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 Mad Scientist I Am (Timesaga 1 - All 7 chapters)

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PostSubject: Mad Scientist I Am (Timesaga 1 - All 7 chapters)   February 12th 2014, 4:26 pm

Mad Scientist I Am
TimeSaga Story One

Chapter One

Hoping that problems could be solved, I walked into my office glad to see Rudy sitting in a chair and Chief Hebert looking over a curiosity using magnets to orchestrate a movement of objects.  Honestly, I had no idea why they came to my office.  I was in the lab, and felt it to be a good place for our conversations.  My office was however private as well, and I accepted that its ambience made it better for some discussions.

As I moved to sit behind my desk, Rudy asked, “How’s it hanging, David?”

“Not that you would know, but tidy whities keep it from hanging.  I also know where it goes when I am inclined to take them off.”

“Your hand?”

I looked to Chief Hebert to end the little exchange even as I said, “The ladies don’t want it when it is hanging, so I wash up while getting things in a usable condition.”

The man noticed the two of us look to him.  Everyone of importance in Zychi had serious education with Chief Hebert also having military service padding his resume.  I thus respected the man as well as trusted him.  He turned his head to look at us, then in a very formal manner he stated a question that took me by surprise.

“Listen, David, how is your love life now that you are divorced?”

“That’s none of your business,” I replied.

“Honestly, David, I would like to know.”

I wondered what company policy had been enacted that I did not know about as I asked, “Why?”

Rudy answered, “Because you are the one that needs to gain a box instead of a dong.”


That exclamation did not result from a lack of knowledge.  It came because I felt completely out of the loop in making the decision.  I fully expected some plea to have some friend of Rudy undergo the process.  Finding myself confronted with a result that made me a guinea pig forced a verbal reaction.

Instead of Rudy, it was Chief Hebert to supply an answer.  “News of the dog is out there.  You need to move before things get out of your control.  The further issue is that you have been the agent for some financial restructuring.  To protect those investments, and your technology, we need you to disappear.  I will listen to other options, but I presently agree with Rudy that you get to go through the procedure.”

Instead of making more verbal signs of displeasure, I calmed myself to consider what Chief Hebert said.  The technology was mine.  Zychi Corporation was just a business that provided support for research projects with certain payments and claims completely based on factors of what the one directing the science would need and promise.  Theoretical physics really did not need much, but our experiments demanded certain levels of quality control when we did attempt something.  I thus only paid rent, so Zychi had no claims to my technology.  However, I knew that success often had lawyers looking again at contracts, and instead of playing that game I calmly accepted that others were giving me the option to move on.

Just to force the two to explain themselves, I asked, “Why me?”

“Because you are knowledgeable enough to handle the assignment, and one that can be gone without people noticing.”

I really did not like what I was being told at all, so tried an option, “How about Eddie?  He is right now talking about getting the surgeries.”

Rudy answered, “He doesn’t know half of what you know, and has a boyfriend.”

Getting upset about my situation, I blurted out, “Oh, hold it – that’s it, isn’t it?  I am the only single hetero.  The rest of you are all play-partners.”

“We have serious relationships.”

“Right.  I listen to the drama every frikkin day.  Gerald,” that was Chief Hebert’s first name, “you cannot do this to me.”

“David, Rudy went along the same line of logic that you are now going.  Honestly, some of his relationships are girlie-men that would rather be girls.  They however don’t know half of what you know, or have half of the clearances that you have.  Also, those who trusted you with their money are telling me that they can get them later for a profit.  Right now, if they get you entangled in things they will be down time without making money at all.  I thus heard a number of votes to have you undergo your own process.”

“What in the Hell is this?”  I was just fuming now.  “I give my life to this company, and now I get black-balled into losing my balls?”

Chief Hebert moved closer to my desk as he said, “There is not yet any company behind you.  Right now this is all you.  Still, David, you have given your life to developing this technology.  It has cost you a marriage with children, and it is now going to cost your manhood.  Honestly, I consider you to have a lot more at stake in this situation than your balls.”

As far as I was concerned, he just gave me my out.  I had been focusing on my line of research ever since gaining my Phd.  The lady that became my wife claimed to be fascinated with my work, and definitely found herself pleased with the amount of money I could get others to invest in me.  The years however dragged on, and she found that my life seldom had time for her, the children, or even the money.  She finally gave up on me.  I believe she expected some concession from me about devoting more of my life outside of my work.  I however only replied that I was too close to making the process work to give up on it now.  My lawyers wisely had her sign papers stating that she did not want anything to do with my job.  I gave her the house and car with a smile on my face, then came back to work the next day to enjoy my freedom from her.  The time had proven beneficial, although as far as I was concerned it was not fair that upon seeing success I would end up being subjected to my own technology.

I put stress in my voice as I said, “Unless it is really bad, I am not going to submit.”

Rudy said, “It is really bad.  There is going to be a corporate takeover.”

“A corporate takeover?  No one has come to me about buying my stocks.”

Of course I bought stock in Zychi, as it gave me some clout with the administration, but Rudy let me know that the trouble would not be from those that provided the services for my research. “Not that kind.  The government is coming in.”


Chief Hebert provided the answer.  “They heard about what you could possibly do.  Think about the power they would have.”

“They would not understand half of what we are doing.”

“Hell, I don’t understand half of what you are doing.  I do understand what you did to that dog.  You however have the knowledge to make the technology work, so we need you out of the picture.”

“And how does removing my dick take me out of the picture?”

Rudy answered that, “Because they won’t be expecting it.  They are expecting to just come in and replace us – put their own people in and reassign everyone else.  You would be reassigned, David – to work for them.  What we are doing is having you reassign yourself, and removing yourself from working for them.”

Still attempting to avoid the fate being suggested, I said, “But I cannot lose you.  Rudy has done fabulous work taking my specifications and developing the machines.  I really do not need you, Chief, but your support has been highly appreciated.”

Chief Hebert replied, “No, you don’t need me, but a number of people who also trust me are commanding me to get you away from Zychi.  You have taken your work home, and I feel certain have backups.  If we can get you out of the picture, your work will follow you.  Rudy actually works for Zychi, but you are not the only one he has helped.  We can thus downplay his importance, and get him away in a more reasonable fashion.  I have certain blueprints on file with a certain contractor, but nothing in them details what you had Rudy do to modify the original designs.  I would however say that even without Rudy everything could be rebuilt.  The investors are thus committed to getting you away from Zychi and the government.”

“What would the government have over me?”

“The word I hear is that you are an embezzler.  That money is in private accounts, and not in certain secure financial holding companies – such as what Zychi provides.”

Those words got me mad, and I expressed the reason for my anger.  “I did that under the advice from the people giving me the money!”

Chief Hebert kept his voice strong, but even.  “I have to assume that it was because they saw this coming.  Yes, I was there as you put in the passwords.  I can thus testify as to your motivation.  The government can however drag out the legalities, and your investors want a timely return on their investment.  Thus, David, you need to disappear.”

I tried to settle my composure while saying, “You could have told me about these developments.”

Rudy said, “I wanted to tell you, but we all hoped that we were wrong.  The truth is however that once we leave the government will not be able to make this little operation run.  They will need an inside man – person, and that means you.  Listen, you can make it happen, and if things go down well you can unmake it.  Of course, in that event, I do have some names that I would appreciate you doing the math for.  You know, to convince me not to accuse you of embezzling.”

Rudy surely meant that final statement as a joke, but everything was completely serious to me.  “Honestly, I feel that I could get out of whatever entanglement the government creates, because I did work to make my steps as much by-the-book as possible.  I however agree with the time that it would involve.”

Chief Hebert asked, “Could anyone, especially in the government, find your passwords?  I know some are very much focused on the money, even though it is no more theirs to claim than the technology.”

“No.  All that anyone could find are mnemonics.  It would take me to remember them.”

“Could you lose your memory with your dick?”

Hoping simple facts could change certain plans, I provided an answer to the question.  “Of course I could.  If you are going to affect the quantum state of my existence to readdress my physical form from its inception, that could well change things mentally as well.”

Ruby said, “My dog still remembered who I was, and other things about my life.  Are your mnemonics sex related?”

“They are personal, so one could say that they are.  My wife did not leave me because I was frigid, but because she did not get me enough due to how much I worked.”


