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 Eyes to the Sky (Both Parts of Two)

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PostSubject: Eyes to the Sky (Both Parts of Two)   December 14th 2012, 1:46 pm

A Fight for Recognition
Story Twenty-Four: Part One
Eyes to the Sky

Annette thought it was nice that Peter actually came over to visit. In a way it was a special occasion. Donald had come home from work speaking of everyone at work talking about a coming event. Annette thought of sitting with her husband and watching the broadcast, but fear of him bringing in others from work had her invite Peter. She had purchased a large new television, so a couple of young men came over with only one having a wife. A couple of ladies in the apartment complex came to Annette's and Donald's room to watch the event, so she did feel that Peter would find himself out of place.

It helped that he did not mention any connection to the superhero on the screen. Annette remembered her one time of meeting the Minnow, although did not consider the occasion as actually working with him. She knew that Peter was associated with another superhero, but Wisdom of the Ages had never come across as someone who worked to prevent crime. While the information Peter supplied did come from the man, Annette knew that she was the one that actually dealt with the criminals. She however stayed quiet about any personal superhero action, as she did not want to disturb her happy home with such talk.

Annette quickly grabbed two more beers and rushed into the living room hearing statements of approval and surprise as Larry’s voice came over the speaker, “And for all you conspiracy theory people, I hate to tell you but the Eagle did land. There it is. Either that or I brought all this stuff with me, and set it up along with stomping around in simulated boots before the broadcast. I know that I cannot kill a conspiracy, so might as well join it.”

While the others spoke about the visuals, Annette thought about her single meeting with the Minnow. She had possessed him thinking that he truly had superpowers. He did have a strong, athletic body, but nothing like those in the comic books. She saw the visuals while still attempting to imagine how he controlled his flying craft.

Larry’s voice continued, “Let me say again that my method of maneuvering does not have a strong wash. It is a special type of ion engine using some particles we physicists are still attempting to classify. That does mean that a stream of elemental matters is being ejected, although I would claim nothing worse than what the sun projects at this location during the lunar day. Still, I am not near the historic site, but taking these shots with zoom lenses. The closest approach will be at least a hundred yards away.”

Peter came next to her to say, “That is something, isn’t it? I remember the first lunar landing. Back then there was talk of our children growing up to live on the moon. Now, it might actually become a reality for children.”

Annette turned to redirect her voice, then whispered, “Can you have children?”

“I guess. I keep hoping that things with Ages will allow me to settle with a lady. It has not yet happened however.”

“I went to the doctor, and he said that everything was fine. I still think that my activities as Possession is preventing me from getting pregnant.”

“Listen, Ages told me to tell you that if your time as Possession has not disrupted your monthly cycles then it probably is not stopping your pregnancies either. He cannot see the future or things paranormal like: ghosts, decisions of deities, or medical knowledge. He does know stuff however, and he tells you to relax, because having a child…”

Annette interjected, “Children.”

“Children – will disrupt your life more than a little time as an insubstantial being.”

Her husband called for Annette to bring some more dip. Dutifully, she moved to get the bowl, then went to the kitchen area to refill it. Coming back from setting the container of dip back down, she saw Peter watching her.

He asked her, “Aren’t you interested in what is being done on the television? Larry’s technology is much more advanced than what brought the first astronauts there. The astronauts accomplished a goal, but Larry is presenting a viable method of space travel.”

“Yes, it’s good, but I wish so much money and effort was spent here on Earth. Jamie Martin was abducted two days ago, and I don’t think any real effort is being made to find her.”

It troubled Annette upon hearing of the loss of the girl. She had been taken on the other side of town, but she lived across the street. That caused Annette to fell responsible for getting the girl back.

Peter replied, “Oh, yes. Ages left me a message saying that he feels he has pinpointed the place and time. Tonight, after I return, he will sift through the record of time and probably have an answer for you after Donald leaves for work.”

“Good. According to Jamie’s parents, there have been a number of abductions lately.”

“Yes. If they cannot get drugs and stuff in, the crime syndicates are seeing if they can get stuff out.”

“Not one of my own.”

Peter nodded as if he empathized. “Yes. If they knew which section of town Jamie was from, they probably would not have taken her. Still, they did, and Ages will finish his work tonight, so I will be by in the morning.”

Donald walked by actually getting his own bottles of beer from the refrigerator, but stopped next to Annette to ask, “What great opportunity are you and Peter discussing?”

The lady really did not want to tell her husband the real answer. It hurt her that Donald had learned enough that it targeted him by certain people. She thus had since worked to watch what she told him. When it came to protecting her community, her husband had top priority. She thus thought quickly about what she would tell him.

