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 Going Somewhere (Every Part of Three)

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PostSubject: Going Somewhere (Every Part of Three)   January 28th 2013, 3:01 pm

A Fight for Recognition
Story Twenty-Eight: Part One
Going Somewhere

Life on board the carrier was boring for some, but I found a place that I had been hoping to reach for a long time. Working with the other superheroes as a team made me feel that I was living in the moment. We did not have a name, as we never could decide upon one. I liked the name KKs for Knoxville Knockers. Sherita did not like the reference to the KKK, which I understood, but I still liked it. She however said that she could tolerate the name K-Team, and others basically agreed with groans. Neither she nor Larry would use it, as they kept promoting their own company. Those in the military did start using K-Team to refer to us, but even Abe did not use it in any public report. I however did like the fact that I was one of the important people, and stayed active to support that conclusion.

It helped that I was not the only one working. Larry and Sherita continued to go into costume and use their technology. There were others working with the equipment, but those two were like professional skaters at an ice rink. While almost everyone there knew how to skate, and might consider themselves good skaters, seeing the professional skaters perform could cause all to feel inferior. Part of the problem was that one could get hurt doing the things with their technology. Larry and Sherita had worked enough with their devices that they could perform safely, but the others were often having to sit out nursing bruises and some serious injuries. Larry and Sherita thus worked understanding that they could go into action again, so I did not feel alone as I went to my own assignments.

Working with the military actually had me feel good. I had never really tested my superpower. Some stunts had been pulled as I learned that I truly had unique capabilities, but nothing that could be called an actual tests. Wanting to know what I could do as much as the military, I allowed themselves to set up experiments in order to rate my ability to perform.

Even I felt impressed as a very heavy piece of metal fell to the deck of a battleship. They had flown me over to test the power of my ability against some major weaponry. I had some ability at a distance, but nothing that could be called actual telekinesis. I could not lift a feather on one table and move it to another. Fire a bullet at me, and I could stop it. I could handled the shots from a machine gun, as the bullets came moments after each other. I started letting some through when the third piece of artillery was added. All those bullets at such a high rate of speed taxed my ability to think. I could handle up to five regular machine guns, but the military did not use regular weapons. Against a single attacker, I however was handling everything even the military threw at me. I smiled as a projectile from one of their big guns dented the deck instead of soaring past me.

While panting, I said, “That was rough. I guess momentum is an issue, as I could not just stop it. It took some concentration to stop that bad boy.”

“Very good, Boom! Now, take on Sergeant Adams as we have the gun fire again.”

I swear the guy they put as my director was homosexual. When I made a comment about a lady, he just let it pass. I understood the non-fraternizing rule, but words of appreciating for what one saw surely were allowed. I however could not help but let the guy know that I did consider girls different than men.

“No, as I don’t want to hurt her.”

“Boom, your opponents are not just men.”

“Them, I don’t care about. I care about my men, and definitely my ladies, in uniform.”

She approached while saying, “I can take it, Boom.”

Sergeant Adams found herself on the ground as I said, “No; you can’t.”

Captain Sokolei barked out, “Now, do that as you stop a missile as well!”

“No!,” I shot back. “I have been in situations like that. I cannot think, but must be reactive. There is already nothing gentle about my powers, but you put stress upon me and I just meet force with force.”

“How about Corporal Wallace?”

I nodded while saying, “Sorry about what I am about to do to you.”

Sergeant Adams said, “Sexist!”


I believe it was her short manly cut to her head that had me say that, but I really was just spouting off words. She turned to look at me with me having no problem in glaring back at her. I however could only smile with her words in response.

“There is no more ‘Don’t ask; don’t tell.’”

“There are still normal basic survival instincts, and those that are not reproducing are not contributing to the continuation of the species. Go away, as I would prefer speaking to those who care about our future.”

Captain Sokolei barked, “That was uncalled for, Boom!”

It seemed that he was homosexual, and had called out his homosexual friends. He should have known that I would spoil his party. My eyes turned to Corporal Wallace and I signaled for him to approach.