“That’s right, ouch.”  I really hated feeling my emotions calm, as I did not want to accept my fate, although I found myself calmly stating another fact.  “Now, this is going to take some preparations.”

Chief Hebert said, “I thought you had worked out the math.”

“To affect a personal sex change?  I doubt it.  Rudy asked me about his chihuahua, as he wanted to breed it with one of his boyfriends that had a dog of the same sex.”

Rudy interjected, “That was a test question, David.”


Being homosexual, there was usually a lot of inflection in Rudy’s voice beside the usual I-am-a-homo tones.  I thus caught something in the way he spoke.  Not really understanding the drama of the homosexual relationships, I had to ask a more complete question.

“Just how much preparations have you done before bringing this matter to my attention?  I could have been using the time to get things ready for a human trial.”

Chief Hebert was the one that replied, “Beside giving you authority over a vast amount of wealth?”

Rudy interjected what I suspected, “Once news started traveling about my dog, quite a lot has happened in a little bit of time.  David, your investors are really worried.  I heard because the same network talking about my dog passed back word of other things they heard.  People are making quick, probably hasty decisions, but they are seriously concerned.  Listen, if you can pull off this sex change, disappear, then enable us to set back up, we can get rich along with your investors getting a sizeable return.”

I did not like the idea at all, although I knew not to focus on the change of sex.  “What about the government?  If they are willing to break laws to get what we have up to now, what about when we actually get this process proven and working?”

“By then we hopefully would have proven ourselves as having some support.  Governments do not like being made to look small, so if we pull this off they will treat us with more respect.  I believe that you will find your technology gaining support by people all around the world.”

“I don’t know,” I said.

I did not like this idea at all.  Not only was it my manhood at risk, but I felt certain that things would get even worse.  As I considered other options, I saw Gerald looking at me.  Wondering what his thoughts were, I stared back at him.

“Can you do it?  Can you really make yourself into a female?”

“We had success with the dog.”

Rudy gave the necessary facts, “She has not yet gone into heat, but definitely female.  The vet said that there was nothing wrong with her.”

Chief Hebert asked, “Are you sure it was a male?”

“I know my men, Honey.  Clint was definitely male, but no more.”

“And you remember?  I mean, you know that he – she – your dog was male?  I mean, if he – she – your dog was female from birth, then you, me, all of us should think of her as – well, her.”

I supplied that information.  “We cannot change the universe, Gerald.  Making a macroscopic change takes enough power.  Going further simply scales things up.”

Chief Hebert began to realize the scope of what he was asking.  “Macro – macroscopic means big.”

“Yes, but in quantum situations that still means small.  What we did with the dog was a result of an almost non-detectable amount of energy with anything but special instruments.  In effect, the same should work with a human, but I will need to do some math and make some adjustments.”

“So, you will do it?”

I definitely did not like being the victim here.  The situation as presented however did not leave me with any choice.  I thus kept myself calm as I gave my answer.

“Okay, yes, I will do it.”

“I remember a power request when they did the dog.  How much more power to do you?”

“We ended up not needing that much for the dog.”  Hoping to say things that Chief Hebert could understand, I rambled through some basic statements.  “We are both mammals.  I will not be harder due to my size, or complexity, or anything like that.  There is a larger time factor, in that we have to achieve quantum interaction with particles further back in time.  That is about the only difference in scope.  We built the machines to handle a large power flow, so we should be able to manage.”

Both stayed silent as they stared at me.  I had truthfully given the lecture to Rudy, and he said that he understood.  His eyes however fixed on me as if he needed a refresher course.  I did not do it for him however, but for Chief Hebert.

“It is more complicated than simply affecting a single particle.  There is no one atom or molecule responsible for a mammal being male or female.  It is a whole chromosome attached to a whole set of chromosomes attached to a sperm, and that is the equation at the simplest.  However, there is a moment in time and a single egg.  A shift, a single movement, and things can result in a far different fashion.  In a good fertilization there are a multitude of sperm fighting to get into the egg.  We pick two moments in time.  One locks on the time of the fertilization while a later one checks a certain quantity, such as estrogen.  When you get a match, you make the moment happen.”

“So, it’s mechanical?”

Rudy just shook his head while I answered, “The final process is mechanical.  God help us all if we eventually discover that it is just mechanical.  No, there are a lot of particulars.”

“The government is getting paperwork together, so how quick can you act?”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.

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PostSubject: Chapter Two   February 17th 2014, 11:12 am

Mad Scientist I Am
TimeSaga Story One

Chapter Two

I left the office with Chief Hebert on the phone telling his lawyers to stall, stall, stall. We had achieved success with the dog, so I felt confident with the process, but knew that a number of variables would have to change for me. Rudy came out behind me, and started pestering me in a manner that had me wondering if the lawyers could stall long enough.

“You thinking what it would be like to have a cunt?”

Just to be mean, I replied, “Yes, in a way, as I am imagining what it would be like for you to stop bothering me.”

“Hate to burst your bubble, David, but you will just start being bothered by other men.”

“Who? You have assured that we mostly hired your homosexual – “


I was in no mood to be nice. “Homo friends. What heteroes are in the company are all married men, which included me.”

“Uh, well – so, are you going to do it?”

“I’ll take that as an offer.”

“What? Uh, hold it, David – or should I say Da-vid.”

I really did not want to say anything more. “Listen, Rudy, I need to check the equations. I will then need to do some tests on myself. I will then need to get heavy into the specific mathematics. Then, and only then, will I need to work with you to pull this little experiment off.” He got me talking, so I decided to let him have it. “Which, I must add, is why I am doing this. All mad scientists do the experiment upon themselves. Your dog was a wonderful guinea pig, but really cannot tell us many of the things we want to know. When it comes down to it, to truly understand one must go through the process themselves.”

“Most mad scientists I know are doing the experiments because they are personally affected by something relating to the science, so desire the results.”

Rudy had said that in what I felt he desired to be a slow seductive manner. I caught the sound of his voice, but did not see how the type of voice connected to undergoing an energetic physical change. To me the proper voice would be one deep starting low then building to a dramatic thundering conclusion. Of course, being homo, Rudy could not manage such a depth of tones, so I guess that he had to do what he could.

I simply let him know some facts. “I believe that I was attempting to affect a slot machine. You were the one with the sex change idea. It thus should be you that steals my keys and passwords, then sneaks into the lab to perform the sex change.”

We had reached Rudy’s office. While I moved to take a seat before his desk, Rudy plopped into his chair behind it. It actually surprised me that he did not put his feet on top of the piece of furniture, but then I remembered that he was homosexual. He sat properly, like a girl would, as he asked his question.

“So, why could you affect my dog, or even you, and not a slot machine?”

“Because the moment in time is not so miniscule and the result is so momentous. We thus have a large enough period in time to actually fixate on it, and we can then check for something as noticeable as a large molecule. With a modern slot machine the randomizing chip computes at an almost instantaneous moment in time and the result is just a random number that is redone at another instantaneous moment in time. I changed your dog into a bitch, and it is a bitch for the rest of its life. I change a result in a random number processor, and the computer chip keeps on running as if nothing happened.”

Rudy actually stayed quiet while I got my personal computer out of sleep mode. I knew better than to actually get into my work as long as I was dealing with someone else, but I did have some minor stuff to occupy me. As expected, when I got into typing a response to a query, Rudy finally asked another question.

“Is there something else we could use our technology on?”

“Sex change is good. Not for me, but it is good. Definitely money in it, and it is two-way.”

“Yeah.” His eyes lit up as he said, “That is a bonus. Experimental can be well, safe. I know a lot of people that would probably try a sex change if it could be temporary and safe.”

“But not cheap. Did the company send you the bill for your dog?”

“Oh, no, not cheap. Yes, I got the memo about how much it would have cost me. I guess that yours will cost the same.”

Not being homo, I was not into the drama crap, so kept my voice even as I replied, “I ain’t paying it, as I ain’t the one asking to have it done. I guess that you will get that bill as well.”

“Uh, no – we really need to lose that bill. It would be best if no one knows it happens.”

“Yeah, probably. Listen, Rudy, I need to get to work. You know the drill, as you went through it with me with your dog. Also, since we are to keep this private, you need to be the one to jump if I say frog.”

“You got it, hero – heroine. This is going to be weird for me as well as you. Still, I’m with you.”

