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 Going to My Girl: TimeSagaC2 (All 4 Chapters)

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PostSubject: Going to My Girl: TimeSagaC2 (All 4 Chapters)   November 28th 2015, 7:50 am

Going to My Girl
TimeSaga: The Society Story Two

Chapter One

I had no one to go to the door for me. The large house, the yacht, the island, all that space, and no one to share it with me. Strangely, I did not feel alone. I had enough to do, so even if someone did live with me I would probably close myself off in a private office. The joke I told a number was that once my company finally produced a maid robot I would buy a half-dozen, and that comment usually worked to change the topic. The truth was that I probably would, but at the moment it was just me in the house. I thus went to the door myself.

No sooner did the door open than a man rushed to hug me with the words, "I'm here for you, Leanna."

I would not push this man away, but I did say, "Rudy, I am going to the team that built FER-RON. They should be more than capable."

"I helped train those people, Leanna. Mary deserves the best, and I am that person. No, I'm going with you."

Rudy was starting to put on weight, but otherwise looked good. No gray showed in his brown hair, although he would dye it colors so I accepted that he could have just colored out the white strands as I did. His brown eyes were covered by glasses and not contacts, but that just let see how bright the brown orbs were. I found myself wishing that I could look so good. I was surprised not to see some of his boyfriends with him. For a homosexual, he had always been a friend to me when I was a straight man and now in my life as a straight woman. I thus let the handsome man into my home thinking it would be good if people started talking about me with be other people.

As we moved into my parlor with the wet bar, Rudy asked, "Now, Leanna, what do you know about Mary?"

"It is hard to know anything about Mary. For a girl that can detect anything more substantial than a thought, attempting to figure out what is going on inside her is almost impossible. She however is not just with good people, but people that have been taking care of her. She trusts Debra and those of her team. She trusts the mercenaries coming to get us."

Rudy interrupted me to ask, "And why do we have mercenaries coming to get us?"

"Because they know Mary. Korlocks did not attack with the opening of the portal, so they became bored. They however felt like doing something, just because they wanted to do something. When they heard of the Kayla coming for me, they volunteered for the trip just to meet Mary's mother."

"Now, by mercenaries, you mean the Pyramid cyborg?"

"He is called Perry, and Mary gave him that name. He knows Mary, Rudy. He is the one that saved Mary from those scoundrels of the Straw Sapien Corporation. You be nice to those people, because they are next to family."

Rudy paused, because I think he considered not asking the question. "Do you know them?"

"I am the one that hired him to rescue Mary. I really cannot say that I met Charcoal or Sandstorm, but I remember my talk with Perry. For someone that is mostly a walking mass of metal, he impressed me as a rather complex individual. I am looking forward to speaking with him again."

"Three men?"

I could not help but smile as I answered, "Yes, Rudy, three men and a boy. Nick B2 is supposed to be at the airport to go with us."

"I can deal with that."

"Perry was married before he became a cyborg. In fact, it was due to his sorrow in losing his wife, son, and dog that he committed suicide and became the property of what we now know as the Solomon Foundation. Charcoal is married, and my reports say that it is his family that has helped to ground both Perry and Sandstorm when not busy. Sandstorm, well, he does take time with the ladies. Not your type of people, Rudy."

"All my romances have been short time, Leanna, and some have only been imagined. I can deal as long as I have handsome men to look at. When do they get here?"

I was glad for the change in topic, and rose from my chair to return to where I was when I heard the doorbell as I answered the question. "I am supposed to get a call from the Kayla when they again enter Earth from the portal. The Kayla is not that large of a ship, but they will need fuel before lifting back off. We will thus meet them at the airport."

There should have been no reason to add that it would not take long to get to the location, and Rudy proved his intelligence by jumping to the questions about things he truly had no knowledge of. "Well, I packed for a normal journey. Anything I might be missing?"

"Pillow, sleeping bag. The city we are going to was built by aliens, and never really lived in. The buildings are thus not built for human comfort, and were never actually made comfortable by anyone. The people there, including our people, have been doing what they can to humanize this city, but they all have had steady jobs as well. We might just have to deal with some unpleasantness."

"You're joking about needing a pillow and sleeping bag."

"I packed a pillow and sleeping bag. We can discuss things after we learn the truth."

By now I had reached the door, and opened it to see a very well dressed lad and a man who appeared comfortable in an old suit. "Leanna, I would like for you to meet my other boy."

