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 Life on the Other Side: cp6 (Both Parts)

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PostSubject: Life on the Other Side: cp6 (Both Parts)   March 29th 2013, 2:30 pm

The second Blue Flame novel –
There is a wiki database to reference names, although you can certainly ask me questions as well.

The Other Side of Life
Chapter Six: Part One


“Ah, Calliope, come here darling.”

I did not recognize her. She was old and lying on a number of hides, then covered by many more. Necklaces of shells covered the sides of her pillow. Plates of polished stone were set on poles behind the bed. The lady was obviously very much respected. I looked around at the number of people kneeling in the room, and in looking at one young lady I knew in whose presence I had come.

“Denidroe. I hope that you have had a happy life.”

“And you, Calliope, have you now accepted your place among the real immortals?”

The people looked up with many having expressions of wanting to see what the elder lady saw. Some cupped their ears hoping to hear what she heard. I discarded the apparition of my duty accepting that I could face this lady as I was.

“No. I have lost my taste for this job. I lost my place as well, but found myself without any security should I return home. A chance came for me to return to this position, and I took it. I however am now studying with someone from my homeland to assure that next time I can go home.” I looked around to say, “I would like this.”

“I, who was Life, have surely returned to find it in a different way. These around me are all blessings, but I helped so much more as one of the immortals. If I had regained the office, I would not ever have wanted to leave it.”

“There is a man who now holds your office. The ladies that replaced you did not last long. I don’t know what happened, but the last one lost her place rather mysteriously. Greg did not gain the status of Life in the usual manner, but he is working out wonderfully.”

She straightened out some of the covers on a spot on the side of the bed as she said, “Come here, Calliope. Let us talk for a time.”

I stayed standing. “I came because I was called, Denidroe. Vabrey, you should remember him.”

“Yes, the quadraped. He had the personality for War I thought. Nice as could be, if you handled his style of speech and behavior.”

“Yes, well I spoke with him while sharing a meal. The new Life, Greg, he is concerned because there are no records of us who served. He feels that so much knowledge has been lost. Vabrey however said that it was supposed to be lost. Our innocence was a blessing, because if we knew what we were doing then we could be held responsible. He said that once he dies he plans on getting drunk while speaking to the previous ones that were War and speaking of each other’s mistakes.”

I heard in her laughter the sound of her dying. While a smile played on her face, I could tell that she was in pain. She however patted the side of the bed and again told me to come sit with her. All in the room gasped when the bed did react to my presence.

“I have so much family,” Denidroe said while waving her hands to the host around her, “that my friends are not allowed in. You however have a place here, and I do consider you a friend. I am glad to have you here, Calliope.”

“It is nice having friends.” I really did not know what to talk about. “Oh, Denidroe, do you know anything about the dragon in your room?”

“Eddie? You told me that his name was Eddie, Calliope.”

“That is right. It was Bezilny that told me. That dragon must be extremely old.”

“I never could figure out how it got there. I always felt that it was one of those Jubridors transformed, but I never could prove it.”

I smiled thinking to tell Greg that idea. She was correct that we could not bring anyone to Peace. Some of the men had tried, but found that when they held anything living that the path to Peace could not be found. Greg however might have the mind to actually discover a method.

“Chisel has mentioned to the one that now holds your position that he is scared of someone taking his place.”

“No. He is one of the real immortals. Chisel held that office before you, Calliope, and now represents it. He cannot be replaced. You are the same, Calliope. The universe is blessed with you as Death.”

I looked to the room and almost wept as I said, “I want this, Denidroe. I want this so badly.”

“Oh, it is something, isn’t it? I am not going to say that I am not proud of them all. I am so ready to leave it however. It has been a hard life, and I am so tired. Calliope, I did call you, but I also want you to know that I missed you. I am glad to have a friend at my side.”

“I thank you, Denidroe. I however want the years to pass and for me to have this moment. As Death I am doomed to stay on this side, and I know nothing of what you have coming.”

“You tell Vabrey that the longer he holds office, the longer he has to drink himself drunk while speaking with the others. The same with you, Calliope. The longer you hold your position, the more you will have to take with you to the other side. This great family around me is something to be proud of, but I know many foolish ladies who left with the same, if not more. My memories, my stories, my life, is what makes me strong in facing the unknown. I lost my position as Life, but I realize now what I gave up. You have a similar blessing, Calliope. You share all these intimate final moments with people. There is so much to you. Giving it up for all the petty concerns of children, men, and the daily problems of life does not rate in comparison to what I had and what you still have.”

