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 The Other Side of Life: cp19 (Both of Two)

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PostSubject: The Other Side of Life: cp19 (Both of Two)   August 1st 2013, 2:15 pm

The second Blue Flame novel –
There is a wiki database to reference names, although you can certainly ask me questions as well.

The Other Side of Life
Chapter Nineteen:  Part One


Calliope could not help but turn around looking at her surroundings.  A grand field with various trees went off to the horizon with horses, strange white deer, and all sorts of colorful birds.  A great building of some white stone was behind her.  While the dragon spoke to her, she was not simply amazed at its presence.

“I do not believe that we have ever met.”

“No.”  She did not look it while speaking.  “I have been Death for way over two hundred years, and I did not know any of this existed.”

“Well, it is good that –“

She interrupted the dragon to ask, “Did you name Eddie?  I mean, is he yours?”


“Greg, well Life, as Eddie was in the room long before Greg became Life, has this little blue dragon in his room.”

The dragon lifted itself on his four legs and spread his wings before saying, “Even if I had children, they would not be something you would call little.”

“Well, it is little.  Would you know where it came from?”

“Yes.  There are such creatures about.”

“Okay, how about gardens?  Where does our food come from?  And if stuff cannot rot here, how can we get alcoholic beverages?”

The dragon settle back down while commenting, “So many questions.”

“I have been here over two hundred years!  We don’t know anything.”

“What makes you think that I know?”

“I haven’t asked you yet to know what you do know or don’t know.”

The dragon lifted its head to look toward Lexostat, then patted the ground near it as if signaling for Calliope to sit before saying, “Ah, well, that is a good response.  Okay.  Sorry to inform you, but I am Kamadrell.  My personality is Comfort.”

She continued to stand while responding, “Comfort?  So, you are like the rest of us?”

“Afraid so.  My form is slightly too large to settle into the regular rooms, so I found my way out here.”

“What do you mean?  Anne, the persona of History, is also quite large in size.  She has to go around in another form while here, but she does so in order to visit with us.”

The dragon chuckled, then patted the ground this time clearly indicating for Calliope to sit while saying, “I believe that I have won a bet.  The problem is that I am not limited by the physical shell.  I can see beyond the immediate.  I could thus tell that there were other passages and where they led.”

Lexostat came closer to say, “We could also detect your searching through rooms and corridors beyond your usual limits.  We thus wondered what you were looking for, and guessed it was us.”

The dragon said, “Lexostat did not expect you to be so intelligent.”

“I suspected the questions, but not the ability to form accusations from our replies.”

Calliope had to ask, “So, just because we could not perceive higher orders of reality you suspected that we could not manage higher orders of logical thought.”

“Uh, yes.  Basically, that was my misconception.”

Kamadrell said, “As Comfort, I deal with a variety of people.  I was attempting to explain things for Lexostat, but he also has an inquisitive mind.”

There was no way to understand emotion from the barely perceptible form of Lexostat or the manner in which she heard his words.  “I found myself surprised at the mentality of Life when he came to help.  The situation then arose having me deal with you, Calliope.  I am sorry, but I brought you here as a test.”

She could not help but say, “Test or not, thank you.  It is nice knowing this is here.”

The head of the dragon turned at an angle forcing the neck to bend oddly before asking, “You are not going to tell?”

“Tell?  Yes, but I don’t know what they will do with the information.  I mean, we all have jobs.  This is nice.  It answers a number of questions, but not the meaningful ones.”

Lexostat asked, “And what would you consider a meaningful question?”

“Were we condemned to the rooms we usually inhabit due to a fault of the first ones to exist with our personalities?  There are stories of the gods living in a magnificent place.  What we have is nice enough, but not what the stories say.”   Calliope stood up and looked around before saying, “I don’t see some of the things that I have been told about.”

“What have you been told about, Calliope?  Kamadrell and I have a much more expansive range of awareness.”

Calliope worked to describe some of the things her instructor had shown and related to her.  Due to the size of the building, Kamadrell carried her to look over the grounds of the estate.  Even he spoke of not knowing whether this was just one property or a singular edifice with others also present.  Neither he nor Lexostat would even claim that they were on some planet, but mentioned that their surroundings seemed quite different than any other place they knew about.  They did find a section where there were what appeared as marble columns around a large pool of clear water with covered areas nearby, but these were all overgrown with plants.  She left Kamadrell to walk around having to admit that the things she had been shown were true, but truly of a distant past.

Lexostat said, “You could get to work and restore all of this.”

“Why?” Calliope asked.  “I was told that those that rested and played here felt they were superior, so it was taken from them.  No.  Our place in Peace has been sufficient.  It is nice knowing that all this is here, but this is not our lives.  This is not who we are.  We are the personas to help guide and aid the regular people, so we should be active among the people and not avoiding our work here.”

