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 Creating Problems: TimeSagaC1 (All 5 Chapters)

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PostSubject: Creating Problems: TimeSagaC1 (All 5 Chapters)   November 4th 2015, 7:50 am

Creating Problems
TimeSaga:  The Society Story One

Chapter One

I walked into the lab to hear a female voice with a more girlish tone than expected say, “Queen Debra, Chu will not have sex with me.”

Chu was a rather large handsome Oriental man.  Now that he had some time and experience in a very growing field of technology, there were a number of ladies who wanted him.  He and I were becoming rather good friends, because a number of men wanted me.  Chu and I would thus often spend time talking about the propositions we were gaining and our thoughts about the ones making the offers.

We had been informed that we were being sent an android of the Chattanooga series.  RayWeight also had requests for them to develop a sexbot, but the opinion had been that the Straw Sapien Corporation would have the better product.  They worked with real human tissue, and us real ladies felt there could be no duplicate for that.  My company however replied that it was a concern that there would be issues of the Chattanooga series being abused women that would only be settled after lengthy sessions in court.  Being a potential competitor, my company was given a sexbot to fully evaluate certain claims.  I had been informed, but upon its arrival I was busy with something else, so now I sought some facts about the android.

I had been given the impression that she would be exotic in appearance, but I actually considered her features to be a blend of nationalities that made her rather plain.  The brown hair that flowed from her scalp was thick, so I allowed that it could be fashioned however desired.  Her breasts were not as large as I expected with me considering them small for the size Ds stated on her manufacture sheet.  The paper also said that her groin was trimmed, and noted that it was as my male mechanic checked something about the appearance of things between her legs.

“Chu, have you given her a name, and does she need to have sex?”

Mary was present, and one of my answers came from her.  “They actually come with a name.  Strangely, we were given a Frances.  To differentiate between her and Frances that works on board the Kayla, we are calling Chattanooga series number twenty-five Fran.”

Chu supplied the other answer, “The Chattanooga series is promoted as not being only usable for sex, but they did all they could to make her a willing bed partner.  As you can see, I have her legs spread.  She cannot prevent me from doing that.  While we do not have the technology to dictate what a brain will think, we do have the technology to override certain commands from the brain.  Fran recognizes me as one of those in control of her, so her muscles will not contract to work against me having access to her body.”

I asked my next question, “How human is she?”

Mary answered, “Actually more human than the Annapolis or Baltimore series, but a lot more constrained in her functionality.  Chu is still checking her biology.  While he is a robot mechanic, I have access to all the medical reports on the physiology of the Chattanooga series.  He is thus serving a purpose, and not just looking at Fran where a man should not look.”

Fran said, “He may certainly look.  I want him to be pleased with me.”

“She is not stupid, but I am coming to the conclusion that she is just very limited in her experience.  Father spent years with me to help me learn to recognize and deal with all the information that my body collects.  The Annapolis series was also given time to learn what all they were able to perceive.  The more I learn and those of the Annapolis series learn, the better we are in processing the information we gain.  The Baltimore series was also given some training to prepare them for the jobs to which they would be assigned.  I am coming to the opinion that the Chattanooga series really was not given any training.”

“I can clean myself up, and will learn how to clean up Chu.”

“She is mentally probably only five or six.  She has some understanding of her body, but that is about it.”

Mary was a rather cute girl of about ten years physical age with pink hair.  Most of her body was mechanical, with her father developing the processes where a fetus could be grown to accept a mechanical frame.  It was that technology the Straw Sapien Corporation stole when they abducted Mary.  Now that she was free and recognized as the prototype for the technology of the Straw Sapien Corporation, Mary actually gained a percentage of the stock of the company along with an amount from each android created.  While her mother was already very rich, Mary was becoming very wealthy on her own.  She however could not age.  She worried more about the technology beneath her skin failing than her human tissue.  It troubled her at times that she also would always be a girl, as her mechanical frame could not grow the way a real human body would.

I asked, “Fran can learn?”

“Yes, but it will take time.  Chu right now is gaining an understanding of what she can understand, and not just what functions she can perform.”

“Chu, can you restrain yourself around her?”

He answered, “I am obviously doing that, Queen.  The problem will be that she is willing.  I can see myself coming back from a bad date and just wanting some positive female attention.  I would even say that taking advantage of Fran at that time could be helpful in us providing a full report on her.”

Fran said, “That sounds wonderful, Chu, although you would not be taking advantage of me.”

“She is mostly mechanical, just like all those made from Mary’s design.  Fran was just allowed to grow more mature physically.  Mary says that certain internal features were not allowed to develop, but hormones used to have the body mature.  Fran thus will not get pregnant.  She however does not have the mechanical equipment here,” Fran made a very pleasant sounding groan as Chu stuck a finger up her vagina, “that Mary and the androids made from her design have.”

Mary said, “What I have in the area that should be available for my vagina and womb has been moved back in the Chattanooga series.  Chu and I have concluded that her waist was actually reinforced by that alteration, although it also allowed for the circuitry that prevents Fran from resisting anyone desiring access to her vagina.  She will need to be watched, Debra, as she can be easily taken advantage of.”

I replied, “I thought she was to recognize individuals.”

“We are a company.  All the men working for the company will be considered by her as acceptable.  Further, it has been recognized that she will not overly resist in order to protect any damage to her superstructure.”

“Yes, but that is a concern that even real women have.”  Wanting to assure a fact, I then said, “Chu, you have already been forgiven for any relationship with Fran.”

He replied, “I know, Queen.  However, my concern is that Fran gets the wrong idea of our relationship.  I mean, she is a real lady.  I mean, I have come to know Mary and Frances.  There is a real female mind to them.  With the same being true for Fran, I have to allow that my relationship with her could become more than the physical release promised in the ads for the Chattanooga series.  She really could come to love me, and I can say that men could come to love their sexbot.”

