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 Answers and Threats (TimeSage 5: All 5 chapters)

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PostSubject: Answers and Threats (TimeSage 5: All 5 chapters)   July 7th 2014, 11:51 am

Answers and Threats
TimeSaga Story Five

Chapter One

Everybody was acting stupid.  Honestly, considering what happened, I understood.  One thing I had learned about being a lady was that I could not go throwing my weight around.  I lost inches and pounds in becoming a woman, then took off a few more to make my feminine body look even better.  I thus kept myself where I would not be in the way of the men acting as they sought best while considering what I would need to do.

Hearing the voice of Rudy over Ted’s phone however caused me to smile.  “What do you mean you need me?  I mean, I’m coming.  I have a yacht as well.  Still, Leanna is the physicist.  Get her to explain what happened.  Only after I get some solid designs on how to apply a theory do I get to prove myself.”

Ted saw me looking at him, and I guess figured I was laughing at him, or very mad, as he came to me sounding apologetic.  “Sorry, Leanna, but I need you to explain what happened.”

I replied, “Explain?  We have to understand to explain.  I don’t think we have any knowledge to start attempting to explain.”

“So, what do you advise?”

“Do it again.  Just, this time, let’s prepare ourselves for it.”

I kept certain instruments on board my yacht just to assure that others did not treat it as a party vessel.  It was a very nice boat, but I found when people came on board they were looking for the jacuzzi and the drinks available  in the bar.  To set the proper tone, I loaded up a table with detection instruments along with computers showing spreadsheets.  Suddenly people became uncomfortable going below deck.  To further support the you-might-not-belong-here décor, I put up a poster showing Einstein along with another that was actually a blow-up of part of my expansion to an equation that gained me the doctorate in physics.  I smiled as those going down looking for certain pleasures to quickly return with expressions of them deciding that whatever I mixed my drinks with was a little too strong for them.  I only snickered as I saw some avoid me as I lugged out certain devices, because I knew they realized the stuff I had below was not just for appearances.

Ted came to help me move an instrument while asking, “What is all this for, Leanna?”

“For?  I told you what it is for, Ted.”

“I mean results.  What results are you going to try and get?”

“Energy, Ted.  I want to identify the energy, amount, etc.  When Rudy gets here, I need to be able to guide him.  He is damn good, but the reason I have the island and a bigger boat is because it was my ideas that proved successful.  Yes, he took my ideas and perfected my machines, but it was according to my designs.  I thus need to identify what Rudy needs to do for us.”

"Okay, that’s good,” he said while setting down the instrument where I instructed.  “Wait, that thing is seventy feet beneath the water.”

I had the tone of my voice state that I considered his statement obvious, even as I supplied some obvious facts of my own.  “I have made an island my home, Ted, and I work on the island continent known for having the largest coral reef.  I have become qualified to dive.  Usually I am not going deeper than thirty, but I am certified for a hundred.”

“I ain’t letting you go down there, Leanna.”

Hoping to get the man to start talking sense, I asked, “Did we lose anyone?”

“We lost Barry!”

“I mean someone who has not staked a whole portion of their life on believing on aliens.”

He spun on me to ask, “Are you saying that Barry did it to himself?”

“Do you want me to start talking bad about Barry or do you want to help me figure out what happened to Barry?”

He stopped, took a deep breath, then said, “You’re right, as usual, Leanna.  Okay, I am your obedient servant.  What do we need to help you do?”

My instruments were really not designed for the situation at hand.  They were mostly used for testing soil and water samples, light beams reflecting from or passing through substances, or radio emissions.  None of what I said was to be at a distance from the detectors.  The military actually had some basic radiation detectors along with a radio that could detect a wide range of signals.  Between us we cobbled together some basic methods of getting some base readings for the next activation of the panel.

The activation device, we were now calling it a key as that is how Barry referred to it, had fallen out of its slot after only about forty seconds of time.  Cameras did record the event, and we watched Barry swim up toward the column of light with a strong conviction that a regular diver could be restrained from entering the vortex.  The way the key fell gave us the impression that it was on a timer, although we wondered if there was also a duration on how long before the key would work again.

I found myself without any problem in getting a diver to agree to place the key.  They had seen the video with most present at the event.  None of them spoke of being pulled toward the vortex, so easily accepted their own safety with a simple line attached to them.  They also had arrived at the scene understanding that something weird could well result.  While we did thank the diver to place the key, he smiled understanding that he would be placing his name in the annals of history.

With everything in place, we set to again try the key.  It was now dark, but we now had a front forecasted.  Lights were already necessary for the cameras to get the best picture at the depth of the artifact, so operating at night did not disturb us.  We did perform checks of all the equipment, then told the divers to perform their duties.  I kept my focus on the monitors while everyone else got the best view they could as the key was again set in the slot.

Everyone gasped when the event occurred again.  I felt like lecturing to them that repeatability was the territory of science while it was magic that only operated when obscure forces felt the time was right.  I saved my breath however, but put my focus on taking notes concerning what I saw on the instruments as the event took place.

I heard people mention that the diver did indeed show no force directing him upward.  In fact, one cameraman chanced moving up to get a good visual up into the vortex.  When the time was up, I agreed with those mentioning that we had some good data to examine.

We talked as each instrument was shut down or brought from below.  Comments about the data it was designed to gain, and what it registered were traded between us.  I was however hoping one instrument would be ignored, but the way the diver asked about it let me know that I would not be able to downplay its importance.

I tried to keep my voice soft as I answered, “That is one of the quantum level devices I designed for my process.  It checks for certain energies used in my transformation of people.”