Kamadrell replied, “But this place is so we can get away.  Our work is taxing at times.  As Comfort, I can say that this fits with my persona.  No, you should not make it your life, but it is here for you.”

“I tend to feel that Greg, Labonchy, and a few others have the right attitude.  They relax among real people in a real life.  That is what we are, essentially – real people.”

“Not all of us can do that.  Some, like you, cannot exist among the regular people as regular people.”

“I do, in a way.  It is not the same as Greg or Labonchy, as Death is a rather harsh presence, but I have circles that I have found I can associate within.  From what I have learned, it is better that I manage that and not gain my relaxation here.  When I had my chance to return to life, I was not prepared.  Spending my free moments here, and not associating in the lives of my fellow personas, would have had me even less able to respond to my return to life.  No, this place was probably placed here with good intent, but it is not what we need.  We are not to separate ourselves.  Lexostat, could you get me back?  I don’t want to stay here.”

The shimmering symbol replied, “Certainly, Calliope.  Honestly, though, I would like for you to return outside at times.  I was highly impressed by this meeting.”

Kamadrell also stated his pleasure in the meeting, but she did not let their words be sufficient.  “I consider both of you at fault, as you knew about us and did not make an introduction.  Both of you need to drop in on us occasionally.  You should start seeing Anne out here, as she is truly quite large and winged.  She is so confined to the usual rooms.  As for the rest, time will tell.  I promise not to keep this knowledge to myself.”

She was about to again climb on the back of the dragon when she noticed a signal.  Strangely, instead of feeling a need to rush back through the corridors of Peace, Calliope felt a tug toward what appeared as a gazebo.  Neither Kamadrell nor Lexostat spoke of knowing about the place, although both did agree that they suddenly were aware of a portal.  Calliope thus followed the tug through some ivy to see a mist from which she realized that she could answer the signal.

She rushed through a number of circumstances.  There people she came upon did plead for her to hurry and perform her service, which helped ease her mind at not pausing for some final words.  Calliope knew that her desire to have time to go speak to Greg or others would probably not happen soon.  There was still the hope, and she knew that if she did not prepare for the opportunity then her need to stay silent would be her fault.

The feeling to rush had her move in a manner that a man missed her.  That disturbed Calliope, as almost none but those that called could see her.  She turned to speak to the man, but found him to rush toward her.  He did not make eye contact with her, but moved in a strange manner as if he could not really see her.  As she stepped aside, she could hear another voice directing him.  She did not take any time with the one dying, but brought the person relief then moved on to the next call.

A vast plain of dead, dying, and those attempting to keep living did not surprise her.  Calliope had encountered numerous such scenes over her centuries as Death.  She hated to admit that she looked forward to such devastation, as it usually enabled her to speak to friends.  The sight of Greg did bring her relief, although his troubled features had her realize that they had met recently at such a scene of the same races of people.

“Greg, the Suderling Union is at war?”

“No, but it is not a very cohesive collection of races.  My job as Ambassador almost never has me working with foreign races, but with those of the Suderling Union itself.  This devastation is due to two groups that have both figured out some twist on the usual weaponry, and have targeted each other for testing of whose improvement has given them superiority.  The conflict is not in the Apostle’s territory, not even close, although we are often involved in group discussions about how to bring about an end to the battles.”

She saw him again looking around for cameras, and moving beneath buildings when possible as if knowing there were satellites watching, which had her think of something.  “Oh, I think there was an attempt to take my job from me.  The person had an earpiece with someone giving directions.  He however could not see me, and I avoided him.”

“I will check on it, Calli.  Honestly, I am already voicing my dissatisfaction with certain elements in this war, but it is being drowned out by the normal voices that don’t want war – period.  It is hard to hold a rational discussion when one side, even one with the right idea for a conclusion, is unwilling to consider certain proposals.”

That did put her mind at ease on that concern, which allowed her to speak of the other thing on her mind.  “Oh, Greg, I have seen the outside of Peace.”


“Yes.  Lexostat brought me.  There is another door in the storage room with the beds, and take the corridor to the left until you see an orange portal.  We live in a massive building that I believe is all alone in its own reality.”

“I guess that I need to look.  No, I did not go far into that room.  Stepped in, saw beds, and moved on.”

Calliope had to chuckle, then she relayed some more information.  “Oh, and the name of the persona of Comfort is Kamadrell.  He goes outside because he appears as a large white dragon.  I told him about Anne, and believe that once she learns of the way outside will go there so she can rest in her natural form.”

“If only they had a portal out there.”

