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 Life on the Other Side: cp17 (Both Parts of Two)

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PostSubject: Life on the Other Side: cp17 (Both Parts of Two)   July 12th 2013, 2:48 pm

The second Blue Flame novel –
There is a wiki database to reference names, although you can certainly ask me questions as well.

The Other Side of Life
Chapter Seventeen:  Part One


Vefillaya felt that she could use some rest as well, but knew that her husband would not register her presence.  The embrace she usually experienced in lying with him would not occur.  His time in becoming comfortable in the unusual surroundings of her family, then having to deal with a completely alien environment, had completely worn out his endurance.  Vefillaya thus decided to rest later, checked her appearance, then returned to the reunion.

As she left, her grandmother came to her and said, “Greg does seem as nice as all the reports about him claim.”

More than willing to support that statement, Vefillaya supplied some data.  “Even from my first meeting with him, he was very kind.”

“From listening to your Uncle Wenelsa, I expected a little different personality.  I however can see why you are so devoted to Greg.  I want you to know that I approve of him, and I feel that your parents would as well.”

“Thank you, Grandmother.”

“Now, why aren’t you with your husband?”

Vefillaya felt that was a strange thing for the elder to say, but quickly came up with an honest reply.  “He is so exhausted that he would not know that I was with him.  I like being with him, as he will hold me.  Right now however, he is just a limp doll.”

“Hold you?  I do see that you put a lot of lotion on your skin.”

“He claims that he does not find me rough, but I don’t want to be rough either.”

“No.  No woman does.  How does he find… other parts of you?”

Vefillaya had to look around to check on the presence of any other listeners before saying, “We are not that different there.  At least, not enough to prevent our enjoyment of each other.”

“Good, then I must say that things have worked out very well for you, Vefillaya.  Keep coming back.”

“Coming back is completely dependent upon our schedule.  If we can, we will.”

She looked at me, and seeing a serious expression I waited to hear what she would say.  “Greg does seem to work hard.”

“Yes, Grandmother, at being a good diplomat overseeing the Apostle, and at things that no man was meant to see or do.”

“And he finds time for you?”

“Yes, Grandmother; he finds time to be with me.  I am making friends, or learning who I really have as friends, but I do not feel that Greg is absent from my life.  The stories that he tells when he returns are really amazing, but I can sense that he really is glad to be back and spending time with me.”

She nodded before moving a hand to touch me while saying, “That was why I was mad at Tebel.  I felt that he was sending you off to where you would be alone.”

“I am sorry, Grandmother, but we both felt that I would live a life alone had I been made the consort of Uncle Wenelsa.  I believe that more now.  While Tebel could not have known what type of person Greg was, he felt that my place could not be worse.  I believe that he was right.  Of course, Greg has proved himself to be a fantastic choice, but I believe that had he been any less of a man he still would have provided more for me than Uncle Wenelsa.”

Vefillaya turned her head to look into the elder’s eyes.  While her grandmother displayed no resistance to meeting her gaze, Vefillaya could not help but notice the eyes that were as gray as hers.  The common heredity had revealed itself in more than just physical traits, as the elder lady and her husband had been there to support the orphans.  Vefillaya had actually considered her grandparents as a blessing in her life, until it came out that they were pushing to have her given to Uncle Wenelsa.  She thus really did not trust what she would do now.  While the eyes continued to stayed locked upon each other, Vefillaya saw her grandmother’s head nod as she spoke.

“You and Tebel called it properly.  Both of you deserve your respect.  Take care of Greg, and see that he is able to rejoin our reunion, Vefillaya.  I want to learn more about him.”

She could not help but smile while saying, “Yes, Grandmother.  I will visit through dinner, then check on Greg.  He should be able to come back out for our evening activities.”

As the elderly lady move off, another one only a few years older than Vefillaya came from where she had been sitting and sipping a glass of wine.  “I don’t know what you told Grandmother, but I want you to know that you have my support.”

It was Eshalara, the wife of Vefillaya’s brother.  The two did know each other, but Vefillaya’s relationship with Tebel was so close that she did tend to focus on him.  Still, Eshalara had never stood in the way of her husband spending time and money on his sisters, so Vefillaya met her more than willing to share her company.

