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 Robots and Spaceships (TimeSaga 6: All 5 chapters)

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PostSubject: Robots and Spaceships (TimeSaga 6: All 5 chapters)   August 1st 2014, 10:57 am

Robots and Spaceships
TimeSaga Story Six

Chapter One

I saw Ted as I left the RayWeight building.  It had been a very problematic transformation.  The patient was a product of incest, so had almost no chance of us finding a good set of chromosomes.  Luckily, I had built in certain safeguards, one of which was only complicating my process with one detection device.  That prevented customers from overly stressing my procedure with requirements.  The patient settled on the single attribute for us to detect, and we had him sign off on a waiver admitting that the odds were very favorable toward him ending up female.  He had not liked that fate for himself, but signed accepting that it would be best for his health and that of any offspring.  Indeed the transformation had resulted in a change of gender, but only after Rudy and I had used other safeguards to give ourselves extra chances of finding that good sperm.  I was thus tired, although smiled as I saw someone I considered a friend.

After a polite kiss with me, Ted started escorting me out the building while saying, “You just gave the technology away?”

“Like I said, it is too useful not to.  Rudy and I are going to make too much use of the technology.  I know that Zychi has enough experts to figure it out.  If we tried to keep it to ourselves, the Solomon Foundation would bring us all into court claiming they had the rights to it.  Thus, I let it go.  Cheap energy, available to all.  RayWeight gets the credit, and whoever tries to take it from the public gets to become an enemy.”

“What was that about being scared?”

Rudy took up for me by saying, “We found ourselves more scared of what would happen if this technology was kept secret.  The power companies would start screaming about us not paying them.  The people would scream about being forced to pay.  Everyone would be screaming about not having access.  Plus, I took Leanna’s notes and highly simplified the process.  It works, and pretty much cannot be manipulated from its single purpose without knowledge of the complete science behind it and access to some of our patented technology.  It is thus very safe and unscary.”

“The price of oil dropped incredibly.”

I said, “It was artificially high to squeeze money from governments and people anyway.  It thus needed to drop.  We sent out a warning to sell any oil stocks or futures.”

Ted hugged me, accepted a hug from Rudy, then said, “Well, I didn’t have any money in oil.  I’m a tech guy, and this release of information was good for tech.  Now, what are you two really doing?”

Rudy said, “It is all schematics right now.  We have a few prototypes for some concepts just to prove them, which is what the power generator was.”

“But you released that to the public.”

“Leanna and I bought property and built houses so we could have secured safes for those things we wanted to stay private.”

“Okay, so whose house do I head to?”

I said, “Rudy’s, I hope, as he has the toys.  I only have schematics.”

Rudy replied, “Mine is safe.  My boy-toys here know that I am into super-secret-crazy-shit, so don’t bother me unless I call for them.  Leanna probably has the more developed schematics, but I can prove to you what works.”

Ted wisely said, “It is what she is scheming that could end up concerning me.  Yes, Rudy, I know you can make it work, but I want to see what she is going to tell you to get working.  Thus, we go to Leanna’s.”

“That means I cook.  I will miss nothing while you catch up looking over her drawings and notes.”

“You’re cooking?  I am willing to buy.”

“No, Ted, as this is super-secret-crazy-shit.  Let me cook and handle the phone while you go look and listen to what Leanna has planned next.”

I believe it was the ‘handle the phone’ part that had Ted concede.  His always tended to ring in inopportune moments.  He never could turn the thing off however.  There was a service that he could have handle his calls, but Ted dealt with such important figures that often his phone would ring anyway.

I wanted a home near the harbor where I had my yacht, but that area was too developed.  Depending on my mood, I would go there to live, but I settled for my home to be where I could relax.  Honestly, as the RayWeight building had been erected away from the major business districts, I ended up getting land rather close to my place of work.  Being that work and home were both away from the greater concentration of people, it was not long before we made it into my mansion.

As usual, Sally was on the staircase and greeted me as I came through the door.  She smiled seeing Rudy and Ted, but kept her position on one of the middle risers.  She spoke of both as being her uncles.  While I had told her that neither were actually biologically her relatives, the fact that one was partly responsible for her birth and the other actually present at her birth did give them a special attachment to her.  When Ted moved up the staircase to hug her, she warmly received him.

Sally asked, “Uncle Ted, are you going to talk with Mommy?”

“Yes, Sally, but Rudy said that he will cook.  Thus, we will be back up for the meal, although we will probably talk more.”

“Oh, good.  I like it when Uncle Rudy cooks.”  She moved enough to look around Ted in order to ask, “Can I help you, Uncle Rudy?”

Rudy said, “I could probably use your help, Sally.  Come on down and join me.”

She politely hugged her Uncle Ted one more time then descended the stairs.  I looked at my daughter again thinking that she would be a lovely lady.  She had more of a resemblance to Joseph than me, but I could tell that part of my genes were there as well.  What she did not have was the intense curiosity and drive to find answers that we both possessed, and that bothered us both.  She was a polite, proper, girl, however, and many spoke of their envy for having such a child.

As Ted walked with me into my office, he asked, “No more indication of the extra sense she displayed upon finding the Zonori?”

They had called the artifact we found the Zonori.  It was not an easy reference to understand, but for some reason it became the name.  Most of the logic came down to the person that first suggested it, and institution he represented, being someone the major players respected without any personal or political reservations.  To thus keep another antagonistic side from gaining the distinction of naming the artifact, they both began calling it the Zonori.

“No,” I answered, “but that could surely be due to them not again trying the device.  They are working on the ‘perfect’ observation unit to send through, along with the ‘perfect’ broadcast of having peaceful intentions.  Lord knows when they might achieve something close enough to their desires to actually chance again activating the Zonori.”

