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 A Spoiled Good Morning: TimeSaga B1 (All 6 Chapters)

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PostSubject: A Spoiled Good Morning: TimeSaga B1 (All 6 Chapters)   March 4th 2015, 10:53 am

A Spoiled Good Morning
TimeSaga: The Advance Story One

Chapter One

"Good Morning, Debra."

I listened for the sounds of my team groaning. They had gotten tired of hearing our robot say that initial phrase. I however still loved it. While FER-RON had a number of variables that would alter what she said afterward, it took some really strong situations to prevent her from saying that line when turned on. I smiled not only in hearing it, but in not hearing the faint sound of groans.

"Good Morning, FER-RON. The time of your release is getting closer, but I need to check certain routines. Once again we are in a simulation, but you are to treat this as real. Note that since this is a simulation, you are not to enter combat. The mechanics of the software were not designed for fighting at the level you are capable. However, the program does a relatively good job of simulating people and experiences. What you are being tested on is your capabilities to go into an escalating situation and not respond with combat."

Honestly, most of this speech FER-RON had heard before. This was just the bajillionth time I had put her in a simulated experience. The speech had actually been written by a lawyer, and I only said it to fulfill certain contingencies should trouble occur.

I continued, "Remember, FER-RON, that you are not a soldier. While you were made to be capable in combat, and have some really powerful weaponry at your command, you are to interact with people. The first part of your name stands for Full Emoting Robot, which means that you are to care for the people around you. The last part of your name is Reactive Offensive Neighbor, but you should focus on the 'neighbor' part of your name. Yes, you should react offensively when there is a need, but you should still care for and want to continue to keep good relations with those you are protecting. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Debra."

"Okay, good. Now let us go sit at this table, then the simulation will begin."

I had a distant view of my avatar and the situation. The company that made the simulation had bothered to create special representations of all of us. I had reddish-brown hair and a nice body. Actually, such was easy to do with the main software. What they added for me was the length of braid that I usually wore on my left side. It did help me appear cute, but the actual reason I bothered was to keep some strands from out of my face. I did not have the length to attract men, and a few men that had made that comment found out that I was skilled in martial arts. The simulation however had poor mechanics for combat, but in fighting a robot such as FER-RON only real situations would produce any applicable data.

She appeared with her long sky-blue hair and wonderful figure. The actual public simulation really only had one form for each sex with the differences coming in choice of clothes and hair style. The mechanics for hair extending to one's butt, as FER-RON's did, were not the best, causing her hair to sometimes disappear into her body or the surrounding furniture, but it was done as that was how she appeared.

The ordering of drinks was another old routine, but I enjoyed it just to watch certain choices of FER-RON. It had been my job originally to give her a personality, and I still considered that my primary objective. From the start I was determined that she would not be a robot with set responses for set situations, but depending on events, such as my selection, and her assessment of her mood she would choose from a list of possible choices. She did not always perform the same way, and I appreciated seeing all the options I had enabled her to select eventually get tested.

I simply watched as two men started an argument. I knew that these were being played by Lenny and Li, my two programmers that worked under me. Lenny actually had an avatar that looked like him. His brown hair and blue eyes was a close match to his true appearance, although the simulation had his body type a little more muscular. Lenny exercised enough to stay fit, but not to the level of having his body perform well under stress. Li was short for Liotella, and she was a black lady that would drink heavy so as not to feel the strain she would put her body through in combat work-outs. Her present avatar however was almost a duplicate of Lenny's, as we wanted this simulation to be that of friends taking a matter to extremes without any sexual tension. I watched as they had an argument over who was the best Doctor Who suddenly escalate into a table flying and punches being thrown.

Others in the simulation were all computer coded to take sides supporting either Lenny or Li. While the program did a poor job of handling combat, I watched wondering how things would go before I called an end to it. I however found it strange when FER-RON rose to grab one of the extras and toss him on the table. The act definitely got everyone's attention, so all figures in the simulation turned to see what she would do next.

"Excuse me," she declared, "but I will actually decide which one I like in a moment."

"Uh, well," Lenny tried to say.

The voice of Li however came strong as she fought to speak in spite of laughing, "Who programmed that response?"

I first handled a critical matter, "Simulation over, FER-RON. You did well." I then answered Li, "The pause to make a decision is actually a programmed selection due to FER-RON being a robot, so not with true opinions. I believe the tossing of a person was part of the combat routine where FER-RON seeks some solution other than calling upon her weaponry."

"Yes, but tossing a person?"

"Yes, we probably need to check on it. Still FER-RON did not throw him hard, although we can check on the simulation data for that."

As I saw the simulation being brought down, something about the static in my visuals caused me to wonder about the program and hearing a voice had me keep my headset on. "You do not fight? Surely you want to fight?"

I did not recognize the voice at all. The surroundings was that of the simulation without the people, although a definite reddish hue permeated the scene. Wondering how our isolated computer network had been hacked, I sought an identity of the one speaking to me.

"FER-RON is supposed to be a help to people, and not be a weapon of war."

"But when a situation is unknown, it is best to prepare for the worse."

Considering where I was, I accepted that it could be a soldier that had hacked into my system. Damn military. Being glad that I was part of a private corporation, actually funded by a private citizen, I rebuked the one that had hacked into my system.

"When a situation is completely unknown, maybe, but a situation is never completely unknown. If it is then the first job should be to learn about it. Many mistakes have resulted from people making wrong decisions instead of just taking a moment to consider some available facts."

"Yes, if the other one also tries to learn facts and not just prepare for battle."

Suddenly, everything when black. I also suddenly heard an eruption of voices. Also feeling a need to react, I removed my headset while giving orders.

"I need to know who hacked into our system."

It helped seeing my two mechanics checking cables and hardwire. Li at a computer attempting to follow network traffic also had me feel good. Seeing Lenny near me and not working to help resolve the situation caused me to react to him.

"What are you doing?"

"Are you all right, Queen?"

They all called me Queen. There was once a king, and with us having a long relationship we were the king and queen of the project. He was however killed by FER-RON, and I took it upon myself to make certain that the robot would not treat life so casually again. My authority over the project kept those working under me to call me Queen.

"Yes, I'm all right! Now, someone hacked into our system, and I want to know who!"

Li replied, "It came from modem port three!"

"Modem port three?"

