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 The Fate of a Child (TimeSaga 2 - All 9 Chapters)

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PostSubject: The Fate of a Child (TimeSaga 2 - All 9 Chapters)   March 19th 2014, 12:02 pm

The Fate of a Child
TimeSaga Story Two

Chapter One

I heard the door open on my office, and I rose seeing someone that I considered a friend, in a way.  Honestly, we had never met.  At least, who I now was had never met the man.  The fact that he came to my office however said that he recognized a past relationship.

“Dr. Beyonce, I am Ted Chemill.  I wanted to thank you while I was here for sending me reports on the Horizon module.”

I shook the man’s hand while saying, “Yes, I had a belief that you would be interested in what I was doing.  The Horizon module is going nowhere, and I would like for a change in my career.”

He shut the door, looked about the room, then softly said, “You mean another change.”

I indicated a seat while returning to my desk and making a statement letting him know about a requirement before any real conversation could occur.  My life had recently undergone a drastic change.  People were looking for me while I hid in plain sight due to the extent of my transformation.  I watched while my technology and my patents were dissected for their benefits without any concern for the welfare of the person who put his life, and manhood, into the development of the science.  I took my seat behind the desk, taking a moment to assure the flow of my skirt, before letting Ted know that I had be cautious about who I spoke to about certain things.

“I need to be certain about what you mean.”

“Of course, but the fact that you have been sending the reports tells me a lot.”  He again had his eyes look about before asking, “There has been no word of Dr. Neibener, has there?”

“Something happened in the quantum theory lab, and he has not been seen since.  They have been attempting to follow a large amount of funds that he supposedly embezzled, but that line of inquiry has not proven successful.”

“They have been totally ignoring the dog.”

Now the man had dropped the indication that he knew the importance of finally meeting me in person.  On paper I had nothing to do with Dr. Neibener.  He and I did have doctorates in physics, but he had chased manipulations of quantum particles while I had put my mind on matters of discovering the evidence of complex molecules out in the vastness of space.  Looking at the paperwork, there was evidence that I was hired a couple of weeks before Dr. Neibener went missing.  Since that fateful night however, I had worked to assure that no one put too much emphasis on the evidence that I really did not become present on the surveillance videos until the event occurred.

I replied, “It is usually wise to suspect a hoax.”

“Yes, I would like to discuss hoaxes with you, Dr. Beyonce.  Might I take you out to eat this evening?”

“If you are buying.”

“I never allow a lady to pay for her meal.”

That was all there was to the conversation.  He rose while telling me to have a nice day.  I thanked him for dropping in, then thought to ask him if he would pick me up or should I be expecting another contact informing me where to meet him.

He turned to say, “No, I want you relaxed, so I will pick you up.  Seven, but I will probably be early.”

Our relationship had always been like that.  I remember when I first met him.  I was in my university office attempting to get a word processor to properly show the equations so I could get a good, readable copy for my presentation.  I looked up to see a strange black man watching me.  I was nervous, but Ted Chemill, owner of a major textile manufacturer who had then gobbled up a number of chemical industries important to the processing of his fibers, proved himself able to read my notes.  Penmanship had been something that I had worked at making presentable, but such did not hold for all the varied jots and tittles of equations.  The presentation ended up being made right there in my office in an extremely informal manner.  He proved himself able to understand, and when it came time for the actual lecture I felt able to put the emphasis on where I saw the science going and not just on substantiating my theories.  Since it was on the results that Ted would make his money, I found myself always appreciating how he had begun our relationship.

Again my door opened, but this time it was Dr. Erbenaire.  He was the top administrator for Zychi Corporation.  As with all of us with separate offices, Dr. Erbenaire had solid credentials in a science or medical field – physiology in his case.  He however also earned a CPA, which made him good for watching the flow of money.  His problem was that he had lost millions, and only maintained his position due to being the best person for following the financial trail.  The man who had embezzled the funds however I knew to be lost in time with Dr. Erbenaire unable to fathom the connection between the missing man and the lady that somehow started showing up on the surveillance videos immediately after.

“Dr. Beyonce, what did Mr. Chemill step into your office to discuss?”

He really had a problem with how direct I would act toward him, as he felt I should act as if I was hiding something.  “Funding and my future.  I have a dinner date with him tonight.”

“You sent him a proposal?”

“Of course I did, Dr. Erbenaire.  You know the drill – you send them to anyone who has money with a hope that someone will read it.”

Actually, I did not believe that he knew the process that enabled most of us at Zychi to actually be responsible for our own salaries.  Dr. Erbenaire had always worked for companies managing their business, and not working to develop theories that would create businesses.  Since Zychi mostly made money by supplying resources and a corporate banner to our independent projects, it had been relatively easy to reroute funds set aside for future payments to the company, as they had yet to become absorbed into the company assets.  Honestly, the man I once was did none of the embezzling, but was made the scapegoat as those believing in his project knew he would disappear.  Finding the experiment to work, my life as Dr. Beyonce had begun with a lot of support.  I however could only exchange smiles with certain others as Dr. Erbenaire had never been able to trace the process that Dr. Niebener used in escaping with all the money.

Dr. Erbenaire said, “I guess that means you might be staying with Zychi Corporation.”

“I hope that it means I will continue to have a future.  I never planned to make my life babysitting a stalled space research satellite.”

“Of course.  Well, I guess then that I shall wish you luck.”

He just shut the door.  We had our confrontations without him being able to gain some confession or even a reference that I knew more than I claimed.  Further, other sources had also gone silent.  Even a certain homosexual community, which usually blathered everything, had ceased any mention of certain facts they knew about.  Dr. Erbenaire had wisely stopped embarrassing himself by confronting me, although he would come through the door still hoping he might be able to spot something before I set my guard back up.

I had not simply been sitting around and collecting a paycheck.  Examinations of the Horizon module had been performed with some recommendations put into place.  Should it ever actually go into space, I could claim some distinction for its success other than overseeing its residence while waiting.  I thus had actually been accepting my paycheck with the satisfaction of having done something to earn it.

The next person to enter through my doorway was Rudy.  He was just as qualified as the rest of us, although his homosexual personality did not earn him the distinction of us referencing him as we did each other.  I however was fully aware of his capabilities, as it was due to his knowledge of instruments that his dog and myself were now of opposite genders than our birth in this timeline.  Even though I had never been homosexual, I always found Rudy to be friendly and smiled seeing him come through my doorway.

He said, “Heard Ted dropped in to see you.  Go knock ‘em dead, Tiger.”

Being that he was a homosexual, Rudy would say such things to me even when I was a man, so the words did not bother me.  “He understood the weight of the rumor of the dog, and I sent him some reports.  Nothing got said, except that it was clearly apparent that he knows.  We will probably talk about putting some money to use.”

“The goal was to pay it back.”

“I really do not know how deep his pockets are concerning liquid assets.  Still, we both know the technology works.”

“And people will pay for it.”

Yes, while I really did not like being a lady, there were people paying to have things medically altered to simulate such a change.  I listened to presentations by people claiming to have been born in the wrong body wondering how they would react actually finding themselves in another body.  While I did now wear cosmetics, what had been done to me was not artificial at all.  The change was complete, and people would pay good money to undergo such a process themselves.

“Thus, knocking them dead is not the problem.  It is the quality of the trophy and the notoriety it should bring that I need to concern myself with.”

“While others are really wondering where the money went, I have to say that we all still have our trust in you, Leanna.  Thus, go knock ‘em dead, Tiger.”

“Will do, Rudy.”

That was actually more of a conversation than the two of us usually had on the job.  Neither one of us had much of a life outside of Zychi, so would visit with each other.  Rudy did have his homosexual community while my past had been wiped clean.  I thus would spend time conversing with him wherever he happened to be when I found myself growing bored in my apartment.

The visit by Ted Chemill had jolted my system, but I was mature enough to maintain a steady mind.  I had found some interest in the Horizon module.  While it was put together by some qualified people, as with most things it helped being able to have a second chance.  Just because it was where my feminine personality was placed, I set myself to studying the details of the grounded satellite.  While my actual preference was with quantum mechanics, I accepted the minor assignment while I became used to my new body and the mess I left behind got swept under a rug of government incompetence.  I felt that what I did to improve the Horizon module proved my capabilities both in who I was and who I had been.  While the visit by Ted Chemill had me excited that I would again be on the path I desired for my life, I settled my mind in proving myself able to stay focused on whatever job I had handed to me.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.

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PostSubject: Chapter 2   March 24th 2014, 11:42 am

The Fate of a Child
TimeSaga Story Two

Chapter Two

As he had warned, Ted Chemill did arrive early. He did not catch me still putting on my makeup, but worried that my choice of fashion would be inappropriate. I did not mind dressing as the lady I was, but suffering for fashion was not something I accepted. While I did not mind wearing a dress, if it was cold outside I did not trust the flowing cloth around my legs to keep them warm. Sheer hose did not comfort me either, so I was wanting to wear thick socks, but the arrival of Ted Chemill had me settle to trusting the attire that every other female would wear.

I could tell that he did not know whether to kiss me, shake my hand, or settle for a polite hug. Honestly, I had not learned all the particulars of my present gender. Beside homosexuals that I felt acted as women, I had no one of my sex to ask for advice. We started with a shake, then managed a hug.

“You look good,” Ted said. “Any problems?”