Mary replied, “That is why a number are petitioning RayWeight to create a purely mechanical sexbot.”

I added, “Or at least install a vagina between the legs of our maid series.”

Chu asked, “How have you programmed FER-RON to react to someone grabbing her breasts or reaching between her legs?”

“You do, so you should be able to tell me.”

“Oh, come on, Queen.  I am working on her.  She has instruments in her breasts, and her hair between her legs are actually antennae filaments.  Also, when I do touch those parts, she is in maintenance mode.  I have never chanced touching those parts when FER-RON is fully functional.”

I could not help but show a smile as I heard Chu speak, so my voice did sound pleasant as I replied, “She will resist.  She was also made for combat, so has a rather strong superstructure.  I did not program her to go into combat mode, but she can meet force with force.  As for words, FER-RON will just stress the word ‘No.’”

Fran said, “I will say ‘Yes, yes, YES!’”

Chu mumbled, “And she will.”

Feeling that he was doing his job, I looked to Mary to ask, “Any issues that you feel need my attention?”

She answered, “You are tired, Debra.  As expected, the korlocks did attack.  The reports I picked up said that you also took part in the fight.  Linda went to sleep not really wanting to do the things that Chu is doing.  She however will not complain about checking over FER-RON when finally returning to her job.”

“FER-RON is performing wonderfully.  RayWeight is thus very much in the right to make plans on going into production.  I have already started my notes on differences in FER-RON’s programming and that for a combat unit and home unit.  It is with the home unit that there is presently debate concerning an alternative to Fran.”

Mary rose to assure that I recognized the stress in her voice.  “Get some sleep, Debra.  I will have Lenny and Li also do an outline proposal for changes in code that you can discuss with them later.”

I had to ask, “Since you are here with Chu, what is your opinion about RayWeight manufacturing a sexbot?”

“Men have always fallen in love with their machines.  Still, FER-RON is an exceptional robot, and I want RayWeight to retain its prestige.  If we do put certain features in our home robot, I want it to be more than simply a hole.  Mother agrees with me.  With you seeming to agree as well, I believe that RayWeight will have to concede to certain points when all their prominent female employees unite.”  She then looked to Fran while adding, “I however will monitor changes in the behavior of our Chattanooga series as she ages.  When added to the reports from others owning these androids we might find RayWeight to actually need to produce sexbots.”

I nodded while saying, “FER-RON is mine.  She was actually constructed by Jimmy, but he kept me as informed as possible all during her design and creation.  I was there the night she killed Jimmy, but I accepted the responsibility for her.  She is mine.  I don’t know if I will feel the same about any other robot produced by the company, especially a sexbot, even though they will also be built with my code and supervision.”

Chu said, “Well, Queen, I know a number of men who would like to bang FER-RON.”

I pointed to the neatly trimmed hairy area between Fran’s legs as I said, “There is only a plate there.  Even if there was a hole, I doubt even the horniest man would be satisfied with the experience.”

“Some would just want the right to make the claim.  FER-RON is lovely, Queen, and I am hearing that they are designing the new robots off her appearance.  Whatever they put down below I believe men would be more than glad to access.”

I had to ask, “Do you find Fran attractive?”

“I did not like the outfit they had her in, and her hairstyle was not the best.  Still, she was cute enough.  When I had her undress, which she did without any argument, she was rather lovely.  Not what I look for in the ladies I speak with, but I think that was the point.  The Straw Sapien Corporation wanted a sexbot that would be found pleasing, but not actually compete with any actual lady.  As for a sexbot looking like FER-RON, I believe a man would want her instead of their actual lady.”

It was Mary that asked, “You find her that attractive?”

“I can assure both of you ladies, even Fran, that FER-RON is hot.”

I said, “I do not know if those at RayWeight will consider that a good or bad issue.”

Mary commented, “I believe good, as they are using her appearance as a model for their other robots.”

Chu asked, “How about a male sexbot?  The Straw Sapien Corporation did say that they planned for their Edinburgh series to be male.”

“While I might be interested, I have the same problem as FER-RON.  There is a plate where my vagina should be.”

I admitted, “I would like to have a relationship with a real man, but my work is so very involved.  By the time the Edinburgh series is produced, I might find myself interested.”

Chu said, “You will find somebody, Queen.”

“I am not saying that I won’t find someone, but I am saying that he will find me working.  I really don’t have a life where I can take time for a family.”

Mary replied, “Mother worked, and she found Daddy.  Don’t give up hope, Debra.”

Chu spoke his support for those words.  “Yes, Queen.  There are more people coming to Mission all the time.  With the discovery of the new portal, and positive contact with the okagaki and verikiy, even more people should be leaving Earth.  There will be a man coming for you.”

“You need to go to bed, Debra.  Take the time to dream about the man you want, because you will need to recognize him.”

“In the meantime, Mary and I will be looking at Fran.”

TimeSaga:  The Development, the first 12 stories edited, is now available on Kindle.
TimeSaga:  The Advance, the following 8 stories, is presently being edited.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.

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PostSubject: Chapter Two   November 9th 2015, 7:45 am

Creating Problems
TimeSaga: The Society Story One

Chapter Two

I was thinking of men as I opened the curtains after waking. Mission did not have the twenty-four hour rotation of Earth. It also lacked a moon, so nothing to regulate a steady circular motion. Tremors were thus an annoying feature of the planet, although lacking the plates of Earth they were not strong enough to disrupt good construction. Those of us on Mission however went by our own clocks ignoring the rising and setting of the sun. While it was nice to rise and look over a lit view of the landscape, I knew the experience would not be a consistent part of my life.

Concerned for what might have happened while I slept, I went to my communication device and asked, “FER-RON, what is your status?”

