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 The Monster in the Bottle (Timesaga 3: All 11 Chapters)

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PostSubject: The Monster in the Bottle (Timesaga 3: All 11 Chapters)   May 3rd 2014, 11:37 am

The Monster in the Bottle
TimeSaga Story Three

Chapter One

The time in Turkey went magnificently.  Everyone wished that I could work faster, but my success rate kept anyone from putting stress on me.  I did gain enough confidence in my procedures that I found myself able to reduce my rate to only a three day period, but for some investors that still was not efficient enough.  I found people being sent to me to help me out, but they quickly fled back to where they came from upon realizing that what I was doing required a lot of math and precision.  Everyone thus found themselves satisfied with my success rate, and let me perform my miracles as I felt able.  Another problem that flared occurred as my work visa began to run out with my investors speaking of their hope I could just set up in Australia without problems.  Rudy and I had worked on the machines, so I expected to enter the building in the southern hemisphere with a functioning operation that only needed to be checked before I continued with business.  It took me holding up one transformation for a day as I stressed to people that I would not trust anyone to my machines in Australia until I certified their quality.  They gave in, not that they really had a choice, and I went back to work at my own rate.  Those in Turkey praised me for doing my miracles without any complications, and I prepared to leave while making promises to return, although personally looking forward to a change in scenery.

Peter continued to send me messages, and I was pleased that things worked out for him.  Indeed the transformation did remove all traces of his original female nature.  The operations he had performed to his reproductive system had shown disturbances in his masculine features, but as predicted those had been easily corrected.  Receiving a message that he and Ann had married I thought was pleasant, and I wished them the best as I read of their hope in having children.

Rudy came into my office to say, “Ted is here to take us to the airport.”

“Did you get word from Peter about Ann hoping to become pregnant sometime?”

“Yes.  Amazing, isn’t it.”

Attempting to get him on my train of thought, I said, “I hope we will only see good things from our science, even though I know problems will come.  We are playing with something we probably should not be, and it does worry me.”

“Honestly, for being in a Muslim country, we have had a good time.  The culture should be better in Australia, but I won’t mind coming back here.”

I picked up my satchels carrying my necessary items, then said as I moved to the door, “No, I believe we have started this company in the proper manner.  My concern is that we are dealing with people, and greedy ones at that.  We thus need to keep some control over the technology.”

He walked with me while replying, “I understand, Leanna.  However, I feel that keeping it all in your head is not good either.”

“I hope not to have to remind of those words in a bad way, Rudy.  I want to keep this genie contained, and I fear what will happen when it gets out.”

“I have to agree, but I have a lot of friends who are getting interested in what you are doing.  At this rate we are however not nearly servicing enough customers.”

We were only active in Turkey for a couple of months, as it took a large amount of our initial period just getting the building and machines in working order.  We thus only transformed less than two dozen people, but with all of them being successful our net worth was already in the black.  To assure the value of my own share of the profits, I let Rudy know about our period in Australia.

“I am not going to reduce the amount of checks I perform.”

“No, Leanna.  However, I get reports asking me if I could duplicate what you are doing, and I honestly have to say that I can’t.  I mean, I worked with you in building the instruments and machines.  However, how you make the adjustments just makes no sense to me.”

I thought of those who were sent to work with me as I said, “Well, I cannot even have it make sense to you without understanding the equations.  That is what I do when home or in my office.”

Coming to the front door of the business, Rudy said, “Well, expect Ted to speak to you about gaining a protégé.”

“As long as he is buying, he can talk about whatever he wants to talk about.”

Ted came up to trade a kiss with me.  Rudy blew him one with Ted only speaking a welcome.  He then hugged me while saying that his wife might start getting jealous.

“You are letting her spend some money?” I joked while moving to the passenger side door.

“The money did not help you with your wife, and at times my wife wants something from me other than my money as well.  My wife however does not like just riding on planes.  She however is satisfied that all we do is talk.”

Rudy asked, “Do I need to send her a message that all we do is talk as well?”

“Yes, Rudy, do that.  I am sure that she will be relieved.”

I remembered when Ted did not joke as much.  He was becoming a rather friendly figure in my life.  What helped our relationship was seeing a return on his investments in me, and I was finding myself pleased with his supervision.  I thus freely spoke with Ted hoping to keep things cheerful between us.

“Rudy told me that you were looking for people to learn what I am doing, and I know that I had a few people come that were to supposedly help me.”

“Yes.  I believe you know a Dr. Butch Matheson.”

I did not mention that my knowledge of the guy was before a certain gender transformation where I became my own guinea pig for my process, but only answered the question.  “A touchie-feelie theoretical physicist.  Just never could get his mind around quantum interactions.  Mostly worked on black box projects for the military, as he could conceive of stuff like what they were interested in.”

“Well, it seems that you have made an esoteric disciple out of him.”

“He has military and government connections, Ted.  We don’t want him.”

Ted was having to deal with the traffic as we neared the airport, so I patiently waited for his reply.  “After the manner that you left the United States, we need to allow some concessions.  You can fire him, Leanna, but give him a chance.  Honestly, though, he has been studying your work, and has convinced me that he understands it.  I would rather have him where we can watch him.”

Thinking back in the manner that I had left my native land, I had to say, “I thought they had access to my initial equipment.  Still, it relieves me that they are trying to get in close to me, as it means my genie is still in my bottle.”

“They ruined your machines before they could understand them.  Not on purpose, mind you, but your technology actually does not lend itself to backward analysis.  Too much precision on the front end.  You can have everything right, but if not set up properly it does not work.  Butch however swears that if given access to it now, that he could get it to work.”

“Honestly, Ted, Butch was the best you could find?  You need to find someone we can trust to learn my process and keep the right attitude.  You have to stay concerned about the misuse of my discovery, Ted.”

“Honestly, Leanna, I am not going to have some young doctorate graduate have access to your stuff.  Butch does have connections to the military and government, but he also can be trusted to keep secrets.”

Rudy spoke for me when he pointed out, “Not from the military or government.”

“Listen, he might know enough to be dangerous or nothing at all.  His clearances give him the authority to have us respect him.  Leanna, I am not telling you to give the man a chance.  I however am telling you to listen to him.”  When I simply stayed quiet, Ted added, “The United States and Australia have enough good relations that I believe he is already active in our RayWeight plant site.  I am going with you to provide whatever support you might need, Leanna.”

I had to ask, “Why is the security so lax at our Australia site?”

“Something about the power lines needing special couplings for your equipment.”

Rudy again spoke for me by saying, “In other words we have the usual government excuses to meddle where they should not.”

Ted shot back, “I know the two of you.  Those machines will not work.”

Not hearing Rudy state a reply, I went ahead and verified Ted’s suspicion.  “Right, Ted, because both of us know to fear the science we are using.  Traveling all that distance they would need to be recalibrated anyway.  By the way, the same is true of the equipment we are leaving behind.  We did not break anything, but I did do something while programming in an eternal loop that will hold until certain calibrations are done.”

“So it is all good.  When we get to our Australian site I can do my thing with you and Rudy doing yours.  I might end up busting Butch, but I would bet that you need to do it, Leanna.”

Rudy asked, “Leanna, could Butch know who you are?”

“Certainly he could,” I replied.  “Ted gave me my life back before we left for Turkey.  All my documents have my new name and gender, but if you research any of my past one can find the notations of my past as a man.”

Ted said, “Trust me, he knows.  Exactly how much of an asshole he will be about it, we will just have to find out.  He was rather pleasant to me, and did say enough to convince me of some understanding of Leanna’s science.  As you heard me say repeatedly, I am having her deal with the man.”

“I would say that I could handle him, except that Butch and I have never really been able to trade ideas.  I look into obscure relations of elementary particles, while he never could grasp ideas that he could not basically grasp physically.  Our minds just work along different paths.”

Rudy said, “If you want me to handle him, Leanna, let me know.  You know that I don’t mind grasping a male body or having it grasp me in return.”

“I would take issue with that, but you can have Butch.”

That set the two of us discussing what we liked in the men that we saw.  Ted stayed out of that conversation, although I noticed that he stayed close to me.  Actually, I enjoyed the topic simply because it was new to me.  I had become female purely out of practical needs.  Out of those that had also undergone my process, I found it comforting that a major percentage came to me mentioning practical reasons for the gender transformation.  My mentality kept me fixated on my work, and I tended to socialize with those I knew from work.  The closest that I had come to a romantic encounter was with the head of security at the Turkey headquarters of my business, and due to necessity any development stayed subdued.  I however had been a woman long enough to become used to my gender, and my body did recognize that men had the qualities that matched its needs.  I thus had been finding myself notice things about men, and wondering about my own feelings I discussed the topic of male appearances with Rudy.

On the plane I switched back to discussing business with Ted.  I did not disagree with any of his plans to make more money off of my technology, but I stressed the seriousness of what we were doing.  We were affecting the past with the results showing themselves in a major way.  I had been a large man, and now had a very feminine frame and assets.  I had seen other men go through the same process.  Females had left my company as powerful men.  If nothing more than a jostle of an egg could produce such grand results in our present, I feared what other slight applications of force to the distant past might do.  While I understood the money, I once again made Ted realize the concern for keeping the genie I released contained.

“Well,” he replied, “Australia does not have the constraints of a Muslim society.  I thus suspect that some of your concerns will face you directly.  I am actually supporting you, Leanna, but some of our money people will be influencing others.  Somewhere, I hope we can reach a satisfactory agreement.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.

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PostSubject: Chapter Two   May 8th 2014, 8:54 pm

The Monster in the Bottle
TimeSaga Story Three

Chapter Two

One airport was much like another, as there was a standard design for the airplanes they served.  Out in the sections where there was catering to the general public was where each building took on its special appearance.  In Turkey the airport was very functional, while in Australia the airport served as a chance to make opening or closing impressions by those traveling.

No sooner did I clear customs than I was beset by reporters.  With my process so obscure, and me so concerned with its potential abuses, I had no one that could handle my publicity.  I was far from being an extrovert, but I understood the need to occasionally stand before a crowd.  I thus moved to the reporters asking if there was a place where I could make my statements without disturbing the movement of people through the airport.

The officials of the building quickly indicated a place where we could handle our business.  Rudy had me do a few things to help my appearance.  Once everyone felt ready to handle our respective businesses, I looked for signals to begin speaking.

There was enough demand for my process that I really did not need publicity.  I thus did little more than smile as I introduced myself and gave a simple explanation of the process my company offered.  Rudy was more of a social person than I was, but he did mention things he read or heard about our business as we worked together.  I thus could respond with some competence as the reporters demanded some statements about certain things they had learned about my company.

A male reporter that had been working his way to the front of the crowd gained my attention from his persistence, so I heard him ask, “What if a lady comes to you to have her gender changed, but she had children previously.  Would that change her children?”

I knew the answer to that one directly.  I had children as a man, but my conversion into a female had not affected them.  I thus gave the answer to the question with confidence of its truth.

“No, as my science and the evidence says that the change is only limited to the individual.  Her past, which will become his past, suddenly alters due to the change of sperm at the moment of conception.  All events in this time line however do not change.  The individual suddenly experiences a change from their own genetic instructions having their body reformed according to a different history of growth.  All the life experiences of that individual however remain.”

“But she could not have had those children.”

“This is not a science of paradoxes, but of specifics.  There are things to fear from my technology, but I developed my machines with the satisfaction that its process stayed limited to only those directly experiencing it.  If we have my technology go back and kill the butterfly, only the butterfly dies.  All the other associated events from the death of the butterfly had not happened in our timeline and will not happen in this timeline.”