“What do you think they will find?”

“What I think is that they don’t want to find anything.  They just want a claim to history, a tourist attraction.  If you want to find stuff, you have to take chances and get off the established trail.  They are not willing to take chances, definitely trying to do things in the established manner, so really have no desire to find anything.”

He moved to a large table covered in notebooks and sketch pads, then pointed at a computer.  “Can I have access?”

I let some anger show in my voice.  “What I have just been telling you, Ted?  What is in that computer is organized notes of what I jotted in those notebooks and scans of these drawings.”

“What is in that computer is verification of just how far along you are in finding something credible in these notebooks and probable schematics of what you and Rudy are going to build.”

I moved to open a sketch book while saying, “If I was not going to tell you about stuff, you would not be down here.”

He looked at the drawing, then turned to me to ask, “A sex bot?”

“Just because it is female, Ted?  If it was male, Rudy would be asking the same thing.”  He apologized, then I explained.  “The long hair is actually receivers.  The lengths are noted to assure a full range of possible wavelengths.  The breasts actually act as gyros and certain sensors of the situation.  Large eyes for various optic receptors to have room to operate.  A female body just makes what is a really dangerous piece of state-of-the-art technology rather pleasant to have around.”

“No one has gotten a real humanoid robot to work.”

“Yes, the stress on the frame is great, but Rudy and I have worked on some joint pieces that should fit our needs if done in certain materials.  What we however have is power to operate those joints.  Where the public is being misdirected is in thinking the power source I released is only large-scale.  There are units that can operate houses, but what no one seems to understand is that those are not low-end low-efficiency units.  The power is due to a wave distortion being bounced through a time distortion.  There is danger in the endless power being created, but the actual process is a wave distortion – something extremely tiny.  We can thus have power generators all through this robot, even in fingers, making everything self-operating with tremendous power capabilities.  There will be no heart, no central system, to knock this lady out.”

He was opening notebooks and flipping pages in sketch pads as I talked, but proved he was listening by asking once I stopped talking, “And you are going to make this happen?”

I chuckled, then said, “There is a whole Hell of a lot of technology to develop here, Ted, with some being in areas I really have no competence.  I also deal in the wrong area of science to know how to get good help.  Joseph however operates in different circles, so I am going to trust him to get me some good young people who want to make a name for themselves chasing what will probably be a lifelong undertaking.  This will be my project, but one that I probably lose control over.  Still, Joseph is talking about having his own project, so I will oversee this one.”

“From what I hear, Joseph is also talking about a robot.”

“Yes, it sounds that way, but I know that he is not worried about frames, movable joints, and the problems that I am having to overcome.  I thus am not really certain what he is up to.”

“You are not talking?”

“Yes, we talk.  I told you that he would be supplying my personnel on developing my robot.  There is just something in his eyes as he speaks about his project.  It makes me fear him, even as I love him and wish him luck.”  I could not help but hide my inner feelings behind a fake smile and a shrug of my shoulders as I said, “I opened up a branch of research that is rather scary, and I have to live with it.  Joseph is a good man to have as a husband, and to see him also driven by his goals I consider a good thing.”

“Well, this actually sounds less scary than going back in time and changing the moment of people’s conception.  I wish you well with Miss R2D2.”

“FER-RON:  Full Emoting Robot – Reactive Offensive Neighbor.”  Seeing Ted just stare at me, I flipped some pages in a notebook he had already opened.  “Best name I could come up with, although you can look at my other ideas.”

“No, but I expected a normal name, like Mary.”

“Honestly, Mary is what Joseph plans on calling his final project.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.

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PostSubject: Chapter Two   August 6th 2014, 12:14 pm

Robots and Spaceships
TimeSaga Story Six

Chapter Two

Jimmy Belgard wanted to run. He had what he felt was really good news, and could not wait to have a certain person hear what he had to say. He however walked while putting his energy wanting him to run on maintaining a proper posture in order to impress the person he was going to see.

He almost did run upon seeing Debra Washington outside talking to some friends. Yes, a few were lads, but those did not bother Jimmy. He knew the power of being an older college man to Debra and her female friends.

The smiles from the young ladies, especially a certain one of them, pleased Jimmy immensely. He only put on a pleasant expression in return. Honestly, he never had done anything more with Debra. The relationship had started with her confronting him over flowers, and it had continued with the young lady taking the initiatives to see him. If she wanted one of the young men she went to school with, she could have had them. Jimmy however again came before her again thinking that she had set her claws into holding him.

Debra moved up to peck a cheek, forcing him to put more effort in maintaining a dignified poise as she said, “I thought you were going away, Jimmy.”

“I am, Debra, even further away than expected. I will be heading out to an island in the Indian Ocean or Australia. I believe Australia until I get a good understanding of my responsibilities. However, I want to tell you to continue to make good grades, and keep your focus on computer programming. I am going to build a robot, and will end up needing someone to handle developing a rather complex AI. You can be that person, Debra.”

More than just Debra asked about parts of everything he said, so Jimmy explained, “I have been working with the doctor that replaced Joseph Worsheim in Clemson. Well, I found myself being presented to Dr. Worsheim. The man liked my grades and my thesis, but said that he would be sending me to his wife, Dr. Leanna Beyonce.”

One of the lads exclaimed, “Dr. Beyonce? Isn’t that the lady that changes men into women?”

Jimmy found himself pleased with the circle of friends that Debra had around her. They did not simply make statements of wonder, but actually had some knowledge of who certain people were besides actors and singers. He thus nodded to the lad and provided an honest answer.

“Yes, with a process that is most amazing. I will get to work with an extrapolation of that technology that is now being developed to provide safe energy for everyone. I am however to develop a humanoid robot to help the human race as we advance into space.”

