was a much better cook. We kissed each other again after I heard her words of approval, then got back to work.


She was pretty, so I had to look while answering, “Yes, Cindy?”

“Are you going out tonight?”

“After working all day on this porch? I doubt my muscles will be able throw me around like I need to as the Minnow.”

I saw that body wiggle in a motion that I really did enjoy. “Oh, so a quiet evening alone?”

“I doubt it. One thing I have learned is that there is no rest for the weary. If Break Neck is doing something causing people to take notice, then everyone will be reevaluating their own schemes. They will then see me with this new porch, and come to check on me just like Mr. Silvers did.”

I saw disgust on her face as she admitted, “I’m not cooking that much.”

“That’s okay. Make a large pitcher of tea. I assume there is beer in the fridge.”

A smile returned to her face as her voice sounded playful, “Father says that you are buying the wrong kind.”

“Yes, well, when I go visit we can work on shipping some of the right kind.”

She kissed me again, then moved around to reenter the house. I did watch her go, but then turned to look at the road as if to catch the next person that would be driving up. Seeing nothing, I returned to my work.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.

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PostSubject: Part Two   October 10th 2012, 2:14 pm

A Fight for Recognition
Story Nineteen: Part Two
No Rest for the Weary

Not Liking being Bored
It just did not seem right for Larry to be out calmly working on building a porch to his house. It being a simple wooden platform did not seem right either. There needed to be some superhero gizmo installed. The Minnow had helped stop a major influx of cheap no-quality pharmaceuticals, so he should have been worried about retaliation from the group that had spent money on the shipment. For someone causing major hurt to the bad guys, and planning a trip to the moon, spending time on simple construction did not seem right at all.

I had been active as Boom, but not really finding any major crimes at all. All the places that I would target should I be a bad guy were fine. Stopped a robbery at a convenience store one evening, but that was as close to any real criminal activity as I got. I had seen some drug exchanges, but stopping those was a waste of time. It would have been great to have been present to prevent the bad medicine from getting into the market, but the Minnow somehow knew to show up. How he knew to be active at a major crime I really wanted to know.

Finally getting up my courage, I decided it was time for me to become a member of the superhero squad. Feeling that I had not been noticed, I went to my car. It was not in good shape, one reason that I usually took the company van, but I could move in it without gaining any attention. The bright painting of the company van declaring the letters and logo of the local television station turned heads. If people noticed my car, it was a sight they quickly forgot. Once I got the engine started, I put it into gear and drove to Larry’s house as if I had not been observing it for the last couple of hours.

Larry rose from his work to meet me as I came around the front of my vehicle. “Hey, Andy. What brings you here?”

The handshake was solid, so I went ahead and said what I came to say. “I want to join the superhero club.”

“Does that mean you are going to help me with the porch?”

“No, that does not mean… Oh, what the hell. What type of help do you need?”

Larry laughed, then said, “None. If I needed help, Cindy would be with me. She is a damn lot better looking than you.” He then pointed, “There is tea over there and beer in fridge.”

I walked up to the porch, made certain that I was correct about no special electronics or mechanics, then asked the question that had been bothering me. “Why aren’t there any gizmos here?”

“Because the only people that would bother me at home are friends or agents for the government or some company. None of those I would want a gizmo to work on – well, maybe the agents, but there are laws. Anyway, they bother me in the physics’ lab.”

Just then a truck pulled up. I did not recognize it, or the black man. Larry however excused himself to go shake his hand as if they were old friends.

“Hey, Brian. There’s beer.”

I became disappointed to see Cindy run from the side of the house to hug the black man. She did not do that for me. However, seeing that everyone else knew the man, I decided to go up and learn who he was.

Larry introduced me, “Brian, this is Andy Bryant. He is a cameraman with our local television news, but he is also Boom. Andy, this is Brian Clausen, the brother of someone you have encountered.”

“Boom, huh?” The black man said. “Sherita don’t like you.”

Not willing to show any fear of the man, I said, “Yeah, well I ain’t no nigger lover, so what your black sister thinks of me is of no concern.”

Brian looked to Larry to ask, “You want me to take this to the street?”

“Hell, yeah. That way I can pull up a chair, drink a beer, and swear to the cops that I saw nothing.”

“White boys. Listen, Larry, Sherita is going out tonight. Sold her stuff, but wants one last round. Can you babysit her? I just got a bad feeling.”

“Damn. Brian, by the time I finish with that porch I will be in no shape to go around as the Minnow.” Brian stayed silent, as he saw Larry grit his teeth and look around. “Okay, I will take out my plane. I have some new routines I want to test, and it does not require the acrobatics of my wings.”

