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 Life on the Other Side:cp5 (All here)

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PostSubject: Life on the Other Side:cp5 (All here)   March 19th 2013, 5:57 pm

The second Blue Flame novel –
There is a wiki database to reference names, although you can certainly ask me questions as well.

The Other Side of Life
Chapter Five: Part One


“Greg, it is nice seeing you about the ship.”

It was Ambassador Hubrinostry that said that. I doubted very highly that his presence was an accident. He did not bother me however, but I adjusted my pace to join him as I kept walking.

“Yes, I was being kept rather busy for a time. Things seem to have settled down for the moment. I hope that it is a long moment.”

“The Pranashall Consortium is very much wanting your presence and oversight.” I guess that he read my expression, because he added, “If you could at least step in a few times, it would be enough.”

“Well, I am going to Captain Negallin to assure one arrangement will be set for me. I was warned about something else, but the timing of immortals is never dependable.”

He did ask, but I signaled to Ambassador Hubrinostry that he would just have to wait until we reached the bridge. There were other things for the two of us to talk about. He brought up the topic of my wife mentioning costumes, and said those of the Pranashall Consortium did find a suggestion of masked balls to be entertaining. When the type of creatures were so diverse, it was hard to find a common theme that would be appreciated by all. Ambassador Hubrinostry told me to speak his thanks to my wife, and I assured him that I would. He then seemed relieved to find that we had reached the bridge.

The large amoeba-like form of the ship’s captain seemed pleased for a break in his routine as he said, “Ambassador Greg, Ambassador Hubrinostry, the two most distinguished men aboard this vessel, what brings you here?”

I replied, “Purely business for me, and purely curiosity for Hubrinostry.”

The senior ambassador politely chuckled as he admitted, “That is true.”

The captain tried to jump ahead of any chatter by saying, “Greg, if you are checking on the requested shuttle, please be relieved to know that is a minor item that you may claim at any time.”

I did not mind explaining to the senior ambassador, so easily spoke when he looked to me. “I am going to take my wife to meet my mother. That is why Vefillaya was thinking of costumes. The occasion is what we call Halloween, and strange costumes are normal. Vefillaya should thus not be considered out-of-place in looking non-human. I however cannot leave her planetside. Should I have to leave, I want a place for her to safely stay.”

Captain Negallin said, “Take one of the larger shuttles, Greg. That way you can leave your mother with you wife. Let the two have some time together.”

Seeing Ambassador Hubrinostry nod in a manner that I had learned meant he was satisfied, I mentioned my other item of business. “Captain Negallin, I am concerned about what our emperor might be up to. I was told that a situation could be coming that will bring imminent doom to the universe. Due to a number of other things that are happening, our emperor attempting to use what knowledge he has of us immortals seems to be one possibility for the warning.”

I could tell that both the captain and senior ambassador were rather displeased that I spoke this openly. I however felt that the matter had to be as public as possible. When Chisel said something, I did take it to heart. I thus wanted more eyes than just mine attempting to prevent catastrophe.

It was Ambassador Hubrinostry that asked the question, “Greg, are you certain?”

“Listen, I liked the emperor. He seemed all right, and Calliope knew something about him that made him even more respected to me. I thus do not believe that he is evil or anything, but he does seek power. That is the reason that I am here. He wants my power available. He however has no control over me, so I have to assume that he will try and gain a more reliable source of power.”

“But imminent doom?”

“Listen, I am not saying that the emperor or anyone on his staff is cackling with maniacal laughter. I am just saying that they would play with things that they don’t fully understand. All that I am just asking is for any information of that sort, and I understand that it might come in all the time, be relayed to me.”

Captain Negallin wisely spoke before the senior ambassador could try another qualification on what I said. “Of course, I will try to pay more attention to certain rumors, and relay them to you.”

“Listen, I know well that this is a big universe. I am constantly interacting with creatures that have no connection whatsoever with my galaxy or yours. The warning was specifically spoken to me however, so I am considering that there could be a connection.”

Ambassdor Hubrinostry did ask, “Who exactly told you?”

“I won’t say. The situation brings up more questions, and that is not a conversation for either of you. I did tell Calliope, and will probably ask some things of the other immortals.”

Captain Negallin asked, “Will you tell us afterwards?”

“Deal. I just hope that we are laughing when I do, and not tending to wounds.”

We were speaking about other things when I turned to see Calliope next to me. She asked me if I had a camera. I mentioned that I did, and had already taken some pictures of my room, so I fully expected it to work. She then told me that she would be in her room waiting. Ambassador Hubrinostry looked at me strangely, but Captain Negallin proved again that he had senses uncommon for mortals.