The guy persisted, and considering that I was being introduced to a new society I allowed him to speak.  “But what if you killed the person in the past?”

“Luckily, we have not encountered that problem.  You have to understand that with my company we are dealing with the event of conception.  Yes, we are managing to impart a force back in time, but the actual manipulation is extremely small.  It is great enough to jostle the egg causing one sperm to not fertilize the egg but another.  However, the evidence is that there is a large number of sperm about the egg.  It is also in a confined space, so it is not like the egg could be moved any distance.  Thus, even if we had the ability to send back a strong jolt to the egg, we could not send it where the sperm could not find it.”

“But our image of an egg, any egg, is of a small, fragile thing.  Surely it is possible to send out a strong enough force to break it.”

Attempting to assure control of the conversation, I joked, “I believe our lawyers will now be adding another paragraph to our waivers for our patients to sign.  Honestly, though, that would take a much greater amount of precision than we can presently manage.  Yes, we are able to transmit an impulse back in time, but it is more of a jet effect, like a sudden blast of air through a straw into the bottom of your drink.  I thus have to say, with our evidence speaking to support what I say, that the force applied will only disturb the place of the egg and not crack it.”

As if finding an interest in the line of questioning, another report – a female one – asked, “If you however did end up breaking an egg, would the person die?”

“Our evidence says that the person would no longer exist in our timeline.  In that event our lawyers would let the relatives know the risks involved, which were admitted in the waivers.”

“Would we remember the person?”

“Oh, yes, as he did exist in our timeline.  Let me stress that you remember the person transformed as once being of another gender, and they remember their past life.”  Hoping to regain control of the conversation, I said, “One theory that is really not testable, but is finding support by the results of our process, is that we are benefitting our patients with better DNA.  The jostling does, surely, cause the surrounding sperm to further fight for their right to the egg, so a better, stronger, sperm ends up being the one to fertilize the egg.”

The reporter that had started this line of inquiry asked, “Would it be possible to apply more force back in time?”

“Not according to our present knowledge of the process.  I spend a lot of time making adjustments to my instruments, as we are not firing some powerful laser at the person. That just won’t work, as the massive energy expenditure will cause other ripple effects in the nature of time and space that will just end up duplicating what we know large, powerful lasers will do.  There are multiple energy streams that have to work just right to create the disturbance in the time stream enabling the impulse to travel back and influence the egg.”

“So, your process is safe.”

“Yes.  In the manner that I am using it, the process is showing itself to be very safe.  Let me stress however that such is why I must be present, and why we can only manage a patient every few days.  We are aware of its dangers, and we make our patients aware of the danger.  The price is very expensive, but the results are showing themselves to be more than worth the costs.  I am under pressure to increase the number who can benefit, but I will not lower my standards.”

That was basically the end of the session.  I found myself wondering how the media event had been made to happen when a number of reporters suddenly sought to ask me about time to give follow-up personal interviews.  I explained that my patients came first, but usually there were three periods in my day when I would break from my work to speak to people.  Should an opening be available, I would gladly speak to a reporter.  I thus ended speaking to people wondering why some had even been present.

The two men traveling with me again began escorting me with Ted saying, “You managed things brilliantly.”

“It was easy,” I replied, “as they stayed in the area that concerns me.  I was scared of a lot of trans hopefuls wanting a preview of the lecture I give before starting the process on them.  I really don’t get into all of the ‘how will I look’ stuff.”

“But you have been through it.”

“You want me to go into the little details of how I found myself looking, and I how spent my first hour as a female?”  While Ted stuttered a retraction, I added, “Mostly shaving.  I have since purchased some modern hair removing instruments, because as a woman body hair should not be apparent.”

“Thank you, Leanna.”  After signaling a taxi, he asked, “Do you tell your patients that?”

“Not in a personal fashion.  The male-to-female patients have already begun shaving, so I usually do not have to speak much on the topic.   I however do mention that adult humans are hairy creatures, although as women it is not usually desired.”

Ted changed the subject back to business as we got in the taxi and rode out to the building that would house our work in this country.  Again the facility was not near any active business district.  The RayWeight logo was evident from a distance because there were no other glass structures within a half-mile of it.  While I arrived at the one in Turkey to see the insides still being worked on, I entered this one to meet a security staff while watching patients wait for their time with the medical team.  I found my focus changed from learning my employees to one person I hoped not to have on the payroll.

“David Neibener, my word, what a change has come over you.”

Butch whistled, which really did not bother me since I already did not like him.  He did not look good, but carried weight that I had never allowed to become a part of my body.  Having lost height in my transformation into a female, I could no longer look him in the eyes, but I stood proud as I sent out a hand to make a polite greeting.

“Butch, I don’t know why you are showing your head around my type of science.”

He did shake my hand while saying, “I believe it was just my knowledge of who you had been that had me sent out.  I was also in the Indian Ocean, so relatively close.  You’re looking good.”

“I was given concern that you were looking at my equipment.”

“No.  You have a good security team here.  I would have asked, but you basically answered my questions in your interview at the airport.  If you cannot kill a person, quickly, those paying my paycheck are not interested.”

That matched what I knew of the working history of the man, and in preparing to speak to him I had planned some statements about the use of my technology in a militaristic setting.  “Theoretically, if it happened, it would be right out of science-fiction.  The body would just disappear.  I am still working at explaining the change of mass problems that occur.”

He was looking at me.  It was obvious.  I cannot say that I had gotten used to how men would now look at me, but I usually kept my mind on business and ignored the glares.  With Butch I really did not want to discuss business, so made little turns to assure that he saw a pretty little package and not a sharp, powerful mind.

He asked, “Who have you been looking at to have work with you?”

“No one.  Any applicant would need to prove they can deal with the equations, and I have yet to see anything in the resumes even approaching an interest in the math.”

“Mind if I get out the word?”

“It is not like the word of other things about my process is not being spread.  I suspect people will be coming my way.  I cannot say that your reference will influence me.”

Still focused on my body, I saw him appear slightly agitated before asking, “Can I kiss you?”

I gave the man a good lip contact.  The homos that Rudy hung around were usually the kissing type, so I had experience with intimate male contact.  I was pleased to see Butch look satisfied even as he again complimented the change in my physical form, and I was glad to see him go.

Rudy however made me smile by saying, “No chemistry whatsoever.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Three   May 13th 2014, 3:17 pm

The Monster in the Bottle
[url=http://www.adnd.com/wiki.php?title=Category:TimeSaga#The Monster in the Bottle]TimeSaga[/url] Story Three

Chapter Three

The staff in Australia was a lot more cheerful than those in Turkey. In that country we had been treated politely, but as strangers. In the Australian building I found the ladies very buoyant and the men overly eager to be gracious. I was not unfriendly, but only soberly let the natives employees of Australia know that I would be about my work.

While doing some basic checks of the equipment in my lab, I asked Rudy what type of animals we were going to use. He looked to me, shrugged, then moved to the intercom. I continued my inspection of the equipment as I listened for the answer to my question.

A lady’s voice said, “I was told to get a dog and a couple of other mammals. I got a cat, but how about a kangaroo?”

I moved to the intercom to say, “I don’t know about marsupials. I would assume that they have male and female hormones, but I cannot say for certain.”

“Naw, I’m joshing. We got a rabbit. That all right?”

“Yes, fine. Are they on the premises?”

“Yes, Dr. Beyonce. In the rear. I can show you if you want.”

If it was a male voice, I might have replied differently, but as it was female I went ahead and said, “I guess so. I really did not take a tour of the place.”

“Be right there.”

When Rudy clicked off the intercom, I asked, “Terri Newton?”

“Yes. Flunked out of college first year. Looks good and has a really positive attitude, so was considered a good hire for the front desk.”

Rudy really had no degrees in management, but he was a people person. When I knew him at Zychi, he also ran the personnel division just because he could do the computer work and no one else wanted to deal with other people’s problems. I thus did not find it surprising that he caught the girl’s name and had studied her file. If she had been a he, Rudy would have been able to tell me even more.

I found my way to my lab, so expected the building to be basically the same as the one in Turkey. It was very similar, but the medical laws in Australia demanded a few modifications of that part of the building. I felt that I could have found the animals if I knew to look for them in this back room, although did listen to Terri tell me things specific to this workplace.

After telling me the names of the animals, Terri said, “I was told that you underwent your own process.”

Without any hesitation or fear, I answered, “Yes, and if you are prospective client I will even talk about it. As for why I did it, I would rather not speak about the idiocy of my national government.”

“You and me both, but, did it hurt?”

“If a prospective patient asks, tell them that it feels like one would think it should feel. One whole half of your DNA is ripped away to be replaced by another. I really did not, in my case, feel it hurt, but I collapsed surely from the shock. Within an hour or so I was back awake and moving about without any problems. I have heard other stories of the first few moments, but everyone has been completely all right within an hour.”

“Okay, but why haven’t you changed back? I mean, you are out of the U.S.”

Honestly, since she was an employee, there could be reasons she might need the information. “You cannot be certain that the same sperm as before will be the one that fertilizes the egg. Thus, I could go back to being male, but not necessarily who I was. Honestly, though, I have found it simply easier talking to patients with them understanding that I went through the same procedure.”

“You like being a woman?”

“It would be cruel to admit otherwise. I hope you like being a woman.”

“Oh, yes, but… do you get out?”

Seeing her youth, I felt that she did not have the same enjoyment of free time that I did. “I take breaks.”

“There is a lot to see here in Australia. You cannot just stay here.”

“I would say that ‘yes, I can,’ but that is not right. Right now however I need to get this business going. Once I finally find someone who can replace me, I would enjoy getting out and seeing your country.”

“So, you worked the full six months in Turkey, then going to work the full six months here, then repeat?”

Hoping to hush the young lady, I replied, “I lost my first marriage due to my fixation on my work, and I see no reason to start another relationship just to have it go sour. I do enjoy my work.”

“So, you did not change into a woman to have sex as a woman.”

“No. I changed into a woman because my government was coming in to take over my project and accuse me of embezzlement. With the change from my process being so dramatic, I basically hid in plain sight for a few months until I could make a proper escape. I have been a woman almost a year now, and find that it does not stop me from continuing my work. A few days each month are uncomfortable, but not so uncomfortable that I cannot work.”

“Oh, wow, did they peg you wrong.” She saw me glare at her, so said, “They have been talking about you.”

Hoping to have some facts sink into the young lady, I lectured, “Why? My information is public. When I regained my old life, everything about who I am became connected with who I was. I have also made a number of public interviews about who I am and my company. As an employee of this company, there should be no reason to make up rumors or believe lies.”

“Yes, Dr. Beyonce.”

“You do not just tell people what I said, and what you hopefully look up on your own, but let them know how open and honest I was with you. If they have opportunities, they can certainly speak to me as well.”

She again made her words of agreement in an apologetic manner, then asked to be excused. I certainly let her. Out of tradition, I went to the dog first to get the data I would need to change its gender. While I spoke some apologizing words to the dog as I took some measurements, I otherwise did not mind being alone.

“Dr. Beyonce.”

It was a male’s voice that said that. I turned to see a rather handsome man. I figured him to be slightly over six feet, just as I had once been. The hair was also about the same color, but everything else about him was different. He had a leaner build, a longer face, and I believe more hair on his head, although it was cut short. Seeing that I was looking at him, he advanced holding out a hand.

“Dr. Campbell. I will be the man checking out your patients before and after you are done with them.”

I shook his hand while saying, “I will mostly be checking them out before hand, just as I am now doing with the dog. Afterward, they are mostly in great pain, and you simply do what you can to calm them until the time line fully adjusts for them. It takes roughly an hour, then they get your full treatment mostly to settle any future legal issues, but up to now there have been no problems.”