“Thank you.  Tebel would tell me that he met resistance in sending me to try and become the wife for Greg, but it seems that whatever family politics were against it are turning in his favor.”

“He does seem to be a good man.  Ignoring the reality of biology, how do you think your children would look?”

Taking time to think did not mean that Vefillaya had not considered the topic.  A basic reply would however not support a longer conversation.  She thus considered something to say that would enable the two to spend some quality time with each other.

“I doubt they would ever slow down enough for us to see what they look like.”  After a short chuckle, Vefillaya added information.  “I was always doing pranks, and Greg seems rather active as well.”

“Yes, I remember a number telling you that you were going to get hurt.”  Things went quiet for only a moment before Eshalara asked, “How well has your body healed?”

“It had finished healing when I went to the Apostle.  Greg has since used his power to clean up some of the mess left inside me.  I don’t need any medicine now.”

“That is what Tebel told me, but I wanted to know just how much your husband could do.”

Vefillaya felt the topic was actually a safe one for conversation.  She thus directed her sister-in-law back to where the lady had been sitting.  Gaining a glass of wine for herself, she felt able to relax while answering the question.

“He cannot change reality.  There are times when he is given the opportunity to direct the progress of life forms, but he comes back speaking of those periods knowing that he will not be around to see the actual results of his actions.  It seems that most who gain a divine persona do not hold the position for long with few having the status for over a century.”

“So, the immortals are not immortal.”

Thinking about her own conversations with Greg, Vefillaya cheerfully replied, “The fact that things change seems to be a rule.”

Eshalara smiled in a manner that implied she also saw the humor before saying, “Well, the change to you seems to have been positive.”

“And we are grateful for your support.  I believe that Greg is repaying Tebel.”

“I believe that our husbands are conspiring with their money to improve their financial situation.  There are areas that Tebel cannot really be seen to influence, and the same with your husband, but the two areas do not overlap.”

“Yes, I know, but Greg does not really play in financial markets.  He authorizes certain payments telling me that he is simply paying Tebel back for sending me to him.”

The expression from Eshalara indicated that she expected that it was Vefillaya that was not interested in finances, which she would not deny. “Well, Tebel is trusting Greg’s knowledge of certain sciences.”

“I know that they talk.”

“And I know that they are not talking during the reunion in order to not be seen as really being so close with each other.”

Vefillaya felt a need to put the topic more on something with which she did feel a concern.  “Still, Tebel and I are close, so we should spend more time with each other.  I guess that we need to visit.”

“Your nephews and niece would also love to spend time with the both of you.”

That put the conversation on something Vefillaya did care about.  She not only talked about Tebel and Eshalara’s children, but asked about those of her older sister.  She was glad for the topic upon seeing her Uncle Wenelsa’s wife, Aunt Negarell, approach.

The lady joined in the discussion of children, mentioning her own, until finding her opening to ask, “Vefillaya, how often do you and your husband speak with the emperor?”

“The emperor?  As an official ambassador for the union, I know that some matters are brought to his attention, but I cannot say that they actually speak.”

“You have spoken to the emperor.”

No, that had not been a question, but Vefillaya knew that certain matters around her gaining the position as Greg’s wife had forced some major interactions.  “Yes, and Greg and I like the man.  The cladastians, who work for Greg and are considered friends, do not however.  There are others about the ship who have had their own dealings with the emperor, so discussions of the man can get rather entertaining.”

The fact that the lady took the answer as a general ‘yes’ was understood by her saying, “So you should know that he is having difficulty in the polls due to a belief that he is moving too slow in demonstrating power to certain parties.”

“Emperor Hastitat promised Calliope that he would resign his office and devote his time to his family.  What contact I have had with him indicated that he was determined to keep that promise, since it was originally spoken to his deceased father.  It is thus my belief that the emperor is simply hoping to keep things subdued until after the election, then whoever gains his office will be not have to deal with a serious situation.”

Eshalara took up for me by saying things in support of my position.  I did speak to my brother, so knew that he had heard and agreed with my conclusions concerning our ultimate political leaders.  What my sister-in-law said indicated that she spoke to Tebel as well, and also formed a similar viewpoint.