While I looked at my mechanics, I did not have to issue any command. Chu was a large Chinese man, but could move his body well. He was already checking our components, and simply took a step to put himself again looking at the modems. The other mechanic was a small dark-haired lady named Linda who would often have me train with her in the use of firearms. She also moved to look at the modems.

Together they chimed, "There is nothing in port three."

I had to admit that most of what we did was wireless, but in our move on board a spacecraft a lot of concerns were voiced about a duplication of signal frequencies. My mechanics worked with the military to assure that we could both work without interfering with each other's transmissions. For both of us it was recognized that a little playing with the circuitry would however cause conflict. With the soldiers presently having little to involve them, I thus suspected that someone bored had turned his attention on us who were actually working.

I had to voice my confusion. "You mean there was no signal at port three?"

Li spoke to assure her conclusion. "The signal came in through port three!"

Lenny proved that he had gotten to work by saying, "Confirmed, the signal came in through physical port three."

It did not help my mood, and I saw annoyance displayed on my staff, as the voice of the captain of the spaceship came over the speakers. "Queen Washington, I would like to speak with you."

I growled, "Tell him that I will get there eventually."

Chu asked as I came to look at things with him, "You think he knows what happened?"

"Oh, he will know all right." Hearing chuckles did improve my mood. "Listen, I am going to check some things with FER-RON just to assure that she came out of the simulation properly. I will then go check with the captain. When I return we need to have a handle on this situation. We are too close to activating FER-RON to have any problems."

"We're on top of it, Queen. Do what you must. If we don't have answers, we'll have heads when you return."

Thinking of my conversation with whoever, I said, "We do not want to fight. Let us settle this with an understanding and not with heads."

"Just saying, Queen."

"And I just said, 'Get to work.'"

TimeSaga: The Development, the first 12 stories edited, is now available on Kindle.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market. "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.

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PostSubject: Chapter Two   March 9th 2015, 11:20 am

A Spoiled Good Morning
TimeSaga: The Advance Story One

Chapter Two

Debra moved through the Rhinemaiden wondering about how spaceships would be built in the future. With the Rothman Tube connecting to space above the planet now called Mission, the usual problems with construction in space were not present. The only difficulty was the size of the Rothman Tube, but those with skills in building eagerly sought the chance to prove their ability in working with the futuristic setting. The Rhinemaiden was huge in comparison to previous spaceships, but with its success the plans for even larger structures were being made.

She had no problems with her situation. It had been made clear from the beginning that her robot would be used to help the settlers to these alien worlds survive against threats other than the usual hardships of being away from civilization. FER-RON had access to weapons that had been proven effective against korlocks, and were just effective to life forms in general. Debra thought it a problem that her work was placed on a military craft, and not a civilian vessel, but she accepted the assignment as only temporary.

"What in HELL do we have here?"

Debra turned hearing the voice, and turned down a side corridor that lead to an airlock. There were five men and two girls. Two men were in military uniforms. A third one was as well, but Lt. Yoshi Haibane was in a dress uniform that had him appear more distinguished. The other two men were in regular clothes. The girls had white hair set in a page-boy style and were dressed in cute little dresses. Debra approached as one of the men voiced an introduction.

"I am Fredrick Auchtman and this is Albert Kalosky. We are to assure a proper place for Annapolis Twenty-two and Fifty-three."

"These girls are not human."

"No, they are androids. Specifically they are observational units to help you stay aware of regular and alien movements."

Debra felt glad that she approached, and spoke before the clearly irate officer could again voice his displeasure. "There are women on board, and as a woman I have found myself comfortable. These two Annapolis units should have a place, and really should not require any special accommodations."

Lt. Haibane said, "Queen Debra, excuse me, but you are clearly building a robot, a machine, however feminine it might appear. These things are neither human nor machine, and I do not like them being here."

Frederick replied, "It is hoped that you learn to like what they do for you."

"That will not happen."

Hoping to resolve the problem, Debra suggested, "I could escort them. I was called to speak to Captain Benhazi, so was heading there anyway."

Albert added, "I certainly do not believe that we need a military escort."

Lt. Haibane declared, "This is a military vessel, so civilians are not..." Debra saw him look to her, then behind her, which had him grimace as if recognizing that she did not have an escort. "Whatever. The corridors of this ship are monitored. Queen Debra, would you be so kind as to remove these androids from my sight."

Debra appreciated that the two men allowed themselves and the androids to proceed back into the main hallway before Frederick made the introduction. "Twenty-two, Fifty-three, I want you to meet Queen Debra Washington. She is the creator of FER-RON."

"No," Debra quickly corrected, "but only the designer of her artificial intelligence. FER-RON was actually created by a combination of Dr. Beyonce and Dr. Rudy of RayWeight Technologies along with the talents of a Jimmy Belgard. I did gain control of the development of FER-RON after the death of Jimmy, but I will not take credit for the building of the robot."

Albert replied, "Still, Queen Debra, you are important to us, because it is said that the Annapolis series is as they are due to the Straw Sapian Corporation not having someone as skilled with AI development as you. As I am sure that you know, these little ladies operate by what we call wet-ware. Actually, our detractors are correct in saying that they partially people, but not."

Frederick added, "And we also have to credit Dr. Beyonce. While the actual prototype for the Annapolis series, and the resulting technology for future androids, is due to her husband, it still makes use of the time manipulation science of Dr. Beyonce."

Debra started them moving while saying, "I have met Dr. Beyonce, and I know that it troubles her the direction others have taken in the use of her science. Still, she has hope that most uses of her theories have been toward good things to offer people."

"That is what we are hoping to show in placing our Annapolis darlings in various assignments."

By the time Frederick finished saying that, they were stepping onto the bridge. Heads did turn. Debra felt glad to see Captain Benhazi, although did not mind that he first spoke to the newcomers to his ship and bridge.

"Glad to see that our new navigators have arrived safely. We had been receiving messages of abductions and attacks."

Frederick said, "Yes. I don't want to say that I was not grateful to see soldiers at the airlock, but I would hope that on board the Rhinemaiden we and our ladies would be safe."

"Everything about our assignment and situation is new to humanity, so we have our concerns. What troubles me however is the effectiveness of these little ladies. Clarkson," Captain Benhazi clearly changed his tone of voice to indicate he was speaking to another, "you have been instructed to give up your post, although to be watchful."

