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 Life on the Other Side: cp11 (Both parts of 2)

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PostSubject: Life on the Other Side: cp11 (Both parts of 2)   May 8th 2013, 6:23 pm

The second Blue Flame novel –
There is a wiki database to reference names, although you can certainly ask me questions as well.

The Other Side of Life
Chapter Eleven: Part One


Greg found it strange to appear among a civilized world. Very seldom did that happen. Something was happening, but his first concern was to some cries from a collapsed building. Beams were given support assuring that those children safe would not be hurt later. A couple had their positions moved slightly with bones restored, which would give further cause for their rescuers to wonder about higher powers on how things happened to fall in just a perfect manner. Greg did a number more things for children and others, then turned his attention to the actual cause of the devastation.

While the being was a gigantic member of the native race, Greg somehow recognized it as Vabrey. He was struggling with another unnaturally large local. Greg watched the colossal battle for only a short time, then moved in to speak.

“I didn’t know we could duke it out with whoever tried to replace us?”

Another building was destroyed, although Greg still managed to hear as he went to work affecting rescues. “One advantage of being War.”

“Oh, well, it wouldn’t have helped Calliope anyway. She really is not that big of a person.” The gigantic being that was Vabrey laughed as he pounded the other colossus, and seeing another building almost face destruction Greg yelled another question. “Could the two of you please take your dispute over there?”

Vabrey was suddenly rushed by the other entity, but the more experienced persona of War stepped up and put a knee close to the sexual organs. He then spun to put an elbow into the back. The great being fell, then Vabrey launched himself to land on top of the one down, then only one great image remained.

Greg found Vabrey looking normal as he appeared nearby and said, “Sorry to have concerned you.”

“No. In fact, thanks. I needed to know about this. I know these people. I dated a girl from that race, and that one over there. This is in the Suderling Union.”

“Oh, so you are glad that I won.”

“I would be glad anyway, Vabrey. I am however worried that you might have to fight again. Can you find your way back to where you were first summoned?”

Greg was scared that the man would not remember. It was very possible for him to have come out, been attacked, then simply focused on the combat. Vabrey however worked back through the steps that caused the destruction, which included a corridor of another building that had signs of serious impacts. He and Greg quickly recognized the actions of a group of men as being suspicious in a manner that stated that they were part of the summons.

The men uttered curses as they saw their notepads, books, and folders suddenly disappear. Greg clearly saw Vabrey picking them up, but he did not reveal himself to the mortals. Understanding the modern technology, Greg did subtle damage to the data storage and memory components of the electronic devices. When he and Vabrey parted company, they both felt that they had done enough to hopefully prevent another challenge from happening anytime soon.

Greg rushed to his home. Even though he hurried through the corridors, Vefillaya was there at the door. He simply picked her up, then carried her into his office. She giggled, although when set down she understood that he was not in a playful frame of mind. Vefillaya quietly sat in his lap as Greg checked the news.

He felt glad when he did find the report of the destruction. The Suderling Union was a very large section of space. While they had tachyon communications, the distances could still force some delay. There was also the concern that something else might be considered more newsworthy. While two grand beings fighting in a city might be a great unique occurrence, the freak storm producing a couple of violent tornadoes seemed to have been given headline status just because it was a slow news cycle.

When he turned his computer back off, Vefillaya asked, “Why was that report important?”

“It wasn’t. I don’t want you ever to admit that I even watched that news report.”

“Did you cause the destruction?”

“No. If you want to watch it later, pay attention to the statements of how miraculous the way some people and children were not hurt. That was me.”

Greg felt that she could have quizzed him. She was his wife. He did not want to hide things from her. Vefillaya however simply kissed him before cheerfully speaking.

“I will watch for that reason.”

He felt her kiss him and move her hands about his body. What she did was physically comforting, but his mind put the concern for Vabrey to have the greater importance. Vefillaya seemed to understand that he was troubled, as she did not increase the intensity of her work or make suggestions for them to move to another room. Greg found himself appreciating the lady even more as she softly and quietly made his body feel at peace even as his mind churned with thoughts and plans.