“No. What I might complain about are things any woman my age would have gotten used to. The fact that I will have to go through the time every month I find disturbing, but actually it proves the quality of the process.”

He nodded, but spoke of something I knew would concern him. “It would be nice to have a video.”

“If Dr. Neibener did not need to disappear with the money, it would have happened.”

“I spoke to Rudy, and he said that he was concentrating on the instruments and not watching you.”

No, there was no record, but I could speak from personal experience. “I saw nothing change in the dog. It just started whimpering, and at first complained at our touch. Within the hour it was acting normal, although it was a bitch. I remember feeling like my body was suffering from needles, and I believe the intensity of the pain had me collapse. When I awoke after being out for a short period, I felt fine however.”

“I know that you sent me the medical reports, but there is not some problem that you glossed over?”

“Physically? No. It did not fix anything. My missing teeth are still missing, and I have needed a new bridge due to the change of my skull. Sexual traits were redone, but scars from my active youth are still present on my body.”

I was turning out lights preparing to leave as he asked, “So, you came out with boobs?”

“And no penis. My breasts however do not show any of the sag that a couple of decades of gravity would cause. No darkening of the areole, and I have a hymen.”

“So, you’re a virgin?”

I had come to his side as he said that, and opened the door to have us leave as I replied, “I have not figured that out either. Since this timeline does have me with children, and other physical conditions were duplicated, I would assume that signs of my past sexual activity would be evident as well.”

As I again came to his side after assuring that my door was locked, he asked, “How well are you mentally handling the change?”

“I am accepting it. There is also the fact that I cannot go back. While the experiment can be duplicated with us checking for testosterone instead of estrogen, there is no assurance that the same sperm will be the cause. It is actually easier accepting that I am someone else as a female, than as someone else that I would want to claim was really me.”

He actually opened the passenger side door for me as he said, “Okay, good, that was one of my questions. Now, how soon can you be operational?”

“The equipment needs to be completely rebuilt. Rudy says a year, but I believe he is planning for a number of location problems resulting in delays.”

Ted came around to the driver’s seat, then after starting the engine he asked, “Inside the United States, or outside?”

“Outside. Too many issues with gender translations inside. It could happen, but again delays in getting permits and such.”

“What about those millions you embezzled?”

“Seed money. No one complaining, except for Dr. Erbenaire and the executives at Zychi. We don’t need you, Ted, but it would damn well make me feel better having you behind us. Too many chefs watching the pot otherwise.”

He did not immediately respond. One reason certainly was his need to concentrate on driving the vehicle. The other was that he wisely thought about things dealing with money before speaking. I waited, and eventually heard the words I wanted to hear.

“Okay, I’m in, but I want a video.”

“Honestly, I want a video as well. You haven’t asked the question that really bothers me. I however want you to know that it bothers me immensely.”

“Bothers you – bothers you. Physics – bothers. Oh!”

Ted would do things like that. Outside his own textile industry, of which he had a very good understanding, he was just a money guy. While he had learned to comprehend some really obscure science, he did not really think along certain lines of thoughts. It thus took him going over a series of important lessons he had learned to recognize where us science people might be expecting trouble.

“Mass. You are not as large as you were.”

“Right. Honestly, it makes no difference in whether mass is lost or gained, as neither is supposed to happen.”

Ted showed himself as not truly having a scientific mind by replying, “I would not have been impressed if you ended up looking like you were in drag.”

“If that would have been the result, no one would be fooled by my change. I would thus be facing embezzlement charges.”

“How do you explain it?”

I appreciated that he did not whistle, make an exclamation, or otherwise attempt to make a point of being amazed by something apparently impossible. We were together to discuss business. As far as Ted was concerned, that meant money. He really did not care about the science. He however knew it would be important to me, and I did appreciate the flatly stated question.

“I hate to say it, but the subjective answer is the best one: my body was not that of a man, but a woman. It thus changed to what my genetic code would have produced. There was a noticeable loss of mass, but that was just another visual difference between our, my, old timeline and the new timeline resulting from the change in sperm from my father. What changed was the development of my body due to the change in the moment of my birth, and not the mass. While I would have to agree that it would have been more impressive if we had a small, delicate lady go through the process and have a powerful male result. Still, any change in mass breaks laws that we hold dear, but we cannot equate two totally different equations. My body mass due to a timeline as a male cannot be included in a timeline where such a body never happened. The only answer that really fits my process and the science is that the mass never existed in this timeline, or in a reverse situation it would have always been there.”

We pulled up at a rather expensive restaurant. That did not surprise me. It was not a display of money, but of privacy for our conversation. We did not want to be disturbed as we spoke on some rather deep topics. Thus, the price of the meal really did not reflect our desire for quality food or service.

I expected Ted to make a comment about my choice of entrees. I found myself eating less, but the meals my ex-wife claimed to enjoy I still did not find agreeing with my taste buds or palate. He however simply made his order, then once the waiter went to relay the information he picked up the conversation basically where it had been left.

“Being able to access the past, much less manipulate it, breaks some laws as well.”

“No, it doesn’t. Honestly, however, there is a lot about time that we do not understand. I heard some even try to say that time does not actually exist.”

I waited for Ted to respond worried that he would focus on the hypotheses, but he proved himself able to recognize what was truly a good use of his time. “This is science however?”

“It’s repeatable. In both cases I did the math, adjusted machines in accordance to the math, and had successful results.”

“That is what is important.”

I agreed as far as the money was concerned, but I reminded Ted that we would have to prepare for the human condition. “The problem is that we will need to do things to prove certain theories. There is also our complete mystification should something go wrong.”

“Have you had a period yet?”

I understood such was not a personal question. If my transformation was truly complete then the cycles of a woman would be a part of my life just as the boobs. Not having to deal with certain realities was one benefit of undergoing gender transformation the old way.

“Suffering my second one right now.”

“I’m married, so I know the drill. However, you were married as well. Thus, any comments?”

“No. I understand them no more now than I did before.”

He could not help but chuckle as he asked, “Understand them?”

“Yes. I mean, not something I would consider an evolutionary advance. If it is so necessary for the species survival, it should not prevent the interaction between spouses, which it does, should not produce strong scents and spoor for predators, which it does, and should not reduce the daily capabilities of a member of the group, which it does. Neither by logic of a creator nor evolutionary theory should periods exist, period.”

Ted did not roll on the floor with laughter, but he chuckled until I saw tears come from his eyes. I accepted that he found the words funny. I never did, as such thoughts came from my own time of having to keep myself from my wife, which had me in a rather frustrated mood. Personally undergoing such times of physical readjustment again did not have me see the humor. I thus was glad to see the food come, as the presence of others had Ted wipe his eyes and attempt to return to the conversation.

After taking a bite of food, he said, “I was going to ask you if you were comfortable as a female, but I believe that you answered that question.”

“Sounded to me like I gave the usual yes/no answer.” A wide smile came to his face, so I tried to give a sensible response before he again started laughing. “I am comfortable with the reason that I am a woman. I just would not have been satisfied with interviewing others. Having undergone the process, I have the perspective that dozens of reports would not have clearly made evident to me.”

He nodded, then wiped his mouth before saying, “Excuse me, Leanna, but what I see is someone that would put others through the process. That is necessary if we are to make money.”

“Yes. I have no trouble with using the technology as was demonstrated with Rudy’s dog and me. My only problem is what more can be done. Exactly what can be done with manipulations of the past? This is another genie that the human race is removing from the bottle, and we could go into the future as scared of this as we are of nuclear.”

“Then, let me say, since I am now in the loop, keep me fully informed. I see a marvelous profit on this, and I do not want it ruined. I however also do not want the world around me to collapse either. Thus, yes, we move on doing what we know we can do, and I give you the freedom to perform other experiments to hopefully gain further knowledge of the science to protect us, and I include mankind in that, from other uses of the technology.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Three   March 29th 2014, 11:58 am

The Fate of a Child
TimeSaga Story Two

Chapter Three

The first move made by Ted was to hire Rudy, Chief Hebert, and a few others of Zychi. Of course, Ted was no more mentioned as being in the administration of RayWeight Technologies than I was. I found it strange that our headquarters were to be in Turkey. I had control of certain funds, but I accepted that I was actually a trustee of those monies, so the majority of stocks would belong to others. Contact with those who funds were embezzled had them all dropping any charges and accepting stocks in RayWeight instead of demanding a return of the funds. Rudy was quick to turn in his resignation, as were a couple who had helped orchestrate the embezzlement scheme. Chief Hebert had family to consider, so was slow to actually accept the offer made to him.

No offer was made to me, which Dr. Erbenaire and a number of others considered strange. They were certain that I would be included in whatever scheme was being enacted. The truth however was that I did not need to gain an offer. I was actually in a probation period with my intentions clearly made that I considered the job of babysitting a stalled space module only a step in my rise to a better career. Thus, instead of needing any incentive from RayWeight to leave my job, I could serve my time then refuse Zychi’s offer of permanent employment at the end of the probationary period.

Of course I stayed in contact with those hoping to profit from my technology, but never on Zychi’s time or using Zychi’s network. I considered that just safe financially. Those that knew who I was however allowed that every day I lived as a woman to verify the technology we were going to use.