I heard her words, but they did not sink in. I could not deny their truth. I however felt that her words matched her personality, and not mine.

“We who are immortal are not superior. What you have here is truly what the great creator considers important. I feel the desire to return to this plane of existence, gain a husband, and do what is necessary to hopefully have all this around me.”

“Will you hug me, Calliope?”

Tears came to my eyes as I said, “If I hug you, you will die.”

“Is there a better way to go?”

“No. I am glad to see you go in this manner, Denidroe. Thank you for claiming me to be your friend.”

I did hug her. I cried as I felt the life go from her body. Family could not see or hear me, but they saw that the elderly lady had her arms wrapped about someone. Letting them have time with the venerable remains, I fled to Peace, to my room, and wailed to release my sorrow.

Finally composing myself, I left for the common room. Chisel was not there. I saw Zithiny. He really was not considered one of the active agents, but he did usually stay out in the universe and not about Peace. Prastus was also present. I looked to both as I found myself unable to determine the location of Chisel.

I went ahead and asked my question before the two could ask me. I saw them both look confused as they also could not answer. Finally, I guess out of frustration, Prastus blurted a simple response to my question.

“I guess that he is busy, Calliope.”

“Well, I can certainly be found when about my business. You can as well.”

Zithiny might have been attempting to change the subject, although he could have read the expression on my face. “You look troubled, Calliope.”

“I just sat with Denidroe. She called me a friend. She also said something else about me, and included Chisel. I thus want to talk to him about what she said.”

Both men knew Denidroe. Prastus had not been immortal for long, but he had gained his position in the later years of her. Truthfully, three ladies had served as Life between Denidroe and Greg, but the number of years had not been that many. Both men asked about her. I told them about the size of the family around her, and said that due to their number she only had me as a friend in her final moments. Those words almost caused me to begin crying again, so I left.

I cannot say that I knew where I was going. Greg speaks of flying about the universe. Zithiny does as well. I do not fly. I travel by unknown paths that have no correlation to the distances between worlds. I simply rushed through cosmic corridors attempting to find my way to Chisel.

“You want me, Calliope?”

How I ended up in deep space I cannot say, but I ignored my surroundings as I faced the one that was Eternity. “Yes, I want you. Why couldn’t I find you? I can find anyone else. What makes your life so private?”

“Worry, Calliope. Privacy is something we can all claim, but we must be careful. I however knew that I was being summoned, so I came.”

“I sat with Denidroe. She said that you were a real immortal and that I was as well. I told her that I did not want to be. She had so much family around her. I looked and thought her extremely blessed. I told her that I wanted what she had, but she told me to stay as Death.”

“She was a good Life. I hope that you gave her a peaceful end.”

I could not hold myself from crying as I said, “She wanted me to hug her. I did, but she had all this family around her. I don’t want this life, Chisel, I want what she had.”

He moved to hold me. There were few that I would allow the privilege, but Chisel was one. I had known him for a very long time. He also had an older personality that I felt that I could trust. I thus held him and sobbed.

He still held me, but as my crying began to stop he spoke. “Well, I do like my place as Eternity. I hope that I am indeed able to carry this office for the rest of the days of this physical realm. Right now I am concerned that I will lose it however – and I really would hate to prove somebody like Denidroe wrong.”

I wiped my eyes as I agreed. “She was a good Life. Not like Greg, but she would work with the creatures like he does. She however had a flair that made working with her a lot of fun. She was also about my age.”

“It would seem that she returned to have a long blessed life.”

“And she did not forget us.”

“Well, she was Life for almost a century.”

Those words helped dry my eyes as I felt able to ask one of my questions. “Where did Eddie come from? I asked Denidroe, but she reminded me that I had told her his name. I then thought that it was Bezilny that told me.”

“Eddie? Oh, the dragon in Greg’s room. I cannot say that I know where it came from. We do most of our socializing in Peace in the common room. I really don’t go to anyone’s room.”

“Denidroe said that she always felt that it was one of Jubridors transformed. I mean, we cannot bring anything living to Peace.”

“There are plants and birds in that room as well, Calliope.” I saw a play of emotion over his features, then he exclaimed, “That is a mystery! Thank you, Calliope.”

Confused, I responded, “What? You’re welcome, of course.”

“It does me no good going around worrying. I am a little older in body and time of service than you. Let me take on that mystery. Warn Greg that if he finds me in his room, or senses that somebody other than you was present, that we are attempting to resolve some puzzles.”

