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 Life on the Other Side: cp9 (Both of Two)

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PostSubject: Life on the Other Side: cp9 (Both of Two)   April 18th 2013, 4:35 pm

The second Blue Flame novel –
There is a wiki database to reference names, although you can certainly ask me questions as well.

The Other Side of Life
Chapter Nine: Part One

(Doris Sanders)

Doris Sanders poured her and Father Denobles another cup of coffee. It was getting dark outside, so it was now mostly older children coming to her door. They were not as much fun, but she was waiting for two especially old kids to finally make their appearance. She spoke to Father Denobles to again let him know her thanks for being present.

“He should be here about now. He said that he was in the area.”

“I remember the call, Doris. Really, it is no problem.”

The words, “Trick or Treat,” sounded in a rather unusual manner. The knock had been strong, but the voice was a pleasant feminine drone, almost a song. Wondering who it was, Doris grabbed the bucket of candy and headed to the door.

She almost cried. The screen door stayed closed as she just looked at the smiling face of her son. He had dyed his skin blue, but she recognized him. In front of him was however a lovely lady also with blue skin. The way the light played off it however could not be duplicated. Doris knew that it was natural. The white hair was also no wig. She had been so afraid that the two would not show, and now seeing the pair caused a release of emotion that had been bottled up inside for months.

Hugging Greg was one thing, but the lady was another. She felt light. Her voice flowed in a manner that made it stranger than just an unusual accent. Doris had to simply hold her out and look at her. After sharing another smile, she had to hug her again.


“Yes, I am Vefillaya. I am so happy to be here.”

“Come in. Come in. This is Father Denobles. You remember him, Greg?"

“We’re not Catholic, Mother. He was just a drinking buddy of Father.”

The elder man stood. For a man his age, he had a rather healthy figure. He motioned to the cup of coffee as he updated the younger man.
“Well, the doctor won’t let me drink anymore. I am also exercising a lot. Glad to see you, Greg.”
Doris was glad to see the men shaking hands, but put her attention on the lady. A padded chair was brought over. She wanted to speak to her daughter-in-law.

“Do you speak our language?”

“A little…”

“Yes, you can call me, Mother.” Those words caused her to hug the lady again.

Vefillaya patted her hat as she said, “There is a translation device to help me speak.”

“Oh. Darling, where are your ears?”

Greg said, “On top of her head, Mother. That is another reason for the hat.”

“On top of her… Are there are other differences, Son?”

“Many, all amazing. I am quite pleased with her.”

“Well, as long as you… Oh my God! Look at her feet.”

“That is one part of her that really does not concern me, Mother.”

Vefillaya did wear shoes, but they could not hide the feet. At first Doris thought that the feet were one of those new designs for leg replacements, but the way they flexed declared them to be very real. It was like three solid toes inside what appeared to very dainty high heels. Two more toes came off to the sides however giving the foot support that human ladies wearing the same type of shoe could only dream about.

Doris could not help but say, “Greg, she really is a… How did the two of you meet?”

“At a gathering, Mother. She won.”

Father Denobles calmly asked, “She was a prize?”

“In a way. The aliens wanted to keep me, and knew that a mate was a good way to do that. They thus sent a lot of aliens to me. Most of them were not even close to human. I enjoyed the attention, but Vefillaya was the clear winner.”

“Can you have children?”

“No, Father, for a lot of reasons. I cannot for my own reasons. Vefillaya cannot because she put a tree through her groin.”

“Greg, you cannot for…” Doris again changed sentences, as she wanted to get to know the lady. “You sent a tree through your groin?”

Vefillaya’s voice was quite enchanting. “Yes, Mother. Greg said that you know what skiing is.”

“Regular skies, snow boards, or something else.”

She turned to Greg to ask something. Doris clearly heard her son give a simple explanation. Almost as soon as he started speaking, Vefillaya turned back with a confident expression.

“Snow board. It was supposed to be a flip, but I gained more speed than I expected.”

“Oh, darling. Have you healed?”