Dr. Nicholas Palthulma and I had become acquainted enough to use first names. I did still have some reservations about his actions, but had to admit that his results were not as horrible as one could propose. As for the children produced by his science, they were different although also very human.

I replied, "I have met Nick earlier. Are you going to entrust him to my care?"

"Of course. He is also very familiar with Darlene and Barbara, so should manage well once on board the Roland."

After introducing the two to Rudy, he had me show him what I packed. Seeing that I was not lying about the pillow and sleeping bag, and hearing Nick speak of some of things Roy had said about accommodations on the alien planet, Rudy raided one of my guest bedrooms to gain a pillow and thick comforter. As I helped him stuff the items into his luggage, my phone rang with Captain Burbank informing me that they were now in flight to meet me. I told Rudy that hopefully what he packed would be enough for the journey, then we left my home to travel to the airport.

Considering that I lived on the outskirts of town, and the airport was on the outskirts in another direction, it took time to make the trip in the best of circumstances. We however hit traffic, which had us not arriving until the Kayla was already on the ground. Luckily, it took time to take on fuel, so no time was actually lost in waiting for me, Rudy, and Nick to arrive.

I saw the crowd, but the massive form of Perry could still be made out. I remembered the day he had come to gain the contract to rescue Mary. The security people in the building wanted a picture with him, and while the cameras worked others stepped up to also have a picture with the one surviving fully operational cyborg. The Pyramid program had been a disaster, although many tried to soothe their egos by mentioning the lessons learned. It hurt me to know what had been done to one good man, and possibly others. Perry however did not present a sorrowful figure, and crowds would eagerly seek him out to show him that his life would not be one forgotten.

Seeing me, I saw two armed men nearby signal police who came in to move the crowd back. Perry appeared just as I remembered him. His massive mechanical body appeared to be in good working order, but any modifications had been made without altering the basic design. Only his upper torso showed any signs of being human, although I knew other parts of him were enclosed inside his mechanical form. His blonde hair was still in a military crew cut, and his blue eyes still almost burned a hole through those he looked at.

"Dr. Beyonce, it is nice to see you again. Mary is not sick, and we do expect her to recuperate on her own."

I replied, "I still feel that a child responds better when a parent is near."

"She would definitely love to have you with her. Please, Dr. Beyonce, come with me."

He had a wonderful deep voice. Those who had known him before he became a Pyramid said that he had a voice like that originally. Those who had worked in the Pyramid program said that the metal bodies added a distinct timbre to the speech. Whatever the truth about Perry's voice, no one became disturbed listening to him speak.

To assure an understanding, I introduced Rudy and Nick. Perry introduced Charcoal and Sandstorm. I noticed that nothing more than basic identifiers were spoken, and to hopefully have us meet on a deeper level I mentioned a fact.

"Perry, on documents I noticed that you still use your last name, Douglas."

"Yes, well, I am not going to allow myself to lose my humanity. While I consider Barney to be dead, I don't want to be just a machine."

Charcoal said, "He was going to call himself Perry Eight, but my wife, my daughters, and Mary all gave him Hell about that."

I had to say, "Yes, and I want it understood that I know how well Mary has gotten along with all of you. I want to personally thank you for what you have done to be friends with..." I almost did not say it, "my daughter."

As if sensing the reason for my pause, Perry said, "Mary is a wonderful girl."

Suddenly the voice of another girl sounded support for those words. "Dr. Beyonce, I am Frances, Annapolis series fifty-three. I consider Mary my big sister, so am highly honored to meet you."

The girl did look something like Mary, but not enough to bother me. It helped that she had white hair, while that of Mary was pink. I however had to accept that in a manner this girl did have a connection to me.

"It is good to meet you, Frances. Let me say that Mary has spoken of all of you of the Annapolis series she has met. She also calls you sisters. I hope that I do not trouble you by asking if you intercepted the data that has troubled Mary."

"I detected something faintly, but that was all. Mary was at the portal, and her senses are much better than mine. She was also taught a lot better in handling the information, so I am trusting that she will get better."

If there was one thing that made Mary actually feel like my daughter, it was what she said of my husband. It seemed that Joseph spent a lot of time with his altered daughter to help her adjust to the mechanical form he had her human body grow around. Mary spoke a lot about what she heard from her father providing instruction and encouragement, and I had to accept that my husband considered Mary his daughter, so I felt a need to claim my own connection to the girl.

After sharing a greeting with the captain and other two crew members of the Kayla, we all prepared for the journey. While it was my technology that had enabled us to make use of the alien signals and open our own portals into space, a lot of the journey was still old-fashioned rocket science and aerodynamics. I thus strapped in as directed not doubting that the lift-off and landing of the journey might be rough.

