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 Life on the Other Side: cp13 (All Parts of Two)

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PostSubject: Life on the Other Side: cp13 (All Parts of Two)   June 2nd 2013, 12:24 pm

The second Blue Flame novel –
There is a wiki database to reference names, although you can certainly ask me questions as well.

The Other Side of Life
Chapter Thirteen: Part One


We were speaking in Chinese when my teacher stopped and put his hands up as he said, “You seem very happy today.”

“I should not be, but, yes, I am.” I did not wait for him to ask, but went ahead and provided the information. “A friend died. A close friend. The one of whom it was said that he was a real immortal. With his death, I feel that I may one day indeed step from the heights of immortality and take my place among those who truly live a life.”

“Then I must say that I understand your loss. However, my own gladness is made sorrowful by the news.”


“Yes. I have begun dating a most wonderful lady, but now that I have what I hope to my own source of happiness, I find that my hopes might once gain ring true of gaining you.”

I did allow myself a little laughter before speaking in return. “I doubt it. I told you that it would probably be your grandson. You thus need to marry this lady and have her start providing you with children, as you first need a son before you can gain a grandson.”

“You inspire me to live, honorable lady, as I do hope to one day bless your own son, my great-grandson.”

“No granddaughter could be more pleased with such an honor.”

We both tried to return to the lessons. I however could sense that he wanted to ask another question. I felt no rush. If he wanted to prolong the inquiry, it was fine with me. Eventually, he did ask.

“How will I know that it will be time for you to marry?”

I actually felt that those questions had been answered in the process of me hiring the man. I did not say such however, because I actually did not deal with him. It was his father that I actually approached. How much was related to this man, and how it was said, might have caused certain facts to be ignored, evaded, or simply not considered important at the time.

“I will come to you. When another takes my position, I gain a moment of clarity where I can choose where to go. The first time I went to Greg, who is the friend that brought you my photo. It was also to Greg that Chisel went. Greg and I were both present for Chisel’s last moments. The next time for me, I will however come to you.”

“And how fast will events need to move?”

“No faster than necessary. I am physically young. While I lived for centuries, I became Death at a very young age. While the courting process will take its time, the man that gets me will probably be considered as robbing the cradle.”

“Yet you are not a virgin.”

I really did not consider the response proper, but I went ahead and answered. “Yet whoever will want a lass close to three hundred years in age, should not be interested in me as a virgin.”

“I have already been getting inquiries concerning you. Most have asked.”

“Good, although it has them mean no more to me than your professions of love for me. Those who want a virgin, will not truly want me. I am not an innocent girl.” I moved to touch the man as I added, “Those who seek me now, do not truly know who I am. While I long for life, I know well how short the years are. I will thus stay Death as long as I can.”

“Oh, a man will never love a granddaughter as much as you, as by the time that my grandson first looks upon you, I would have spoken to you for so long.”

It was very much the proper thing for him to say. If our relationship was anything closer than simply teacher and student, I would have kissed him. As it was, I simply smiled. It was enough for him, and he returned to the lesson.

The lesson ended as I felt the signal to be elsewhere. Instead of any closing less professional chatter, I rushed to where somebody called for me. I felt it for the best, as I found my instructor already attempting to break the barriers of our relationship. While I suspected that we would indeed grow close, I did not feel any desire to rush a deeper communication. I thus politely excused myself at the close of the lesson, then left.

“Oh, you. I would get you. Oh, damn, you are not who I wanted.”

I considered it strange that I would recognize the lady. Equipment filled the room. Smoke poured from certain components clouding my view, but also the lady had her appearance distorted from wounds she had suffered. I did not consider it to be suicide, and the words spoken seemed to support that conclusion.

“Go away, Death. I don’t want you.”

Normally, I would, but I recognized the person. “Azurgell, what did you do?”

“Is it still you, Calliope? Good. Go turn off the power supply over there.”

“Will the room go dark?”

“What? Yeah, but the smoke ain’t helping anyway. I know where the door is.”

The equipment had been scattered by what I felt was an explosion. I looked to the door and considered it blocked. I thus went to move some things.

“What are you doing? Oh. I can get that stuff. Just get the power off.”

I had been summoned, so thought different. “Can you even stand?”