Debra said, “Well, I have been accepted into Clemson, Jimmy, with a major in Computer Science.”

“I know, and I am telling you to excel, Debra. I hope to see your transcript as one of the most impressive when you apply to a certain job opening.”

He could not help but wonder if a goatee would help his appearance. Seeing the clean faces of the other lads had Jimmy accept that he was correct not to allow hair on his face to grow. He saw their slumped postures accepting that he could present an older, dignified presence without the need for a mustache or goatee.

Debra’s hair had darkened, but still had a nice reddish tint to her brown hair. Jimmy knew that his hair could not darken any more being almost black, but that eventually it would lighten as gray hairs began to be noticed. He really hoped that he would not be so old when Debra again came into his life, and in her response he felt she also worried about that.

“That is going to be years from now, Jimmy.”

“It has always been years from now, Debra. You weren’t even in high school when we first met. It is now years from then, and I still make it a point to let you know my plans. Yes, there is no telling what we will be like years from now, but I am letting you know that I hope to see you being successful years from now. I am also telling you that I hope to be working, so years from now I expect to want to see you very badly.”

A number of drawn-out sounds came from the various youths around her. Jimmy worked to maintain his composure, but could not help but smile wildly as he looked at Debra. She worked at keeping control over her beaming face, then made a statement when the sounds died down.

“I hope that you will have a place where you grow flowers.”

“I feel certain that you will again consider me not having the proper respect for them, but I look forward to your further lessons.”

He smiled at the lads as Debra hugged him then again pecked him on the cheeks. Jimmy did want to do more with her, but saw her brother coming out of the house. Jimmy had met her father a number of times, but Clyde was more of a whispered figure. It was said that he was in the military, but none could actually say which branch or what rank he held. Jimmy had met Clyde, who was actually closer to his age than Debra, but nothing more than a handshake ever passed between them. After again smiling at the lads and lasses, Jimmy turned from them to meet the man approaching.

“Jimmy,” Clyde said once again holding out a hand, “my sister continues to talk about you.”

Jimmy did shake the man’s hand, which had a solid grip, as he replied, “I was telling her to keep her focus on her studies. I have been selected to work with Dr. Leanna Beyonce on a special project, but that in a few years I could use someone well studied in artificial intelligence.”

“Just an apprentice, but already planning to be a master?”

The words did sound like a challenge to Jimmy, but he felt no need to sound like he was bragging even as he spoke of his achievements. “I have maintained my studies, and have done well in other projects. This is a ground floor position, so I am hoping to have some status if I can continue my progress.”

“So, you will no longer be at Clemson?”

Jimmy looked to Debra and smiled before responding to Clyde’s question. “I have done everything but my master’s thesis, and working with Dr. Beyonce should provide the setting and experience to finish it – eventually even gaining my doctorate. It would be my hope that Debra will be able to break from her classes one day to come hear me defend my dissertation.”

As the young lady piped that she would, Clyde said, “I hope I am in town, as I would like to hear it as well.”

Hoping to form some association with the man, Jimmy replied, “It will surely be recorded and placed in the college archives, so you can take the time to see it wherever you are.”

“Of course. You said Dr. Beyonce, so you are going to Australia?”

“I was told that I needed time with her to understand what I would be doing and adjust to her methods. Eventually, after proving myself, I should be active in her private estate.”

“Well, then, we might see each other. It seems that I am being assigned to that part of the world as well. If the relationship between you and Debra continues, it might help for us to learn about each other.”

The young lady piped up her hope for that to happen, then hugged Jimmy, and while holding her he spoke to her brother. “I really do not understand our relationship. It really has been little more than lectures about flowers.”

She punched him in the ribs, but that did not prevent Jimmy from smiling as Clyde replied, “She lectures me as well, but usually not in a manner that has me wanting to continue speaking to her. She is my sister however, so I have no choice but to come back. As for you, well, maybe it is masochistic tendencies.”

Some of the youths had blank faces at the use of the last words. Debra called out her brother’s name in a rather strident tone of voice, which Jimmy could only hope meant that she did understand. He did think of her as rather smart. He however chose words not to make her and her friends feel out of place.

“I don’t see our relationship as harmful at all. Nothing wrong with learning about flowers.”

After the pleasure of having Debra again peck him on the cheek, it further helped his ego to hear Clyde say, “Definitely not. Well, take moments to look around Australia. Don’t be a dull boy.”

One of the lads chimed in, “And don’t be changed into a girl.”

After some laughter, Jimmy said, “Well, it is some rather scary technology. The process of creating free energy for everyone is a rather odd application of theoretical physics. I have no –“

Clyde interrupted, “It’s not free.”

“Oh, no, not to the end user, but it will still be a lot cheaper and safer than burning fossil fuels or a nuclear reactor.” Jimmy did pause to give Clyde a chance to reply, but hearing silence decided to get back on his original train of thought. “I have no idea exactly what type of technology I will be working with in developing this robot.”


“That is what I was told. I will be working on a robot. My thesis is on spatial manipulations of time, involving storing perishables in a frozen period of time where they will not spoil until when needed. With Dr. Joseph Worsheim having once been in charge of the Physics Dept. at Clemson, I was hoping to get his attention, and I did.”

“Well, I have to compliment you there. I wish you luck.”

Debra chimed, “I wish you luck as well, Jimmy.”

Jimmy decided that he had another teachable moment. “No luck, Debra, but hard work. That is what I told you to do as well. Work hard.”

Clyde said, “I am glad to know that I am not the only one telling you that.”

She chirped, “I will work hard. I promise.”