I knew my importance in the coming industry when I saw a man waving me down as I slowed down to turn into my apartment complex. Rudy had gotten me an apartment in that complex thinking the level of security would help put me at ease. Actually it had, although events had also showed how private security companies rated in relation to the police and government agents. The apartment complex personnel were however good at noticing unfamiliar vehicles, and certainly foot traffic. I however recognized the man as one of Rudy’s homosexual friends, so came to a stop to speak to him.

“Leanna, really, I need to speak to you.”

I unlocked the doors while saying, “Come on, Peter. I am going to my apartment, but if you give me time to take a shower we can do whatever you want.”

He quickly jumped in, then said, “Rudy says that he will be working at having people undergo gender reassignment, but that he is uncertain about things in my case. He told me to speak to you.”

I pulled into my parking space, then replied, “Have you undergone previous surgery?”

“Yes, female to male. It really is not that great, and I would like to make it actual.”

Certain lectures were already being developed, and I called upon such prepared statements in speaking. “Listen, Peter, this is all new technology. It works, but we have a number of questions. The biggest one is with previous physical experiences of life. Our process can make you male, completely, but those surgeries would still be evident. Exactly in what manner and to what degree we are uncertain.”

“It will however close my womb and fix my voice.”

“Well, yes with the womb, as you would not have ever had a womb. The voice should be that of a man as well. It is how the change in your body affects the surgeries that we are uncertain.”

In his pause I directed him to exit the car and follow me to my apartment. I knew Peter as one of Rudy’s friends. While we had never developed any personal relationship, I knew enough about him not to fear him. He had even been in my apartment before. I thus did not have any reservations about having him follow me inside.

He actually showed relief when I closed the door, although whispered as he said, “I really do not have money. However, I would offer myself as an experimental subject.”

“I am scared, Peter, that we will have people paying to be experimental subjects. Still, talk to Rudy. He really cannot make any decisions, but as his friend you will have an inside voice speaking on your behalf. Trust me when I say that I will listen to Rudy.”

“The dog is pregnant, Leanna. It is going to have puppies. That is awesome.”

Hoping to put the conversation in perspective, I replied, “It is scary. The technology has a lot to offer, but we are fearing the potential for evil as well. We plan on doing what we know it can do to make money while performing other tests to learn more about the possibilities for what it can do. We however will not move fast with the latter, as we really do not want to find the bad things. If it keeps doing the gender switching thing, we can make money and supply a desire for a multitude of people. Only the wisdom of knowing that genies do not stay locked in their bottles will have us check for faults.”

“Rudy told me to check with you, as he would listen to you.”

Yes, I understood that in the end it would be my decision on a number of transformations. “Listen, I would like to help you. Right now I cannot look you in the face and say it would happen. I also will not look you in the face and make any promises of what might happen to benefit you. Thus, right now, I am not going to give you any hope. We are not evil people however, Peter. Stay in contact with us. If we think that we can make a mutually potentially better situation – you from certain physical conditions and us from a source of knowledge – we will contact you. That is all I can say right now.”

“If you were in my situation, would you undergo the process?”

“If I were in your shoes, I probably would have performed other tests before allowing things to play out. Rudy’s dog was chosen because he had not been neutered. It however might have helped had we performed the test on a neutered animal. There is speculation on what would result, but presently we do not know. For your own concern, you should speak to us on doing those experiments before you ever offer yourself as a guinea pig.”

He nodded, and I saw him smile before saying, “Ralph and David are planning on going to Turkey and have it done to them. I plan on going with them and seeing the process. Do you mind?”

“No, Peter, but will be glad to see you. I would even say that I would not be against having you witness the process, but Ralph and David will have control over final permission. Quantum level interactions are dangerous, but Rudy and I are planning on some type of viewing situation. Will definitely have some high definition cameras recording the event, so can have you watching monitors if nothing else.”

“Thank you, Leanna.”

“No problem, Peter.” Considering my own situation and what was occurring in my body, I had to ask, “About your womb, do you still have periods?”

“No, not really. It is a complicated organ however, and it produces a number of substances. It is not as easy to shut down or remove as the male organs. It would really help if it could just not be there.”

“I will accept that. Okay, Peter, stay in contact with us. Right now stay in touch with Rudy. Once I leave for Turkey, I should have a RayWeight email that you can contact me through.”

He did not move to the door, but stayed in place while asking, “Uh, Leanna, could I call Ralph and David and listen to what you say to them?”

“If you will have them bring something to eat. I am going to take a shower, but I am hungry.”


I had only been a lady for almost two months. As I told Ted, while my body was as much a woman as possible, the scars, lost teeth, and other things done to in my life as a man were still a part of my body. The change had restored the head to growing a full scalp of hair, but my short hairstyle had remained. The time since the experiment had not allowed much hair to grow, but enough to bother me. I kept looking in the mirror and liking what I saw, although tended the growth on my head wondering when I would consider the lady to need to do something about her hair.

Seeing the table set, although Peter only saying that Ralph and David were bringing pizza, I could only smile. Even though being a woman for almost two months, I did not even consider doing things in such a manner. It had nothing to do with washing dishes, but simply not wanting to trouble myself with cleaning up. Napkins did their job of keeping things beneath the pizza from getting messy, and were easily wadded up and tossed in a trash can. Mentally, I did not think of myself as a woman at all, even though it was very evident that parts of my brain operated in a feminine manner. I let Peter do what he felt led to do while I checked emails and the news.

After setting the food on the table, David asked, “How much longer are you going to be around, Leanna?”

“Almost four more months. I have already applied for my passport, so there should not be any problems when I finally leave.”

Ralph asked, “You went through the process, right?”

“Until I am in Turkey, I will not acknowledge that. I will only say that we will have a medical team with a doctor able to sign the necessary documents to officially have certain gender designations changed.”

“So, does it hurt?”

They knew about the dog, so I did not consider them as being uninformed about certain things. “Like a million needles all through your body. It however quickly passed.”

The three men smiled at me and began eating. I knew to expect more questions, but for a time I enjoyed just being with people I was willing to consider friends. After a certain physical need was calmed, I decided to go ahead and speak while the men continued to eat.

“Listen, the body is completely reformed according to the code for the new DNA. It is conceivable that all sperms at the time of your birth were of a specific sex, so no change in gender will be enacted. A change should happen however, as we are altering the event at the time of your birth. The problem with undoing the transformation is that there is no guarantee whatsoever of the same sperm being bumped back into place.”

Ralph said, “So, birth defects are possible.”

“Right. A whole half of your DNA, not just a sex chromosome, is being replaced. What that possibly means could end up being enormous.”

“But you could do the process again in that case.”

“Yes, but you also might simply be forced to live with certain new traits. The process is not cheap, or simple. My time, Rudy’s time, and the company’s time will be involved in each process. Maybe certain things will be resolved as time passes, we definitely hope so, but right now there are a lot of unknowns that you might have to live with knowing about.”

David asked, “What are your odds as of now?”

“Right now we have a one hundred percent success rate without any noticeable complications. As for the transformation process itself, I plan on keeping things perfect. As for problems in the genetic code of those I am working with, I have no control over that.”

“You know that what you are saying does not scare me at all. You should hear all the possible complications to the present gender reconstruction process.”

Peter interjected, “Amen to that.”

“Well,” I replied, “that does not mean the process is not scary. There is a lot we do not know. We however are working to limit to certain applications to what we know will work and will return a profit to us.”

Ralph asked, “Right, so what will be cost?”

“Probably a lot, and I am expecting the price to increase once people realize that it works without the problems of present surgeries. If the demand shoots up, so will the price.”

“Can we expect a discount?”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Four   April 3rd 2014, 1:49 pm

The Fate of a Child
TimeSaga Story Two

Chapter Four

I had more conversations with others over the next few months. The gender swapping of the dog had not gone unnoticed by the homosexual community. I always blamed Rudy for not keeping his mouth shut, but slowly just came to realize certain things about his circle of friends. Without children or what I considered the usual socializing of family, after the drama they focused on minor aspects of each other, which included their pets. I learned that they had been discussing the extent of their homosexual nature upon realizing that they all chose male dogs, then for Rudy to suddenly to mention that his canine was a bitch started conversations that traveled throughout their network.

The same sense of community worked when the word came out to keep silent, as an even more important piece of information on the topic would be coming. While some wanted to go into their little spats about being given certain commands, Rudy having his close friends suddenly go to work preparing my apartment presented a core of truth that kept the larger circle of associates from speaking. When my transformation occurred, I thus found myself going into my new life without the fanfare that had happened with the dog. While word was now being spread about who I was, I found it comforting that the information was not being announced to the general public.

My life became two completely separate sections of my day. During the working hours I spent my time assuring the quality of the Horizon module. Coming home I often had socials where small groups wanted to speak of the gender swapping possibility.

I had become so immersed in my double life that I found myself surprised when Dr. Erbenaire dropped in on my office. “Dr. Beyonce, I must say that I am surprised to be coming to you. The events surrounding our initial meeting were so extreme, and according to some reports – bizarre, that I really did not see you surviving. According to our records, you have made it through your probationary period. I am also getting some good reports about what you have done with the Horizon module. Thus, I am here to offer you a more permanent place on our staff.”

Oh, no. I might not have had my mind on the topic, but I quickly adjusted my thoughts. With a smile on my face, I spoke the words I had been saving.

