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 Protected Answers: TimeSaga C5 (All 6 Chapters)

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PostSubject: Protected Answers: TimeSaga C5 (All 6 Chapters)   February 11th 2016, 7:43 am

Protected Answers
TimeSaga:  The Society Story Five

Chapter One

We were all attempting to make sense of what we saw after moving to the new set of coordinates.  What had been interpreted as a planet was clearly something else.  Hoping to get another perspective on what we saw, I activated an intercom.

"Mary, could you come to the bridge?"

Her voice came back over the speaker, "I don't need to come to the bridge, Debra.  My sensors are working just fine from here.  Mommy and I are looking at it."

"Well, you can usually detect things that we might not.  Is that a black hole?"

"That is a black hole.  That is a very large space station.  The design is obviously of the Nerisus Federation.  I however am picking up verikiy signals."

I heard voices as people on the bridge reacted to that piece of information, so had to say, "Told you that we needed you on the bridge."

"And I told you that I did not need to go to the bridge.  We were both right.  Oh, tell them something, as they are threatening."

"You know the language, Mary.  Get up here."

Annapolis eleven must have gained something from Mary, as she spoke of transmitting a message, then exclaimed, "Oh!  Captain Iwasaki, Mary reminds you that the verikiy language routines are accessible through the usual method."

The captain replied, "Then you can access them as well.  Let me know what they are saying."

I went over to the console where the android worked, then had her show me the method of getting my words translated before saying, "All right, verikiy vessels, what are you doing threatening us?  Don't you have any communications with the others of your kind?"

I heard an electronic female voice say, "Identify yourself."

"I am Queen Debra Washington acting in an authority position on board the ship named Engendered.  Our race are called humans with our home planet called Earth.  We have found the portals left over by a group of people known as the Nerisus Federation.  In our movements, we have met the okagaki and other verikiy.  We have had good relations with both, and actually aided a verikiy vessel by fixing their repair facilities.  Are you in need of repairs?"

"What are your intentions?"

"What do you think our intentions are?  Those of the Nerisus Federation have settled worlds that our kind also finds pleasant.  We thus are expanding through their portals seeking other homes for our kind.  Since we have learned that neither the okagaki nor you of the verikiy like those type of environments, there have been no need for our races to threaten each other."

I saw Mary and her mother, Dr. Beyonce, come into the bridge with the elder coming over to me to whisper, "Coming on a little strong, aren't we?"

"In my earlier encounter with the verikiy I did not get the impression they were children in need of coddling."

Annapolis eleven said, "Uh, Queen Debra, that went over."

"Well, we will find out."

Over the speakers came the translated words of the verikiy.  "Humans, again we ask your intentions."

"No.  We are willing to concede to your presence.  We accept that you have claimed this system.  All we ask is information concerning any technology left by those of Nerisus Federation.  With your graciousness, we will find the coordinates of the local portal and move on."

"Those of the Nerisus Federation are not dead."

Those words again spurred on a number of responses from those on the bridge.  I wisely cut the microphone while the chatter occurred.  A number looked to Mary for any indication of an alternate communication, but with her shaking her head I signaled for everyone on the bridge to get quiet.

"Your words confuse us.  Are you speaking of the semi-physical monsters, or of actual survivors of the Nerisus Federation?"

"Well, uh," I had to smile with the indications of the verikiy speaker having trouble with choosing the right words, "we know there are monsters, but there is evidence of actual survivors."

"What is your claim on the space station?"

"We wanted to claim it.  Many of our bodies are failing just from lack of parts.  We saw the station as a place to gain materials and possibly new parts.  The station's defenses however are active."

Captain Iwasaki came over to where I was at, turned off the microphone, then said, "Queen Debra, you are not authorized to involve this vessel in hostilities."

Dr. Beyonce replied, "Since when, Mark?  You are captain of this vessel, but its mission is to carry and protect the advance of mankind into space.  Queen Debra is leading that advance.  Her robot has proven itself capable of dealing with the korlocks, as are those who travel with her.  As one of the leading employees of RayWeght, which is the company that owns this vessel, I say that she does have the authority."

"Queen Debra, you are not planning to involve this vessel in hostilities?"

I answered, "Against the verikiy, no.  As for that space station, I would say that our next portal is there.  Still, we are humans, you are human, so any offense we should be able to counter with a good defense."  To stress my words, I declared, "Mary, we need to identify the firepower of that space station."

