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 Life on the Other Side - cp 3 (Complete)

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PostSubject: Life on the Other Side - cp 3 (Complete)   March 4th 2013, 4:10 pm

The second Blue Flame novel –
There is a wiki database to reference names, although you can certainly ask me questions as well.

The Other Side of Life
Chapter Three: Part One


Greg arrived at the Apostle truthfully expecting problems. Coming into a hallway from the airlocks of the elevator shaft, he looked at a camera expecting to hear the voice of the captain. Finding things quiet, he began moving to his apartment. Each person he passed he spoke to with an almost false cheerful greeting, as he found himself surprised that no urgent message was brought to him. Truthfully feeling surprised that he had been able to calmly walk the distance, he entered his apartment.

Vefillaya meeting him was not a surprise. She was his wife, and he did enjoy her company. He prolonged the kiss with her, then continued to hold her as he looked over the apartment. Her comment spoke of her willingness to be his wife, although he hoped his arrival this time would have her think of something else.

Her words however spoke of what had been the activity upon his return to their apartment. “Where do you want to do it?”

“Vefillaya, we don’t have to do it.”

He moved his hand to her hair. While it was white, like Calliope’s, he felt a warmth in it. Vefillaya’s world was rather cold. The dark skin helped them absorb the heat and stay warm. The white fine hair helped their heads regulate their temperature. He liked her hair, and as his hand passed through the locks he felt that he could make a statement about it.

“Are you letting it get long?”

She moved him further into the room as she said, “Yes. Maybe a foot longer. I thought that I would try it before cutting it.”

He moved his hand down her back to judge the final length before saying, “Let me know when it becomes a problem to sleep with.”

“I will deal with it. Let me know when you think it is too long.”

He did not make a comment in reply. He turned his attention to her face. She did have eyebrows over the slightly large black pools, but naturally thin and thick. Her race had not evolved from apes, but from a type of bird. While she looked more human than almost any other race in the Suderling Union, it was more due to their two separate ancestral species having to resolve the same environmental problems than having the same type of origins. She let him look at her, although kept easing him into the room.

“You spent time with Calliope.”

It really did not bother him that she knew, but he did try to put the situation in context. “I was just coming home, you doing what you do, then me running off. I told Calliope that I wanted to break the rhythm. I had not seen her room in Peace, so I had her bring me to her room.” He went ahead and moved with his wife to the couch before saying more. “She did with me the same thing that you had been doing, but no one bothered me and I actually got some sleep.”

“Same thing that I had been doing? I am your wife. Greg, it is no problem having sex with you.”

“I am not saying that it is. I just don’t want you to think that you are just here for the sex. You are my wife, and I just want to spend time with you.”

She kissed him, then had her hands move about his body as she replied. “I told you that I do not mind your relationship with Calliope. In fact, in a way I appreciate it. Had I been given to my uncle, I would be the other woman, as he has a wife. Here, I am the wife, and Calliope is the other woman. She is sweet, and I do like her. Of all the woman that I might have competing for you, I really do not mind her presence in your life. It is positive.”

“Thank you. I was not avoiding you. I just needed sleep.”

Vefillaya nodded as if privately admitting that for over a week he had not been able to relax for a full period before having to rush off again, so accepted his words as being true. “You did need sleep. Okay, so what do you want to do?”

“Well, we could watch something.”

As he said that, he turned to the large monitor while stretching out his arms. The one that was behind her then had the hand come down underneath the top of her dress. She looked where a soft part of her anatomy was now held as she asked a question.

“What are you doing?”

“What I never had the chance to do. We did not go through any dating. You were one lady among a number. We spoke. We eventually had sex, then some threesomes with Calliope I believe. But we never simply spent time talking, kissing, getting to know each other, and me doing silly stuff like this just to test my limits with you and slowly learn about your body.”

The expression on her face was of being mystified as she said, “I will get naked and let you do with me what you will.”

“Is that how you court on your world? If you had not had that accident, would you go around naked and let young men look at and touch your body?”

“Uh, no.”

He put his hands to each side of her as he had his face right before her. “I know that I can have sex with you, Vefillaya. I however want a life with you. I want to know that I can just come home and be with you. You need to be aware that you can simply pull me into a room, have me lie down on the couch, and just have me relax next to you while you watch something.”

