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 Life on the Other Side: cp18 (All of Two)

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PostSubject: Life on the Other Side: cp18 (All of Two)   July 22nd 2013, 11:21 am

The second Blue Flame novel –
There is a wiki database to reference names, although you can certainly ask me questions as well.

The Other Side of Life
Chapter Eighteen:  Part One


Calliope had actually become interested in the lesson of early Chinese history.  The young man put emphasis in the reading that helped have the events come alive.  She thus found herself surprised when he interrupted the lesson to ask a question.

“Honored lady, is the food in the realm of the gods better than here?”

The section had moved to the celebration after the victory, so Calliope allowed herself to answer.  “I believe that I told you it was bland.  The wine and beer are very good.  The food is good as well, but not spiced, so I tend to enjoy what food I have with my friends.”

“So, you can eat?”

She did feel a desire to chirp a laugh, but held it back while simply supplying an answer.  “Yes.  I can eat.”

“My fiancé, she desires to present you with food.”

Calliope had to pause.  She was not here to socialize, but this man was supposed to present himself as representing her family.  Calliope thus accepted that just as she allowed some casual conversation, she needed to also be willing to share in other ways.

“Not much.  I do not come to eat.”

“Yes, but, dear lady, you should remember what the old food tasted like.”

It shocked her to have to acknowledge some more practical concerns in becoming the wife of a man.  “Yes, and I was trained to prepare it.  I never was good at it however, I guess that I might have to return to such lessons.”

The man lifted his eyes with a hopeful expression as he said, “Yes, dear lady.  I cannot teach you everything.”

“No, I guess that you can’t.”

Calliope wondered about cooking in Peace.  The Jubridors usually did all the preparations, but some would mix their own drinks or otherwise do things to put some originality in a food or drink request. She then considered asking the denizens of Peace for basic ingredients so she could completely fix her own meal.  As she wondered about the success of her requests, some of her concerns bubbled from her mouth.

“I really did not like all the work put into preparing the food.  I did not pay the best attention, so do not know how much I remember.”

When I realized the man was looking at me, I set my eyes upon him to hear him say, “You are probably right about not being ready to become a wife.”

“And it is your responsibility to have me prepared.  Still, there is presently no rush.  Tell your fiancé that I am grateful, and willing.”  Remembering who I was, I added, “And let her know not to fear my chill extending to what life she might bear inside her.  I have never had to suffer the call from one so young.”

“Certainly, dear lady.”

Calliope felt relief in seeing the man return to the lessons as if all was resolved.  She however could only wonder if the life spans with this man and his heirs would truly prepare her for life.  While she understood that most girls had basically no experience compared to her, she however felt that her centuries of facing beings at their moment of death had denied her the innocence necessary to face life.  With her it would not be the struggle to overcome, but the drudgery of dealing with life’s daily toil in whatever variety it decided to throw at her.  Calliope did return to the lessons hoping to gain that youthful mentality of a young lady training to become a wife, but accepting that she had long since matured even if her body had not.

Her dismal attitude continued after the lesson finished.  She trudged back into Peace wondering if she should attempt to cook her own food.  Luckily, a signal came, and she turned around feeling the weight of her existence bring her some comfort to her thoughts.  The responses of those seeking her release helped her attitude, so it did not trouble her when signal after signal kept her active.

Calliope found it hard to determine just what type of body she had.  Looking around she could only make out clouds.  Wavers of filigrees of cohesive color could be seen among the gases, although not actually physical bodies surrounded her.  Feeling that she would have something unusual to speak to Greg about, she advanced toward what she recognized as the source of her call.

“You – you are Death?”

She did not so much turn her head, but change her perspective to see the one that spoke.  “Yes.  I am Death.”

“Please help.  This is my wife.”

“She called, but the reason I came was not truly to help.”

Another voice, not only from the source of her call but feminine in nature, said, “It’s all right, child.  Mekatyz, this one is young.”

Calliope turned to the other one speaking, and spoke of what she heard.  “Mekatyz?  You are Foundation?”

“Yes.  How do you know?  We have never met.”

“No, but Greg mentioned you.  It is your fault for not visiting.”

“Uh, yes, I will accept that.  My wife, please.  We have had a long life together.  My time among the immortals has stopped my pain, but with my wife it has grown.  I have some powers, but only enough to stabilize.  I cannot heal.  I met Greg, Life, and was speaking to my wife about him, but it seems that she called you.”

The strange wavering symbol barely recognized as it distorted the atmosphere beyond, said, “Yes, child, I have had a good life.  Mekatyz has been a good husband.  It is time to pass on.  Maybe if I had a physical body, one with permanence, I could have given my husband more years.”

Calliope said in response, “Physical bodies give out.  There are just too many systems that must cooperate to sustain life.  I… I have never come to one of your type before.”

