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 Life on the Other Side: cp14 (Both Parts of Two)

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PostSubject: Life on the Other Side: cp14 (Both Parts of Two)   June 12th 2013, 1:33 pm

The second Blue Flame novel –
There is a wiki database to reference names, although you can certainly ask me questions as well.

The Other Side of Life
Chapter Fourteen:  Part One


Greg turned at hearing his name not considering the situation unusual.  He actually thought it strange when he could move about and not be bothered.  He thus turned to the one that called him with a pleasant expression on his face.

“Ambassador Greg, I want to speak my thanks on behalf of my faction for the fine socials provided for our consortium.”

This was not the first time such a statement had been made.  Greg did recognize this speaker as one of the minor groups, and there was some pleasure to hear even agreement from the factions that usually showed up with grievances.  He thus truly felt the warmth that he tried to put into his words.

“Well, you don’t know how much luck went into our decisions or the timing of things, but we were thrilled to have such esteemed witnesses.  Glad that you appreciated the visit, and hopefully we can satisfy you as well next time.”

The being approached to say, “Glad to hear it, Ambassador.  Really, you are doing well.  There is a lot of talk of you not staying, and we don’t want that.”

“Well, I agree with you.  Let’s not talk about me leaving.  We have to deal honestly with ourselves just like we force you to deal honestly with us and each other.  Still, I should become as much a part of this vessel as the other ambassadors.  Things change, but hopefully our concerns are far in the future.”

“Sounds good, Ambassador.  Until next time.”

Greg did not engage his own feet as the attaché moved off, as he saw his own employee, Jirdan, approaching.  Seeing the Cladastian pleasantly cover the distance, there was no feeling that trouble was being brought.  He even paused as if to find some delay to prevent any intrusion into an already occurring conversation, declaring that that nothing of importance was being conveyed.  Greg thus held his ground as he looked to Jirdan letting him know it was all right to advance.

“Everything seems to have gone well with this meeting.  I was little needed, as these basically spoke the same language.  I however have been given the assignment to continue with developing my code, as there is no telling how the next ones to arrive might speak.”
Just to be conversational, Greg calmly replied, “I thought the translation software could handle forms of speech besides vocal.”

“There are almost none in our knowledge that do so.  I was asked if you could transform into such a creature, one you have met in your travels, that could help us develop our translation software further.”

“No.  Honestly, I don’t think I could.  The Flame does have my body appear in different forms, but they are usually reactionary depending upon the culture.  The Flame is a personification of a force of the universe, so my appearance is as the people consider me to be.  I don’t think about how I appear, but it is just part of what I am to appear as I do.  Around those of you of the Suderling Union, I appear as myself, as there is not a strong enough image of how I should appear.”

The Cladastian was designed along a triple axis with three of most things.  He only had one mouth however.  Greg noticed that he moved in a manner to prevent his speech organ from being seen as he replied.

“I expected some form of ‘no,’ but what you said did make sense.”

“Good.  Now, are there any other pressing engagements within the foreseeable future?”

Jirdan moved as if to determine in which direction Greg should be going.  He however had no set direction, but was merely making himself available for the occupation he was on the ship to perform.  Jirdan ended up simply standing next to Greg while providing an answer.

“No.  There will be the usual discussions of having the Apostle move to a more reactionary part of our union, but everyone again deciding against it as your presence is never assured.”

“Well, we both know that this part of the galaxy does have its problems.  I however seem to not to be pressed for business either.  I could go to Peace, but at the moment I am here.”

Still in a position where his mouth could not be seen, Jirdan said, “If you are thinking to go to your wife, she is with Tertha.”

“Nothing wrong with that.  I am glad to know that the two get along.”

“It is something to do with decorating.”

Considering that Jirdan’s wife had recently laid a number of eggs, Greg really wondered about the type of decorating ideas that would be discussed.  He however did feel it a very positive sign that the two ladies got alone.  He felt his relationship with Jirdan and Tertha was a good thing, so could only support whatever the two ladies were doing together.

“Then I will leave them at it.  If nothing is pressing here,” Greg turned to direct his face toward a monitor to assure that others knew to inform him should they have other concerns, “then I guess that I will go to Peace.”

“Wish I could go with you.”

Considering the Cladastian a friend, Greg replied, “I wish that you could as well.  Still, I expect something to disrupt whatever I am doing.  I will let you know what happened after I return.”

“It will give us something to talk about, besides business.”

Greg voiced an agreement while turning to go to an elevator door.  Those that moved personnel further than just between floors traveled through the vacuum of space, as it was not feasible to keep air in the lengths of shafts.  As the Flame, Greg could activate the doors, move through them safely keeping the ship’s atmosphere stable, then close the doors before rushing off to wherever he felt a desire to be.