“I will tell him, but I doubt that he will complain. If you need help, he is probably the better one to assist you.”

“That is something that I have already concluded for myself. I really did not know what I was doing when I contacted him however. Now, I have a focus. Thank you for looking me up, Calliope. If I am to go spend the rest of my days as Eternity, I will be glad to have you as a friend. If not, when I call you to my death bed, I hope that you are also so reluctant to see me go.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Part Two   April 3rd 2013, 1:57 pm

The second Blue Flame novel –
There is a wiki database to reference names, although you can certainly ask me questions as well.

The Other Side of Life
Chapter Six: Part Two


I left Chisel to find Greg. I found him on the side of a mountain laying down. He saw me, and patted the grass beside him. I was glad to be in a dress as I sat in a manner to spread the skirt about me. I noticed something wrong, but of course it did not bother me.

“I think I got it,” he said. “Things around here are suffering, but I believe that they will survive.”

I did not see any animals, so asked, “Should Shetaile be here?”

“If I botched things, yes, she would be here. I don’t believe that I did though. Still, I probably need to find her and let her know about this place.”

“She was not in Peace. I saw only Zithiny and Prastus.”

“Zithiny?” He lifted himself to rest upon one arm as he asked, “That reminds me, who is the personification of feminine perfection?”

“Labonchy. She is like you, in that she has a life that she tries to maintain between her duties. I cannot say that I like her, but she has held the office for a few decades.”

He lied back down while saying, “I wonder if I will find her lovely. I mean, certainly if she reveals herself in human form, but I just wonder how she looks normally.”

“You spent time with a number of horrid women during the events where you finally picked Vefillaya.”

He laughed. That expression finally brought a smile to my face. Glad to feel the emotion of joy, I looked around for flowers. There were none, but I had to agree that the plants did not appear dead. I thus calmly told him about the death of Denidroe, and her comments about Eddie. He did not laugh, but his smile in return was pleasant.

“I never thought about the Jubridors. Shetaile did tell me that they would ‘do’ things for me, but I already knew that you would ‘do’ things for me, so I did not bother.”

“I won’t comment on that, Greg. Let me say however that Chisel is curious about where Eddie and your plants came from. He said that if you find or sense somebody in your room, besides me, that it would be him.”

He nodded for a moment, then turned again to prop himself up on one arm. “Oh, Calliope, I did bring the pictures to the one that you requested. The man was surprised to see me. I did not introduce myself as Life, but simply told him that I was a friend of yours. I told him what you said, about him needing to know that you did have friends, people that did care for you, so while you needed what the man was providing, you were not to be considered alone.”

“Thank you, Greg.”

“He knew that I was an immortal however, because he could understand me and I could understand him, even though I believe he switched languages on me. I thus did admit that I was the one that took the pictures.”

I felt a signal, so rose as I said, “Well, if you feel that you are finished here, go spend time with Vefillaya. She will ‘do’ things for you as well.”

“Yes, but you will just come and talk with me. I am trying to let Vefillaya know that sometimes that is the right thing to do.”

“No, Greg, because she is your wife. You are supposed to ‘do’ things with her. I am a friend. A good friend. I don’t mind ‘doing’ things with you, but it really is not my place. Go to her.”

“Yeah, things are good here. I will find Shetaile, then go home. I love you, Calli.”

“Love you as well, Greg.”

I again fled through my corridors, but this time I settled into doing my business. I did not recognize those that called me, but I still treated them with respect. I looked at those nearby and found myself feeling very alone. I did have friends, but I did not have with them the same connection that those living had to each other. I found myself feeling as a mindless cog in a machine as I acted my role while others cried as each person I touched found an end to their existence.

The words of Denidroe about me being a real immortal I tried to forget. I had not told them to Greg. He might find the drudgery of moving between his various lives as an enjoyable way to spend the passing centuries. He definitely had the personality of finding the good in a situation. I cannot say that I had it bad, but my life as Death was not what I wanted. Like Chisel, I really did not want to make the words of Denidroe to be wrong, but I did not consider my friends as being perfect.

It caught me by surprise to realize that I again had a pause during the time of my lesson. I thus moved back to Earth. This time the lad prostrated himself before me. I felt it a little much, but took my seat determined not to act any different during my lesson.

Again his arms came up as if to protect himself from me. “Your eyes are indeed blue. Your hair is truly as thick and soft as I see.”

“I am not hiding myself from you. I am as you see me, except that I lack the color of life.”

“I loved you then. I love you more now.”