Even though I did not put the device on, I could still hear the female voice of my robot. “Linda checked me out, and verified that I was still in optimal condition. Roy informed us that there would be a meeting of the Solomon Foundation and the Flags of Freedom concerning advancing through the new gate. The request was made that you and I attend, as all our evidence speaks of the korlocks as remaining a threat.”

“How much time do we have?”

“A little over an hour. Your employees said to wake you at the hour mark, and I accepted their suggestion.”

“Very good. I am going to take a bath and prepare myself. Make certain that you are looking your best as well, FER-RON.”

The voice of Linda now came over the speaker. “I will get on it, Queen. You want her in a dress?”

“I will be in a dress, and if they are not going to open the portal there should not be any fear of korlocks.”

“She will be in a dress. Knock them dead, Queen.”

I looked into a mirror wondering how I could appear overly attractive. The braid that fell down the left side of my face was not done for beauty, but just to keep my hair out of my eyes while I worked. My body was in good shape, but working with a robot built for combat forced me to stay in condition. I had no control over my brown eyes. While I could alter the coppery color of my hair, I had no desire to do so. While I heard men speak positively of my appearance, I looked into the mirror just considering it to be me and not someone especially attractive.

As I applied my make-up I found myself wondering how men saw me. Did they just see me as a female with their hormones reacting simply due to my gender and not my appearance? Did they focus on my chest, which really was not that large, and really never see the work I did to make my countenance something attractive? I thought about the things Dr. Beyonce had Jimmy do to FER-RON, and wondered if my legs not being that long, my hair not falling down my back, or other details that I could not change were truly important. All I could do to myself were the things women usually did in making themselves presentable. Wondering if the compliments from the men would be honest I left my room.

I entered what had become our kitchen and dining room to hear some clattering. Suddenly, Lenny backed from the table with his body all covered in food. Everyone else was laughing. As I believe he sought a rag, I heard him say something that I did not consider to apply to the situation.

“You are very lovely, Queen Debra.”

Li threw Lenny a towel. That was not enough to get him active, so the slightly larger form of Chu pushed Lenny to the table to get him working at cleaning up the mess. Hoping to get some understanding of the situation, I threw out a statement I had heard from Chu earlier.

“I was told that FER-RON was the hot one.”

Considering our robot was in the room, another round of laughter erupted. I saw FER-RON in a dress I was familiar with, and I did not consider what make-up had been applied to be anything special. Of course, she had a body that any lady would want. The legs were long. The breasts were large and firm. She had long strands of what appeared to be shimmering blue hair, although I knew the lengths were truly fibers for detecting signals. The robot did not laugh, but I sought to bring her into the conversations going on in the room.

“How do you think I look, FER-RON?”

The robot spoke with a pleasant flat feminine tone. “You look very well, Debra. We should be able to make a good presentation.”

I had programmed certain responses to indicate awareness of her situation. What FER-RON had said was that she was aware we would be going to a meeting. While she had been created as a weapon, my intention in programming her was to assure that she could safely operate around people. FER-RON could understand that gatherings of people did not need to have any level of danger. While most weapons had no other purpose than to inflict harm, my robot could interact in beneficial manners. My honor came in the calm interactions that could be done with FER-RON, enabling her to not be a threat in the normal situations of life.

I said, “Well, let me eat. Hopefully I can sit at the table without spilling everything on me.”

Lenny left as another round of laughter sounded. I sat down amazed at how this building had become a nice place to call home. It had not been built by humans, but by a race of creatures that no longer existed in the normal manner. Those who had constructed this community of large multi-storied buildings were now only semi-physical monsters. Not only had they left behind structures, but technology, and it was with those devices that mankind was managing to move from Earth. Mary showed up as we started laughing on another topic than Lenny’s nervous nature, and we welcomed her at the table.

I was the head of the team that had created the prototype robot for RayWeight Technologies. At the time I was not even an employee of RayWeight, but hired by the lady that had created the main business of RayWeight. Mary still was not an employee, but the daughter of that lady. With all of us becoming successful, we had been bought into the large company. My team however still held a special status even among the large corporate structure of RayWeight.

My title of Queen came from my association with the man actually responsible for the design and initial construction of FER-RON. From his initial meetings with Dr. Leanna Beyonce, Jimmy Belgard had let it be known that he wanted me to be the programmer. With his encouragement I had focused upon computer logic and personality construction. The initial code for the robot had been purely mechanistic in nature, and that had resulted in FER-RON killing Jimmy. Everyone knew of our relationship, and called us the King and Queen of our industry. With the death of the king, the queen was given the premier status, and I had taken the authority to bring a quality to our female robot that all recognized as being superior to any other mechanical construct.

We all looked up as a lad entered the dining area. He had red hair and blue eyes. He tended to dress in a light shirt and pants covered by a long coat. He felt the outfit fit his position as captain of a spaceship, even though no other captain of such a vessel dressed in a similar fashion. Roy was a product of our technology in that he had been grown using our control of time to assure that no advancement occurred unless certain mutations happened. He was thus not a normal lad, but we had come to think of him as a friend.

“Hey, Debra, guys, FER-RON, and Miss Mary Worsheim. Debra, I hope you do not mind if I bring you to the meeting.”

Mary replied, “If we did, we would have informed you earlier.”

Linda said, “You cannot slip one by Mary.”

The pink-headed girl commented, “Your status with the Solomon Foundation does enable your presence at the meeting, and your control of the Roland gives you the availability of other means of transportation. You vehicle is better than the one we have.”

Roy stood before an open place at the table as he said, “Well, yes – uh? That was a compliment?”

Laughter sounded as I told the lad to help himself to some food before taking a seat. He did grab a biscuit and put some things inside before sitting at the table with a cup of coffee. While physically a lad, and basically with the mentality of a lad, there was a level of maturity in the thoughts of Roy. He thus could understand most of the conversations that occurred at the table, and freely made comments between taking bites of food.