Both Corporal Wallace and Sergeant Adams pulled pistols as the big gun sounded. The man almost had his hand torn off as his pistol shot off one way. The lady pulled her pistol in front of her, and her flak jacket saved her from injury although she again ended up on the ground. Both were lucky in that they were not under the projectile as it added another dent to the deck.

I turned to Captain Sokolei and said, “I hope that you are happy now.”

The glare from him was priceless as he asked, “What if they had been your companions?”

“My companions would not have been attacking me. I have worked with the other superheroes. I even claim them as friends. What you had those two homosexual lackeys do came a far cry from what my real superhero companions would do.”

“Okay, dismissed. Go wash up.”

I said, “I don’t trust the showers on this vessel,” then propelled myself up and toward the carrier.

Once on board the ship, I went to my cabin to take a shower. The military, or somebody, had duplicates of my uniform made. I remembered someone taking my measurements, but honestly thought they were assuring some particulars for disguises to pass through foreign lands. On my bed were however a couple of duplicates of my costume. Even my mask had been duplicated. Everything looked better. Instead of a modified welder’s mask, I actually had something that fit my face with etchings of what I believe to be puffs of smoke. My boots were not just brown cowboy boots, but had a red flame design that helped them match the rest of my outfit. I quickly took a shower, then put on one of the outfits just to check how it fit.

Rather pleased with how things were going, I went to find my other superheroes and face any reprimand for how I treated the homosexual soldiers. They were in a office to the side of our bay. Sherita had on her shoes and was doing type of slow gliding dance enjoying herself more than demonstrating for a few soldiers watching her. Larry had a video connection with Professor Nathan, although I saw both referencing a global map and not a long mathematical equation. I moved to take a seat near Ages in order to hopefully learn how things were going.

Professor Nathan said, “Listen, the carnage was rather gruesome. Once they lost trust with each other, the attacks came fast and it seems that they feared not completely assuring each other were dead. You can almost tell those that Possession killed, because they were clean kills.”

Sherita asked, “She is a marksman?”

Ages supplied the answer, “She has rather good hand/eye coordination, even with other people’s hands and eyes.”

Wanting to assure my understanding of the situation, I asked, “These Chinstoppohs attacked Knoxville?”

Sherita gave the reply, “And the wrong part of Knoxville, possibly thinking Possession left with the rest of us. Well, she didn’t.”

Larry supplied more information. “Ages says that we need to make a strike in return – quick and effective, to let the Chinstoppohs know that we are aware and determined to stop them.”

I had to say, “Stoppoh the Stoppohs – sounds good. When do we move?”

“Well, that is what we were doing – attempting to determine where to strike.”

Professor Nathan said, “But it won’t be you guys, but the military. You are still not where you need to be.”

“If they struck at Knoxville, especially in Possession’s part of time, it was a strike against us superheroes.”

The voice of someone in the military came over a speaker without any video of who it was. “You superheroes, except for Major DeStran, are civilians. While I do not want to speak against your capabilities, it is our duty in the military to respond to international threats.”

I was not the only one who spoke a derogatory opinion of whatever plan or squad would go up against the Chinstoppohs on their own ground. Further, the action would surely arouse international attention with the media playing up the bad. To counter the media point of view, it was said that Abe needed to make a report giving a positive spin to the plans. They really did not need me to act as cameraman, but Abe and I did spend time together, so they felt he would be in a better mood with me working with him. I still had a negative opinion of what was going down, but I knew that Abe and I were good at doing fluff pieces.

With video from our home station and the military, Abe and I put together a basic report that actually said little. No one wanted to supply any information to the Chinstoppohs, but a clear message to the people that the attack would not be ignored did need to be presented. Feeling that we had met the necessary guidelines, Abe and I went to get approval before transmitting it.

“Uh, Boom, Sir – a moment of your time, please.”

The interior of the ship had a constant movement of soldiers. Every available section of the ship was used for multiple purposes. There was thus a constant flow of soldiers varying in rate depending upon the time or drill. Having a soldier passing by was thus not unusual. Having one stop for a comment or handshake was not either. Actually having one speak with some indication of actually having business however was odd.

