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 Life on the Other Side: cp10 (All Parts of Two)

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PostSubject: Life on the Other Side: cp10 (All Parts of Two)   April 28th 2013, 12:33 pm

The second Blue Flame novel –
There is a wiki database to reference names, although you can certainly ask me questions as well.

The Other Side of Life
Chapter Ten: Part One

(Vefillaya / Greg)

Vefillaya was not certain where to put the picture of Calliope. She felt that it deserved equal status with that of the emperor, although really did not want to put the lady in such a place. Determining that it should go along with images of her own family, she moved to that wall.

She saw the portrait, then became surprised to see a member of her own race holding it. She looked for other members of the cleaning crew, thinking that they got a new worker, but this lady did not wear those clothes. She was almost surrounded in a thick garment of thick feathery hairs with the filigree of fine lace showing a very delicate dress beneath. Rather confused, Vefillaya simply paused to ask a question.

“May I help you?”

The lady approached in an easy fashion, although the way she walked did not look completely correct. “Yes, Vefillaya?” The lady did not speak again until a nod was made. “My name is Anne. I work with your husband. I am the persona of History. I don’t know how much Greg has told you concerning what has been happening in Peace.”

“He is looking for the gardens and fountains that Calliope spoke about.”

“Yes, well, we have not found those – yet. However, this was found.”

The portrait was of a Dumonistat. The style of clothing was very ancient. Vefillaya actually had trouble determining if it was male or female, as the person wore rather elaborate clothing. It was the way that he held a lyre that declared his gender, as the way it set on his chest would not be proper for a female. Vefillaya looked at the image, then guessed the reason that it was brought to her.

“You want me to try and find the identity of this person?”

“At least the appropriate time period in your history. Testing the material will not work, as things do not age in Peace. You however should be able to trust that the clothes are appropriate for the period.”

“You are the representation of History, but you cannot tell?”

“I am to inspire people to look into their own past. Hopefully, giving you this painting will do that. What is being done in Peace actually supports my persona, so I do want to help. Doing the research myself however does not.”

Vefillaya put down the portrait of Calliope to pick up the one brought to her. She saw brush strokes, so knew that this was a painting. Wondering what information could be provided, she asked a question.

“Do you know what persona this person had?”

“No. He is holding a lyre, so I would assume Poetry or Music. The way that he is dressed might mean that he was Dance or Theater. We are really finding ourselves at a loss to find anything definite of our history.”

She sat down the painting to say, “I will do what I can. I assume that I can send you any information via Greg.”

“Yes, that will be fine.” Anne moved to pick up the picture of Calliope. “She does appear so lovely. Seeing her like this, it is easy to understand why everyone thinks that she is such a good Death.”

Vefillaya spoke her reason why she found those words suspicious. “I thought that you saw her as she is about Peace.”

“Yes, but when you go about taking on the visions of other cultures, you don’t take the trouble to make yourself especially attractive. Considering that we are all of different worlds, except for Calliope and Greg, it is hard to tell one’s true beauty. That is a nice picture, and shows that she truly is a lovely person.”

Vefillaya took the portrait back from the lady while asking, “You are not a Dumonistat?”

“No.” The lady’s head looked around, then turned back to say, “I would have trouble fitting in this room. Even in Peace I usually have to go around looking like something else. I am one of those hoping to find a garden, because then I could truly relax as who I am.”

“Then you might want to find Greg. He spoke of Shetaile providing him with some information that he planned to check on. I do not know what has him presently occupied, but I know that he was going to drop in on Peace and see how difficult it would be to follow Shetaile’s directions.”

“Why, thank you, Vefillaya. It seems that you and Greg do speak to each other.”

That sounded like an odd statement, but she did not mind making a reply. “He seems to be glad to be my husband, and I am glad to be his wife. Yes, we talk when we can.”

The lady chuckled before saying, “Not at all like the boy toys of Labonchy. Of course, I guess that shouldn’t be surprising, since you do get along with Calliope and Labonchy does not.”

“Labonchy did not even grace me with a vision of her. I am glad to meet you, Anne.”

The lady curtsied before saying, “Same here, Vefillaya. Anyway, yes, send me word if you find anything. Any answers would be appreciated.”

“Just, if I do find an answer, will it be written down?”

“Yes, by Jethredair, the new persona of Literature. He is like me, and supposed to only inspire others, but a number of us like the irony of making him do some writing himself.”

~^~^~ ^~^~^ ~^~^~

Greg found himself mentally drained. He had never worked with energy creatures before. After doing what was required, he found himself wondering why he never encountered such creatures. Their problem seemed rather common. Still, considering what it took to resolve the situation he was glad that it did not occur more often.