“Did it detect anything, Dr. Beyonce?”

“Yes, it did, and I am going to have to study that data pretty thoroughly.”

As I feared, Ted was listening and understood what I said.  “Wait, Leanna, are you saying that what happened was like what you do in sending a signal back in time?”

I looked at the diver, then at Ted. One I probably could talk way over his head, but I felt was smart enough to rephrase his question.  The other I had already discussed certain topics around, and he had read my theories and the reports on the work that resulted from my ideas.  I thus doubted that I could speak in a manner that would be completely indecipherable to him.  I thus chose my words to go ahead and inform the diver along with Ted.

“The forces created by whatever machinery is behind that panel are similar to those I create in my labs, yes.”

Ted replied, “I hope that you have good people at your facilities, as I am going to need you here.”

“I am not here simply relaxing and working on my tan.  I get the measurements from my qualified employees, and send back certain instructions.  If we have another special patient, I will need to take a personal hand.  At the moment they are all the usual gender transformations however.”

I did notice Dr. Floyd Kuliak speaking with an officer of the local military, but was surprised to hear the engine of boats start up with a voice coming over a bullhorn, “Stop, right there!  All data is being seized as the property of the Solomon Federation, a joint intelligence gathering organization of the Iranian and Indian governments.”

I looked at Floyd and said, “No, you’re not.  This vessel is legally mine, and I am still an American citizen.  As this vessel was properly purchased through certain channels, my boat is recognized as the territory of America.  If those soldiers come aboard, I will bog down everything in more red tape than you will need to keep the poor of both your countries warm in the winter.”  I then sternly whispered, “Ted.”

There was a reason that I and a number of others allowed Ted to be our front man.  While his status actually was nothing more than the owner of a major manufacturer of fabric, he had spent time getting to know important people and learning how to deal with international situations.  Due to the actions of my own government, I had allowed myself to become transformed into a female.  Instead of being constrained due to gender and suddenly having no proof of my actual identity, Ted had directed events to assure my credentials and safely get me out of the politics.  Of course, I represented a source of wealth to him, but every person had things that motivated them into making certain decisions.  Considering that again I was in possession of knowledge that could possibly reap wonderful financial benefits, I was not surprised to see him again step up and act on my behalf.

It did help that my boat did actually have certain legal documents.  At the moment a number of governments wanted me in positive ways.  My native government actually sought my good will, as their seizing of my original machines had not revealed anything to them they could use.  I was regularly receiving messages from Dr. Erbenaire of the Zychi Corporation, which had been seized by U.S. forces, to provide advice, and I was playing nice while not relinquishing my own ownership of certain patents.  When I then bought an island in the Phillipines, the U.S. government wanted assurance of me paying certain taxes.  While a number of deals were still being worked out, certain documents of good faith had been officially recorded.

Whatever Floyd thought he would achieve was denied with me feeling that things went back to where they should have been.  I found myself proud of Ted in that he managed to get some agreements without any military or other overt displays of power.  It helped that he had two of the three persons of real influence present.  I, of course, represented my own company.  While I was not president, or even a major stock holder, everyone knew who was responsible for the technology behind RayWeight Technologies.  I had not heard of the Solomon Foundation, but I set it in my mind to learn as the soldiers of both Iran and India deferred to Floyd.  Ted did reveal some connections with the Zychi Corporation, so managed to act as the third major influence in whatever knowledge was being gained.  It could not be denied that the device was within certain national boundaries, but even those who would have preferred to seize certain facts could not reclaim certain information streaming to parties in a variety of locations.

Being told that I was now a consultant of the Solomon Foundation did not trouble me, as it meant I would receive another check.  Being informed that I had to turn over data did not concern me either, as I had come willing to help.  The instruments I provided I made certain came at a price, as did any instruction in how to interpret their data.  While I would not deny anyone, much less the Solomon Foundation, the importance of the discovery, thinking that this revelation somehow was a gold mine I slightly doubted, although I was determined to make money.  It had taken me years to develop my technology at the cost of my family and my manhood.  I looked around me and wondered if those playing up their importance now had the qualities to actually see enough benefit in their discovery to end up being able to justify the amount of the check they would hand me.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.

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PostSubject: Chapter Two   July 12th 2014, 11:32 am

Answers and Threats
TimeSaga Story Five

Chapter Two

Sally did not squeal with glee, but there was a smile on her face as she came to me. The way she sat in my lap told me that she saw her father on the screen. It was the only human thing about her. I did not feel that my daughter had a sickness, but just not a soul. It was the only explanation I could conceive of for her condition. Of course, there was nothing scientific about such a conclusion, so I did not say it to anyone except my husband. Sally was a very healthy and pleasant girl, but she was not normal at all.

I said to Joseph, “I can hypothesize all sorts of possibilities. At present the data can support anything, but we are doing nothing but taking initial readings. What we need to do is establish something that is possible with the discovery, and take our research in that direction.”

Sally sat dutifully on my lap. She did not squirm other than to assure a stable comfortable position. She did not speak, even though the smile and movement of the head stated that she felt a desire to say something. I had no hatred or remorse for what I had created, and feeling a need to allow my child to have some time with her father I gave Sally permission to speak.

“Daddy, will you visit?”

“I guess that I am going to need to, Sally. My visa is about to run out.”

Turkey wanted access to my technology. While Australia recognized the good I was doing, and granted me a permanent visa to keep doing it, Turkey still kept a duration on Joseph’s visa. Of course we did things to the machines to make them non-operational in our absence. The mindset of those in Turkey also prevented, in my opinion, the ability of anyone with the right capabilities from working with our technology to learn it.