Since my reason for coming was to join the superhero team, I said, “I will go out as well.”

Brian shot back, “As if she needs your problems.”

“Listen, I worked against Ballet Slipper once. I apologized. I am apologizing to you.”

Brian turned back to Larry to say, “I would rather you go out.”

Larry replied, “I’ll be out, but in the plane. Boom wants to go into action, and I believe will be in better shape to go into action.”

I interjected, “And I have a real superpower.”

Brian said to me, “That just means that you ain’t going to get rich and cannot quit. My sister is doing both, and I suspect Larry will as well. Hope you like being a superhero.”

“Yes, well, from what I hear it will be my white superhero butt that goes to the rescue of your black-bitch sister.”

I was ready for the black man to hit me. The look on his face as his fist stopped just a fraction of an inch in front of my face would have been priceless. I was however surprised and had to release tension as the black man asked Larry for a beer.

As Cindy rushed around the house to get him one, Larry said, “You better drink them, because after coming back from Germany I will probably only stock her father’s brew.”

“Is it any good?”

“Different. More flavor, but not exactly what we could consider a beer flavor. You will just have to try one…”

“Of each,” Cindy interjected as she handed a can to the black man.

“Yeah, of each, so you can gripe about it properly.”

Instead of superhero talk, Brian and Larry spoke about the front porch and the house in general. I got bored, so excused myself. Wanting to be ready for going about as a superhero tonight, I went to my house and got some sleep.

Unusual Methods
I had to admit that Cindy had changed things about her mentality that worked to help her be a part of my life. We had originally met as arranged companions to provide the other with an enjoyable night. The young lady enjoyed moving her body, but would also trade jokes. She knew some English when we first met, and I knew some German, but her willingness to smile even after poorly speaking some phrase, or when I poorly spoke some phrase, let me know that she had a good mind. Upon starting classes, I found her committed to learning the material and not simply treating the time at the university as a vacation in America. Now that Cindy realized that she had a superhero as a fiancé, she made adjustments to fit into my patterns of behavior.

Strangely, she no longer complained about the math. When I sat down to go over formulas or electrical diagrams, I found the lady sitting next to me willing to check my work. I had simply accepted her complaints about math as being a part of her personality, but found her to think differently now that she saw what was being accomplished with the equations.

Cindy thought that she could help me with my acrobatics. When I took her out to Mrs. Lorsheins to have her work with the equipment set up at her house, my fiancé realized that she did not have the moves or muscles to perform as I did. We ended up spending the evening entertaining Mrs. Lorshein with various dance steps. Cindy watched the way I moved, then worked on duplicating my actions. In finding the difficulty on the floor to music, she related them to acrobatic stunts I easily performed and worked to keep perfected. She then began working to develop certain parts of her anatomy claiming that she would get into even better shape. I did not complain, but worked to help her simply glad to see her body move.

When I took her out to see my plane, Cindy did not simply wait for me to call her for a period of flying. She took part in the examination of the vehicle. She asked about the values shown on the computer check of the engine. Before I went with Colonel Bennie toward officially gaining a pilot’s license, Cindy had me promise that once she returned to living with me that she could do the same. The retired Air Force officer did not complain, as he saw a proper mentality in the young lady.

I agreed with Cindy that the best part of flying my plane was the initial take-off and landing. In order to try and keep my base of operations from being identified, the leaving and arriving was done low and fast. Agents for various government and corporate entities had been around, but the local people kept silent enjoying the access to a very novel detail of their lives. They knew where the Minnow plane was stored with most even having met me, but stayed silent to gain private time with something they knew would leave once the operation became more renown. A small group of locals would watch as we had the plane perform some maneuvers, and they would stay to watch it rush through the trees as I took it away to have it appear on radar screens as arising from somewhere else.

Upon contact from a tower, I pressed the button to have Mrs. Lorshein’s girlish voice say, “Leave my Minow alone, as he is busy.”

“Roger. Right now air traffic is at a minimum. A couple of helicopters active. Will keep you informed.”

Another button was pressed that played a file that I thought was extremely cute, as Mrs. Lorshein giggled before saying, “Roger Wilco is a janitor.”

Cindy knew that no microphones were active, so could freely speak. “What are we looking for Minnow?”

I was not in uniform, but she knew that I was busy at my superhero duties. “I want to spot Break Neck. Brian said that she should be going out. Look for a single light from a motorcycle.”

The plane was not large enough to absorb shifts in movement, so I noticed that Cindy was active before she asked, “How can I look down?”


