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 Life on the Other Side: cp16 (Both Parts of Two)

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PostSubject: Life on the Other Side: cp16 (Both Parts of Two)   July 2nd 2013, 12:35 pm

The second Blue Flame novel –
There is a wiki database to reference names, although you can certainly ask me questions as well.

The Other Side of Life
Chapter Sixteen:  Part One


I could not help but smile hearing a child exclaim, “He’s not ugly!”

Amid the laughter, my wife exclaimed, “No, he’s not!”  She kissed me then added, “I find him very attractive.”

A lady that had been introduced as the wife of a cousin of Vefillaya said, “He is alien, but really not that abnormal.  All that brown, he is more earthy.  I’m surprised that we have not created some fantasy race of beings like you.  Have your people created anyone like us?”

“No, but I am like you in wondering why not.”

We spent some time speaking of imaginary aliens that had been created.  They spoke of their aliens having large heads from the actors having to wear masks.  I spoke of odd ears along with horns or antennae coming from the top of the head.  We both mentioned odd eyebrows.  After a time, everyone was considering me rather normal appearing.

Vefillaya’s family was quite friendly.  It did help that they knew about me from news reports, as well as from her brother and uncle.  I found it strange how much alike they appeared.  There were differences.  I saw that Vefillaya did have skin that was more blue than most others.  White hair did appear to be a singular norm, although many dyed it a broad range of colors with almost no one choosing a shade of brown.  What surprised me was that no one really wanted my picture.  Truthfully, few were going around using the camera features of their devices.  Most mentioned the group photo being enough for them, but welcomed me into the family with words to help myself to the food and relax.

Of course, a call did come.  It however was not of the usual type.  Suspecting that it was just a call from one of the other immortals, I told Vefillaya that I did not expect to be long.  She knew that I had no control, but promised me that she would be all right.  I thus went to discover the source of the call.

I saw a strange type of creature.  It appeared as a spider, but larger than me.  Its legs also were not turned as if standing, but spread out as if it was used to floating.  Considering the way I was called, it did not surprise me to hear it speak.

“I did not call for death, but wanting someone to help me.”

“I am Life.  The name is Greg.”

“Yes, good; I am Lexostat.”

I heard the name, but put my focus on the trouble.  The planet appeared barren.  The ground was very hot, but I sensed it was cooling.  The evaporating gases were creating an atmosphere, but I sensed very basic life forms that had been comfortable in the pores and crevasses were being disturbed by the movement of gases along with the rock itself as it adjusted to changing conditions.  With an understanding of the situation, I put my focus back on the one with me.

“This is really a task for Shetaile.  She is the persona of Drought or death to the land.  Unlike Calliope, Death, Shetaile has the power to adjust things in the land to enable life to continue.  I usually work with the developing intelligent life.  Adjust your call putting in a thought about the land being disturbed, and you should get Shetaile.”

“Of course, thanks.”

I waited for a time, then found myself surprised to indeed see Shetaile.  She looked around mystified, but accepted a motion of my hand to a steep section of ground.  She took some time to concentrate, then asked a question.

“Life will survive.  There is no threat here.”

Lexostat asked, “You have fixed it?”

“I do not see a problem.”

I made an assumption and voiced it to try and help Shetaile.  “I believe this is the new Eternity, Shetaile.  Think about more than the immediate.”

Lexostat said, “Yes, I am to be Eternity.  I am just learning however, so I could be wrong.”

Shetaile moved about I fully believe attempting to comprehend things, but finally she did ask for help.  “Greg, do you see the problem?”

“I believe that I do, but my solution is rather crude.”

“Has Calliope come to you?”

That question caught me by surprise, but I gave the best answer I could think of.  “No.  I am presently attending my wife’s family reunion, so unless there was a problem she would stay away.”

“I had a good conversation with her.  If she doesn’t come to you, go to her.”

“We do tend to check on each other, but I will make it a point to speak to her of you.”

I guess that she was just talking as a method of buying herself time, but finally she looked to me and asked, “Okay, what would you suggest?”