I asked, “Are you going to my island, or Australia?”

“Wherever you are, Leanna.” Sally put her hands together hearing that, but did not squeal or widen her smile. “We need to figure this thing out. Once we come up with our own theories, then we can split up after deciding how we will tackle the development process.”

I loved Joseph because of his ability to understand my technology and work with my theories, although it helped that he would also accept my reservations about what I felt was the possible future. “I don’t believe we want to chase this, Joseph. I mean that there is a lot that is going to be discovered here, but we need to jump it.”

“Jump it? Leanna, this leaps over our technology.”

“I don’t believe so. I believe that it is a vastly more experienced use of my discovery, but the laws of science are constant throughout our universe. I believe that my, our, experience with what is possible with my simple discovery can enable us to look at what is happening here in a different light than the others. We need to guide them away from the misuse of the power.”

Joseph turned his eyes upon Sally. While he smiled at her, causing her to lean forward to kiss the monitor, I understood what he did not say. There was nothing wrong with Sally, except that she had no soul. There was a mind, but without any driving personality. She was obedient to a fault. I could not have a better child, and it bothered me tremendously. I thus waited for Joseph to turn his eyes back on me.

I said, “We cannot follow our present path. What we are doing is good, but I cannot see it as advancing in a good direction.”

“I have been trying to come up with something that might be useful, Leanna. Still, yes, we need to talk. When my visa runs out, I will be coming to you and Sally.”

He had been a lot better father than I had been. Even though he also saw the problem with the daughter we caused to happen, he did not force me to raise her alone. Of course, being such an obedient child, it was no trouble living our lives with her. In my previous life I would come home to squeals, being pulled this way and that with pleas for me to be home on future dates. Sally would sit quietly waiting for my return, then just smile when I looked in on her. While she had been conceived to show others how scary my technology would be, Joseph never felt horror in the sight of his daughter, and would do things to be a father to her that I never did for my normal children.

I had ended the call and was about to decide on something to eat when I heard Ted ask for permission to come on board. Sally looked to me and smiled. My previous children, and I believe any child, would have run to see who had arrived even though the voice did a good enough job of identifying the visitor. Sally was not yet two, and not a very large child, so I could carry her, but I simply smiled at her to indicate that she was fine on my lap while I called to Ted.

My daughter had been created to scare Ted, but not in any get-her-out-of-my-sight manner. Due to her pleasant demeanor, she had been treated very well by all who encountered her. Sally thus lifted a hand to touch Ted as he moved to kiss me, and he did not show any problem with the contact.

“Leanna, we might have a problem. Dr. Kuliak gained permission to send the submersible up the vortex.”

“I don’t consider that a problem, Ted. Definitely something I would have done.”

“And the Solomon Foundation is saying that they are not going to share the results.” I barely uttered a sound starting a counter when Ted added, “But that got shot down fast. I can tune in your boat’s satellite to gain the feed.”

“Why? I assume that you are recording it.”

“Well, yes.”

I would not say that shock showed itself on his face, but definitely an expression of not expecting my response. Ted was a curious creature, and one who would watch sports. He thus could live in the moment. While I was now a woman, even as a man I tended to keep what I considered important games in the background while I concentrated on what I really considered to have lasting value. I blamed the loss on my first marriage upon my keeping the same attitude toward my family. I thus explained my response to Ted to keep him thinking in a proper fashion and not relegating my words to simply the presence of estrogen now affecting my mentality.

“This is not a sporting event where events of the moment are dissected for infractions with the concerns of everyone moving on the next game as soon as one is finished. Whatever those of the Solomon Foundation find, which I say will be basically nothing on this first attempt, will be studied with possibly all of us taking the data in different directions.”

“Hold it, Leanna. Why basically nothing?”

I again had to give Ted credit for not bogging down on minor details, but able to move on to gain as much information as possible. “Because they have a forty second window and they will not allow the submersible to move that fast. The vortex is up, so you cannot run through it. Whoever created this technology had vertical lift capabilities, which has to be fast to overcome the pull of gravity. Thus, even if the vortex is a hole to move through, and not just an opening into a hyper-spatial passage, that submersible, or Barry for that matter, could not reach the other side in the amount of time given.”

“Let’s say that I take that to them. How could we take advantage of that information?”

It took me a moment to think before supplying an answer. “Get the military to send through a mortar, or rocket if they have one.”

“RPGs, yes. I believe that we can work to attach something to the submersible.”

“Put a transmitter on the submersible to gain a signal from a camera on the rocket and send it along the umbilical. I would say the rocket could reach a destination while the submersible will not.”

Ted thought for a minute before saying, “Do you mind if I make that recommendation?”

“Would it be better if I made it?”


I took Sally to her room and told her to play quietly. I did let her know that it was time for us to eat, so I would have one of my crew to bring her some food. She thanked me, told me that she would be good, then I left Sally knowing that she would not be a bother while I worked with Ted to do what we felt was necessary.

The others did listen to me. I had respect due to my education and what I had achieved professionally. Ted actually had neither. He was a successful businessman, but not in a field that matched the situation. They thus just saw him as a money guy. They however saw me as a competitor, so listened with the concern that I might manage to advance myself from the situation over and beyond their own comprehension of the data.

A homosexual crewman of my yacht informed me that he would feed Sally while I worked with the military to ready a rocket. They actually used the missiles for firing upon other ships through the air, but had some torpedoes as well that they felt would be better for the situation. I informed the soldiers that when the vortex was created the machinery and surrounding land were not submerged, so we should not treat the phenomena as a water environment. They showed me their rockets, and we were discussing how best to make use of one when word came of the crewman once again speaking of my daughter as a very well-mannered girl.