The second parlor in Peace was empty.  He strode into the room accepting that such was usually the case, as those in Peace did try to be as sociable with each other as possible.  Considering the short period that he had been active among the immortals, he remembered what usually happened was a few men or women would get into a conversation and move to the other parlor where they could rant or get rowdy without disturbing anyone.  Greg however entered the second parlor attempting to understand why it was present.  A jubridor was in the room, and Greg had it make him an alcoholic mixed drink, then sipped it while pondering what facts of the parlor he knew.

There had been two parlors near the fountain, but he could not think of why.  The room with the fountain did not seem to be a place to socialize with food, but he could think of no reason why it could not happen.  Surely the jubridors, or whatever saw to the maintenance of this place, could take care of a few spills.  Greg accepted that a nearby parlor to sit and eat a meal made sense, but could not think of a reason for two.

His first assumption was along the line that he usually knew of this second parlor being used, which was according to gender.  Nothing about the room however spoke of it appearing masculine or feminine.  The chairs and divans were different, but not in any stylistic manner.  They only had him think that these were the pieces of furniture for this room, although he could not help but consider that the Jubridors would redecorate if someone would give such an order.  If the parlors were to be used according to gender then Greg could only assume that they should look as if intended for men or women.  That had him wonder why these pieces of furniture were present.  Not even being able to check an assumption about the purpose for two parlors, he stepped out of the room considering how to gain more information.

“Greg!”  He turned to see Vabrey, and as he approached he asked, “What were you doing in there?”

“Wondering about it.”  Greg looked right, thought of Shetaile, but it was Vabrey that was present.  “Do you want to join me?”


Greg shrugged, then took off running.  The sound of four thick heavy feet soon came behind him.  The two ran for a time, then Greg stopped.  Vabrey ran a little past him, then came to a halt in order to ask a question.

“What was that about?”

Instead of immediately answering, Greg walked up to the quadraped to point while simply providing an obvious statement.  “It’s yellow.”

Vabrey looked, then said, “Yeah.  The things some of you get fascinated about.”

“You know of another yellow doorway?”

“Uh, now that you mention it – no.”

He followed Greg toward the portal.  The door was in a semi-circular alcove with a red doorway in the curve where neither had been able to previously see it.  Greg did speak of checking to see what was stored in that room, but headed to move through the yellow portal.

Even Vabrey had to make exclamations upon stepping into a garden.  It was not as expansive as the fountain room, but it gave me the impression of being much more active.  The walls were of the usual artificially appearing panels, which in this case were a light gray.  Columns supported what appeared to be a walkway, although actually seemed to provide some shade to the plants growing about the perimeter.  Other plants grew where a bright light stayed constant.  Greg stopped and noticed that he did not smell the aroma of rotting vegetation and soil, but found himself almost overwhelmed with the scent of fruit and flowers.  Vabrey stepped forward while asking the obvious question.

“Do you recognize these plants?”

“They are not roses or dandelions, so no.”  He moved to examine what appeared to be a rough thick reddish leaf, but stopped upon recognizing it as a fruit.  “There is no telling what world has plants like this.”

“Do you think that there is a room with plants from every world?”

Considering that he had knowledge of doing things that would hopefully result in abundant new life, Greg had to make a conclusion.  “No.  Peace would have to be extremely expansive.  Not just for the numerous worlds, but for all of their climates along with the grand number of plants as they developed over time.”

“So, why are these plants here?”

“I would stop now, Vabrey, as you are going to become a philosopher.”

The quadraped turned slowly so as to cause little damage to the plants around him while asking, “Are you saying that there is no answer?”

“No, Vabrey, I am saying that there is no way for us to learn the answer.  There is no one to tell us things.  Yes, there has to be a reason why these plants are here, but we do not have any source to answer those questions.  We are not looking to gain answers, but simply to learn.  This is our home away from wherever we call home.  This is a part of our lives.  It is just nice knowing that a garden is here.”

“Well, what is in the store room across the way?”

Greg simply shrugged while reminding Vabrey that an earlier comment had been made to check the other portal out.  The two thus exited the garden to directly step through the red doorway.  The room did not appear organized at all, but had piles of clothes in no clear sign of organization.  Vabrey did not appear interested, but Greg walked past him mentioning taking a moment to check the stacks to see if anything important might be found.

The quadraped never asked what Greg might be looking for, but simply moved with him.  The pace began as casual, but as the size of the room continued to stretch before them Greg slowly had his feet increase in rhythm.  Suddenly, he stopped upon seeing something he felt was familiar.  Vabrey continued to silently move with the man as he changed direction to walk over to a stack toward something he felt was familiar.