The two girls walked to a seat with one taking the vacated position while the other said, "We are aware of the full capabilities and duties of the Rhinemaiden. Note that we are not human, although still have enough humanity that some needs will cause us to switch out positions. Should there be trouble, Corporal Stanley Joseph Clarkson, we will allow you to return to your post, although hope that you appreciate our information."

The soldier asked, "And what do I call you two?"

"I am Fifty-three and she is Twenty-two. You may simply call us Annapolis, and one of us will reply. If you come up with other names, we will adjust to them."

Captain Benhazi ordered, "Call them Fifty-three and Twenty-two until we can become comfortable with their presence." After statements of acceptance, he then turned to Debra. "Dear queen of our robot division, what is the status of FER-RON?"

Prepared for the question, Debra easily replied, "I have no complaints with the progress. FER-RON is meeting her requirements. She is a much more complicated, and dangerous, presence than these Annapolis androids. FER-RON will thus take more time before I allow her to be fully activated."

"I would however prefer having my crew adjust to her presence as well."

"FER-RON killed one of her creators, Captain Benhazi. While I am very pleased with what I have done with her, I still do not fully trust her. She will be further tested before I release her."

"I have orders, Queen Debra, to push you on her release. Due to your history with FER-RON, it is thought by some that you will never approve FER-RON for release."

Debra had to accept those comments, so meekly stated her retort. "She is my robot as well. I want to see her in action. I want her to tell me 'Good Morning.' I promise you that I will release her, but not until I have fully checked her processes."

"Okay, Queen Debra, thank you for your time. I however want it official between us that I will be putting pressure on you to activate FER-RON."

"I had just finished a simulation with her. If I had not been called to come speak to you, I would right now be testing things concerning that simulation in order to prepare FER-RON for release. Oh, but while I have your ear, I need to inform you that someone hacked into our system. We will track this person down, and when I bring you the evidence of who it is I will expect quick repercussions, because that person is further slowing down our work to have FER-RON ready."

"What?" Debra found herself actually impressed as the captain turned to make use of his new technology. "Annapolis I don't care which one of you what about Queen Debra's accusation? I want to know who is infiltrating their system."

Both girls did look the same, but there was a number fifty-three on the sleeve of the one that replied, "The FER-RON computers are not on the ship's network, so I cannot connect through my assigned console. It seems that there is some activity outside the FER-RON computer network, but not from anyone on the ship's network."

"Hold it," Debra interjected her order. "Are you saying that there is someone from RayWeight, such as Dr. Beyonce or Dr. Rudy, overseeing our work? The contact I had did not appear to be either of them."

"No, although you are correct that your system can connect to the RayWeight network. What I am sensing is something else."

"If I brought you to our computers, could you track it?"

"It would enable me to specify which port is being used and to shut it down. Let me however say that I am an observational unit. I was not created to be an active agent, only a source of information."

Debra knew about the Annapolis series. Their initial creation was due to the husband of the person that designed and funded the development of FER-RON.. In speaking to Dr. Beyonce the topic of the Annapolis series, especially a prototype named Mary, would sometimes be mentioned as to how others by-passed certain steps in designing AI that Debra had to directly resolve.

She replied, "I believe that my team can do that, but if I find them unable I might contact you for what information you can provide."

Captain Benhazi said, 'Yes, I will authorize it, as it in my orders to assure that Queen Debra and her personnel are to be given what aid I can supply in order to get their robot operational."

"Thank you, Captain."

"Yes, but let me say that I also do not see the present circumstances as being of a long duration. You are to get FER-RON operational, Queen Debra."

"Then next time, I would suggest that you come to me instead of having me waste time in coming to you."

TimeSaga: The Development, the first 12 stories edited, is now available on Kindle.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market. "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Three   March 14th 2015, 11:32 am

A Spoiled Good Morning
TimeSaga: The Advance Story One

Chapter Three

I returned to the room assigned to my team. They claimed it was to be used as a machine shop, but it looked more like a place for sparring matches between members of the crew. There was a raised section around the room that appeared as a good place for participants to stand and watch the combatants below. Those of my team would to set drinks, food, and books as if the walkway was a storage place, but I let them know that such clutter would not be acceptable in our room.

On one end of the lower part sat a stylish container that held our robot. With her existing in a number of configurations simultaneous due to the time-loop technology created from a development of Dr. Beyonce's original work, it took special nanobots to actually work on her. There were times when our mechanics actually got to work on the robot, but most of the work presently was assuring that each component would be properly powered and able to work in whatever configuration might be active in our reality.

The sides had two computer terminals each. Both on one side were for each of my programmers. They both worked at overseeing the nanobots to assure that the work done did not disrupt any circuitry with any other component. I had a terminal on the other side, which I used to also check the logic flow through various configurations. If an actual programming change was needed, it could only be done from that terminal. The other computer on my side was for my mechanics, and usually used to track our inventory.

Headsets and handsets were on a table near my station for performing active simulations. Things had developed where we did not have to actually act out our moves, but mental connections were still only conjecture. We would sit in comfortable chairs placed around the table to do our simulations.

Entering the room, I heard Li say, "The intrusion did not affect anything with FER-RON. It stayed on our communications network."

I replied to that, "Which should be assumed, as my computer was off. I had been testing FER-RON, and did not want any programming changes to be possible. Still, there is the fear that if my terminal had been active some programming changes might have been attempted."

Linda asked, "Well, how did your meeting with Captain Benhazi go?"

"As expected, he wanted FER-RON finished yesterday. Now that yesterday is behind us, I don't see why she would have been needed, and I don't see why she is needed today either. The time is being much more productive in checking routines."

"So, what routines are we checking next?"

As Linda was one of my mechanics, I turned to my programmers to ask, "What routines are next on our list."

Lenny answered, "We are getting them checked off. Next is a combat routine."

"OH!" Linda did not just make the exclamation, but went to a cabinet set into a wall beneath the walkway. "I have a device for you, Queen. It functions similar to the resonance dispersion weapon of FER-RON. I even made it with a time-continuim system so you only need to wear a bracelet to have it on your person."

All she handed to me was a device for my wrist. It appeared gold, although I suspected some alloy. Gems were set on it, but I also felt them to be artificial. Glitter came not just from the gems, but also the paths of what appeared to be circuitry etched into the metal. When I activated the device from Linda's instructions, I saw a large shield-like device appear over my arm.

While I did listen to instructions on how to use the weapon, I still had ask, "Why did you make this?"