It was really late by the time that we had everything in position. Again with the location being so deep the need for lights was required, so no one felt a desire to wait for the sun to rise. Divers were told to get some rest while the equipment was prepared, but everyone else was kept busy. Finally, as a number of us drank coffee or did other things to keep us awake, the preparations for the next experiment were set into motion.

The submersible did enter the vortex, and could maneuver, but its slow speed did prove itself unable to see much. The rocket really had no control over its direction, but returned wonderful views of what appeared to be the inside of a column of light. Before the signal terminated with the collapse of the vortex, we however saw a view from space of another planet.

As the divers spoke of the submersible returning to our environment, others were cheering the sight of the strange world. I however stayed quiet noticing other things. Wondering how long I would stay up, I went to check on my daughter. Seeing her sleeping peacefully, I wished her sweet dreams, hoping for her sake that she actually did dream, then I went to study the data. I however did not concern myself with speculations on the world we found, but on the one we claimed as our home.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Three   July 17th 2014, 11:52 am

Answers and Threats
TimeSaga Story Five

Chapter Three

None of the boats had moved when Rudy showed up in his yacht. No more uses of the panel had been done, although I felt there were plenty of plans being made. I had to admit that I was making plans as well, but I doubted any were thinking as I was. I had been in contact with Rudy, so was not surprised when I heard a bullhorn commanding another boat to come to a stop.

No one spoke against the new arrival after he had identified himself. Rudy was a recognized figure in our circle. He was told to anchor near my yacht. I did not see any of my important colleagues out to look at the new arrival, so I knew that they were deep into designing their own plans.

As his boat came close, Rudy asked, “Do you still need me?”

“Very much,” I answered. “I would leave, but I am scared that they might read into it if I do. Still, I haven’t even told Ted what I plan to show you.”

“Is this a Sally, or another time machine?”

“How about a robot?”

Rudy had learned not to argue with me. When I first knew him he was just a highly qualified mechanic. Considering the level of the theoretical schematics that would be proposed, Zychi felt they needed someone of Rudy’s capabilities. When I left, I was glad to have him also quit his old job to join my company. I did not work him as hard, but he had much better pay, and occasionally the challenge of again proving his capabilities. Without arguing with me, he came across to my boat to learn what plans I now had.

Ted came across as well, but after a short argument session with me Rudy had our money man become a watch dog. We discussed things in a manner that I had come to consider normal. After presenting my sketched out schematic, Rudy told me why it could not be built. I then had to go over the circuits and explain how to build each component. Considering that I had machines that received data and send impulses back in time, and no one else could duplicate the feat, I went through each argument with Rudy determined to again accomplish the fantastic.

He finally said , “Leanna, I have already seen three or four new patents from what you have said. Drop back and work this stuff up.”

“Yes, I guess. I got a couple more that if I can get them to work, we can do some fantastic things.”

“You’re one lady that can make those words ring true.”

One reason for Rudy’s respect of me was knowing that I could do the work. I did not call him in as some grunt to do my bidding, but as someone I recognized as being better qualified than me to bring my ideas into a functioning reality. I did take a moment to recognize the scope of what I was planning, then spoke after moving my thoughts back to another scheme in my mind.

“Rudy, we need to plot out what else we should be thinking about.”

“Should be thinking about?”

I made certain that Rudy knew what had happened. I then listed what I felt were the obvious paths of research from the phenomena observed. Ted came back down into my yacht as I went to get Sally while Rudy discussed what we wanted to eat. While my daughter sat among us with her usual smile while turning her head as each of us spoke, I commented about what had happened outside in a coded fashion that I was fairly certain Ted did not fully understand.

As we were cutting up things preparing to cook, one of my crewman announced the presence of visitors. I kissed Sally, told her to be good, then left to go above deck. Rudy came up next to me, told the crewman to assure that no fire had been left on in the kitchen, then took my arm as if he was my husband while saying that he would meet the visitors with me.

I found myself quite surprised to recognize the man that stepped on board my yacht, and broke away from Rudy to meet my guest properly. “Dr. Erbenaire. You are not someone to step out from Zychi.”

“Yes, Dr. Beyonce, but as past colleagues I felt that I could make my case with you. Those of the so-called Solomon Foundation are making plans to remove the technology below.”

“Well, leaving it down below will not make it easily accessible for further research, although it is a rather large object to move.”

“They could destroy something.”

I had to weigh those words before giving a reply. “I would agree that Iran and India are not the best examples of how to treat the past. I thus would have to agree on scrutinizing the quality of the procedures used, although would also have to admit that some would probably desire for whatever is below to be ruined beyond recognition.”


Rudy picked that moment to have us actually greet each other. He then suggested that Dr. Erbenaire join us to eat. I however responded by what I actually desired to happen.

“No, gentlemen, but let us have our little spat out here. I want others to hear this.”

Dr. Erbenaire replied, “I really did not come here to have a spat with you, Dr. Beyonce.”

I whispered, “Yes, but we need to have one.” I then lifted my voice to say, “Dr. Erbenaire, if this had been the skeleton of some dinosaur, or unknown animal of any kind, it would have been the sole possession of the founding group, or the government should the group not have the proper clearances. In this case, I believe the Solomon Foundation has pre-eminence in both categories. It is therefore theirs to gain the first chance at learning about it in order to give the initial formal presentation.”