I was glad when the topic of the coming meeting came up. I never knew what to expect from such gatherings. While we were on a planet that was not Earth originally settled by a race of beings not human, it always bothered me that others would focus on maintaining our society. I felt we needed to expand our conversations to speak of how we would adjust to take advantage of the cultures we were infiltrating, but I always felt that others assumed we would eventually make the worlds of the korlocks, who we now knew called themselves the Nerisus Federation, our own. At least this meeting would speak of the roll of the manufactured presences, and as a major representative of RayWeight Technologies I felt the topics would at least concern my job if not my life.

Leaving our building, I looked up before entering Roy’s vehicle. The city we were in was on the edge of an ocean, and we did get some weather. I saw the clouds to a possible coming storm disperse as a spaceship came low. I then looked around as a strange sound could be heard.

Roy cursed. I saw Mary put a hand on the side of the vehicle to help her stand while she closed her eyes and concentrated. FER-RON looked to me and simply informed me that there were no korlocks in the area. I then yelled to hopefully get those with me to hear over the curses of Roy.


The eyes of Mary opened, then she said in a stern fashion, “She is crying.”

I activated my communication device to order, “Chu, get to Fran! Comfort her!”

I heard his voice reply, “What? Queen, what do you mean?”

“Have sex with her, or something. She has no experience with this!”

“With what?”


“What? Ooh!” I got the impression that Chu finally recognized what was bothering me. “The okagaki are attacking?”

It was Mary that answered, “No, that is a Zychi vessel. At the moment I am unable to detect any transmissions from them, so cannot say why they are doing this.”

Before I could again issue a command, Chu said, “Okay, Queen, Mary, I will be going to Fran. I will do what I can for her.”

Roy asked, “Okay, Debra, but what do we do?”

I answered, “Well, as much as I hate to say it, we take that ship out.”

TimeSaga: The Development, the first 12 stories edited, is now available on Kindle.
TimeSaga: The Advance, the following 8 stories, is presently being edited.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter 3   November 14th 2015, 7:48 am

Creating Problems
TimeSaga: The Society Story One

Chapter Three

My robot was very dangerous, but built to protect humanity from the threat of korlocks. Her weapons were thus mostly energy projectors intended to disrupt the nature of the mostly non-physical aliens. While normal creatures could be hurt by her armaments at short range, the nature of energy tended to have it disperse at distances. I thus looked up wondering how I could disrupt the sound the ship in the sky was producing.

I spun hearing a voice I wanted to hear ask, “Debra, what is going on?”

A group of mercenaries had taken over a building not too far from us. They had inadvertently become involved in the advance of humanity beyond Earth. Due to one of their group being the only active member of what had been a business creating cyborgs, they had been welcomed by the others moving to the new world. Having worked with the mercenaries, I knew them and their capabilities.

It was the cyborg that had asked the question, and I replied to him. “Perry, we need a weapon to take out that sound.”

“You expect me to take out a spaceship?”

“The speaker or speakers on that spaceship emitting that sound.”

“Where’s the speaker?”

I spoke in a manner to assure that he understood I was taking command. “Mary is right there. She can help you locate the speaker. However, you need a weapon that can reach that spaceship.”

From near the mercenaries building I heard a voice exclaim, “ALL RIGHT! Will be back with a big gun!”

Perry stepped up to ask, “Mary, can you locate a speaker?”

Wanting to assure the success of my plan, I said, “I know that sound has electromagnetic properties as well, but any disruption should spoil the effect.”

She nodded while saying, “This sound is more disrupting than that of the okagaki, but my experience with their music does help me maintain some control.” She looked up, then said, “I will probably need to aim the weapon myself.” Her eyes then looked past the cyborg as she exclaimed, “Oh! Perry, tell Charcoal that he has the right plan. I can see his instruments, so will verify his aim.”

Mary had been designed to receive all sorts of information. She lived her life constantly being bombarded by every type of signal that was produced naturally and artificially. She often spoke of her time with her father, who we now knew had been murdered, being encouraged to maintain her sanity amidst having to start life receiving all sorts of information. Mary now had experience in routing all the information that came to her, and being able to put some focus on whatever she at the moment considered of notable importance.

Roy went over to hug the girl as she closed her eyes to concentrate. With both being creatures of our technology, I felt that they were right for each other in being able to understand some of the feelings that were resulting from the music. The presence of Roy did seem to provide some comfort to Mary, as she managed to provide clear information to Perry to relay to his leader.

Upon saying the word, “Fire,” I heard the report of a large weapon. Barely a second later, I saw a sign that the spaceship had been impacted. The music could still be heard, but I saw relief in faces of Roy and Mary that let me know that the power of the disrupting influence was much less. I spoke to Perry to let him know my position on their use of the weapon.

“Send a bill to Zychi with a copy going to RayWeight and the Solomon Foundation. Somebody will pay you.”

Roy said, “Damn right! Zychi will pay, but if we have to recuperate our loss from them we will add our own percentage.”

I believe Perry was going to say something, but Mary spoke first. “Charcoal says that your support is welcomed.”

I said, “Roy, get us to that meeting. I think we have one more thing for everyone to consider.”

“Uh, yeah!” I saw him actually grab the lass’ hand as he commanded, “Come on, Mary! We have a meeting to attend.”

I made certain FER-RON got into the vehicle. She did look around as if needing to verify one more time that no korlocks were in the area. She then moved to obey me and climbed into the transport.

The city we inhabited was a rather large coastal settlement made up almost completely of multi-story buildings. The one my team inhabited was almost twenty stories, and it was considered a medium construction. The buildings lacked large atriums and other impressive features of space that would be provided in our skyscrapers on Earth, which caused some to want to tear these structures down and others to walk around and ponder the mentality of those that had designed this type of architecture. Sometimes I would find myself in moods to do either, although my true concern was on personalities and how to represent those facets of human behavior in code. As I traveled through the city, I listened to Roy try to speak to Mary while mentally going over code changes to enable a robot to better perform in this alien civilization.