“Yes, Mother. It was over a year ago. Our medicine is very good, but the damage was great. Some things could not be fixed.”

Okay, now back to her first line of thought. “Greg, why can’t you have children?”

“It’s occupational, Mother. It’s also not permanent, but considering that I have no plans to leave my employment it might as well be.”

The lady was wonderful, but her son still needed some advice. “Greg, you need children while you are young.”

“Mother, I am not going to age.”


“The accident occurred before my seventeenth birthday, Mother. I haven’t aged since.”

Doris had actually tried to forget that day. While Greg had not needed a trip to the hospital, the event had frightened her. Him and his love of science. She had felt that something bad had happened, but found that until now nothing had disturbed its place buried in her memory.

“You mean that accident with the rainmaking machine?”

“Yes, Mother. Exactly what caused it cannot be said, but I got elected to serve the universe on a higher level.”

Father Denobles asked, “What do you mean, Greg?”

“Well, let us just say that I became wanted by aliens enough for them to give me this wonderful lady as a wife.”

The man nodded, then stood. “Doris, I am going to allow you to visit with your son and daughter-in-law. I understand your concern, but I must say that it seems that all is well. We can speak later.”

She stood to see the man out the door. They both spoke words of pleasure that Greg was indeed not involved in anything criminal. They were not Catholic, but it was nice for him to bless their gathering. After the short act, she closed the door.

“What world is she from, Greg?”


“So, she is a Dumonistatian?”

They both laughed. The lady had a wonderful voice. Doris wondered what a choir would sound like on her planet.

Greg answered, “No, she is just a Dumonistat. She is a Dumonistat from Dumonistat.”

“Is she pretty for her kind?”

“Yes, Mother. I can assure you that she pretty, for her kind, and in general.”

“Can she… you know…”

“Yes, Mother. I assure you that if we could have children, we would have children.”

Doris really wanted to ask, but knew to leave it at that. Even if the lady had been human, the answer would get embarrassing quick for everyone. Doris thus changed the subject to a safer topic.

“Does she have family?”

Pictures came out. That pleased Doris immensely. Seeing Vefillaya was one thing, but having a family portrait of such beings was something wonderful. It seemed that the lady went through hard times beyond her accident, but with the help of her brother things were now working out. Doris pointed at the pictures to ask a question of her son.

“Have you met these people?”

“I have met her brother and his family. There is a meeting in a few months were I will meet more.” Greg paused, then seem agitated as he said, “I am hoping to make it just as I have managed to make this one.”

“What would stop you?”

“It is time for you to find out. We need to leave out the back.”

Doris expected to see a spaceship. She did not expect to be surrounded by a blue haze. Seeing the Earth drop from beneath her was scary. Having the door to a spaceship seal behind her was equally unpleasant.

“Vefillaya, where does Greg go?”

“He never knows. The stories that he tells upon his return are usually fantastic. Still, he is sometimes gone for a long time. You were drinking coffee. I wanted to taste, but I guess it can wait for later. I can make us some tea.”

Doris thought of her own husband as she asked, “Is he gone a lot?”

“Sometimes. Usually he is just coming and going. I am to keep him happy that he comes, and he does enjoy my presence. I thus am happy as well.”

“Do you love him?”

“Yes. I am finding myself very in love with him. At first it was relief, as I found him to be a better option than just being the possession of my uncle. But Greg does things to include me in his life. He does not treat me as just a plaything. It seems that he loves me, and I have found that I love him as well.”

“Well, good. I am glad that you came. Will you come again?”

“Maybe next Halloween?”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.

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PostSubject: Part Two   April 23rd 2013, 4:19 pm

The second Blue Flame novel –
There is a wiki database to reference names, although you can certainly ask me questions as well.

The Other Side of Life
Chapter Nine: Part Two

(Greg / Vefillaya)

Greg found himself under thousands of feet of water. Some type of catastrophe was occurring, that did not look at all natural. He saw Shetaile at work, so moved to get some advice.

“How can I help?”

“I don’t know, Greg. What is the source of your call?”