A thought to go ahead and do the other things that he planned to accomplish in his time as the Flame crossed his mind, but he felt that the activity would not help him. It however troubled him that he could conceive of no action to prevent another attack upon Vabrey. While the local devices were corrupted, he felt they were surely connected to a network. Further, whatever sources had provided the information surely still existed in multiple forms. He was the representation of Life. While many considered him smart, he did not feel himself to have a great mind for searching out threads of data to their source. Even if he did, he did not feel it within his alternate personality to perform such actions. Greg finally concluded that being present with his wife was as much as he could do, and he set himself to returning some of the acts of affection.

After moving back to their bedroom to clean up, Greg dressed in order to move about the ship. The date for the arrival of those of the Pranashall Consortium was approaching, so a number were glad to have him checking on the preparations. It helped him to simply concern himself with his responsibilities about the vessel and let the matters of his life as an immortal sit idle. Greg actually felt that he was being rewarded for his choice of actions when Captain Negallin met him in the corridors of the ship as he went back to his room.

Only simple conversation occurred while moving through the corridors. Some was actually important, as Greg did feel a need to assure that the captain was aware of certain decisions made by the diplomats. Most was just friendly, as both spoke of recent matters concerning their recent family. The captain assured Greg that any supply of food beyond that which could fit in his apartment could definitely be stored in places where the other variety of food items were kept. Vefillaya greeted both men, then cheerfully moved off after telling her husband that she had a meal almost ready. Captain Negallin saw her move off, then softly made a statement about what he really wanted to converse.

“Just a friendly warning, Greg. We have been receiving a number of requests concerning your location. It is not unusual that we don’t know, but we do pass certain requests along. Usually, it is just somebody wanting to speak to you, and it helps that you follow up on those requests. The requests that we have been getting lately however are from a high government source.”

“I am going to ignore that I heard that, Captain. Let me however reply that I believe I know why, although I feel that such is not really my concern. I am presently hoping that the system under which I operate is ancient enough to have worked out most assaults upon its integrity.”

The captain whispered, “I saw the news report, and saw the two great Mibilitians fighting. You were also present.”

“I really hope that there are no more of your kind out there.”

“There are, but not in such a grand position. All others that I know are however like me, and simply tired of telling our own views of situations.”

Those words did help to calm some parts of Greg’s mind that were still agitated. “I told Vefillaya to listen to the report of that disaster for words about how some survived the destruction. That was what called me to that scene. The disaster itself I however consider to be self-inflicted by a number of locals with poor intentions.”

It was hard to read the emotions of the amoeba-like captain. He considered himself very expressive, as he had no hard structure to constrain his body. Greg however felt that the master of the ship could relegate certain twitches or vibrations in his outer skin to parts of his body not directly in view. The best method of determining inner thoughts was simply to listen to him.

“When Calliope was replaced by another, he turned out completely dissatisfied with what he had gained. You are hoping the same with whatever persona that was fighting.”

“It was War. I am not going to say that the person will be dissatisfied, but that he find himself no more able to do the bidding of the emperor, assuming once in power the new War still feels an attachment to the emperor, than I am.”

“We have enough War in the Suderling Union. It is one of the things that keep us employed.”

Greg had is own perspective on his employment, and did not mind sharing it with the captain. “War always has an objective. Our job is to achieve that objective either after a conflict has occurred or in the prospect of it occurring. I believe somebody felt that if they had control over War itself, they would then have more control over gaining certain objectives.”

Captain Negallin seemed to assure understanding as he replied, “That however would be like assuming you had control over Life.”

Greg smiled as he tried to imitate a voice, “’Life, get to work!’ Poor Bo Drell, he never did understand things.”

“We are playing with forces beyond us in dealing with those like you, or War, or even Death. I know however that many in the Suderling Union believe that we have our strength because of our attempts to push our limits. Do not look unkindly upon us, Greg.”

“I don’t, Captain. I was present, but I was working to aid those I could while telling the combatants to move out away from the buildings. I like Vabrey, the present personality of War, but his being replaced would not have affected anywhere close to my relationship with Calliope.”

“Thank you for your time, Greg. I see that your wife has your food prepared.”