Mekatyz replied, “Yes, well, it is usually my job.  If I cannot secure and sustain then I must release.  This is my wife however… I – I cannot.”

“It’s okay.  I cry at times as well.  Do not worry.  Consider me a friend.”  Just trying to act friendly and not just say the word, Calliope added, “What is her name?”


She turned to the strange distortion with what sounded to her as having a feminine voice.  “Then, Jeyvoiuz, I will allow you to say any final words.  I know nothing of the life that you will pass on to, but I hope to see you there and that we might become eternal friends.”

Jeyvoiuz replied, “There is nothing beyond.  Still, this life has been enough.  Mekatyz, you stay at your position.  It seems that you have more to learn from these physical beings.  Maybe, maybe, they can give you enough substance that you might pass on to live more.  Now – what is your name, child?  Surely you are no more Death than my husband is Foundation.”

“Calliope.  My name is Calliope.”

“Then, Calliope, I welcome your presence.  It is time for me to pass, so others might have room.”

Calliope advanced while saying, “Jeyvoiuz, thank you for this moment.”

She had to move on to another signal as Mekatyz wailed seeing whatever his wife had been disperse.  Calliope found herself connecting with these odd beings in the flow of emotions that she knew as well.  Hoping that Mekatyz would indeed prove to be a friend, she moved on to the next signal for her to bring release.

A strong signal had her rush to a scene that she knew would be horrendous.  As expected, some technological disaster had wiped out a number of people with many more crying for Death or Life.  Calliope turned to where she detected Greg hoping for his usual positive attitude, but found him cursing as seemed to have his focus on things other than those hoping to continue to live.

She went ahead and opened up the discussion by asking, “What’s the problem, Greg?”

“This is in the Suderling Union.  I cannot say that they are responsible, but they are definitely attempting to take advantage of the situation.  Every available camera up in the sky or in surrounding areas is focused on this.”

“Surely they want a record.”

“Sorry for being cynical, but I believe that they are looking for us.”

Not really understanding his words, she attempted to put them into focus.  “But those of the Suderling Union know.”

“Yes, but I am getting suspicious about some things that have been happening and about some of the things I have been hearing.”

Greg did at least continue to work.  Calliope accepted that she had a duty as well, and put her private concerns behind her in order to face people in the manner of easing their passage from life.  She went around with the hope that Greg’s positive attitude would return, but until then found solace in performing a job that she knew very well.

“Well,” he said when their tasks again brought them together, “at least out here there is no talk of the end times.  Back on Earth there is talk of God coming again and such, but I just do not hear it out here.  I have been called to help bring new creations into existence, and I know from you and Shetaile that there are places where it all dies.”

Hoping to find that common thread that would again have them speaking, Calliope replied, “Such is my culture, Greg.  We believe in endless cycles where everything continues in some fashion.”

“I cannot say that is what I believe, but at the moment I find that train of thought more comforting.”

“I feel that it is the truth.”

“Okay, but I am looking around me and seeing a truth about the problem of the society I now call home.  I am thus not exactly wanting to see truth at the moment, but just looking for some comfort.  I can deal with the truth when this work is done, and I can return to my occupation as Ambassador of this advanced society.”

She could not help but mumble, “And Vefillaya.”

He must have understood something in the way she spoke.  “Do you need me, Calli?”

“I met Mekatyz, Greg.  He had me bring release to his wife.  He said that it was actually his job – that if he could not sustain then he had to release.  The lady – female – was his wife however, and he could not do it.  I was thus called.  I agree that I cannot say what type of creatures they are, but it was nice speaking with them.”

Some of his usual cheer entered Greg’s voice as he replied, “As grand and diverse as our universe is, I guess that I cannot believe that there is any plan to eradicate it.”

“That is my impression as well.”

“You believe in reincarnation, Calli?”

Not exactly what she wanted to speak about, but the question did actually comfort her.  The topic did concern her manner of viewing her place in the cosmic scheme.  Allowing the man to see even more inside her, she answered the question.

“It is not a simplistic belief, Greg.  People are not simply taken from one life and placed in other.  There is a time of introspection, of universal harmony – maybe lecturing, before being returned to another life.”

“Your beliefs should not be simplistic, Calli.  Our lives out here should definitely cause you to see a number of complications.”

Considering what she expected him to say, she went ahead and stated a basic conclusion.  “I still answered your question with a ‘yes.’”

“No, you didn’t.  You answered with a ‘yes, but…’  I can accept that, Calli.  The ‘buts’ are important.  In this case they have me willing to accept your answer, even though I cannot find myself comforted by the thought that I might have to live through all of this again.”

Definitely wanting to speak to the man, and even approving of the topic, she thought about how to keep the conversation going.  “Why not, Greg?  I have watched you.  You have learned so much in this strange life.  You have witnessed the vast range of possibilities for life.  Why wouldn’t you want to return to learn even more?”