I left for my lab. Once inside, I did not lock the door. Honestly, no one disturbs a man involved in mathematics. I believe they are too scared of being forced to listen to a conversation concerning variables, dividing fractions, and other topics of that nature. I enjoyed that stuff however, so got to it once I found myself alone.

Time was in the great equations of science, but usually ignored. E=mc2 had time in it as light moved a certain distance in a certain amount of time, and energy was the amount of force per unit time. While it would occasionally be discussed, making use of time had been rather fruitless. While time machines were a staple of science-fiction, and some theorists would consider methods of traveling through time, any real manipulation of that variable had never truly occurred. Actually what I was doing was going back in time, but only in a present-time context. In other words, I was affecting the past to only have a change in the present. In effect, I also just had time become another variable in a present-tense experiment. If that confused you then you were just one of those people who did not walk in on a mathematician when he was doing math in fear of him discussing what he was doing with you.

It took a lot of particulars to set up the conditions for my own transformation. I needed tests on myself. I then needed to adjust a number of instruments. Everything I did for that dog I did double for me. Considering that I was going to have to trust Rudy to perform the experiment on his own, I did everything one more time.

Notes were made to inform my feminine self about facts. Not that I feared having my memory erased, but just needing to be sure. Did not fully trust Rudy. He had done what he could to hire his homo friends, which meant that there were not any single available females in the building. If I was going to become one of those, I knew what my chances were of staying hired. I thus worked to assure that I could get myself up to speed as well as possible.

I did check on the actual situation with the government. Yep, they were coming. I sent messages to Rudy to let him know why they were coming. They heard about his dog. Him and his homo community just could not keep their damn mouths shut. Once again I felt that he should be the one going through the transformation, but having the money in my possession made me truly desire to disappear in a fog of estrogen. It also got me out of the situation of possibly paying more money to my ex, which pleased me immensely.

The lawyers were doing their best to stall, but Chief Hebert began to warn me about the government agents. I accepted his statements, but would not let them rush me. It was my damn gender that was at stake, and I wanted to assure that everything would happen properly. I bought champagne for the lawyers to encourage them to stall as I checked everything one more time.

We finally snuck down into the lab to perform the experiment. I had set as many instruments during the day as I could, but there was not enough time to handle every specification. Rudy came with me even as Chief Hebert kept a late hour at his desk to monitor things. Rudy and I both felt comfortable as it was my lab and I usually kept long hours, but still whispered as if knowing we were not using the equipment under any authorization.

Before stepping into the chamber, I lectured Rudy. “I am a mammal, and your dog is a mammal. Thus, you operate things no different for me than you did for your dog. A whole multitude of other changes were done, but at the final step it should be all the same.”

He had to ask, “You could not end up a dog?”

“Did your mutt end up a cat?”

Rudy glared at me. I blew him a kiss. Whether he really did not wish me as a sex partner, or was already imagining me as a woman, he continued to glare at me.

I stepped into the chamber wondering what I would feel. Honestly, the assumption had been that one would feel nothing. The dog however had reacted. Rudy had said that it felt pain. All the vitals were good, and it did come around, so we really were not sure what had happened. One of the reasons I was submitting myself to the experiment was to learn the answer.

Honestly, there were twinges of pain as the lasers focused on parts of me. I was in a paper suit, and the beams of light were strong enough to burn through. They honestly were set not to bother skin even as they sought the readings from a past accumulation of chromosomes and a not so past chemical molecule excreted by my body. I had put myself in straps to keep my body steady even as I felt signals to react to certain stimuli.

Suddenly, it felt as if I disappeared. In a way, I did. A whole half of my physical structure was removed and replaced. It was not so much pain, as just a recalibration of myself. I found myself allowing that an animal would not be able to comprehend what was happening. It was not pain that I felt, but it was highly disturbing all the same.

I wanted to undo myself from the straps to check my body. Flexing muscles I however found myself to hurt. It again was not so much pain, as just a tingling as if my body was not completely back whole. I jiggled my chest hoping to feel something moving, but tensed up instead as I felt a strange type of electric jolt. Seeking to undo myself from the straps, I found that I could not.

Wanting some knowledge of the change I sought to speak. Just hearing a feminine voice come from my throat I felt would let me know that everything had happened properly. I however felt myself acting as if choking. While hoping that Rudy would come and release me to perform certain basic checks, I passed out.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Three   February 22nd 2014, 11:51 am

Mad Scientist I Am
TimeSaga Story One

Chapter Three

I woke up with a gasp. The feeling was as if I was suddenly late for an appointment. I looked around while attempting to regain my breath. I was in the corporate bedroom. It was supposed to be used for important guests, but all of us had spent time in here. Considering that we often worked around the clock on special projects, a comfortable place to wash up, watch our favorite program, or actually sleep for a time was not frowned upon as long as our goals were reached on time and in budget. My first thought actually was a desire to wash up then get back to my business.

The door suddenly opened. That was rude. I would have fussed at them, but I did not recognize them. They had on the proper uniform for our security personnel, but none had stayed on the job long enough for me to know any them individually. I looked at them wondering if I had missed a memo, but found myself surprised by their sudden remark.

“Just a dame. I guess somebody’s secretary.” One of the men stepped in, looked in the closet and bathroom, then said, “No sign of Doctor Neibener.”

They just shut the door and left, which had me rise and look to a mirror. I could not believe what I saw. I had no plans of dying my hair, as I felt the coming white strands would give me a distinguished appearance. On the female I felt any white hairs would have her appear old. The covering over the scalp was short, basically the same style I had previously, which meant that there were some long hairs from the front intended to cover up a very thin area on top. Seeing my full scalp now covered with brown, I realized that I needed to let things grow while changing things about how I fashioned it. I moved to lock the door thinking of what I would need to do and how to do it.

In moving I noticed that I was not dressed. A robe had been put on me. I had to assume that it was from Rudy, or one of his girlie-friends, as it did look feminine. I however moved to a full-length mirror to see what was underneath.

Head needed to grow more hair, but the rest of me needed to be shaven. Honestly, the bush between my legs could be left alone, but the legs needed to be taken care of. I knew men would look, even homos, and the sight of the hair would be repulsive. I found myself wondering about the method of shaving my legs. Just because I had been in the bathroom as my wife did it actually told me little of the particulars. As a man, my body hair was not even noticed, but as a woman I found myself not liking its presence at all.

The boobs were nice. Had good size to them. There was more areole than I expected. Nothing really expansive, but not what my previous chest would have clued me in on. The nipples were the cute cylindrical things that I felt would be nice to play with. My wife just had little bumps. They were fun when a little perky, then would go away when she became aroused. I fondled my nipples thinking they would entertain a man throughout our time together.

It was good to see that this body also lacked fat. I did exercise. Not only was I planning to go back on the prowl for another woman – something I guess that I succeeded at – but it was company policy for us to stay fit. I had been six-one two-fifteen. Now I was maybe five-eight, maybe a hundred-twenty. I looked at my body while getting mad at Rudy for not hiring any females, as the company policy would keep them looking fine.

Picking back up the robe, I looked to a chair to see something like my lab coat. On top of it was a dress. It was probably large, but felt that it would look a lot more correct on me than my clothes, which I did not see. Did not want to ask where the panties or bra came from, but accepted that it was also from one of Rudy’s girlie-men. Whether he brought it in for the occasion or they had such clothes stashed in their desks, I did not want to know.

Looking through the lab coat everything was there. My ID badge and driver’s license had changed. ID badge was easy, as Rudy had a part in the hiring process. He could thus authorize an ID badge. The picture was obviously of me still asleep, but most of us looked that way on our badges. It was the same picture on my driver’s license, and probably made with the same equipment as my ID badge, but I allowed that it would do. The name was Leanna Davida Beyonce. Lee was my middle name, and of course David my first name, so I understood that. Beyonce? I would have to speak to Rudy about that. Picking up the lab coat, I felt that Rudy should have gotten me another one, as the bottom hem touched the floor when I put it on, but I guess he expected me to want to cover my hairy legs.

I did not know what to do. However, with the earlier intrusion of the strange men I felt a need to do something. I grabbed the clothes, then went into the bathroom.

Looking in the bathroom mirror, the better light on my face showed that I still had a mustache. Nothing like the caterpillar that had lived under my nose, but not something I wanted to see on a woman. Had not shaved that part of my body in years, and never under my arms. I looked for razors hoping to find a lot.