“What do you need?”

“We can get you there, and would like to have you with us.”

It was Abe that returned, “Where are you talking about?”

“To the action. We need Mr. Kert, as he is the only one really able to use his technology. Boom can fly as well, and actually has a gift that could be useful.”

“Where he goes, I go.”

“Then come with us.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.

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PostSubject: Part Two   February 2nd 2013, 4:50 pm

A Fight for Recognition
Story Twenty-Eight: Part Two
Going Somewhere

I expected to have a soldier inform me that there had been a change of plans with Abe after I came out in my improved Boom costume. Abe however was waiting for me sitting in a chair next to a small table upon which was my camera. He smiled as I grabbed the device, then rose to step outside with me and follow the soldiers.

Even Abe groaned upon realizing that we were being brought to our hanger eight. Entering the space, our spirits improved upon seeing things much different. Now, a plane was present with soldiers and equipment. We entered hanger eight realizing that things would be different.

Larry came over to softly say, “I want both of you keeping a positive attitude. Hopefully, this will work, but even if it doesn’t, don’t put any blame on us.”

Abe asked, “You think this is going to go wrong?”

“Yes, just because the military quickly forgets that every war we fight is different than the last one.”

I guess because we considered him one of us, Major DeStran had gotten close enough to hear, and responded, “Okay, but we need something to compare our mistakes against.”

Larry kept his focus on me as he replied, “Yes, but let the military make the mistakes.”

I said in return, “You know what I can do.”

“Yes, but the trick is knowing what we are going up against. I will accept that they have chosen a proper target, but the range of attacks from the Chinstoppohs has gone from mafia style machinegun threats to high-tech lasers. I thus want to say that the military is coming in too strong or soft.”

Major DeStran said, “I would hope that we are erring on the side of too strong.”

Larry did not appear pleased with that statement, but looked to me to say, “Boom, I am going to get into my costume. When we arrive, we need to work with Ages and determine what really needs to be done. If the military is acting properly, we let them gain the glory. If Ages mentions something else, we might act on our own.”

I had to ask, “Larry, they let you have your costume?”

“It was made for me. It has been a tough fit for others. The military have made their own. It won’t stop bullets too well, but the crap the military regularly goes up against probably wouldn’t be stopped anyway. I had the luxury of choosing my targets, and I usually avoided firefights.”

“Cool, so I could actually go into action with the original Minnow.”

“I thought you had.”

That response had come back quickly. I thus had to think about what I planned on saying. It was not hard, although I found myself worried about what he would say in return.

“Well, I mean, no sooner did I join the super group than you guys are disbanding.”

“We were never a super group, Boom. Sherita and I came to know each other, and Sir Soldier figured out who I was, but there was never any super group. I acted for a few years solo, and never sought public attention or others to join my cause. When Ballet Slipper started her career, she did not make a plea to me to join forces. When we found ourselves on the same mission, we helped each other, but just as associates.”

Hoping for some understanding, I said, “Well, we’re a super group now.”

“No, we’re not. As soon as some of these other men get comfortable in my technology, they will get to go into action besides me with my blessing. Same with Sherita. Honestly, I feel that copying our superhero actions is rather risky. That plane is a lot safer, but like a motorbike it is not as versatile. Anyway, whatever. I put in my time, made my mark. Have fun, Boom. If you ever need a break, a drink, or something else, always feel free to look me up. We might not be a super group, but I hope we can consider each other friends.”

I really hated myself for it, but I could not help but say, “Super friends?”

“Yep, I’m getting out of this superhero biz.”

Nearby soldiers laughed. Larry did as well, but I was glad to see that he did not move away. He stayed with me and continued to provide mumbled comments as we listened to the official briefing. On the ride he mostly spoke with others: soldiers, Professor Nathan, and scientists with only the soldiers actually being present. I however got to sit next to him and listen in on the conversations. They wanted speed, even while admitting the advantages that his technology did provide. Larry could speak in a technical fashion, but he mostly spoke of the concepts in a light manner that had me laughing at times.

