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 The Other Side of Life: cp20 (All of Two)

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PostSubject: The Other Side of Life: cp20 (All of Two)   August 11th 2013, 12:23 pm

The second Blue Flame novel –
There is a wiki database to reference names, although you can certainly ask me questions as well.

The Other Side of Life
Chapter Twenty:  Part One


Greg returned to the Apostle, and could not help but smile as a nearby intercom activated with the voice of the captain asking, “Greg, are you aware of a certain situation.”

Not wanting to lie, a coy response was returned.  “Maybe.”

“Well, the emperor wants to speak to you.  You probably should take the call in your quarters.”

“Of course.  Thank you, Captain.”

“You’re welcome, but I would like to be informed.”

It actually puzzled Greg that he felt the situation funny.  He wondered if his attitude was truly his perspective on the situation, or something resulting from the change in the personality of Comedy.  He found himself not really caring, although finding things humorous all the same.

Vefillaya was at the door upon his arrival, but she spoke of also receiving a certain message and not of trying to get her husband into the bed.  “Greg, there is an urgent summons from our emperor for you.”

“I know, Vefillaya.  Could you get me some wine?”


He moved into his office and settled into his chair without displaying any eagerness to make the call.  When his wife brought him the glass of wine along with the bottle, he had her check his appearance.  She fully appreciated the signs of playfulness, and left promising him that she would be waiting for him.

Seeing those in the communication network quickly recognize and redirect his call he also found humorous, so had a wide smile on his face when the concerned features of the emperor came on the screen with him saying, “Greg, how much do you know about the personality of Comedy?”

“If you remember, I knew next to nothing when we found the painting.  I however assume that some Dumonistat found the man’s diary.”

“Uh, yes, but the entries are not much after a certain date.  Basically, it speaks of really strange aliens and Peace, about the same stuff that you talk about.  What does Comedy do?”

Greg found his sense of humor to be hiding a deep feeling of anger, which he did not mind releasing.  “You really haven’t been listening to me.  Me, who you had to send two Cladastians across space to another galaxy to hunt for, because I was researching my own personality.  Me, who had to work with Calliope to restore her to Death, and me who then gained the trust of Eternity enough that he had his final moments on board this vessel.”

“Can you shorten the lecture?  I do have responsibilities of my own.”

“Okay, nice and sweet.  Each personality sets the underlying tone of the personality.  There are a multitude of life forms out there, but I keep the message of continuing the struggle in spite of actual physical concerns.  Calliope basically presents a view of death as being a peaceful release and not a horrible end of life.  Whoever took over the personality of Comedy will thus need to determine how he sees that aspect, then work to present it to the universe at large.”  Accepting that there was possible humor in the situation, Greg then asked, “Oh, this guy was not a comedian, was he?”

“Uh, no.  Just a government researcher.  Really do not know how he managed to gain the position.”  The form of the emperor relaxed as if accepting defeat while he asked, “The man will not last, will he?”

“There is no way to know.  Like I said, I really am not knowledgeable in those personalities.  If I hung around Peace, I might listen to Anne and some of the others speak of the new Comedy, as they would have more association with that personality than me.  Who knows, the guy might actually have a sense of humor.”

“Yes, well, there is no way that he could hand off the office to a chosen successor?”

“I know of no situation where that has happened.  There has been a suggestion among the non-physical personalities, but I have not fully spoken to the one that mentioned something of that type.  Their existences are so alien to us that I doubt the answer will be as you would desire it to be.”

As if displaying his own knowledge of things metaphysical, the emperor asked, “Greg, how do you know?”

Really not wanting to say certain things to the emperor, an evasive answer was supplied.  “I just told you that I have recently been in contact with the more exotic personalities, and the enlightenment they provided happened to occur when the change in personality happened.  Tell the person that what he has gained might have some power, but plenty of responsibility as well.  It is a wonderful experience however.”

The impression from the body language was that the emperor was going to terminate the call, but he asked one more question.  “You have not met the man?”

“No.  Really had not met the previous Comedy until after that picture was found and identified.  We are two personalities that really do not interact.”

The call was then ended after the usual acknowledgements.  Greg sipped his wine while thinking back over the conversation, but downed the final drops in his glass accepting that nothing improper happened.  Worried about another call disturbing his time with his wife, Greg left his office.

Entering his bedroom, Vefillaya was already naked.  He pulled her to him, then kissed her body.  She let him perform the affectionate contact, but noticed his calm demeanor.  When she thus moved to help him become naked, she made certain to look into his eyes.

“You don’t seem tired.”

“No.  Not that type of period.  I am probably worn out, but in a different way than usual.”

He stood to help her remove some of his clothes while she asked, “The emergency with the emperor was not that great?”

“Not an emergency at all.  The Suderling Union just had someone join the immortals, but he probably won’t last.  The emperor was hoping that I could provide some advice, but I just reminded him that I had my own trials as well before securing my place as Life.  Nothing is certain.”

“You can be certain that you can do with me whatever you want.”

It was a normal statement from Vefillaya, but Greg was in the mood for such a comment.  He picked the lady up and set her down on the bed then adjusted her body.  With them both laughing and making other joyful sounds, they spent time together.

^~^~^     ~^~^~     ^~^~^
Calliope felt at peace chirping away the responses to the history lesson, and hearing a personal question did not spoil her mood.  “Honored lady, what are you thinking about?”

“That this is one day going to be my life.  One day, all of this you are relating to me will be important.”

She got the feeling that he wanted to say something, but unsure of himself he only replied, “That is good.”