"Because in working with FER-RON you might find yourself in trouble as well."

"I do not plan on being a combatant, Linda."

"No, but FER-RON is, and if something happens then you will want to go to her. This should help keep you safe."

I listened as the others voiced their agreement. I did not fire the device, as I knew from experience the deadliness of the weapons that FER-RON carried. I however did tell the others that I would find a place to test the device.

We checked one more routine. This one did involve some simulated conflict, as we needed to check a transition of FER-RON's logic from one configuration to another. Everything stayed consistent, but I gave my team assignments on assuring a smooth flow of the routine with other processes before I left to get some rest.

As the head of the department, I did have a room to myself. While the spaceship had been built with some elbow room, my compartment had little more than efficiency furnishings. I could not use my desk with the bed dropped from where it set against the wall, but as I had some final department business to do I did not feel that I could go on to sleep.

Seeing a message from my brother, I went ahead and put in a call to him. The scene of him looked like the family residence. After a simple greeting, I went ahead and mentioned what I felt was wrong with what I saw.

"I thought you would also be in space."

"No, as others have more clout than me for normal operations. Also, my services in the south seas is still considered useful. I thus should be staying on this planet for the foreseeable future. I however did want you to know that I was worried about you."

I saw his concern in his features. While there was a slight smile on his face, I saw the stress in his countenance as he studied what he could of my own surroundings. I felt the room was too simple to really provide any information, so tried to ease his concern with my words.

"We are under stress to get FER-RON operational, but there is no sign of the korlocks."

"You are not around our world, but theirs. Since they did attack here, it should be more than accepted that they might attack there."

He was correct, but I did not want to discuss that topic. "FER-RON is close to being finished. Even when activated, she will be under a probational period."

"How about then coming home, Debra?"


That question took me completely by surprise. I also felt that Clyde was the wrong one to ask that question, since he seldom spent time at home after finishing high school and joining the military. While he tried to explain himself, I considered his words to ring hollow.

"You have been working hard, Debra. You need a break. While I do not doubt that your success will have you offered other jobs, I am advising you to take time off. Come home."

"It depends on the job offer, Clyde. It's not like you have taken time off."

My brother sighed deeply before saying, "I did not always come home, true. Thus, okay, if you have someplace you would rather be, I'll understand." I saw a smile come to his face as he said, "But I cannot believe that you can compare any other place with the tropical island where you first developed FER-RON."

"I guess that is why you return to Chicago."

"It is what I consider a safe place, a refuge, from my work. I guess that is why I am telling you to return here. I do believe words like that were our reason for keeping the place after our parents died."

Those words were true. At the time I however was mostly grieving, and still feeling myself to be a kid. It was not so much my years, but simply my position of leadership that caused me to now feel like an adult. I thus had come to think other things about my life, and feeling they were true I replied to my brother.

"Yes, but I really have not seen the world the way you have, Clyde. I don't believe that I need a refuge, but to get out and see the world."

"Worlds. Are you planning on staying on this other world?"

I actually had to think for a moment before replying to that. "No, as I feel my work will bring me back. I thus will probably take advantage of some time off and see what I can of our world. I do not feel right now like I will be returning to our home."

"Well, stay in touch, Debra. You could probably drop off the grid, so it would ease my mind to know where you are. Me, use the APO address and the mail will find me. I do worry about you."

I said some parting words, then prepared to take a shower and head to bed. Actually scared that someone else would attempt to contact me, I turned my devices off. I did spend some time examining the device that Linda gave me, but then set it down. Locking the door to my small room, I undressed for a shower and bed.

"Can you hear me?"

I felt that I opened my eyes, but my vision was blurry. I felt that I was dreaming, but the sheets could be felt around my body. I also clearly heard the words that sounded as if they were spoken by a young girl.

"Can you hear me?"

Mentally alert enough to know where I was, I asked, "How did you get on the ship?"

"Good, you can hear me. Getting on the ship was necessary to speak to you."

I sat up to see a young girl. She had long straight hair almost orange in color. Her eyes were also orange. She however wore a dress of light blue. Realizing that I could see through her, I had to ask a question.

"Who are you?"

"I am Shame. You seem to have better leadership than we, but our blindness was due to our own faults. Do not be ashamed. Do not end up like us."

As the room returned to being dark from the glow revealing the girl to fade, I expected to find myself again lying in my bed awaking from a dream. I however found myself to continue to physically sit in the darkness. Realizing that I had experienced something actual, I sat and considered what it might possibly have been.

The next step, of course, was just to check and assure that my door was locked. I then turned on the lights and sought some manner of someone playing a prank on me. Of course, I then had to wonder why they would have conceived of an illusion like what I saw.

Following the practice that had been drilled into me, I sat down to write out my experience. As the leader of a major project, I had been taught by others with their own accomplishments to accept any source of inspiration. If I had a thought, either inspired by outside events or my own mind, I had been taught to write it out so I could possibly make use of the idea with the proper support to show where the development came from.

As I tried to type out the experience into my computer, I felt the ship move as if going through a change in its orbit. Alarms then sounded. Understanding that I had a duty to prepare a weapon in case of trouble, I felt a need to get back to work I however felt worried seeing a panel appear on my computer screen informing me that FER-RON was activating on her own.

TimeSaga: The Development, the first 12 stories edited, is now available on Kindle.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market. "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Four   March 19th 2015, 11:16 am

A Spoiled Good Morning
TimeSaga: The Advance Story One

Chapter Four

Lenny felt that he needed some sleep as well. Still, it was so rare that Queen Debra took a break that he considered it his duty to stay at work while she slept. He thus fought off signals from his own body to seek sleep and continued to study the program flow.

He had been there that night that FER-RON activated previously. He had just been hired, and it had been his first night on the tropical island where most of the actual construction of the robot had occurred. At that time Queen Debra was claimed by the actual person responsible for the design of FER-RON. He was the king of the project with two queens, one a machine and the other with the responsibility of giving a feminine mentality to the robot. Lenny felt that he had the opportunity to become the man to have the life in being able to claim two wonderful female bodies. It however had been taken away as FER-RON went to the protection of her fellow lady.

With the death of King Jimmy, Queen Debra did not appear to grieve. She focused on the robot seeking the reason for the actions it had taken. Lenny watched as those who were guiding the king and queen grieved more in realizing that they had held back the one who could have prevented the death.