“This –“ I signaled for Dr. Erbenaire to be louder, and while showing disgust at the command he did raise his voice. “This goes against the importance of this discovery. This is not some relic from the past needing to be cataloged, compared to other similar relics, then checked against sources. This is a matter of science. In a matter of science, all discoveries are announced as they happen with a methodology for others to repeat and verify.”

“I have to give the Solomon Foundation credit, as they have willingly allowed a second performance of the phenomena, even allowed some suggestions by others to be part of that performance. I thus doubt that you can hold them at fault, Dr. Erbenaire.”

He glared at me for saying that, but I saw in his eyes some understanding of what I was having him accomplish. “I am not speaking of what they have done, but what they are about to do.”

“I would agree, Dr. Erbenaire, that what has been discovered is not the same as my own technology. In my case, I hold certain patents to enable me to make use of my own discovery. In this case no patents exist, or have long run out, so no one entity can claim the scientific nature of this discovery for their own.”

From across the water came the voice of Dr. Kuliak. “The Solomon Foundation, as the recognized agent of both Iran and India, promises not to withhold this discovery from the world. However, this is a long ancient artifact found in our waters, thus we can claim its builders as our ancestors. As curators of the items of those that have lived, died, and worked in our land, we thus do claim the right to possess what is below. It however will be made available to all who properly request permission for well intentioned purposes.”

I replied, “And such would be the same should our native government, or any other government, find themselves blessed with such a grand artifact. The Solomon Foundation is a new entity, so without any solid record of being gracious to outside entities, but I have not felt threatened even as the Solomon Foundation has made its presence known and stressed their command over the discovery. I thus have to state my support for those who are showing valid authority over this site.”

“I thank you for your words of support, Dr. Leanna Beyonce.”

Dr. Erbenaire momentarily displayed displeasure, then smiled as he turned and said, “I meant no disrespect, Dr. Floyd Kuliak, to you or your foundation. I however did attempt to gain support in my request to assure that this discovery is not sealed away from any possible benefit to the world at large.”

“I doubt that you can speak for the world, Dr. Frederick Erbenaire, but I accept your statement all the same. Yes, we of the Solomon Foundation will prove ourselves proper curators of this science, and allow the world access, although protecting it all the same.”

I joined Dr. Erbenaire in speaking of the hospitality of both the Solomon Foundation and the two governments it represented. Dr. Erbenaire added words of praise for no problems with his own clearances to gain access to this moment of history with me having to add my own pleasure in finding no barrier presented to Rudy. After all of us said nice things to each other, I then invited Dr. Erbenaire to join me for a meal.

Coming below deck, he said, “I don’t believe what we just did was wise, but I have to agree that it was probably the best we could hope for.”

“True,” I replied. “What I hope we accomplished was setting our fears to rest about what we felt might have happened with the discovery.”

Ted said, “I don’t like the situation either, but I have to agree again with what Leanna did.”

“I have my technology, and I am certain that others are scared of what I might do with it. I know of others who have groups opposing what they do. I guess the Solomon Foundation can join the club.”

Dr. Erbenaire said rather softly, “We have applications for people wanting to research with your technology, Dr. Beyonce. Right now it is however difficult with your claim on certain patents.”

“So, you send the proposals to me, Dr. Erbenaire. You are just a blanket corporation anyway. Have them deal with me while letting them know of what you can supply to get them operational. I mean, I did start under Zychi, so you should not have a problem presenting a credible framework for developing theories.”

“Yes, Dr. Beyonce, but you did not have the issues that most of those working under our blanket had. You understood the need to have a solid theory with testable objectives, and did not come to us until you had a people financing you. Most who come to Zychi are looking to us for funding. When you left, you had Ted as the front man for a number of supporters and with us at Zychi having no claim on the technology.”

Those words sounded wrong to me, so I retorted, “No claim? You still have my original machines.”

“No. The government did bring in a team, but it was evident to them that you rendered them inoperable. They have since been released to your husband.”

That statement did take me by surprise. I however did remember Joseph asking if he could have the machines, but I considered it just a hypothetical question. I did not know that the machines really could be regained. I however did not make a statement on that issue, as I considered it something to privately discuss with my husband.

“Well, Dr. Erbenaire, we have never had a friendly relationship, but never antagonistic either. We can work together.”

“Thank you, Dr. Beyonce – Leanna.” I saw him display relief when I nodded at accepting him calling me by my first name. “That was the hope of my coming here.”

Ted said, “Well, I would say that the world will be served by the two companies, Zychi and RayWeight, working to keep pressure on this Solomon Foundation.”

“Yes, that was my hope as well.”

I said, “Then all should be good,” although seeing from the faces of the men that they did not agree with those words at all.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Four   July 22nd 2014, 12:29 pm

Answers and Threats
TimeSaga Story Five

Chapter Four

As I put Sally to bed, she asked, “Mommy, none of you talked about the music.”


“Yes,” and she hummed a strange series of long, drawn-out notes.

“Thank you for telling me, Sally. Sometimes what your mother does, and those she speaks with do, is so new that we ignore little details. I will be checking on the music, Sally, but you need to go to sleep.”

“Mommy, am I different?”

Mentioning something of interest to her was not unusual for Sally, but her asking a question did take me by surprise. While she could be very quiet, and always obeyed instructions, she really did not show the questioning attitude that was so strong in both Joseph and me. Hoping that my little girl would finally start revealing the presence of having a soul, I gave her what I felt was an honest response.

“No different than any other child.”

“But they don’t act like me.”

I had sought day cares for Sally. Her quiet, obedient nature was praised by those people, but it also did not have her interact well with other children who easily bullied her. I thus had managed to find ways to personally care for Sally as much as possible.

“There is nothing wrong in being different. I am different, and you are my little girl.”