I felt the jolt of the Kayla leaving normal space-time to enter a portal. Considering that I was female due to subjecting myself to my own science, I has some reservations about traveling through the portals I had helped develop the science to open. It however helped hearing the voice of the captain and crew over the speakers, as I could focus on them using the processes I discovered. I however felt disturbed hearing something that I had not prepared for in passing through a portal.

Captain Burbank exclaimed, "What the hell are those? Flying people?"

I believe it was the voice of Butch, the navigator of the Kayla, who answered, "They appear to be large humanoid robots, but maybe there could be aliens inside."

Frances said, "There are creatures inside, and they are giving a command for us to follow them."

TimeSaga: The Development, the first 12 stories edited, is now available on Kindle.
TimeSaga: The Advance, the following 8 stories, is presently being edited.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market. "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.

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PostSubject: Chapter Two   December 3rd 2015, 7:50 am

Going to My Girl
TimeSaga: The Society Story Two

Chapter Two

Captain Burbanks' response to the Annapolis series girl was calm, "We are going through a portal, Frances. How can we follow them?"

I felt a jolt, and appreciated the anxiety in the voice of the helmsman. "We might not have a choice, Captain. They have come beside us as if to nudge us in the direction they want us to go."

"This boat might not be big enough to be called a ship, but it is bigger than those things. We should be able to maintain our course."

I again felt something. Looking to a window, I basically saw what was being displayed on a monitor. We had returned to real space. I assumed that our location was above Mission, but neither my view through a window or on the monitor showed a planet. I felt another jolt, then out the window saw what appeared as a mostly white metallic arm.

The voice of Captain Burbank said, "Frances, you had better be sending a report of our situation."

The girl's voice replied, "Our identifier should have registered, but I will send something a little more formal."

"Yes, do that. Butch, can you make out the identity of our companions. Okagaki? Verikiy? Korlock?"

The navigator stammered out some sounds, then spoke with confidence. "That symbol on the leg is one similar to what was seen on board the Okagaki vessel. I would thus say Okagaki."

The Captain continued to maintain a calm voice as he said, "We were told they were damn instigators." His voice growled as he then mumbled, "Damn, Frances, you can stop talking."

I barely heard in the background, "At present the passengers and crew of the Kayla are still in good condition." She then came back to being heard on the normal in-ship communications to say, "What do you need, Captain?"

"Talk to them. Hell with whatever message they are hoping we understand. They are damned more advanced than we are. They should be able to talk to us."

A different voice broke over the speaker. "Captain, this is Sandstorm. Getting into a spacesuit to speak a more direct and personal language."

"Don't you fire without serious provocation. Let's put them in the wrong. I have a damned Annapolis series observational android. I should be able to get a message from them other than the posturing of their damned robots or whatever these things are."

Another voice, female, came over the speaker. "Kayla, this is the Roland. We are turning in your direction. ETA at present is four hours."

"Four damn hours. Tell them thanks, Frances. Dick, why can't we simply go down to the planet?"

I felt a jolt as if the craft hit something, and I assumed we did with the reply from the helmsman. "That is why, Captain."

"We are bigger than both of those combined."

"Do you want me to force the issue, Captain?"

"I am considering the risks with doing so. Frances, any response?"

I was actually appreciating the chatter over the speakers. The crew of the Kayla was proving themselves as an effective team. It also helped having Nick identify the voice speaking for the Roland as Dr. Darlene LeFleur, as I remembered meeting the lady upon an earlier trip to visit the children of Dr. Pathulma. I certain could not complain with the actions of anyone on the boat, so did not appreciate what I heard from Rudy.

"I am going to the bridge."

As I heard Frances again tell the captain that the aliens were not sending a transmission, I spoke to Rudy. "What do you think you can do to help them?"

He answered, "Check their equipment. The aliens have to be communicating with each other somehow."

"They have shown themselves to have a lot of technology that we have not yet figured out."

"Physics is physics. If they can do it, so can we. Let me however go check and see what this ship is not able to do that I know you and I can."

I began releasing my straps as I said, "I am the one that knows the physics. We however should not need to bother those on the bridge. Surely they have a secondary station somewhere."

Rudy spoke an agreement, then as he floated through a doorway I heard him speak to another. "Perry, where can we get a view of outside."

He answered, "That is what is being shown on the monitors."

"No, I mean get a clear view of the aliens."

The voice of Charcoal said, "That is what I am trying to get here. The damn things are not staying still however."