“Yes. I have read the reports, which is basically why I am here. You might not be aware of it, but you have just come through a number of time zones. It’s late, and everyone is going home. It might help you to adjust your clock.”

“Uh, yes, and check out my apartment.” I turned to the dog, looked to my notes, then asked, “Only a couple more measurements to make.”

“Could I help you?”

I had him help keep the dog’s head steady as I made some measurements. He politely kept the animal calm while I finished my work. When I closed my notebook, he then made another offer.

“Could I walk you to your car?”

“Do I have a car?”

He moved to the intercom, and a man with a deep voice answered, to which Dr. Campbell asked, “Duane, are there keys there for Dr. Beyonce?”

“Yes, Dr. Kukka. Dr. Ryans had keys as well, but was waiting for Dr. Beyonce hoping that they could find their apartment complex together.”

Dr. Campbell looked at me and said, “I can walk you up front.”

I saw my notebook, but I spoke of not seeing something else. “No, thank you. I will need to go by lab and get my purse.”

“You have a purse?”

I locked my eyes on his as I said, “I have my wallet, makeup, extra pens, my phone, and a few pads waiting for that time of the month to come back around.”

“I’m sorry, of course. You definitely dress like a lady.”

Not wanting to continue on the topic, I simply replied, “I assume that you read my file.”

“Honestly, yes, but a number of rumors about you have spread as well. Terri then came back saying that you were really intense, and did not want to speak to you again.”

“Terri was being polite, but I am here for the business. While I am sure that you have a fascinating country, I am prejudice in believing that my technology is at least as amazing.”

“From what I hear it definitely is. I am expecting a rather fascinating number of months. While I like animals, I am glad to see you using them before risking humans.”

I looked back at the animals, then walked out the room while saying, “And they are not tortured or such. I cannot say that they fully understand what is done to them, but they do not end up mistreated or worse.”

He stayed beside me. “I am looking forward to working with you. Oh, I am Kukka, actually Curt, but everyone calls me Kukka.”

“Leanna. Rudy is still facing assassination for sticking me with Beyonce as my last name. Still, he’s a homo, so I suffer with the name as he is a friend.”

Kukka chuckled as I went into my lab to retrieve my purse, then as I came out he said, “You have an interesting direct manner of speaking. What do you do for entertainment?”

“Work. I will go and settle into my apartment, then probably run this data through my equations. Tomorrow morning I will start adjusting my instruments. It will take me a few days assuring my machines are running properly and aligned correctly.”

“We have a good orchestra and stage plays.”

“I will occasionally click on something humorous placed on one of my social media pages.”

He laughed, then as he opened the door to the front of the building, he said, “I’m married, by the way. We are a rather congenial group here though, so I will spread word about you.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Four   May 18th 2014, 3:29 pm

The Monster in the Bottle
TimeSaga Story Three

Chapter Four

Ted had taken care of both Rudy and me.  We both had apartments actually decorated similar to those in Turkey.  Rudy ranted on a social media page about what he did not like about his apartment.  I did not exactly like the choices of food stocked in my pantry and refrigerator, but otherwise found things clean.  I considered that both of us would spend money making changes to our satisfaction.  At least not having to worry about sleeping on the floor, I felt that enough care had been taken in providing a place to call my home.

The next morning I began working to set the equipment up to properly focus the beams when I saw a wire that I did not recognize.  Everything with our equipment was shielded, so wireless communications in the lab could not happen.  More than protecting the patient, or us, it was to protect other pieces of equipment from being influenced.  Seeing a stray wire come from the machine, I called Rudy, who was just arriving, and with his help I opened up the machine to trace the source of the strange line.

Those in the company had another conversation to gossip about as I lectured my security about their jobs.  Not only were patient rights being risked by allowing such extra electronics into my lab, but the integrity of my process and the security of my patents.  I spoke of the miracle that occurred in my lab, and the fine degree of precision in a number of quantum mechanical states to get that act of science to occur.  I mentioned the dangers involved should anything go wrong with what I was doing.  I stressed the amount of money we were charging, and how the price, along with the profitability of the company, would be compromised should certain secrets actually get out.  I mentioned that the process itself was being recorded, so anyone wanting a record of a certain event only needed to get permission from the patient, or from the company in the case of the animals, and they would be sent the video file.  Finally, the local legal team representing RayWeight showed up, and I fired the man seen in security videos to check on the wire before having the lawyers present him with papers for abusing his employment privileges.  No one spoke as I turned from seeing the man escorted out the door, but I felt certain that they began whispering among themselves as I returned to my lab.

I was still agitated upon going back to my work, but it was not the first time that I had to focus on my job in spite of personal feelings.  My children did concern me, as did my wife, but I often could not just drop things to see to their affairs.  Honestly, my life as a woman forced me to concentrate past the turmoil going on in my own body a few days every month.  It helped that I did enjoy my work, so soon enough my mind was thinking of the coming procedure and what needed to be done to assure it would happen.

When I moved through the building during the next two days, everything was quiet.  That did not bother me at all.  I did what was necessary to put my equipment through its first operation.

After changing the bitch into a male dog, everyone began speaking again, although it was with respectful tones.  As I had been saying, within the hour the animal was licking my hand showing that it knew me.  When I told the staff to find a home for it, a number of people spoke of it needing a good home for its new life.

Hearing that I would be gone for the day, then would start work on the rabbit tomorrow, Terri asked, “That is what you do to people?”

“Yes, Terri, and they pay good money to have me do that to them.”

“The animal really was in pain for a while, but it did get better.”

I heard her tone of voice, so sought to put her inner thoughts at peace.  “I feel sorry for the animals, because they do not understand what I am going to do with them.  I understood, although had no reference except for a dog.  The people coming to us not only can understand, but have those that underwent the process before to prepare them.  As for the animals, they are not really hurt, and at least one theory claims they are bettered by the process.  I hope that you find a good home for the animals.”

“There is a vet that will take them and handle the particulars.”  Her voice had slowly decreased in volume, but it regained some strength as she said, “I really did not get it, but I think I am getting it now.”

“Well, there is a rabbit, then a cat, then people.  If you don’t get it, you are rather dense.  Still, as my secretary, you only have to smile as you give prepared responses.  Keep at it.”

A parcel delivery man was the only one to bother me when I arrived at home.  Ted Chemill was my usual contact with those that invested in my process.  He had a history of supporting me, so was just someone I was familiar with and trusted.  The package however was from a Clyde Fellington, who also had previously put money behind my project, and after examining the expensive necklace I had to call and bother him.

After accepting my gratitude, he said, “Listen, Leanna, you did what you needed to do.  Our people are uncovering more evidence, so the case against the man you fired is going to stick.  You thus earned the bonus, although there is a message in it:  step out proud.  When you take a break, and you better plan for breaks, don’t hide somewhere and hibernate.  Let yourself be seen.”

“Right now I am proud of the fact that everything is operating successfully.  However, I do not want to lower my standards.  Honestly, Clyde, we need to fear what we are doing.”

“It must be awesome being in that room when what you do happens.  Not just watching, but knowing that you are responsible.  I am glad to have my money in you, but I read your reports just marveling in the miracles you are doing.  Don’t however keep yourself sealed away.  I am making money every time you turn those machines on, but take breaks, Leanna.  It secures my investment, your life, and surely brings joy to others to see such a fine lady moving about.”

He hit a sore point with me, which caused me to retort, “I did not do this to become a lady, Clyde.”

“Of course not, but you are also not doing anything to change back into a man.  Thus, you have become a lady, Leanna.  Step out proud of who you are.”

I thanked him again, then took the necklace off and did my best to secure it among my belongings before settling back to doing some things to relax.  I did try to spend time in thought about what I could be doing on these days off.  I however felt that I was doing myself best by just taking it easy.  Figuring that the necklace would not be actually worn in public until some time far in the future, I set myself to again make a change in the past.

Everyone started talking again when I transformed the rabbit.  As the new doe moved about her cage no longer displaying any feelings of pain, I heard a number of those in the medical division asking questions about the process.  I freely chatted with them until gaining a full report of the health of the animal, then broke away to take another day off.

Coming to work the next day, Terri signaled me and upon going to her she said, “The Morleys called and said they have arrived, so would like an interview with you.  Also got a call from a Dr. Joseph Worsheim.  He said that you should be able to recall having met him once, and might have read his papers, but he would like an interview with you.”  After reminding her that I had established certain times for interviews, she added, “Yes, Dr. Beyonce, but before I scheduled I wanted to check with you.”

“That is good, Terri.  Right now my schedule is going as I like, so the times are available.  At the moment I cannot recall Dr. Worsheim, but I will check things before I meet with him.  Still, set up the interview.”

I met with the Morleys that morning before lunch.  They were a rich couple whose son had obviously never heard the word ‘no’ in his life.  I thought of the Japanese couple who wanted their son changed into a girl just because he had wasted his youth.  In this case I considered the parents at fault for the wasted years of their son, so was willing to take the money they were foolishly spending on him.

“So,” the lad asked, “I will be a girl, right?  I already have my outfit for going home in picked out.”

“That’s nice, but sexual differences between humans are rather great.  I cannot promise you exactly what you are going to look like.”

“What do you mean?  I will have breasts and a cunt, right?”

Some people just had a difficult time accepting facts of reality.  “Yes, but look at the differences between your father and mother.  Further, you should have looked at your relatives.  Those are the traits that will be reflected in you.  This is not a medical procedure, but one of science.  I am going to the moment of your conception and replacing one sperm from your father with another.  Your body will then reform according to how that DNA would have caused your body to develop.  While I can assure your gender, other things about your body will be completely dependent upon circumstance.”  Looking at the lad, then at his parents, I concluded, “I can almost assure you that whatever outfit you picked out will not fit.”

“Will I talk like a girl?”

“Definitely.  You will be a girl – completely.”  I looked to the mother to ask, “I would spend time with your son assuring that he understands certain things about females.”

She cleared her throat then simply replied, “I just want him to be happy.”

“I don’t.  I want him to leave here as a healthy young lady, but whether he is happy or not is completely out of my hands.”

I tried to stress things as I had the three listen and sign the waivers.  From their questions I felt that all three suspected that the process was a medical procedure in spite of everything I told them.  They however signed the waivers and promised to start having their son present for certain procedures the day after I finished my last check of the machines.

There was an interview the next day with a homo wanting to make the conversion into a female.  Having Rudy as someone I considered a friend, and having dealt with his homosexual friends, I found that conversation a lot more enjoyable.  When the process was first proven viable, I felt that such people would make up a majority of my patients.  They were the greater percentage, but I had been finding others that had hope in my process.  Interested in what the future might hold, I ended the interview hoping to have made another friend.

With the cat now a tom, I left the building setting my mind to handling people.  I did feel the weight of what I was doing, so relaxed while preparing my mind for the work ahead.  I again found it strange that in spite of the friendliness shown when I first arrived, and the good relations that had developed at work, I found people to leave me alone when at home.

The lad was nothing but trouble.  I still believed that he thought himself to be undergoing a medical procedure as I had him do things allowing me to take my measurements.  What I requested of him indeed had nothing to do with what a surgeon would demand.  As he griped about me not being a real doctor, I kept my cool and had him position himself so I could take another measurement.

When I arrived at work the day of his transformation, he had his outfit and was speaking of how he had his hair styled.  I was pleased to see that he did have a robe with his belongings.  Smiling, I told him to remove all his clothes then put his robe around him before lying on the medical bed.