He checked again, then answered, “I believe it is dead. I did stall for a few minutes, but I really do not believe that it would have helped. Still, while I am here, I will help if I can.”

“I cannot do anything either, Greg. The land is beyond my help. Normally, when a land becomes unusable for one type of life, it can be prepared for another. I have no choice but let this land go fallow.”

“I guess that there is a lesson here.”

Shetaile chuckled before replying, “Usually. The thoughts are still not malicious in design. I doubt that the intent was to kill the land and life. Hopefully, they will learn.”

“Speaking of learning, what do you think of the discoveries being made in Peace?”

“I expect disappointment, Greg. When things are good, you should be happy. I had no complaints with Peace.”

“I don’t see how what we are doing will change anything. I mean, what if we find a garden? Yeah. Garden. Pretty. Damn if I am picking any flowers or anything.”

Shetaile did not just chuckle this time, but laughed. He thought that a good sign. He thus finished his train of thought.

“I just want to know. There is a lot of knowledge in what we are doing, but it has all gone past. I would like to think that we are making a difference, but it feels like we are not.”

“Greg, where have you found anything in life that makes a difference? It goes on. That is about it. What we do is help life, but it would roll along without us. I don’t know what is on the other side, but we will have our stories just as everyone else. None of what anyone we meet will however be considered as truly making a difference.”

He stayed silent. Greg really wanted to counter what she said, but just could find the right words. In the pause, she however found the fuel to vent some more.

“You know what I think you are going to learn, if you learn anything? You are going to learn that we once could make a difference, and we crapped it up. The immortals who truly had power, and the luxury to go with it, really messed things up. Limits were then put on us, and we were relegated to the little area of Peace that we now have. We are now doing what we are supposed to, and life is going on.”

“Well, if that is what we learn, I will make you a promise that I will accept it. I will consider the little quest completed. I will return to my room with my plants and my dragon and consider it enough.”

Greg again looked over area. He indeed found nothing for him to do. He could tell that Shetaile had also just about finished cleansing the area. As he was to tell her that he would leave, she spoke again.

“Tell you what, Greg. Step out of the common room, turn right. Run. I cannot say how far. I was angry at Tezebal, the guy who was Thor before Prastus. I ran, and eventually turned right. I remember seeing a purple doorway.”

“Well, it is something. Thank you, Shetaile.”

He left to return to his mother and wife. They were both sitting at a table chatting while looking at pictures on a computer screen. He really did not know how much information was in the memory of the machine, but expected that they became updated regularly. He thus suspected that his mother should have been more informed about his new home and wife than expected.

His mother stood as if prepared to go. “Thank you, Son. You have a wonderful wife, and it seems a good life. Come again, if you can. Vefillaya says possibly next Halloween.”

“Yes, Mother. I however have a friend who is doing business in China. I ran a couple of errands for her, and could run others. If I do, I will make certain to call.”

She kissed him, then said, “If children do somehow come, remember to the name the first boy after your father.”

“I’ll remember. Now, Mother, this is a rare visit. I will give you as much time as I can.”

~^~^~ ^~^~^ ~^~^~

Vefillaya felt even closer to her husband. While she had really been worried about the journey, it had come out for the best. Even though Greg had been summoned, the contingency plans worked out very well. She had never felt trapped with Greg, but now felt immersed in his life.

She did not step out of the shuttle, but rushed out to hug him. Vefillaya wanted him to know that she had no reservations about the journey. She also wanted everyone watching on the monitors to feel assured that the trip had gone well, because she did not want anyone bothering them once they retired to their room.

As she walked with her husband, Vefillaya could not help but comment, “She got all excited about my feet.”

Greg laughed with her before saying, “That is my mother for you. Of all the things she could comment upon.” He chuckled for a bit, then said, “Your feet have never bothered me.”

“I have to say that yours have never bothered me either.”

She noticed that he turned down a corridor that did not go their room. Vefillaya now, more than ever, felt willing to go with the man anywhere. She however quickly determined where he was going, so moved with him without any concern.