“They do.  I used it to leave.  It was overgrown with ivy however, so I do not believe it has been used in centuries, maybe millennia.”

Calliope got the impression in the way he kept glancing at her as he did some work on a man that he did not want to say something, but of course he trusted her enough to do so.  “I guess that we need to check if there is a way to use it.”

“The Suderling Union might be causing problems for us, but let us not cause trouble for ourselves, Greg.”

“Don’t plan on it, but it is best if we stay in the know about things.  I am thus going to check.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Part Two   August 6th 2013, 12:38 pm

The second Blue Flame novel –
There is a wiki database to reference names, although you can certainly ask me questions as well.

The Other Side of Life
Chapter Nineteen: Part Two


Calliope worked along with Greg to do that was necessary, then they both went to other errands. There was a hope in the lady that she would meet at another grand disaster, but that did not happen. Having said what she felt was necessary, Calliope no longer rushed her work and allowed herself to simply enjoy her special life.

“GOD! NO! Not you! Please, God, not this!”

Calliope had to look around. The house was abandoned. It appeared that some boards broke, and in falling the young man had seriously injured himself. Realizing that no one else could have summoned her, she went ahead and let the one hurt know a truth.

“I was not sent, but called. If you did not want Death, I would not be here.”

“No – no – no; I do not want to die.”

“Then I will leave.”

“What? No! I mean, can you call someone?”

Calliope did look around before asking, “Do you have a working phone?”

“No.” Dejection sounded in the young man’s voice. “I’m going to die, aren’t I?”

“Not necessarily. If I am called then there is something preventing you from passing. Your body might fail in time, causing you to die, but for me to come death is not an immediate possibility.”

“You don’t kill people?”

“No. I bring release.”

“You kill people.”

Not wanting to get into a bickering contest with the youth, Calliope replied, “If I touch you, you die. I do not have to touch you.”

“Okay, but – Listen. If there is a Death, is there a Life?”

“Of course. If you truly want to live, he should come just like I did.”

The young man tried to lift himself from his predicament. The pain was obviously immense, but he tried to bear it. Blood began to pour from his body, and realizing that he was possibly bringing about his own death he collapsed. The young man closed his eyes attempting to deal with his agony while crying out that he wanted to live.

“Hey, Calli.”

She returned a greeting as the native form of Greg looked around. The young man that was hurt opened his eyes enough to understand that another was present. While asking if he could help, Greg continued to look around in order to give a proper answer.

“You can live, but I cannot repair the major damage you have done to yourself. That will depend on your medical technology.”

“So, can you call an ambulance?”

Calliope felt a little in the wrong when Greg replied, “There is a flare gun over there. I can bring it to you, and maybe someone would see it.”

“Yeah. I brought it to start a bonfire. I was going to get wood from this house.”

“You got wood, but some of it went inside you. I thus would not start a fire.”

The lad waited for the weapon to be retrieved and handed to him, then asked, “What can you do for me?”

“I staunched your wounds, so you won’t bleed to death. It will restart if you move, so wait for help.”

Disappointment sounded in the young man’s voice as he asked, “That’s all?”

“That’s it. Calliope and I are not here to correct mistakes. We are only here to offer you options about how you are going to deal with you situation. She can ease your passage from this life. I can help you face your situation so you can possibly survive it. That’s it.”

“Calliope? Who’s that?”

Greg pointed while saying, “Death. Her name is Calliope.”

“She’s a girl?”

Greg smiled at her, although Calliope had to look at how this world perceived her personality as he said, “And a rather lovely one. She is not of your world, but I think you would like her if you saw her.”

“I never thought of Death as a girl. You know though, you’re right. She is.”

“Well, think about living. Shoot the flare, and hopefully someone will come. I wish you well.”

Greg did turn to her, so Calliope said, “I don’t feel another call. Maybe I can go to Peace with you.”

She saw him look around. He spun as the flare went off, then he smiled hearing distant voices respond to the lifting light. Greg then looked back to her to reply to her statement.

“No other call either. Yes, let’s go to Peace.”

They came out in the usual place. Greg however did not speak of needing sleep. He in fact directed her to where the storage room for beds was located. That however caused Calliope to want to see her bed. They first thus went to her room. They came through the portal with Calliope wanting to cry, but it helped having Greg put an arm around her in support.

She said, “I guess that I need to make new blankets.”

The bed was a large thing with a thick mattress stuffed with what she could not tell. While the place for rest was bulky, the frame appeared light. The tall posts were of metal, which had the strength to support such a mass while only being a filigree of twisting lines connected by what Calliope could only assume were musical notes. The headboard was also of metal, and supported the musical theme by its twisting wires displaying what appeared to be lithe ephemeral forms dancing. She definitely approved of what she saw, but her blankets barely appeared as nothing more than towels cast upon it.