“We need to get Peter a wife, Donald.”

“Well, yeah!” While those words came out strong, the next statement came out in a soft and slow manner. “I, uh, don’t go bar hopping anymore, Annette.”

Confessions like that had her feel the bond with her husband was still strong, but she knew that neither of them were without their past. “Let me find out what type of lady Peter might like, and we might take him out one evening.”

“All right! That’s my wife.”

Instead of speaking his own agreement, Annette noticed that Peter worked to turn things instead toward business. “Yes, but I might keep her busy tomorrow.”

“I don’t what more we need? We need a bigger apartment, but that takes a larger monthly income.”

“Have to stay in the game.”

“I understand. Still, I agree with Annette that we need to get you married. It will help keep people from talking.”

Peter then turned the conversation to what was going on with Larry and the moon. Annettte went back to playing the dutiful wife as Donald spoke of the event basically being over. Larry had proven his technology and was now heading back with some more rocks. He had not only gained visual evidence of the Apollo 11 lunar module landing, but found a Russian probe. Annette listened as the conversation turned to how the event could change their own lives.

Once everyone left, she allowed Donald to show his appreciation of how the evening had gone. He however spoke of the house no longer needing to look great, and of him wanting something other than beer or snacks. Annette definitely wanted what her husband desired to give her, and gave in to his advances hoping for something substantial to develop.

She was attempting to clean the house while also preparing her husband’s breakfast when a knock came to the door. Doing multiple things at once, she was glad to see Donald come from the bedroom to open the door. It surprised them both to see Peter, although Annette looked at her preparations for breakfast thinking that she could make a plate for another man.

After speaking to Donald, Peter advanced to say, “Annette, we need to leave now.”

Donald replied, “Oh, come on. I know some yard sales start early, but the sun is not even up yet.”

“Yes, this is unusual, but it is something Annette had been asking me about.”

Annette quickly put down some things while saying, “Yes, it is just about staying in the game. Also, I would want something special for my parents.”

It surprised her to hear her husband completely accept that excuse. “Oh, yeah. It is about time that we tried to make amends.” He moved to kiss her, then added, “Go on. Don’t make this a habit however.”

“Oh, no, Donald. I don’t want this to be a habit at all.”

“Good. Okay, I can finish up and make it to work. Love you, Annette.”

“I love you too, Donald. Things are good for us, and I swear that they will only get better.”

Annette had not prepared herself for going out in public, so she had to have Peter wait while she did what she felt was necessary. Part of that was also gaining the gauze that helped assure that those that saw her when an apparition would think of a ghost. Luckily, the fabric was so sheer that it easily fit in a section of a large purse. Thus, it did not take her too long before she finished her preparations, then told her husband farewell before going with Peter.

Getting into his car, she saw a notepad on the seat. Picking it up, she saw the handwriting of Ages detailing a lot of facts. It hurt her to learn that another child had been abducted last night, but sat down and buckled up realizing that the event allowed for a complete tracking of the kidnappers.

While driving, Peter said, “I really don’t know what to do except get you close. I believe that I can get you near the hanger.”

Annette leaned back her seat, then moved to the back seat while opening her purse. “Do what you can.”

“Listen, Annette, you do good work. It’s nice, and it’s clean. I am glad to work with you. Same with Ages, I’m sure. There are however children at risk here, but don’t lose your cool.”

“I want children, Peter. I promise not to hurt them.”

“But you will want to hurt the bad guys, Annette. When bullets fly, innocents die. Keep your cool.”

Annette had to pause upon those words. Sometimes Peter had sayings that made him sound old. While Ages could clearly be understood to be ancient, Peter just did not have that aura most of the time. Annette however had to say that the man had wisely known what to say, and she stopped to focus on his words while promising herself not to be the cause of a child being hurt.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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Number of posts : 1316
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PostSubject: Part Two   December 19th 2012, 1:23 pm

A Fight for Recognition
Story Twenty-Four: Part Two
Eyes to the Sky

Annette had flown in a plane when young. She had good memories of the trip, so wondered if the bad guys were using the enticement of being in the air to lure the children. Peter however spoke of criminals beginning to realize that that there were other superheroes in town, so paying attention to things happening out of place that might be due to covert actions of the good guys. He thus calmly drove behind a truck, and told Annette to move into a certain hanger in front of which an airplane was being prepared for battle when the vehicle in front of him almost came to a stop due to another truck coming from a side street that seemed about to run the stop sign.

She had used her powers enough that she calmly moved through the sides of the car, sifted through the hurricane fence, and passed through the mostly aluminum walls of the hanger. Understanding that she could be seen, however faint, Annette kept herself low and moved around what carts, vehicles, tables, and whatever else was present. She had to pause not hearing the sound of children, and look around wondering if she was in the right place.