Jimmy felt a need to clarify, “And study AI, as that is what I plan on needing. We want this robot to have some reasoning capabilities along with capabilities for operating around people. I mean, no reason to make it look like a person if it is not going to deal with people.”

“I will, Jimmy, I promise.”

Clyde held out a hand while saying, “Well, it is nice to meet you again, Jimmy. Seriously, I am supposed to be somewhere in that part of the world. If I get in your area, I will look you up.”

“It will be good to meet a familiar face,” Jimmy said while doing his best to return a strong grip.

Debra asked, “Are you going, Jimmy?”

“I have to start packing, Debra, and you are not yet eighteen. Once you get eighteen, I can take chances with you. Right now, we both need to keep our focus, as we both hope to make something of ourselves.”

“So, you are not going to take me to the prom?”

Jimmy accepted that he should have expected that question. He looked at Debra and wondered if she could truly put out the concentrated effort to succeed as he had. She was so lovely, and obviously took the time to do things to enhance her appearance. Jimmy sometimes considered not shaving just to save the time for his work. He however felt that their relationship that started with her lecturing him should now be tested with him providing instruction to her. He thus put a very commanding tone to his voice as he gave his answer to her question.

“I would ever so much like to, Debra, but I will be in Australia. Since that is on the other side of the world, I will probably be working while you are dancing.”

“I won’t go without you, Jimmy.”

“Then, my dear, darling Debra, while your friends are dancing you be studying computer logic and how to have that represent how people think. If you truly want to go with me, that is what you need to do.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter 3   August 11th 2014, 12:08 pm

Robots and Spaceships
TimeSaga Story Six

Chapter Three

I was at work assuring the settings on my equipment for the next transformation. This was a usual female-to-male gender switch, but the next one would be another genetic disease. It would be an odd one, in that there was no chemical marker for it. The conditions were however so rare that the person had simply requested a simple male-to-female transformation, as it provided assurance that a different sperm would be the one that fertilized the egg. Those at RayWeight now considered gender switching to be mundane, but had agreed to call me in just to assure that no complications could be blamed on those with lesser credentials. I went through the work glad to be back in a place where I felt comfortable.

Adjusting a certain sensor, I could still make out certain marks on the instruments. One professional had thought that he could standardize the procedure. Luckily, those at RayWeight had continued to keep up certain checks, so caught a problem before a patient became involved. I had been called in that time to assure the disagreement, and felt the situation forced me to reveal one of the darker sides of my personality. I forced the man to work through the math he had been hoping to avoid. When he understood his error, I fired him then made the other workers clean and inspect the instruments while they were supervised by me who lectured them about the dangers of their actions.

Hearing an alarm and the seals on the door to my lab activate caught me by surprise. Worried, I did look about wondering if the machines were doing something they were not supposed to. Not seeing anything operating, I had to wonder what had triggered the security system. Hearing a strident voice informing me to access a computer terminal I felt to be overly dramatic, but also had to accept that I did not know the situation outside my lab. Understanding that the security system would not presently allow me out, I moved to the company workstation.

As soon as I logged in, a connection activated that had me looking at Dr. Floyd Kuliak. “Oh, Dr. Beyonce, I am grateful that you would respond so quickly.”

I wondered if he heard the sirens and saw the red lights around me, but hoping to get to the reason for the extreme actions I dropped protocols. “Floyd, what is the problem?”

“We are under attack, Leanna, by some really strange creatures.”

“You used the Zonon?”

“India has a space program, and we were working with them. We had lots of questions, so, yes, we activated the Zonon in order to send in a missile with a lot of detection equipment. All detection equipment, Leanna. No weapons. I checked. I promise. No weapons.”

I considered any promises to be suspect considering the countries involved. Still, I did respect Dr. Kuliak. I thus considered how to gain some understanding of the situation.

“I assume that you are using weapons now.”

“Yes, but they are useless. Well, not completely, but, well – that is why I contacted you.”

Feeling that some sense of protocol would help move the situation along, I rephrased what I was about to say. “I am honored. What information can you provide?”

A video feed now came on her monitor with the voice of Dr. Kuliak speaking over the sound of automatic weapons and screams. “This is live feed, Leanna. This is what is happening now.”

The creatures were not all the same in appearance. Some had a basic humanoid shape, although large and bulky more like some alien ogre. Others were best described as very large insects. Some however moved through the air with the ease that others moved on the ground. Weapons did not seem to harm them. People grabbed by them were frozen, but not as in covered in ice – more like changed to salt in the position they were in when grabbed. I watched the creatures, including one that did suddenly stop and dissolve as if the multitude of bullets passing through it had actually killed it, then asked a question.

“Sound, Floyd. Have you used sound?”


“All I am doing is watching the video feed, Floyd, but it looks like the monsters are being affected by pressure waves. Sound.”

He suddenly yelled to others. I could only assume that he was ordering people to do as suggested, since he spoke in Arabic. I could only watch the monitor hoping to see some indication of success. Dr. Kuliak however suddenly switched the monitor view as he tried to give support to what I had advised.

“That might be why our holy men are not affected. The sound of their prayers drives the monsters away.”

I did not want to speak against any theory, but did ask a basic question, “You have holy men on your work site?”

“It is thought that any artifact from our past is holy, as only by an act of God, praise to Allah, could it have survived.”

While I did not want to speak against anyone’s religion, I did say, “Then let us hope that this event is considered a moment of instruction and not the prophesied doom to our world.”

“Oh, yes, Leanna. Let us definitely hope.”

Another camera view now came to my monitor. In it one soldier performed a most simple experiment. He approached a monster with a bullhorn, then had it amplify the sound of a pistol. The creature did react. Others continued to fire in the normal manner even as the soldier moved up while continuing to only use his pistol to provide the noise for the bullhorn. The monitor clearly showed the monster reacting to the sound, then dispersing, although due to the other weaponry it was not a conclusive proof of my idea.