“Okay.  So, Calli, why are you then so determined to quit this life and return to a simple existence as a wife and mother?  Are you trying to put those experiences behind you so you can learn something else next time?”

She did not feel angry at his questions, but actually glad that he was so willing to keep the conversation going.  “Do you believe being a wife and mother to be so common?  The multitude of men out there.  The vast variety of people who were once children.  Greg, I believe that I could live a thousand lives and never find a life with a man and raising children to be redundant.  And maybe, maybe, maybe sometime in the future I could even experience what it would be like to be your wife.”  Hoping to provide a framework for him to set his response, she added, “Vefillaya seems so happy as your wife.”

“I tend to feel that I somehow got the right lady for me, Calli.  I hope that you one day get the right man for you.”

“As a lady, I know that she works to be the right lady for you, Greg.  However, I also see that she feels that her efforts are rewarded.  I hope that I gain as much satisfaction from my husband, but I feel that I know it would come from you.  If I do meet you on the other side, I feel that I would like to convince you to relive life with me.”

“That is a conversation for the other side, Calli.  I cannot say that I will agree with you, but you better know that I will treasure your friendship all through eternity.”  I sensed that he felt I would not be happy with the response, so was not surprised when he said more.  “I will not darken my memories of this life by suffering through another.”

Calliope knew that Greg did not come from a society that supported a belief in reincarnation.  He also had a persona that supported those who sought to continue living instead of putting their faith in a better coming life.  She thus was not surprised with his response.  Accepting it, Calliope tried to put her own perspective into words.  She however found herself agreeing with Greg, and spoke her own thoughts of reincarnation.

“I feel that the extra lives are supposed to improve our relationship with the divine.”

“I cannot believe that what we have gone through will not have the divine wanting to have a relationship with us.  In any event, Calli, I am glad to have a relationship with you.  I will want your memory, your existence, you to be there through eternity.  Yes, us one day having a life together might seem pleasant, but life has its bad side as well.  I don’t want more bad memories.  No.  When I go to the afterlife, I will not be wanting any more bad memories, and definitely will not want such for you either.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Part Two   July 27th 2013, 12:01 pm

The second Blue Flame novel –
There is a wiki database to reference names, although you can certainly ask me questions as well.

The Other Side of Life
Chapter Eighteen: Part Two


Calliope walked back into Peace wondering how soon before she might be called again. She could tell that she missed her time for her lesson, although actually felt relieved thinking of other things she could do. She went to her room and looked around. She walked around, then stopped while wondering what her room should look like.

She sat in a chair and tried to recall her room back in her parents’ house. Calliope almost began crying with the realization how long ago her real life occurred. She could not help but look to her silk sheets wondering why she had them made. Surely she did not sleep with such luxury in her real life. Her eyes shot open with memories of feeling the silk was an item of luxury. She had thus taken advantage of an opportunity to gain the silk for herself. Those memories opened up more, and she sat in her room attempting to allow her past to again come alive.

Without any other options for trapping her thoughts, she took pen and paper and began her notes. Like Greg, she did sketch. What poor drawings she made were then almost completely covered by her detailing specifics of what she tried to draw. She then looked around to the things that were in her room, and decided which ones would be allowed to remain.

The call came as she spoke to a jubridor about the bed she wanted. She did not want what she considered to be a bottom military bunk, but one to be out from the wall with a proper mattress. There was more to her request, but she left after finishing her desire for a bed actually feeling a desire to return to her room.

“Oh, GOD! Make it quick, foul demoness. Make it quick.”

Calliope looked around to see the man in a form of hospital. It did not have really advanced machinery, but the people had learned enough to provide a sanitary surrounding as they tried to administer a cure. Whoever the person was, he had enough prestige that the medical staff were doing what they could to save him. Calliope could understand enough to know that their efforts were just prolonging the man’s agony, so advanced to accede to his wishes.

“Wait – wait – wait.” The words came out between strong puffs of breath. “Tell me, oh minion of evil, whether you will send me to Heaven or Hell.”

“I am not a minion of evil. I am merely someone with the commission of providing release from this life when it seems that it will not come on its own. As for where you are going, I am not your judge.”

What appeared as a glare, Calliope could accept might have simply been the man working to suffer through a spasm of pain. His features did not soften however as his eyes lifted then dropped as if studying her form. Calliope took a moment to look at herself. The usual black robe and withered form she allowed could be mistaken for something vile, but was pleased that his next words came without a statement of her being something malign.

“My life has not been completely good or bad. I however feel that my bad was justified. It would help me to leave my family at peace about my fate.”

“And those you did wrong? Would it put them at peace?” When he again simply glared at her, she added, “I know well that this life is complicated. To be a true judge, one must have an understanding of the rules and how both sides, multiple sides in many cases, behaved. I do not have such a grand understanding. I merely bring release to those who feel their end should come.”