The two looked at the garment with Vabrey putting his conclusion to words, “Our pictures, our clothes, they don’t allow anything personal to remain in our rooms.”

Greg corrected him.  “No directly personal.  If we went to Chisel’s room, it would appear as it did, but simply lacking those things that clearly identified him.”

“You would think that they would at least send the things to his family, or at least his world where there would hopefully be someone who would care.”

The glance from Greg indicated that he could not argue with the words.  “Definitely gives you the impression that something is being done wrong, but it also causes you to wonder why the things are kept.”

“Yeah.”  He went silent for a moment, then asked, “Do you think there was a war?  You know, a fight – a struggle between those early immortals?”

“I cannot say, but – no.  No, there was no real struggle.  I believe that they simply felt that they were special – that they belonged here.  While something does mark us, I believe the intent of these storage rooms is to say that we are not unique.”

“But not completely cast aside either.  The stuff is kept.”  Vabrey moved to the door while saying, “Thanks for bringing me, Greg.”

“I didn’t bring you.  You could have come or not come.”

“No, you could have said it a different way.  They way you said it, I came.”

“Oh, well, since you put it that way – you’re welcome.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Part Two   June 17th 2013, 11:13 am

The second Blue Flame novel –
There is a wiki database to reference names, although you can certainly ask me questions as well.
The Other Side of Life
Chapter Fourteen:  Part Two

I came into the Apostle to hear a call from Captain Negallin summoning me to the bridge.  Without any reply, I simply turned and began heading in that direction.  I politely waved those that passed, but really did not say anything.  I moved into the bridge with my usual interest in the various stations and their activities, but basically just waited for the captain to let me know why he called for me.

“Ambassador Greg, just wanted you to know that there are no concerns about your visit to Dumonistat.  In fact, the powers that be feel that it is a good use of your time.  Enjoy the family reunion.”

I nodded, and almost left, but I did trust the one that spoke.  “Captain, what would happen to your belongings should you die?”

No, he did not ask my reason for the question.  Captain Negallin had always been one to study the demeanors of those around him.  He thus surely noticed my silence.  Accepting that I was mentally bothered by something, he answered my question.

“My things will be sent to my family or wherever I have designated them to go.”

“But what if they did not know.  I know that there should be no reason that they should not know, but just hypothetical?”

"There are groups that care.  Historical societies are almost always looking for items that can be associated with certain periods of times or events.  Considering that the Apostle has been active in a number of situations during my tenure, there are groups seeking for me to release certain medals and personal items.”

I had to shake my head as I replied, “Sorry, but that is the wrong answer.”

"Greg, I felt that you agreed with me that the truth was always the better response.”

“What you just said, Captain Negallin, was that no one cares about me.”

Not just the captain, but others in the room spoke up to tell me that I was wrong.  I let them express their support of me.  The captain did as well, but seeing that I was not calling them down he finally brought order back to his domain.

“All right, everyone, let us hear why Ambassador Greg said what he did.”

I waited for the room to go quiet, then said, “All of you know that the one who represented Eternity is now dead.  Well, I found his clothes in a storage room filled with garments of all kinds.  The evidence is overwhelming that our personal effects are simply cast into storage – forgotten with no method of restoring some presence of the one who once served or even in what capacity they served.”

No one said anything in response.  I thus spoke of my idea to come out the alternate parlor and turn right just as Shetaile had directed me to do from the other parlor.  I expected some questions as I spoke of the garden, but they let me talk.  When I got to the part of finding Chisel’s clothes, their activities of managing their duties had almost completely stopped.

An enlisted lady had the boldness to say, “You could bring them to us.  We could make use of them.”

Captain Negallin once again proved his understanding of things by saying, “The ambassador is just one person.  Think of how many clothes he is speaking of seeing.  The wardrobe of those holding twenty occupations accumulated over millennium.  The room must be vast – easily larger than this vessel.”

I said, “I have no knowledge of how large some of those rooms are.”

A helmsman said, “If you found a garden, you might find the parent of your dragon.  Maybe it can give you an answer.”

Others mumbled or whispered support for those words.  I had to smile, as I felt that the statement had some merit.  I hoped that the one that spoke saw and recognized my smile, even as I knew the military required a more general response.

“Captain Negallin, it seems that I have been in error only seeking advice from you.  It seems that you are surrounded by those who can provide wisdom.”

The master of the vessel replied, “Yes, Ambassador, you should be more trusting in those of us that support you.”