While I had my answer sound sarcastic, I followed with words about how to access the various available views. There were a number of cameras about the plane with the connections from them being through wires. I also had two wings secured to the body of the plane whose cameras could be viewed over a wireless connection. I actually had one of those views active on my screen, as it provided infrared data.

I had a position where I could watch the city and the university. Ballet Slipper tended to operate in the city, as she lived in an old suburb nearby. She would only move through the campus when she ranged toward Brian’s shop or otherwise felt the city was too boring. Considering that Brian had told me she wanted to speak to some of the officers, I expected to find her along a usual patrol. I thus focused on the city.

“Minnow, what is that?”

I had no way of knowing, but had Cindy identify the camera. It was hard to make out, so I had Bumble take off to put its infrared camera in a better position. The heat image declared the presence of something like a missile on an arc in the air. Putting some instruments to work, I identified the trajectory as heading toward the city.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Part Three   October 15th 2012, 4:21 pm

A Fight for Recognition
Story Nineteen: Part Three
No Rest for the Weary

War Zone
I had just finished speaking to one set of cops, when some state boys asked me to drop by their position near the interstate. It had been a good night of trading some good words with people that had allowed me to work with them. Luckily, it had been a quiet night, so we freely chatted and took pictures. As I spotted the state cruiser to hopefully have another period of fellowship, I found myself surprised to hear Cindy’s voice break into the police channel.

“BREAK NECK! Wherever you are, get your head down!”

I pulled behind the state car and ducked barely in time to avoid the concussive blast from a building suddenly exploding. The state vehicle suddenly put on its lights. I turned to also take off while listening to the chatter.

“Whoever that was, please state name and location?”

“Location? My location is not important. Flare being launched to mark location of origin, but moving to track the ones carrying the mortar. Uh, they dropped it. Following one of them – hopefully the leader.”

I dropped my motorbike while setting the tires to slide seeing what appeared to be gang members stepping out on the road. Seeing weapons aimed at me, I let my vehicle act as a dangerous thing as well. Not only did I take a few off their feet, but when I hit the curb I did a flip while spinning to have my rear tire body slam one of the bigger men. Landing, I heard some try to send bullets in my direction as I accelerated away.

While attempting to make a decision about my next action, I heard over the police scanner, “Officers, that voice is recognized as coming from the Minnow Plane. Thought our superhero was a man, but definitely not that type of voice.”

“Minnow is a man, but he doesn’t talk.” I believe the police dispatch tried to break back in, but Cindy kept talking. “Uh, plane stopped. Bumble is following man. Trout in route to take out another man reloading the mortar. GOT HIM!”

Now the police dispatch replied, “Identify Bumble and Trout.”

“The wings. Minnow might not be suited up to go into action himself, but he can still use his wings.”

I thought that they would be called fins. Anyway, felt good that no more missiles would be coming my way. I guess the police thought the same, as I suddenly saw a number of cars race toward my position while hearing about more over the scanner.

“Knoxville, this is state vehicle five-nineteen. Have spotted flare and moving into position. Miss Minnow, where is the additional suspect?”

“Have him on infrared. He can run but not hide. Believe that he is moving to a vehicle. Right now mortar is important.”

“Copy. Assume that is position of flare.”

I did have a couple of pieces protecting me from bullets, but nothing major. I depended upon my fast movement to keep me from harm. While the police were moving into position, they had a static style of dealing with opposition. If I thought some bad guys were attempting to get around the protective barriers the officers were using, I would move to challenge their actions and bring their presence to the attention of the good guys. I stayed on the motorbike to have the protection of the mass of metal, as well as continue to hear about the other events over the radio.

“No, as he did move it. There – Minnow sent out additional flare.”

“See it, Miss Minnow. Coming to get mortar. Location of bad guys.”

“What, oh – Minnow says that Eagle is on route. He has another infrared camera, as Bumble continues to follow other suspect. Will try and check for bad guys ahead of your movement.”

Dispatch then broke back into the conversation to ask, “Minnow, Miss Minnow, are you able to switch channels?”

“Should, as military put in this radio.”

“Okay, switch to channel fifty-two. State, go channel fifty-two to work with Minnow. We have two helicopters up to help with situation in city, and will monitor local officers on this channel.”

The police were moving into position, so I found myself not needed. I believe some officers meant to indicate that by their waving at me, but they stayed busy trading bullets with the bad guys with me looking for ways that I could still help. I was about to concede that I was not needed when another superhero dropped onto the scene.

The explosion from Boom at least did not have flames associated with it. I knew from experience that the force from his power did not hurt, although the drop back to the ground did. It thus bothered me to see a number of gang members go airborne as Boom worked at turning their attention from the police or me to him.