As I bent down to check a drawer to hopefully find some safety razors, my hand hit something slightly soft lying on the counter. I lifted my view to see a purse. It matched the dress, which was something Rudy would care about. I opened it to see razors, tampons, minor jewelry, and makeup. Why a cross-dressing homo would have tampons was beyond me, but I guess it was to complete the look. I almost tried on some makeup, but the dark fuzz over my lips bothered me, so I grabbed the razors and turned on the water in the shower.

It bothered me shaving, as I felt going back to a man would be an experience as well. Just as I had a mustache as a girl, I thought that I would look strange without one as a man. Same with the shaved legs. By the way, shaving legs in a shower was not that easy. Running the blade over my tight thighs was one thing, but I had to bend my legs to lift them, which made shaving the back of them rather difficult. Toes, gad I had to shave my toes. As if thinking I would find something, I also mowed down my bush. Not where I could not see, as I found myself wondering how women did that, but the lawn up top that did not really cover anything. Took me three razors to fully shave everything I could think of, which was basically, except for my mustache, everything I did not think of in my life as a man.

Pierced the ears. Would not have, except the earrings in the purse were for pierced ears. I believe Rudy had his ears pierced. I did not, but I was now a woman and everyone would expect to see me with pierced ears. Yes, it hurt, but just a needle stab. In my business we got stabbed with needles often to assure that we were free of diseases. Gritted my teeth, stabbed, then put earrings in my ears.

What hurt was plucking my eyebrows. Did not get them thin at all, but I only did enough to show that I did care for my appearance. Almost did not do that much the process hurt so much.

Makeup – well, I had no idea what to do with that stuff. Lipstick was easy. The other stuff was questionable. I did look rather plain, but I felt the hair declared a rather boyish fashion. I thus just put the rest of the makeup back in the purse.

Had to pee. That was an experience. No standing up involved at all. As I pulled things around and down, I realized that I would now have to wait in that long line where there were only two stalls and everyone in the line had to do more than simply unzip their pants. Do I wipe myself? Well, I did, which brought up the question of how to manage things if I had done something more. Everything was down there all together. Finally rose to redo everything I had undone and realized why women would pee so seldom.

It was strange looking into the mirror as I turned from flushing the toilet. It was a rather attractive lady looking back at me. I had to admit that the process worked, so there was definitely money in what we were doing. Realizing that I was a gold-digging mama out to assure her investment, I saw myself smile as I considered confronting some people.

As I stepped out of the corporate bedroom, I found myself confronted by Doctor Erbenaire who was one of the corporate administrators. “You, lady, what are you doing here?”

Really unsure about things, I did what I would usually do to the director. “Business.”

Short and sweet. He never wanted to talk math, and I never wanted to talk corporate smoozing. I knew that he studied my data, time log, and such to assure my worth in the company. I did the same to him, as he had value to me as the one who sought to make the most value of my stocks. As for being friends with each other, that did not happen.

He quickly replied, “With which department?”

I got the impression that he considered me a prostitute. I looked at him wondering if he knew that almost three-quarters of his staff were homosexuals. It was not a question that was supposed to be asked, and it did not show up on any corporate documents, but some attention to reality would flag a majority of our work force. I had looked over my credentials, so knew they were in order. I thus let the man know what type of working woman I was.

I indicated my badge as I answered, “Leanna Beyonce, Astro-Biology.”

That name hurt, but I said it with a straight face. Same with the job title. We were listed with the government as a space-age research institute. Honestly, what happened with the dog, and with me, was something proposed in our corporate mandate. We were supposed to be looking for ways to help life advance to deal with the ecologies of other worlds. Assuring the presence of females in a usually male oriented profession I guess fit that criteria. I probably could not say that with a straight face, but luckily Doctor Erbenaire spoke before I had to.

“Beyonce? I don’t remember authorizing you.”

I almost told the man off. Who in Hell did he authorize? Would he need to be informed just because of my gender? I mean that I knew for certain that he had not cared at all for all of Rudy’s boyfriends that were getting paychecks. I however held myself back and simply said the short and sweet words that I knew would have him turn away.

“I know my job. Was trying to take a break before taking the time to check the chemicals to the Horizon module.”

“Shut down. Go home. Everything non-essential is without power. That space probe is presently warming back up to normal temperature. Once we get this situation resolved, we will call those authorized once we have the probe cooling back down.”

The Horizon module was a clusterfuck from the first, but it still got funding for some unknown reason. There was really nothing wrong with the thing, except that bureaucrats in the space program were idiots. Honestly, there was a lot of good science that would be done by the Horizon module, if it somehow ever got off the ground. I knew that Zychi kept a person assigned to it just to assure that it stayed in top condition for whenever its time finally came up. It was not like we were paying for it, except in the sense of some of the wasteful ways the government spent our tax dollars. I thus knew that Doctor Erbenaire would not consider anyone working on the Horizon module of actual importance to the long-term profitability of the company.

Just because he looked at me one more time, I decided to say some more. “Two strange men came into the corporate bedroom looking for Doctor Neibener.”

Yes, he could have asked a number of questions, but he proved my opinion of him by not doing so. “Yes. Have you seen him?”

“He left at the same time I did, but I guess went to grab a snack. I cannot believe that he did anything wrong.”

“He didn’t. The guys in the quantum lab messed up something and pulled the power on the entire building. Sorry that it interrupted your work.”

I shrugged and said something that was nothing but the truth. “About the only way to get a day off around here.”

“Glad to know that some good will result from this. Look forward to meeting you again, Ms. Beyonce.”

“Doctor Beyonce, Mr. Erbenaire.”

He glared at me, but the exchange was enough to assure a certain understanding. I might have been stupid enough to have allowed a certain experiment to be done to me, but the fact that I stood before him with boobs and a cunt proved my ability in my field. There was also the fact that things could progress in a manner requiring him to recognize who I really was. If the government forced my female experience to be a long-term lifestyle, and not just a passing demonstration, I would look to regain his presence in my life. Doctor Erbenaire was a good administrator, so I would hire him back into whatever company was established. Right now I considered him the enemy, as he would be one to bow down before the government overlords. Once the fiasco was over, I would like for the two of us to have an understanding that once again he was nothing more but a corporate stooge.

“Yes, sorry, but degrees such as our company requires are not common. I am thus surprised not to be familiar with you.”

He actually had me on that one, so I did my best to make a believable reply. “At the moment I must say that a number of unusual things are going on with my presence being very minor. I will leave you to your concerns, and we can get to know each other better at a future date.”

His expression showed some pleasure in my response, so I felt that I would get a proper greeting when we met again. “Yes, Doctor Beyonce. Glad to have met you at this time. Do you live around here?”

“Yes. No, at least not yet. Making do at the moment until I can get a more permanent position. At least I don’t have to mow the lawn.”

“I have a yard service do mine.”

I patted his stomach while turning to walk away. “I guess that is why you are not getting your exercise.”

As a man, I never would have done that. His expression however made it very worth having done it. Trying to hide my smile, I headed on down the hall.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Four   February 27th 2014, 11:52 am

Mad Scientist I Am
TimeSaga Story One

Chapter Four

Not really having any other option, I moved to the office for whoever was in charge of the Horizon module.  More relieved than surprised, I saw Rudy with a number of others – all homo boyfriends.  Did not really care at the moment.  I just needed some information, and felt that he could supply it.

“What is this about a power shutdown?”

As calm as a cheerful gorilla, Rudy pleasantly said, “Well, hello, Doctor Beyonce.”

“I’m going to kill you for that one.”

“You look good, although probably need to dye your hair.”

“Nothing fits, but we can save shopping for later.”

One of the boy-toys said, “They are telling us to leave now, but Rudy was waiting for you.”

“Okay, Rudy, how about walking me out.”

He dug into his pants to hold up a key ring.  It had a purple pony with red hair from which a number of keys tried to jingle.  The keyless lock to a modern car was bulky and clattered against some other keys I did not recognize.  One of them I hoped was the key to this office.

“I will drive you to your home in your car.”

Feeling that I was going to have to learn just how well I could fight as a girl, I asked, “My car?”

“Leanna, they are looking into Doctor Neibener.  That was the reason for certain precautions with your employment application.  Could not put you also in the quantum research division.”

“Oh, yeah.  Okay, Rudy.  I have been a little caught up in my work, so I thank you for your consideration.”