“It can be put on pause.”

He made a sound of exasperation before saying, “Maybe I would want to watch it.”

“I like having sex with you.”

“You better like it, because I will ever expect you to have sex with me. Still, we are husband and wife, and we can do things besides have sex.”

“We… do… other … You’re right, we had been getting into a certain rhythm. I was not complaining though. I do like the sex.”

He had to stand. She sat and looked at him as he moved his eyes about the room. He scanned the serene appearance of his apartment while being both surprised and slightly worried at how quiet things were. Vefillaya silently watched him, although her face showed relief when he asked a question.

“There is nothing pressing on my schedule?”

“No. The meeting with the Pranashall Consortium is far in the future. It is important, so preparations are staring now, but there is presently no pressing concern. When we come back from your mother’s it might be something to worry about.”

“Then, I have time to simply stay with you?”


He sat down, then looked at a large monitor presently showing only a scenic view of a waterfall that he knew was on her world. “Is there something that you want to watch?”

“No. That is what I do when you are away. I never was one for shows however.”

Greg had his eyes again scan the apartment. He had made the initial designs for the rooms, but he now felt everything had a more natural look. Even though she was from an entirely different world, with an entirely different culture derived from an entirely different history, he could only assume that something in her female mind had enabled her to make the place he called home actually feel like home. He thus turned back to the lady hoping that she could do more of her magic.

“I want you to help me with something. I have an apartment – well, a room – on Peace. I want to change it. Now that I have seen Calliope’s room, how about helping me change it as well?”

They did have sex, but only after a few hours of work. They did have access to an interior decorating program, but it had been pre-loaded with the schematics of the ship along with almost everything that could be desired in the form of accessories. Greg found it rather difficult to get the program to allow him to build a new room from scratch. The effort actually caused a visit from Chief Adrinnik, as he wondered what type of construction his group would have to take on. After hearing what the couple were attempting to do, he gave them a basic lesson in working with the raw program. Greg found the computer work to be as mentally draining as his other tasks, so slowly began to play more and more with his wife. Vefillaya showed no displeasure in his activity, but did try to keep some focus on what was being done on the computer. Only after she could no longer focus on the program either, did they turn their attention to just each other.

He finally felt a call. While it strangely did not seem to have any importance, Greg actually was ready to get back out. After kissing his wife, he moved out of the apartment and back into the universe.

“Greg! Glad to see you!”


Greg found himself wondering if the personification of War had summoned him. The call had been different. Realizing that he probably did have a lot to learn, he listened to the one who represented War.

“Greg, I need you to set off that volcano.”


“Yeah. If I did it, who knows how it would erupt. That means you, Calliope, and probably Shetaile would be summoned with all three of you getting mad at me. I thus decided it best to have you do it.”

Greg looked to the volcano and found himself realizing that it would not erupt for probably a hundred years or so. He however also felt that he could activate the necessary forces to get the magma to move. Not afraid of learning more of his powers, he turned to what source of information that he had.

“I assume that there is a reason.”

Vabrey did have a reason. Greg found it interesting to hear the type of problems that the personification of war had to deal with. He did not have the reactionary duties of Life or Death, but actually needed to travel around and look for his problems. That put him more in control of his life. Greg however knew that Vabrey had to use his powers or fear losing them. After listening to the reason, they discussed the type of eruption and the best direction for the destructive force.

Greg spent time listening to an inner voice that he knew to be the actual essence of his powers. It was much more evident in the early years of him being the representation of Life. Upon gaining the ability to enter Peace, he found himself more in control. The voice was however still there, and as Greg worked to perform the desired stunt he listened to what advice was given.

The blast was strong, but without a thick pyroclastic flow. Most of the result of the eruption was a strong flow of lava toward a little populated section of the land. The volcano had actually worked to shield that part of the land from most rain, so had suffered. Greg felt that now the land would prosper as the results of the eruption would lift it where the air currents could flow better.

The voice of Vabrey said, “Good job, Greg. Thanks. Oh, those people slaughtering all those innocents have been taken care of. It was already in action when I went to check. An army had been gathered to oppose the marauders, so I just needed to adjust some odds. No problem.”