Having his computer active to handle the conversations, I saw that other programs were active as well. That was all that I could really tell, as he did not check them to enable me to actually look at their screens. He however reacted when one icon began flashing. He spoke to those he was conversing with while doing things I could tell were to enable them to see the computer panels as well.

“We have someone attempting to scan us.”

The military voices as well as the leader of our mission on the plane all asked about what he was speaking. Larry played with some panels that appeared to me as if checking background radiation. How he could identify things from the graphs and strange text I could not say, but I had to accept that he was getting the information to answer their questions.

He opened up a program that I recognized as being basic map. It however was not just a simple graphic, but I saw a vertical and horizontal line along with text stating access with the GPS. Once our position was verified, data from the other program was pulled that adjusted another set of horizontal and vertical lines. Once these became stable on the screen, Larry yelled to Sir Soldier that we had found a new target.

“Are you sure?” Major DeStran yelled back.

“It’s out here in the water. No national security or political problem. A lot more available for what we might decide needs to be done.”

He unbuckled himself, then moved to where he could look at what Larry had to be seen. He asked a couple of basic questions just to assure that he understood at what he was looking. Major DeStran then provided some information of his own.

“We are flying rather high right now.”

“I don’t know about Boom, but my equipment has been to the Moon. The height doesn’t bother me. Have the pilot slow down while I fully suit up.”

I knew to speak about my own situation. “Losing consciousness for me is not good.”

Major DeStran replied, “We can get you oxygen.”

Larry added, “And you can hook on to Eagle. It might not be comfortable, but it will be a slow secure descent until you feel comfortable.”

A nearby soldier asked, “Do they know you are coming?”

“They know we are here, as they did send a blast of various radiations at us. Kinda like an electromagnetic sonar. They might have suspected that we would not notice, but I doubt it when they register the plane as changing its flight speed.”

Our mission leader then said, “Then we need to show our hand.”

Things began to happen quickly. Larry began securing some straps to his uniform while a simple hook was strapped to one of my arms. There was an actual buckle, as they pointed out that it would not pull loose. There was nothing fancy or clever about the device, and I was told that there was no requirement for me to return with it. I quickly made certain that there was enough clearance with the rod underneath the larger wing to easily remove the hook, then looked to Larry seeing if he was ready for action.

Before putting in his mouth piece, he looked to me, although spoke loud enough for others to hear. “Considering this is the group that sponsored our laser people, I suspect some type of laser gizmo here – probably larger and more powerful. I don’t see what they might have figured out that no one else has, but no reason not to take any piece of paper that has notes in order to possibly find out.”

Major DeStran added, “But none of us are considered expendable, so we all come back. Don’t get yourself hurt.”

I honestly did not care what my country thought of my value, but I was determined to come back. While I agreed with finding out all we could about our opponents, I would not put saving the data above my own life. The soldiers around me might have committed their lives to the cause, but as a civilian and superhero I expected to survive. My country might write me off, but I would first write off whoever these bad guys were.

I heard words that we would have air support. Larry and I both had headsets in our uniform, but they reminded me that I could talk, which put me in a command position. Neither one of us had masks that allowed for a display of emotions, but I could tell by the manner that he headed to the door that he thought himself better off not being able to speak. I spoke words in return about my position on my responsibilities.

“The only reason that I will be talking will be to brag, or tell your guys how to get out of my way.”

Major DeStran proved that he knew me by laughing before saying, “Both will be acceptable, Boom. Good luck.”

Larry gave me a thumbs up, then had one hand tap a wrist. I knew the signal to hook myself to the wing. After doing the act, I gave him a thumb up to let him know that I was ready.

While I had hooked up due to others worrying about me, I found myself concerned for Larry who free-falled. My wing descended at a steady rate, which could have just been its programming without conscious control. Seeing the smaller wing do rolls around Minnow however let me know that he was still active.