He went around hugging and kissing the other men in the room, but had one arm around me as we walked to the door.  I minded, but I did not mind either.  It might sound strange, but as a girl I did not mind being next to Rudy.  I usually did not associate with certain men, other than at a clearly professional level, but understanding the situation I felt the homos were the perfect disguise for my new identity.  They all wanted to hug and kiss me too as they left, and I did so wondering if I would smell my perfume on one of them.

Feeling that it was a safe conversation, I asked a question as I moved with Rudy to the parking lot.  “What is with the power?”

“We did not tell anyone that we were doing the experiment, so the power company was not ready for our drain.  The dog barely made any drain on the power grid, so I thought we would be safe.  We had enough, but also pulled our batteries to finish.  Look around and you can see that everything is already coming back up.  The only reason for them to clear the building would be for the government to move in.”

“Okay.  So how long was I out?”

“I guess not long.  You must have come to no sooner than we left you in the corporate bedroom.  Chief Hebert was supposed to go to you, but I believe he got railroaded into the government re-appointment of our security personnel.”

He stopped at a car while asking, “How do you feel?”

Hell with my feelings, I had a bigger concern.  “A hybrid?  You got me a damn hybrid?”

“It was damn cheap.  Listen, Leanna, you have more than enough funds at your disposal to get the damn car you want.”

Thinking back on my conversation with Doctor Erbenaire, I said, “I guess that I don’t have a house either.”

“It wasn’t really your house anyway, but just some place to call home until you refound your direction after the divorce.  I got you a nice apartment, but with a six month lease.  Anyway, there is no good part to this town, but it is close to where I live.  Thus, anything you say about the location will cut me deeply.”

No, I did not want to drive the car.  The inside did not look new, and he admitted that it had been used.  He however spoke of the previous owner as a lady, so that it should help cover my new identity.  I did not appear pleased at all about him having me sink in so deeply to my new identity, even though I answered his question as he drove my car out of the parking lot.

“I feel fine.  I mean, I don’t feel any problems.  I would like to get myself checked out by a doctor.”

“I would agree with that.  Gynecologist or General?”

“Both, probably.  I do feel fine, but we both know that my body has just been reassembled from a change in my initial chromosomal structure.  While the body is as if I had been born female, it really has not operated for the last thirty-six years as a female.  There thus could be a lot of problems.”

I think Rudy was trying to help me as he said, “My dog seems fine.”

“That is just it.  There are a lot of things your dog cannot tell us, but that we need to know before we go further with this process.  Whatever logic you used to get me into this form, the fact is that someone would have needed to have gone through this change.  Your wanna-be girl friends were facing their own difficulties with their medical procedures, so might consider the side-effects of this process minor.  We need to know however, so I am going to do all I can to study and resolve any issues.”

“Sounds like the man I used to know.”  He took time at a red light to look at me, then asked, “You had pierced ears?”

“No.  I jabbed them through.  Plucking the eyebrows was a worse experience.”

“Then you probably did neither properly.  Let me check you out once inside your apartment.”

Actually, I figured he would know, so mentioned something else he might could help me with.  “Might need some pointers on makeup.”

Rudy said that he could do that as he turned the vehicle into a rather nice apartment complex.  He pointed out that he lived in an apartment complex just a few blocks down.  I knew, as I had visited him a time or two.  Rudy indicated a security guard post as he slowed down so a flashlight could look at something that hung from my rearview mirror.  He mentioned the apartment rules did not support the antics of his lifestyle, but he felt they would have me feeling a little more comfortable as I attempted to adjust to my new gender.  I only nodded, and I guess to get me to speak he asked a question as we stepped out of the vehicle.

“What do you have against helping the environment?”

It took me a moment to realize that he meant the hybrid.  “I am not a defeatist.  We might have affected the environment, but we can affect it right back.  Hybrid be damned.  Whatever the combustible engine is doing to the environment can be undone.  We are that good.”  After hearing him sound a laugh, I added, “Plus, there are problems with the environment that we cannot fix.  We cannot keep the continents from adjusting their positions.  We cannot keep volcanoes from erupting.  We cannot change our place in the universe.  All of that driving a hybrid will not affect at all, so why do it.  Plus, it is just a combination gasoline and electric engine.  The more you complicate the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain.  I would just rather drive something that is easy to repair.”

“Okay, I hope that you like your apartment.”

I just stared when Rudy opened the door.  Pink and lace abounded.  The smell was something really annoying.  It took Rudy pulling me through the door to have me enter.

“Listen, we do not need anyone associating you with the man you were.  I thus got some of my friends to help me make this apartment as girly as possible.  You need to be Leanna Beyonce – completely.”

While looking around, I asked, “You think this helps?”

“It definitely doesn’t hurt.  Come on, let us go work to have you looking like you belong in here.”

He dyed my hair.  Nothing fancy, but a shade lighter than my natural color that would not be too noticeable if I allowed it to grow where my roots showed.  He then gave me a lesson in makeup.  All I could do when looking in the mirror was wonder at how complete the process had truly changed me.

After having me put lotion on my body, he took me shopping.  I expected him to do that, but had to agree that I needed clothes.  Luckily, Rudy did not demand that I buy girly outfits.  He seemed to accept that my body would do its thing in declaring my gender, and the fashion of the clothes for my gender would only reinforce that it was a girl that lived in my girly apartment and drove the girly passifistic hybrid.  I came back from shopping with far less than a full wardrobe, although enough items to allow me to change clothes until I felt the need to go shopping again.

After helping me bring everything inside, Rudy then surprised me by saying, “Well, that is it.  I hope that you don’t have problems.  If you do, call me.”

“Hold it.  What is the plan?”

“Relax.  Sleep.  Eat.  Watch TV.  The government is going to keep things stirred up.  Chief Hebert took your keys and had just the computers and financial data brought over here.  Should be in a closet.  What we do not need you doing is going for the money.  They are going to be looking for Neibener, so we need you to stop being him.  If we need your expertise, we will call Doctor Leanna Beyonce in to give us her council.  I would expect for Chief Hebert to call you and let you know about a doctor appointment.”

I saw Rudy to the door.  He truly seemed worried about me, as he mentioned some of the things that decorated my apartment.  I assured him that I would be fine, and would call him if things turned wrong.  I did finally close the door on him, but I did not hear him walk away that quickly.

Calming myself down, I locked the door accepting that I was a woman.  I had washed my body, shaved my body, and put lotion on my body, so I had no doubt that I now had the body of a female.  I however now had to live as a woman, and really had no idea about how to do that.

Only having my own experience to guide me, I turned on the TV.  As I went looking through the cabinets for any alcohol, I lifted my head hearing a commercial.  Suddenly, I realized what I had not bought.  I started to rush out the apartment, then realized that I needed a purse.  It then hit me that I was a female.  All the pressure, all the need for staying in action, all the demands suddenly had faded, but I found myself realizing that my new identity was a twenty-four hour experience.  I locked my door again, then went into the bathroom.  Now I simply stared at my reflection in the mirror.  I then went into my bedroom and began taking out certain garments from their bags and wrappings.  Realizing that I needed to start declaring some experience in being a lady, I began dressing myself in my female garments.

Wearing a bra and panties under a blouse with a skirt flowing around my legs, I went to a general pharmacy close to my apartments.  I went through a certain section of the store buying almost every feminine hygiene product that was being sold.  Some I had no idea what they truly were good for, but I was determined to find out.  Went through the makeup department and bought some things that I felt would fit me better than the stuff left by the homos.  I definitely did not like their choice of perfume, so purchased a bottle that fit my preference then got some candles that also had a scent I did not mind in the air around me.

When I finally returned to my apartment, I sat down and read the instructions on the products I bought while allowing the aromas Rudy’s friends had put in my house to burn themselves up.  I might not have enjoyed them, but they helped stress to me along with the stuff I read about how much life had changed.  Really unsure about how the following days would go, I did my best to prepare for them.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter 5   March 4th 2014, 12:26 pm

Mad Scientist I Am
TimeSaga Story One

Chapter Five

I opened the door the next morning to see Chief Hebert. I welcomed him in, but he just stood there. Not knowing what to say, I just waited for him to say or do something.

“Uh, David, is that really you?”

“Yes, Gerald, it’s me. Come on in.”

“Uh, thanks.” He finally came in, although stayed standing as I closed the door behind him. “Is it really you?”

“We didn’t know each other that well, Gerald. I thus cannot tell you anything personal to prove it is me.”