“I thank you for the offer, Dr. Erbenaire, but I never said that I planned on babysitting that space satellite for long. The period here at Zychi has done what I wanted it to do, so I promise you that I will leave with great respect for this company. However, I am leaving for better things.” I opened a drawer, and grabbed a file before adding, “Let me turn in my official resignation.”

He accepted the paper while saying, “I am sorry to hear that. Well, I must say that you can use us as a reference. May I ask where you will be going?”

“I guess, since you will probably hear about it anyway. RayWeight.”

“RayWeight? Oh, yes, you were friends with Rudy.”

Ah, yes, I felt it good that he considered my association to be through Rudy and not because of a past connection to a certain missing embezzler, although the man I had been could not help but try and get in his words to a respected corporate stooge. “I never considered myself an enemy of you, Dr. Erbenaire. If you paid more attention to what actually goes on in these labs, you might have found yourself moving to RayWeight as well. You do provide a service to Zychi that I am certain benefits the company. The actual money for your paycheck however comes from what is being done in these labs, so my advice to you is to work at building a positive relationship with those actually gaining the funding for this corporation.”

He wisely did not patronize me. We were both equals in education and status. He might have had a position with the larger corporation, but I had authority over my own responsibility as well. I always faced Dr. Erbenaire as an equal, and I appreciated that he responded to me in the same manner.

“I have my interest just as each of you. Just as you have dedicated your days to the Horizon module, I dedicate my days to my own responsibilities.”

I rose from my desk and moved around to shake his hand as I asked, “Do you want me to seek my own replacement?”

“No, as your place is more government sponsored. I don’t exactly know how you were hired, and I suspect both of us might wonder about who will be sent to take over after you. I wish you the best, Dr. Beyonce.”

I went home that night and celebrated the end of my time with Zychi. Rudy promised me that he had an office waiting for me, decorated as girlish as possible just out of tradition. I laughed and told him that also by tradition he needed to go ahead and have company records show that I had already been on the job. He let me know that something like that had already occurred.

“We have been hearing that you have been speaking to people about the process. I have been working on the instruments, but will need your guidance on some things once you get here. Expect to have Ted jumping on you to get started as soon as possible.”

Feeling the effects of the alcohol, I mentioned something else of my present demeanor. “After babysitting that space satellite for a few months, it might take me a little time to get myself back immersed in real work.”

“You have done good with that module, Leanna. The word is being passed around that they are finally going to send it into space. Now it is time to get back to work on your own baby. We’re waiting for you.”

Those were the words that I wanted to hear. I spoke a little longer with Rudy, then turned to consider packing. It was strange, but as I looked at the apartment I realized that none of it was mine. I put down the wine looking at all the lace and cute mementoes, and began asking myself just what type of woman I wanted to be.

The next day I learned that Rudy would have an apartment for me. I told him that I would allow him to decorate it, then mentioned how little of the stuff he had placed in my apartment had been discarded. We spoke for a time about some items, but mostly about the curtains and linens on my bed. I told him to go for greens and blues, and not so much pink, and he assured me that my next apartment would be more representative of a lady of distinction.

Most of the stuff in my apartment was given back to those that had given it to me or donated to others that could use it. Many laughed with me about how they never would have bought such decorative pieces for themselves, although agreed that it had looked good in my home. With words from people about seeing if the stuff would do for them what they did for me, I found very few items being sent to welfare organizations.

The final week I did receive word that the Horizon module was indeed being scheduled for its launch into space. Dr. Erbenaire had me speak about the satellite before a public audience. I had no problem with the duty, except that I made it known that I would not allow the publicity to extend my time with Zychi. He assured me that such would not be an issue, and sure enough someone showed up from a commercial space rocket company to take over my duties and see that the Horizon module did finally serve the purpose for which it was intended.

Rudy had told me some things, but I found it strange to see Ted Chemill’s car blocking mine as I left my apartment. I did have some business to do before heading to the airport, so wondered why the man was present. As I moved my suitcases to the sidewalk, I saw Ted leave his vehicle.

“The car was given to you like everything else, Leanna. I have people that will see that it and the apartment are taken care of. It is now time to completely step into your new life.” He handed me a number of documents while saying, “No more hiding behind the identity of Rudy’s autistic aunt. As with others, you have served her history well. Now it is time for you to reclaim your real identity.”

I looked at the social security card, drivers license, passport, and other documents seeing my old information with my new name, and gender, and where appropriate my picture. It felt good to again claim my degrees, as they were from much more reputable institutions. The other documents however bothered me in that there were things of my past I considered left behind.

“I guess that I am behind in child support.”

Ted chuckled, then said, “No, Leanna, as I have been paying it for you. If you look at your pay stubs from RayWeight, you will find the amount deducted.” As if wondering about my statement, he asked, “Did you and your ex leave with such bad feelings?”

“Yes. I felt her leaving did nothing to relieve her of the problems she claimed was present in our marriage. I was supporting her, and giving what family time I could. Her leaving completely shut me off from family time, so I felt it should have shut her off from my financial support as well.”

“Well, let me say that we cannot neglect the children. Our first assignment will be with a child.”

He did move to grab a suitcase, although watched me for my reaction. I really did not know what to say. Having the conversation at all took me by surprise, as I had set my mind to handling other business. I thus grabbed a suitcase while merely making a casual reply.

“What is wrong with the child?”

“It’s a girl. The parents want a boy.”

Feeling a need to simply resign myself to fate, I asked, “And you are in support of that?”

“Honestly, I feel that the conversion at childhood to be better than our present system of forcing them to become adults. Other systems of predetermining the sex of a child, including aborting those of the undesired gender, have been created with some still being used. Ours is a lot more humane.”

“Then to ease my conscience, and – I hope – yours, let us say that our humanitarian side is to remove the complication of gender obscurity. Those children born without a clear set of genitals we will reset for free.”

“Thank you for giving me a chance to redeem myself. Yes, we will need to present a more benevolent side, as the amount of money I am hoping to make will require some deductions to keep ourselves from bleeding too much money to the governments involved.” As he shut the trunk of his car, he added, “Oh, you will be traveling to Australia early in the next year.”

I heard, so before I entered the vehicle I asked, “Australia?”

“Yes, as Turkey, as with most countries, have certain rules about length of work visas. We are going to need more than just you able to determine certain things, but finding people able to understand the equations in a practical manner is not easy. Right now we are dependent upon you, Leanna.”

Wanting to stress my importance, I said, “You are more than dependent upon me, Ted. I don’t just understand what is being done, but I am hoping to keep this genie as contained as possible. Unless you are willing to risk what more this technology can do, you better keep the number who can possibly do what I do extremely limited.”

“I agree. Listen, to assure my own investment, I am traveling with you. Thus, expect to be with me for a while. I however feel that we have a lot to discuss, and will probably reach your new office still having things to talk about.” He smiled, then said, “Hopefully, we will just keep it to talk, as I do not want problems with my wife.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Five   April 8th 2014, 11:39 am

The Fate of a Child
TimeSaga Story Two

Chapter Five

By the time we landed in Turkey, Ted and I were ready to see how well some of our conclusions could be put into action. We found the people friendly with Rudy doing a passable job of handling the local language. There was a local who had been hired by our company to handle purchasing while also acting as a translator, Ted and I thus learned things about him even as we learned about the place we would call our corporate home.

The building was almost completely out of town, but it was a fantastic piece of modern architecture. All glass with the grounds nicely landscaped. Stepping inside, I saw a lot of work being done, but the look of things on the outside had me feel that I would one day be very proud to work in this building.

Rudy was pointing out the electricians running wiring while saying, “There is a nuclear plant in that direction. When we need power, it should be there for us.” It surprised me to see him look to me while saying, “It is costing us a pretty penny for the special power lines, but that is what we will need.”

Ted interjected, “At least for the foreseeable future, until we better understand the technology.”

I replied, “We are sending signals back in time and causing a reaction in our present. If the process was not efficient, we would not have the results that we do. Yes, Rudy, we need those power lines.”

Rudy smiled while saying, “That is the doctor of physics that I know. I am getting the machines put together, and have some engineers putting together some of the usual particle accelerators and such. Some of the designs are yours, Dr. Beyonce, so I need your head to look over what is being done.”

“Of course, Dr. Ryans.”

Ted had to listen to the two of us start picking on our qualifications. It was a sore point with me, as it was Rudy that stuck me with diplomas from paper-mill institutions. Now that I had my real qualifications again a part of my life, I played college pride with Rudy about who had the better academic standing. Ted had academic credentials as well, but I believe he stayed out of the discussion seeing Rudy and me begin working.

I went over the whole building discussing things such as power management, radiation containment, and medical facilities. The latter was out of the field of both Rudy and me, but we understood that toying with people’s DNA could result in problems. He mentioned the locals wanting us to use our medical staff for local ministrations. I had no problem with that, but wanted it posted and local officials warned that our situations came first. The hope was completely that our medical staff would be like firemen working at an artic beach, no possibility of a fire anywhere, although we knew that we could find ourselves with some extremely serious situations. Ted made himself apparent as Rudy and I had certain discussions, but he only wrote in a notepad what I assumed were those comments he considered important from our concerns.

Finally, after the two of us spent time looking over the actual devices that would be modified to perform our miracles, Ted said, “All right, guys, let’s go get something to eat, then take me to my hotel. You two will then be free to get yourselves back to work at your own schedules.”