The boat might have once been an yacht. It did not have the solid hull of a military vessel. The boat however did have a number of gadgets on its deck. I clearly could tell that it was not being used solely as a recreational vehicle.

There were armed men on the deck. As I considered unhooking myself, I saw Minnow have his small wing come under him. He only stayed on top for a moment, then did a flip to catch the bar on the underside. They descended in a smooth arc that had him in position to kick one of our adversaries over the railing. I smiled behind my mask, then unhooked myself ready to tackle the armed men and others on board myself.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Part Three   February 7th 2013, 4:11 pm

A Fight for Recognition
Story Twenty-Eight: Part Three
Going Somewhere

The hardest part about falling was judging where you would land. It is the old trick of attempting to drop a clothespin through the top of a milk jug. Line of sight just did not seem to be enough to manage the simple feat. Add in the factors of wind, air resistance, a moving target, and it could be very difficult coming down where you intended.

Minnow had the maneuverability of his wings. He also had a costume designed to take impacts. I thus appreciated his antics to keep the focus of the bad guys on him. They were quick to pull weapons, but Minnow used his ability to maneuver to have those on the boat look for him and not for me.

My problem coming down was that I really did not know what to do. Kicking butt was really my only option. I thus directed myself to where a number of those on the boat had congregated, and did a blast to stop my descent while sending them flying. I felt that it was a proper entrance.

The location made it easy for me to not be concerned with killing anyone. I saw no signs of sharks in the water as I came down, so had no reservations about sending people over the railing. Considering that those who worked on the water should know how to operate in the water, I did not think of my actions as being deadly.

I appreciated the fact that my headset stayed silent as I dealt with my opponents. Considering that my life was on the line, I was in no mood to listen to the opinions of others. Those firing guns at me were sent flying. Those who felt that they could use kung-fu or whatever on me were also sent to do some water katas. It was not until I had a position of relative safety that I heard a voice in my ear.

“Okay, Boom, we have you on a drone. Have you noticed anything special in your opposition?”

“No. Regular goons to me. Feel like I am in some low-budget film with bad guys from the local gym or whatever it is where those martial arts people practice.”

“Well, we’re –“

I saw the beam streak out from what appeared to be a regular gun turret for high caliber projectiles. While the main barrel did not look special, the amount of equipment on the gun itself was unusual. With the thought that I could easily disrupt the workings, I sent myself toward the weapon. Other guns fired at me as I did however, so I had to consider my objectives.

The Chinstoppohs were not stopping me. While there were some large guns around me, the bad guys only carried regular arms on their person. Due to the amount of instruments, metal railings, and other stuff about, they were unable to get me surrounded and pinned. Having no more than four able to get to me, I easily stopped their bullets and sent those in my way flying off the boat.

Minnow flew upon the base of the barrel. As he used his wings for protection from bullets, he moved his arm as if pointing. I understood to cover him while he dismantled the weapon. What I would do to the mechanics would not be nice, but accepting that we were to bring back information I accepted that Minnow would achieve that objective if I could protect him.

It pained me to admit it, but I found myself grateful for the tests performed by the homosexual instructor. I did find myself being assaulted by both heavy artillery and people. As I moved toward the Minnow, some behind me found themselves with the liberty to get into position on a larger weapon. I did not notice until my senses picked up the object coming into my personal space. That was enough time to react, although not enough to respond with any concern about the results of my actions. There was no way I could claim that I handled the situation any better than during combat training, but at least I could appreciate the simulated situation the homo put me into.

Seeking to buy Minnow the time to do whatever he was attempting, I moved about the large turret locating Chinstoppohs and taking them out. Will not claim that I killed anyone. Once I realized that I had this power, I knew that being the cause of killing someone would put me on the wrong side of the law. While having the reputation of having killed a man provided some good drama for Spiderman, I did not want that in my own life. I did recognize that the military probably would not complain about any of the Chinstoppohs being stoppoh’ed for good, but my media background let me know how others would perceive the deed. Those that were blasted toward the water did not bother me. There was some concern for those that were sent upon bulkheads or into machinery, but I had to admit that I preferred them suffering pain to me. None splattered blood when they fell, so I felt that those viewing any film later would not be able to claim that I attempted to kill anyone.