“What are you to take a picture of?”

I explained to the senior ambassador before answering the question. “Calliope just arrived. She wants me to take a picture of her, as she really is. That can only be done on Peace.”

The captain supplied the other piece of information. “Yes, she has no color in her present form. Quite pale. She was much more warm when a guest on my ship.”

“Yes. She is working to assure that when her status as Death is taken away from her again, that she will be ready to resume her life. She thus wants a picture of herself. If you gentlemen will excuse me.”

They did, and I made my exit of the bridge and then the ship. I entered Peace, went to my room to get the camera, then moved to Calliope’s room. I saw all the weapons removed from the wall. The blankets from her bed now hung as loose tapestries behind her bed with the pillows placed over the mattress. I checked the distance for the best view while Calliope finished preparing herself.

She did appear very young. I knew her age, but never really focused upon it. She had always been my superior. Even when Calliope lost her status as Death, I considered her a close friend who was every bit the equal of me. Only as I considered losing her to another did I realize her age, as I had to consider that she might want someone younger than me.

After agreeing with which images were worth using, she handed me a business card with the instructions to bring at least three copies to that person. I would do anything she asked, but did consider the request strange. I thus did ask her if she was certain. She held my hands while assuring me that it was her desire.

“I am using this man for my training. He is my reference, my family, for when I am again a mortal. I however want him to know that I will not be alone. I want him to know that there are others who will do things for me. None of my family might be alive, but I do want it known that I have been living and associating with others who lived.” She moved to kiss me, then added, “I will be a young girl, Greg. I might need to depend on you.”

“You better know that I won’t forget you. You will be in trouble then as well.” She looked at me strangely, so I smiled as I said, “I am already gaining experience with seeing someone I love grow old. The sight of you aging will also be painful to me, but I will have the knowledge of the love, the trials, that you are going through. I don’t care how wrinkled and gnarled your aged body is, I will still love you.”

We would have had sex right there, but we both felt a signal to be somewhere. I moved a hand to touch an earring, as if to ask if she was going to remove the adornments. She reminded me that it did not matter how she looked, but that she would appear in the proper apparition for the culture. Accepting that our jobs as immortals came first, we left Peace together.

Since we got the signal at the same time, I expected that Calliope and I would head to the same place. I however found myself on a smoking hill beside a great ocean. A pool of stagnant water had managed to form up the height. I could only assume that odds had managed to create a relatively stable pool where the evaporating liquid from the inner heat was matched by splashes from far below and the occasional storm. I sensed what I was supposed to do, but had no experience in doing it. Finding myself alone, I sought answers from my alternate personality.

Bringing into existence completely new life was an experience. I did not simply watch. I felt the manipulations of thought, and mentally did what was necessary while my persona did the work. Just as with the rock that Chisel had me move, I had the sense that I could make certain decisions. In the grand scheme of time, they would have little meaning, but I still sensed that I could determine some aspects of how life would progress. After the experience, I felt drained and elated, although also sad that I would not be there to truly help. It would be ages before any chance of the organisms developing into something that I could talk with, yet I knew that I had centuries at the most of holding my office. Wondering exactly what life would be like beyond the wall of death, I looked at the new cells and wished them the best.

I returned to my apartment to see a number of ladies. I knew them all, as they were the wives of the other ambassadors. Ambassador Feding was in attendance, being female. While Vefillaya rushed to me, I moved to assure that I was not interrupting. I saw that they were working on decorating ideas for the coming meeting. I kissed my wife and told her that I would be fine.

“Are you going to sleep?” she asked.

“Oh, yes, as I am quite drained. Still, I did something different, so I will need to spend time simply going over the steps.”

It was Ambassador Feding that asked, “Different? Did you gain a new power?”

“I don’t gain new powers. That is like asking if I gained new authority over this vessel. I am in control. I will admit that I am still learning my duties, and how to best work with all the more experienced personnel on board, but I have as much authority as I can have. I brought into being a new life form, and that was something really unique.”

“A new life? Where?”

I answered in a manner that should have clearly stated that I expected her to already know the answer. “I have no way of knowing. It does not matter, in that there will be billions of years before the life form has developed into anything grand.”

“But, Greg, I did not know that you were capable of that.”

“Capable? It happens somehow. The fact that I am the agent is nice, and it was a grand experience, but it has worn me out. If you ladies will excuse me, I am going to retire. Vefillaya, enjoy your social.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.

