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 Life on the Other Side: cp 2 (Complete)

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PostSubject: Life on the Other Side: cp 2 (Complete)   February 22nd 2013, 6:02 pm

The second Blue Flame novel –
There is a wiki database to reference names, although you can certainly ask me questions as well.

The Other Side of Life
Chapter Two: Part One


The young man turned from his desk to fall to the floor and abase himself. Calliope did not consider it unusual. In fact, she appreciated the act as it showed him to truly have the mentality of one knowing the history of her culture. So much of her native land had changed since she had left it that she found herself wondering if she could come home.

She remembered life as being especially cruel. It took more than just a dedication to the traditions of her culture, but a mentality of being able to overcome. That was her intent so long ago to face Death. She did not want to die, but to face him as an equal and let him know that he would not take her easily. She had instead found herself to become Death. Since that time she had spent time with the dying, and learned that life was hard on all. While she never feared dying, she now wanted to experience its touch in order to learn the one thing she had never found revealed. To do that however, she understood she would have to live through whatever cruelties had been saved for her.

As the man rose to only a kneeling position, he lifted his hands as he spoke as if scared she would beat him. “Most honored lady, I was informed that a question would be asked of you. It is one that men of the degree you requested would desire to know. The question is whether or not you are a virgin.”

Calliope sat in a chair. She had a thick full skirt that provided even more padding making it difficult to stay on the seat, but she would not lower herself to the young man’s level. She had paid for his service, and she would have him consider himself as nothing more than her servant.

“I should not be. The man that seeks my presence had better understand who I am. While I will come to him willing to bear him many children, I am far from an innocent blushing bride. His children will hear stories from worlds unimaginable, and will suffer from a mother that has heard every joke a million times in a million of varieties. If a man is seeking a virgin, he is not seeking me.”

The man abased himself again. He then went into the regular lesson. He asked her about English, but seemed pleased that she wanted to speak the modern version of her language. Calliope noticed that he spoke to her cheerfully, although found him to abase himself again when he finally blurted out some words.

“Why not me?”

Again his arms came up as to shield himself from her wrath. She however was laughing when he looked between his arms. He dropped his head as if accepting a harsh sentence, but Calliope moved to touch him as she spoke in return.

“You? You would want a lady such as me?”

“Yes, honored lady. You are a lady that does not exist wanting a man that does not exist. You sought my father because of his studies. He turned the duty over to me, because I followed his path. I could get a lady to play the part, but she will be a product of our new world. You however are of the ancient ways. You could truly be the wife that even my father never truly had.”

She took the time to look at him. He was honestly rather attractive. Calliope truthfully would have preferred a more active husband, but felt that it would be hard to find one more handsome. She thus spoke kindly to him.

“I will tell you why not you. The answer is simple. It is not you, because I don’t believe that my time is now. Find a wife. Have a son. Teach your son. Have him find a good wife, and make certain that she provides him with a son. Him, your grandson, might be able to have me.”

He chanced lifting his head to look at her, but she saw awe displayed in his features. “Do you truly plan so far ahead?”


“But all that I teach you will also be old by then.”

“But I will be ready. I had life given back to me, and I found myself having to admit that I was not ready. I would have been a woman without references, without family, without any knowledge of how to make it on my own. I cannot be Death forever. I do not want to be Death forever. I returned to life wanting to taste it fully, but realizing that I would barely gain a sip. That scared me, and I returned to this position when given the chance. The next time I will come to you, your son, your grandson, I will be ready to commit to all that life has to offer. I will however be a woman, and for a real life I will need a man. You will be my reference, my family, and my source for knowledge how to relate to the modern world.”

Hope showed on the man’s face as he declared, “I will claim you willingly.”

“Then, in a way, you will have me. Now, we can speak in English for a time.”

“Yes, honored lady, now I will speak in English.”

This time while speaking to him she paid more attention to his face and expressions. She watched the movement of his body. Calliope really had not considered the man as a candidate for her hand. She however wondered about who her eventual spouse would be, and found herself cheerfully recalling memories from centuries before when she did think about the identify of her eventual husband.