When a voice sounded in my ear, I was actually glad to take a breather and listen. “Guys, another drone in range. How are you holding up?”

I turned to the laser turret, but did not see Minnow. Moving to look around, I saw a shimmering black arm go up on the other side of the boat. Realizing that he had taken out another laser, I gave the reply.

“Seem to be keeping the advantage.”

“Roger. Have you been keeping count of your opposition?”

Had to be some government stooge wanting me to concern myself with something that was really not important toward meeting our objective. Understanding that my secret identity might have to point a camera at him while Abe listened to his diatribe, I tried to put things into some perspective. Hard to do when I also ran, jumped, and did other things to try and again be near Minnow. I however found myself able to come up with a response that I felt kept matters to those that were important.

“Nope. All I count is how many are annoying me. At present it is less than one. You can count those in the water if you wish.”

“We have bean counters coming. Keep doing what you are doing.”

I suddenly turned as hatches slammed open. Considering how many I had dealt with, it surprised me to see so many still on the boat. Instead of heading toward me or Minnow, they rushed to the life boats. Larry did not need to be told, but grabbed one of his wings and began moving straight up. I also took the hint, and slammed myself into the air.

There was a fear that the stunt had been done to get the two of us in the open. I however believe that the bad guys feared giving us more time with their equipment. They barely had enough time to drop their life boats, and get them moving away into open water before the boat exploded.

I heard the rotors and jets of military aircraft, but did not know if I should head to them. Minnow had his smaller wing do a barrel-roll, which got my attention. I then saw him motioning with his hands to follow him. Trusting him, I headed toward his direction.

It really did not surprise me to see the Minnow Plane soar into our direction. I knew it as only a two-seater, so wondered about it handling both of us. When it stopped for Minnow to climb on board, it did surprise me to see no one piloting the craft.

The wings had points to secure themselves, so there was a seat open for me when I landed on a wing. By the time I was getting comfortable in the back seat, Larry was taking off his cowl. Setting his mouthpiece in a towel, he closed the hatch to secure us inside before speaking.

“Well, done, Boom. Let’s go home and relax.”

“Yes, it was nice causing trouble. Did you get anything useful?”

“I believe so. Expect a long debriefing period. This is an international matter, Boom, so there are some political concerns that we need to take into account.”

I had been in a regular plane. Abe and I had been called upon to interview some important people and events that demanded us be rushed somewhere. I also had a number of months having to man a camera in a helicopter while doing traffic reports. While Larry’s technology operated smoothly, the concerns he had in operating the plane looked nothing like those of a regular plane.

Finally, with the plane moving Larry spoke to me. “For someone who acts as a hot-head, you handle yourself very well in actual situations. I want to say that you are doing well for a newbie, but with your type of power you probably spent a good amount of time developing your skills.”

“Yeah. I believe more people have power like mine, but it takes a certain attitude to realize it and get it to perform on demand. Mother and others that know all speak of wanting me to move objects with my mind, so I found them unimpressed with what I could do. I thought the power was great though, and worked to develop it.”

“So, what is unique is your mentality toward your power.”

“Uh, yeah.”

I guess that he was trying to relate to me as he said, “Might say the same about me. I mean, Mr. Lorshein and I discovered my technology using stuff in a high school science lab. It should have been obvious to those with better equipment. We however could only suppose that the better equipment was made to discriminate against the noise we noticed. I guess that it was our mentality that had us realize that something special was happening.”

“Life is just strange like that.”

“Yes; it is. Now, let us go home and feel good about what we have done.”

Could not argue with that. When he mentioned refreshments in a compartment behind me, I turned hoping to find some beers. Only sodas, but he had some good chips. I thus settled and relaxed.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Re: Going Somewhere (Every Part of Three)   

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Going Somewhere (Every Part of Three)
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