I watched a few more scenes of a similar nature. One jeep was set with a stereo system on its hood, then advanced blaring rock & roll music at some creatures. They reacted with one dropping a person. Before I could speak, I heard Floyd yell for the man once held by the creature to be sent to a medical facility for a full set of tests. As I made a request to receive a copy of his results, I watched a couple more of the alien creatures disperse. As the monitor showed a view of another scene of someone trying to use an air horn, I heard Floyd let me know of other developments.

“Leanna, the military has called in an EMF bomb.”

“Sound does seem to be working, but I agree that other solutions need to be tried.”

“Such was my thoughts as well, Leanna, which was why I authorized it.” As if he worried about my finding fault with his confession, he added, “Not that the military would have actually cared if I had not.”

“The problem we have is that these creatures do not appear to be of the same substance as us. Whether they are energy creatures, creatures of dark matter, or something else entirely is what we need to affirm. Sound does appear to affect them, so there is some medium to their composition that can be affected.”

That line of thought finally got Floyd talking. I knew of him as being a good rational scientist, but had grown up surrounded by a society with strict laws concerning behavior. While he had come to accept certain scientific theories, he guarded certain conclusions to keep himself from being chastised by those more accepting of certain beliefs that could not entertain certain modern philosophies. My comments of a realistic nature managed to pull Floyd out of his shell, and he began to talk about the evidence along with what possible theories could be supported.

It took me by surprise to have him go from his own line of thought to ask a question from my area of expertise. “Leanna, could these beings exist in a time dimension?”

“A time dimension?” Well, he did ask and I was called upon as a consultant, so I tried to supply an answer. “That would have them as fourth dimensional, or hyper dimensional, and they appear solid enough. I don’t mean solid as you, me, or the buildings, but as constant in shape. If they were hyper dimensional, they should change in appearance due to their true form moving and altering how we are able to perceive them.”

“Well, I ask, because I know that you found something when we opened the Zonon the second time, and you deal with time. Your energy generator that you made public makes use of a time distortion process that appears similar to what you found from the Zonon.”

I really did not want anyone to make such a connection, so quickly redirected the conversation. “What I believe, Floyd, is that the Zonon opens a real-time portal through our universe. While a journey to whatever world we have seen would take a multitude of years, if not decades or centuries, we are going there as they exist right now. Yes, my detectors reacted, but I believe they detected a warp in our space-time reality and not a higher plane of existence.”

“Oh, oh!” I held my smile as the features of Floyd showed him as realizing something. “I believe that as well, but I did not see your instruments reacting as proof of my belief. We were hypothesizing some really terrible things about what you might have found.”

“I am dealing with some really dangerous theories, Floyd. I have matter appearing and disappearing. It is proposed, although I work never to prove, that we could have people simply no longer exist. You do not need the evidence to hypothesize terrible things about me. However, let me assure you that I want to be remembered for doing good, so I work to only have my theories be developed along avenues that will bring about good results.” Watching another person change into a crystal powder, I added, “This is not of my doing.”

“Of course, Leanna. I however did call you in the hope that you could supply answers.”

“I have not ever seen, or had evidence of existing, a creature of this type, Floyd.”

I wanted to add some complaints about him calling with the idea I had been failing to report such entities. It hurt me that others felt I was playing with dangerous forces and not warning others of the peril I was courting. Considering that I put so much time and effort in stressing to my own people the horrible results of improper application of my processes, the only conclusion I could make of what Floyd was implying was that I was a hypocrite of the worst kind. He however was really a nice person, so I stayed quiet accepting his comment as a product of his environment and not of his core beliefs.

Before the EMF weapon could be dropped, the monsters suddenly disappeared. Floyd verified that the portal had closed. I then let him know my belief about what needed to be done to prevent the monsters from again being a threat.

“We need to understand how the Zonon works, Floyd.”

“It is seventy feet beneath the water, Leanna. Many agencies, not to mention the problems with the terrain, prevent us from moving it.” Softly, he added, “We felt it being where it is to provide protection.”

“Listen, my private research is not going in that direction. I thus am not competing with you, Floyd. If you need to contact me again, there is nothing to fear from me. However, this is dangerous, and working only from theories will not help. You have a source of information, and I suggest that you take advantage of it to prove things before advancing further.”

“Of course, Leanna.” He turned to look behind him, then looked back at me. “Listen, Leanna, I am grateful for your help. I have other concerns now. Thank you.”

The connection closed. I however found myself with a concern of my own. I thus opened another connection.

The voice of the governess in charge of my home answered, “I am so glad that you called, Dr. Beyonce. Sally has been trying to contact you.”

“Yes, that is why I called. Put her on.”

No sooner did the monitor show a change in the image to the usual background for those contacting my home than I saw Sally looking at me. “Mommy, it was horrible!”

“They activated the Zonon, Sally. Still, we are thousands of miles away. It should not have affected you.”

“They know we are here, Mommy, and they are coming. It was not strong – weak, but strong as if powered by many voices. They are coming, Mommy.”

While it actually pleased me to see a strong sign of emotion from my daughter, I worked at calming her anxiety. “Well, I am working on a solution, Sally. I saw one idea put to the test, and it did work to some extent. When they get here, we thus should be ready for them.”

“That is good, because they are not good, Mommy.”