Seeing the great winged worm did bother him, although something about it told him it was not a normal beast or simply a normal beast nowhere near where it belonged. He thus looked at it. Seeing it calmly look back, Greg went down his list of known immortals until he realized who had joined him.

“Is that your true form, Anne?”

“Yes, Greg. Thanks for noticing.”

“I remembered speaking to you of the ladies I entertained in my search for a wife. One was what I considered a great maggot, but I remembered you saying that was about what you looked like, except with wings. You do look better than a maggot. I am surprised that you do not go around with wings however. Zithiny wears his just because he likes them.”

It was very hard reading the expressions of the lady. Greg usually saw her as a matronly woman. While she smiled easily, very little actual movement occurred to her face. He guessed that he saw the reason as the skin on the head appeared plated with everything fixed in place. Watching her wings he remembered that she would move her hands a lot, so assumed that she expressed her true feelings with them.

“To each his own. I met your wife, Greg. She is a very darling lady. I found a portrait of a Dumonistat, and brought it to her to try and discover his identity. She said that she would try, which I expected as being the persona of History I tend to get people to agree to stuff like that. Vefillaya however told me that Shetaile told you of possibly finding a garden.”

“Well, she did not specifically say a garden. What she said was that she saw a purple door.”

“That is different. I would like to join you.”

“Certainly. I am done here. Let us go to Peace.”

Greg found himself surprised to find Anne as a Dumonistat lady upon arriving at Peace. She explained that was how she appeared to his wife, and wanted his appraisal about whether she was lovely. He looked at, then gave an honest reply.

“No, for the very same reasons that I don’t find you that attractive as a human lady. You are a little bulkier than I desire with boobs that are too small.”

He was worried that she would take offense at his words, but she continued to walk beside him. “Oh. Well, I really don’t have too much control over how I look.”

“I am the same way. Of course, I also do not go around comparing my appearance to others. There might actually be a way to alter some details, but I just have not bothered to try.”

She only smiled in return. Anne’s hands spread out when he stopped. He assumed that it showed her puzzlement at what he was doing. He checked that the corridor was clear, then told her the plan.

“We rush off in that direction. Shetaile said that she was mad at the previous person that was Storm. You might thus be better at determining how far we need to run. Anyway, up ahead there should be a corridor to the right, and down it should be a purple door.”

She replied, “I do not know how good I am at running.”

“I cannot say that I am a runner either. Walking just seems too slow however.”

Gaining an agreement that the lady would do her best, Greg took off. He felt his body moving, but not really getting tired. He felt the physical exertion, but without the building exhaustion. Greg looked to Anne, and found her running with him. Wondering how long the two of them would last, he continued to move his legs.

“There! Greg!”

He stopped and moved back to Anne. He had to run for a moment, as she was quickly moving back along the way they had come. He looked down without seeing a door. Moving to a branching corridor, he saw a white door, a couple of blue portals, and one that was purple. The white were conference rooms, and he found those uninteresting and useless even back in the section of Peace that he knew. The blue doors were parlors. While one was the usual meeting area for the immortals, he knew of another that would sometimes be used. The purple was however something different, and he moved to it with Anne.

Both gasped upon entering the room. It was enormous. Greg thought of the round room where one entered and left Peace. That room was big with a mist that prevented one from easily determining its size. The air in this room was clear, although the diameter of the room played with one’s sense of perspective. In the center was a great fountain. The water did not just shoot up to fall back down, but came out of spouts to spray in wonderful interacting arcs that seemed to create elaborate lacework patterns before finally moving back into the pool at the bottom. The fountain itself appeared of alabaster carved into a scene of fairies flying while holding the tails of birds that soared around a great figure of indeterminate race although having long hair, what Greg assumed were breasts, and other details that he assumed were feminine. He walked with Anne into the room while silently attempting to figure out what they had found.

Anne changed into her natural form, then took off. Even at her large size, she could spread her wings and navigate around the room. After making a few circuits, she landed to give a report.

“There are no other doors, Greg.”

“No. Things could not be so simple. We could not simply find one door that would take us to everything that we had been missing.”

“You sound disappointed.”

Greg found himself looking at the great creature that was Anne, and wondering how she could make that statement. He thought back to when he dated all the various races of the Suderling Union, yet found those completely non-human females able to choose certain topics, make certain suggestions, and generally get him to consider that they might actually be acceptable life partners for him. He wondered if the presence of Labonchy, a universal standard of female perfection, was partly to blame. Whatever the reason, he accepted that Anne had understood his phrasing, so tried to explain.

“Yes. I mean, I am not awed. Yeah, nice fountain. I am not saying that I won’t go looking for more, but I am not driven to look for more.”

“Maybe this fountain is not for you, Greg.”