I moved out to a corridor to find the men huddled in an alcove. I recognized the air lock being nearby, so assumed that Charcoal and Perry were also in touch with Sandstorm who was outside. Rudy went to get his computer, then connected it to the monitor to capture a view of one of the alien craft. They did indeed appear to be humanoid in shape. While the pictures I had seen of the okagaki had them with legs like an animal, these craft had knees like a human. I assumed that standing on one's toes was not as stable as provided by a stance on feet, so they had designed their robots to have legs like a human, surely not even aware of what a human was. I however noticed one extension on the robot that I felt needed to be pointed out to the men.

"Surely that is an antenna, Rudy."

"No. Surely they have antenna like we now have. The days of elongated pieces of metal should be well in their past. Still, there should be a reason for it." He then looked to Charcoal to ask, "What type of weapons does Sandstorm have?"

The answer came, "He probably has it."

Rudy activated a microphone, then asked, "Sandstorm, do you have a gun? You know, the regular shoot a bullet type of weapon?"

Over the speaker came the reply. "Sure. There are guns with enclosed bullets that will fire even in space."

"There are little antenna-like protrubances on these alien craft. Shoot one of them off."

The voice of the captain came over the speaker. "Whoa. I want them to make the first act of aggression."

Rudy replied, "They have already done that. Not fired a weapon, but definitely made the first contact."

The voice of Dick interjected, "I would agree with that."

"I believe those antenna-like projections are static electricity dispersers. Knocking them off will be just as minor of an act as keeping us from making certain maneuvers, but could affect their operation all the same."

The voice of the captain asked, "Are you that good of a shot, Sandstorm?"

The mercenary replied, "I take that question as an insult, Captain."

"Considering you present position, attire, and available weaponry, I assumed it was a valid question."

Charcoal activated the microphone to simply say, "Sandstorm."

The mercenary outside the vessel said, "Okay, Captain, I'll forgive you. Yes, I can make the shot."

The captain then allowed, "Okay, Sandstorm, if you boys think it's wise."

I believe Rudy was just being polite when he asked, "What do you think, Leanna?"

I answered, "If they are going to get mad over that, they would get mad over anything we did."

Charcoal activated the microphone and said, "You have the go-ahead, Sandstorm."

It struck me as silly to be waiting for the sound of a report. Noise would not travel in space. The men however spoke excitedly as one of the alien craft suddenly reacted. The camera got a good view of the strange robot or vessel, so we clearly saw one of its antenna-like projections suddenly separate. While no report sounded, an electronic voice now came over the speaker.

"What are you doing?"

The captain was the one who quickly replied, "Getting your damn attention. You have ours, but not saying anything. We thus figured that we needed to do something to get you to talk."

"Do you know what you were shooting at?"

Charcoal activated the microphone to answer, "We assumed it was a projection to help disperse any build-up of static electricity. It's loss might trouble you in the long term, but should not be a major immediate concern."

"Okay, yes, as long as we are in space there really is not an issue with that. We can thus accept that you were not intending actual harm. What do you want to talk about?"

The captain replied, "Us? You are ones that initiated contact."

"Well, we were ordered to just hold you up until, well, now."

Suddenly, a large tetrahedral shaped craft appeared near us. It was not as large, and definitely did not have one end stretched out, like the earlier okagaki vessel. Suddenly, I felt a jolt and a comment from the captain let me know that it was more than just the gravity from a nearby object.

"What type of attack have you made."

The voice that not came over the speakers sounded less electronic. "Human vessel, we have you in a tractor beam. Please remain calm."

Rudy whispered to me, "Tractor beam. The aliens do have tractor beams."

He then took off down the corridor toward the bridge. Interested in what he was doing, I followed. I thus saw him rush to the station where the Annapolis unit worked to whisper a question.

"Darling, can you detect the signal of that tractor beam?"

She paused, then answered, "There is a strange magnetic flux, but I can only detect it from the static it produces in other signals."

"Yes, as if it is magnetic there must be electric properties as well. Any distortion in the time stream?"

"I am not built to detect such. Mary had that range of detection devices built within her."

"Damn. Where is my stuff?"

The captain replied, "In the hold."

Before the two could speak further, I asked, "Frances, is there a way you could detect plasma?"

She answered by pointing to a readout on a computer monitor. "There is a build-up of charge on our hull."

From across the bridge the voice of Butch sounded, "On it. We have our own ways of dispersing charge."