We arrived at the building for the meeting to see a Zychi shuttle blocking the street. The population of the city was nowhere near large enough to have traffic problems, so luxuries such as landing a space vehicle on a main thoroughfare was not a concern. A crowd however had developed that I assumed was almost everyone voicing their opinions of the recent demonstration to the Zychi representative.

People clapped when I stepped out, although I was not certain if they were applauding me or FER-RON. Considering what had happened, I moved forward wanting to say that it was neither of us that attacked the Zychi ship. A man I did not know however moved through the crowd showing no pleasure in what the people were doing or with meeting me.

“Queen Debra, let me say that no complaint will be issued against you.”

I replied, “You can complain all you want, but you better pay the bill that should have already been sent to you.”

“We will do so with pride, as it proves the effectiveness of our weapon.”

“I doubt it. It was Mary that helped aim that missile. Roy was also doing what he could to provide support. Perry was with me helping manage the cooperation of his mercenary team. Other than bothersome, I cannot imagine who was fully disoriented.”

I learned from the others that their androids had been handicapped. The Annapolis series were like Mary, created to receive a large variety of signals, so were mostly placed in communication situations. That enabled them to connect with each other, and from the information of those who had experienced the earlier attack of the okagaki managed to overcome the influence of the Zychi broadcast. The few Baltimore series androids however attacked those around them, but being girls not trained for combat most were easily subdued. A few did suffer harm with a number asking if my team could work on them and to send the bill to Zychi. I spoke of my concern for the Chattanooga android sent to my team, and the others had me contact Chu.

His voice went quiet as he said, “I did what I had to do, Queen, but everything is fine.”

Considering how many people were listening in, I tried not to ask something that would embarrass the man. “I am hearing that those of the Baltimore series attacked. Fran is in a mature body and not that of a girl.”

“Yes, but the Chattanooga series was not built to be aggressive. The Baltimore was designed to be a little more versatile than the Annapolis, so could be more active. Let me say that the Chattanooga do have some acceptance of those that might like it a little rough, but they still focus on pleasing and not resisting certain advances. Fran did start screaming, but calmed down emotionally when I held her. I however could tell that she was still being disturbed, but that just inspired her to be a little active, which led to things.”

The Zychi representative put on a smile as he asked, “Could you say that what our signal did improved your interaction with the Chattanooga series?”

“It’s a sick individual that wants to use pain to up the intensity of any behavior.”

A number of individuals, especially ladies, voiced their agreement with what Chu said. The Zychi representative spoke loudly of us taking the discussion inside, but many stated that they wanted the issue to be dealt with in the open. It however quickly became apparent that the primary complaints had already been voiced, so an agreement for a more formal proceeding was allowed.

While entering the building, a number of people came up to introduce themselves to me and FER-RON. It seemed that they considered themselves heads of family, so had some importance upon their arrival on Mission. I had nothing against people seeking a new home for themselves, but reframed from letting the people know that I did not expect to remain on Mission.

As soon as we were all settled in the large meeting room, Abraham Marshall, the man who we allowed was a good moderator of our gatherings, asked the initial question. “Queen Debra, what has RayWeight instructed you in the matter of the new gate?”

I stood to answer, “It is on record that Dr. Beyonce and Dr. Ryans declared their discoveries with the technology found to be historic, so not able to be patented. What we need are the coordinates, and Captain Roy has his instructions to follow those coordinates to the next world.”

The human race was at a strange place in technology. We had the capabilities to move fantastic distances, but still with only rocket engines to get from place to place. We knew what the aliens that constructed the portals, and this city, had done, but not all the science of their creation. Basically, we could use and duplicate magic wands without any understanding of magic. While some knowledge of our own technology gave us some understanding of the process, a multitude of physicists sought to find the equations that truly would enable us to comprehend the forces with which we played. The human race presently needed the guidance of those that left the technology for us to find, but we stayed cautious with the acceptance that we were playing with forces beyond our present level of understanding.

Abraham asked, “And you will be taking FER-RON with you?”

“Yes, but RayWeight is also working upon a production series of robots built from her specifications. At least a dozen of the military grade have been promised to this city.”

Someone from the audience asked, “Will they also be called FER-RON?”

“No, but will be advertised as PASSIONs and DARLINGs. Protect And Serve Single Interacting Offensive Neighbors are the military models. Domestic Approved Robot Living and Interacting Nicely with Guests are the private citizen models, and it is hoped that everyone will spend money to purchase at least one. I know that they will be numbered, but I suspect the lesson learned by the Straw Sapien Company will have names assigned to the robots.”

A number felt a need to discuss what I said in a little more detail. I did what I could to answer serious questions while ignoring silly comments or negative opinions. A number wanted to clarify the differences in what we considered androids and what we considered only robots, although in appearance just as human in form. With Mary present in the audience and a couple of Baltimore series serving refreshments, I felt it easy enough to differentiate between those who actually were partially human and FER-RON who was completely machine. Some however had to discuss features as if versatility in job capabilities defined human traits more than biology.

Abraham finally managed to move the conversation along. “Dr. Petinabi, when do you plan on opening the portal again?”

One of the directors of the team that had discovered the new portal rose to answer, “Now that we are fully prepared to send through a probe, as soon as everything can be arranged. Note that with the earlier eruption of korlocks, along with knowledge of our struggle to achieve Mission and what we have learned from the verikiy, FER-RON will be active and our military alerted.”

Abraham then asked, “Captain Roy, with the acquisition of good coordinates, you are then prepared to move to the next world?”

Roy stood to answer, “Yes, although our own fear of korlocks will have us not move until FER-RON is on board. That means I will not leave until things are again quiet here on Mission.”