Aunt Negarell listened to the commentary, then replied, “Well, I believe some things cannot wait.  As with the Offlanians, waiting only gives them time to prepare.  We have power available to us, so should take advantage of it and set things right.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Part Two   July 17th 2013, 1:08 pm

The second Blue Flame novel –
There is a wiki database to reference names, although you can certainly ask me questions as well.

The Other Side of Life
Chapter Seventeen: Part Two


I was pleased to hear a male voice say, “Even the basic use of power can sometimes be considered abuse of power. We live in a fantastic society with some really great technology. I believe that Emperor Hastitat needs to be commended in his hesitation to assert the uncivilized proclamation of might makes right.”

Aunt Negarell turned to say, “Tebel. I thought we ladies could get away and solve the problems of the Suderling Union by ourselves.”

“Now, Aunt Negarell, we both know that you are just politicking on behalf of the Wallorun Party. It is not really your own position, as you were with the Jenalkins and spouting a different type of politics until Uncle Wenelsa lost the contract. It is just a matter of money.”

My brothers kissed all of us ladies, then settled next to his wife. Aunt Negarell accepted the act of affection, then just went quiet. When I spoke to Tebel about things I had heard of his children from Eshalara, Aunt Negarell politely made her exit. She was stopped however by Uncle Wenelsa who had her sit back down with him settling next to her.

“Vefillaya,” he asked, “just how worn out is Greg?”

“I would suspect quite a bit. The previous times that he dealt with the energy creatures or an act of initial creation he returned quite drained.”

“Energy beings? How frequent are they in our universe?”

“I don’t know, and I am not certain that he knows. Of the twenty personas, I believe four are held by those of the non-physical. Whether that is an actual percentage, I cannot say.”

Tebel said, “We have some pretty bizarre races in our galaxy, but none of that type.”

Uncle Wenelsa added, “That we know about.” Before any of us could reply, he asked, “Vefillaya, could we have Greg go check.”

It was my brother that responded, “What? Just have him fly around and look?”

“Uh, yeah.” His eyes had moved to look at my brother, but Uncle Wenelsa turned his focus back on me. “I’m thinking of the Watalga Incident.”

“Hold it, Uncle Wenelsa, there is nothing really special about that.”

“Well, it depends upon who you talk to.”

Vefillaya traded glances with the other ladies as the two men went into a boisterous debate about the event of a spaceship failing. She knew about the incident, as it actually occurred near the Apostle. The military had put the ship on alert just in case there was a need to handle survivors. She had then listened to her husband, the cladastians, and the other ambassadors as they spoke of the section of space where it happened. It seemed that the section had a reported history of ship disasters, which caused some to try and make more of the disaster than the evidence indicated. Vefillaya went ahead and mentioned something she knew about the spaceship.

“Greg did go check. What was found was a separate fuel tank at the Kerlinpod Station used to sell an altered fuel to certain customers.”

Instead of asking about the investigation, she became alert when her Uncle Wenelsa focused on her husband. “Right. What does it take to have Greg go out?”

“Ask him. It depends upon a number of things, but coming back to the Apostle he will detour to check things.”

“So, all that needs to be done is ask Greg about any possible energy aliens…”

A voice Vefilaya recognized interjected the question, “Where do you suspect energy aliens, Uncle Wenelsa?”

The others voiced their concern for Greg, but Vefillaya had to check on him as he plopped into a chair next to her. He mentioned being very mentally drained, but physically all right. She knew then that she should have had sex with him to try and get his body perform some activity. As it was, his body felt rested even though his mind was still fatigued. He had thus come on out to get his body moving. Vefillaya felt bad, as she knew it was part of her job to bring relief to her husband, although he spoke of his pleasure in seeing her visit with her family.

Uncle Wenelsa waited for the soft exchange to finish before replying to the question, “Surely in a galaxy as large as ours, there are some.”

Tebel quipped, “I believe our uncle is attempting to help a political party find voters.”


Smiles came to the men’s faces as they showed acceptance that the joke had been accepted with Greg politely asking, “You want me to just fly around and look?”

“Well, yes, basically that was what I wanted.”

“And what if I did and found some?”

I knew my husband was tired, but certain lines of discussion had become routine to him. He had declined alcohol, which meant that he did not want anything that might put his mind back to demanding sleep. Sipping a drink usually only enjoyed by the children, he waited for Uncle Wenelsa to respond to his question.