She tried, but the grunt became close to a scream. I saw her eyes turn to me with fear. The sensation of no longer desiring me could clearly be sensed, but I stayed to see how I could help assure that she did not die anyway. Regaining some composure, she did speak to me.

“I have tried and tried to regain my status as Life. Nothing has worked.”

“I don’t know of anyone that regained their position after having it removed from them. Having it taken by another is one thing, but once removed another is divinely selected.”

I did not want to add by doing some experiment probably as dangerous as what I saw around me. I also knew that Greg spent years in his trial period, so anything done before a number of months ago would not have worked. Moving some equipment, I hoped that Azurgell would explain some things, which she did.

“Yeah, I got angry and did something really bad. I don’t like worms however, and felt the caterpillar creatures deserved an advantage. I really did not believe that I was doing anything overly wrong. Ended up back home however.”

I saw the smoke and sparks, so did turn off the power. The darkness did not spoil my sight. Azurnell could no longer see, but something about not being able to judge the size of things around her caused her to act. Throwing off a piece of equipment, she screamed, and as hands came to her body to feel the source of pain I heard her exclaim what she detected.

“I am going to die!”

I replied, “I was called.”

“Thank you for coming, Calliope. What you have done was a help. Now, go away. I don’t want you.”

“Azurnell, you might not be Life, but start living it.”

I saw the hands touching a certain part of her body as she replied, “That might not be a possibility any more.”

I thought of Greg’s wife as I said, “Mepriane.”


“The word is from another culture. It means a lady that can no longer be a proper wife. They are removed from the courting process, because they cannot provide any children for a man.”

“Is there a word for the men?”

Since I had started the topic, I felt that I needed to answer. “The word might apply to a man as well. I don’t know. I heard the word from a lady. Anyway, you can still be a factor in helping your relatives raise their families. It can be a good life. Enjoy life, Azurnell.”

“If I survive. I am about to try to leave and get help. If I die, I will go suffering. I don’t want you, Calliope.”

“I hope to see you again, one day, Azurnell, but I will be the one not wanting to come to you then. Before I let you pass on, I will want you to tell me what you did between this day and that one.”

“I will promise to have a pitcher of beer waiting for you, so we can talk as friends.”

I told the lady farewell, then I went to Greg’s apartment. Vefillaya was there overseeing a work crew. I had hoped that the bedroom would be clear, but she had people even in there doing work. I thus choose the best place I could to be visible.

Vefillaya greeted me, then said, “We just had one of the festivals of the Pranashall Consortium, and Greg mentioned something that a few want to speak to him further about. When an opening in the schedule next occurs, some will thus gather here. I am thus trying to get things very ready.”

“Oh, the life of a diplomat.” She smiled, then I asked my question. “The word, mepriane, does it apply to the men as well?”


She did not say ‘eunuch,’ but that was how whatever gift for language that I had translated it. I felt dumb after hearing it, as I knew the word. The fact that I did not know ‘mepriane’ told me that I did not have a similar word in my language, at least one that I did know. I could have thus answered Azurnell’s question. After thanking Vefillaya, she however asked a question that I had not expected in return.

“Did the situation come up as a part of your lessons?”

“No. It came up at the scene of an accident where another lady hurt herself very badly. She saw me, then told me to go away. It might seem improper, but I thought of you.”

“It might seem strange, but I did not feel myself as close to death that day. I know others have told me that it sounded strange to them that I did not speak as if I had hurt myself so bad. They however could see that part of the tree was inside me. I however only felt myself as being surrounded by the tree. I actually thought that it had kept me from danger. Considering that my parents had been killed by being slammed into a tree, I at first thought it ironic that a tree would save me.”

I thought of the scene with Azurnell as I replied, “It is strange how the fates seem to work.”

Vefillaya looked at me with an odd expression as she said, “Greg is with the other ambassadors, unless he had to leave.”

“I came to ask you the question. I did not come to see Greg.”

“Well do you have to leave again?”

“No. Not at the moment.”

“Then can we spend time talking?”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Part Two   June 7th 2013, 12:07 pm

The second Blue Flame novel –
There is a wiki database to reference names, although you can certainly ask me questions as well.