“Will I grow up like you?”

“I hope that you grow up like yourself. That is what I want for you. I want you to grow up being yourself. When you do grow up, you are going to learn things of me, of your father, and what we do. I want you strong enough not just to accept who you are, but strong enough to accept how others think of you.”

Feeling that I had a teachable moment, I sat down on the bed to hug my child before saying more. “There is nothing normal about having a child. Having two loving parents is the professed proper way, but seldom is that the actual case. Many children are the results of two adults getting so drunk that they fail to take things into consideration. Other children are the results of two adults being too poor to have other things to do with their time and no method to prevent a certain result. There is thus nothing really strange about your birth, Sally. Your mother and father however play with very, very powerful forces, and your story is a part of that life. Your father and I were however married at the time of your conception, so you are a proper child. Still, you will learn things, but hopefully no different than a child learning of their drug induced birth, their birth into poverty, the mother being raped, or whatever incident had their parents come together. Don’t you ever be concerned about how you came into our world, but concern yourself with making your own mark in our world. That is what I want you think about.”

“Yes, Mommy.”

I hugged my child again, then told her to go to bed. I promised her that I was planning to go to bed as well, although would first check on the music. Assuring her that we could speak of the music tomorrow, I left my child to a hopefully restful night.

I stepped out on the deck and felt relief seeing Rudy’s yacht right next to mine. I exchanged some words with one of Rudy’s crew, assuredly just a homosexual friend, while thinking about what I should do. Finally, I however felt a need to get another into action.

“Stan, tell Rudy to clean off his butt and get it over here. We have music to find.”


“I have said what I had to say to you, Stan. Now get Rudy over here.”

I was already setting up instruments in the main parlor below deck when Rudy came in. We had worked together enough for him to set himself to doing things without needing to be instructed. As I began mentioning the need to create a certain circuit to incorporate one of my detectors into an instrument, Rudy however had to ask about what we were doing.

“Sally is hearing music,” I answered. “I accept that out here she could be hearing a number of things, but for Sally to mention it is unusual. I am thus trying to determine what she is hearing.”

I did my best to duplicate what I heard my daughter hum. As Rudy asked about whales and other sea life in our area, he fell to work doing the tasks I assigned. As friends that had a solid relationship built on us working together, we chatted while again hoping to achieve what others did not even consider possible.

Rudy jumped, although I reacted as well, when a strange series of notes came over a speaker. I believe both us stared at the source of the sound attempting to rationalize why it was present. Rudy spoke of having no idea, although I again found myself afraid of what I might have discovered.

I said, “Remember I told you that we were going to build a robot? Well, there is the power source. The object operates not from a generator as we know them, but by encapsulating a moment of energy in an ever-present time continuum.”

He looked over our circuit, then said, “I don’t believe the others are looking at this at all. The object did activate, but no one asked about where the energy came from.”

“No. It bothers me that Sally heard it, as she was conceived by this technology. Still, we need to make an answer of this before others discover this genie.”

“They won’t even notice this, Leanna. I mean, even you would not be looking if Sally had not told you.”

What he said was true, so it forced me to consider my own thoughts before replying. “No, as I suspected something like this once clued in. Someone will also question the power source, and I expect others will think along a certain line of thought. What we have done however is to gain the evidence of this existing, and we have the experience in dealing with this technology. Still, this is not something for a yacht out in the middle of the water. I will be going into research mode while pretending to look to the Solomon Federation with envy.” Wanting Rudy to know that I was finished for the time being, I said, “You can go back to doing whatever you do with your boy-toys. Thanks.”

“I have no complaints about working with you, Leanna. I would much rather be in-the-know than wondering from a distance. You keep calling for me, and I will keep being there for you.”

After seeing Rudy back to his boat, I fixed me a drink while thinking over what I had found. All sorts of ideas came to my mind. I had the experience to know the steps in properly advancing concepts into reality, so allowed the alcohol to convince me that I needed sleep. Before going to my own bunk, I however had to see about Sally.

While I found her sleeping, I kissed her before whispering, “I found your music. I hope you never have a reason for getting mad at me about it. I want the same for you that any mother would want for her child. I want you to grow up in a better world.”

She opened her eyes and turned to me before saying, “I am in a better world, Mommy.”

As if speaking to an adult who could comprehend things, I replied, “I cannot believe that. I cannot believe that I am a better mother here. You are my child, and I am your mother. I cannot believe that I am a better person doing what I have done than if I had done things normally.”

“Not me, Mommy, but the world.”

I had to move to sit on the bed while asking, “What?”

“I am not an accident, Mommy. The music tells me that I am here because you wanted to make a point, a statement. You are not a better person, but the world is better. Because of me,” Sally lifted herself up to touch me as she said, “because of you, people believe. The music says that you were not a mommy, and that I died, but because you wanted people to understand, you became a mommy and I was born.”

Wondering how strong of a drink I had prepared myself, I asked, “How does the music tell you that, Sally?”

“I don’t know, Mommy, but I am happy. You do love me. I hear what sounds like myself asking if I am happy. I say that I am, and it cries. It says to love you, Mommy. It says that you made a right decision not for me, but for you.”

Hoping to help my daughter, I said, “That is what I believe as well, Sally. I hope and pray that you grow up believing that.”

“You are a good mommy, Mommy. Don’t worry about me, Mommy.”

“I don’t know what you are hearing, Sally, but don’t allow it to change you. One day we can talk about what you heard. There are things you might learn, and a lot I hope to one day tell you. You however will also need to make decisions yourself, and I hope that you gain enough wisdom to continue to love me. I promise to always love you.”