It was the Cladastian female that answered the door. “Greg, Vefillaya, how was the journey?”

Greg replied, “It went very well, Tertha. Make certain that everyone knows that I will available as much as possible for the coming gathering. Keep me aware, and I will do my best.”

The voice of the male came from inside the room, “Well, come on inside and tell us about it.”

The couple did not have as large of a room as that of the ambassadors, but it was spacious. They had a choice of color designs that did not please Vefillaya, but felt that the Cladastians were comfortable. Greg even recognized the purpose of what appeared as some rather odd ornaments around one doorway.

“Getting ready for the wonderful event.”

Tertha said, “These will just be eggs, Greg. It isn’t until they pupate that I consider things wonderful.”

“How bad will this place smell?”

Vefillaya considered that a rather rude question, but the friendship between him and the Cladastian couple showed as Jirdan cheerfully replied, “Pretty bad.”

Tertha returned her own opinion. “I can tell things in the smell that have me adjust the diet.”

Greg replied, “Well, I consider both of you friends. Don’t think that I will stay away.”

“You are always welcome, Greg, and Vefillaya as well.” Vefillaya really had not learned how to read the expressions of the Cladastians, although felt certain that Tertha only looked at her for a moment. “Greg, about your suspicion about the emperor. Well, you should know that Jirdan and I once worked for him.”

“I definitely know that he knows both of you, but I thought that you were mad at him.”

“Yes, but my anger goes deeper than simply hearing about bad policies on the news. That same depth however also speaks of my past associations with Emperor Hastitit. I thus called him directly, and he did answer. He fully admitted to researching into the immortals, but said that he knew of nothing that provided him with any knowledge. He in fact said that with each of our worlds having their own religious histories, anything definite could truthfully only come from you.”

“Yes, but we both know how manipulative that man can be.”

“Indeed. His statements did however ring of truth.”

Vefillaya had met the emperor, but otherwise did not have any knowledge of him. She did however know that the highest official in the land put in place the circumstances resulting in her marriage to Greg. She thus had a good opinion of him. From what she knew, Greg did as well, although he would mention that he was still a politician. Tertha and Jirdan however spoke of a closer relationship with the emperor, and Greg gave them credence by never challenging what they said about him.

“Listen, Calliope knew what to do to call Death. I am not the only immortal living and interacting with people. There are thus things out there written about us.”

“There might be, Greg, but they are small sections in vast works that in the Suderling Union are now compressed among similar collections from many worlds. I would say that they are beyond being found.”

“Yes. Well, Tertha, of all the people in the universe, you are one that I don’t want to call a liar. All that I will say is that IF, make that IF, I have to look at you and say that I told you so, that you can at least have the satisfaction that I will be not liking the emperor either.”

Vefillaya did not know that Cladastians kissed. Tertha however moved to grab Greg’s head and pull it down to her mouth. The experience did not look pleasant, although he had a smile upon his face upon rising back up.

“I believe that we have an agreement. Keep me informed, both of you. I am taking my wife back to our apartment. I expect to have to leave, but with your help I managed to juggle my schedules before. I am thus simply telling you to prepare to get back to work.”

Vefillaya traded kind words as they left the apartment. She even left acknowledging an interest in the coming young of the Cladastians. Not being able to have children herself did give her an interest in the young of those around her. Vefillaya however had her own words that she saved for when she was again alone with her husband.

“I am going to tell my brother that I saw you kiss a Cladastian.”

“You go right ahead. I will simply say that I turned around and kissed you with those same lips.”

Vefillaya did turn and plant an extended period of contact with her husband. “I was so worried that your mother would refuse me. While she fully understood that I was of another race, she accepted me in a manner that I did not expect. I no longer have any fear. You are mine, will stay mine, and I will do everything in my power to keep it that way.”

“Oh, good. You had me worried until that last statement. I am definitely wanting you do things to keep it that way.”

She was in her apartment, so began removing her clothes as she simply repeated, “Oh, good.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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Life on the Other Side: cp9 (Both of Two)
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