I had to go into my office and laugh before coming back out.  He had actually been transformed into a slightly larger body than he had as a man.  The outfit did not fit, as expected.  The bra did not either, as the new young lady had a rather massive chest.  The robe really did not fit either.  About the only thing that did come out as desired was the hair style.  While there was no doubt that the procedure had worked, I thought it so funny that the lad did not come out of the process anything like the woman he had imagined.

While the new lady left complaining about what had happened, I found my next patient in the lobby watching her leave.  The man hugged me, spoke of his hope of coming out a real woman as well, then promised to see me tomorrow.  I simply reminded him that I had no control over the DNA, except for the X chromosome, but those words just got me another hug from my next patient.

Checking with Terri before leaving, she asked, “And we will do another person in three days?”

“That man that just hugged me.”

“This is interesting.”

“I think so as well.  Glad to have you waking up to the wonders of science.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Five   May 23rd 2014, 9:08 am

The Monster in the Bottle
TimeSaga Story Three

Chapter Five

It was as I took my lunch break the following day that Terri called over the intercom. “Dr. Beyonce, the Carmichaels are in town, so want their interview tomorrow.”

“That is fine.”

“And Dr. Worsheim is also in town. He says that he is representing a Douglas Zephyr, who will be a patient next month. He however wants an interview with you, possibly this evening.”

“I have checked on Dr. Worsheim, Terri. He is a quantum physicist, like me. Really has not done anything major, but only enough to have gained him a teaching position at Clemson University in the states. I think that I have met him at one of my attempts to gain funding some time ago. Still, no problems that I can find with him, so arrange the interview.”

Rudy worked with me. We had spent the morning speaking of the one that had left, then talking of the changes we had seen in other patients. He mentioned spending the previous evening with the present patient who was enjoying his last days as a man. Rudy worked while speaking of the homosexual community in this city, and what he was finding to fill his time when not at work.

He then said, “I am getting messages from your investors to convince you take time off.”

“I promise to ask for a break when I feel myself need one. This process is however working smoothly, so I do not feel stressed.” Hoping to work a compromise, I offered, “How about planning something on our trip back to Turkey? That is just a long trip, so some breaks in places along the way would be nice.”

That got him talking on that subject. We spoke of the route we had taken to get here, then of possible interesting destinations that we had flown over. We did not reach any consensus, but I felt that he had something to reply on the subject to those that had him start the discussion.

Stepping into my office I saw a man rise that was probably only an inch taller than me. While he had rather light colored hair, his skin covering what appeared to be a powerful body was slightly dark. While I did not remember wondering about the man’s ancestry, I did work at recalling the previous time we had met.

“Dr. Beyonce, I do not know if you remember me.”

“Yes, Joseph, barely. You were not head of the science department, but we did spend time talking as we were both from the same branch of science.”

Expressing surprise, he asked, “So I can call you Leanna?” After I confirmed while taking a seat behind my desk, he said, “I did not know how much you would remember of your past life.”

“That is the time stream we are in. Even though my body now has a past of growing and developing as a female, the life experiences of the body are those of this timeline. Cutting to the chase, I remember everything I would have bothered to remember.”

“How about the change in hormones altering your perceptions?”

One aspect of my business was staying open and honest about my past, so I freely supplied what I hoped was a complete answer. “Estrogen is definitely now controlling my body, but I cannot say that I am thinking any differently. I am definitely as driven by my work as I was as a man.”

“Everything I have read about this process of yours says that it works.”

“Should have been here yesterday morning. I found it hilarious, although could not roll with laughter in front of everyone. Anyway, yes, a spoiled young man found himself again getting what he wanted, although again not pleased with it. Truthfully, should be a lovely lady with a rack that every boy would love to look at, but having those massive mounds on your own chest are not so wonderful.”

“How about yours?”

Not the question I expected, but again I did not avoid supplying an answer. “Oh, they are not small. I however am not a girl just because I get to look at boobs. They do make themselves apparent however, and I am sometimes pleased.”

Things went quiet for a moment, then he put the conversation on what I considered the important topic. “I am here representing a young man that I first met in one of my undergraduate classes. Has a wonderful mind, but a terrible body. He really does not care whether he ends up male or female, but only healthy.”

“Is there a way to detect his problem?”

“Yes. There is a protein that his body makes that does not help his physiology at all. It is a female disease, in that a major gene is on the X chromosome, which the shorter male chromosome does not affect. However, it can be tempered by other genes enough to give him a normal life. If he comes out male, his male offspring should have nothing to fear. If he comes out female, which is almost guaranteed, then there is a fifty-fifty chance of any of his offspring carrying the disease.”

I gave him a business card stressing the electronic ways of contacting me. I told him to send me the specifics of the protein, including what markers could easily identify it. While we had been using a secondary beam to check for sexual hormones, it could possibly be recalibrated to check for this destructive protein.

“So, it is really possible that he can come out healthy?”

“I don’t know the details of this protein, but if it is something that a change of sperm could resolve then it is very possible.”

“How are you set for staff?”

That question took me by surprise, so I queried, “I thought you had a comfortable position at Clemson.”

“Comfortable, yes. Promising, no. Clemson is not a college known for theoretical physicists. I could teach there the rest of my life. Going somewhere with my career will however not happen. I took off a semester to help Mr. Zephyr. I would prefer hoping for a chance to help myself.”

“This is not magic, Joseph, but science. Can you understand the science?”

He had been going over my papers. After checking for some knowledge of the core equations, I then flipped to a clean page on the legal pad and had the man show me his ability to work with some fundamental extrapolations. I was being impressed by him understanding some of the reasons for the measurements I took of the patients’ bodies when Rudy came through the door.

“Oh, finding you with a man. Wish I had such luck.”

I stood to make an introduction, “Dr. Rudy Ryans, this is Dr. Joseph Wilsheim. He is wanting to join our team.”

As he stood to shake hands, Joseph said, “My proposal to Leanna was to help until the lad I am representing has gone through the process next month. From there, well, it depends on a number of things.”

I explained the immediate problem, “He was checking on our process for a young man suffering from a hereditary disease. We will need to recalibrate for a protein instead of estrogen or testosterone.”

“Those are big molecules, and system wide. How about this protein?”

Joseph replied, “Much smaller, but pervasive through the system.”

“Basically, I am just there for Leanna, and there is enough to keep me occupied. I however could put myself to real work checking on how we can detect this protein. How much time do we have?”

I answered, “A month.”

“Yes, as I should have an answer in a week or so.”

Joseph said, “While you work at that, I can help Leanna.”

“If she agrees.”

I replied, “I held my standard at having someone that could do the math. Joseph was showing me that he could do the math. He thus gets to help me.”

“Cool. Anyway, let’s call it a day. Major work tomorrow, then let’s pull in another success. Leanna, have you interviewed the next one?”

“A pair of lesbos wanting to become a true couple. One will become male. The actual interview is tomorrow, but they have been in contact with me.”

Joseph asked, “Rude, aren’t we?”

“No, but honest. They are a couple of lesbos wanting to go straight. If they cannot deal with the facts, they probably are not right for what I will do to them.”

“This sounds like an interesting place. See you in the morning, Leanna.”

That night I spoke to Ted about Joseph. He agreed with me that there seemed nothing wrong with the man, although would do a little more investigation. He however was glad that someone had passed my barrier, and hoped it would reduce the stress on me to keep the money flowing.

He then said, “Computer search says that he never married, but is paying child support for two. Probably not one for a serious relationship. Might be good for you.”

“What’s that mean?”

“It means that you are attractive lady with assets that are not being used. Someone needs to makes a move on you that will get your mind and body away from work for a time.”

I felt that Ted was wrong, and told him why. “I became divorced because the time away from work was not enough.”

“You are doing wonderful work, Leanna. I agree that it deserves your dedication. As a full human being, a complete woman, you however need time away. What I am seeing of Joseph says that he will probably be nothing but an occasional distraction, and I consider that a good thing.”

“But if he is working with me, then you will expect him to focus on making even more money for the company.”

“I will want him to take occasional breaks as well. I worry about you, Leanna, and will worry about him – both financially and as people. If the two of you get along, great. With a man in your life I can feel certain that you are occasionally taking breaks from your work.”

Just not really liking what he was saying, I blurted out, “This time I will however become the one pregnant.”

“Do you really want me to respond to that?”

No, I really did not. I thus sought to change the topic. Wondering how the next day would go, I prepared myself for bed.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter 6   May 28th 2014, 9:14 am

The Monster in the Bottle
TimeSaga Story Three

Chapter Six

Joseph mostly worked with Rudy as I went about doing my final adjustments for the coming transformation. While there were some important things that needed doing, the actual work with the instruments was mine to do. Joseph mostly only watched, although I heard Rudy give him some instructions a few times during the day.

The interview with the lesbos actually went very well. I had been in communication with them, but meeting them in person gave me a different impression of the couple. They witnessed to me of Jesus Christ, which did not bother me at all. I was a horrible Christian, but I considered that my core belief structure. What I heard from the couple was that they were committed to their relationship, even though one needed to gain a Y chromosome to keep them from sin. I thus left the interview feeling good about the period after transforming the homosexual that was presently my patient.

When I finally called an end to the day late that night, I heard Joseph ask me, “When can I bother you about what you are doing?”

“Tomorrow, after all is done. Honestly, the best time is in the hour between the transformation and the patient finally settles into the new body. You just have to wait that period out, and talking will help. If you want to talk some more after the patient leaves, and I am leaving, that is fine. I do like talking about my work.”

“You do marijuana or anything like that?”

“No. I barely do an occasional glass of wine. The damn incense the damn homos got me to start using in the house spoils the flavor of tea, so I mostly just drink water.”

He laughed, then said, “Sounds like someone is working too hard. Let me take you out to eat.”

“No!” That came out a little strong, so I tried to soothe things between us. “I am going home and worrying about everything that has been done. After things tomorrow, then I will relax.”

“Oh? So I ask again tomorrow?”

I was glad that I had not turned the man off, but still did not feel ready to further my relationship with him. “Yes, but I won’t promise. My version of relaxing tends to be a long bath, actually catching up with news concerning my stocks, and maybe that occasional glass of wine.”

“I think I can understand that. I thus will ask, but mostly just not to let the opportunity pass. I think you will be someone fun to associate with.”

“I don’t do marijuana or any recreational drug. If that is your idea of a good time, find someone else.”

“Drugs, no. Tried them long ago, and was not impressed with their effects upon me. Weed, well, I will promise you that I never bought any. Mostly it is young graduate students wanting to get me to ease up on my standards. I have to admit that a couple of times it worked really well on me. I tried to marry both the young ladies, but they just wanted to get things from me.” There was a pause, then he said, “I believe that I would have been a good husband and father, but neither really gave me a chance to prove myself.”

Admitting transgressions did work on my attitude, as I had things in my past as well. “I was a horrible husband and father. Not that I was abusive, but I was just never home. Always work. It is all work with me now, but now I can see the results of all that work. I am happy, or at least feeling fulfilled.”

“I can understand that. Okay, Leanna, will see you tomorrow.”

I appreciated a man that could back away. I did feel that Joseph had been honest in that he mentioned his two biological children without me having to pry. He further supplied information that I could check, assuming I would bother. I thus left allowing that the man could have a positive work relationship with me.

The transformation did go well the next day. The body did the usual restructuring of reducing in size. The breasts were rather prominent, which pleased the lady. What most noticed was the increase in the amount of hair from the head. While he had a full head before the transformation, a thick growth covered the head of the lady.

On that topic, when I retreated into the lab to shut things down and move everything to a neutral, safe status I heard Joseph ask, “Leanna, you were bald as a man, weren’t you?”