“What I sense is that the planet is cooling.  The underground magma will find itself sealed off by a layer of rock.  The gases will build, then explode with enough force to completely eradicate this section of land, killing the life developing here.  I would suggest simply moving a portion to a more stable, but compatible section of the planet.”

“That would be centuries, if not a few thousand years, Greg.”

“We were called here by Eternity, Shetaile.”

She turned to look at the other being, then turned back to speak to me.  “Of course.  You are right about it being a crude solution, but it should work.”

“I thank you for the vote of confidence.  Still, you could sense the proper place better than I.”

I waited with Lexostat while Shetaile did the work.  He did not speak, allowing the lady to work without interruption.  I trusted that she would ask my help if needed, but I also watched.  Seeing her having the powers to perform the work, I allowed her to handle things in the way she felt best.

When she had finished, Lexostat said, “Thank you.  I am not only pleased with what was done, but the manner in which it was done.  The stories I heard of the immortals did not speak of them being so courteous and helpful with each other.”

Shetaile said, “We are a much different group than are found in the historic records.  I hope to gain you as a friend as well.”

I thought of something, so interjected, “He said that his name was Lexostat, Letaile.”

That was enough of a lead for the lady.  She introduced herself and had the new Eternity tell us things about him.  I listened feeling that it was enough for an initial meeting.

I returned to the reunion to find my wife in a circle of the adults, and found her indicating an empty seat next to her.  There were a few that had recently arrived, so I had to suffer through some more introductions.  As I sat next to Vefillaya, I guess that she noticed my pleasant demeanor and made an assumption.

“You were with Calliope?”

“No, Shetaile and another new Eternity, named Lexostat.  I believe he might make it.”

Even though we spoke softly, I could tell that others were listening in.  I thus went ahead and spoke about what I was about when gone from the reunion.  They were entertained by the descriptions of those I was with and what we did.

“Greg,” Uncle Wenelsa asked this question, “could you have done the deed?”

“Well, yes, I could have taken a hunk of the land containing the life forms, and moved them, or a number of other things.  However, Shetaile has the proper intellect for the job.  It was thus best for the life forms, which means that it was for the best period, that Shetaile do the deed.”

“Is the work load usually separated?”

“Yes.  I really do not know how it is with the arts, but I find it usually very obvious which one of us is needed for a task.  Lexostat is learning, but among those that gain acceptance it would be highly unusual to be called and have the task not fitting my persona.”

I believe that Uncle Wenelsa was about to ask another question, but his wife stopped him by saying, “Now, darling, business can be done at other times.  Greg, while you were gone we quizzed Vefillaya, but now we want to know from you about her visit to your mother.”

The reference that the man was talking business I considered needed to be dealt with, although I accepted that now was not the time.  In order to buy time while my brain processed certain thoughts, I spoke of the visit assuring that certain references of the holiday and people were understood.  I had not taken my wife directly to my mother’s house, but had her walk about the neighborhood getting a feel for my original life, people, and the type of day being honored.  Luckily, the descriptions lasted long enough for me to clear my thoughts, so I felt relaxed enough to talk about what my aunt wanted dealt with.

The truth was that I had not really spoken with my mother, but I did feel that I knew her enough to make certain assumptions.  In speaking, I found the ladies to agree with my statements.  That had me think of Labonchy and how there was a universal standard for women.  While I had encountered a great number of very different appearing ladies, I had been able to deal with them as females.  It was strange to think of women as not having the same physical traits, but mental, as I definitely appreciated what I saw.  Speaking with them about my mother, I however found myself feeling the assumption to be true.

The conclusion had me consider again what Uncle Wenelsa might be scheming.  As a man, I felt that our common gender should enable me to gain some insight into what business his wife had referred.  Considering what facts he asked about just now and back on his visit to the Apostle, I found myself having to worry that he might be up to no good.

Those around me found it interesting all the technology that my world had, but without space travel as well.  I mentioned certain laws that they had yet figured out how to avoid, and most agreed that it took some inspiration to realize the tricks.  We men took over the conversation for a while with a little technical talk with Uncle Wenelsa again finding an opening for a question.

“Greg, are you going to take any of our findings to your people?”


I believe that he had another response prepared, but whatever it was, his expression indicated that he had expected me to say something else.  “No?  Why not?”