Usually I would be told to go home by the officers of the law. I fully suspected such were the intents of certain gestures. The police however called me over asking for some of my tie straps. There was just too many gang members. Whatever they had planned, they picked the wrong night to do it. They found a host of good guys out to disrupt their schemes. I finally just handed an officer the group of yellow ties I had on my person, then told him that I was going home.

It took stopping to say some final words to other policemen along with getting my picture taken a number more times, but I finally managed to leave. I listened to the chatter on the way home glad to be leaving in one piece. It however had been slightly scary, and instead of feeling that I would miss it I instead felt glad to have this part of my life behind me.

Stepping out of the shed, I found myself grabbed and put into a bear hug. My brother kissed me, then simply turned to walk away. Feeling that I knew what happened, I moved up to grab his hand.

“It seems that everyone was out. The bad guys picked the wrong night to try something like that.”

“No, Sherita,” Brian said turning to me. “They picked the right night. I just worried about you, so I contacted the others. I went to Larry’s house and told him. Boom was there as well.”

“Boom? Larry knows Boom?”

“I didn’t know it, but I was introduced. Anyway, I told them to go out. It was your last night, and I was worried about you. It seems that I was right. It also seems that the white boys are good white boys. They kept their promise and were out there. I owe them, but first I wanted you to know that I was worried about you.”

I had to give my brother a kiss before I said, “I will go see Larry tomorrow. Need to thank Cindy, as that was her talking.”

“Yeah, good, then wait for your money and prepare for the next dangerous part of your life.”

Brian continued to keep a serious expression on his face, but I smiled not believing him to actually mean anything serious. “You think dealing with the company will be serious?”

“No, but getting married. You got to start worrying about men wanting your body and your money.”

“I’m studying to become a lawyer and work for a lawyer. I promise you that there will be pre-nups.”

He hugged me again, then turned to walk away as he said, “And I promise you that I am here for you, Sherita. This time however, let me put you on a regular good motorbike.”

“I still want it yellow.”

The Night Is Over
The arrival back at the hanger was quiet. Colonel Bennie was there. I told him that I was surprised that he was alone, as I expected Cindy’s chatter to indentify me. He however commented about everyone calling her ‘Miss Minnow,’ so connections would not be made until tomorrow. We checked the plane while I commented about the ease in handling multiple wings with the software I had installed. After hooking the engines up to recharge, Cindy and I told Colonel Bennie good night before quietly moving to the car and heading home.

We spoke about the events on the ride home. I had to repeat some of the things I heard Cindy say, and she giggled accepting the humor in her words as well. We then listened to the police scanner while commenting about how they spoke.

Cindy told me to drive on when we saw the police cars and news vans on the road before my house. I however simply told her that I had to go on. She turned my head, and since no one was behind me I let her prevent me from driving on at the stop sign.

“Larry, we can go to Mrs. Lorshein’s. We need sleep and they can wait until tomorrow.”

“No, Cindy. There were once police vehicles and new vans when I arrived at Mrs. Lorshien’s. That night my first Cindy died. Stay with me, and be there with me in the morning.”

She nodded, kissed me, then told me to drive. I did. No one stopped me as I moved to my driveway. Upon stepping out, a number finally walked on my yard. Cindy waved as she raced around my car to kiss me then stand at my side as we greeted the media.

The reporters wanted to see my set-up, but I told them I could not do that. I explained the condition of the house, and that it probably could not support a number of people in certain areas. I mentioned that I intentionally did not repair some parts of the structure just to keep the illusion that no superhero could live there. They mentioned barely being able to recognize the arrival of one of my wings. I finally allowed a reporter with a small personal camera to enter the house with me and take a movie of the attic section where the wings hid.

I answered some questions, although quickly reminded them that I had been active, so ready for bed. They asked about scheduling interviews, but I warned them that I was not ready to go fully public. I still had things I wanted to accomplish. While I let them know that I accepted that certain facts were no longer secret, at the moment they would not get full disclosure on things. They asked Cindy some questions, but she only replied that she was my fiancé, so would support any and all of my decisions.

As the news people packed up to leave, Andy came by and asked if he could drop back by. I told him that Cindy left in a few days, so he could stop by after that. He nodded, then went to leave with the reporter for his station.

“I’m alive,” Cindy said as I checked out my porch.

I moved to kiss her, then said, “I’m barely alive. Let us speak of being alive sometime tomorrow.”

She moved her body in her way against mine while saying, “No, tomorrow let us speak of living.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
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No Rest for the Weary - (All Parts of Three)
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