“Well, uh, Ambassador, I would say that we incorporate them into our union.”

“The Suderling Union has existed for some time in various capacities. If these energy creatures have been present, it must be assumed that they have chosen not to be part of the union. It is not my job, or the mandate of the Suderling Union, to force races of people to be a part of our society.”

“Some won’t join unless asked.”

Greg nodded in a manner that Ambassador Hubinostry had taught him to have the listener feel that the words were being considered and approved even as a standard reply was being stated. “Honestly, Uncle Wenelsa, if I come across such a race of beings, I can assure you that they will be asked. However, I will not go zipping around with the mission to find such beings. If they haven’t been found up to now, that is probably the way things need to be.”

Tebel calmly included, “You said that you seldom know where you are sent. Would you recognize it if you were sent something within our union?”

“I believe that I would. There is enough traffic and general flow of signals that I feel that I would recognize myself as being within the Suderling Union.”

Uncle Wenelsa calmly asked, “Greg, what if I requested you to check out a certain section of space – say the area around where the Watalga had trouble, and it seems a number of vessels over the last century have also had trouble.”

“Honestly, if you sent me such a message, I just might. It is one of those ‘no reason not to’ kind of favors.”

Tebel tried to support Greg by saying, “But such messages could quickly become annoying.”

Uncle Wenelsa quickly spoke an agreement. “I agree. Such messages could become annoying, but say – one every three months?”

“No,” my husband returned. “One every – well, I haven’t been nice to Uncle Wenelsa in a while, might as well keep family relations sociable.”

Even Vefillaya had to laugh at that. While the statement had Greg’s usual style of humor, such statements seldom occurred when he was tired. Uncle Wenelsa laughed along with the others, but then tried to gain a commitment.

“But, Greg, you would consider them.”

“No reason not to, Uncle Wenelsa. I understand your request might be due to political concerns, but such are most of what we deal with on the Apostle. If you want to make a request, go ahead. I may, or may not, act upon it, but whether or not it gets done will probably have nothing to do with my own opinion of the matter or your insistence in its importance.”

“Okay, Greg, I will accept that. Thank you.”

With that matter dealt with, Vefillaya found the rest of the evening to go well. What she had feared would be a simmering family dispute settled into friendly comments. She found herself accepting that the only real issue with Uncle Wenelsa was her own fear of becoming that man’s consort, and his possible resentment of losing her to some alien. Yes, the man was still not someone she wanted to spend her life with, but he otherwise was not anything evil or repulsive. He had his own personality and traits, which she needed to accept just as others were accepting the one she did gain as a husband. Greg moved about speaking to those around him with as much freedom as her Uncle Wenelsa, and Vefillaya found herself enjoying the evening feeling that things were at their best.

Coming back from the bathroom, she found Eshalara to approach and ask, “Are you certain that the two of you cannot have children?”

The remark was a strange one, so Vefillaya had to turn to see the reason for the remark. She could only smile seeing Greg out with the children. It seemed that a game of Hide and Seek had become a strange version of Keep Away where the boys were not allowed to reach the safe point while the girls were. When Greg moved to cover his eyes the next time, the lads almost lined up in obvious site just to challenge the elder to prevent them from reaching the tree trunk. Greg did his best to overcome the male youths while also keeping the game fun for the girls, but at the conclusion Vefillaya found herself having to go to her husband’s defense.

Greg seemed pleased to be taken from the game, although exchanged some playful words with the children while making his exit. Vefillaya was pleased to see this aspect of his husband. Others told her that he was a good Life, and seeing how he related to the youth supported his willingness to encourage a positive attitude. While Greg did speak of being physically tired, Vefillaya whispered some playful words while directing him to their shuttle.

“There better be some energy left for me.”

“I don’t know, but I do believe it is time for us to retire.”

They went around speaking to the others. Everyone spoke of the day going well, and hoping the good spirits would continue through the final day. Glad that she was finding her husband so well received by her family, Vefillaya went with her husband into their shuttle determined to let him know just how complete his presence in her life fulfilled her desires.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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Life on the Other Side: cp17 (Both Parts of Two)
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