The Other Side of Life
Chapter Thirteen: Part Two


In a way, I am responsible for Greg marrying Vefillaya. I believe that he would have ended up choosing her without my influence, but I was there to help him see past certain things clouding his vision at the time. Who to pick as one’s wife was a big decision, and he did have a large galaxy of aliens to try and not get angry at him. He thus gave more weight to ladies that would not have been pleasing to him. I made him understand that he needed someone that he could truly be compatible with. Vefillaya might not be human, but she was very compatible, so I told Greg to choose her.

The lady and I had spent time together, so I did feel that she was a friend. There was also the fact that we shared the same man. I had him in his immortal persona while she filled a role in his daily existence. On an immediate scale of time, she had priority, but we both understood which one of us would not grow old. She did not resent my presence, because Greg did give her his devotion. I did not resent her, because I knew that I did not have the time to be there for him, although I would still be a part of his life long after her time was through. Having a man in common gave us things to talk about.

The workers in the room did show some disturbance in seeing me present. Even when I did not appear as Death, my pale complexion, white hair, and a radiating chill told others that I was not something associated with life. Most of those aboard the Apostle however knew who I was, as I had spent my short period back among the mortals on this spaceship. While those in the room felt disturbed by a slight feeling of fright as I moved about, they returned to work with the knowledge that I did have a good history with many on board the vessel.

One thing about Vefillaya, she preferred speaking on normal female topics. She knew who I was, and who her husband was, but honestly supplied a physical stability to our lives. Considering that I was going through the lessons to be a proper wife, I actually needed time simply speaking to another lady. I thus moved about cheerfully talking with Vefillaya about the decorations, details of the coming events, and even what type of foods I preferred.

I felt a signal to leave, but as I excused myself I asked the lady, “Why don’t you have more friends?”

“They have husbands, but they also have children. Instead of children, I have a husband that has friends that are immortals. It is hard finding common topics.”

“You are ostracized because of that?”

“No. They are all friendly enough, but there are few topics that we have in common.”

I almost felt sorry for Vefillaya, but then I felt that I recognized a problem with her statement. “Greg seems to do all right.”

“No. He however is rather smart, so he can put his different perspective to benefit others by seeing answers to problems they had not realized to be present. That is why they appreciate his presence. At gatherings and in normal proceedings, he is usually as isolated as I am. If I am not there to talk with, he will talk to Tertha or Jirdan.”

It was good that he would talk to Vefillaya. Honestly, most of the females that sought to marry him focused on conversation, as their bodies would not be compatible. Vefillaya however had the strength to face him and seek his thoughts about certain decisions. That put her above the other ladies, in that he enjoyed talking with her and not just the pleasures of her body.

With a smile on my face, I said, “Well, continue to be there for Greg.”

“I am here, and I am glad to be here. Greg met my uncle. He and my family agree with me that I am better off with Greg than one of my own kind. Still, Calliope, thank you for coming.”

“I will come again. I have things to discuss with you.”

“If you want another threesome.”

The words to put her mind on other things quickly came from me. “No. You fight for your time with Greg. I am there for him as well, but he treasures you. If he comes to me, he has a reason. A few times sex was involved, but trust me that it was good reasons. One day I will have my own husband, and I want it known that I will fight for him.”

I had to go, but I went feeling that I left the conversation at a good place. I really did consider Vefillaya a friend. I usually did not go to her for companionship, but that was because she was married while I was not. After that discussion, I however realized that she also was in a separate category. She also had a husband who was my friend. I could intrude upon her privacy. I thus made it a point to return.

A number of issues kept me occupied. At one place I saw Greg, and I told him that I had spoken to his wife. He knew with him telling me that she appreciated me dropping by. I promised him that I would do so again before leaving for another task where someone cried out for the release that I could bring.

It was as I stood in my room in Peace that I realized that it was time for my lessons. The sight of the walls however bothered me, and I turned with the decision that I would redecorate. Thinking to discuss the topic with Vefillaya, I left for my lessons.

My instructor fell to the floor in the usual manner, but spoke with control as he rose to a kneeling position. “Honored lady, we will need to speak more in Chinese, as I plan to cover their history in more depth. I feel that a husband of your desire will be better found among them.”

“I have something else to speak of you. Do you know the word mepriane?”

“A female eunuch?”

Since I knew the word, whatever process had others understand my speech caused the meaning to be delivered. The questioning response of my instructor informed me that he did not know the word. I however felt a need to press the topic.

“Not exactly, but why do you find the topic so strange?”