“I love you too, Mommy.”

She was not even two years old, so I knew better than to treat her as being able to fully understand. To press her about the music, the voices, whatever she was sensing probably would disturb her. Actually, just to have her talking to me I felt to be a good thing. I thus kissed my daughter, again told her that I loved her, and hoped it would be enough for her young mind to feel at ease.

Seeing Sally relax back in her bed, I felt that whatever the reality of what she was hearing it was not disturbing her that much. I left the door open to hear her should something cause her to wake up. While I did plan to get some sleep myself, I felt it was my duty to inform the other parent of what I was experiencing with Sally.

Joseph looked like he was relaxing near the end of his day as he accepted the call. I told him about things in as general of terms as possible, as there was no assurance of the security of our transmission. With my husband also able to handle complex mathematics, we usually traded what we considered important in complex coded formulas. We however also could speak in what we considered the normal safe and secure manner of trading information used by parents everywhere.

I said, “Sally is speaking of hearing something that is related to her condition and our surroundings.”

Joseph replied, “Oh? Is it troubling her?”

“No, well, at least not in a manner that bothers me. She is talking about it, and that is good. She is however not yet two, so I am trying to make sense of what she is saying.”

“Well, I should only be in a Turkey a little longer. I will then be there to help.”

Thinking that good, I found myself wondering about what he planned on doing with his off time, which had me remember what I was told. “I was informed that you gained possession of my original equipment.”

“Only for parts, Leanna. I mean, I have the new machines, and they are better than the old things. Still, I am planning some experiments, and having certain components is a help.”

Honestly, I would have also broken the old machines down for parts, so feeling my husband was doing something good I said, “I am going to build a robot, Joseph. What are you going to do?”

“I don’t think it will be a robot, Leanna, but something better. There is someone else working along my line of thought, but I don’t believe they truly understand the potential of the science. We can trade notes when I arrive.”

“I will probably be back in Australia, Joseph, but stay in touch.”

“If I go anywhere else, it will be America, Leanna. There are some promising protégés I need to check on. I however don’t know if I want them involved in what I am doing. How about you and your robot?”

I did not consider Joseph like the old me at all. My original family almost never heard from me. I however stayed in communication with my husband. It helped immensely that we were both involved in the same business, so each considered our lives to actually be a part of the life of the other. The fact that we were not together did not bother me, as I know I felt a connection simply because I felt Joseph would be doing something that I would do if my obligations shifted. I thus did not consider it to hurt my marriage that my spouse was not in my immediate presence, as I felt him to be more involved in my life than the old me was active in the life of my first family.

“Yes, Joseph. There will be a lot of mundane checks necessary as I design components, so I could use someone. As I said, stay in touch.”

“Will do, Leanna. Tell Sally that I love her.”

Hoping to assure my husband heard my innuendo about things with his daughter, I said, “If she stays talkative, I will probably have her contact you so you can say it to her for yourself.”

“Good, but if my plan works that might not be as hard as you think. Still, research takes time, so we must do what we can until things finally prove themselves as viable. Love you, Leanna, and good luck with your robot.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Five   July 27th 2014, 10:07 am

Answers and Threats
TimeSaga Story Five

Chapter Five

Sally woke up the next morning in a different mood than I had noticed previously. It took me by surprise to hear her speak of desiring her eggs in a certain way. I knew she liked them poached, but I usually did not fix them that way as I would get to work on something and the water would boil out. Sally however spoke of the flavor and the spice I would put on top of it with more substance than her usual constant pleasant demeanor would present. She then mentioned wanting the red ribbon put in her hair and not the yellow one. Having never heard her previously mention any concern over her wardrobe, I found myself wondering what had changed in my daughter.

I had planned to do something already, although with the change in attitude actually wondered how the request would be received. “Sally, if you don’t mind, I would like for you to verify that what I found is the music you hears.”

“Yes, Mommy.”

When I brought her into the parlor, she actually displayed interest in the equipment. Usually I would just set her in a place where there were a few toys, and she would sit quietly. Sally however went to the circuits and talked to me as I spoke of having Rudy’s help to make the jumble of wires and components. Knowing who helped me, Sally asked if she could press the button to make the equipment work.

As the speaker produced the odd sounds, she moved next to me then had her arms hold me. She did not speak of being scared, or act in such a manner. I felt the sound over the speaker was what she was hearing in her head, but before I could ask Sally asked a question of her own.

“Mommy, I am your daughter?”

“Yes, Sally, and I love you.”

“We need to leave, Mommy. The monsters are coming, and the voices say they do not want me hurt. They say things are better for me, and they want me to leave.”

I did not need to be told twice. Sally did not protest when I turned my circuit off. She also did not settle into a place after I kissed her and told her to be good. She stayed with me as I went on deck.

“RUDY!” Seeing a number of men look to me, I spoke with less volume, “We need to leave. I will inform the Solomon Foundation of our departure.”

From across the water came the voice of Floyd. “Leanna, what is the trouble?”

“You have monsters coming. I am getting my daughter away from here.”


Yes, I knew how unscientific I sounded, but I could not think of any way to sound rational except to mention an ancient piece of general knowledge. “I cannot say more than that, but I will point out that every road can be traveled in more than one direction.”

“Are you saying that we are going to be visited by aliens?”

“I don’t know, Floyd. Listen, I would show you every scrap of evidence I have if I had solid evidence of anything. My daughter is hearing voices. That is all I can tell you."

“We have soldiers around us, Leanna. We should be safe.”

I thought it nice that he actually wanted me to stay. The posturing from him and his foundation had basically been presenting an attitude of being competent enough handle the situation on their own. I thus tried to give my advice in a nice way.