“Because it would not help them.  It might send them into space, but without the wisdom of learning how to seek the answer, there would not be the understanding of how to handle the information.”

Instead of giving Uncle Wenelsa the opportunity to direct the conversation, others jumped in speaking of their support for my worlds.  Once again I found myself feeling at home around these aliens.  Glad with the way things were going, I cheerfully took part in the conversation.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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Number of posts : 1315
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PostSubject: Part Two   July 7th 2013, 12:49 pm

The second Blue Flame novel –
There is a wiki database to reference names, although you can certainly ask me questions as well.

The Other Side of Life
Chapter Sixteen: Part Two


Honestly, besides the ability to move between worlds, the technology of the Suderling Union was not that much advanced than what we had at home. People still had the regular methods of eating, interacting, and maintaining hygiene. I could relate to the methods of communication, the variety of games, and the rest of things around me. I entered the space shuttle not with relief of finally being around things I found familiar, but just not having to maintain an aura of congeniality as I began to feel mentally tired.

I was just taking off my shoes when my wife came in to ask, “Greg, do you need me?”

“No. Go have fun, Vefillaya.”

Another Dumonistat lady came in behind her to ask, “Greg, are you sure that there is not anything you need?”

It was my wife’s older sister, Kalinna. I had not met her. Her skin was not as blue as my wife, and I did not find her that pretty. What I had found interesting was that I really did not learn about her, but the conversation between the two sisters was a lot about their parents and how my wife got the good traits while the older sister did not. Still, she had gained a good husband and now had two wonderful children. If there was one thing that the older sister did have over my wife, it was an ability to juggle a number of concerns, and I tried to display my pleasure in having her focus on me.

“I’m fine, Kalinna. Just going to get a nap. Should be back out within the hour.”

She said something in return, but I caught a signal. Vefillaya was now used to certain reactions, so rushed up to kiss me and tell me that she would help me relax upon my return. I waved to Kalinna, then took off to where I had been called.

“You are Life?”

I could barely perceive the being as a wavering symbol of blue. I could not tell if its shape had meaning, was particular to its race of being, or simply was how my mind recognized it as existing. From the way it turned at angles not exactly facing me, I wondered how it perceived me.

“Yes, I am Life.”

“I am Mekatyz, the persona of Foundation. I would ask if you can understand the richness around us and fix what is wrong.”

Yes, I wanted to ask a number of question, but did not in the belief that I would not understand. While the words came to me in the regular manner of the other immortals, I could recognize that it did not speak in any manner I would actually hear. There was also no planet or what I would consider a survival environment around me. Instead of asking questions seeking to understand, I just relaxed and let my power provide the necessary information.

The Flame did recognize the situation around me. The best way to describe it was that momentum had left this part of the nebula, so the manner of radiation absorption had changed abruptly. The Flame directed me to add impulse to achieve a stable transition among nearby stars that would continue to encourage the essences toward eventual awareness.

It helped as I felt finished to hear Mekatyz say, “Yes, thank you. You are more complete than I. I could only quantify structure, but you managed to provide the influence that would sustain life.”

Hoping to learn, I said, “I feel that I just provided movement. Could not have Energy done what I did?”

“But you are Life. If all that was needed was Energy then yes.”

I cannot exactly say what suddenly happened. The only explanation that I could give was that my own persona sought to answer my question. Suddenly I saw the fabric of what was around me take on color and in the strange altered perception I realized that there was life here that I had helped.

“Oh,” I exclaimed. “I am sorry. I could make out the potential, but I did not realize how far along the beings had developed.”

“And yet you helped. It is an amazing gift to be able to give life to your own blessing. Learning that you have such a gift, I might call upon you more often.”

Those words did sound like a compliment, and I did want to associate with those who shared this expanded existence of mine. “I would hope to become friends with all of us who share this life. My name is Greg.”

“It is hard to see you, Greg. I however have noticed you about Peace. I usually go deeper in the structure to find those I can converse with.”

It did not surprise me that the energy creatures had their own place in Peace, although I did speak my own thoughts about what was said. “You could at least stop by and greet us. We should not be strangers.”