Rudy replied, “Sure thing, Ted. I guess that Leanna needs to be shown her apartment as well.”

Ted looked to me and said, “I will be around, as I heard things that I feel a need to check on personally. Still, I will be going back while you need to adjust your internal clock to life around here.”

I shrugged my shoulders while asking, “Besides bothering Rudy, what do I have to do at the moment?”

“The same thing you were doing back at your previous home, discussing what will be happening with those interested.”

Rudy said, “Yes, Leanna, as there are a number already committed. I don’t know if you were told, but our ‘investors’ have a couple they want done as soon as possible.” His voice dropped as he said, “They want their little baby girl to be a little boy.”

I replied, “We cannot get involved in issues like that, Rudy. You need to look that couple, that baby, in the eyes with the same coldness you looked at me when you told me that I had to be my own guinea pig.”

“Uh, yeah, Leanna. Sorry about that.”

“I have never held you at fault, Rudy. Honestly, having undergone the process gives me a special understanding in dealing with our customers. I cannot say what my mentality would be if I was not standing before you as Leanna.”

Ted interjected, “I bet it resolves a lot of questions in your own mind, Leanna.”

“It definitely has comforted me that problems would not erupt from someone else. Instead of having to trust someone with unknown mental beliefs, I can analyze myself or have medical people give me their data. As you said, Ted, I have been speaking with others, and can face them without any worries about my process.”

“Good. Okay, what is the ballpark on when we can start up?”

Rudy went to get his jacket while saying, “Two decades if all goes well.”

Knowing his style, I replied, “I am hoping to have a child and get it properly educated. Maybe his grandchild will see this completed.”

Ted knew we were joking, so stayed silent as Rudy and I created an elaborate series of necessary steps and requirements before anything actual could be done. Once we grew bored with the conversation, we settled upon actually coming up with a serious estimation of the work. Ted finally spoke after hearing Rudy and I settle upon a realistic answer.

“Okay, four months,” Ted said, “that is actually better than I expected, as I expected to hear the two of you say six. Now, how much preliminary stuff can get done before hand, so we can actually go operational in four months?”

I replied, “It takes me about a week to prepare for the process. I really do not want to cut that time down, but I believe that I can handle processing multiple people. When in a certain frame of mind, I can process the math for multiple considerations.”

“You cannot have a computer do the math?”

“It’s not subjective, but depending on things certain sections need to be expanded differently. The human body and time are both complex things. I’m taking notes, so maybe one day, but I am aiming for a one hundred percent success rate. Any problems will be due to the subject’s DNA and not my process.”

Ted cut to the chase by saying, “But we can have the medical facility up and running, so have things ready to go in four months.”

“No. In four months I hope to have another dog and maybe a couple of other animals ready to go. This is all new equipment that must be tested. Make it five for our first human.”

“Can we have people witnessing the process with the animals?”

I looked to Rudy, saw him shrug, then thought about what I saw of the facility. “On monitors. Radiation and such will have us keep away unnecessary personnel.”

Rudy reinforced my decision by saying, “It is just safer that way, Ted.”

He replied, “Some will however demand to be in the room. See what you can do about it.”

“Charge extra for it.”

I turned to see Ted smile as he said, “Certainly.”

We ate discussing time frames, expenses, and prices we could charge. All of us agreed that the gender swapping process would be extremely expensive. A six digit price was actually considered reasonable. To keep our reputation, and not have our medical facility swamped with patients, we also decided to set slightly high fees for it as well. Our doctors would have the leniency to accept certain patients, although as a rule we would expect them to maintain an elitist attitude toward their clientele. To keep us talking, Ted said he would pick up the bill as he ordered us dessert.

Rudy did drop off Ted at a rather modern hotel. He left mentioning that he would catch the next flight back to the states, as he liked what he heard and saw. Rudy and I assured Ted that we would be working toward our established goals.

As he drove away, Rudy said, “He did not kiss you.”

I replied, “No, why would he?”

“Because you are a woman.”

I let Rudy know how poor of an argument I considered him to have presented. “I no more see Ted going around kissing women than you do.”

“I’m gay.”

“He’s married. I believe that makes him having more at risk kissing me than you.”

“Well, how about you? Do you go around kissing men?”

I think he was trying to get at something, but I had yet to see any connection. “What men?”

“Hell, Leanna, how have you been really adjusting to your change in gender?”

“You just called me Leanna.”

That gained the response I desired, as he almost had an accident attempting to react to what I said. “What? Why – well, yes…”

He went quiet. I allowed him some silence to go over his thoughts. When he continued to stay quiet, I decided it would be best to speak.

“The change is complete. I am a lady, and due to circumstances no one connects me with my male past. Thus, I am Leanna, or Dr. Beyonce, to everyone. Has being a woman bothered me? In professional circles it has not. Going about town I have had to deal with the way people react to me, but again it is with them having a woman in their presence and not some altered man.”

“We are in Turkey, Leanna. It is a Muslim country. One of the most liberal, but it still has a certain culture that we don’t have in America. I bought you certain outfits. If one of your staff recommends that you dress in a certain way, I would suggest that you do so.”

Understanding something of what he said, I replied, “Even as a man, I had to learn how to deal with certain prospective clients. You did not ask me about kissing ass, only about kissing.”

I was glad that he was parking the car, as Rudy suddenly started roaring with laughter.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Six   April 13th 2014, 2:06 pm

The Fate of a Child
TimeSaga Story Two

Chapter Six

There were things about the culture of Turkey that I needed to learn. I would not say that it was difficult being a woman, but I had to learn even more things about where I could go, how to speak to certain people, and even some special behaviors. Luckily, the native people working to put our business into operation would provide advice and commentary, so when I found myself ostracized for some reason I learned to go back to my company and speak to those engaged in construction.

It did surprise me not to have to face groups irate about our business. We did not publicize, but neither did we deny the fact that we would be active in gender transformation. I believe what set us apart from those opposed to the medical procedures was that we were not promoting the usual cosmetic surgery. Those that learned about us quickly found out that we were going to do something almost miraculous, so wondered about our true motives and methods. I did encounter people asking questions of my business with my replies to them just having them go silent.

Rudy was finishing the machines on schedule. I helped as much as possible, although usually just supervised the construction workers. I also kept Ted and our other investors informed. All were glad to know that there were no unusual delays with those in Australia informing me that other than our machines they were preparing for our arrival there.

I was directing the movers as they brought in the equipment for our medical facility when I saw another truck pull up. Wondering about this delivery, I stepped outside to get the bill of lading from the driver. What I saw was a rather well dressed black couple get out with the lady carrying a baby in a converted child seat. They waved as I walked out to them with the man directing me to the back of the truck as he went to open the door.

“Dr. Beyonce,” he said coming up to shake my hand, “I have brought you the dog, the goat, and a chimpanzee. Please, make certain that your machines work before you operate on my little one.”

I had been told that the first human to undergo our process would be a child, but I had not realized how young. Seeing the mother easily manage a transformed child seat, I could not imagine the child to be even half a year in age. Wondering if they had requested the process when the child was still in the womb, I spoke to the man.

“Thank you. Nobody told me that you were coming.”

The lady said, “We hope that we are not disturbing anything.”

“No, not really. Is there someone to take care of the animals? I can get started preparing, but I cannot spend time looking after them.”

“I am a veterinarian,” said the man. “I am Dr. Kelpinsur. I need a boy child to continue in my footsteps. My wife has problems giving birth, and we spent a lot of money to have our child, but we found out it would be a girl. Instead of spending the money and time to have her give birth again, we are spending money on your process.”

The rationale did help my mind, although I had already set myself to keep the same advice that I spoke to Rudy. “It will still be a few weeks. The machines are about finished, but everything is very specialized. We will then need to perform checks.” I turned to look at those setting up my medical facilities, then said, “Give me a few days, then I should be able to start doing some work preparing for the animals. When we finally do the dog, things should then start moving. If I can get all the necessary data on the animals, I hope to follow with the goat, then the chimpanzee, then your child in three to four day intervals.”

The mother asked, “Dr. Beyonce, does it hurt?”

“Immensely, but the pain then goes away. Within a couple of hours everything should be good. Of course, we will have a medical team check things out.”

“And my child will be a boy?”

Hoping the animals would be all right, I answered, “Come into my office, and we can talk at length.”

I found the importance of the words, ‘you can watch,’ as I spoke to the couple. They really could not comprehend what I was telling them about sending a signal into the past and nudging the egg to have it instead give the advantage to another sperm carrying a Y chromosome. I was asked why I did not need the mother, and watched their faces show complete bewilderment as I gave the answer. While a rather educated couple, they really did not appear to comprehend that the egg was their baby, or half of their baby, while the mother was simply no more important to the history of the child than the carrier it now rested in. I sometimes found myself wishing that I could be more blunt, but used certain terms as taught by others and just kept falling back on telling the parents that they could watch.

The next few days I saw the corporate structure of my company began to form. A Dr. Perkins showed up to run the medical facility. He did not work under me, but completely understood that I had authority over his time and personnel. While his part of the company was to be run at a profit, the wealth he would provide would not be matched by the money my side of the business would pull in. I gained the impression that he did not like having to work under the authority of a woman, although recognized who would be responsible for any bonuses. Chief Hebert turned down the offer by RayWeight, but the man who showed up to head our security also stressed the importance of my place in the corporate structure.