TimeSaga: The Development, the first 12 stories edited, is now available on Kindle.
TimeSaga: The Advance, the following 8 stories, is presently being edited.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter 4   November 19th 2015, 7:43 am

Creating Problems
TimeSaga: The Society Story One

Chapter Four

I stepped outside to see my brother. Actually being glad to see him, I went to where he leaned against his vehicle. I then noticed something about him, and I have to admit that I spoke first on that topic.

"You are growing your hair long?"

"We are special forces, Debra. When we return to our headquarters we can be ordered to return to regulation. At present we can do things our way. Armor really does not help in the fight against korlocks, so we are going for a more ninja type of appearance."

"Ninjas have long hair?"

Sergeant Fujabi, who was of oriental descent, answered, "Yes, Queen Debra. It was a sign of being at peace with one's self to have one's hair long."

Clyde said, "He started it. He's my man, so I started it out of support. Not certain about it right now, but I will support my team."

FER-RON asked, "Why is Jericho not wearing his hair long?"

"You can see him, FER-RON?"

"Yes. He is a product of the time technology of Dr. Beyonce, so I can detect him."

I had to interject, "Luckily, she does not think of him as a korlock."

"He is not phased out right now, Debra, but right there." She pointed, and I could see the lad under the vehicle looking from behind a wheel. "When he was using his time disruption skills to gain that position, it did require some effort to differentiate him."

Clyde's team started laughing. I gained the impression that Jericho had bragged about his ability to stay undetected. It felt good hearing Clyde speak in support of my capabilities, so I had a smile on my face as I spoke to the lad.

"Jericho, I am glad that you have decided to work with my brother. It gives me hope that he might make a good father some day."

While some laughter did start, Clyde quickly shot back, "And how about you, Sister?"

I admitted, "I have started going out again."

"And I took you a few times. Nothing has sparked with either of us, but let's continue to stay in contact. Going back to what you call home?"

"Just woke up, actually, so might hang around Roy. Dr. Petinabi and Dr. Arsenach are closer to opening the portal than they were admitting inside."

In a loud bark, Clyde declared, "You heard that, Men! My sister just told you to be on the alert."

Another with the rank of sergeant, although I simply knew the black man by the name of Freckles, asked, "Anything else you can tell us, Queen Debra?"

I answered, "Just that this opening is for a reason, so it will not be quickly shut down. The team is trusting in our capabilities to resist the korlocks, and I am willing to do all I can to support and protect them while they are doing their work."

"I don't see anything wrong with that."

Others spoke their own agreement. We then spoke about where we planned on physically being. Once we were satisfied that we would be able to cover the important points in the city, others were allowed to speak on their own topics whether important to any missions or not.

We all turned hearing the heavy footsteps of a man walking toward us. He was large, although clearly in shape. His body was also heavily decorated declaring a distinguished service in the Iranian Air Force. I knew the man as General Mark Iasaki, and those with Clyde declared that they knew the man by speaking a greeting to him.

He said, "There is talk among the hierarchy of the Flags of Freedom to force the next world to be truly a land for the prophet. We wanted such for this world, but it has been settled by many from many lands. We want a world truly pleasing to Allah, so will be against any of you advancing. Once a portal beyond is discovered, we can discuss a Christian world. We have the technology to direct a Rothman Tube to whatever coordinates we set, so there is no reason for those that call Jesus the Christ to disturb us that honor Allah's true prophet."

Freckles replied, "We are all still human. Even if this next world is given to the Islamic faith, we of other faiths should be able to move with liberty."

"Not settle. The land will belong to Allah and those that follow the teachings of his prophet."

I said, "It is not just the Islamic countries flying ships with the designation of being Flags of Freedom. Is this a personal opinion, or is there truly some agreement within the organization?"

"There is the opinion that there will be many worlds found, so the possibility for a variety of global philosophies having dominance."

Clyde said, "You cannot stop people from wanting to be free, General Iasaki. However pure you feel a world should be, you might end up disappointed."

"We shall see. I am however here to speak on the concern of the new emigrants to this world concerning the threats of korlocks."

My brother displayed no hesitation to speak with the general about his intended movements. Considering that my robot had been built for making an impression, I never considered my actions with her to be a secret. The general listened to what we said, then spoke of something about the possible movements of the aliens.

"The korlocks have made a world-wide attack upon Earth."

Clyde said before I could, "If your people came unprepared to fight korlocks, it was not wise."

"And I will assume the korlocks will also be threat as we move on to other worlds."

I answered, "I was told that there is a focus to the problem, but that it is worlds away. Earth was on the fringe of the korlocks, the Nerisus Federation, expansion. Mission was as well. Yes, as we advance within the actual society of the korlocks it can be assumed that the threat level will increase."

Clyde added, "And it should also be assumed that we humans are not at war with each other. While we might have various faiths and beliefs, one universal truth should be that we stay at peace with each other."

Gen. Iasaki replied, "Of course. May Allah be with you."

As the Iranian officer left, we turned as another man advanced. This one we did not consider a threat. In fact, Dr. Petinabi was met with smiles and handshakes when he advanced to our gathering.

He said, "I just want it said that we should be activating the portal in a little over an hour. It will take us some time to get the probe into position and assure everything, but a good bit of the work has already been done." He then looked to me to add, "Queen Debra, it would ease our minds to have you and your robot present."

Roy added, "Debra, I will stay to take you to the Roland once the probe sends back its information along with what information your instruments can tell us about the coordinates."

Mary said, "I will need to be there to get the best readings from the probe."

"I will be waiting for you to join me as well."

After some parting words, we left to our various duties. Clyde simply told us that he would be about with his team. Roy took us to the building where the portal had been found. He spoke parting words of wishing us luck, then decided to take on the duty of escorting us ladies.