People rushed to support Queen Debra. Lenny remembered his assignments understanding that he would be part of the solution. He wanted to prove himself to Queen Debra, so set himself to work with the same commitment to FER-RON as his superior displayed. He really found her attractive with a positive personality he felt would provide a proper guidance to his own life, although could only feel satisfied that he was able to support her.

No one stepped up to replace King Jimmy in the life of Queen Debra. Lenny did imagine that she would turn to him for comfort, but never acted in his time alone with her to make his dreams a reality. It might have provided some mental strength if she had turned to someone he considered his equal or inferior, but she stayed alone. The focus of Queen Debra stayed on the robot that had killed King Jimmy, and Lenny felt her devotion only proved the inner quality he imagined for the lady.

He found himself marveling at the code routines she created for FER-RON. Studying the lines of complicated equations, he often suspected that a multitude of errors would be present that would doom the robot. Each variable however tracked important information that maintained a consistency in program flow in whatever configuration the robot would assume. Lenny found himself seeing a beauty in the code that he also saw in the body of Queen Debra.

It had been Chu that had started a conversation Lenny considered important in his time of working on the robot. "She should twirl it, Queen."

Queen Debra replied, "A man would think that. He takes pride in the ability to fire a weapon. FER-RON however is a weapon, and part of my job is to assure that people do not see her as a weapon. That means she cannot take pride in what she does. She needs to display her pleasure in relating to others, and not in protecting them. While the latter is her reason to exist, she cannot perform her duty if people do not want her existing around her. Thus, she does what she needs to do, then returns to acting as the lady we want everyone, especially the men, to think she is."

"So, a snap of the wrist, then a clean return to the holster?"

Lenny provided the simulated weapon requested by Queen Debra. He remembered fondly seeing her smile as she thanked him. While a minor thing, he felt that in supplying the weapon he would get to see her put the fellow male employee in his place.

Both of the other ladies commented their approval when Queen Debra demonstrated a wide arc ending with the weapon replaced back in the holster. Chu looked silly as he tried to copy the action, which he tried to cover by asking about switching to other configurations. While the way Queen Debra demonstrated would take some seconds to perform, Lenny listened as she explained the logic process that would have had her choose the weapon.

He often replayed in his mind the discussion between her and Chu. The male mechanical mind attempted his best to overcome the female analytical brain of their superior, and failed. Queen Debra had not just laid down the law, but stressed the purpose of FER-RON and the environment in which she would need to operate. Lenny found his own commitment to the project strengthened in hearing Queen Debra speak of her objectives and how she expected to meet them. Hearing her then mention the reasons the robot had killed her true creator, King Jimmy, Lenny knew having to relive certain moments in order to prove her points brought sorrow to Queen Debra, but she displayed none of that in discussing the matter with Chu.

Lenny could only assume, although he felt he actually knew, that his leader had deep buried feelings that she needed to release. The more he learned about King Jimmy and the relationship with Queen Debra strengthened certain beliefs. She had not met him as Lenny met her, but the two had a history going back years before any concept of FER-RON existed. Further, King Jimmy had known her family. Queen Debra thus had much more than just a professional relationship with him. She surely had deep feelings resulting from the death of King Jimmy in front of her by the very robot that was to protect people, and Lenny could only assume by helping Queen Debra deal with those issues that he would form ties with the lady.

All of his thoughts about her and feelings for her surfaced upon seeing a red color come to the edges of the panels he had open on his computer. He turned to see certain lights activate on the compartment holding the robot. While others made exclamations of fear and surprise, Lenny felt terror. He could only think that Queen Debra would again have to bury her feelings as a tragedy again occurred.

Typing as furiously as he could, he sought to reinstate certain safeguards he saw by-passed in certain information panels. He slammed the palm of his right hand on the keyboard as he realized that he would need to put FER-RON back in stasis in order to have her accept changes to her programming. Further, Lenny knew that he actually did not have the authorization to have his code accepted. All he could do was type through what command structure he could manipulate in the hope that some safeguard would stop what had started.

"The door is locked!" Li screamed. "How did the door become locked."

Linda answered, "Korlocks! We are not military personnel, so are being secured in our room."

"But FER-RON will need to get out!"

"I doubt they thought she would activate."

Lenny appreciated that Linda had brought some calm to her voice, although worried about a further release of emotions as he stated a fact. "FER-RON is preparing to awaken. Nothing I could do would stop her."

Li screamed, "Against the wall!"

"No," he tried to say with some calm in his voice. "FER-RON should know us. We should be safe with her."

It took effort to get himself to stand. His knees did not want to lock into place. Honestly, his legs gave no indication of working at all. Lenny however used his hands and arms to lift him from the chair. Focusing his mind to assure that he stayed standing, he turned to the container where FER-RON also sought to rise.

As if a vampire coming from her coffin, a hand pushed up the lid of the container. Always before FER-RON had been in programming mode, so only acted upon specific routines given authorization from Queen Debra. This time she was not here, and the robot rose from her container on her own.

Coming erect, FER-RON looked at the one with quivering legs before her and said, "Good morning, Lenny."

Amazed that she used his nickname, and not his actual name, he replied, "Good morning, FER-RON. Queen Debra is not here right now."

"No, but I must go rescue her. You and," she turned her head while saying, "Chu, Linda, and Li should stay here. Each compartment of the Rhinemaiden is made to be a self-contained unit. There is extra oxygen and food stored. Stay calm so as not to use up either too quickly. I will hopefully return with Debra, but you should trust that I will get her to safety."

Lenny could not help but feel scared, although somehow found the strength to say, "Be careful, FER-RON. We had not yet checked all of your internal logic. We are thus worried that you might do something bad like you did the previous time you awakened."

"I will be concerned for the people, Lenny. We are also on a ship in space, so I will have to be careful concerning what weapons I employ against the korlocks. I believe that I have a proper understanding of the situation. Let me rescue Debra, then you may check my actions for any concerns you might presently have."

Chu said, "The door is locked, FER-RON. I thus do not know how you can get out."

"The locking mechanism is due to the internal defenses of the room. The ship controls are still open to allow the flow of personnel to assigned duty stations. I can thus issue a command for the doors to open. Once outside, I will also be able to override any ship defense protocols to return with Debra." Lenny found himself to then hear, "I however thank you for your warning, Chu. Please accept my own warning to stay in the room for your own safety."