I sent out hands to secure myself from being flung around as the ship suddenly shook, then Dick announced, "I believe that I am back in charge of flying this crate!"

The voice of the captain was quick to say, "Aliens, now can we be a little more civil with each other?"

TimeSaga: The Development, the first 12 stories edited, is now available on Kindle.
TimeSaga: The Advance, the following 8 stories, is presently being edited.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market. "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Three   December 8th 2015, 7:47 am

Going to My Girl
TimeSaga: The Society Story Two

Chapter Three

There was a moment of silence, then a transmission came from the okagaki. "Kayla, we wish to know your cargo."

I saw the captain look to me, then to Rudy before saying, "Are you stating your intention to be pirates?"

Again there was a pause. During the time I whispered with Frances about things shown on her monitors. I found her able to respond appropriately. I did not see taped notes about what commands would bring up certain pieces of data or activate certain processes. Speaking with Frances, she gave a feeling of being confident in her job and able to understand regular conversation. She did not however respond to innuendoes, which enabled me to hear when the okagaki again spoke.

"Our intention is to learn what you went back to your planet for."

The captain replied, "You mean that you do not have a ship around Earth?"

"Kayla, your people just activated a portal that opens up in a system we control. You will thus have a ship near one of our planets. It thus has us concerned what you felt you needed around Earth."

"Are you suggesting that we "

I went ahead and spoke to put an end to the grand-standing. "The Kayla came to get me. I am Dr. Leanna Beyonce. I am one of the persons that figured out the science that enabled us to take advantage of the portal we found. Further, my daughter, Mary Worsheim, received a transmission when the portal was opened that has severely troubled her. Due to my knowledge of the portals, and the fact that the one disturbed was my daughter, had the Kayla go to Earth to get me."

There was almost no pause before the voice of the okagaki said, "We know Mary." There was silence for a few seconds before I heard, "It has also come to my attention that the reason for my orders was due to some transmission being sent through the space-time corridor. We would like to discuss this matter with you."

"No. My daughter is in distress. I am going to my daughter. Now, if you want to go down with me, we can discuss topics as time permits."

Again there was a pause before the voice of the okagaki asked, "Is that invitation open-ended?"

Captain Burbank gave the answer. "We have no antagonistic ruling against the okagaki. If you however come down pulling stunts like you did with us right now, those rulings might be enacted."

"Thank you, and understood. Dr. Leanna Beyonce, you may proceed to your daughter. Please, before you leave, if we have contacted you then find time to contact us."

I replied, "I am a busy person. I am finding time to go to my daughter. When my time is up, I will probably need to rush back home."

"We are glad to have forced this meeting. I will be promoting someone going down. You may leave, Kayla. Thank you for your time."

Captain Burbank ordered, "Dick, get us out of here." Almost immediately I felt the jar of the vehicle turning, and as I braced myself the Captain said, "Well done, Miss " he chuckled before saying, "Dr. Beyonce. In case you did not know, I always called Debra Miss RayWeight with her telling me she was not with RayWeight until recently, although you probably are Miss RayWeight."

I replied, "In a way, although I really do not own the company. I own a number of patents, and it due to those that I am paid all the money that I make. What has made RayWeight is that my ideas have worked and were in areas that people would pay large amounts of money to gain."

It was Dick that asked while I felt him having the Kayla accelerate, "How much you get paid every time a man becomes a woman?"

"Ten percent off the top, along with five percent should I be the one that actually does the process. Before you ask, I am not going to make that much money off the robots. I actually share patents on FER-RON with Rudy, and Debra is fully responsible for the code. There is still a ten percent payoff, but the robots will be more reasonably priced and the money will be split."

I heard Sandstorm say, "Debra will get paid on every robot RayWeight makes? Damn, I need to start buying that lady some drinks."

"Yes, everything got handed to her when Jimmy died, and she took it and has proven herself capable of the job. FER-RON is her work. It might not be her technology, but without her code the technology would be little more than a science fair contraption."

"A fine looking science fair contraption. What pictures I have seen of the Straw Sapien Corporation's sexbot do not have their product looking so fine."

I really did not like having to admit, "Yes. We had an increase in requests for RayWeight to produce a sexbot after the Chattanooga series came out. I personally do not see how a robot can be better than the actual human female features of the Straw Sapien's product, but if men are willing to spend the money then RayWeight wants to create the product."

I was glad that Frances interrupted the conversation to say, "The Roland says that they have us in view, but also that the okagaki vessel released two humanoid looking craft. I told them that they are probably the vessels that we encountered, but they want us to verify."