“Listen, I have you scheduled with the hospital next Tuesday. Might have insurance problems, but Rudy says that you should be covered. Anyway, that is actually just a money issue. We need to know.”

Medical was a standard benefit, so I suspected Rudy had filled out the paperwork, but I still wanted to appear that I was getting a regular checkup even though I was not. “I agree. I mean, the change is complete, but I don’t think that we can trust general appearance.”

“Do you think different? I mean, you look different, and this place is very different.”

“The place is due to Rudy and his friends. He seemed determined to have me appear feminine even if nothing had happened.”

“Never suspected you of being a nut-job, Doctor Neibener.”

I almost laughed, but actually slightly felt that way myself. “You’ve never been divorced, Chief. Listen, I am Dr. Leanna Beyonce now. Until a lot of things get checked, we need to keep this under everyone’s radar.”

“Yeah, they paid me. Still, something smells here.”

“I went and bought another type of incense, so things here will smell different. As for what happened to me, I will be checking the math while everyone else is checking on their areas of expertise. The process works, but it is not yet ready for any public announcement.”

He handed me a computer satchel while saying, “Everything here has been cleared. Others will be in contact with you. Nice meeting you, Dr. Beyonce.”

I returned the nice words, then closed the door. I took the computer to the table while considering that it was my own fault for not getting particular about things such as my feminine identity. Actually, my first and middle name was acceptable. Accepting that I was now someone else, and one did not choose their family, I settled at the table attempting to become used to my new name and gender.

It became laughable the number of times I went into the bathroom to look at myself. Had to go to a store to purchase a fairly accurate scale. Everything about what had happened to me had to be considered. Since I had full authority over the body, it became checked in a number of manners. I doubt any female had looked at herself with the intensity that I did.

What surprised me was how little had changed. The change in the moment of time of my mother’s egg being fertilized from a Y carrying sperm to an X carrying sperm of course affected my body. The entire development from that moment was as a female and not a male. Physically, as far as I could tell, I was completely female. Mentally, I still remembered my life, my male experiences. The world, as best as I could tell, never knew me as female. That meant the effect was localized. I then checked scars other marks I remembered on my body. They were there. While one moment back at my birth had changed, my life due to that moment had not.

The fear of playing with time was the extent at which changing one moment would alter everything else. The whole concept of killing one butterfly to completely change the path of the world actually had credence. What it lacked was the amount of power necessary to affect that redirection. The logic was that all those varying possibilities were actually existing, so changing the past would only place you in an already existing alternate timeline, which was not much of a power drain at all. If I had gone back in time and done something to affect the moment of my birth, I would still exist while now set along the path where I had been female. Going into the future then would have me meeting my present feminine self without changing me at all. I would have become a visitor, an alien, to this alternate possibility. What we had done however was to only send a signal back into the past that made a change. We had not actually gone back. Thus, only the results of that change, my body being female and not male, had occurred. If we had instead done something to kill a butterfly, the butterfly would have died without any other physical alteration being noticeable in our present world.

I did see problems with the logic. Our manipulation should have only gone back and forced a redirection toward another possible timeline. Technically, that would make the other future the ‘actual’ future with ours just another alternate path. As far as our world, nothing would change. What I felt gave us the edge was in having a second signal to verify the action of the first, forcing the change into our timeline. Honestly, the second signal should have never noticed a change, but it did, which activated the process and ‘locked’ the alteration into our present making me now a woman. I was working through further complications with the logic when I heard a knock at the door.

I could tell he was government, but the badge had me admit it, so I unlatched the door as the man asked, “Ms. Beyonce?”

“Doctor Beyonce. If you must know, I never married.”

I definitely did not want to complicate my past. Did not know just how much work Rudy had done to create my present identity. He was not one to add in details forcing one to consider other problems, so I considered a simple set of facts would agree with what evidence the government agent had.

“Thank you. You work for the Zychi Corporation?”

I opened the door and invited the government agent inside. If the man was going to find fault with me, I did not want it to be because of suspecting that I was not comfortable in my persona. I had made some tea, and felt pleased that it could be considered a female thing to have done. The government agent walked in and looked around, but sat without any sign of finding fault with his surroundings.

“Sorry, Dr. Beyonce, but I need to check things with you because of problems at your company.”

“You hold up the Horizon module for now close to four years, and want to blame us for problems?”

The man did not react to my declaration that I knew my business, but simply replied, “The problem is not with the Horizon module.”

I sat down pleased to say, “That was my assignment.”

“Do you know a Dr. Neibener?”

“Do I know him, yes – kinda. Crunching numbers came easy to him. He helped bring me up to speed on certain aspects of my assignment.” It was plausible, as I was willing to help colleagues.

“How about a Rudolph Ryans?”

“He got me the apartment and helped me settle in. Really cannot tell you any more about him.” I intentionally did not add that he was a homo.

“Do you know what happened last night?”

I had made contact with Dr. Erbenaire, so could not claim to be without some knowledge. “Something with quantum, so I heard. I assume that your presence means that they did something they should not have.”

“Since you had contact with Dr. Neibener, did he tell you what they were doing?”

“Only that they hoped to make some money for the company. Maintaining the Horizon module was actually a financial drain on the company. I certainly don’t come cheap.”

The agent lifted his eyes as if catching a few innuendoes from my words. I glared back as if daring him to mention anything about what money could purchase from me. He cleared his throat, then asked his next question.

“We show that you were recently hired.”

“Yes, and I really have no intention of staying. The Horizon module is simply waiting to be put to work. I will pad my resume while babysitting the thing, then move to somewhere that actually needs me.”

“At the moment, Dr. Beyonce, you are to consider yourself still under employment. Are there things you can do here?”

I considered that a ploy to get me to reveal if I left work at home, but I had an answer for him. “Yes, as I can read over again what the Horizon module is supposed to do. I can then make notes concerning what I feel it should do, so when I return I will have a plan of action on staying busy and maybe actually contributing something.”

“You don’t think you are contributing anything?”

He was probably again attempting to catch me with some minor glitch in my phrasing, but I had played this game enough to know how to turn things to my advantage. “You think the Horizon module will be released to go into space within the next few months?”

“I have no idea.”

“If it goes up, all I did was babysit it. If it stays, and I can effect a more productive change, then it becomes my baby. In that case I can claim its success as my success. At present, all I can do is say that I have been in the same room with it.”

“You sound like a woman planning to make the most of her career.”

If he thought that was a compliment, I intended to prove him wrong. “Your opinion does not count with me. Hopefully I can gain references from those in Zychi that will count. I do plan to do more with my life than babysit stalled projects.”

“There are problems with your application.”

He was probably hoping to catch me off guard with that change in topic, but it was something that I was worried about myself. “Yes, I believe there is. Still, nothing that cannot be cleared up. When I leave I plan on having all discrepancies resolved and everyone acknowledging that I do know my field.”

He suddenly closed his notepad and rose from his seat while saying, “I thank you for your time, Dr. Beyonce.”

No reason to not be polite in return. “Right now I need reasons to feel that I earned my paycheck. I guess that spending time talking about my place in Zychi will do.”

“Yes, Dr. Beyonce, and I might be back.”

“Until then, I will keep myself busy.” Just to make a show of strength, I added, “If you would, let those at Zychi know that.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Six   March 9th 2014, 2:14 pm

Mad Scientist I Am
TimeSaga Story One

Chapter Six

Math, it is what I do. Now that I spent time attempting to rationalize the process that was done to me, I had to work the equations and see what they said. The apartment was quiet, so I lost myself in the math.

Luckily, I had a lot of data from my preparations to set up the experiment. I had recently checked some facts of my present body. I thus had numbers to plug into certain variables, and some decent estimation of others. What I saw of the results agreed with what I felt were the facts, but I wondered how much this single experiment could help toward a larger operation.

A knock on the door pulled me from my work, but I rose thinking it probably wise that I took a break. I had to look back at my computer to find the time. I guess girls do not care about when things are happening, as no clocks could be seen. Thinking to purchase a couple the next time I went to a store, I went to the door.

Rudy was there with a bottle of champagne. “Proud of you, Girl. The word is that you are not associated with the quantum field situation at all.”

I looked at him, stepped back to let him in, then said, “You should have brought some food.”

“Oh, we stocked your refrigerator. I can cook you something.”