Greg said, “Definitely not something one would associate with Death.”

“No, or a man.” Calliope moved up to test the mattress, and found it to be a little firmer than it appeared, but definitely not as hard as her old bed. “It’s what I wanted, but I did not realize how small my blankets were.”

“I would say that you could contact Vefillaya about getting the material, but that would not get you actual silk from silk worms.”

She turned to kiss him before saying, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, but for what?”

“That was a statement of understanding. Yes; I want actual silk. I want this room to be me. Whoever becomes Death next will know something about me.”

“Well, hopefully it will become a room that you will not mind spending time in.”

“Yes. After over two hundred years, I might actually consider this my room.” She then turned back to the portal while saying, “And now let me show the way outside. I don’t really remember flowers, but I want to look again. Might find something to put in my room.”

Greg spoke with her about the changes she planned for her room as they moved through Peace. They did speak of the possible floor plan of the building as he moved to estimate the distance from one door to another in the storeroom, but then went back to discussion interior decorating while moving down the other corridor. Stepping outside, Greg had to move to try and get a sense of the scale and shape of the building.

“This isn’t the front door, Calli.”

“A front door?”

A voice came from a distance and above, with Calliope and Greg watching as Kamadrell flew down. “We needed someone with a more physical sense of reality to make some sense of the architecture.”

Greetings were exchanged before Greg said, “There are no windows, which is consistent with what I have seen inside. It is not just a block structure however, but I see sections jutting out and other sections jutting in. There is also ornamentation.” They spent time discussing the peculiar designs on the outer layer of stone with Greg finally concluding, “We have universal standards for many things. That is what we represent. There are male and female standards along with most other aspects of life, which is what I represent. Moving through so many worlds, there also seems to be a universal standard for architecture, which I guess could be what Peace itself represents.”

Calliope found herself having to speak the conclusion, “Which means that there would be a front door –“

Greg picked up, “Foyer, grand hallway, stairs, which I have yet to encounter, and other features of a major domicile.”

Kamadrell said, “You are, of course, speaking from a physical perspective, but I have to agree with the basic concept. Yes, it is good that we had those of you of your natures come out. It has expanded our awareness.”

“I assume that those of your nature just move out here, so you know little of the internal structure of the building.”

“Well, not of the structure. I can determine ways of passing, but not as any sense of architecture. The terms you used are known to me, but only as descriptive adjectives in relating to the physical. You are correct that I see no usual configuration, although I always could suspect it was there.”

Calliope had been looking at the building, but turned to the white dragon as Greg asked, “Comfort? Does that mean ease of life, or passive acceptance of one’s existence?”

“From my perspective, it means being able to relax as oneself. No, comfort and comfortable are separate states to me. Maybe if another gains my place, the association would be different. When I am called, I seek to make sense of one’s place and not to improve their surroundings.”

“I would say such is proper, but I would be probably saying such because I have grown up under your influence.”

“Makes sense, except that I gained my perspective from growing up under the influence of someone else who held this persona. Thus, I would say that my perspective is indeed proper.”

Calliope calmly listened and even commented occasionally as the two discussed some things about their lives, although perked up when Kamadrell asked, “Would you like for me to carry you as I fly around seeking the front of the building?”

They both agreed, and soon Calliope was with Greg on the back of Kamadrell. While he spoke as if not being physical, his form provided support and acted as a dragon should. The flight was not an experience of forces however, but more of a gentle movement. Calliope thus accepted that Kamadrell was not a normal creature, but real enough to her to feel that she could one day tell her children that she really rode upon the back of a dragon.

There was no road, but the grass just became displaced by a set of white paving stones that eventually became the solid support for a set of wide steps up to what appeared to be doors of ivory. After some comment about the artwork of strange symbols, Kamadrell and Greg worked to move one of the great white slabs to enter the building. Calliope had to gasp with the men as they saw a grand white room filled with life-size statues of them.

Kamadrell thought it strange to see himself represented in a physical manner, but Calliope felt it even more bizarre to see Lexostat very clearly. She had the feeling that if she could get a fix on his form, that she would be able to read his body as one of the Chinese words. Studying his statue, she could not say that he matched any of their marks, although felt that she might draw it out for the one that taught her to see if he could translate it.

She however turned with amazement as the statue of Comedy suddenly dispersed into a cloud of dust. It was not unusual for personas to change. Calliope had experienced the loss of all of those she knew from her original entrance into Peace. Greg however cursed, then said that he needed to return as he expected more trouble from the Suderling Union.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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The Other Side of Life: cp19 (Both of Two)
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