Captain Burbank asked, "Are they transmitting?"

Frances answered, "Not that I am registering."

I saw on her monitor that the captain activated a broadcast before saying, "Damn, okagaki. If you are sending boats out, have them present a signal so we can mark them as hostile or friendly."

An electronic sounding voice came back, "Yes, sorry human vessels. We notice that you send out such a signal. We will duplicate. You should see the identifiers ES-01 and 02, as well as our ship identified as the Ponomy."

I saw the change in a screen on one of Frances' monitors, although it was Butch that replied, "Yes, we recognize your signals. Thank you."

"You're welcome, assuming that you designate our vessels as friendly."

The voice of Dr. LeFleur who I assumed was the acting captain of the Roland said, "This is the Roland. You have been identified as non-hostile for the moment. Keep it that way, and we could actually consider you friendly."

I felt Rudy come floating toward me. His arms wrapped around me in what I initially considered him as just using me to stop his own momentum. I however felt his head come next to mine.

"Something is wrong. I accept that the okagaki are worried about us coming into their space, but they haven't cleaned up a mess that looks like an old space war. Why does that portal open up there?"

I replied, "Those are good questions, but I assume they will get answered."

"My problem is how they are going to be answered."

"I would hope by getting Mary to talk."

"I would say that they don't want Mary to talk."

Suddenly, I heard Dick shout, "What the Hell is that?"

Frances replied, "My instruments read it as a korlock."

"That's frikkin' huge!"

All that showed on Frances' monitors was a number of status panels. I thus moved to look out the clear front of the Kayla. What I saw was a massive jellyfish type of creature. While I am certain that my sense of size was distorted due to my perspective, having the top bell of the entity appearing larger than the planet had me agree that this was not the usual form of any known korlock. Having a visual reference I thus turned to look at what the panels on Frances' monitors were stating as facts.

The female voice of the one in charge of the Roland said, "Kayla, veer down. We are attacking."

I almost did not hear Dick state a simple, "Roger," before again having to use my hands to steady myself as the boat altered its course.

The Roland did not have a major primary weapon, but had been built assuming a massive assault by a number of aggressive agents. What I saw was a number of missiles and energy beams all focused on the target. The huge creature lit up from the multitude of impacts. As the debris cleared, I saw the top of the entity with a great ragged opening that let me know the Solomon Foundation had truly built their flagship vessel with a weapon that could handle the assaults of most enemies.

The electronic voice of the okagaki commanded, "You now need to fire a shot down the middle of the hole you created."

The female voice from the Roland replied, "We do not have that type of weapon. Our weapons are dangerous, but built to defend us from a swarm of korlocks. We can concentrate our weaponry on one location, but as you see we cannot focus everything on one point."

"Why have you come into space prepared for just one type of opponent?"

"From our history we would opt to come into space with no weapons, because our only opponent would be ourselves."

There was a pause, then the electronic voice of the okagaki said, "Yes, we have different histories. We have the weapon necessary, but are out of position and do not know if we can arrive in time."

It was Captain Burbank that asked, "What will happen if we cannot fire in time?"

"Actually, the very thing you planned for, but also much worse. That is a creature composed of a great number of Nerisus. There however is a core that releases a tremendous amount of energy. It would be bad for the planet if it goes off. In firing upon the core, the surrounding body of Nerisus will absorb the charge. It is strange, but the core is set to unify the Nerisus, so operates on their energy. It is in return very deadly to them, but such a tremendous blast can affect the physical as well."

The voice of the Roland asked, "Who created this core?"

"We did. It was one of our great ideas that ended up being a terrible thing. We know from experience how destructive this thing before us truly is, so you might see us fleeing instead of helping."

TimeSaga: The Development, the first 12 stories edited, is now available on Kindle.
TimeSaga: The Advance, the following 8 stories, is presently being edited.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market. "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Four   December 13th 2015, 7:54 am

Going to My Girl
TimeSaga: The Society Story Two

Chapter Four

The female voice of the one I assumed was in charge of the Roland asked, "Why is time an issue? We can keep this thing annoyed until you get into position."

The electronic voice of the okagaki replied, "Look for yourself. The thing is not composed of matter, but of the essences of korlocks."

"Yes, we have recognized that some korlocks are returning to the vessel, but we have been feeling confident that our weapons truly harmed the korlocks. Thus, it cannot completely reform."

"If that is true, your situation is even worse."

Those of us on board the Kayla had been noting that the great composition of korlock energy had been turning. Up to now the image of the planet had been a rather confusing reference for perspective. We however began to realize something even as the electronic voice of the okagaki supplied a fact.