“Well, that is a question for my father.”

“Is he available?”

They did not live in the same house, so I expected a negative, although found the answer given to be something else. “My mother is. She is working to assure the match of me and the lady that I spoke to you before. She also says that there will be a time when you will need to go to her for your lessons.”

“Yes, but I expect it to be your wife. Still, yes, gain your mother.”

He simply moved to the door. It seemed that his mother was nearby. She quickly responded, but he spent time making certain that she understood to enter showing proper respect. Only after seeing that things with his mother would not get out of hand did he allow her to come in.

I saw fear on the face of the elder lady. She clearly understood who I was. She also was far enough advanced in years to be scared of looking into my face. She moved into the room on her knees, and never let her eyes lift from looking at the floor.

“Why is the topic of a mepriane,” I used the term to assure a proper translation of the question, “such a strange one?”

“How can a woman be a eunuch? There is nothing one can do to cause it. A man is simple enough.”

I thought for a moment before saying, “You are correct. It can only happen by an accident, or a most malicious act by one that knows anatomy very well.”

“Why do you wish to know?”

“I have a friend that is one. It did result from an accident, but she is a very sweet lady. I then was called to a scene of one that was not a friend, but she once was among the immortals. She had an accident as well. What got me to thinking however was that my friend’s society had the word, while most others did not. It caused me to think.”

“A young lady should not have thoughts like that.”

I looked to my instructor as I said, “I have made it known that those who want a virgin should not want me, because I am not an innocent little girl. I have lived too long.”

Not being able to see that I had moved my head, the elder lady replied, “You are most wise, as my son says. Men are however trained to desire a young lady, and to look for certain things assure that there will be no taints in their lineage. Do not worry about the question about whether or not you are a virgin, look to their questions about how you plan to spend your day. Home and family should be your concern, not being a mother to your husband.”

I gasped, as I had not expected that answer. “Thank you, dear lady, as your wisdom has helped me see past my problems. You have shown me that my friend is truly doing the right thing. While no children can result from her association with her husband, her focus is on their home and her time with her husband is as his companion.”

“You feared that she was not acting properly?”

“No. Her relationship with her husband is most positive. I however eventually want a life with children, and I did not know if she would be a good source of guidance.”

“If her relationship with her man is considered positive, you can then consider her a source of wisdom. Many women have husbands without any good feelings towards the man, so put their focus upon the children that results. Those who do not produce any children, have miserable lonely lives.”

“Thank you very much for your time.”

She prostrated herself on the ground, then lifted herself back to her knees before moving out of the room. I looked to my instructor as this occurred. He showed no fear of meeting my gaze, although did humble himself after closing the door while waiting for my words.

“You heard what was said?”

“Yes, honorable lady. You had already told me, but I found the words of my mother to be most wise as well.”

“Good. Now, I believe that you were saying that we needed to study Chinese history.”

I had to leave before my time was completely used up. Again I had a period of encountering people during very tragic parts of their lives. Finally, I however gained a moment to return to Vefillaya.

She was in the kitchen considering what to fix when I arrived. She gasped when I knelt before her. I watched as she moved to the floor before me. When she finished taking a place in front of me, I hugged her.

“I was told that you were doing a good job.”

“At what?”

“At being a wife.”

She listened as I spoke to her of Azurnell, then my concern about a lady that was a mepriane. After telling her of my conversation, I related the words from the elder lady. I then told her that I wanted her to help me learn how to be a proper wife.

Vefillaya had me rise as she said, “I don’t know if I can teach. Calliope, Greg does not complain about you. I consider you a positive companion with him. He judged me by using you as a comparison.”

Yes, those words were true. Greg and I did have a relationship before he met Vefillaya. If I had spoken against her, he would not have accepted her. I thus considered that topic settled, and moved to another concern.

“I want you to choose some very feminine things for me. I will be redecorating my room in Peace. I cannot go shopping, as being Death really disturbs most people. While I might do what I can to gain some things of my heritage, I have decided that I just want the next Death to know that the position was once held by a woman. I thus want a very girlish room.”

As usual, I did not have much time. When I felt the signal, I however felt that Vefillaya truly had an idea of the style of décor that I desired. I thus left feeling that the future would be a pleasant one.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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Life on the Other Side: cp13 (All Parts of Two)
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