"Yes, FER-RON. Queen Debra went to get some rest in her own room."

"She is awake, and has left her room to return here. There are korlocks however, so I need to go to her. Please, Chu, Li, Linda, and Lenny, stay here."

There was no clank of metal as the robot moved to the door. Things had been done to her body to have her look and sound graceful as she moved. Lenny could not help but think the robot beautiful as she moved to the door. Her physical construction, along with the flow of long blue hair behind her, just had her appear as something that God should be proud of, and not men.

Probably since he had his computer operating certain security routines, Lenny saw his monitor display actions. FER-RON had sensors to detect things about the world around her. She could pick up transmissions of various types and make use of any networks. Lenny remembered working with Linda and Chu to assure that certain procedures would be sufficient in allowing FER-RON to have some control of her environment. He thus watched in horror as the security panels on his monitor showed the robot overcoming certain safeguards to open the door knowing that he was responsible for the very codes releasing the robot to the world at large.

After she left and closed the door behind her, all of his companions begin to talk at once about what had happened. There was some relief that FER-RON had not acted aggressively. Lenny took pride that she had operated exactly as they had hoped she would. He however spoke with worry along with his companions about what else might happen due to the actions of the robot.

TimeSaga: The Development, the first 12 stories edited, is now available on Kindle.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market. "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Five   March 24th 2015, 11:16 am

A Spoiled Good Morning
TimeSaga: The Advance Story One

Chapter Five

The ship was not that big, but it was staffed for a conflict. I left my cabin seeing movement in the halls. While there was a good network, some messages were still sent by runner in case the enemy had methods of reading the regular flow of signals. What I however saw was conflict as korlocks somehow passed through the hull into the internal corridors of the Rhinemaiden.

Actually worried about my life, I activated Linda's bracelet and tested the weapon upon a korlock. It surprised me to see a reaction. Soldiers also fired, and I felt impressed when the korlock seemed bothered by their attacks just as much as the blasts from my device. Finding myself not so worried about my life, I looked to the soldiers hoping to gain a plan in dealing with the invading aliens.

One sergeant commanded, "Queen Debra, please return to your quarters!"

"No! FER-RON is activating. Do you understand? There could be something worse than the korlocks."

From another corridor, Lt. Yoshi Haibane stepped up to say, "I thought she was to help us."

"I hope so, but I feel that I need to be there to assure that."

"Well, I hope she is lot more useful than those simulated humans on the bridge."

Considering my reason for being in the hallway, I guess it was understandable where my thoughts went. "They are just children! They need to be tested and trained just like my robot. You give those girls a chance."

"Why? We have qualified people in the military. People! Not some fake simulation. We don't need them!"

"Really? Are your own fellow soldiers giving you better information? Come on, they have years of life behind them and all that training. Are they able to do better than the Annapolis series?" When he did not immediately respond, I added, "And those girls will get better."

"I doubt it. I have yet to find a product from some store get better. They will only perform adequately until their warranty runs out."

"This is a new age. We are faced with problems that demand extended and developing solutions. Give those girls a chance."


We both turned as laughter came over the ship's speakers. It did not sound like an adult, but it also did not sound as that of a girl. Wondering who was speaking, I turned with the soldiers to look for more korlocks as we listened to the voice coming over the speakers.

"Ah, yes, I plan on giving those girls a chance. They know so much, but there is little experience behind what they sense with all their powers of observation. If they cannot help you, maybe they will help me."

I looked to Lt. Yoshi, and I believe we both had the same plan. He turned to issue some commands to the soldiers. I checked my device for a reading on how much of a charge it had. Instead of a battery gauge, saw a bar of light showing the status of a time-loop generator indicating that the weapon would not run out of power. Feeling that I could possibly help save Fifty-three and Twenty-two, I dashed toward the bridge. I heard the heavier steps of Lt. Yoshi as he seemed to also have a plan of helping those who might need it.

We came across a korlock near a concession stand with a number of soldiers holed up behind the counter. I looked at the scene wondering why the monster did not just pass through the counter the way it did the walls. It was Lt. Yoshi who made the comment explaining why it was not attacking those holed up.

"It's watching the damn TV."

I looked and noticed that the partially insubstantial alien was fascinated by the images on the screen. Seeing the concession stand, I allowed that a monitor for non-military purposes would be appropriate for the location. Wondering about our options, I asked a question of the lieutenant.

"Can we take it?"

"Yes," he replied while looking at his weapon, "I guess we will have to. Those soldiers were off-duty, so nowhere near any weapons even if they were authorized to carry them. How much of a charge does your fancy whatever-you-call-it have?"

"I don't know what to call it. It's a prototype based on a weapon we built into FER-RON." Putting it that way, I found myself unable to admit that I did not expect the weapon to even work. "It uses Dr. Beyonce's time-loop principle, so has plenty of charge."

He set his weapon and fired. I did as well. The korlock turned to us, which only had us continue to fire. I found myself wondering if we would manage to drop it when it stopped and made a strange noise. As it faded from existence, I saw a soldier who had been behind the concession stand with a weapon.

He said, "Could not have you take it alone, Lieutenant."

Lt. Yoshi replied, "Did well, Commander Stapleton. Thank you, Sir, but I ask that you protect your fellow soldiers as they go to their duty stations. I believe that you have to agree with me saying that R&R is cancelled for the time being."

Those behind the counter saluted the lieutenant, then the superior officer, before moving off in the direction we had come. I believe Lt. Yoshi waited long enough to assure they did not find combat immediately after leaving us. After a few moments, he finally looked to me and told me to follow him as he moved off in the direction of the bridge.

We came upon some more soldiers removing a wall panel. When asked by Lt. Yoshi what they were doing, they spoke of activating some bulkheads, which would isolate some korlocks. They then explained how they would further blow the seals on an airlock and send the monsters into space. I was the one that berated the soldiers for that plan.

"They came from outer space, and are in the ship because they can pass through the walls of our ship. Your plan only prevents us from moving through the ship."

Lt. Yoshi voiced his support by saying, "We are going to have to take those alien bastards."

These soldiers were armed. Even so, the korlocks did not go down easy. With all the support from those trained in combat, I felt able to play with options in the device Linda made for me. Some were more physical, so more of a threat against substantial targets and not the semi-material form of the korlocks. Returning to the setting I found to work best at the moment, I worked with the soldiers to remove the threat.