“I rode a dragon.  A great white dragon.  I saw the outside of Peace.  Those pictures you showed me, I saw those places.  Those memories should not die.  They need to be passed on.  I was thinking of one day sharing such experiences with a husband and children.  I might become a normal lady living a normal life, but there is another side to me that should not die.  It will however unless I do what I am doing.  Unless I go through these lessons, unless I make you want to have me as a member of your family, the other side of life will again fade from memory.  There is more, and you on this side of life need to know that there is more.”

Again the arms of the man came up as if to shield himself from her as he said, “I would like to share it with you.”

“You are sharing it with me.  I do and will speak to you.  Now, as we are.  Later, maybe as your daughter, granddaughter, but maybe just as two very close acquaintances.  Just, don’t let me die.  I, who have this life as Death, should not die.  Please, let me live.”

“That is one contract I have signed that I wish now I had signed with blood.  Honored lady, you will always be a glorious light in my life.  Yes, I want you to live.  It will be a sorrowful day when you pass on to what awaits us.”

She moved forward to touch him as she said, “Then, I promise you, then you can have me.  Then we can spend time together.  Do not keep yourself from your own life.  You need to have things to tell to me.”

His eyes turned to the book he was referencing, then they dropped as he asked, “You rode a great white dragon and saw the wonders I spoke of, yet you do not want to stay?”

“No.  That is not life.  It is a wonderful experience, but it is not life.  I am doing things that will make me a most unique wife and mother, but my stories will end up just being stories, and not things of a real biography.  When the book of my life is read, they will speak of my life, and maybe just have a section of my tales as being Death.”  She almost felt like crying as she concluded, “All these centuries I have lived are really not important.  My time here will be the important thing.”

“No, honored lady, it will not be.  Maybe here.  Maybe those here will only focus on your life here, but once on the other side I will have to fight a multitude to gain some moments with you.  Each year of your present life you touch many in their final moments.  You also have an effect on my life, and those who I encounter recognize that there is something odd about me.  I hear you speak of interacting with even others, and they also bear witness of who you are.  You are an important lady, and your life here will only enable you to relate to many of us who do not truly know of the other side.  You are correct.  You do not need to die.  We need to assure that you live – not only in this life, but in the life to come.”

There was a period of silence.  Calliope did not know what more to say, but stayed quiet to allow the young man to speak.  Whatever his thoughts, his voice indicated that he did not feel they were proper at the moment.

“Well, we have a bit more, then we speak English.”

“I will finish what you have to say, then we can speak in English.  I want to be able to talk to as many people as possible.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Part Two (End)   August 16th 2013, 1:07 pm

The second Blue Flame novel –
There is a wiki database to reference names, although you can certainly ask me questions as well.

The Other Side of Life
Chapter Twenty: Part Two


Alarms did not sound, but commands were urgently stated over the loudspeakers to get certain people to move. Greg was pleased to see certain workers arrive, and began giving them directions. Having the captain of the ship show up to oversee the operation did not alarm Greg, but had him relax in having someone to speak with.

“I did come back with cook books, but I cannot say if what was bought will match the recipes. Still, it is a start.”

The captain replied, “Should it be brought to the kitchen?”

“No, but to my apartment. Some will quickly need to be brought to the kitchen, but I will go over the stuff with Vefillaya first.”

“I will assure that the kitchen is ready. I hope that you had a pleasant visit with your mother.”

“She was disappointed that I did not bring Vefillaya with me, but that is just a mother trait. If there was a grand persona of ‘Mother,’ that would be one of the overriding aspects.”

The captain laughed with Greg before relating a serious piece of information about what they had been doing. “The one who took the persona of Comedy has returned. Just could not figure out his duties. The Suderling Union is back to simply claiming you.”

Hoping to set some minds at ease, Greg freely said, “Well, I have found nothing particularly marking the Suderling Union as off limits. It is just an extremely large universe, so the odds of someone here gaining a place is really low. I cannot even say that there is a ban on worlds of high technology, but the simple fact is that most worlds have problems with developing past certain limits. It might be like mine and its scientist simply unable to conceive of certain loopholes in the physical laws, or might be like other worlds that lack certain metals or have other difficulties putting their theories into operation.”

Greg saw a box moved to a cart, and realized that he needed to speak to the captain about something particular. “I will need an electrician. That machine is a coffee maker. It needs to be adapted to work off of our electrical system.”

“It is your ship, Ambassador. You can call whoever you will and give them whatever duties you require.”

There was still the problem of not knowing all the historical relationships of how the vessel operated, although Greg knew that he had a wonderful source of advice with him. “Well, Captain, I was thinking that it would fall under the jurisdiction of Chief Adrinnik.”

“You are correct, Greg.”

“Good. Problem solved. Might call you over one day and have you sample the brew.”

“That would be appreciated.”

Part of diplomacy was to assure that no feathers were being left ruffled, so Greg made certain to add, “Glad to have you in my life, Captain. Really, this is not a bad place to call home.”

“Having you think that was my job from the time I was told of your gaining authority over this ship, Greg. Glad to know that I will not be considered at fault.”

“A good wife, a good cup of coffee, I might not want to leave.”

Greg felt a tingle, and could tell that the captain saw it as well by the way his amoeba-like form reacted and not simply from his words. “Yes, you must.”

“Yes, I must. Tell Vefillaya that I will be back for her and a cup of coffee.”

“I might just tell her the first part.”

“I probably will as well.”

With those words, Greg moved back to the elevator doors. Feeling that life was good on both sides of his existence, he found himself not wanting it to end. Hoping that it would stay that way, he left one job on side of his life to handle business on the other.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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The Other Side of Life: cp20 (All of Two)
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