The whole face twisted in what was easily perceived as an expression of agony, then the man said, “Then I will not stop you. Do your job.”

Calliope felt a desire to tell the man that he had no power to stop her. If she was called, the power was hers with just a touch. She could accept the references to past personalities with her position who did just that. She could decide to leave, and even felt that to be proper should one feel that they made a wrong choice in calling her. Calliope withheld any desire for further conversation, but moved to the man then rushed off to the next signal.

There were a few regular calls, but then she heard a lady say, “Glad to see you. However, I promised my niece that I would let you know she left a note.”

I looked to see an envelope with the word ‘Death’ written in large red letters, which I felt had been blood. Remembering my own note that I once left, I could not help but move to pick it up. While I read it, the lady spoke some more.

“I told her that you did not honor such things.”

I replied, “A ceremony? I at least invited my predecessor to a grand banquet. Why would I be interested in a ‘dark rite of empowering my worshippers with power to go out and proclaim the majesty of unlife?’”

“She feels that is what you want.”

“I am not something evil. I do not go around killing people. I came to your call. You are seeking release, and I can give that to you. If you want to go on living, I will leave.”

“No. I kept my promise. I feared in making it that I would die with its hanging thread not allowing me to pass. Please, let me go now. My family does not need to see me suffer any longer. Thank the higher powers for allowing me to keep my promise.”

I really did not want to sound angry, but I did feel the need to make a point. “I am not going to see them, but you are. Tell them yourself.”

She smiled as if approving of my words, then asked, “Well, anything that you would have me say to them on your behalf?”

I thought for a moment, then answered, “No. I am sure that they are watching me, but I am not ready to face them. I still want to live.”

“Those are good words from Death.”

I approached while saying, “Honestly, I come at your call to enable you to move on with ease. I’m not evil, and there is no majesty in my existence. I just want to help.”

“You’re not arguing with me, Darling, but with my daughter. I kept my promise. I am at peace. I am ready.”

Calliope let the lady go, then left for peace. Calliope felt no desire to speak to the young lady. A deep feeling that whatever source had corrupted information about the persona of Death would also twist the reality of an actual appear kept Calliope away.

Wondering about the bed in her room, she returned to Peace. Stepping into the misty chamber that housed the entry and exit, she felt a strange disturbance. The particles of the mist did not appear disturbed, but their images were distorted by something. As she looked, a voice she recognized spoke.

“Death, let me again state my thanks.”

“Once again, Lexostat, you’re welcome.”

“Come with me, Calliope. I want you to talk with me.”

Calliope usually did not go to her room, so quickly accepted the offer. No sooner than did she move into the hallway than did she remember a desire to see her new bed, or if the jubridors had understood the command. She shrugged however with an acceptance that nothing would become dusty or corrode, so went with Lexostat.

It was hard seeing the persona for Foundation, but it seemed that he had trouble visualizing her as well. Calliope found herself entertained speaking to Lexostat about how he perceived things while trying to relate her own means of identifying things. Passing through a red portal, she looked around her wondering about why they had entered this room.

“Lexostat, this is the storage room for beds.”


Worried that Lexostat would not understand, Calliope said, “Yes, places where we rest when our bodies have done more than they can tolerate.”

“Ah, yes, filtering. The body has dealt with so much, and one needs to return to purity before doing more.”

“Yes, I guess that sounds right.”

“My kind is not physical, so do not need physical places of rest.” The creature stopped with Calliope assuming that it looked around the room from its further statement. “So, that is what is in here. Places for those physical to filter.”

“Yes. There are a variety of forms with a variety of needs. There is also just a diversity of personal tastes.”

“So many.”

“Yes, with most being very old. We are now attempting to date some of them.”

“Things do not age here.”

There was no way Calliope could decipher emotions in the vague shimmer she knew to be Lexostat, so just kept her reply to relaying information. “We can still tell. Maybe not so much with beds, but we have found the room with pictures. One is of the same race of creatures as is Greg’s wife, and it is dating back over two thousand years.”

“This place is far older.”

“But there are no records of our predecessors. There are no rules for what we do. I believe many fail, because they simply do not understand what they are supposed to be doing.”

“Yes, such is something that we discuss. Come on.”

Calliope somehow understood that she had never been in the corridor gained by the other portal in the storeroom. It appeared as desolate as the other passages. She actually expected Lexostat to bring her to some exotic chamber reflecting his own strange existence. Seeing an orange portal had her consider such probably marked a room with a really bizarre internal design. Instead she stepped through to see a bright sun, open space with the walls of an enormous building visible behind her, and a great white dragon lying on a grassy field.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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Life on the Other Side: cp18 (All of Two)
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