Greg did not turn his head, but kept his focus upon his guest. “You are free to join us at any time, Captain.”

“As we go into the future, I hope that our friendship and respect for one another continues to grow. I however know that you stay busy, and I have my duties as well. Again, thank you.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Part Two   May 13th 2013, 5:41 pm

The second Blue Flame novel –
There is a wiki database to reference names, although you can certainly ask me questions as well.

The Other Side of Life
Chapter Eleven: Part Two


Greg entered Peace simply to find out if anyone else had visited the fountain or found other rooms. Finding Labonchy in the main parlor speaking with a few others, one of which that he did not recognize, had him believe that something had been done. He thus moved to join the conversation.

The representation of feminine beauty did not appear human, although he found himself still recognizing her as she lifted a very flexible, almost plant-like, form to welcome him. “Greg, that fountain is fabulous! It is a representation of my aspect, so I really must admit a bias, but that means that there must be many others.”

He eyed the one that he did not recognize as he said, “Not to mention gardens and such.”

“Yes, oh, have you not met?” The man appeared as a tall type of fowl, and Greg shook his hand wondering if his wife’s race would have otherwise evolved along that path as Labonchy continued to speak. “This is Ninthralod. He is the essence of Comedy.”

“Ah, I was wondering about that. The picture that Anne brought to my wife is said to be an ancient persona of Comedy.”

Ninthralod commented, “I heard about the picture, but now I am interested in it.”

The man did not act funny at all. A lifting of the mouth at the edge of his beak did give the indication that he was smiling, but otherwise he seemed normal. Greg had to allow that everyone else seemed to be normal in Peace.

“You might not get to see it. Anne brought it to my wife, as the figure is of her race. They say that it is a historical person from about twenty-two hundred years ago. My wife’s home world is sending an expert to check the painting, and there is talk that they may want to claim it.”

“Can they? I mean, wouldn’t it belong to Peace?”

“I don’t believe that there is any ownership. I am pleased that the Jubridors don’t simply throw things away.” Ninthralod spoke his agreement along with others, but Greg kept talking. “I however don’t believe that the painting will be kept, as it cannot be verified to be old. Things don’t age here in Peace. While the image might be considered of worth, I actually feel that the painting itself not to gain any value.”

The persona of Comedy seemed really interested as he asked, “Well, what could we learn by studying the paintings?”

Labonchy interjected the fact that there were an extreme number of paintings before Greg answered, “Well, race and possible age. I doubt that we could place most names, and maybe not even what persona was represented. It is however possible that the Jubridors have a system of putting things in storage.”

One of the small rotund girlish figures was called from its place around the wall. Greg had never heard the creatures say much. Most of what they said was very soft, and what little he understood of them was only simple requests. They were mostly spoken to with their replies simply in how they performed. It listened to the questions with the usual thin-lipped smile, although did not provide any answer until Prastus took a number of glasses and asked the creature to stack them in order. Seeing the Jubridor set down one layer, then another, had all groaning with the knowledge that each stack of paintings possibly held images from a multitude of ages.

Jethredair, the persona of literature, seemed hopeful as he asked, “But that is good, right? I mean, if we can date two pictures on top of each other, we can use that information to actually date Peace.”

Shetaile added the information, “We could also look at the pictures on the bottom to learn about the first inhabitants of this place.”

Everyone became interested in the conversation about how the paintings could answer a number of questions about Peace. Even the simple fact of where the paintings were made. When it was mentioned that one picture had a picture of Eddie, some spoke of hopefully getting paintings that showed the gardens, fountains, or other rooms presently unknown by those present. Greg listened wondering if the answers to some questions would actually become easy to find, and maybe just as easily lost should those present be exchanged with a couple of groups who were not so interested in the past.

He suddenly thought about something, and excused himself, but Labonchy stated some awareness of his features. “What are you going to do, Greg?”

“Look at my plants.”


Greg turned back to the group, and honestly related what he had conceived. “We cannot bring living things here. I thus wondered if I could take the plants to my wife.”

Ninthralod exclaimed, “That is a wonderful idea.” When Labonchy and a couple of others stated their confusion, he spoke further to explain. “If he can take them away from Peace then they were brought here, so there is a way to bring living things here. If he cannot then they are from here, so there is a room, or rooms, here where they were taken from.”