“I noticed that I had time with my wife, Vabrey. It caught me by surprise, and I actually left to answer your summons wondering why I had not been called sooner.” He looked to the strange quadraped, and added, “I did not know that we could summon each other.”

“We come when and where we are needed. If I am the one that needs you, well, you come to me.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Part Two   March 9th 2013, 5:02 pm

The second Blue Flame novel –
There is a wiki database to reference names, although you can certainly ask me questions as well.

The Other Side of Life
Chapter Three: Part Two


After speaking with Vabrey, Greg went to Peace. There were no doors. Only colored lights filled the doorway. Even if the light was black, meaning whoever was inside desired privacy, nothing stopped someone from entering. He thus stepped into Calliope’s room without a problem. He took the large scythe from her wall, then went to his room. After setting the great tool where it would not bother anything, he stripped his bed of its finery. Loaded with the sheets, blankets, pillowcases, and the ornamented pillows, he went home.

Vefillaya was again at the door to greet him, but looked concerned at being handed the items. “You slept with Calliope again?”

“No. I am about to sleep with you. I just want you to look at this stuff. I need the same, but for me. I am surprised that these aren’t blue. I would prefer them blue. Not only is it the color of the Flame, but it is usually considered a masculine color.”

She moved into the room and set the stuff on the couch as she asked, “This is from your room in Peace?”

“Yes. The ones that had my position before me were ladies. Of course, I believe that to be obvious.”

They spoke about the color and designs. They both considered it strange that the decorative pillows had lace. Greg mentioned things about his wife, and the other ladies that had tried to become his wife, that were consistent with ladies back on his world. That caused them to wonder if there was some universal standard for the sexes. After looking at what he brought, they then discussed what he would want.

Finally deciding to retire to their bedroom, Vefillaya went to dispose of the sheets. Greg however moved to stop her. He however looked at what she held, then told her to go ahead. She looked at him strangely, although he did not mind explaining.

“I want a hemmed strip of cloth, probably red, about two feet long. I then want Calliope to write on it, ‘With love to Greg from Calliope.’” Understanding that was probably not enough of an explanation, he added, “I stole the great scythe from her room, and I plan to put that cloth around it before hanging it on my wall. Whoever gets my position after me should then realize something about me.”

“Oh. There aren’t even any pictures?”

“No. If you want to give me some, I will see what happens to them.”

“Okay. I will put these requests in, and have some framed pictures. Oh, and bring a camera so you can bring me back some pictures. Your words are nice, but pictures would be appreciated.”

He nodded, then kissed her while making a certain suggestion about what he would appreciate. She smiled, and promised him that she would gladly fulfill any desire. When he asked her how soon, she mentioned that it was available on demand at any time. Greg kissed her again, then carried the lady into the bedroom.

It was nice being able to have a period of intimacy with his wife while still mentally alert. Instead of simply doing an act, he played with his wife. She laughed at the antics, although kept being worried that her rough skin might hurt him. Greg really did not find it abrasive, but considered his face to be worse with a growth of stubble. He did things to let her know that he was not being hurt, and they ended up tired.

Actually being able to sit down and have a meal with Vefillaya he also considered a welcomed treat. He helped her cook a dish from her world. Greg had spent time identifying certain food items that correlated to things that he knew, so had tried his hand at duplicating dishes from his world. This however was the galaxy of his wife, and she could order things from her world. What she cooked was thus not a simulation, but an actual preparation from her culture, and he enjoyed being with her and sharing things from her life.

As she cleared the dishes from the table, a thought came to him. Greg grabbed the hand of Vefillaya. She looked at him without any display of fear, but merely looked into his eyes wondering at the reason for his action. It took some moments before he clearly understood his actions, although he spoke as soon as he understood why he had acted.

“How old are you?”

“You should know.”

She was correct. In the activities as he choose his wife he received a basic fact sheet about each of the ladies. Age was there, but he ignored the information not really able to associate the number with maturity level. Greg however had not kept the pages, not even the one for his wife.

“I probably do, but tell me.”

“I will be seventeen in a few months.” She then looked him and asked, “How old are you? I don’t remember getting any facts sheet about you. I had to come to you to ask some really basics questions about you when attempting to gain you as a husband, but age was not one of them.”