I smiled, then remembered the reason that I had been summoned to the bridge.  “I will just be going to a family reunion.  I shouldn’t be gone too long.”

“Dumonistat is a good distance, but it is also in our union.  I thus know that you can be contacted, Ambassador.  I thus will not consider you absent.  Enjoy your stay.”

I thanked the captain along with the others, then headed to my room.  Vefillaya met me with the usual signs of pleasure.  While I was tired, the scene in the bridge had restored some of my energy.  I thus accepted my wife’s suggestions with a little more alertness than usual.  She however did not react with surprise, but with her face showing more eagerness than concern for me I was directed to our bedroom.

The sex was a little more active than normal, which I believe was good for both of us.  The porn from Dumonistat never showed the actual bonding as taking long.  It was mostly silly or athletic forms of foreplay with the coupling often not even being shown.  Vefillaya spoke of communications with other females of her species mentioning the short period of the actual act.  While I had heard women on my world speak of their men being done too soon, they had evidence of it being prolonged.  Those of Dumonistat seemed not to have evolved to extend the enjoyment of the reproductive act.  Vefillaya thus really did not have a body made to handle the length of time I would stay inside her.  What showed on her face however was extreme pleasure, and I knew she was ever ready for me to have access to her private area.  She enjoyed the activity of our foreplay, but held me with her body doing everything it could to show her pleasure in the final part of our union.

She continued to hold me once I was finished.  I did not mind, but enjoyed moving my hands about her body enjoying the feel of quivering muscles even under the roughest sections of skin.  Finally, Vefillaya felt able to have the air being pumped in and out of her body power her speech.

“Greg, will we stay in a spaceship when at the reunion?”

“I don’t know.”  This was not my family we were visiting, so I had left handling the reunion to my wife.  “What are the usual sleeping arrangements?”

“I believe that we should use the spaceship.  It keeps the curious out of our private time.”

Could not disagree with that, so replied, “That’s fine.  You are the one registered as the pilot, so pick out one you believe will be the most comfortable.”

“Oh, I am, aren’t I?”  Seeing me just smile at her, she got up to clean herself while saying, “I believe that the one you had for the visit to your mother was nice, but I will go look at the others.”

“How long until the event?”

“Three days, but I would like to get there early.”

“Okay.  Let me know.”

I was cleaning myself up, but also finally feeling drained.  I believe that Vefillaya saw my sudden fatigue and felt concerned for me.  She however also knew what I had just done for her.  There was thus a satisfied expression on her face as her voice tried to show concern for me.

“Are there any problems?”

“No.  We found a garden.  I could thus be involved in some discussions and such, but nothing really major.”

“A garden?  Any animals in the garden?”

“I don’t even remember a bee.  Just plants.”

I spent time relating what I remembered of the place.  She seemed fascinated by what I described, and stood near me rubbing my body while asking what questions she felt would have me talk some more.  Finally, once I mentioned all I could of the plants and the room they were in, my wife eased my body back into bed.  It felt good having her hands move about my body, so I kept myself conscious while speaking of what I might do to find more rooms.

She finally said, “I wish that I could go with you to Peace.”

“I was told that a number of men sought to bring ladies with them, but the path is closed when there are living things with you.  There thus has to be a room where Eddie is from, but Peace seems so expansive.”

“Seems like a place where you would never have to leave.”

“Yes, which is why I believe we were isolated to the section we now are in.”

Vefillaya snuggled up to me while saying, “No wives, no children, I cannot believe that anyone wanted to stay.”

While I felt myself drifting off into unconsciousness, I continued to speak to my wife.  “What does your early mythology say about the early gods?  Our say that they were a rambunctious group having incestuous relations and really not doing much good.”

“We are pretty certain that those were not gods, but early alien visitors.”

“I am an alien, Vefillaya.”

“Yes, but you are not like them.”

It felt good to have her say that, so I worked to keep her talking.  “Okay, but who were they like?  Dumonistat is now part of the vast Suderling Union.  Which race has admitted to being those early visitors to your world?”

“Uh, no one.  There is now pretty much agreement that those stories, which really exist on all worlds, are tales of early immortals, such as you.”

“I believe that ‘not like me’ comment is true.  I believe that we are presently a generally good group attempting to help where we can.  Those before us, and I mean way long before us, were not so benevolent, and things were done to put them in their place.”

“Well, I am glad to live now.  I am pleased to have you as a husband, and to have met the immortals that I have.”  She kissed me, and I felt myself fall into unconsciousness as she held me while saying, “This is a good life, and I will do all I can to make it last.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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Life on the Other Side: cp14 (Both Parts of Two)
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