“Well, yes, that is what I am hoping. I am hoping that somebody will become excited. Also, the fact that this was found might cause me to look more. I am interested in where the animals in my room came from.” He walked up to the fountain to move his hand in the water as he said, “I guess that is what disappoints me. There is nothing in here but the fountain.”

Anne returned to being a Dumonistat, Greg assumed in preparation to head back down the corridor. “I agree that this is not everything, but it is something to go back and tell the others about. Maybe somebody will be pleased to see this, then go off and find something that will please us.”

Greg moved to the portal as he asked, “Do you want to walk back?”

“Do you think we will get bored?”

“I am going to talk about the fountain. Will that bore you?”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Part Two   May 3rd 2013, 3:25 pm

The second Blue Flame novel –
There is a wiki database to reference names, although you can certainly ask me questions as well.

The Other Side of Life
Chapter Ten: Part Two


Greg stepped into his apartment surprised to find it empty. The sensation was only momentary, as Vefillaya quickly came from his office door to run across the floor to him. He was tired, but not that tired. Greg thus ran to meet her in the middle, spin her about, then kiss her.

She made some pleasant sounds when their lips finally parted, and he stated an agreement. “I need to check the cameras. If I got a good image, I might release it.”

“Oh, yes, Greg, I want to show you something.”

He thanked her for putting the picture of Calliope on the wall with family. Beside his mother, he really did not have any close family. While he was not related to Calliope, she was someone that he considered close.

The picture of the Dumonistat he found interesting. To have such a different type of planet and evolutionary history, he found it surprising how many similarities they had with his own people. Vefillaya did speak to him about the picture for a time, then turned the subject to what she found fascinating.

“My world is sending out someone to look at the painting. It seems there is a duplicate in our archives.”

“A duplicate? You mean a copy?”

“They could not make copies back then. I have looked at the released image, and there are a number of differences. It still does look like the same person.”

Greg had just recently spent time with Anne, so knew about the painting and some of the things that she wanted to have revealed. “Well, so, how old would that make the picture?”

“About twenty-two hundred years. It is said to be of Belistran, a dandy of the court of a King Namimom. There seems to be a lot of excitement about it, and I was reading the forums “

That sounded good to Greg, although he felt others also needed to be put in the loop before they heard the news from another source. “Have you alerted Captain Negallin or Hubrinostry?”


“Then let us do that, then you can put me to bed.”

The master of the vessel kindly thanked the couple for the information, but the elder ambassador had to come see the painting for himself. Soon enough he and his wife were at the door. The two seemed amaze at the painting, although Hubrinostry felt a need to head off any potential problems.

“How are you going to prove that it is not a forgery?”

“Forgery of what? Okay, no problem, it is a forgery. I had nothing better to do as the Flame, so I went into the archives, set up an easel, got some paints, paint brush…”

The senior ambassador cut the man off by turning to his wife to ask, “Has anyone asked proof of its age?”

“No. As Greg would have gotten around to saying, we really do not care about its relevance. Simply state that the image shows what appears to be this Belistram of King Nanimom’s court, and that should satisfy our source for the painting.”

Greg interjected, “The archives do not get the painting, and we are not going to sell it. Whether it is a forgery or not is not an issue.”

Hubrinostry seemed to have his own objective as he asked, “But what if the archives of the Dumonistats wants it?”

“This would not be the only priceless painting in a private collection.”

“True, but we would prefer it not to become another lost masterpiece as well.”

“Then relevance would need to be assured by the archives. I really do not know why the archives cannot have it, but right now I do not feel that it is mine to give away. I am going to report back to Anne and a few other of the immortals. Maybe they have other ideas.”

The couple left. Greg and his wife pleasantly saw them to the door. While he did stay close to the side of Vefillaya, after the door shut he pulled her close.

“Now, you put me to bed.”

“I am ready as well.” She traded a kiss with him, then asked while walking with him to the bedroom. “You are not mad that I was not at the door.”

“No. In fact, I am pleased to have learned what you were doing. You are my wife, not my slave or servant. Remember, I stressed that fact while we were courting. I thus accept that you will have your interests.”

“But I am your wife, and gained this status because I am to keep you happy.”

He heard her tones. She clearly had not stated them as a lecture, but as a playful repetition of certain things stated in the courtship by certain officials. Greg knew that there was some truth in the comments, but felt that there was no reason to get serious. He thus did not simply put his hand on her butt, but forced the fabric of her dress to move between her legs as he playfully mimicked her tones while asking a question.

“Do you have any problem with that?”

“None whatsoever.”

Greg woke up wondering just how much sleep his wife got. He looked at the clock to realize that he had not slept that long. While he did not see his wife, he heard movement, so stretched to see in the indicated direction. She was still naked, although on the computer. He moved over to see her again on the forums reading the conversations about the painting.