“Yes, Sally, that was my impression as well.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Four   August 16th 2014, 11:55 am

Robots and Spaceships
TimeSaga Story Six

Chapter Four

Jimmy listened to the news as he tried to relax during the long flight to Australia. Actually, he was glad for the distraction. He had brought books and a computer with programs to pass the time, but the airplane was just too new of a setting to allow him to lose focus in some work or entertainment. The news however had him think of some of the hints the proposed robot would be designed to accommodate.

The practical mentality necessary to follow the news shifted to the reality of his situation and what he hoped to accomplish. Looking at his research he found a desire to check certain parts, then with the confines of his airline seat having him feel that he was back at school he found himself getting lost in his work. Things about the theories of Dr. Beyonce suddenly had relevance besides the limited focus of Jimmy’s own concept he hoped would gain him a doctorate. Actual attempts at designing real technology and not just hypothetical applications had him push what serious lab work he had performed. As he worked, the long flight seemed more like a blessing than a wasted period of his life.

One of the coils he drew in his in his efforts to quickly sketch out a schematic looked like a flower, and Jimmy had to pause while thinking of Debra. She was a number of years younger than he, but something in their relationship had held. He doubted that he was responsible, although had to admit that he had done nothing to spoil the light thread connecting them. He had not become involved in a relationship with another lady. Jimmy did not consider himself actually involving himself with Debra, but just as with his moving to Australia he had always gone to her with news of changes in his life. She was smart, and his telling her to focus on computer AI could be considered to be supplying inside information. He thus thought about her wondering if she would indeed become a fellow colleague or something more.

It surprised him when the captain’s voice came over the speaker about descending. Jimmy put up his material actually feeling glad that he would have something to discuss with Dr. Beyonce other than his transcript and limited experience. No problems occurred as he went through customs. He however was surprised by the face that looked to him.

“Dr. Ryans? I am very glad to meet you, Sir.”

The man was not dressed in any formal attire. A couple other men were with him that were more formally dressed, although there was a relaxed style to their appearance as well. All laughed with Dr. Ryans smiling widely as he spoke.

“Dr. Ryans? No one calls me Dr. Ryans, unless they really do not know me. You, my friend, I hope to come to know, so you might as well start calling me Rudy.”

One of the other men said, “Dr. Rudy if you must, but he is too cute to use his last name.”

Jimmy had heard that Dr. Rudy was homosexual, so accepted the other men even as the young man focused on the one he was to work with. He did not want to be considered as homosexual, so did his best to ignore the other two. They were introduced with neither mentioned as having any working association with Dr. Rudy, so Jimmy felt free to keep his focus on the one who would have some control over his life.

“Dr. Rudy, I believe that I have a method of getting these other life forms to have a physical presence.”

“We can definitely look at what you got, Jimmy, but I believe better and brighter, meaning more accredited and distinguished, minds are beating you to the punch. Still, if we can have our own application it will help secure the patent on whatever development we produce.”

As Jimmy thought about what more he could say, Dr. Rudy said some more. “Listen, you and me will have plenty to talk about, but you do not talk to me first. You take any ideas or such first to Leanna – you can call her Dr. Beyonce. I am only here to get you situated here in Australia. I’m more fun than she is.”

Not only was there a time change, but Jimmy had not really slept on the long flight south. He did appreciate getting something to eat. The conversations with the companions of Dr. Rudy were enjoyable, not what Jimmy considered homosexual topics at all. He still found himself losing energy quickly. He thus appreciated it when he was dropped off at an apartment and given a key while told to get some sleep.

Looking through the door, Jimmy had to admit, “It looks nice.”

Dr. Rudy said, “It’s corporate, so really rather bland. You should get bored with it, except that you probably won’t spend that much time here. If you find yourself however thinking about getting your own apartment, you probably are not doing that well here.”

“Yes, as I believe that I am to move to Dr. Beyonce’s island retreat.”

“Yes, that is where the real work is. You got to earn your way there though. There will be a Leslie Tuttle to pick you up tomorrow morning. Be ready by seven. She will take you to work. From there, we will see.”

He had been fed, although was glad to see that the apartment had been stocked with some non-perishable food items with a note to help himself. Jimmy got the impression that the apartment was used, but not with any regularity. Glad to have a place to stay, he quickly settled in the bed.

Leslie was a rather mature lady who worked in the medical clinic. She really did not know what RayWeight did, except that they did change men into women and women into men. She could discuss chromosome abnormalities, although not in any technical manner. Her focus was on physiology and not on replacing genetic material. Jimmy however did enjoy learning what he could about the place where he would be working.

No sooner did he step through the front door than he heard a lady’s voice command, “Okay, Jimmy, come on.” He was amazed to momentarily see the face of Dr. Beyonce before she turned to head through a door back into the building. “Take that packet Sgt. Channels is handing to you.” A manila envelope was slammed into his chest by a smiling security guard. “We have business to do, and convenience and history have proven it best to do early. To answer the question that you are about to ask, I want you to watch. That means that you simply follow me and be quiet. I have the rest of the day off, but I enjoy my work, so look forward to discussing things with you. However, right now you need to clear your head of certain assumptions and rumors, as I do not like discussing them. So pay attention.”

Jimmy looked around, then chanced asking a question. “I am the only one chosen?”

“Yes, which means I will send you home quick. This work is too serious to force me to have to consider a number of assistants. What I have planned for you to do is too serious to allow too many impressionable minds to have access to it. Thus, you’re it, or not.”

“I’m it.”

“That’s the attitude, now shut up.”

It was a strange initial meeting, but Jimmy did allow that the work Dr. Beyonce did was serious. He however found himself having to hide a smile as he found himself understanding that her mood was not just a standard initiation for those working with her. The patient was rather a rather fat lady with the belief that changing into a man would enable her to lose the weight better, if not just carry it better. Dr. Beyonce repeated, and repeated, with Jimmy having to look into the manila envelope to hide a smile as she repeated again, that the transformation process would not do anything about the patient’s weight problem.