As we fought, further trouble came upon us as more korlocks came through the ceiling, walls, and floor. They gave us some fright, but I appreciated Lt. Yoshi screaming at the soldiers about what we had told them about their plan. They set themselves to dealing with the arriving korlocks with an attitude that assault had been the better response.

We had no more cleared the corridor when a very large korlock descended at an angle. It seemed too large to actually fit in the passage, but was attempting to get enough inside so as to attack. I watched wondering why it did not attack as if the physical barriers did not exist. It seemed that there were some rules concerning what it could and could not do with the physical reality being something it had to consider even if it could by-pass such physical barriers. As Lt. Yoshi directed the soldiers to do a united barrage against the great korlock, I screamed seeing a couple more of what I considered the regular sized ones descending into the corridor.

Lt. Yoshi yelled at the soldiers to keep firing at the large creature, then he move to join me in taking out the regular threats. He focused on one while directing me to attack the other. We both exchanged information on our belief of the health of our opponents, assuring a plan to target one should it seem ready to drop. I however yelled upon seeing a part of a korlock coming through the wall in the midst of our position.

Suddenly, the one I was firing upon dissipated. I recognized the blast, but the situation was not one where I really had options in how to react. The problem was whether to help Lt. Yoshi finish his or turn on the one coming among us. I however reacted when I heard a command instruct me on which one I should fire upon.

"Stand aside, Debra, and help Lt. Yoshi."

I did as told while saying, "Yes, FER-RON, but we need to get to the bridge."

Blasts much more powerful than what my device used, or even those of the soldiers, went pass me. While I felt my hair react to the charge in the air, before I could speak of any discomfort they stopped. A powerful blast however went off upon the one Lt. Yoshi and I were firing upon.

FER-RON stepped up while saying, "Debra, I will not fire upon the soldiers."

I replied, "I am so glad to hear you say that, FER-RON."

Lt. Yoshi ordered the soldiers to break into ranks so as to open up a clear space for the robot. It took them a moment to determine how they were going to obey, but seeing FER-RON step up those in her way stepped behind their comrades. Not having to worry about hurting any soldiers, she fired her weapon a couple of times and the large form of the korlock became completely insubstantial.

FER-RON looked back to me to say, "Debra, I am to assure your safety."

I replied, "There are more people in danger than just me, FER-RON. I believe Al B2 is on the bridge. If we can stop him, we need to."

"I will go."

Not willing to let an opportunity pass, I quickly and clearly spoke. "I will go with you, FER-RON. You performance needs to be evaluated."

"You are not a combatant, Debra. Lt. Yoshi can accompany me."

"Lt. Yoshi has soldiers to command. He has his duties and command structure, and we are not a part of that. While we should be working together, you and I have a responsibility to each other."

It helped that I had been the one to program FER-RON. I knew what facts she considered important, and how she would process the data. The only thing that could work against my words was her ability to sense the full range of attacks, but I felt I had chosen the words that would help me get her to accept my directions.

FER-RON looked to the soldiers and asked, "Lt. Yoshi?"

"You heard Queen Debra, FER-RON. This attack is ship wide. There thus should already be soldiers on the bridge. Let me take these men and assure the death of korlocks elsewhere."

It surprised me to hear Lt. Yoshi respond to the robot as he did. For one that complained about having to deal with those only partially human, he dealt with the completely non-organic lady in a very proper manner. The soldiers looked at her with awe and respect on their faces, but without any cat-calls as they probably would with any other female. My objective in programming her was to get people to respond to her in such a manner, but it caught me by surprise that such was how the men treated her.

All of us paused as we heard the voice of Al B2 over the speaker. "Come come my korlock friends. This ship is ours. Take what you will. Me I have two little ones here that I am claiming. Come come my korlock friends and find what you might want."

FER-RON looked to me and said, "Debra, I come on."

Smiling with pleasure at what I heard, I replied, "Yes, FER-RON, I am going with you. But you are right, we need to move."

TimeSaga: The Development, the first 12 stories edited, is now available on Kindle.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market. "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Six   March 29th 2015, 2:19 pm

A Spoiled Good Morning
TimeSaga: The Advance Story One

Chapter Six

I found myself wishing that the ship was larger. As I moved through the corridors I asked FER-RON questions about her awakening. It pleased me to hear that only polite exchanges occurred. I wanted more details to my questions, although knew that I presently did not have the time. As we stopped before the door to the bridge, I found myself only able to tell her that I was pleased she did not choose to fire through the soldiers.

FER-RON replied, "I have it strongly present in my memory of the error I made with my original designer, King Kevin. I do not want to cause another death of someone who should be trusting in me."

"That is good, FER-RON. I am glad to have you active."

I believe that she waited for me to ask her another question or make another comment. What I saw was a wonderful representation of life. She did not freeze into place like a regular robot. FER-RON was so complex that even when still there were subtle movements to her body. Anyway, after I waited for a moment enjoying the view of my work I realized that she paused on behalf of me.

I said, "We have work to do, FER-RON. Go on in."

"Yes, Debra."

She opened the door. It was a type of bulkhead portal I had seen on military vessels, so took more work than simply turning a handle or working a latch. I once again found pleasure in seeing FER-RON operate the procedure to open the door, although the sight of military personnel at stasis in what was obviously combat with korlocks frightened me.

Without hesitation, probably because she had a clear shot, I saw the robot prepare to fire. I did not feel that it was a wrong decision, but seeing Al B2 in a prominent position and the two observational units on the floor nearby had me wonder about the present situation. I thus quickly spoke to prevent FER-RON's shot from probably being a wrong action.

Using a strong voice, I asked, "What is going on here?"

As Captain Benhazi ordered, "Queen Debra, get down!" I heard Al B2 say, "I have come to hopefully gain some information. These two girls could be what I need."

I had seen some action, so did not feel that I looked my best. The bridge was a much more limited space than the hallways of the Rhinemaiden, but Al B2 appeared in good condition. He showed no damage. His mostly white clothes showed no dirt. His hair and face appeared fresh. I believe what helped me was that I had seen action where I had worried about my life, thus was more on edge than Al B2.

I saw certain movements from the lad, and quickly gave my own orders. "FER-RON, protect the Annapolis units."