She looked at her dress and wondered what the man saw in her. Calliope saw the ancient style, but felt it improper being only shades of black and white. The hair that poured from her head was white. Her skin was white, although some blue from stale blood vessels did show. That was the only color on her. Her eyes were pure pools of white. There was no way that he should be able to look at her and think of her as a real woman.

Twice she had touched him, and each time she knew that he not felt any warmth. How he could think of her as a vibrant alive mother of his children, she did not know. Right now he should see her as something to be feared. While she had not come as someone seeking to remove him from the realm of the living, she still carried that presence. Until her time among the immortals was over, she would not be a creature of color or warmth.

She found herself suffering two shocks at once. One was the normal signal that she had work to do. The other however was the words of the man upon realizing that she would have to go.

“Oh, honored lady, one thing. We believe that we know who you are.”


“Your name. It is not common for us. There however was a calliope brought through this region almost a century ago. Our first thoughts were that you were among a few girl babies that were given your name afterwards as the music was considered enchanting. Your information however puts you as far older, but we believe that we have found you.”

She reached out and grabbed the man’s head as she quickly spoke a reply. “Yes, you speak of this when I return. I know who I am, but I was so young. I do not want my past to be that of Death, but of a real lady. I thus need to verify who I really was.”

The carnage that surrounded her did not spoil her mood. Calliope instead let the joy that she felt inside of her radiate to those that called for her. While her form was now of visage that the locals associated with her position, she did not advance upon them as a horrid final image. She approached each speaking words of hope and blessing that caused those watching the dying wonder at the smiles that became displayed on their faces. A fear that her work would cause those living to wish for death as well did pass through her, but she felt her own desire for life would also radiate to have the majority indeed look beyond the horrors that had been inflicted.

She saw Greg also moving about. He was the representation for Life, so did the opposite of her. While she released creatures from their agony, he worked with them to rise from their torment and return to the struggles of their existences. It was strange how individuals would respond so differently to the same circumstances. While Calliope was friendly to all, she and Greg had their own relationship, and when they came close they shared contact and not just words.

As she went back to work, she spoke over the distance, “Greg, I was told that there are records of my existence. I really do not know more than that, but I will find out the next time that I visit.”

“It is strange how much a couple of centuries can mean. I hope that the documents match your own knowledge.”


He turned and approached as he said, “I don’t know, but you have no way of knowing who kept the records or for what purpose. They will not record what you know, but what they felt needed to be set down.”

“They should still be the facts.”

He was close, and while both of them were in the form of the natives of this planet, he looked at her as if he could see her natural form. “You were how old when you became Death? Thirteen?”

Calliope really did not know what his point was, but would not deny the truth. “Yes. Maybe fourteen.”

“And you are how old now? Fourteen?” She faced him, but did not speak while waiting for him to explain himself. “This is your life, Calliope. Whatever those documents say, it has been clouded with decades, centuries, of life.” He held her as he said, “You will be a great mother, and a fantastic wife, but make sure that you get someone that will listen to you. There is nothing in Peace that records our existence or even the rules that we live by. Your past will not be in those records. There is nothing that will be able to tell anyone who you are, except you. If they have found you, don’t let them certify those documents as being you. What they are going to get in that fourteen year old female body is a woman that has lived for going on three centuries. You will not be that person.”

She did not move from his embrace, but simply whispered, “That boy. I will need to marry that boy.”


“The man that I went to in order to establish myself, he put his son in charge of the duty. The lad had been taught English, as well as knew the modern form of the language. I speak to him. We talk for a time in Mongolian, then in English or Chinese.”

His smile indicated that he thought her words were cute, and Calliope felt that she could have predicted his question. “What do you talk about?”

“I go through my lessons. There are steps to getting married.” She put a serious expression on her face as she added, “If I did speak to him on regular topics, it would actually give the man hope that I did see him as a potential spouse.”