The aid that came in told Jimmy to simply follow the doctor, as he could move the gurney and knew where to take it. Jimmy watched as the patient was told to be calm as her bed was placed in a certain position, then she was basically rendered naked while strapped down. Dr. Beyonce stayed focused on the patient, although did turn her head to nod to Jimmy when the voice of Dr. Rudy told him to come into an operations booth.

He listened as the man explained what was around him. “That instrument helps us lock in on the actual egg before it was fertilized. While it occurred somewhere far away, considering that she was not born here and the earth has moved millions of miles since then, it still occurred to her. Thus, having her here gives us a focus as in going back into time with her also has us move in accordance with her.”

Just to state some words of understanding, Jimmy replied, “That would be debatable, except that your method works.”

“Right. That instrument is the check, which in this case is testing for testosterone. We check back in time in order to assure that we do not determine our present. If that does not match, we keep playing with the other instrument.”

The monitors for the instruments were not showing a graphic, but a number of text panels. Jimmy could read that it indeed was testosterone that was being checked for. He saw other information that appeared to be position and time relative to the main monitor. He tried to make more sense out of the text as he spoke something he had heard in researching RayWeight.

“I was told that the actual process was simple.”

“No, as even at this stage Leanna and I have had complications. Most of the work however is done out there. It took us two days to get to this step. Hopefully, it is simple, but everyone is different.” Before Jimmy could say anything more, Dr. Rudy added, “Everyone comes to us hoping to make their lives better. We do not promise that, but that is their desire. This lady is really pressing her luck, but what we promised we can fulfill.”

He turned with Dr. Rudy to see Dr. Beyonce enter the room, then ask as she shut the doors, “Any problems, Rudy?”

“No, Leanna. I gave Jimmy the lecture while you checked things out there.”

She turned to the young man to say, “We check everything. If you see us looking over your shoulders, you should accept it as normal. The lives of people are on the line, and we take that seriously.”

“That should be true even for the robot I am building.”

Dr. Rudy beamed with pleasure as he said, “Whoa, good answer.”

Dr. Beyonce did not smile, but her words came softly. “Yes, Jimmy, that will even be true for the robot. I am sorry for the level of stress, but things must not put others in danger. There is enough danger in the world without us creating any.”

Jimmy could not help but agree. He watched as he saw the two renown developers perform their work. They did not just push a couple of buttons or have a computer run through a macro. Special lasers were activated with Dr. Beyonce and Dr. Rudy watching the monitors and making comments according to the change in numbers on certain instruments. Finally, Jimmy saw certain windows turn a nice soft blue, but again the two checked certain readings before agreeing that everything was good.

In the room was indeed a very overweight man. It seemed that the gurney rested on a scale, as the two doctors discussed the weight difference. Jimmy tried to ignore the agonizing groans from the man as the two experienced people assured themselves of having accurate records.

They did check out the man with Dr. Beyonce saying that she did explain that there would be some pain. After some simple cursory inspections, they tossed a sheet over the naked man before calling in the medical team. After he left, Dr. Beyonce turned to the young man and asked the question he had been hoping for.

“Okay, Jimmy, what would you like for me to explain?”

“A lot, actually.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Five   August 21st 2014, 12:42 pm

Robots and Spaceships
TimeSaga Story Six

Chapter Five

Finally reaching my house, I entered to see Sally sitting on the risers of the staircase. That was not unusual, but only in the context of something being wrong. I thus quickly shut the door and moved to my daughter worried about what I would hear.

“Can the aliens be good, Mommy?”

That question actually brought me relief. It was not about her treatment by anyone working in the house. It was a rather large mansion, so I did have a staff. Hiring and firing people really was not something I desired to spend my time doing. Worrying about my daughter while away from home was also something I did not want as a part of my life. Not hearing anything on those topics, I allowed my stress to drain away while stepping back to assure that the door was locked. Realizing that I had not yet said anything in response to Sally’s question, I began my answer while walking back to her.

“If they are really creatures, beings, and not just some antagonist constructs, then of course they can be good. There are good and bad people, good and bad animals, almost everything I can think of with a mind of its own has good and bad traits that can be demonstrated.”

“I was watching TV –“

I could not help but interject, “You were watching TV?”

“The governess had it on, and I paid attention.”

“You usually don’t, Sally.”

“Is it good that I watch TV?”

Not the question I expected, but I did have an answer. “No, but it is good that you paid attention to something other than what you were doing, Sally. To be an interesting person, you have to be interested in things. You are considered a very sweet, good girl, Sally, but not an interesting person. The TV can help you start to becoming an interesting person.”

“The monsters that attacked, the news people were trying to claim that they had possibly good motives.”

“Did they convince you that they possibly had good motives?”

A perplexed expression came over Sally’s face. I held back a smile in seeing the emotion, but simply waited. As was expected, the girl did eventually answer the question.

“No, but they did cause me to wonder.”

“Okay.” Not wanting to waste a teachable moment, I explained, “The word is hypothetical. It means that there are no real facts to support the conclusion, but that it is suggested merely for conversation. If the conversation actually shows that there is some support for the suggestion, then you go looking for facts to possibly provide proof. It the conversation proves the hypothesis to be wrong, then you can confidently discard it. In physics, which is my field of study, we do hypothetical conversations often, but we call them ‘thought experiments.’ Now, as a hypothesis, or thought experiment, let us consider these aliens as not having members that are good. What would that mean?”

The answer did not come quickly, but, as was actually usual for Sally, it came correctly. “It means that we need to kill them all.”