“I guess that as a woman I am supposed to cook. I usually just fix sandwiches however.”

He looked at me, set the bottle of wine down, then asked, “What have you been doing?”

“What do you think I have been doing? I just had a major change come into my life, and I have been going over the math.”

“The math?”

“Yes, the math. That is what I do.” Looking back at Rudy, I had my mind consider things that would apply to him. “Oh, I need to know things about my own past that you might have created.”

“You have the file.” I guess he recognized my blank stare, so added, “Listen, before you started doing everything to set up for the experiment, I began all the paperwork to establish your present identity. Your credentials are all in order. Gender changing is not common, but it is done. There are also those that want to completely restart their lives, so there are some ways to make new credentials that have no relation to the past life. A serious government investigation could reveal some connections, but you yourself presented them with problems. You are not some trans, but a full woman.”

I directed him to the couch. He pointed at the refrigerator indicating that he was going to cook. I thus moved to clear the table of my work.

I said, “Once our process gets operational, they will form the connection.”

“By then our operation will be in place, and making money. Hopefully, we can raise enough stink with Zychi that moving in on us will not be considered wise.”

Those words hit me, but I went ahead and said what had come to my mind. “That is some time in the future however. Until then, I am going to have to establish my life as Dr. Beyonce.” I turned to Rudy as I stressed my words, “You could have picked a better last name.”

“No, honey, as it is a name that you definitely would not have picked for yourself. Thus, it is not your name, but the name of the lady who lives in this apartment and has the job of managing the Horizon module. Right now we have people looking right at you and not realizing who you are. Perfect.”

I did pride myself on being a creature of logic, so accepted the words while focusing my mind back on what I wanted to discuss with Rudy. I had him show me the file. He had it placed under the lamp beside my bed. I had not seen it due to the lace, a candle, a vase with some silk flowers, and a small frame showing some religious scene. I did not read in bed, but usually just visited the room to change clothes or collapse into unconsciousness. Thus, the lamp had not been bothered or the file under it seen. Rudy took it out, then handed it to me while saying that we could discuss it at length.

The choices for my past were not those I would prefer, but I accepted them as not being extreme. My social security number was of an autistic aunt of Rudy’s that had been supported by his family, so not on the government dole. This meant that she was not actively using it or had a history of using it. What made it especially useful was that other transgender people had used it while setting up their lives, so the aunt had a past of being reputable. Rudy just extended the already fake responsible life of his aunt to fit my present need, and I found it to be a past that I could claim with no more reservations than my own life.

My degrees were now from paper institutes. I had not attended any prestigious universities, although it hurt now having degrees with even less respect than my previous qualifications. Rudy stressed that they were recognized, so no one could challenge my authority, and that due to a homo friend who worked for the company those who checked the files would find that I did the work for the degree and did not simply pay to add another institute to qualify my educational standing.

What Rudy put in front of me was more of a chef salad than what I would call an actual meal. I however appreciated that he had cooked, so did not complain. My wife had been able to fix stews, soups, and casseroles that I really enjoyed. If there was one thing I missed about coming home was having something that could be easily warmed up while still tasting good. The stuff in salads went bad quickly, so I never really considered them as acceptable meals. I however could find nothing wrong in what was set before me, so set myself to eating it.

“Oh,” I said after swallowing a mouthful that had my stomach signal that it was beginning to become full, “you said that this apartment had a six month lease. As far as I know, my contract with Zychi is still in force.”

“You are not planning to run off, are you?”

“Yes, so just attempting to establish certain criteria before getting serious about any plans.”

“Well, this is hurdle number one. We got to get past the government.”

Okay, that was hurdle number one to Rudy, but I let him know what was a major concern of mine. “How much do I owe people? I mean, all of this did not happen without some funds.”

“Consider this my investment. If I am checking on you, it is because I am worried about my money.” With a straight face he added, “I am not spending time with you to get into your pants.”

I replied with just as straight of a face, “You however keep tabs on what you have invested, as what happens to people’s pants, starting with my own, is what will start paying your profit.”

He looked around while saying, “Most of this is spare stuff filling boxes or bought second-hand. We wanted you to appear as a lady attempting to restart her life. Still, we can settle later.”

“Not can, but will settle later. Now, second problem, I am assuming that we are going to have to rebuild from scratch.”

“That is where I feel I really can secure my investment.”

I could not fault Rudy for his expertise with equipment, so simply asked, “Are you looking at a six-month window as well?”

“Yes, at least. There is just too much to take into account. I hope you like being Leanna.”

“I hope I do as well.”

Rudy left after the meal. He did have me walk to give me some pointers on how a lady moved. I listened, probably better than he thought he did, as after he left I went to work to do what I could to become comfortable in my new life.

The next morning I heard a strong knock after the sound of heavy footsteps approaching my door. Wondering why they did not call, I wiped my hands. Considering that it was already time for another meeting with government agents, I approached the door.

It was Dr. Erbenaire in front, which surprised me, and he had an expression of being surprised to see me. “Dr. Beyonce, what are you doing?”

“Seeing if I can make a chicken stew. I’m not really a cook however.”

“We have agents watching your apartment, and it was reported that Rudolph Ryans came here yesterday after he left work.”

I stepped back to allow the men to enter while replying, “Yes, as he did help me get the apartment. Considering the problems at Zychi, he came wondering how I was getting along.”

“Bringing a bottle of champagne?”

“He’s homo. He does things like that.”

Again I saw surprise on the man’s features. The two other men, I assume government agents, however simply looked around them. Dr. Erbenaire did a poor job of keeping his features steady as he tried another tactic to get me to reveal something.

“Do you know the whereabouts of Dr. Neibener?”

“No.” An honest enough statement, since the man I was had somehow been lost to time and I had not yet worked through all the particulars.

One of the government agents began looking at my computer and the paperwork on the table as he asked, “What were you doing?”

“I was seeing if I could make a chicken stew. As for the work on the table, it is dealing with the Horizon module.” I turned to Dr. Erbenaire as I stressed, “My job.”

I held back a smile as he cleared his throat before saying, “We were hoping to find you working on something dealing with quantum theory.”

“That sounds as fun as babysitting a stalled space research module, but I could probably manage it.”

The agent snooping into my work on the table asked, “Would you happen to know anything about a siphoning of funds from Zychi?”

I turned back to Dr. Erbenaire to ask, “Does that mean that I might not get paid?”

“We have operational funds, but a large amount of reserve money has gone missing.”

“I’m honored that you think I might have it.”

The snooping government agent said, “Just checking every leaf and stone, Dr. Beyonce. I don’t know if you were told, but there are a few problems with your credentials.”

“My finances are my own, but I doubt that you can say that I have been living beyond my means.”

“It is a nice apartment complex.”

“Babysitting a stalled space research module does pay a nice salary. I felt I could afford it.”

Dr. Erbenaire said, “Well, just warning you that you are being watched.”

“It would cost you less money if you just allowed me to return to Zychi and do my job.”

“Right now there is a lot there that needs to be accounted for.”

“I would then say that the money you are missing was simply wasted on silly decisions about how to manage business. It is thus not surprising to find the government working with you.”

The government agent that had so far stayed silent said, “Thank you for your time, Dr. Beyonce.”

I saw the men to the door, then spent time after shutting it repeating the scene in my mind looking for any fault. I felt that I had handled it well. I looked to the table thinking that my own needs had saved me. The Horizon module was truly being studied because it was now my job. I would be continuing my work with the theories and processes that had changed me, but at present I had a future as a lady who needed to establish her resume and credentials. The men thus had not truly seen someone about furthering her career, but assuring that she could manage her life until the opportunity to return to her career had been managed.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter 7   March 14th 2014, 11:37 am

Mad Scientist I Am
TimeSaga Story One

Chapter Seven

It was Chief Hebert that came to my door that evening. While I was quick to invite him in, he was slightly hesitant about coming over the threshold. He then did a poor job of demanding the unexpected.

“I need to know where the money is.”

What I said might sound creative, but I was getting hungry and had already been thinking on the topic. “Oh, yes, it is roast beef this week. We have them delivered to Zychi, but I guess that I will have to swing by and pick it up.”

Chief Hebert stood with a completely mystified expression as I went to my purse, pulled out my wallet, then found a ten dollar bill. I saw him simply stare me as I handed the money to him. Perplexed at what he thought I would do, I went ahead and gave instructions.