“Dr. Beyonce,” General Apperton said after introducing himself, “I was told to watch the animals. While having a woman in charge bothers me, I was told to watch the animals and respect what happened to them.”

“No, General, but respect that others desire what happens to those animals to happen to them. That will be the major profit of the company. It is powerful technology, and deserves the respect.”

He simply nodded. I found myself very satisfied with the presence of the man. The people he hired to work under him were pleasant, but I also gained the impression were very confident. They all stayed very silent as they watched over our movements, although I could tell paid serious attention as I began to work with the animals.

Dr. Kelpinsur and his wife worked with me as I did my checks of the animals. What they both found amazing was that I performed no change in diet or required any medication. All I sought was physical and medical information from the animals, so they were always willing to have me check on their baby as well.

With everything about the company falling into place, and everyone supporting me as I worked, I lost myself in the process until Rudy asked, “Are you certain, Leanna?”

I looked at my notepad, then asked in return, “What problem are you seeing?”

“A child.”

Wondering why he had an issue with our first paying customer, I replied, “There will be a dog, a goat, and a chimpanzee before that child. What problem are you seeing?”

“I guess none, but it bothers me.”

“Let it keep bothering you, Rudy. I don’t want anything to go wrong. I want that child to have a good life and grow up into a fine, healthy man.”

“What if he becomes gay?”

I flipped a page in my notepad to start my preparations for the dog as I answered, “That is where my own subjection to the process gives me relief. If he becomes homosexual, it will be completely due to his life or DNA.”

“But he will be a girl trapped in a man’s body.”

“I am a man trapped in a girl’s body, and I am completely at ease.” I began moving to adjust a machine as I replied, “I guess that I am relegating that claim to the psychotic, and not true physiology.”

“I would believe you if you were dating.”

“Rudy, my marriage failed because I devoted my time to my work. Tell me when I have slowed down enough to have a relationship.” When he stayed silent, I said, “I am the same person I was, just now female. I am also very comfortable with my mammary glands and vulva.”

“If you say so.” Things were quiet for a moment before he added, “Which I guess brings me relief. Still, that is the only problem I see.”

“Then let us assure that such is the only problem you see.”

I had people watching me every time I went to the animals. I really did not let that bother me, but freely allowed others to help me perform certain steps that I felt necessary. When I mentioned to Dr. Kelpinsur that I would perform the experiment on the dog the next morning, I heard a voice from someone I had not really noticed watching me.

General Apperton asked, “Dr. Beyonce, could we watch on the main monitor?”

There was a large screen in our front office and medical waiting room. I assumed they would show local television broadcasts, but I knew that it could also be directed to present corporate videos. As for the general and his staff, I knew they had their own monitors. I thought about the request, then made my decision.

“Animals, certainly. People have a right to privacy however. I expect you respect that, General.”

“Absolutely, Dr. Beyonce. Still, I believe a lot of us were told to watch the animals.”

“Then, you may.”

I spent the next many hours performing all the work and checks that I had originally done for the first dog, then for myself. Rudy and I had incorporated improvements into the present equipment, and I believe that I did extra checks just because some processes occurred easier than I remembered. Finding myself surprised that I felt ready, I told Rudy that I would go for the animal.

As I left the lab, General Apperton came up to walk beside me, then said, “Dr. Beyonce, our country does not care what you do with a dog, a goat, or even a chimpanzee. Others do however, and some will be coming to see.”

Actually appreciative for the words, I tried to give a warning. “The process does cause pain, but it does go away. While there is a drastic change, it is not a surgical scar or anything actually damaging. If you can keep everyone calm, they will find the animal unharmed.” Feeling a need to fully warn the man, I added, “The same will be true of the child and others coming to us.”

“I hear people telling me that what will happen to the child will be a miracle, and that you should be honored, Dr. Beyonce.”

“I hope people see it that way, but all people have their own opinions about what other people do and think about doing. That is why you were hired, General.”

“I am watching, Dr. Beyonce. Trust me, I am watching. So far what I see is good, so I do not mind watching.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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The Fate of a Child
TimeSaga Story Two

Chapter Seven

I did not rush to the dog, but its howling caused me to check the instruments, Rudy did however with me turning as he made a comment. “The world should be pleased with us.”

Just to be conversational, I replied, “The world?”

“Yes, as we just removed one bitch.”

That was what we were supposed to have done. It did please me to have another success, but I still went through checking everything. Once I verified that everything went as it was supposed to with the instruments, I went to the dog.

As the animals had been brought by the couple wanting their girl to instead be a boy, I expected all the animals to be female. The chimpanzee however was male. I felt relief that we would be checking the process in both directions. However, I first felt a need to finish the tests on the animal we had subjected to the process.

I heard people cheering as I rolled the bed from the lab into the waiting room. Dr. Kelpinsur and his wife were in there to perform what tests they could. Basically, my own experience told me to wait for the animal to calm before handling the body. I guess also hearing the sound of people cheering through the walls, Dr. Kelpinsur made a comment instead of moving to the bed.

“It happened fast.”

“Yes,” I answered. “It suddenly had an entire physical change in its reality, as the moment of its conception changed. Give it about an hour, and it should be acting normally. I am going home to get some rest, then I will start to work on the goat.”

“I will have my report waiting for you.”

I shrugged, then said, “If you find anything making you want to not put your child through the process, let me know.”

His wife asked, “The goat in three days?”

“Yes, as I have already gained all the necessary data. When I return, I will start readjusting the instruments for the goat. It should undergo the process in three days.”

I did wait around for preliminary checks of the dog. As predicted, it calmed then began acting like its old self. The only difference was that now it had balls between its legs. I felt slightly sorry for the dog as it realized that it now would pee in a slightly different manner.

Mrs. Kelpinsur asked, “It remembers being a girl?”

“It depends on how self-aware you consider animals to be. Still, yes, we only affected the moment of its birth. We have not affected time in any other manner. Thus, it remembers its life as it lived it in this reality, which was as a female. It thus wanted to pee as a female dog, but will need to learn to now pee differently.” Considering why she asked, I said, “Your daughter has almost no true lasting memories, so should only grow up thinking of himself as a male.”

She nodded, as did her husband, so I considered all being well. As I left, I however found myself confronted with a cheering crowd. I thought of General Apperton as I wondered how many people had been told to watch the animals. Considering that the experiment went well, I could not help but smile as I saw two people I recognized.

Ralph came up to hug me as he said, “We had already paid our money, as Rudy told us that the price was indeed being increased. I cannot wait to be a girl.”

He had blond hair and blue eyes, so I expected him to be a lovely lady. Actually, he was a handsome man. I had heard the reason why he wanted to make the transformation, but still felt that his wonderful physique could only be made worse by my process. Such a thought of Ralph being my first poor result caused me to enforce my need for caution.

“Listen, I am not rushing this. I want everything to go right each time.”

“Well, a number of us paid for Peter. Please do what you can for him.”

I thought to flag the legal team assigned to our company as I said, “Tell him to expect to sign a number of additional waivers.”

I got hugged again, then found myself also wrapped by the arms of David and Peter. I looked at them wondering just how much they would change after having one half of their chromosomes replaced by one with a different X or Y than the one they were born with in this reality. Still, it felt good to find words of support, and reminding all that I had worked many days to assure this experiment I left for home.

I did not take the day off, although I did not return to RayWeight. I had enough data to keep me occupied. Having not ever done a goat before, a number of details about their conception needed to be considered. I was thus in the middle of serious work when I heard my doorbell chime.

I saw General Apperton through my peephole, so opened the door. He handed me a number of flowers. That took me by surprise, but I thanked him before inviting him inside.

After closing the door behind him, he said, “I now understand my job. Yes, there will be many irate at what you are doing. I however saw how many were joyous with what happened to that dog, and after you left they were all cheerfully speaking of having it done to them. I do not understand, but I do now know what I must do.”

“I will accept that, General Apperton.”


I hesitated wondering if I wanted a personal relation with this man, then decided it was for the best that we got along with each other. “Since you are in my home, yes, and you may call me Leanna. At RayWeight you are however the head of my security and I am your superior.”

I saw him nod in his usual fashion, then he softly asked, “I heard some say that you went through the process.”

I looked him directly in the eyes as I said, “Do not think that I am not aware of what I am doing. Someone had to go through the process first. I did not want to, but thought one of the homosexual people I knew would be the first subject. I however realized the many complications, and felt that I needed to know personally know the answers. I am glad that I did every time I speak to another.”

“But you do not want to go back to being a man?”

“My life is my work. I lost my wife due to her not being happy that I spent more time with my work than with her and my children. I am working, so I am happy. It does not matter to me that I am woman.”

He paused, then said, “It might matter to me.”

“You are at RayWeight, so see how I spend my days. Look on that table, Gen – Alfred. Even here I am working. It does not matter that I am a woman.”

He turned to the door, then looked back to say, “I might bring you flowers again.” Noticing that I said nothing in return, he spoke some more. “I also might take you out to eat. I also had a successful career. There will however come a time when you seek to broaden your experiences. I hope at that time to provide a convenient friendship.”