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PostSubject: Part Two   March 24th 2013, 12:35 pm

The second Blue Flame novel –
There is a wiki database to reference names, although you can certainly ask me questions as well.

The Other Side of Life
Chapter Five: Part Two


I woke up to find my wife beside me. That was only unusual because it was normally the other way around. I really did not want to wake her, but I did enjoy her body. She claimed that her skin was abrasive. It did not feel that way at all to me. It was scaly with a multitude of tiny bumps like those on some lizards, but not at all like that of a shark. I did assume that it could get irritating if it dried out, but Vefillaya put enough lotion on it that my hand would almost glide across the surface. Her private area was interesting, in that a number of scales grew out over a furry area of skin. She had to open up to give access, but like her skin the plates were not harmful. The females of her race did get raped. I saw the scales move as my wife ran her hands down my back.

“If you want me, I am yours.”

“You are mine whether I want you or not, and I was doing with you what I wanted. I like your body.” I moved to kiss her as I said, “I love you. I love your body. I do not have to just have sex with you, although expect it to happen.”

“I want it to happen.”

I played with her some more. By the time I actually joined with her I had her quivering. I really was not one for mind games, but I did not want sex to be a simple act done when alone together. The only problem with such tactics was that generally by the time I entered I would be as eager as her, so the experience was not that grand. I however found myself able to stay on the proper train of thought, so by the time it was over we were both satisfied.

We spoke mostly about the coming visit to my mother. The social with the ladies had resolved a number of considerations about events during the gathering of the leaders of the Pranashall Consortium. With them also agreeing to costume balls, Vefillaya had designed some costumes for the two of us. With me a member of the staff, I had to stay recognizable. She thus felt that the simple alterations to my normal clothes would fit the requirements of Halloween as well as keep us easily able to socialize with my parent.

At the end, I found myself faced with the usual female question. “Will she like me?”

“She will love you. Yes, there are some things that she won’t like, but they are just as much my problem as yours.” I saw my wife glare at me, so I held out my hand and counted on my fingers. “You cannot get pregnant. You cannot produce any grandchildren. You cannot become a mother. Let me see, you cannot produce any grandchildren, and, ah, you cannot produce any grandchildren.” I smiled at having listed the five things.

There were a number of responses. I thus kept the grin on my face while waiting for what Vefillaya would say. She moved to refill her cup of tea before saying anything.

“As you said, that is as much your problem as mine.”

That was the proper response, so I calmly replied, “I did not tell my mother about the Flame. She thus is probably going to be hit rather strong with all the information. I have been in contact with her, and have tried to drop some facts, so hopefully no extreme scene will occur.” Seeing my wife calmly sit back down, I continued to try and keep her feeling at ease. “Your family knew about me. Your brother knew to send you to me. Your brother then came with his family after you gained the position of my wife. Your uncle, who was supposed to have access to all those charms that you so willingly give to me, also sent gifts. My mother has been completely left in the dark, so any trouble from her will be mostly simply due to her having to deal with the information. Give her time, Vefillaya, and you will find that she will love you.”

“Does she know about Calliope?”

Not the question that I expected, but it was not one that removed the smile from my face. “No, she does not know about Calliope.”


“I would have had the same problems with Calliope that I have with you. Truthfully, you are a lot safer bringing to my mother than Calliope.”

“Oh, yeah.” She went silent for a moment, then calmly said, “I don’t think my brother would have sent me if you were the personification of Death.”


Now she smiled. “Really.”

I was glad for the expression. While it was comforting to see, I wanted Vefillaya to understand that I enjoyed simply sitting and speaking to her. She was not a sexual toy, but someone that I wanted to share my life with. I thus replied in a manner I hoped would keep her talking and showing me expressions of how her mind treated certain statements.

“There would be no difference. I would still be among the immortals. We could still not have kids.”

The smile left, but I could tell that her inner personality had calmed down. “I am worried about the meeting, Greg. I agree that it needs to occur. I am thus willing to do what is necessary. I am still worried however.”

“Well, let me say that I often see you worrying about things I would not even consider a concern. I however have come to accept that your perception is much clearer than mine at times. You should thus trust that I will do everything I can to resolve any problems that you present to me. As for the journey itself, it would be best for both of us if it happens than if something occurs that makes us postpone it.”

“You are right. That is the difference between Calliope and me. She can dream about a future of having children, but her childhood innocence is long in the past. I cannot have children, but I still clearly have my dreams of being a wife and a mother. I also remember my mother. She was very much a part of my brother’s dating life. I thus accept that your mother would want to meet me.”