“Right. It means that there is no good in them that we can detect, so we are better off not having them in our lives. Note however that one has to actually look to detect things, and there are people who make quick, hasty decisions without looking. It is thus good that people are thinking about looking. The facts are that events can force one’s hand, so we might need to make a response on limited information. There are also bad people among our own, and they might have us react in a bad way. I am thus glad that you are considering the topic, Sally. It might help you to research it some more.”

“That is what I am doing, Mommy. I know that you are involved, so I thought to ask you.”

“I am not really involved with the aliens, Sally. I am just someone that has developed a completely new line of science, so those of the Solomon Foundation turn to me when something else new is found. I create my own science however, and the monsters are coming from something created long ago. It is to the credit of the Solomon Foundation and the Zychi Corporation that they came to me, as it did show them to actually be looking for answers and not just responding to a threat. They however want to make certain claims themselves, so will not involve me if they do not feel the need.”

“You created me.”

I had no idea the purpose for stating that piece of information. I had not hidden certain facts of Sally’s history, although had always followed such words with those of love. In the context of the conversation, I however felt a need for further explanation.

“Not really, Sally. Your father and I conceived you in the normal fashion. You however died in our history, so I took you from another time stream in which you did not die. I did not create you, but only the technology that enabled me to have you in my life.”

“But I don’t feel real.”

“I can think of no hypothetical situation that would not make you real.”

I felt that I made a good point, so simply looked at my daughter as she again went quiet. There was no fear in me of what more could be asked or said, as this was a conversation I had often hypothetically considered occurring. My hope was always that Sally would become more like Joseph or me, and start becoming extremely curious about the world and her place in it. I thus simply admired the beauty of my daughter while waiting for her to again speak.

“Did you take me from my other parents?”

“The evidence says no. I did not take the lady today and replace her with a male from another timeline, but only altered the time stream to have it where she was truly a male in our time stream. The same with you. I did not steal you from this other time stream. I just altered events so that the incident that killed you did not happen. When the time stream corrected, I had you. Note that since you were conceived, I do believe that you have a soul. When you died, I believe that it passed on. When you became alive again, you were just soulless, but I felt that your soul would return. What I see now supports that belief, but I believe that your soul is still younger than your body. Conversations like this show that your soul is growing up as well, and that is good.”

I felt that I covered a lot a topics in that answer, so thought it was wonderful to see a smile on the face of my daughter as she said, “I do feel like I am growing up.”

“Well, good, as it means we can have some more hypothetical discussions in the future. I do enjoy them. Right now, however, I believe it is getting time for supper.”

“You are usually home early on day three.”

Worried that Sally had been sitting on the risers for hours, I replied, “I told you that I had a new hire to check out today. He seems to be a very intelligent man. I had a number of hypothetical discussions with him. I even approved a couple of things, so right now he is with Rudy designing some hardware. I am sorry, Sally, but I might be going through another one of my busy periods.”

I rose with my daughter while she said, “It’s all right, Mommy. I guess that I might watch some more TV.”

“All right,” I said with a slightly scolding tone. “There is bad in watching too much, and don’t let it think for you. Keep asking questions.”

“Yes, Mommy.”

I did my best to stay active around Sally. This was the day I usually shared a lot of time with my daughter, as I considered it my day off. I had however spent much more time than expected speaking with Jimmy. Accepting that I had lost some quality time with my daughter, I did what I could to make up for her absence.

Finally, the time for sleep did come. I knew that in the morning another three days of activity would start. Looking at my schedule, I saw that it would be the usual male to female conversion. While they were now considered normal, I reminded myself that all people were different and I needed to give the process as much attention as one of the more obscure genetic disease patients. The notes for the transformation noted that this was the first part of a couple who were exchanging roles. Wondering about what publicity might be generated, I prepared to go to bed.

The phone ringing was actually expected with me answering it seeing that it was Ted, who said after some opening greetings, “Just a heads up, as Zychi and the Solomon Foundation are preparing to open the gate again. They claim to just want to check on the probe they sent in last time. Some weaponry has been brought to the site however, and people are protesting. There might be a call to have you come testify.”

“Stall them, Ted, as I have a couple of transformations coming up that RayWeight needs to get done without any problems.”

I could tell from the way his eyes jumped that he checked my posted schedule before replying, “Okay, can do. Just for note, do you have any advice for them?”

“Between me and that new assistant my husband sent me, I will not have my mind on the activities of others. I possibly can come up with ideas if things get out of hand like I did last time, but I am not going to promise. Honestly, I agree with advancing any research. If they feel they can handle the threat then they should definitely attempt to learn what they can.”

“Some are saying that it will come down to war.”

“But honestly, Ted, we are not the aggressors here. We are the aliens with peaceful intents. I consider that a joke, but one with us on the right side of the humor. I agree that oversight needs to be maintained on what those two organizations do, but I support their drive to expand mankind’s awareness.”

There was a slight nod to his head, but his features clearly indicated that he was considering my words. “What does your gut tell you, Leanna?”

“Gut nothing, Ted. Sally tells me that they are coming. What exactly that means, I do not know.” Before he could say anything in response, I added, “She is waking up, or catching up, or whatever. She actually paid attention to the TV today, then asked me some questions when I came home. I am hoping that she becomes normal, even though the evidence says that there is something abnormal about her.”

“Keeping you scared, Leanna?”

“Worried, yes.” Attempting to keep a positive attitude about my daughter, I added, “She is a good girl, so I hope whatever her future that it will not be something to justify our fears.”

“Yes, let us leave any worries to the aliens.”

I could not help but smile as she replied, “Yes, let us keep our worries on unwanted invaders, and not those we purposely brought into this world.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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Robots and Spaceships (TimeSaga 6: All 5 chapters)
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