“Well, extremely thin.”

I amused him and Rudy by mentioning my hair after the transformation. Just as with my patients, the hair style remained. Thus, while I had a full growth of hair on my head, it was all short except for strands up front and to one side that I used to cover almost bald sections of my head. Now, I did not so much have a hairstyle as just length that I pinned back. Having been without hair before my transformation, I was determined not to bother the present growth from my head.

It was a fun topic of conversation, so we were discussing all sorts of things about hair when the door to my lab opened and a woman in a robe rushed in. The pain had gone away as promised, and my recent patient wanted to let us know of her joy in what had been done. We spent time sharing her pleasure in how things had gone for her. Then I prepared for my day off as she spoke of leaving for her new life. As I went to the door of my lab, I however stopped hearing Joseph speak of an earlier conversation.

“You told me that I could ask you out.”

I almost accepted, but felt my words were the best decision. “No, Joseph. I told you that my life was my work. Before I allow development of our relationship, I need you to fully understand just how committed I am to this. Not only can you prove yourself to RayWeight by working with me until your past student arrives, but you can prove to me that you also take this occupation seriously.”

“I never could have imagined anything like this, Leanna. The science you have brought to life, and the manner that you have developed it – even to the blessing that you are going to hopefully bring to that young man, is so fantastic. This is something immensely wonderful.”

“This however is not done by a press of a button, throw of a lever, or injection of a serum. This is hard science demanding rigorous setup and attention to details during the operation. Anything less, and mistakes would happen. It demands my attention. I will not belittle what is being done here by belittling my life in other ways. I am proud of what is being done, and I like going home proud of myself.”

“I can understand that, Leanna. See you tomorrow.”

Joseph did work with me over the next month. Unlike Rudy, who honestly just knew the machines, Joseph began to be able to make sense of what I did. He watched the measurements I took, and gained an understanding of how the data went into my equations and caused the manipulation of the equipment. Honestly, the one part he found himself unable to perform were true heart-to-hearts with the patients. Having been through the process, I could relate to questions and provide answers in a manner that Joseph could not. In all other ways however, he slowly became able to work with me as a complete equal.

Men were becoming women, and females transformed into males. The process did not become commonplace, but RayWeight slowly fell out of the news. I thus found myself surprised when I arrived at work one morning to find a news van in the parking lot. Wanting to know what they felt was important, I went looking for the reporter.

“Dr. Beyonce,” said the newsman rushing to me, “I was hoping for some of your time.”

“I have a long day ahead planning for another transformation tomorrow morning. Still, the secretary at the front desk can let you know when I have openings for interviews.”

“Yes, but I want an exclusive.”

That made no sense to me, and in my usual manner I explained why. “Exclusive what? Everything we do here is open enough.”

“Exclusive on Douglas Zephyr.”

As I said, everything at my company was as transparent as possible. “I start to work on him the day after tomorrow. The physicist working with me came representing Mr. Zephyr. We thus feel very confident that we can relieve him of his disease.”

“But that is just it, Dr. Beyonce. You are going to completely remove the effects of a horrible hereditary disease.”

While I appreciated the implied honor, I wanted the reporter to understand that the mechanics of what I would do to Mr. Zephyr were the same as what I had been doing. “It is the same technology as is being used to completely transform peoples’ genders.”

“But this is seen as more beneficial.”

I did chuckle, but had to honestly reply, “The price for my services was the same for Mr. Zephyr.”

He began asking about other hereditary diseases. I told the newsman to set up for the interview, and I would answer the questions on camera. Pleased with my words, he had his crew set up to begin taping the interview. I mentioned my process, then spoke of the secondary signal in time used to authenticate the results of the active impulse. I explained how the condition of Mr. Zephyr resulted in his body building a certain destructive protein that could be identified instead of the usual sexual hormone. I tried to keep things simple for the casual viewer. The newsman asked about other hereditary diseases with me mentioning the conditions that my process could or could not help them.

The newsman saw the signal to bring the interview to a close, so exclaimed, “What you are doing is a true miracle.”

“Yes, but the process has its faults as well. In the case of Mr. Zephyr, since we are looking for a certain protein, he will probably come out as Miss Zephyr. In the case of the usual patient seeking to switch genders, they are warned of undesired hereditary problems also revealing themselves. This is not pick and choose science, but simply the replacement of one entire half of a person’s DNA. We do all we can to make things come out properly, but we are aware of limitations, and our patients do sign waivers saying that they understood certain problems before undergoing our procedures.”

With those words really using up available time, the newsman worked fast to say his closing statements. He then wished me luck. I assured him that I did everything possible to remove chance from my process, but that the size of the DNA code made me understand how much control I did not have. I thus accepted his best wishes, and turned to commit my time to my job.

As I moved to the building, I saw Joseph waiting for me, and said to him, “Douglas arrived yesterday, didn’t he?” When he mentioned the interview scheduled for today, I replied, “Tell him that the media is already alerted, so he may or may not want to watch out for them.”

“Will do, Leanna. Are you expecting trouble?”

“Nothing but the usual – there will be trouble if we fail. Thus, we don’t fail.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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The Monster in the Bottle
TimeSaga Story Three

Chapter Seven

I feared with the media present that they would go with the story of a couple wanting their child to be male instead of female. It was not the first child that I had go through the transformation. My first procedure for RayWeight had been a child. The parents however did not want any publicity for themselves or their new son, so got away without any attention.

The interview with Douglas Zephyr went as smoothly as I felt was possible. I did not have to make any intuitive decisions about why the person wanted to become a patient of mine. The suffering caused by the disease was apparent. When I informed him of the intense pain following the procedure, I saw him smile clearly understanding how much torture he was already enduring. I thus ended the interview with all papers signed while both of us expected the best.

It was actually hard working with Douglas to get the measurements I needed. His body just did not want to cooperate. Luckily, Joseph knew the man and my work, so could work with the parents to get the necessary information.

The presence of the media increased each day. I had work to do, and I noticed an increase in security protecting me from the crowds. It helped that they were not insulting me, but the words of blessing and praise would not benefit me either. I thus simply moved through the press of people keeping my mind focused on the work I had to perform.

I saw the change in his body at the end of the procedure, but the agony on the features of Douglas still had me concerned. He had stayed male, so the medical facilities were alerted that the gene on the X chromosome was not that important in the manifestation of the disease. Rudy, Joseph, and I simply waited quietly in the lab for his body to adjust to its new state. Smiles came to our faces to see Douglas walk toward us. He cried in our presence. Joseph sobbed as well being able to fully understand the man’s words. Something as simple as moving about on his own and speaking clearly had been impossible for Douglas, and now he could do both while standing tall and proud. The change in his body was almost more impressive than the most drastic alteration in gender, and we cried as our work was glorified.

The media circus outside was still going on after I had shut down and reset all my machines. While I hoped for the usual calming of national attention at the conclusion of a major story, they had waited for final interviews with me. By the time I finished the interviews, and the media vans were shutting down, I felt there was very little time left for me in the day, but then I heard another voice mentioning a desire for my time.

Joseph asked, “Leanna, care to go out and eat with me?”

“No, Joseph, unless you know of some place we could go and avoid anyone. After this media attention, everyone would be wanting some of my time, and I have considered my face-the-public time to have been used up.”

I saw his eyes dart around, then he said, “That was not a ‘no.’”

“I believe it was, in a way.”

“Wait, wait – what if I take you to my place, then order out?”

I smiled, then said, “No, but be planning something. We have the usual male-to-female gender switching coming up. Should go without a hitch and without any media fanfare. If things go well after that, let me know your plans.”

“Okay, sure. It’s a date. I mean – don’t take the word ‘date’ wrong.”

“No, it’s a date. I am giving you a chance at developing a relationship, and that is clearly the purpose of a date. Don’t let your hopes however spoil your work.”

“I’m getting as committed to this as you are, Leanna. Oh, about that, can I actually get employed?”

I figured the prospect of employment to be more important than an evening with the guy, but had to admit that he had been a benefit the last month. “I believe so. You will need to resign from Clemson, and I will need to talk to my investors. Still, they already know about you, so I do not expect a problem.”

Ted had not called, but I had all sorts of messages from him telling me to call him. I could tell that he had been aware of the media events. I thus put a call to him.

While his voice sounded agitated, what he said was complete praise for the positive publicity that resulted. I felt that I heard concern in his voice, but there was no doubt of his major emotion being pleasure that things had gone well. I listened to him speak for a time, and finally spoke of what I felt his voice was indicating.

“You never considered that use of my science, did you?”

“Uh, no, Leanna. Did you?”

I thought that I had told him certain things, but went ahead and let him know the answer. “Actually, yes, but not at the price we are charging. I figured that if my technology went in that direction it would fall into some government constraints. Rudy was working with me, and he’s homo, and I heard the price those of that community were paying for gender reassignment surgeries, and felt that was where the money was at.”

“Well, that’s true for normal operations, but I believe we are going to have some deep pockets start shoving money in our direction now. Might end up with more patients like Douglas Zephyr.”

I had also gained that opinion, so replied in a positive manner. “Emotionally, it does feel better helping someone like that. Not that the gender transformation people are not usually happy, but there was something special in what happened with Douglas.” I suddenly felt that I had a place where I could change the subject to something that was bothering me. “Oh, Ted, how much have you looked into Dr. Joseph Wilsheim?”

“Actually, quite a bit. How has he been working out?”

“Very well. I want to tell you to that I am going to hire him.”

I believe that he read into my words as he replied, “You want to, but aren’t?”

“He admitted his two children, so that was a plus. He also admitted drug use and marijuana being involved in why he had those children.”

“He’s been in academia, Leanna. Still, if that is a turn off to you then it sucks to be him.”

I had never known Ted to do drugs, so felt that he would indeed support me even as I spoke not to blackball Joseph. “No, no, as his work here has been exceptional. I was just wondering if there was a history there that has been hidden by his connections.”

“I have found nothing indicating such. I was thus hoping that he would meet your requirements.”

“I will let him know tomorrow.”

“Make him a generous offer, Leanna. If he meets your standards, we will want to keep him. Wait – no!” That sudden change did alarm me, but the words from Ted I actually felt should have been said sooner. “Listen, Leanna, go to bed. Watch some television. Get your damn mind off of work for a time. You start back into your process tomorrow, so this is your only half-day off. I will send you dollar amounts and other benefits tomorrow. You take a break. Doing well, girl, and I want it to stay that way.”

“Okay, Ted.”

I guess that I said that a little demurely, as he asked, “You offended at me saying ‘girl?’”

“No. If I would get offended at that, I would have changed back into a man some time ago.” Trying to think through my own thoughts, I allowed, “I guess that I do need to break.”

“Get on one of those dating sites and find a man. Nothing serious, but someone to entertain you for a while.”

“I might enjoy it, but I never even did that as a man. I never cheated on my wife.”

“You would not be cheat –“

I cut him off by injecting, “Joseph has me for a date after the next transformation. He has been working on me, but cautiously while doing good work. I felt he finally deserved his chance. I do like him, although I don’t believe his idea of a good time and mine will match.”

“You are both mature adults. Have fun.”

“I can get pregnant, Ted. I’m not that old.”

“Make sure that he wears protection.”

Good advice, but I knew that, so I returned something I felt also needed to be said. “If he tries alcohol, marijuana, or such with me, he won’t get that far.”

“I agree that you should have your lines, Leanna. Now, relax. Do something other than work. Start planning a vacation. You are approaching a year on the job, and that earns you two weeks.”

I did not want Ted to say more about that, so provided some information. “Rudy and I are planning on a long journey back to Turkey. Not just a set of plane rides, but picking some places along the way and doing some sightseeing.”