“Lion Ridge Baptist Church benefit meal. I believe it is only seven dollars, but I go ahead and donate the other three dollars.”

Finally he clued in, and took the bill while saying, “Uh, yes. I did not think you had been hired long enough to know about it.”

“One of you guys paid for it the first week, but I am able to pay my own way. Thank you, Chief Hebert.”

“Uh, yes, uh, I guess that I could bring it by.”

He was wearing a wire. I could tell. The way he acted had me notice things about his clothes. Since he knew who I was, he also could have been a little more relaxed around me, but I noticed him avoid any association with my previous life. I thus noticed a certain American Flag pin on his jacket that was not company policy.

“Thank you,” I said, then decided to stress my present identity. “Oh, Dr. Erbenaire said that the module was being brought back to room temperature. Have them leave it in that state. There are some things that I would like to check with it while I am able to do so comfortably.”

“Uh, yes, Dr. Beyonce. I will do that for you as well.”

“Thank you, Chief Hebert.”

He stepped back from the door while saying a simple parting remark. I returned the statements sensing relief in the man that a certain revelation had not been spoken. As he was about to go, another screamed while approaching for Chief Hebert to hold the door.

I could not help but gape in surprise as Dr. Erbenaire rushed forward to demand, “WHERE IS THE MONEY?”

I found myself not understanding the situation. The only reason the lady I now was should be suspected of having the money would be due to having a very close relation to the man I had been. The only contact between me and Dr. Neibener was however only by claiming it. There was no actual incident of us being together, and anyone finding evidence of such a meeting would be fabricating a complete impossibility. I stood at the door worried, as the only way I could be tied to the man I had been would be for Dr. Erbenaire to suspect that I was truly Dr. Neibener. I however maintained my composure with the understanding that if Dr. Erbenaire did know, then his declaration would not be about the money at all. The profitability of the procedure surely would be highly evident. I thus found herself simply staring at the man not understanding what he thought would be revealed by his eruption.

“We are talking millions, lady!”

Seeing government agents rushing toward us brought me some relief, although I tried to reassert some authority by saying, “If you cannot pay me, tell me now. I however think the taxpayers would be highly displeased to find the money they have spent and are spending on the Horizon module to be completely sent down the drain.”

The agents had to forcibly remove Dr. Erbenaire from before my door. Local police also arrived, which I felt was due to the security of the apartment complex contacting them. Chief Hebert only apologized for things claiming that he was under orders, although I had no reason to challenge him on that point. The situation did demand that I give testimony, but I only said enough to the local authorities to assure them that I had not been harmed and was not going to press charges. While everyone said a pleasant farewell before leaving, I closed the door understanding that agents would continue to watch.

Glad the event was over, I locked the door then went to pour myself some wine. Thinking of just how well everyone related to my feminine identity, after a short chuckle I proudly sat down the glass and instead took a swig from the bottle. A hand went to fondle a breast while accepting that my change was permanent. It was not that a change could again alter my gender, but that I needed to continue to guide this project. I was the one that had managed the science and the math. It was effectively my baby, which made the fact that I was now a woman rather appropriate. Finishing the bottle in a toast to my new life, I picked up the glass I had earlier filled with wine and went to the table determined to continue my work.

The alcohol did not enable me to focus back on the work. While I did enjoy the science, including the equations necessary to explain it, it took a level of mental focus that too much alcohol did not support. Finding myself nodding off, I rose with the attitude of doing what I could before going to bed. I put away what was left of the chicken proud that my work with it had been edible.

Once I had done what I could in the kitchen, I went through the apartment this time seeing it as something other than a temporary place to call home. Honestly, the day my wife told me to leave the house, the feeling was that everything would return to normal. I had not cheated on the lady, or abused the children. It was true that I spent most of my time outside the house with my mind thinking along obscure paths even when present in my home, but that was my life even during the courtship. I also associated with many men that had businesses which kept them away from their loved ones. Honestly, it was me suspecting my wife of finding another man, but I found her simply determined to live her life without companionship. That sounded highly counter-productive. If she was complaining about me not being around, why then have a life where I was not around? I thus went about the apartment wondering about what type of life I wanted, then if I truly desired the life I had.

I thought of Rudy and his friends. While I considered them girly-men, I had to recognize that I truly was a girl. Strangely, I found it odd not to have dolls. Bright colors and lace abounded, but not things I remembered my own daughter desiring. While I had originally thought of myself as a mad scientist, I moved through the apartment understanding that what I had allowed to be done to me went further than Baron Frankenstein, Dr. Moreau, or any other driven intellectual attempting to prove themselves correct. Instead of finding my science revealing its inner evil nature, I found myself having to face the life I brought into existence. While now a woman, I was still alive, benefitting my society, and attempting to do what I could to achieve even higher ideals. My friends, those who knew about the transformation, were also having to face the reality of what was achieved, and I found myself wondering about their thoughts.

The next morning I finished my study of the Horizon module and wondered about it. There was nothing wrong with it, as far as I could tell. Even considering the time and budget originally awarded to it, those that developed it had met the specifications. There was no reason for it to be sitting in Zychi, but its place was to be orbiting the planet. I then considered my own research. Again there been a time schedule and budget, but most who dumped money into quantum research understood the obscure nature of the science. I had to call up my original presentation to remind myself what I had promised as the potential results. In reviewing the material, I realized that those of Zychi really did not know the truth of my experiments. All Dr. Erbenaire had concerned himself with was that I had gained a source of funding that included payments to the corporation for their accommodation. I finished the review of my material understanding that most just saw who I had been as a source of money without any concern for why it had been awarded.

A knock on the door brought me out of my musing, and I found myself surprised to see Chief Hebert. Wondering how this meeting would go, I opened the door. He simply handed me a bag while making a standard apology.

“I am sorry about last night, but I have a family to worry about.”

I replied, “To be in the business we are in and only see the money shows people to be fools. I was sitting there wondering why the Horizon module had not been put into space, and realized that it was not worth anything to anyone in space. While it would do its job and provide the information it was built to gather, it is worth money to people to have it sit in the room. That’s just wrong.”

He smiled as he replied, “Yes, keep the faith. I’m on your side, but I have family to consider. Excuse me if I have make some hard decisions. You got a good mind, and I will do what I can to support you as well.”

“Yes. I believe we both could benefit by seeing past the idiocy and focusing on the science.”

"Do you think that is how they might find Dr. Neibener?”

That was a good question, so I considered my answer before saying, “From what I know of the man, he was divorced because of his fixation on his work and the science behind it. I would say that his true love did not leave him when his wife and family did.”

As if enjoying the conversation, Chief Hebert smiled while asking, “I hope that he does not lose sight of his goals with those millions at his disposal.”

“I am sure that he will not spend it in the way others would desire, but I doubt he will waste the money. I however keep thinking of him as a mad scientist.”

“I always felt that he had a good head on his shoulders, so I am glad to find myself able to say the same about you.” He turned away while saying, “Enjoy the meal, Dr. Beyonce.”

I did enjoy the meal. Thinking to settle into my new life, I set to work cleaning my apartment. I did not do anything special. Cleaned the bathroom and kitchen, vacuumed the carpet in the other rooms, then dusted items about the place. I did the latter simply to have myself inspect each little thing set about the place and determine if I approved of it or not. It was as I was fixing a snack to eat while enjoying some television that a knock came to the door.

As I opened it, Rudy asked, “How’s it hanging, Dr. Beyonce?”

“They really don’t that much, but I still put them in a bra.”

He smiled, then entered while saying, “I’m not wearing a wire.”

“So? Chief Hebert never said that he was wearing one.”

“Yeah, the guy let me know that you were handling yourself right fine. I am here just to ask you again about the apartment while letting your know that you return to work on Monday.”

“Okay.” I thought how to phrase my next words before saying them. “I however was wondering about the funds for Dr. Neibener now that he is no longer around.”

“Strangely, they are silent.” I saw in his features that he also sought to properly word his statement. “It has me wonder how much he told them.”

“Probably a lot, since the justification for the equipment needed to be presented. If they are silent, they might be rereading certain reports. We will wait and see. I would however hope that they are more intelligent than Dr. Erbenaire and those supporting him.”

He looked out the window while saying, “There will be a time to talk about everything, but not now.”

“No, not now. Now we have to live with the lives we have.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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Mad Scientist I Am (Timesaga 1 - All 7 chapters)
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