“I cannot say exactly what my daughter is hearing. She is not yet two, so it could well be imaginary. Still, she is talking as if they are speaking to her. Hopefully, what arrives will not be unfriendly. I would like a recording of any conversation.”

“Certainly, Leanna. Maybe we can call you back and have your daughter translate for us.”

I used a hand to hold Sally close to me as I replied, “Always willing to help Floyd. You know how to contact me.”

Ted had not joined the conversation, but he called as I prepared for a period of work and my crew got my boat underway. He quickly realized that I would not say anything substantial over the unsecure channel, so changed the conversation as to my destination. Australia was far too distant to claim it, and honestly so was my island. We settled on a harbor along the coast of India, and ended the conversation until able to speak in person.

Once we were underway, I decided to test a basic law of what the Solomon Foundation was dealing with. Sally was very young, but I did my best to speak of certain scientific laws in a simple way as I prepared to test my circuit again. Having the sound again come from the speaker bothered me. I however did find myself having to increase the volume to hear it clearly. Since I had explained things to Sally, I found myself glad to hear that she understood something of my concern.

“We are going away from it, Mommy.”

“Well, yes, although I am not surprised since you have not spoken of hearing the sound before. I however cannot say that it is falling off as fast as I desire. If we are dealing with actual inter-spatial distances however, then our few miles might be slightly insignificant. The distant you can swim is very small in comparison with how far this boat can go, and stars are very, very far away. I will need to build better equipment that will allow me to test certain signal strengths at different distances.”

“Are you worried about the monsters, Mommy?”

I grabbed Sally and held her while saying, “I am worried about us becoming monsters. You exist because I wanted those who work with me to understand how dangerous our technology could be. I love you because you are not a monster, but a nice, sweet girl. You give me hope that what we are doing can indeed be a force for good, but I know that some people are monsters, and I fear them gaining access to the powers we are using.”

“Will I have any brothers or sisters?”

“Honestly, I am not doing anything to prevent it, except that your father and I do stay apart due to our work. I am getting a little old for children, but I am not yet that old. Honestly, though, I believe that your voices were telling me not to.” When she looked at me with a mystified expression, I said, “You said the voices told you that I made a good decision. Well, I don’t know why, but I feel that the process of having another child would return the chance of the problems I avoided to occur.”

Sally accepted my words. As we moved to the harbor where those in the boats moving with me were heading hoping to have a private conversation, word came of those working with the artifact to encounter monsters. They might have been intelligent, but nothing I heard over the various methods of communication spoke of any proper greeting, desire for a meeting, or other advanced method of showing signs of respect. Sally listened with me as sounds came of people watching others being harmed.

I did not hear of physical damage, but the descriptions of what was done to people sounded as if they had been desiccated. That however seemed odd to me, as I knew the situation was occurring deep in a liquid medium. Having a body turned into something resembling salt, then exploding, did not match any known method of killing a person.

None of the divers had any weapons for harming the monsters. Luckily, at the end of forty seconds the strange creatures disappeared. Those at the sight spoke of coming up with possible methods of harming the invaders, and knowing the destructive nature of us humans as my boat powered down upon reaching a safe place to anchor I felt the threat of the monsters would be overcome.

A storm was approaching, but our boats anchored close together trusting in the harbor to keep us safe. Rudy mentioned preparing a proper feast. While Ted and I knew his boy-toys would be present at the meal as well, we accepted that they had been proven to know what not to speak about.

Coming on board Rudy’s yacht, Ted said, “Leanna, I was already scared.”

My hand holding my daughter rubbed her as I said, “I don’t know if we are to be scared of this, or simply need the usual caution. We are heading into unknown territories, so simply unaware of the dangers.”

“People died, Leanna.”

“Explorers always face that risk. Those that follow learn to be wary, and eventually threats are identified along with methods to deal with them.”

Ted did not appear satisfied with my words, and I felt he displayed evidence of not being comfortable in saying, “I know you and Rudy worked on something, so you cannot tell me that you are not exploring in that direction.”

“If you want to hear what we found, with Sally’s help, then you can join me on my boat later.”

Having another source of wisdom of present, Ted changed his focus from me. “What is your opinion, Rudy?”

“We gained a view of another planet. Surely whoever built the device intended to move between civilizations. Thinking there would be nobody there was a little naïve. “

“Yes, I can agree with that. Still, it has been thousands of years.”

I replied, “For us and them. Our world and culture has changed immensely. What has happened to them in that time we will need to find out. It might be bad, or it could be wonderful. I would have to admit that we do need to learn either way.”

“What did the voices tell you?”

“I never heard any voices. Only Sally spoke of hearing voices.”

Ted knelt to put himself at eye level with my daughter. I then saw him glance up to me as if recognizing that there was something in the actions of Sally that he had not noticed before. She kept a hold of me, but looked to Ted as if accepting that he wanted to speak to her.

“What did the voices say about themselves?”

She looked to me as if puzzled by the question, then replied, “They did not talk about themselves. They only asked about me.”

Ted then asked a series of simple questions that only revealed the information I had already heard. I again got the impression that she had heard voices from another time stream, possibly from the alternate future I had caused to happen by my device. It however did trouble me, as it seemed to bother Ted, that those who had spoken to Sally knew of the creatures that attacked and also did not provide information of them being friendly.

He then stood, signaled for us to go below deck where the food would be served, then said, “Listen, both of you, I feel for the future of humanity that I need to hear what you are planning.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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Answers and Threats (TimeSage 5: All 5 chapters)
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