“His idea of sightseeing and yours are not the same.”

“We are both looking at the guys.”


I heard the question, and Ted was enough of a friend that I did reply. “Really. Been a girl long enough, and the hormones are there with a masculine figure. I’m not explaining it, but I am noticing it. Anyway, the two of us do have varying ideas about what is enjoyable, but us splitting up will only give us things to talk about when we come back together for our next plane ride.”

“Maybe homosexuality is genetic.”

“I am sure that the nature versus nurture debate will ever rage on. As far as I know however, there is no system wide hormone or protein that can be used as a marker for it, so my process can’t be used to fix it.”

It felt good to hear him chuckle before he said, “We presently have enough customers anyway. All right, Leanna, take a break, then get back to work in the morning. Proud of you.”

I closed the connection finally feeling my mind settling with thoughts of actually relaxing coming from my brain. I did check my messages. There was a rather enjoyable letter from my first patient in Australia. She was accepting herself as a female, even though how she came out was nothing like she expected. I got the impression that her parents were also much more authoritative with her, whether just due to their own beliefs about how to treat young ladies or finally realizing what they needed to do as parents, which helped provide some guidance to her life. I typed a polite reply, reminding the lady that she had accused me of not being a real doctor, although speaking of my pride in having been able to help. Finding a couple more messages of such a nature, I found myself calm and ready to actually relax. I closed my computer while indeed thinking of doing something other than work.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter 8   June 7th 2014, 7:58 am

The Monster in the Bottle
TimeSaga Story Three

Chapter Eight

I spoke with Rudy about our first Australian patient the following day. Even he mentioned hearing some abuse directed at me from the lad as he was prepared for the process. We had Joseph almost crying on the floor of the lab as we then described how he had appeared after the transformation. I noted the pictures had her appear very lovely, even though I knew she left our building probably an inch over my five-nine height and at her age might grow at least an inch more. Wondering about the range of genetic material being replaced, Rudy and I discussed some other odd results from our process.

Joseph did not put up any argument about the job offer. I did have the legal obligation to mention certain things, which did bring up some discussion. When he asked me about his future I spoke of him probably switching locations with me, as right now the plant sight in Turkey was only operating as a medical facility. We could thus alternate in order to keep our visas from expiring while continuing to provide profit to the company. Joseph did speak of not liking being separated from me, but I told him that he would get over it.

He smiled, then asked, “Do you like seafood?”

“I am not particularly fond of seafood, but Rudy has made some seafood dishes that I have enjoyed. I thus can say that I am not allergic to seafood.”

“Well, what would you like?”

I kept my voice stern as I replied, “I would like to learn whether or not I would like you, Joseph. Thus, it is not so much important where you take me, but how much I enjoy your company. I would thus recommend that you take me somewhere that you like, so you will present yourself in a relaxed and positive manner.”

“Okay, so seafood.”

“Seafood it is.”

My voice was still dry and business-like with my expression becoming colder as he said, “Come on, Leanna, give me some clue.”

“My clue will be to give up on you, Joseph. I don’t need a relationship with you outside of work. I am willing to give you this chance with me because I like what you are doing with me in my business. Since my work is my idea of fun, I am willing to find out about your idea of fun. Thus, you are simply going to have to reveal some things about yourself, Joseph, with my ‘clues’ being whether or not I am enjoying things along with you.”

“Okay, Leanna. I assume that you don’t like dancing.”

I actually considered persistence a virtue, so calmly replied, “Not at all. I also have not done anything of the sort since my change in gender, so doubt that I could handle myself appropriately. I would be very uncomfortable on a dance floor.”

“How about a museum?”

“Museums can be educational, and definitely provide topics for conversation. I could well enjoy a museum.”

“Okay, back to work?”

I found myself willing to show a smile after that comment. “Sure, after you finish signing the paperwork.”

We were concerned with the coming transformation, as there were traits of dwarfism in the family. Luckily, such did not result. The lady that left did not have much height, but definitely stood tall enough to be considered in the normal range.

I did dress up in a nice outfit. Just because it was about the only major item of jewelry I had, I wore the necklace. A few of my hairpins to keep my lengthening locks in place I felt helped bring out the precious item around my neck while also hopefully causing any possible thief to think it just another item of costume jewelry enhancing my outfit.

After the usual statements of praise for my appearance, Joseph took me to his vehicle, then started us moving toward the main city. “I hope you would enjoy going to the museum first. Eating places tend to be open later.”

“I usually do not eat until later, Joseph, although such is because I check messages and such when I come home. It tends to be a while after I come home that I finally stop thinking of my work.”

“If I had a job like yours – well, I do now, but I mean having developed it myself and gaining the results you are accomplishing – I guess I would be a workaholic as well. I mean, if I was doing stuff like you are doing, I would probably be able to get one of the ladies that I had children with to come and actually be my wife.”

“I still get hate mail from mine. After word of my transformation came out, she swore that I would never see my children again.” Joseph made an exclamation of disbelief, so I kept talking. “Ted told me that his lawyers could use the message to gain a reduction in my child support payments, but I told him that I was making enough that it was best to just leave the matter alone.”

“God! Some women are just bitches, huh? Too bad that is not a genetic trait we could remove.”

That comment had me laugh before replying, “My change in gender has had me face a number of opinionated comments. Speaking to a number of transgender people, I mean surgically reassigned, they feel that most of the problem is that they are still in their old body. Being completely transformed, such as what my process does, really does not provide certain clues to the casual observer. Physically, there is nothing about me that would have anyone think of me as once being a man.”

“What was your biggest problem after the transformation?”

“Shaving. I looked into a mirror to see that I still had a mustache.”

That had him laugh, and we spoke for a time on the topic. I did not consider it that personal, since I basically provided the information to all the male-to-female patients. Joseph did chance to ask about between my legs, and I let him know that topic would not be appropriate for a first date. He laughed, then began to speak about where he was taking me.

He took me to an art museum. I am not into modern art, but Joseph managed to bring out obscure insights into quantum mechanics while attempting to rationalize some of the things on display. People must have considered it strange to have us two working equations from memory while staring at really questionable uses of color and design. I found myself enjoying the museum, and the conversation easily carried over to the meal afterwards.

Back in front of my apartment, he said, “I am going to let you go without a kiss, Leanna. I enjoyed the evening. Yes, I desire to get into your pants, but I want you to know that it is a strange desire for me. Not getting into a lady, but needing to do this courtship thing with a lady close to my age. On campus I am surrounded by a multitude of lovely ladies, and I can use my authority with their own insecurity in their own femininity to get them to spend time with me. As I said, my two children were a result of some really attractive ladies wanting to use their own charms to get a better grade from me. I am thus not used to having to work to get sex, but from you I find myself not just wanting the sex. I don’t know. I am probably as insecure as you. Still, I need to get back to work with you in the morning, so I am letting you out.”

“Yes. I also had access to a lady, and she did often do everything to have me enjoy my time at home. I kept going back to work however. Still, I did enjoy the time, and if you bring condoms on later dates we can do more. There will however still be work in the morning.”

Before turning to the door, he asked, “Are you curious?”

“Yes, although I will allow it to just be hormones. As far as you are concern, it does not matter, as it will get you inside me. As for me, well, I simply trust that it will be enjoyable.”

“Feeling like a virgin?”

I told a lot to my patients, so I was finding it a little strange at what I needed to tell him. “I am a virgin, Joseph. All of us male-to-female transformations come out of the process with an intact hymen. You would think that certain life experiences would equate to the breaking of the hymen, but so far that has not been the case.”

“You could just cut it.”

“If you have the honor of being my first, you will have the honor of breaking it. It is something men do consider of importance, and I will not rob you of the experience.”

“If I start making a play on you, it will not be to become your first, Leanna, but become your only. Honestly, I believe that I would have had a better life married.”

Feeling as if I was talking to the wall, I said, “Honestly, Joseph, I am already married to my work.”

“It is good work, Leanna. Really, you are doing fantastic things. I believe I could be married to your work as well.”

“Well, that is what you have to make me believe. You have to make me believe that being married to you will last in spite of my, our, work.”


I left it at that. Joseph did not say anything as I opened the door to my apartment. When I turned back, I saw that he was preparing to drive off.

The clock said that I needed to get some sleep. I had bathed before going out with Joseph, so allowed that I probably could plop in my bed. The body of a woman, especially one that had done things for the sake of appearing her best, was not one that could become comfortable without being released from her garments. At least, that was my opinion about why females were so often changing their clothes to fit the occasion. I felt my breasts as the bra and tight clothing kept them from moving. While having them swing and bounce around was bothersome as well, I slept better at night when they had some freedom. While hose and such did not really keep me from sleeping, I had done things to keep my legs free from hair and enjoyed the feel of the bare skin beneath the covers. The lengthening tresses presented a problem, but it was really uncomfortable sleeping with a ball disturbing the movement of my head, so I removed the pins keeping the strands away from my face. I did not want makeup all over my pillows, so washed my face. By the time I finally allowed that I could get some sleep, the clock said that I would not get that much.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Nine   June 12th 2014, 12:05 pm

The Monster in the Bottle
TimeSaga Story Three

Chapter Nine

Joseph really did not present a problem as we worked on the next patient. We spoke of the news of certain agencies putting up the money to have more people with serious hereditary problems come to us. Our prices were very high, but we found ourselves discussing the treatments of certain genetic diseases as we worked on what was considered a basic female-to-male transformation. Realizing that we had a price that was considered reasonable for things other than gender replacement, Joseph and I wondered if our sponsors would have us raise our rates.

The conversation became even more important as I found myself having to face a patient with some concerns. She had undergone a series of surgeries to correct a genetic problem. I thus reached in my desk for another form as I warned her about not knowing how the change in her physical structure would react to the things done to her body.

“But,” she said, “they were to fix problems.”

“I understand. I am not lecturing you for having performed them. I am warning you that real-life experiences do still show after the transformation. Most things, honestly, just help you accept the new body as your own. Others however can be problematic. A number of patients found themselves having to go back to surgeons to uncorrect previous procedures. The additional waiver simply acknowledges that we warned you about that.”

“But, that was a procedure to correct a problem usually related to only females.”

“It was still a procedure done to the body. Honestly, you are not the first. One came still praising his back, another needed some reconstruction. I hope you are the former, but I want you to understand that I will not consider myself or RayWeight at fault if it is the latter.”

“But I’m spending all my money on this, not to mention the lost of wages due to travel and the time you require here.”

As coldly as possible, I replied, “Gender transformation is not considered a necessary treatment. Your finances are your own. You can opt out, and a sizeable chunk of your funds would be returned to you.”

“I’m opting out. Those back surgeries are painful.”

I reached into my desk for another form as I said, “Then sign this, then go see our financial manager.”

She did sign the paper, then stormed out of my office. A guard came to check on me, and I smiled even as I awoke a computer. As the door shut, I found myself facing Ted on my computer who had been alerted.

“We have a cancellation,” I informed him.”

“Not a problem. I will let a certain agency know. I believe the patient is in China, but I also believe they can be there by tomorrow. I don’t like having you interview someone on what is supposed to be your day off, but it might be necessary.”

I found myself agreeing that I did need occasional breaks, but smiled realizing that I could manage a compromise. “Considering that this person is just as devastated as Mr. Zephyr, I probably can talk to whoever represents them as they fly here.”

“I will speak to your secretary about your schedule. Get back to work, and maybe I can have you speak to the replacement patient on your usual evening interview period.”