“Well, then, you shall be distressed by what I tell you. I was informed that I was somehow a part of the real immortals. These lessons are a waste, as it seems that I will never return to life.”

His face did show worry as he brought himself to his knees. “What? Most honored lady, I do not understand.”

“I hope the source of the information was wrong. The other supposedly of that status is presently worried about losing his immortality. He hopes she is correct, as he does not want to return to life. I hope she was wrong, because I do.”

“But a husband, and children, is that to be denied to you?”

“You should have seen it. I was in the midst of a great tent. None were human. I don’t think that I could describe them, but it does not matter. They all were kneeling, about as you are now. One was in the bed with items of wealth around her. She called to me and claimed that I was a friend. Only when I looked at a child did I remember the lady. We were once friends, as she was once among the immortals. She told me the information.”

He went quiet for a time. For the first time I saw him get up and take a seat at his desk. I saw that he had already framed one of my pictures. It was the one where I smiled broadly. The other picture I chose had a more distinguished pose. I felt glad that he had chosen that picture, and with him having made one good decision I waited in silence to learn what he was doing now.

He took out a scroll, then said, “We speak in Chinese.”

“We speak in Chinese.”

“The earliest tales speak of the gods, the immortals such as you, as being a much more diverse group of people. They however fell out of favor. Buddha did not concern himself with the gods. The Hindi kept track of many, but eventually they boiled them down to manifestations of just a few gods.”

It seemed that the lad had been doing some research into not just who I was, but who Death was. I listened as he went through the discourse, but really did not find the words as meaningful. My place was to be the obedient wife, so I spoke as I was supposed to at the proper times. It was not that I considered the lecture untrue, but vastly lacking in real facts. I considered the stories made up. I knew that the present set of immortals did not go about developing cultures ruling over them and telling them about ourselves. Greg, Labonchy, and a couple of the others might have had lives among the mortals, but they did not promote us as being anything superior. I thus felt that the information had nothing to do with reality.

I really did not know how much the lad actually considered that I listened. He rambled on accepting my statements at the appropriate times without concern. Occasionally he would ask a question to assure that I could indeed understand. After making the appropriate reply, he then continued as if satisfied.

“Now, you may ask, honored lady, what all of this has to do with you. I do not know. But I ask you, how much of the place of the immortals have you seen?”

That was a strange question, so my reply did not come out the best. “How much could there be to see? There is the common area. There are our rooms.”

“Gardens, fountains, elaborate courtyards. Those are the descriptions of the homes of the gods. In every culture, such is what is described.”

“Well, there is plenty of food. The taste is good, although usually unspiced. I enjoy the drinks.”

“How can there be food? Are there plants? Are there animals?”

I had never thought to ask. It was always supplied by the Jubridors, and they did not converse. They could speak, but it was always basic statements. As my mind drifted into thoughts about what might be available in Peace, I whispered what recent facts I had discussed with other immortals.

“Greg has plants in his room, birds, and the dragon.”


“It is small, like a dog. It has wings, but usually runs about. It is called Eddie.” I looked at the lad as I said, “We had recently been wondering where the dragon came from.”

He rolled up his scrolls as he replied, “If you are to stay an immortal, honored lady, you might want to look about the place that is going to stay your home.”

“We all stay busy traveling about the universe. I move among the people, and so do the others. Peace is a place for us to rest. It is sufficient for that.”

“I believe, honored lady, that it was once a different place. Being an immortal residence, I would say that those great rooms, fantastic gardens, and splendid fountains are still there. It was however found that you did need to be about your duties, and not indulging in your place above the people. Those doors were thus closed.”

I quickly let the lad know that those words were wrong. “There are no closed doors in Peace. There are lit portals, but nothing prevents you from passing through.”

I again saw his arms go up as if to shield himself as he asked, “Then why haven’t you?”

“Because I stay busy. I seldom have any time for myself. I have paid you a lot, but only seldom do I arrive to have you earn your pay.”

My words were a little bold. He did not chastise me for their tones however. He only kept his arms up as he cautiously made another statement.

“You might want to find your time to explore.”

“No. I do not plan on staying in Peace. There however are those who are, and I will tell them what you said. They are my friends, and will tell me what they find. Thus, you should find me telling you.”

He prostrated himself as he asked, “Then you will return?”

“I want your support. If I again get a chance at life, I am going to take it. I am not going to allow myself to be condemned to this pale existence.”

“I wish that I had you as my wife.”

“I find myself wishing that as well.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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Life on the Other Side: cp6 (Both Parts)
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