“Then I am glad that you are with me. You will talk to me, and I am trying to record what I can.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Part Two   February 27th 2013, 6:29 pm

The second Blue Flame novel –
There is a wiki database to reference names, although you can certainly ask me questions as well.

The Other Side of Life
Chapter Two: Part Two


Calliope and Greg went back to work. She took her time attempting to have the people truly feel peace before dying. He went to work doing his best to make those that continued to live to have a real chance at survival. Finally, they looked at each other feeling that their work was done.

“We need to speak to War,” Greg said. “This scene is going to be repeated, and I just cannot make it.”

Calliope said, “Come, I will take you home.”

“No. I am going to Peace.” She could not help the strange expression that came to her face as she focused on him while he said, “You know, I have not seen your room.”

“You have a wife. Come on. I will take you to her.”

“No. Nothing against Vefillaya, but I have been coming home, having sex, sleeping, then rushing out again only to come back and repeat. I got to break this routine, Calli. I am going to Peace.”

With the calamity over, he reverted to his true form. Calliope thus could see the dark lines around his eyes. That caused her to be really concerned for him.

Arriving at Peace with him, she pulled him toward his room, but felt him tug in another direction. “Your room, Calli. Really, I haven’t seen it.”

“You have plants and birds, and a dragon in your room, Greg. You have things that need and want your presence.”

“This is Peace. They are fine. Let me see your room.”

She really wanted to argue with him. He however was correct. He had not seen her room. Calliope turned to trudge in that direction wanting to explain things to him. She however felt it just best if he saw for himself. She had no dragon, nothing alive in her room, so simply allowed that he might actually get some rest.

Stepping through the portal of green light, she ran into his back. Calliope did not bother attempting to push him forward. She simply went around him, and began turning back the blankets on her bed. She knew what he was going to say, and simply waited for him to say it. He held his place looking around, then finally said the words.

“Over two hundred years, and nothing?”

The ones that had his room before him were women. He was also the representation of life. His room thus had plants, bright colors, and cute little mementoes. It was men that had once held the status of Death. Her room was black with the only color from bright tassels hanging from weapons. On one wall actually was a classic reaping tool. Similar weapons, although smaller in size were on other walls. Not a room for a lady at all.

“Yes, Greg, these blankets are mine. Made them myself. The silk I went back to purchase.”

She moved to point to a corner where a sturdy wooden desk had been converted into a vanity. Peace was the only place where she could truly get away from her job. Her hair had color. Her eyes were blue. Her body actually had warmth. Even in the sanctuary of Peace, she however felt that he could tell the cosmetics were old.

“I will make myself attractive for you, if you desire.” She felt tears come to her eyes as she said, “It does not matter. When I leave it all goes white.”

He moved close to hold her as he replied, “You are attractive to me, Calli. Don’t feel bad, I haven’t even done that much to my room. We don’t need to be forgotten however. We both need to make our changes.”

“Can I?”


“Can I make myself attractive?”

He sat down on the bed as he said, “You can do whatever you like, Calli. I am honored. I however do not know if I can stay awake.”

“Do you want to have sex?”

“Vefillaya has sex with me when I am like this. I sleep well enough, until I get awakened.”

Memories of his wife, and the period of her attempting to gain Greg as her husband came to Calliope. She actually considered Vefillaya a friend. Love of Greg, and knowing his wife, Calliope felt that she had to put the man to sleep.

He was barely conscious as he cleaned himself. Returning to the bed, she pulled the silk sheets over his comatose body. She then turned to look at her room. Coming to a decision, she moved to the desk and began working on her appearance.

Staring at herself in a mirror, Calliope for the first time in a long while actually saw herself as a fourteen year-old girl. She always thought of herself as a mature lady. She however looked at her reflection and realized just how much life she had to look forward to. The sight did not bring her comfort, but actually scared her.

She left the room and headed to another that she knew well. She looked at the common room surprised that Chisel, Eternity, was not present. He usually was. Shetaile also was one that considered this place home. Sitting on one of the recliners was however the person that she was looking for.