"If the integrity of the nerisus is threatened, the mass turns to the planet."

Captain Burbank confidently stated, "We can fight korlocks."

"But you have no idea of the real potential of the core. I assure you that even at this distance it will seriously damage that planet."

Rudy directed himself to the captain's chair while asking, "What weapons does this boat have?"

Captain Burbank answered, "A couple of military anti-aircraft turrets and a main disruption cannon for the larger korlocks. The smaller ones we attack personally should they pass through our hull."

"Disruption cannon good, that's what we need. Set a course so we can turn into it." Rudy then activated the microphone on the captain's chair. "Okagaki, this is Dr. Rudy Ryans on board the Kayla. I am the one that built the technology Dr. Beyonce designed. How strong of a energy blast is necessary to ignite the core?"

It was the female voice of the Roland that replied, "Dr. Ryans, the Kayla is not able to take on a serious korlock attack."

"Then you better be here helping us. Okagaki, please answer."

Strange sounds sounded over the speaker, then the electronic voice of the okagaki replied, "We really have no reference for units."

Rudy commanded, "Fire a blast."

Butch asked, "At what?"

"I don't care what. I would assume that you would not fire at the Roland or the okagaki ship. Surely there is something else you could fire at."

The crew of the Kayla proved themselves to know the space around Mission. They had been using their free time to scavenge the remains of the Rhinemaiden to bring back to Earth. They thus quickly identified something they considered to have no value, and set themselves up to deliver a blast upon it.

Rudy then asked, "Okagaki, was that strong enough, or how many multiples will we need?"

The electronic voice answered, "Three times that power."

"We should be able to do that."

Captain Burbank exclaimed, "Exactly how? That is the strongest weapon rated for our vessel. It drains our batteries and will take almost twenty minutes to recharge."

"I built the time-loop engines. You have right there the lady that came up with the circuitry. We can do better."

"Is it safe?"

"We are talking about a weapon, of course it is not safe." He looked to Butch, then said, "My good man, when I tell you fire, you fire." When the man assured that he would, Rudy then looked at me. "Come on, Leanna. If there is anyone that can help assure that I pull this off without killing us, it is you."

Charcoal said, "I can help as well."

"Yes, well the one difference in you and Leanna is that she has survived her experiments. I thus trust her to assure that we will survive."

"Uh, yes, Dr. Beyonce I will be glad to work with you."

Captain Burbank said, "Yes, I guess that gives me confidence as well. Frances, give Dr. Rudy clearance to open up all the secured access panels."

Rudy directed himself toward the Annapolis series, then ordered, "Okay, Darling, show me what you have."

I had worked enough with Rudy that he and I quickly managed to recognize parts, determine what we could do with those parts, then what the Kayla had in storage that could be used to further our needs. Charcoal watched what he could from behind us, and gave us some commentary that was useful. Frances continued to prove her knowledge of the systems of the boat and how to access information through the computer system. After a short period of time, we had a plan for increasing the power of the main weapon of the Kayla.

As we worked, we were continually interrupted by the captain asking about our status. We understood that he was not being impatient, but our plan required more than simply enabling more power to be routed through the main weapon. The Kayla needed to be in position to make a good shot. That required coordination with the Roland to assure our safety, because once our weapon fired we would be seriously drained of energy. We thus worked accepting the annoyance of the captain as an understanding of him being a necessary part of our success.

I had no view of our maneuvering through space. We kept our monitors showing energy levels and other vital ship information. While we heard the chatter of the captain speaking of maneuvering where we could get a vital shot through the entity and felt the jars of weapons from the Roland going off around us, neither Rudy, Charcoal, nor I bothered with an image of what the cameras on the outside of the Kayla could tell us. Finally we however reached a point where our work was coming to finish, so Rudy began speaking to the navigator about the maneuvers in space letting him know that a large surge of energy would soon need to be released.

We breathed a sigh of release when the weapon was fired. The work done had included deactivating certain safety devices. Rudy and I had however experience with power surges, as my first instruments to send an impulse back in time required a large amount of energy. There was a fear that the weapon would need to be used again, but we smiled upon feeling the boat jerk to a grand pulse of energy.

The voice of Captain Burbank exclaimed, "Well done! The okagaki were correct. This was not a single opponent, but some sort of construct of technology and korlocks."

Rudy started disassembling some connections as he replied, "The okagaki had better been right, as they took responsibility for it."