That was all there was to it. Rudy said that there were people locally who would possibly fill any vacancies in my process. Their only problem, as was true with most of my potential patients, was coming up with the money. All I needed to do was let someone know that I had an opening in my schedule, and for publicity purposes it helped giving the really needy a chance to relieve themselves of their problems.

The patient was on the plane to Australia when I connected with him for an interview. I actually spoke to a nurse along with the parents. The nurse knew a little English, but all simply kept saying ‘yes.’ They did not care what happened, as long as their child ended up healthy. Honestly, such was my wish as well, so I told them that I would speak to them when they finally arrived.

After the transformation the next day, I left RayWeight for the hotel where my next patient was staying. He was basically comatose. I did my best working through the nurse to explain things. It helped that she played one of the media presentations of what I did with Mr. Zephyr, which had been dubbed by a Chinese reporter. I made it clear what molecule we would be assuring would not be present, along with assuring that they understood I could not promise gender. They all agreed, signing the necessary papers, with me feeling certain that they only wanted a healthy child.

Already with the mindset of assuring a removal of a hereditary problem, I found it strange to walk in on a lady during one of my interview times the next day. The form I had indicated a male-to-female transformation. I however had noticed that the name was Charlotte Renee Venatille. I really did not want another patient with previous surgical procedures, so sat at my desk ready to call Ted about another opening.

I said, “I was informed this was to be male-to-female.”

“Yes,” she replied, “I am a male. I however was born without the ability to process testosterone, so my body grew according to the default female norm. I however have married, and I would like to have children. Thus, I am seeking your services.”

“Oh. I think we can do that. In other words, you will need us checking for the lack of testosterone, not the presence of estrogen.”

“Yes, that should put it very succinctly. I am told that I will be able to have children.”

Using words like she did caused me to look down and see that she did have some education, so I felt better able to communicate with her as I said, “We have not been in operation long enough to have reports of children, but I do get messages of pregnancies, both of men getting ladies pregnant and of ladies becoming pregnant.”

“Let me sign the papers. I took a week off of work, and would like to go back and resume my life without any interruptions until I am sending you one of those messages.”

Sounded like the right attitude with me. I however did have certain legal statements to make. Charlotte listened, actually asked a few questions, but signed without any hesitation. Feeling that my business had taken a turn for the better, I returned to helping my Chinese patient with a positive attitude.

Sick patients just pulled something from me that a regular gender replacement did not touch. I thus again simply waited in my lab. Unlike Mr. Zephyr, this one had turned out female, and considering the culture I worried about the results.

As with Mr. Zephyr, the Chinese young lady walked into my lab and hugged me while crying. I could not understand what she was saying. The nurse kept saying that she was very thankful, but it sounded like much more than that. Finally, as if recognizing that I did not fully understand, the young lady put her hands upon her breasts then ran her fingers through her hair.

The nurse said, “Kiora wants you to know that she is hot. She might not have wanted to be a girl, but she likes being a pretty girl.”

I was just glad to have her healthy. The parents seemed to have the same attitude, as they made their satisfaction with my process known as well. Again it was rough working through the limited abilities of the nurse, but I believe that we all left with pride in how things went.

Joseph and Rudy discussed things about hereditary issues as we prepared for the next patient. Having it where we were usually working with those switching genders, to actually work with an apparent female who wanted to actually be a female did have us slightly concerned with the process. Rudy agreed that we could not check for either sexual hormone, as they were both present in Charlotte. We thus spoke of not checking for certain factors, which was something our genetic problems were demanding, even as we set up to be certain our next patient came out completely female.

Charlotte did come out truly female, but not the way she had previously looked either. I believe that she did not leave our building until she managed to get her husband for a conversation. Once she felt that she could indeed return to her life without any interruptions, she thanked us for our services and left.

As I shut down things to take my half day off, Joseph came in and said, “I am asking you out again. I’m cooking.”

“What are you cooking?”

“Fried chicken, rice, gravy, and probably carrots. I might be a Yankee, but I know how to cook this – trust me.”

I smiled at him, then began walking out the building as I said, “Did I tell you that I was dieting?”

“Did I tell you that you look just fine?” He came up to whisper in an ear, “I will try to get into your pants.”

Honestly, I believed that he picked the perfect time, so replied, “You better have protection.”

“Went out and got a few. Take your pick.”

By the end of the day, I was no longer a virgin. I also found myself pleased with Joseph. He would speak about things that I enjoyed. He did have other interests, but nothing that I had any problems with. We talked, ate, talked, had sex, talked some more, then ended our time with me finding out about the effects of another condom. As I put on my clothes to end my time with him, I willingly told him about what I was now looking forward to.

“Next time, I will give you a blow job.”

“What? I mean, really?”

I smiled, as I could not remember my wife doing such a thing for me. She however had been quick to spread her legs for me. I could not fault her for doing things to keep me wanting to spend time with her. What she however did not do was learn why I wanted to do something else, so I felt it improper if I would not try other things for Joseph.

“I figure it is part of the female experience, so might as well learn about it. Rudy speaks of doing it with his men-friends. I like what you did to me, but I might as well get all immersed in my female identity. I mean, next time I might be in my period, but no reason to leave you unrewarded.”

“I thought next time I would have you cook.”

“Me cook?” Not the response I expected at all. “I have done a few soups and stews, but the magic there is done in the pot. I just throw stuff in.”

“I promise to consider it better that what we might order.”

Honestly, that was the way I considered it as well. “Okay. We have a couple of regular male-to-female transformations. We then have –“

Joseph interrupted me by saying, “A female-to-male. Let me do that one – completely, mine. Then we celebrate.”

Just being curious, I asked, “You are going to celebrate changing a woman into a man?”

“I cannot celebrate with the man, and I am considering you my woman.”

Not wanting to be mean, I replied, “You are working on it. Okay, sounds like a plan.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter 10   June 17th 2014, 11:42 am

The Monster in the Bottle
TimeSaga Story Three

Chapter Ten

I cannot say that I enjoyed giving Joseph a blow job. Strangely, I did feel more like a woman after doing it. I was actually worried that I would feel like a homosexual, but the way he acted had me knowing that he felt himself in the power of a woman. There was something to it, in that I had his manhood in my mouth. I could have bit down. It was a lot more dangerous trusting his male appendage to my oral cavity than my vagina. I overcame the choking sensation, then worked to set up a rhythm in the movement of my head. Not an experience that I really desired to repeat, but I felt good having given Joseph a sign of my willingness to make him happy in my presence.

There was a freedom with Joseph that I did not remember in my earlier relationships at all. We started trying things with each other, and I found myself enjoying my time with him whatever we were doing. At work he began to ask questions of my process that I really did not expect anyone to grasp enough to even know how to inquire of what was being done. I found myself able to trust him with more and more of the details of my process, and finally took the dare to spend time away from RayWeight and let him handle a transformation completely by himself.

I did not travel to finally see some of the great country in which I presently lived. My concern was on my business. There was a trust that Joseph could do the work, but I still stayed in the area where I could rush back to RayWeight if needed.

Sitting in my apartment I found myself seeking to come to terms with my present situation. The weight of my transformation finally began to sink upon me. There was a calm in finding myself truly accepting my present gender, but the decisions I faced in my relationship with Joseph began to trouble me. My only option was to sit down in my usual manner and work through my problems seeking to identify my troubles and resolve them.

Ted contacting me for once did not help me. “Leanna, just letting you know that everything went well. Any other considerations that you need to make before we reassign him?”

I looked at my own notes as I replied, “Reassign him? He should be able to stay. It is my visa that should be running out.”

“Australia has granted you permanent status. You are just doing too much good, Leanna. They like having you and RayWeight in their country. You and Rudy can stay. That is my only concern. How much do you really need Rudy?”

Yes, the problem of Rudy was one my greatest concerns. “Most of the time I really don’t. He however provides a relief in that I can trust him to do the right thing. I mean, I trusted him with my own transformation.”

“Well, can you train another?”

“Don’t you get it, Ted? This isn’t a mechanical process. Yes, we have things down where most of the time it is rather cut-and-dry for us, but we have been at this for months. Peoples’ lives are at stake however, so it is mostly a matter of trust. That is what Joseph has done with me, he has gotten me to trust him with peoples’ lives.”

“I feel that you are not getting it, Leanna. This is growing beyond you. Not just because of the number of people willing to pay for our process, now including people that need our process to gain health and not just want to switch genders. It is also because we cannot have something happening to you and everything you have done crashing down. We need you to bow out, Leanna, or at least become a company leader that just oversees the daily process.”

Those words hurt, because I felt something being taken from me that I had devoted my life to obtain. I looked at my notes realizing that Ted presented me with a problem I had not taken into consideration. All I could do was fall back upon an old line of debate.

“Do you hear what you are saying, Ted? You are telling me to allow the genie out of the bottle. That should scare you.”

“I won’t deny that, Leanna. I am simply saying in return that more of your investors are seeing you as a mother hen not wanting her child to leave the nest.”

“My child rips half of a person’s DNA away and replaces it with another half, and this is its first trick. I am scared, and you should be scared, and all our investors should be scared, of what more it can do.”

The image of Ted clearly showed him attempting to lock his eyes upon mine as he said, “Let me turn that around, Leanna. You need to understand that there is a time limit to patents. People right now are attempting to duplicate what you are doing. The fact that Joseph is understanding your process means that someone else out there will also be able to duplicate what you are doing. If not, when the patents are no longer in force they will be able to use secrets that are right now protected by international law. You thus need to set yourself in a position where you can oversee the entirety of how the genie is being handled. I need, the world needs you in a position where you can possibly recontain this genie. I, we, and I mean that in a global manner, need you able to travel and provide advice, instruction, and other types of oversight. This baby of yours is growing up, and we need you growing along with it.”

I did not like what I was hearing, but one of the reasons that I liked Ted was that he could face my issues and respond to them in an intelligent manner. Knowing most of my other investors, I had fixated on Ted because I could relate to him and even after a serious matter of disagreement continue to see him as a friend. I thus looked over my notes and give him an answer that he sought.

“Speak to Rudy. He can probably tell you where he is best needed. In the meantime, I will look over the prospectuses of graduate applicants to find someone that might be able to handle the more basic processes for me.”

“Good girl!” In a calmer voice, he said, “Listen, Leanna, I hope that it helps that I do understand what you are saying, and my wife really understands.”

“In a way that does, and in a way it does not.” Before he could say anything more, I mumbled, “I don’t think you are going to like me anymore.”

“What’s that, Leanna?”

The conversations with Joseph had ranged in a number of directions. With him also understanding my work, we had discussed a number of possibilities. Some had been spoken in jest, although being who I was I seriously considered all theoretical applications of my process. One stray suggestion about what could be achieved began to grow in my mind as a very serious project that could more than prove what I wanted Ted to understand.

I said, “There is only one way to keep a genie in a bottle, you must trick it in a way it has never been tricked before. I know my process, Ted, and I know what I fear.”

“Leanna, you have been very sensible up to now.”

“That is why you need to continue to support me, Ted. I need someone that I can continue to turn to for support and possible guidance. I also need you to accept the weight of this child I have given birth to.”

There was a pause, and while his voice lowered in a very serious manner I found myself smiling as he said, “You are scaring me, Leanna.”

“That’s my point, Ted. You are not scared. Listen, I promise that what I am going to do next will not be world-shaking. It will also not be anything to release this genie from the bottle. It will however be something that should scare you. Ted, I need you, all of my investors, and maybe the world, scared.”


Ted had given my name a commanding tone, but I let him know that I was not a genie in a bottle or a woman subservient to a man. “It’s going to take time to do this, and I promised you that it will not be something out of hand. It however will be something I will want you present to witness. Okay, Ted?”