Vabrey was the representative of War. He personified the essence of cosmic struggle. Calliope remembered having a hard time actually understanding what he represented. Like the rest of the immortals, he did not have any instructions about what he could or could not do, or how things should be done. What he said was that he could cause people to see beyond their petty squabbles. Most of the time they felt small, and quit their activities. Sometimes they became inspired to even do greater things. Vabrey would talk about his work, and that gave Calliope the hope that she might gain her and Greg some peace.

He listened, and shared his food with her. Just like everyone else that Calliope ever dealt with, he treated her as an equal. Vabrey did recognize that she was a member of the opposite sex, but made no comment about her age.

“Yeah, Calliope, I will go check it out. I agree that a conflict should not be aggression on the regular people. I am not going to promise how I see the circumstances, but I will check it out and let you know. How is Greg?”

“He is asleep in my room. The man has been worked rather hard lately.”

“Yeah. He is generally there either with you or Shetaile. Some live, some die. If it is the land, it is Shetaile. If it is the people, it is you. In either case, it is Greg. All that work is probably hard on his marriage.”

“No. Vefillaya is a strong lady. Still, he should be able to find rest with her, and not have to hide out here.”

He stopped eating. Calliope watched as he grabbed a mug, then drained it as if it were almost empty. After wiping his mouth, he spoke while rising.

“That is what I was doing. I was attempting to find a place where I could get some sleep away from where my CO could wake me. Two men decided to have an argument however, and I had to move out and give them my opinion on their dispute. I heard someone mimicking my words behind me, turned, grabbed him, then rammed my fist into his mouth. Next thing that you know, I am the personification of War. Not really a bad job.” He reached out to touch her on the shoulder as he said, “I don’t mind doing this. You always have been one of the hardest workers.”

He was turning to leave, but Calliope felt a need to stop him. “Vabrey?” When he turned back to her, she asked, “How old do you think I am? I know that you are not human, but I would still appreciate your answer.”

The representation of war was not human. He would be a centaur, had his body been narrow. His stocky quadraped form actually had him looking like someone that always battled. Calliope however watched his eyes feeling that he could see the truth.

“You’re young, ain’t ya?”

“Yes, I am young.”

“For a girl, that’s good – right? I mean, you will one day make some man a good wife. Bear him lots of kids.”

She rose from where she had been eating with him to answer. “Yes. That is what I want to do – one day.”

He moved back to her with an expression of concern on his face. “So, what bothers you?”

She tapped the side of her head as she replied, “I am not young up here.”

“Calliope, we men never understand you women anyway, but your presence in our life sure is a blessing. You let a man ravish and love your body, and you bear him all those children. He will praise you through eternity no matter what is in your head.”

Those words really did not please her. She did want her husband to consider her attractive. Calliope however wanted him to love her for more than just the sex.

“But, Vabrey, Greg says that all of this should not be lost.”

“It’s not lost, Callope. Anne, the muse of History will assure you of that. It just all goes on to the higher plane. The struggle here continues. We don’t know what we are doing. Your replacement won’t know what he or she is doing. Life goes on. I believe we actually get to exchange notes on the other side. That is what I hope, anyway. I want to sit around with the others that held this position, and get drunk while reminiscing about our mistakes.”

“Don’t you think that it would help if we did know what we were doing?”

“Nope. I believe that it would just make us responsible. That is why most here don’t stay here for long. They begin to figure things out, then make a mistake and find themselves held responsible. You, you keep working. That is why you still have your job.”

“So, all I have to do is quit?”

He stepped back closer to her as he asked, “You not thinking of doing that, are ya?”

“Yes, I am thinking. Nothing more right now, but I am thinking.”

“Yeah, Calliope, I want to talk with you. Let me go do this. Expect me to stay for a while, so I won’t quickly come back with my report. You are really a good Death, and I would like to do what I can to keep you.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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Life on the Other Side: cp 2 (Complete)
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