Everything that was being done seemed normal. It was not a big plane, but neither was it a private craft. Annette figured that it could be heading to Memphis, Atlanta, or one of the hubs in a relatively nearby larger city. The markings on the plane matched those Ages had written down, so Annette tried to study the activity around the plane looking for something that might not be normal.

The lady that came from the cargo compartment was dressed as the other workers, but did not comport herself as the others that labored about the aircraft. She had a way of moving that stated she was not one of the regular crew. Annette thus not only focused upon the lady, but easily recognized a gesture as meaning something had been handled.

She kept herself low and continued to move using things to prevent a clear view of herself. While there were signs of the coming dawn, most of the area was still lit by powerful beams that was broken by the equipment and vehicles around the plane. Annette actually kept herself to the lighted sides of things, as her spectral presence actually was less revealing in the glare.

It helped that she could fly, as that meant she did not have to use any lift or ramp to get into the hold of the plane. Once in a place near the bottom rear of the plane, she lifted her gaze with the thought to move. Again experience with her powers kept her calm as her body floated up toward the aircraft then through the metal shell.

There was no light, so she could not see. Annette wanted to become solid so she could call to the children, but feared others hearing her or the youngsters. Her insubstantial form also prevented her from knowing if she touched anything, and she found herself a couple of times looking into other areas of the plane. Going back into the darkness, she found her primary useful power to provide the signal that she was in the right place. Her senses recognized a body to possess, but also that the form was comatose. As she tried to figure out what to do, light came on in the compartment with Annette recognizing that the luggage from the passengers would be loaded.

Fearing for the children, she lifted herself up to see people boarding the plane. Understanding that while she was attempting to find the children, the plane had been moved only forced some of the limitations upon her powers. She could not sense some of the normal forces of life. Worried about the plane moving off with the children, Annette took some time to think.

A lady on her cell phone as she moved down the aisle was chosen as a very acceptable target. Annette waited for her to take her seat, then moved along the floor until beneath the woman. Annette then took over the body of the lady and politely spoke to the one whose voice came over the speaker.

“Excuse me, but there are children being abducted. I need to make a phone call.”

She had discussed with Peter her options in such a situation. Not wanting to bring attention to herself or them, they had told her to memorize another number. They had then instructed her on what to say. Glad for the lesson, Annette did as she had been told to act in such a situation.

The voice that answered the phone was feminine, but still very crisp and efficient in tone. “Knoxville Police Department.”

“Yes, officer, there is a situation that will need your response. However, I need for you to contact Sir Soldier and tell him to get in contact with Wisdom of the Ages. From there possible further instructions will come.” Not wanting to sound completely like a crank call, Annette added, “Thank you.”

With that done, Annette considered what needed to be done next. Hearing the phone ring, she released the body to enable the lady to chat with those she loved. Thinking of the children and their desperate situation, Annette thought about how she could prevent things from getting worse.

Realizing that the plane was preparing to move out to the flight line, Annette dropped low and moved along the floor toward the cockpit. Hoping to stay completely unseen, she moved beneath the floor only to find herself in the darkness of the various compartments. She thus lifted herself to move along the floor amidst the feet. Hoping that the cramped space would keep people from looking down, she headed forward.

Realizing that the stewardess was starting the pre-flight speech, Annette sped up as much as possible her movement forward. Coming into the front of the craft, she had to smile realizing that the door was shut and locked. Feeling that she could handle things, she moved to the pilot.

There was a male voice going over some procedures, but she had her body interrupt to say, “Oh, there are abducted children in my baggage compartment. They need to be returned to their families.”

The voice that had been speaking replied, “What’s that?”

Another voice suddenly came over the speaker, “We are already aware of your situation. Stay calm.”

Annette heard the co-pilot questioning her words, but she ignored him to say, “I cannot fly an airplane, but that is good, as I cannot have the children being taken.”

“It is all right. Your plane was being directed to an unused flight line. You need to let the pilot continue doing his job.”

“I’m scared that he is part of the abductors.”

“Listen, Commander Richter has a long distinguished career. I thus do not believe that he is culpable. Still, trust us that he would be –“

Annette did not hear more, as a fist came to the side of her face knocking her headset off the head. She wondered how the co-pilot had been able to do that, as she felt her body almost trapped in the padding of the seat. As the other man reached for a gun, Annette focused on using her power.

The captain looked to her with fear in his eyes. Annette probably felt that his emotions were justified. Hoping that she could do the right thing, she continued to hold the gun while giving orders.