Greg ended up with everyone in the room following him. He moved a chair to gain a hanger while admitting that he had never watered them, but assumed the Jubridors took care of them. Not only did the flowering ferns look healthy, but the soil appeared good. No one could find any fault with the lace of thick threads that held the circular clay container. Of course, none could mention even finding dust gathering in their rooms, although Greg did find it unusual that no one else spoke of having anything living, even a simple container of plants, in their rooms.

Moving into the large semi-spherical misty chamber where one entered or left Peace, Greg quickly sensed that the plants could not be taken. That answered the question about where the plants came from, and hoping to find the gardens some left the room. Greg however moved to one of the benches to look at his plants.

The voice of Labonchy asked, “Wondering if there is a world that actually has such plants?”

“No.” He turned to the lady to ask, “What have you done to your room?”

“You mean to redecorate?”


“Nothing, really. I do have some pictures. I really did not consider the room worth changing. I mean, I never planned on living in Peace.”

“No, me either. Still, Labonchy, do you realize what this means?”

She just looked at him. He smiled realizing that he thought of her as being partially plant-like. She silently waited, and Greg put his mind back on track to supply an answer to his own question.

“These plants, the birds, and Eddie, have been in my room the entire time.”

“You mean since the first?”

“Yes, since way back. I don’t know why the others didn’t, but whoever was Life way back in the early days, he or she thought to fill the room with examples of life.”

“I can understand why War would not…”

Greg suddenly stood as he remembered something, “Vabrey said that he had a mount, and others that rode with him.”

“Well, yes, but they aren’t real. Some cultures just have an image of War going with his army. They are no more real than our forms. I mean, my form when I appeared before you in your apartment was not really me.”

“Maybe, but I remember him speaking as if his mount was real enough.”

“I can tell you that he does not have access to any stables or anything.”

Greg found himself accepting that fact. He however never found the man dressed in clothes for riding an animal, but usually in armor of some kind. Also, while Greg had a dragon in his room, Vabrey was one to mention that how strange it was to have a pet in Peace. Greg thus stood dejected that while a truth had been learned, no real answer had actually been gained.

Labonchy patted him on the back as she said, “Thank you, Greg. I might have thought of doing this, but it was best if done with your permission.”

“Oh, you’re welcome. I guess that even this short walk was however more than these plants had been put through for a long time. I guess that I need to put them back.”

The lady moved to walk with him as she said, “It is proper that you should have them. One advantage I guess of being Life.”

“I guess… oh!” Labonchy turned to him, and seeing them alone in the room he spoke what had come to his mind. “You knew that you had large boobs.”


Greg moved to set the plants down on a bench, then moved back to the lady while cupping his hands in front of his chest. “When you visited me, you knew that you had large boobs. You then offered to make Vefillaya’s larger.”

“It was part of her feminine traits.”

“Yes, but… you knew. You don’t have boobs.”

Labonchy changed her form to that of a human female. He watched as she toyed with the size of her chest. She saw him watching, then simply made a comment.

“This is just part of who I am.”

“No. I mean, how do you do that?” It took some concentration, but he had now been the Blue Flame long enough to manage changing his form that of the local inhabitants, so managed to show himself as that of Labonchy’s race. “Now, can you tell me how to become more masculine?”

“You have to focus on the body part, and think of what type of change to make. I actually find myself noting things about ladies, so able to think about how to enhance parts of my body. I don’t think that you have such a mind.”

In a way, Greg thought she just complimented him, but he tried to reply to her. “Maybe, but I might try. I deal with a number of races in my job back with the Suderling Union. It might help to toy with my appearance.”

“I doubt it, as you have an honest mentality. My personality is rather shallow, and the people I often deal with just as shallow.” She moved up to pat him again as she said, “You stay who you are.”

He knew that was a compliment, so told her thanks. He then moved to regain his plants as he told her that his room would also tend to stay more as it was. Greg then left with her asking about her boy-toys, and she asked him about his wife.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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Life on the Other Side: cp11 (Both parts of 2)
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