Those words brought me relief, so I kept my smile as I decided how I was going to use my time. “Good. Now, unless you have something else, I am going to check on things about the ship.”

“Oh, I saw the camera and processed the pictures. I almost did not recognize Calliope. A couple did show her as having some of the poise that I associate with her, but most of them had her appearing as a young girl.”

“Yes, and I believe those are the pictures she wants to use. Three and Seven are the ones she wants. She asked for two of each.”

“Could I print out one?”

I had similar thoughts, but decided to play another mind game with my wife. “You have spent time with her. Do you believe that she would refuse the request?”


“Good. Have one made for my desk in my office as well.”

I saw her smile as she nodded, so felt that I had handled things properly. Hoping that could continue to work my charm on others, I kissed Vefillaya then left to move about the ship. I was the prime official on board, so felt that there were a number of things that I needed to handle than just my wife.

Nobody bothered me as I moved through the corridors. Truthfully, though, the apartment that I was going to was not that far off. Unless somebody was just waiting outside my door, and it did happen at times, they could not have caught me.

The lady that opened the door looked a lot like the one that I had come to meet. I almost suspected that if she undressed I would almost not be able to see any difference between her and her husband. With her clothes on however, I easily identified her. She had no problem recognizing me.

“Greg, come in. I will get Hubrinostry for you.”

“Well, Cliddestra, I am here because I saw you with the other ladies discussing things for the coming gathering. All that I planned to discuss with your husband was whether any of your plans had bothered him. You could however probably tell me yourself.”

A voice sounded from a distance behind the lady. “Yes, Greg, she could, but her resolutions would probably bother me as well. Come on in, and we can hopefully gain a satisfactory meeting of the minds.”

I did enter the apartment. It was the same basic layout as mine, but much more elaborately decorated. The couple were larger than me, but they had left themselves little room to move about. Vefillaya and I could dance in our living room easily. I watched my every step as I moved behind the lady.

Ambassador Hubrinostry asked, “How much of the plans did your wife tell you, Greg?”

“None, not that I asked. I had other things to discuss with her.”

Cliddestra said, “Your wife told us that you had been working hard lately.”

“Yes, on a number of things. I have something else that I am supposed to do right now for Calliope. I can do that on my next trip as the Flame. Since I have time here, I felt that I needed to handle some matters about the ship. You were on the top of the agenda.”

Hubrinostry replied, ‘That is good, as the Pranashall Consortium is an important part of the Suderling Union. While these meetings usually do not amount to much, we cannot afford to let them break down.”

Cliddestra asked, “How much do you tell your wife, Greg?”

I nodded to my fellow ambassador even as I spoke to his wife. “Nothing, everything. The problem with my situation is that I don’t know what is understandable. I don’t refuse to tell Vefillaya anything, and probably speak things around her that she does not need to hear, but she is my wife.”

“She is very guarded about any information concerning you.”

“Well, if I am uncertain, she is probably more so. What you will not hear from me is anything bad about her.”

Hubrinostry interjected, “And that is good. I know the demands this job places on me, and it has caused some conflict between me and Cliddestra.”

“Well, our problems are not anything like that. They are, but our relationship is not like one you and your wife probably had. Vefillaya became my wife from a plan by the emperor to keep me in the Suderling Union. We did not date. There was no period of us courting each other. She came into my life with a certain understanding. Our problem, my problem, is actually attempting to get Vefillaya to realize that she can be my wife. Keeping me happy can be a more complex set of actions than it presently is.”

“Ah,” Clidedestra said, “she just wants to have sex with you.”

I was trying to not make that so apparent, but I went ahead and admitted defeat. “Yes.”

“She is young. You are young. Enjoy it.”

“Oh, I am, but it was annoying to come home, have sex, sleep, rush out as the Flame, then come back to repeat. I don’t want sex, or any part of our life to get monotonous.”

The lady showed that she was quite comfortable with the topic as she said, “Well, there are a number of positions.”

“When I come home mentally drained from my duties, it is hard to keep myself erect, much less the contortions of some positions.”

She turned to her husband to say, “There is no problem, Hubrinostry. They are learning of each other. It will take time, but I sense no problem.”

He looked to me as he said, “I trust my wife. The same goes with her designs for the coming celebration. They will, of course, be sent for your approval.”

I nodded and smiled as I replied, “And I will sign them if my wife tells me to.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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Life on the Other Side:cp5 (All here)
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