“They said you had a distinguished career. They said that you probably are not a bad guy. This guy is. I thus have him, but you need to take charge of the plane and do what they tell you to do.”

The man grabbed his headset and put it back on. Annette realized that her body also had such as she could hear voices wanting to know what was happening. Annette dropped the hand holding the gun hoping to ease the concern of the pilot as he replied.

“Yes, this is Commander Richter. My co-pilot is however acting most strange.”

Annette said, “He is a bad guy. We have to return the children to their families. Do what they tell you.”

A male voice over the headset replied, “Commander Richter, do what your co-pilot is telling you to do. We are going to have you move to an isolated spot where we can take control of the situation.”

The pilot began obeying instructions, but Annette wanted to put him at ease by providing more explanation. “They put the children asleep and loaded them in the luggage compartment. We need to rescue them.”

“Of course. Ah, whoever you are, my co-pilot was saying that he was looking forward to his first child.”

“I don’t have children. I want them, but I am scared that what I am prevents me from having them. I would like to stop, but the bad guys keep coming.”

The pilot gave a proper crisp response to some instructions, then spoke again to the one holding the gun. “If you are right – if there are children being abducted, you are doing a good thing. There are many that have disabilities, but still have a complete life by doing what they can for others. You should be proud of yourself.”

Annette could not help but say, “I really would like children.”

“They are a blessing, but you are blessing others. I would hate to lose any of my children. I do not even like seeing them sick. Returning the children to their parents is actually a very good thing. You should be proud that you are able to make it happen.”

“I am, but I want children of my own. When I do, nobody better not ever take them.”

“I will say the same, but I cannot put the conviction behind it that you can.” He obeyed the instructions to power it down, and Annette heard the faint sounds of sirens as the pilot said, “Thank you.”

She handed the gun to the pilot while saying, “This man is not a good man. He attacked you. I will be around, but I want to assure that no one else – Is Sir Soldier there?”

The voice over the headset said, “He is on his way.”

“Get him here! I don’t want the children hurt! I trust Sir Soldier.”

There was some confusion, but then a female voice came over the headset. “Possession, will you trust me? This is Ballet Slipper. I was about to head to a plane to go to Europe. I planned on doing some sight-seeing before Larry’s wedding. I can go out to the plane. Sir Soldier will be here in a while, but we do need to move to the children.”

“Yes, okay. I will be watching.”

Annette moved down through the plane, then watched through the mist of the early morning light fog as a swarm of police and federal agents took charge of the airplane and all on board. There was a concern that the forces that arrived were the bad guys prepared in case something went wrong with their plan. She did not know how she would deal with such a great number of armed and dangerous people, but waited ready to take action. Sherita and Sir Soldier being present helped ease Annette’s concern however, and when the children were found in a group of coats she left no longer worried about them.

She moved to the parking lot wondering how she would get home. Seeing a match flare before lighting a cigarette however caught her attention even in the early morning light. Moving to Peter, she saw him only take one long pull, then drop the object to the ground before getting into his car. Annette moved through the door, and settled on the back seat before again becoming solid.

She put away the gauze over her clothes, then during a straight section relatively free from traffic she moved to the front seat. As if nothing special had happened, she flipped down the visor and used the mirror to check her makeup. Peter saw the activity next to him, and directed his car through the traffic while suggesting a destination.

“You told your husband that you would be checking on something for your parents. There is an estate sale today, and Ages left me a note to pay for whatever you decide upon.”

Annette felt that her work with him had supplied enough benefits, so said, “There is no need. I still have money taken from drug peddlers.”

“No, Annette, you did a good thing. There is a reward. Let me pay for it, but let me get a receipt as well.” As if understanding that her thoughts were elsewhere, he added, “It will help keep the pressure off Donald.”

That fact did help ease her mind, and she had to admit, “And we do need to start speaking with our parents. Our years of doing drugs and other stupid things should be over, so we should be able to do more than simply improve our lives.”

“If you do have children, it will help.”

“Do you think that I will ever have children of my own? The bad guys do keep coming.”

“Ages has me move, because we manage to resolve things around us. Your part of the city is fine, and the bad guys are learning to avoid it. However, protecting it should become the responsibility of all the people. If your neighbors are not willing to help you, Annette, you might need to find new neighbors.”

She nodded while saying, “Yes. My parents will want us to move to a better neighborhood, but Donald is just not making enough yet.” Not wanting Peter to think she was denying his words, she added, “But he is working hard. He should be getting promotions.”

“He has to look to the future, and so do you. At the moment, things are as they are, but never think that you will stay.” As if he needed to support his words, he added, “Those are words from Ages.”

“Then to the estate sale.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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Eyes to the Sky (Both Parts of Two)
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