I will admit to being bored, but stayed smiling knowing that my inactivity was a good thing. Mary helped me pass the time. While she was very aware of everything those working with the portal was doing, the fact that they did not need her to supply information meant that nothing irregular was occurring. In the matters with which we worked, it was a good thing to be bored.

The tension did build as the moment for opening the portal approached. Those working with Dr. Petinabi and Dr. Arsenach would check with me or FER-RON in increasing frequency as they felt the time approaching. I also saw them gain possession of their own weapons. By the time Dr. Arsenach announced that he would insert the key, I believe we were ready to have the tension in our bodies released either in relief or combat.

The first portal that mankind found, the one on Earth, was down eighty feet in water. It had been built in the rocky side of what had been a coastal cliff thousands of years ago. Considering the size of the portal, it had been assumed that all transport points would be outside. Dr. Petinabi and Dr. Arsenach however claimed to gain some understanding of the symbols left behind, and choose their building on the declaration that it had something to do with the korlocks' space program. While they actually only hoped to gain some support for their translation along with artifacts showing information of the spread of the alien culture, they were excited to find a portal in a large room beneath the building.

The enclosed space had the scientists originally assume that this portal would connect with a portal on another planet. What they had however learned was that this one also would put whatever traveled through it in space almost half a million miles above a planet. Those that speculated about changes in locations after thousands of years felt that the evidence would speak in favor of a specific hypothesis, and had been arguing which proposed theory would gain the support. The enclosed space had us concerned for the spent fuel as the probe propelled itself into the portal, but we all watched from a safe distance eager to receive what information would be relayed.

I believe that we were all prepared for korlocks, which was why we reacted incorrectly when Mary screamed. Instead of asking her about the reason for her to cry out, we assumed an attack by the semi-corporeal monsters. It was however a transmission from an Annapolis series on board the Roland that alerted us to another problem that could be affecting Mary.

"I cannot comprehend it. Annapolis series seventeen also says that it is incomprehensible. What is Mary saying about it?"

We all looked to each other with perplexed expressions. Again I must say that we surely all thought of 'it' being korlocks. It was FER-RON that looked to Mary while stating some understanding of the situation.

"There is a transmission being delivered, but no korlocks. We are safe."

Roy said, "Transmission?" He looked at Mary while his face creased with signs of concentration before saying, "Yes, something is overwhelming her mind. It feels like power to me, but I can determine that it is information."

I moved to her while saying, "I guess that we are going to have to trust her training to handle the data." I hugged her while saying, "We are here for you, Mary."

Roy grabbed one of her hands while saying, "Yes, Mary, we are here with you," in a manner that I felt he was sending the message telepathically and not just verbally."

The next one to speak was Dr. Petanabi who declared, "The portal is not closing!"

I actually felt that to be a good thing. While I did feel for Mary, I felt it was best if she got the complete transmission. While her mind was probably stressed with the alien information, not getting the complete message could end up being a lasting problem as she felt unable to truly deal with what part she had given. Hoping it to be a good thing that whatever happened would go on until its conclusion I held Mary hoping she knew that she had nothing to worry about except to deal with the problem affecting her.

TimeSaga: The Development, the first 12 stories edited, is now available on Kindle.
TimeSaga: The Advance, the following 8 stories, is presently being edited.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter 5   November 23rd 2015, 7:49 am

Creating Problems
TimeSaga: The Society Story One

Chapter Five

The sounds of pain ended with Mary emitting what I took to be a scream of relief as the portal closed. I looked to Roy thinking to say what thanks I could for also showing his support to the girl. I however then felt the weight of her mechanical body, so looked for someone who could handle Mary's weight.

"FER-RON, I want you to pick up Mary and carry her as we travel back to our building."

Roy said, "Debra, you do not have medical people."

"If this was a transmission problem then I have the people to deal with it." Hoping for some support for my conclusion, I asked, "What information did you get from the probe?"

Again I heard the voice of Annapolis Twenty-two over a speaker, "We do have coordinates. We can thus make a jump. The images however speak of a lot of clutter."

I believe that a number of us responded to the word 'clutter.' One of those working with Dr. Petinabi and Dr. Arsenach directed us to a computer monitor. We all gathered around the screen to speak of what we felt were various destroyed spacecraft. I looked to Roy to let him know how I felt we should respond.

"You work with your people to determine things about making the jump. In the meantime I will see about helping Mary."

Dr. Arsenach declared, "Captain Roy, don't you argue with her! I need you to focus on making that jump. Let Queen Debra do what she can. If she needs medical personnel, I am certain she can get it. You and I need to make sense of what data we have."

Roy said, "Yeah – uh, Mary, you hold on there." I felt the lad would have kissed her had he been older or just a little more confident about his relationship with the girl. "Debra, the Solomon Foundation does have medical people. I will alert them."

Dr. Arsenach again took control by saying, "Your people are on board the Roland, Captain Roy. There are medical people with the new emigrants. Let us on this planet work together while you work to seeing about things with the next planet."

"I guess that is what I will do."

I tried to smile at the lad. As I helped FER-RON gain a good hold of Mary, I felt that Roy needed some confidence that things would work out. I thus worked to make my smile wide and clear as I thought of what to say.

"We could be trying to work with all this while fighting korlocks. Luckily, they did not seem to attack this time. We can thus get immediately to work on what we consider important. Trust me to work with Mary, and I will trust you to have some knowledge of our situation when we travel to this new planet."

Roy replied, "Well, uh, I was hoping to have Mary with us."

"Mary has gone through a lot in her short life just as you have. Both of you have proven to be rather resilient. I thus see no reason why Mary will not be active again shortly."

A number of people spoke words of support for what I said. Roy thus stepped back out and allowed me to leave with FER-RON who carried Mary. I had never put my robot in such a situation, so did check with her. Each time I saw the young girl being carried with care, so spoke words of support to FER-RON as I drove Roy's vehicle to my building.