“There is so much to do, and so little time to relax.”

“Many of us find relaxing to be more comforting when we can share our experiences with each other. All of us are different with our own histories, yet we are finding ourselves able to relate. I believe it is better for us.”

It paused for a moment, then said, “Yes, I will try. It could indeed prove to be beneficial for us. It was nice meeting you, Greg.”

I left to return to the reunion. Upon returning to my form before entering the shuttle, the weight of the time I had been gone and the mental activity came upon me. Feeling extremely fatigued, I sat down on a step before the door remembering that I had been attempting to get some rest before I felt the summons. As I thought back upon what I had done and the conversation with the persona of Foundation, I found myself surrounded by ladies from the reunion.

It was my sister-in-law that asked, “Greg, are you okay?”

I attempted to correct my posture even as I formed a reply. “Yes, I’m fine. Tired, but fine. How long was I gone?”

Vefillaya sat down beside me with her hug helping to get me to sit straight as well just display some affection. I looked to her thinking to have her help me to bed, but realized that I needed to relate to the crowd around me. Once I would have simply made a simple excuse and left, but my time as an ambassador had taught me things about being sociable. I thus looked to my wife, and hugged her before speaking to let her know to help me display some politeness before making an exit.

Before she could speak, the voice of Uncle Wenelsa asked the question I believe others were attempting to voice. “Where did you go?”

Vefillaya answered for me, “He never knows where he goes.”

I expanded upon that response. “And this time it was in the midst of a vast nebula. The glow of the gases from the radiation of nearby stars would prevent me from attempting any guess of my location. The beings were of the filaments of that raw creation. Foundation, that was the persona that called me, had done what he could to stabilize the weave, but needed me to correct other things to sustain the basic life. It was, strange, but fantastic.”

Kalinna said, “Vefillaya, take your husband to bed.”

As if he had not heard, Uncle Wenelsa asked, “Greg, are you saying that there are beings living in the nebulas?”

I replied as I felt my wife and sister-in-law work to get me standing. “They are strange beings. I only saw Mekatyz as a strange wavering symbol of blue. He said that he could not really perceive me. I had to allow the Blue Flame to handle whatever needed to be done, as I really could not see anything to be done. At the end, as I talked a bit with Mekatyz, I suddenly saw the fabric of the nebula light up in a strange manner that let me perceive what there was. Let me get some rest, and I might attempt to see if I can describe or explain what I just experienced.”

I believe the man was going to ask something else, as Kalinna suddenly exclaimed, “Uncle Wenelsa, let Greg rest! He said that he was willing to talk, so wait for him to recuperate.”

As others also chided the man, he replied, “Oh, yes, sorry. Speak to you later, Greg.”

I waved and made polite statements to the others that wished me a good nap, then allowed the two ladies to help me into the shuttle. Kalinna did not stop at the front room, but stayed with me through the panel that separated the sleeping area from the common area. I tried to speak politely as she knelt to remove my shoes.

“That really isn’t necessary.”

“It’s fine, Greg,” she replied. “Your body looks a lot like ours in the clothes, except for your feet.”

“Women. My mother focused on Vefillaya’s feet as well.”

The ladies laughed with my wife verifying my statement. They then actually discussed my feet for a time. The conversation then moved to topics about our usual desired daily routine. I felt my mind wanting to drift off to sleep, but the friendliness of the conversation had me stay awake enough to listen to the two ladies.

Finally, Kalinna said, “I’m glad that you got my sister, Greg. I am also glad to have had this opportunity to meet you. Should you ever be on Dumonistat, feel free to drop by.”

I mumbled, “I really don’t intend to be a stranger.”

“Good.” I heard movement, and guess that she turned to my wife. “Vefillaya, keep taking care of this man. I am going to go tell our brother that he did right by sending you to be this man’s wife. Love both of you.”

I guess that my wife saw her sister to the door, because I reacted to her rushing to me as if she had woken me from a deep sleep. She hugged and kissed me while doing most of the work of having me finish undressing. The last thing I remember was Vefillaya telling me that she loved me.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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Life on the Other Side: cp16 (Both Parts of Two)
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