The words caught me by surprise, but I found myself forming a calm reply. “Your job is to watch over me, so I accept that I might become something precious to you. Still, yes, you should be allowed to do more than simply watch me. I am honored that you want to talk to me, and spend time with me. Still, Alfred, my work is my life.”

“That is not a bad thing. Check into my career. It is something to be proud of. I believe that you will also find yourself proud of your work. I will be watching over you, Leanna. Do not be afraid of me.”

I closed the door wondering if I should become afraid of General Apperton. Not as in scared of my life, but as in a serious relationship. He was at least a decade older than me. I wondered if that was a good or bad thing. I had been only a few years older than my wife, but the age difference had not been the problem between us. If there was one thing that gave me hope, it was that I had been honest with General Apperton.

What I saw driving a wedge between me and him was the honesty of my work coming first in my life. While the two of us might have had a relationship here in Turkey, the other half of the year I would be in Australia. I however felt that the little meeting had gone well, even though I looked at the flowers knowing that I had nothing to put them in.

Coming to work the next morning, I found General Apperton coming out with a guard speaking of a need to escort me into the building. The parking lot was full, but it had been full with all the construction workers. There was also those associated with the medical facility. I did not argue with the general, but looked around wondering how the parking lot would look on a calm day.

A number of people were in the lobby of RayWeight. While they looked at me, I have to say that the presence of the security kept them from rushing upon me. In relative safety I walked through the people up to the front secretary.

“Dr. Beyonce, there are a number requesting to have an interview with you.”

I looked actually to spot any more of Rudy’s homosexual friends, but seeing strangers I turned back to my secretary. “I have to work on adjusting the instruments, but I should finish close to lunch. I guess that I can see someone before lunch, when I get back from lunch, then about an hour before our official closing time.”

She replied, “I was told that the goat is important.”

“The goat is important – all of the processes are important. It is just not a clear step-by-step procedure at the moment. I make adjustments, run checks, then double-check the adjustments. This is not a simple process, but one that has to be correct. I feel it is best if there is a work and break progression, and in the break periods I can talk to people. No reason to be unfriendly.”

“Yes, Dr. Beyonce. I will thus assign three interviews.”

Not wanting to set a precedence that I could not keep, I said, “Three today, three tomorrow. The next day I will be setting up and triple-checking everything for the goat, then will probably run the goat the following morning and break like I did yesterday. The day after I should be able to manage three again, etc.”

She was writing on a pad, so I accepted her reply that she would manage things accordingly. Considering that no more than two or three people would be done a week, I felt the system would be more than enough to keep prospects informed. I thus left the lobby to the main part of the building where I would do the work.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter 8   April 23rd 2014, 12:34 pm

The Fate of a Child
TimeSaga Story Two

Chapter Eight

The first person was a lady wanting to change into a man in order to avoid the persecution of her gender. I did not suffer from my gender, but I also did not have some of the desires of the woman. She tried to connect to me, as another female, but my perceptions and what I sought from life did not match hers. I only did admit that she had a valid desire to no longer be female, so pulled up a certain database. I had been told about it, but had yet to actually use it. I saw a list, already rather lengthy, of people who had paid for the transformation. As the lady continued to speak, I marked my authorization for the Kelpinsur’s child, Ralph, David, and even Peter. I then added the woman speaking, marked my authorization, then told her the present price for the service.

“I don’t have the money,” she said.

“This is a for profit company, Miss Petrosky. The demand is high, so it would be frowned upon by those who provide support only due to the money they will receive in dividends. Since I actually know most of those people, I have no desire to not do my best for them.”

“But I am a woman and you are a woman! Surely you understand!”

“I am a woman, but I have no desire to be changed into a man. I thus wonder what it is that I am supposed to understand.”

I could tell that she was looking for any rational excuse for me to offer her my services for free. “You are also an American.”

“Then what you might want to change is your nationality, and not your gender. I assure you that doing so would be a lot cheaper.”

“But America is not my home.”

I unmarked a certain box as I replied, “And this is not my home, but I am having a successful career. Again, I believe you should focus on what you really want in other manners than changing your gender.”

She got irate at me, but I had dealt with such people before. My wife had once even attempted to change my mind using such a tactic. I thus just stared at the lady thinking that she did not even match the attachment I had once felt for my wife, so would not gain her desire either.

I told such to Ted afterward, and again I heard him laugh. I really did not remember him being such a cheerful person. I had never sensed anger from him, but he had been more focused on the money. Wondering if it was because he knew this venture would be successful, the fact that he was dealing with me as a woman, or if his life was presently going very well, I waited for his response.

“You are the one running the process, Leanna, so you can accept or deny whoever you want. You could tell me that a person would just look better wearing polish on their fingernails, or other frivolous detail, and I would accept it. You are correct however, that as a financial investor I will insist upon paying customers.”

“Good. Oh, Ted, I authorized Peter. Someone like him we will have to do eventually. I know Peter, sort of, although will speak to Rudy who should know him better. I thus believe that he can be experimented upon with a low percentage of causing us trouble. As for running a test on a neutered animal first, I really cannot say how that result will apply to Peter. It will just come down to him willing to take the chance and hopefully providing some useful information to helping others with similar troubles.”

“Again, your call, Leanna. Still, he is a paying customer, so I would insist that you do everything you can for him.”

I thought upon the lady I had just rejected, and again thought about how people treated me as a woman. They did treat me different, but not in any detrimental fashion. That did not mean that there were not men that demeaned women, but that in general I found my goals just as possible as a woman as I felt that I would as a man.

“Oh, Ted, I want a full file on General Apperton. He came to my apartment last night and basically asked me to be his girlfriend. It was not unpleasant, but as my head of security I want to do a little deeper check of the man.”

“I can send that to you. You should not date those that are a part of your company, Leanna.”

“I know, but he was correct about the manner he propositioned me. This is my life, and he said that he also considered his work his life. It was more of an intimate relationship between co-workers arrangement.”

He did not laugh this time, but the tone of his voice softened. “Actually, Leanna, I am pleased that you are even considering the proposal. There are a lot of us wondering about this transformation.”

“I am a woman, and I do get certain urges from between my legs. I also am a curious person. Still, hell with being a woman, even as a guy I would be completely unsure about things. I was married for almost ten years. I would effectively have been a complete newbie going back on the prowl. It is actually pleasant to know that I now do not have to make the first move.”

I again heard him laugh before he said, “I am so glad to have you speaking to me, Leanna. Really, it is pleasant what I hear from you. I find myself not fearing for the profit of your company or the results of your work. Keep talking to me, Leanna, and you should continue to get my support.”

After closing the conversation with Ted, I felt good enough to signal for the second interview. This was with a Japanese couple wanting to have their son transformed into a female. He had failed to achieve the scores necessary for continuing along a top education path, and was pursuing an art career in the usual carefree fashion of what they considered a failed life. They thus felt that marrying the lad off, as a lady with some proper heritage, would be the best option. It was an interesting conversation, but I noted one reservation I had with the interview.

“Where is Orcano?”

The father of the intended patient said, “In our culture, this is not his decision to make.”

Keeping my features plain, I replied, “Then you should speak to my investors, if not become one of my investors, and work to have one of my institutes open in your country. Let me however say that it is very much my opinion that it is his decision. I assure you that his history of screwing up his life can continue as a woman, and I do not want him blaming me for his failures because of making him a woman.”

The female member of the couple before me said, “That was my argument as well.”

I really did not feel that I thought like the lady because I was also a lady, but the glare from the man indicated that he suspected such before saying, “So, if I can have him come before stating a desire to become a woman?”

“Then I would consider that he would blame you for things,” which I said without adding that the lad probably already blamed his dad for a number of things.

I spoke with Rudy about the couple as he worked with me in preparing things for the goat. He agreed that our process could be performed on the unwilling, but that there were plenty of positive reasons for people undergoing the gender transformation to not have to bother with the negative. I agreed, but sought to stress my own opinion.

“I do not want anyone seeing becoming a woman or a man as a curse. We should be providing a benefit to people, and should promote a positive attitude toward our service.”

“I fully agree with you there, Leanna.”

I wanted more discussion, but had to agree that I had made a simple declaration. If Rudy had disagreed, he would have needed to explain this alternate rationale. Wanting something to talk about, I thus offered another topic for discussion.

“I approved Peter. We will need to study a lot of things about his medical history. Honestly, though, I am having to agree that simply negating the presence of his womb would improve his lifestyle.”

“Thank you, Leanna, as a number of my friends were planning to gang up on you to have you agree.”

“Well, don’t gang up on me, but on Peter. Make certain that he understands that we are only changing a moment in the past, and not the past itself. I still have scars and missing teeth. His medical procedures will somehow be reflected as well. What happens might have me feeling for him, but I will not feel responsible for causing things that I had no part in causing.”

“We understand, Leanna.”

Rudy was my friend, although I knew very well that he had a much larger circle of companions than I had. I thus accepted that he gained perspectives that could sway his final judgment. Wanting to assure that he was not just conceding to the demands of people he held dear, I put stress in my voice as I lectured him.

“Do you? Do you really? Listen, Rudy, if you understand then I want a waiver from you and your friends. I want your promise that you will hold yourselves at fault for paying for Peter and enabling him to undergo this process.” He only glared at me, and my feelings of friendship with him had me soften my words. “Listen, I am not a medical doctor. Your group should be more aware of the surgeries and Peter’s medical history. Thus, honestly, I would feel better having your collective agreement with our financiers also feeling better about any liability.”