“Twenty…” it bothered him to think of how many years he spent on Earth researching his alternate personality, “four, but I was also close to seventeen when I became the Flame. Physically, I don’t believe that I aged.”

“It really does not matter though, as you won’t get old. I will though.”

“No. That had nothing to do with why I asked. Your accident. You could not marry because of it, but I realized that you had not even dated.”

“Well, I was showing off for some boys when I had the accident. If they had not called for help, I doubt that I would have survived at all.”

“How is the courting process on your world? Would you have been married by now?”

He helped her clean up while listening to her mention things about life on her planet. The signal for him to go into action did not bother him. While she had not finished speaking, he had heard enough to bring up topics the next time they had time together.

It caught him by surprise not to come out upon a world. In looking around, he further considered it strange to find another immortal nearby that he almost never associated with. Not understanding the reason for his presence, he went to the one he hoped could explain.


To be the representative of Eternity, the figure always appeared better fed and truthfully not that wise. Greg thought that he looked more like a monk from a monastery, more of a Friar Tuck. The way that he spoke however did convey a sense of deeper knowledge.

“Greg. Glad to see you. Do you understand what that rock is over there?”

The fact that speeds were relative in space was made apparent as he moved with Chisel to a position motionless in respect to the huge spinning rock. Greg looked at the mass and felt that he could guess certain things, but contacted the mentality of his immortal personality to be certain. Gaining certain knowledge allowed him to confidently reply.

“It is a piece of what was once a planet thriving with life.”

“Yes. Good. Now, it is going in the wrong direction. Send it that way.”

Greg did not mind, but as he had his alternate mentality check some things he went ahead and asked a question. “You could not do this?”

“Well, consider this a test.”

He did not know that Chisel could do those, but felt that all was well as he related some information provided to him. “Okay, so telling you that it needs to be sent more that way should enable me to pass it.”

“I wasn’t going to send it to that planet.”

“But the life forms here developed under hotter conditions. I doubt that they would develop where you were sending it.”

“You are able to tell that much?”

The question did not sound like one Chisel expected answered. It came out more as a statement of disbelief. Greg found himself wondering exactly how he was being tested while supplying an answer.

“It’s not my knowledge, Chisel. I asked, and that was what I was told.”

“You asked?”

“Yes. That is why I spent those years in research. I was told that the universe was going to change because of me. I feared being responsible, so sought to find a way to prevent what I felt might be universal doom.”


Greg felt that he needed to be the one asking questions as he blandly replied, “Uh, yeah.”

“I don’t know of any other who actually could communicate with their immortal nature. I know that I cannot.”

Greg had not spoken at length to the other immortals. Calliope did not speak of any second mentality, but all she had to do was touch people and give them release. Shetaile however talked about her work in the same manner that he spoke about his, so felt that she also could sense the mentality that actually performed her desired actions. Wondering how much Chisel had spoken to the others, Greg tried to explain some of his own history.

“Well, it was easy before I found myself in Peace. After that, I feel more in charge of the power. The stuff I do is still far outside my general knowledge, so I need guidance. I thus still seek it out for answers.”

“Oh, well, I might need to try that.” Chisel’s voice regained its strength as he said, “Greg you restored Calliope to her position as Death. I might need you to restore me. I sense that I am about to be replaced, and fear that the person that gains my power will actually bring about the destruction of everything.”

Not wanting to support any claim of impending doom, Greg replied, “I felt that way, Chisel, but it ended up just being the universe adjusting to me holding this status. The same might be all that you are sensing.”

“I hope so, Greg. This is not a job for a young man. Eternity takes a much more mature personality. I felt Death coming for me when I did the thing that I felt marked me for this status. While I enjoy being Eternity, there is also the knowledge that losing this position will mean the end of my days. I thus do not believe that you will have the luxury that you had with Calliope. With me there might be more of a matter of time.”

Still wanting to keep the conversation positive, Greg commented, “We had Bo Drell as Death, Chisel. The man thought he could sit back and simply prevent people from dying. How could things get worse than that?”

“I hope neither one of us ever finds out. Move the rock, Greg. That other direction is fine. And thanks.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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Life on the Other Side - cp 3 (Complete)
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