As if to confirm, an electronic voice said, "Humans, you did a wonderful job. Note that your work has us even more interested in meeting with you. Dr. Beyonce and Dr. Ryans, you have our respect."

I activated a microphone to say, "We are not here as enemies, okagaki. We are however here due to following the portals of the ones we call korlocks and you call the nerisus. Why this portal opens up into one of your systems, we do not know. Please, allow us to enter, and hopefully pass, as friends, and we will see that you are treated in the same fashion."

"That message will be passed along. Once again let me acknowledge you humans as proving yourself capable of being a part of this universe."

The voice of the captain then said, "All right, take a breath. Heading to Mission."

We did not relax until the equipment we had set up was completely dismantled and things set back in place. Our work had strained the systems of the Kayla. While nothing showed any loss of integrity, we did not want to further challenge the operations of the boat. We thus put everything back in place as it was before heading to the common area to relax.

The rest of the journey went calmly. The crew of the Kayla proved that they had made regular take-offs and landings upon Mission. While Rudy and I did speak of feeling some excitement in experiencing our first space flight, we found the rest of the journey to pass without incident.

It was good seeing Debra and FER-RON upon leaving the Kayla. For someone that was responsible for the original concept of the robot, I really had spent little time with it. The success of FER-RON truly was the result of the work of others, but it was good to know that I was recognized for my small part in making this future a reality.

As I was directed to a vehicle, Debra said, "Dr. Beyonce, Dr. Ryans, I am first going to take you to our building. The korlocks really did little with the bottom floors. It seems that they preferred living in the lower floors and communing, working, or whatever on the middle floors. Since our work is on the third floor, we have also chosen upper floors for our own. You can climb up, although we suspect you might want a lower floor."

Rudy asked, "Which rooms have beds?"

"Uh, well, we have done what we could. The korlocks seem to have never really settled this planet, but from what we have seen even if they brought beds they might not be something that would be comfortable for us."

I could not help but say, "So it would have helped if we brought pillows and sleeping bags?"

"Uh, yes, and we would ask that you leave them for others that might come to work or visit."

Rudy smiled as I jabbed him with an elbow. He then spoke about hearing of me bringing a pillow and sleeping bag, then robbing things from one of my guest bedrooms. Rudy and I both smiled hearing Debra speak of the surrounding architecture and what we would find inside them.

There were a number of requests from the people who were living on Mission. They had yet to get the elevators working, so Rudy felt obligated to study the shafts in the buildings for possible clues about what was intended. There were matters of discovered possible technology that many desired me to inspect. Rudy and I looked over the requests while relaxing after getting a tour of the RayWeight building on Mission.

One interesting conversation occurred as the Straw Sapien sexbot brought some items to Rudy. "You may have sex with me."

Rudy replied, "Darling, I'm gay. If you were a male unit, I would be tempted."

"That is supposed to be the Edinburgh series, although it has not been built yet." Fran then turned to me to ask, "Are you gay?"

I answered, "No, so I would also only be tempted if you were male."

"I was made to have sex with, but nobody will have sex with me."

"I am the original designer of FER-RON. If I had made her to have sex with people, would you think people would rather have sex with you or her?"

My question was really intended to discover the depth of the human reasoning of the Chattanooga series, and I felt that there was a real human mind in the way she paused before speaking. "I would hope me. I can truly love the one that has sex with me."

I worked to further challenge the intellect of the android as I said, "But those purchasing the Chattanooga series are not looking for love, but just sex."

"Uh, yes, then maybe the robot."

Rudy moved to hug Fran, then said, "You keep showing people love, and I believe that you will have others thinking that you are the better option for sex." After she agreed, then left, Rudy came to hug me and said, "You have someone else to show love to, Leanna."

I admitted, "I'm scared, Rudy. I really don't know what to expect."

"She is your daughter, Leanna. She needs your love."

"I am scared of her replacing Sally."

"There is no way. Nothing in what you have said about your conversations with Mary have had me think of the two girls as being the same. She however has been more than desiring to have you in her life, and she should have that."

Rudy had known me for a long time. He had even built the technology that enabled me to have Sally, and allowed my husband to create Mary. He could thus speak with some authority, and I nodded in acceptance of what Rudy had said.

"Okay, let's go."

"That's my girl. Let me see about getting us on our way."

TimeSaga: The Development, the first 12 stories edited, is now available on Kindle.
TimeSaga: The Advance, the following 8 stories, is presently being edited.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market. "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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Going to My Girl: TimeSagaC2 (All 4 Chapters)
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