Pulling up I saw other vehicles, and actually felt grateful to be met by General Iasaki and others. He not only had a couple of medical doctors with him, but an Annapolis series as well. I had not met number sixty-one, but the girl with white hair looked just like the rest of those in the series. I told them all that I was grateful for what help they could give, and invited them all into our building.

For someone that could receive so much information, Mary really had no method of relaying that data to others. She spoke of her father, the late Dr. Worsheim, saying that he did not want her to become just an instrument, a machine, used by others. He told her that she would have to deal with people and have them deal with her as normal people. For her to let us know her problem she was thus going to have to speak to us, but we looked at her unconscious body wondering how to make that happen.

Annapolis series number sixty-one said, "I am not psychic. Maybe Captain Roy should have stayed with Mary, as he is psychic."

I replied, "He was with us when this happened, but really could not provide help."

Hearing my name, I turned to see a monitor showing the image of Dr. Leanna Beyonce. She was the one that I considered my boss, even though my position in RayWeight actually had me working with the corporate leadership. She however was the one that had hired me, and had done the initial design work on my robot. I however also knew that Dr. Leanna Beyonce was the mother of Mary.

"Debra, I am coming with Nick B2. I know that you have studied the research done by my husband to create Mary, but I knew my husband at a little deeper level. Also, whatever help you think Roy could supply, Nick should be just as capable."

I really felt Mary would overcome her trauma on her own, but I spoke another fact that I was certain about. "Your daughter really wants to meet you."

"We have spoken several times. Also, I know that she has monitored every conversation between you and me, Debra. While we have different lives, the time has come for us to meet. The Kayla has been sent to retrieve me and Nick. We should thus be there in a few hours."

General Iasaki said, "I am going to get some rest. I will take the doctors back to their homes, but they will be available should you call."

I replied, "Yes, thank you. While I know that you are all new to Mission, I am grateful that you were so willing to make yourselves available. This is a new society, but it should be one that has us advancing with the determination to make our future a peaceful one."

Li declared, "No matter what our beliefs."

General Iasaki turned to look at my female programmer, then said, "While we all surely want a good future, we cannot deny our pasts. It is my opinion that we all are products of our pasts, so must make decisions about our future in a manner that prevents certain differences of belief from continuing to spoil our relationships with each other."

I said words of appreciation, and was glad to hear those thoughts supported by the members of my team. I saw the general and those he brought back out to their vehicles. After some pleasant words, I watched them leave. I however was glad that Li spoke before I could upon my return to Mary.

"Sorry, Queen Debra, but I had to say it."

I replied, "It was not the proper forum, but honesty is always the best response. Let us do what we can for Mary."

Linda asked, "What can we do? Mary is not like FER-RON. We cannot put the girl in a special container and have her reveal all possible states and the code controlling them."

"No, but we do know how she was built. We can thus monitor her processes and assure that nothing irregular occurs. What we know about Mary is that she is constantly receiving information. We thus can keep letting her know that we care for her, and hopefully that will give her the mental strength to recover."

Chu asked, "Do you think we could have Fran look after Mary?"

Surprised to even hear the suggestion offered, I had to ask, "How well will she treat those of the same sex?"

"She has made passes at Linda and Li." Both ladies spoke an affirmation of that fact. "Fran does have an understanding of simply caring for a person, and not necessarily needing sex in return. I think it would help having her develop those traits."

There was a short discussion of Chu's proposal. I gained the impression that Fran had not made friends with any of my team, but they did want a way to make her a part of their lives. After we discussed how to work with our Chattanooga series, I told Chu to go get her.

When Fran came into the room with Mary, the Chattanooga series did show concern for the unconscious girl. She kissed a cheek, then listened as we spoke of what we wanted her to do. While gaining a cloth to wipe Mary's face, Fran however revealed her lack of understanding of things by asking a basic question.

"Why won't she wake up?"

I answered, "She might be awake right now. We feel that she was overloaded with information, and her mind just needs time to sort through everything. She has a brain like all of us, but it is kept busy handling all sorts of data that her body can collect. We need to give her body support while her brain does what it has to do."

"Oh. I have a normal brain as well, but I also have a part of it that just wants to have human contact, sexual if at all possible."

"Mary cannot grow old, as her mechanical body cannot grow. Where a normal girl, and you, have sexual organs, she does not. She will be a girl all her life."

"Will she feel?"

Li replied, "We want you to just care for her, Fran. You do not need to have sex with someone to simply care for them."

I spoke to support those words. "Talk to her, Fran. Wipe her face and hands. If we need to undress her to clean her, you can help. You are ours, which means you must be a part of our lives. We want you to be more to us than just someone to have sex with."

Fran said, "I like having sex. A part of my brain keeps telling me to have sex. Still, I want all of you to like me even when I am not having sex."

"Well, good. Fran, I am not certain if you are aware, but this is Mary Worsheim. She is the one used as a prototype for all those your company builds. The Annapolis series was built when the Straw Sapien Company had Mary as a captive. With the success of the Annapolis series, the Baltimore, and now the Chattanooga series was built. Those of the Annapolis call Mary their big sister, and I guess she is your big sister as well."

Suddenly shock showed on Fran's face, then she said, "Yes, I suddenly remember all that. Yes, I will care for Mary Worsheim. She is my sister. I will do what I can to help her, and I will not have sex with her."

Even with that declaration, we did need to spend time with Fran letting her know some specifics about how to give care. I found myself commenting with those of my team about the actual lack of experience present in our Chattanooga series. She however did seem to be a good person, and willing to change to work with us. Feeling that Mary would receive all the positive support that we felt she could gain, we worked to assure that both young ladies would have a positive future.

TimeSaga: The Development, the first 12 stories edited, is now available on Kindle.
TimeSaga: The Advance, the following 8 stories, is presently being edited.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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Creating Problems: TimeSagaC1 (All 5 Chapters)
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