She did not turn her eyes from the screen, but spoke upon feeling his hands upon her body. “This is really interesting.”

“Maybe, but most of what you are feeling is probably due to Anne.” He now saw her turn to him, and he explained. “She is the persona of History. It is her duty to get people interested in their past.”

“Are you saying that I am interested due to her influence?”

He kept his hands moving about her body as he replied, “You could answer that better than me. Still, I consider it a good thing. Nothing wrong with learning about the past.”

“You don’t influence people.”

“Not that I know, but I work with all sorts of aliens. I teach them how to set bones. I encourage them to persevere. There could be some influence there.” He suddenly thought of something he did want to know. “Oh, does anyone have an idea which persona he might have had?”



“Yes. Is there a Comedy?”

“I don’t know. I never met that persona if there is. I guess that is something for me to check on.”

He had been moving his hands about her body, but he had not been touching certain parts. Vefillaya had been sitting down, so one especially private area was simply not accessible. He could have taken certain soft mounds, but actually enjoyed those parts where her soft skin merged into the scaly epidermis. He considered those sections as proof that she was not naturally rough. Her body did not become covered in a shell, but only in a tougher hide. It was still her, and it was the body of a lady. His wife however turned to put before his eyes those mounds that were not rough at all. There were no nipples, but he knew that she could feel his lips. So kept his hands moving about while he touched a breast with his mouth.

Greg felt good in that he did not collapse in unconsciousness after a period with his wife. He told her that he was hungry, and Vefillaya rushed out of the bedroom promising to fix him something. He considered it wise not to again mention that she was not his slave or servant. If she wanted to do all these things for him, he would let her. Greg felt that she was happy with him, and decided it was best to allow her to show her pleasure.

Coming into the kitchen, he noticed that she was still naked. He considered telling her to wear an apron, but decided to just enjoy the view. Vefillaya saw his eyes, then looked down as if surprised to find that she was without any clothes. Her eyes did dart to an apron, but she only smiled in looking back.

I guess that I could just get used to being naked.”

“No, Vefillaya. You are the wife to the prime ambassador, so you need to stay ready for any guests.”

“It still gets a little bothersome to put on the clothes, then take them off for you.”

“Oh, the hardship. Get used to it.”

She smiled while replying, “I am from a rich family. I was taught to wear certain clothes in order to be seen. I really am not seen that much, though.”

Greg became worried that his wife was being ostracized by the other wives of ambassadors. She spoke of them being friendly, although she was the new member of their circle. They also seemed to have concerns that she did not and forms of entertainment that she did not really appreciate. She however spoke of having a better time with a couple of the military wives, although again she was the new personality and was having to learn certain things. Greg found himself contently watching his wife, and she smiled seeing his eyes again move over a part of her anatomy.

“I will not be young forever. While I won’t say that you will lose your love for me, or that I am going to be become especially ugly, I want you to look at me in my later years remembering times like this.”

He heard the words, and appreciated them, although calmly spoke of his own concern. “I just worry about the emperor, or some of his underlings, sending you orders to do some of the things that you do.”

“We ladies were lectured at first about our position being that of an enticement to keep you here. I however have come to understand that you really have no plans to leave. I however want you to keep coming back to me. I understand your relationship with Calliope, but I am your wife. I want you to have sex with me. I want your hands to move upon the mounds upon my chest. I want to fix your meals. You are my husband. I worked to gain you as my husband. Yes, it was either you or my uncle, but I want you to never doubt that I consider you the much better choice. No, Greg, there are no orders, except my own desire to keep enticing you to return to me.”

“All that I then have to say is, I like it.”

She again smiled, jiggled her torso, then returned to eating before asking, “Oh, can you bring some food from your home world?”

“That might require me carrying it back. I really do not know the definition of ‘living’ as far as what I can bring through certain passages.” He watched as a bit of food fell upon her chest, and as she wiped it he had to ask, “It doesn’t bother you sitting there naked?”

“No, Greg. It does not bother me to be at the door when you come home. I love the sex, and I am fascinated watching your eyes as I sit here naked.” She wiped off another bit of food, then said, “I probably won’t do it too often.”

He felt a tingle, so rose to kiss his wife as he said, “Delete the images from the camera data, but check on that thing we did when I came home.”

She made a suggestion, but he did not really have time to exchange words about it. While she was naked, he was not wearing that much either. Not only did he usually move through the halls to enter and leave, but there were people who could see him that he wanted to meet with. He thus rushed back into his room, threw on some clothes, then raced off.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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Life on the Other Side: cp10 (All Parts of Two)
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