“Okay, yes, Leanna.”

“Good boy.”

I closed the connection, then began organizing my notes. I then filed them away, and set myself to work on a new sheet of paper. When Joseph arrived to hear me compliment him on his success, he knew me well enough to look to the table. I however warned him before he had a chance to examine my notes.

“Not for your eyes, Joseph, although they probably will be. I will speak to Rudy about this project first.”

“Rudy? Cool, that means you are planning something new.”

I could not help but like the man’s attitude, but I was not ready to share this work with him. “Yes, no, but definitely something I feel that we need to try before anyone else does.”

“Well, good. I’m in. Keep me informed.”

Remembering what and how I spoke to Ted, I put a serious tone in my voice as I said, “Joseph, you should not commit yourself before you completely hear things out.”

“To you? Sorry, Leanna, but I have already committed myself to you. I told you early in our relationship that I considered my life would be better if one of those ladies who gave birth to my children would have married me. I consider my life to be improved should you marry me.”

“They are planning to send you to Turkey, Joseph. I was informed that Australia has granted me and Rudy a permanent visa. They like what we are doing, and want us to stay. Hopefully, Turkey will think of you in the same way.”

He became silent for a period, then said, “Rudy is important. I needed him a few times.”

I looked at my notes while saying, “Yes, and I am going to need him as well. That is why I need to speak with Rudy first. On a number of levels, this will need his approval before I can go ahead with it.”

Josesph stepped up to put himself very close to me. His hands then came to hold my face. I felt that he was treating me as a woman, but accepted my gender and how our relationship had developed. Understanding that he was treating me as his lover, I accepted his close presence as I listened to his words.

“I feel that you will tell me in time, and that I will approve. In fact, I will probably remind you of when we had discussed it among ourselves.”

“That is true,” I replied. “Still, it will force us to reconsider our relationship in the context of our work. It will be a set of hard decisions with both of us having to give faith to the future.”

“That’s a marriage.”

Still having bad memories of my first marriage, I returned, “That’s a commitment. I will need a commitment from you. A marriage between us might not survive, but our commitment to this project will need to.”

“Look at my history, Leanna. I am not someone that fools around. Yes, if a lovely lady seduces me, I can be a willing partner.” He hugged me, then said, “Yes, I will need to commit myself. All this time I found myself wishing for a marriage, and now I am having to face that I might be the one to spoil the piece of paper.”

Hoping to set a positive tone to things, I said, “I have checked, and you have not ever refused child support.”

I felt him kiss the top of my head before he said, “Yes, I guess if we marry the condoms will not be necessary.” He then broke from me only to put his hands on my shoulders and look me in the eyes. “Okay, Leanna, I consider myself proposed to. I will be thinking about things, both in relation to the business and ourselves.”

He now completely broke from me to say, “Oh, I promised the lady coming tomorrow that you would be the one to work on her. I tried to keep a straight face when she asked me about the size of the penis she would get when changed into a man, but I thought it funny when most women would claim that it is not the size that counts.”

It felt good to switch our discussion to work. The conversation with Joseph had gone further than I intended, and I needed time to think about things alone. I thus spoke with him about business for a time, gave him praise for handling the transformation process on his, then ended the evening ready to go back to work in the morning.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Eleven   June 22nd 2014, 2:20 pm

The Monster in the Bottle
TimeSaga Story Three

Chapter Eleven

I locked the door to the lab after sending Joseph away on an assignment. Rudy heard the click, then listened as I began speaking of my plans. After hearing only a short part of my presentation, he went to the computers to assure that the cameras were turned off. Assuring that what we said was completely private, he helped me in his usual fashion while speaking with me about I proposed.

“Leanna, I can build the device for you, but other than that I am not interested. The only reason is that you are not a man. Joseph would love to do things with you. Honestly, I am deciding to go to Turkey simply to stay with Joseph because I would prefer being around a man.”

Just to joke with Rudy, I said, “A man always wants what he cannot have.”

“I can talk about him just like a hetero man can talk about a good looking lady. He was attractive when he came here, but being around you has had him improve his physique. You spend time exercising, which has had him spend time in our gym as well. Trust me, I will do what I can to keep your man in shape just so I can keep having something fine to look at.”

Thinking of my conversation with Ted, I asked, “You’re not scared?”

“Someone will think of this. We need to know. However, we also need to keep this secret. I don’t know how, but that is what needs to happen.”

“Well, it was your group of friends that spread word of your dog.”

I had said such things to Rudy before. We would trade words with each other that would probably be taken wrong with others, but between us they just were terms about how different we were. Neither of us took them seriously, but I found my trust in him strengthened as we proved ourselves able to face certain barbs and still smile. The tone of Rudy’s voice however changed as if I had actually hurt him.

“I promise you, Leanna, that I won’t tell anyone about this. Listen, I am sorry about you having to become a woman. Every man since that became a woman has troubled me. The women into men has not been enough to satisfy me. I also don’t want to be out of the loop. I thus know that I need to prove myself able to keep a secret. Thank you, Leanna, for telling me and giving me this chance to redeem myself. Yes, I will build this device for you, and I promise you that no one will know.”

“Thank you, Rudy, for continuing to stand by me. I do consider you a friend. Even though I am no longer an object of sexual attraction to you, you and your group of friends have always been there for me. Thank you.”

Rudy came to hug me before saying, “I want you to know, I am scared Leanna, but I trust you. I have heard you from the beginning mentioning your fear of your own science. I thus trust you to do everything in your power to keep this genie in the bottle, and I swear that I am glad that you are the one with the bottle. I see this stunt as an attempt to keep this genie and its bottle in your possession, so I am with you.” He then broke from me to say, “Give me some time, as this thing needs to be small. I also will need to check on some things to assure that it will do the job.”

“I have some tests to perform as well. Still, you surely have been contacted by Ted, or soon will be, so will probably gain a better idea about what time restraints we are under.”

“We need to certify Joseph by having him handle things more and more. He’s good, and understands your process, but I would still call him green.” Good words, but I waited for him to say something substantial. “A month. In a week I can let you know some details.”

“Sounds good, Rudy. I will try to have some things assured by then as well.”

Joseph quickly caught certain references, but made statements of his own that he accepted his place as being the last to know certain things. Rudy and I let the man know that he would be told, but that we did not need another chef in the kitchen. Joseph understood the analogy, and kept his focus on his work.

When I did finally decide to tell him, he took the information well. It almost worried me how positive his attitude was. He however then replied in a manner that had me decide that he did have the proper attitude.

“We have to get married, Leanna. There is no way around it. I refuse to travel this path with you as someone separate from you. If you are going to trust me, you are going to have to sign the paper.”

Actually, I understood, but had reservations as well. “You are going to have to submit to pre-nups.”

“I have a past including children, so I will have things that need to be made legal as well.”

No one celebrated our wedding. We had a simple justice-of-the-peace ceremony without any fanfare. Only lawyers were present as our witnesses. Rudy stayed away in order to keep the event from circulating among his community. Ted knew, but I believe that he stayed away also understanding that what was happening was not a marriage, but the beginning of a secret society.

An island was purchased out in the Indian Ocean. Publicly it was announced as a convenient place between Turkey and Australia that could be used as a retreat. Ted however saw my construction designs as a sign that I was really up to something that fully needed his concern.

It did not trouble him that Rudy and I began work on another set of machines. We tried to use the time as a training exercise for others to work with our process in the company, but most of my investors sent me word of understanding what was being done. In fact, I came to believe that my investors had been attempting to come up with some reason for us to make another functioning lab. None complained about having it set up on my island, as I felt they probably considered those who came to my private resort would pay a multiple of my already high fee. When Ted accepted my offer to come out to my island on my long overdue vacation, I believe that he accepted expecting to spend time discussing future business plans with me.

The island was large enough to have been covered with foliage, but only had enough bare area to land a small plane at low tide. I had built a dock, but mostly out of need for a method of bringing in large orders of supplies or construction materials. I did now have a yacht, and used it as my method of travel between the RayWeight building in Australia and my island, but it was often left just floating off shore. I was thus comfortable in my new habitation when Ted’s small plane landed.

Coming to meet me, he said, “It is impressive what you have done with your money, Leanna.”

“Well, better than letting some government have it all.”

“That is true. What animal are you going to transform?”

“Oh, been there, done that. Just to let you know, there are cats on the island and some goats. I transformed one of each to equalize what I felt was wrong in the male/female ratios.”

I had been sunning myself on the dock. I however directed Ted toward my house. It was as elegant as I could have made it, but still showed the thick walls and buttresses to protect from threats both natural and manufactured. With him complimenting me on my appearance, I put an arm tanned by the sun to test its color against his natural skin tone.

Ted whistled and did other things to state his appreciation of my house. I admitted that the security and construction constraints had made it more practical than a home of a wealthy lady. I however indicated the size of the island as providing more than enough room for those needing space. Ted stated his agreement even as he waited for me to direct him further into my home.

Seeing the laboratory, he asked, “You are here without Joseph or Rudy?”

“Yes, as they are overseeing certain promising personnel as they work to keep the money flowing while I take this vacation. Found a grad student that is actually figuring out some of my work, and is writing his dissertation when not working transformations in Australia. I am thus alone.”

“Okay, so what are you going to show me?”

“I’m glad that you are cutting to the chase, Ted, as we hopefully will have plenty to speak about soon enough.”

He looked in the lab and moved to the table. Instead of an animal, he saw a very small device. He looked to me with a confused expression.

“I actually felt that you had figured out a way to work with another animal type than mammal. There have been pleas by some animal rights groups to have you help with endangered species.”

I looked him in the eyes as I said, “I told you that I wanted you scared, Ted.”

“Having you set up your own private laboratory on a private island worries enough people already, Leanna.”

“Good. Now you know that Joseph and I got married.” When he stated that he did, I said, “Well, when two heteros marry, there is usually a good chance for children.”

“I was waiting for word.”

“Yes, well, when I started spending time with Joseph without protection I did have this device set in my womb. It was set to react in the presence of a large body, although when I say large I mean larger than a sperm. It worked.”

I could not tell if he understood where I was going when he replied, “I did not hear about that.”

“Yes. One of the conveniences of having a medical staff as part of my business, and me being well able to pay for silence. Now, let’s go into the operations booth.”

I think he did understand, as I heard very worried tones as he said, “Leanna, I don’t know if I want to see this.”

“Good.” I turned to put my finger in his face as I declared, “You have to understand, Ted. You have to fear.” I then turned back to the operations booth as I said, “I have no idea what could happen. Joseph and I have speculated all sorts of outcomes. Come with me and let us find out.”

He reluctantly followed me while saying, “This worries me, Leanna, but I guess that is what you want.”

“Yes, Ted, it is. Come on.”

I knew my equipment, but did take moments to explain things to Ted. The problem with my science was that only the timeline of a target was affected. While the device did as expected, changing its past would not bring about the result I desired. It could however be used as a reference point to target something that no longer existed in our timeline. The only trick to my process was the check signal to assure that the impulse had been successful. Luckily, there was a major event that happened in the womb that would occur in the absence of a pregnancy, and I had made the device to stay active long enough to also act as a reference for the test signal. With the computer showing the lack of a certain event, I set my equipment to allow the new past of the target be a part of our timeline.

The machines operated, and with the proper signals I ended the procedure. Ted looked to me as now a baby cried on the table in the room. He rushed out while exclaiming about the impossibility of what I had done. I just smiled, as I felt he was now scared of allowing more of my machines into the world.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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The Monster in the Bottle (Timesaga 3: All 11 Chapters)
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