“Yeah, Leanna, I can agree with that. However, we would like to have you at those discussions as well. Not just because we know you, but Peter will probably not be the only one. You need to hear a lot that gets said.”

I did consider a number of Rudy’s friends my friends as well, so I easily said, “Agreed. Pick a night after a transformation when I am preparing my mind for another alteration. I will be in the right mindset to listen.”

He turned I believe to look at something stating the time before asking, “So, two nights from now?”

“Sure. Two nights from now.”

He made a statement of pleasure, but then I heard his tone of voice change as he went back to the earlier topic. “Leanna, are you mad at us for forcing your change of gender?”

“No, Rudy. In fact, considering what was going on at Zychi I have to say that you made me make the correct decision. I do take moments to follow the news on our old company. I also still have certain stocks, so I get the corporate reports. The US government is still wanting my technology, but they have accepted that I made a clean escape and are presently allowing me to prove this science.”

“Do you think they will be able to follow your published research, including what Zychi might have on file, and duplicate what we are doing here?”

“Something that takes this much time and preparation? No. I however am expecting them to figure something out much simpler, and I watch waiting for the genie that they will fully release from the bottle.”

He whistled, which had me looking at him as he asked, “How bad do you think it will be?”

“I am hoping just bad enough that they come crawling to me for advice, and not where I have to completely stop my work here to try and untangle their mess.”

“My advice, Leanna, is that you don’t want to get under their jurisdiction at all. Laugh at them, and come back to work here.”

I could not argue with him, but did consider the advice to fall into a certain category. “You sound like one of our investors, Rudy.”

“I would hope that I sound like a friend.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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The Fate of a Child
TimeSaga Story Two

Chapter Nine

The goat was successfully transformed. What surprised everyone was seeing it with horns. Some accused me of performing magic, but had to hush as I reminded them that those coming to me were expecting even more radical alterations as the differences between genders in humans had even greater alterations. Hearing me remind them that the chimpanzee was next, and what sexual features should become apparent after that transformation, the skeptics hushed.

The meeting that night with the homos I considered a very constructive time. Not just Peter, but a number of those present I felt had personal concerns answered in some fashion. I learned more about the reconstruction surgeries going from female to male than I really desired to know, but I stayed attentive feeling that it was necessary information for me to absorb. At the end, I could not help but agree with a conclusion.

“Whatever the results for Peter, I believe he could then be helped by known surgical procedures.”

I replied, “I hope that is the case. From a corporate standpoint, I want it said however that we are not going to hold ourselves responsible. We are hoping to help Peter, not hurt him, and do not want to be accused of having improper motives by those we are attempting to benefit.”

From the kitchen I heard a lady say, “Sign the documents, Peter.”

I knew her as Ann, who was the lover of Peter. I really had not dealt with her, even as a female, but I did know who she was. It seemed that others knew her as well, as instead of Peter responding to her command a number of others reached for pens. When I left that night I had all the waivers signed by a multitude of signatures.

The next morning when I finally made it into the lab after again running some tests on the chimpanzee, I got a call from Ted. “I was informed of the waivers for Peter. Good going, Leanna.”

“Well, the homos are not irrational. Had a good discussion last night. I felt that I learned things, and I am now as interested in what happens to Peter as are the rest of his friends.”

“I see that will make him seventh on the list.”

I had pulled the database, so could knowingly reply, “Yes, although only Ralph and David ahead of him I have talked with. There are three between the Kelpinsur child and Ralph that I have yet to speak with.”

“They have yet to enter the country, although the one after the Kelpinsur child has bought her ticket. Anyway, Leanna, what I planned to say was that I consider seven to be a lucky number, so I feel all will go well with Peter.”

“This is not magic or superstition, Ted. What happens to Peter will be hard data for our science, and he will be appreciated for supplying the facts.”

“Whatever, Leanna. Just wanted you to know that I am still pleased with your work and willing to support you however I can.”

That was all I honestly wanted to hear. Ted seemed to understand, although he mentioned the importance of the chimpanzee. I told him that it was not more important than the child, and he honestly stated his agreement before closing the call.

At my noon break I had interviews with reporters. Both tried to get me to speak on the cultural problems with changing genders. I did not allow myself to go there either as someone who could speak for a society or from my own philosophy, but kept my responses to the science and the desires of people. I mentioned that individuals often sought methods of changing things about their lives. Most of us used relationships, education, and changing the location of our homes to alter our path for life. Some however sought more drastic changes, and I felt glad to provide a method for a certain transformation without the trauma of the medical method. The first reporter finally gave up and ended the interview, but another posed a question that I had not prepared for.

“Dr. Beyonce, what about a man who wants to stay a man, but might simply desire to change the DNA from his father to one lacking a certain recessive gene?”

“That is definitely possible, although we would have to reconfigure certain tests to check for the alternate conditions, which might have us drop the test for testosterone or estrogen. Thus, the gender change might happen as well. Going back in time, even in the limited manner that we are, is not an easy process. As those waiting are learning, it takes several days for me to set up for each transformation. Such is not due to my desire to take life easy.”

“Just asking, but how far back in time could you go?”

Honestly, that was not an unusual question. “According to my calculations, the amount of energy falls off considerably. I am right now doubting that I could go back over half a century. Most of my adjustments are to assure a proper amount of energy at the right place or time. Considering how much power we pull, one would think that we are transmitting a good jolt, but we are not.”

“So an elderly person finding themselves suffering from a certain hereditary trait that does not really reveal itself until the late years in life would not be helped by your process.”

“No. Let me also stress that most of our warnings to our clients are concerning exactly what we are discussing. We are exchanging an entire half of their DNA code, so other things than just gender can happen. Those are treated by us as not our problem.”

From there the interview went in the usual direction. I found myself back in my lab without any reservations about what had been said. However, I found my work interrupted by a phone call that had me change the directions of my thoughts.

Ted asked, “Leanna, what would it take to include another sensor in your process?”

The phone had been set to speaker, so Rudy answered for me. “A few more added days to our process as the additional piercing of time will cause all sorts of complications.”

Smiling, as I felt Rudy gave my answer, I went ahead and supplied his. “We will also have to dedicate time to building the additional sensor.”

Ted did not argue with what the two of us said, but only asked another question, “So, can you check for other things?”

Rudy was as qualified to answer as me, and he spoke first. “It depends on what you want us to search for. Honestly, the same sensor could be set to check for other things. It would have to be something system wide, and not organ specific. It takes Leanna all this time managing to lock on the egg. Attempting to focus on another specific part of the body would highly increase setup time.”

“Don’t want that. Certain contacts however did convince me to ask.”

I said, “You usually call at a better time, Ted.”

“Sorry, Leanna, but I ended one call then called you. I need my mind relieved at times as well.”

“You don’t bother me enough to bother me, Ted. Hopefully it should relieve your mind to know that we can test for other chemicals than testosterone or estrogen, but only one such test is possible. Still, let me get back to work.”

Everyone was celebrating again a couple of days later when the chimpanzee became female. The primate was checked out by Dr. Kelpinsur, and he gave his report without any indication of being hesitant about his child now facing its time in my lab. I gave him or his wife time to speak, but I finally decided that I needed to mention of what was going to happen in a few days.

“When I come to work tomorrow, I will be setting up for your child.”

“I know, Dr. Beyonce. I am most satisfied with your process.” He was quiet for only a moment before saying, “My wife and I would like to be present for the moment.”

I shrugged, as we had put in a little addition to the lab for such requests, but I still felt a need to state the obvious. “You have seen the images from the other transformations. I have studied them. There really is not anything to see. There is a second or two of distortion, then the change is made. Your eyes really cannot see anything different.”

“I still believe that our child would like to see his parents as it screams in pain.”

Yes, the period of pain had proven consistent, although all animals showed themselves recovering just as I had. While the child was still very young, it could definitely recognize its parents. I thus assured the Kelpinsur’s that they could be present in the lab.

Spending time at home that night I found myself not bothered like I expected. I appreciated a quiet evening. I almost thought of calling my children, but realized that they would not recognize me. I was no longer their father. It hurt, but I turned the feelings to focus my time on the child.

With the Kelpinsur’s having watched me prepare the animals, they were there with their child to assure that I gained the information I desired. I noticed that both already referred to the child as masculine and called it by a male name. Not planning to disappoint them, I did everything with at least as much precision as I required for the animals.

Taking my lunch break, I finally met with the lady who was to be transformed after the baby. She had lived her life as a geisha, and had enough success that she wanted to become a pimp. I could not fault her. She had lived her life, and was making a mature decision about her future. I went through the basics of the procedure along with the usual warnings, and she signed the waivers without any reservation telling me that she would be ready for my examinations the day after the baby was transformed.

I felt that everyone was watching me the next couple of days, even though no one bothered me. The baby was a major step in the history of the business. I appreciated being able to focus on my work, and spent the next couple of days doing all I could to assure no problems.

Leaving the business the day of the baby transformation, I saw Ted in the parking lot. “Come on, Leanna. You deserve some praise. Let me take you out.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Re: The Fate of a Child (TimeSaga 2 - All 9 Chapters)   

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The Fate of a Child (TimeSaga 2 - All 9 Chapters)
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