Realizing that two korlocks quickly lost their substance, I saw the eyes of Al B2 focus on me. He tried to keep a smile on his face, but I could tell he was annoyed by the success of the strikes from my robot. Probably hoping to gain some control of the situation, Al B2 spoke to me.

"That was not something you should have done. You do not want me to call on all the korlocks. You might be surprised how many there are out there, and just how awesome some of them are."

I replied, "We are moving into space, so I guess will learn. However, we do desire friendship. We are not the ones initiating the attacks."

The lad laughed. I really could not determine what there was to laugh about. I thus did not focus on him, but on the korlocks. He stopped laughing, and I turned to him as his voice stated that he was annoyed by my change of focus.

"There is nothing here for you to learn. Now, let me take the peaches for what I might learn of them."

"You cannot have them. The Annapolis series is however a product that can be purchased. I believe that production has finished, but some should be available with another series I believe being planned."

"Purchase them?"

I felt that my need to explain a basic fact of life to only prove how far removed from normalcy Al B2 had gone. "Yes, you know, the way one is supposed to gain things."

"Korlocks do not have money."

"Maybe not as we, but surely they had an economy. They had a society. We are finding more than enough facts about that. There should be ways that we can open up negotiations. We are both intelligent creatures. Surely there is something that we can find in common."

Suddenly, weapons were fired. FER-RON stepped in front of me. It was not her actions that shocked me, but hearing strongly voiced commands from Captain Benhazi. FER-RON obeyed. I did not speak against her use of her weapons, as I saw the soldiers work to bring the Annapolis units to safety.

"NO!" Al B2 screamed.

Captain Benhazi commanded FER-RON to fire upon the lad, but I put a hand on her weapon while screaming my own words. "Do you hear that? Do you want to die?"

"DIE?" Al B2 shrieked that, then brought his voice under control by laughing before saying, "I cannot die. You do not understand. I do not either, but I am trying, which you are preventing. You however are the ones that will die."

I removed my hand from FER-RON's weapon, then looked to Captain Benhazi to allow him to again make a command. I however saw him and his soldiers attempt to stay standing as the ship suddenly shook. I found the hand of FER-RON grab to assure my own stability.

One of the Annapolis series, I believe number twenty-two, said, "That shock came from a large korlock suddenly appearing in the surrounding space."

Al B2 laughed out, "Oh, yes. Your lives are coming to an end."

Suddenly, the ship shook again, but as I held onto my robot I screamed at the lad. "DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND? We are trying to establish a peaceful presence! Why do we have to go to war?"

"War? Oh, you have no idea what you are up against. This will not be war."

As the korlocks began to fade out with Al B2 about to step through a shimmering haze, Captain Benhazi yelled out words that I felt were appropriate. "Listen, you, we made you, and can unmake you! All you are doing is having us also commit to unmaking all these korlocks."

Before stepping away from our reality, Al B2 said, "Oh, you will have to survive to do that."

The ship again shook. This time lights began flashing and alarms started to sound. Feeling another shock, I did not believe any of us needed to hear one of the Annapolis series state some facts.

"The hull has been cracked. We are losing air."

Captain Benhazi managed to get to a terminal where he issued some commands before speaking. "General alert. Everyone secure your positions. Prepare to go into lockdown until help can arrive."

FER-RON grabbed one of my arms as she said,, "Debra, I must get you to safety."

I did not argue with her, but as we moved to the door I asked, "How about the others?"

"They were told to stay in their room. It should hold."

"Can we make it to them?"


A couple of soldiers obviously put in charge of the Annapolis series moved to the door behind us with one saying, "Use room Leopard Four. It's a conference room with enough supplies for eight. With three of us being robots, we should be more than able to last until being rescued."

FER-RON paused while saying, "The Annapolis series are not totally robots. They will need to stay with you. I will secure you in the room, then stay outside to protect you from korlocks."

"Queen Debra?"

I replied, "We knew where we would be sending her. She was thus built to operate without an atmosphere. I really have not tested her components in such conditions however."

I could tell by looking at the sleeves of the Annapolis series that spoke that she was Twenty-two. "Yes, FER-RON should be all right. At least what I can detect of her. There are however parts that I cannot see."

"Yes, she is not a simple robot." Feeling the ship shake again, I pulled on my hold of FER-RON to look her in the eyes as I said, "This is quite a first day of operation. I will need to look you over once we are back in someplace safe."

FER-RON replied, "I agree. Right now my services are however still required. Come with me."

I could feel the atmosphere start to leech away after another shake of the ship. Seeing a bulkhead start to close, Annapolis Fifty-three told a soldier to allow her to access a terminal. I did not believe the simple communications pad to enable her to do what would be required. She however punched buttons very quickly, then as it became hard to breathe from the escaping atmosphere she gave a command.


None of us argued. We rushed down the corridor with FER-RON helping us manage in spite of the ship no longer moving in a way that provided a sense of gravity. She almost threw us through the doorway into the conference room. Then after reminding me and the soldiers that we had weapons, she shut the door with none of us speaking against her actions.

The two Annapolis series were secured in chairs, then I joined the soldiers in assuring the presence and location of what we would need to survive. It was a frantic few minutes. Everything was where it should be, but being weightless while feeling the shakes from further attacks upon the Rhinemaiden we all acted feeling very tense. Finally, securing ourselves in chairs one of the soldiers felt able to make a comment.

"That robot of yours seems to be everything she was supposed to be."

I replied, "She was designed by some very intelligent people. I am responsible for her personality, but how she responds is due to the skills of others."

The other soldier said, "She is very pretty."

"We did not want her discarded, so she was designed to be something people would want around."

"Just curious, but just how deep is her beauty?"

"Not even skin deep. A lot of what you see is just well crafted practical equipment. She will give you a thrill if you undress her, but any attempt to touch will quickly let you know that there is no flesh and blood there."

"How about the Annapolis darlings?"

Number Fifty-three answered, "Also not very deep. What human tissue we have is mostly just so we can correlate certain facts we detect to what you are experiencing."

The other soldier said, "This is a strange future we are living through."

"Yes," I replied, "but one we often dreamed of experiencing. I am hoping that we continue to experience our dreams and not our nightmares."

TimeSaga: The Development, the first 12 stories edited, is now available on Kindle.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market. "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Re: A Spoiled Good Morning: TimeSaga B1 (All 6 Chapters)   

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A Spoiled Good Morning: TimeSaga B1 (All 6 Chapters)
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