She replied, "My capabilities are limited by the equipment around us.  We need to get closer."

I whispered for the captain to wait, then activated the microphone to say, "Verikiy, we did not get a clear response from you.  May I ask you about your intentions?  Say we gain access to the space station, negate its defenses, and find what we seek, will you then demand that we give you possession of the space station?"

It took a few moments, but a response did come.  "What would you propose?"

"The very thing we thought we had – friendship.  We really do not want the space station, but the presence of the black hole would be interesting to some of my fellow humans.  Also, our forms should be more comfortable on the space station.  Should other humans come, be friendly to us.  In response, you should expect, demand, friendship in return."

"We will be watching."

I looked to the elders near me to ask, "How much did we learn about the weapons of the verikiy?"

Dr. Beyonce replied, "Physics is physics, and the verikiy do not use magic.  They basically have the same weapons we have.  What we feel gives us the advantage is that our technology is new while most of theirs is breaking down."

I then asked, "Mary, any perceived hostile actions from the verikiy ships."

She answered, "No.  They have also stopped their movement."

"We all need to be updated with any developments.  Just yell them out, Mary."  Seeing her smile while nodding at me, I turned to the captain.  "We need to close.  However, caution is important."

He replied, "I assure you that caution will be on my mind, Queen Debra."

I had to ask, "Annapolis eleven – we really need to get you a name – how much trouble would you have in getting a message back to Mission or Earth?"

The android returned, "The captain just sent a message to RayWeight Technologies on Earth.  To answer your –"

Mary announced, "Queen Debra, you are Queen Debra, and queens outrank captains."

Captain Iwasaki admitted, "That was the answer I received."

I said, "I believe you were working with me, and just attempting to assure that my directions would not get us into unnecessary trouble."

"Sorry for troubling you with my own attempt at a coup, your queenship."

"I assure you, Captain Iwasaki, that your concern for your vessel and crew was not looked on unfavorably.  Oh, and thank you for answering my question."

He nodded, then came near me while suggesting, "Ellen sounds like Eleven, doesn't it?"

Annapolis eleven asked, "And what name is close to forty-nine?"


"If she will accept Fellandra, I will accept Ellen."

Over the speaker came the girlish voice of the other Annapolis series android, "I accept."

Captain Iwasaki said, "I will officially notate the name change.  However, I do not want either name on a death certificate that I or my superiors need to sign.  Ellen, I need you and Mary to work with my navigation as they work to get us safely closer so we can determine the firepower of that station."

As we closed, ascertaining the capabilities of the space station to do damage became very easy to appraise.  We got only seconds to react between certain panels on the outside of the space station opening and blasts of energy being sent in our direction.  While we braced for impact, I believe it surprised all of us when we felt nothing.  I began looking to the monitors for their appraisal of the attacks, but was glad for a more concise report of the capabilities of the space station from Mary.

"They are not broadcasting a warning.  However, I am not getting a strong power reading."  She paused, then said, "I believe our blasters have a charge threshold before firing.  I am not getting the impression that these do.  What they are sending at us are very weak."

One of the crew, I noticed that it was the one at the weapons console, reported, "They have to have a charge threshold, Dame Mary.  Still yes, it must be set very low."

The captain said, "I assume they have perpetual power as we do."

Mary replied, "Yes, but it is not supposed to be used on the weapons.  They have generators for them.  They are not active, whether out of fuel or simply broke I cannot say.  What I am trying to learn is – yes!"  She moved to the large front monitor to assure all could see where she was pointing as she said, "Up here is the best place to enter the vessel.  They have extra shielding to protect the space station from the thrusts of crafts.  There are some large weapons up there, but we should be able to fly under their arcs."

Captain Iwasaki commented, "I wish the Straw Sapien Corporation had been able to duplicate the quality of your sensors, Dame Mary."

"They would have had to have cut me open, kill me, to learn the quality of the components my daddy put inside me.  As horrible as my time was with them, they did not present themselves as killers, and they often apologized for what happened to my daddy.  If they would have abducted him as well, maybe the Annapolis series would be of my quality."

Dr. Beyonce replied, "No, Mary, but they would have made it easier to find you.  As for killing you, they would not be the company they are if they had done that."

I looked to Mary's mother sensing the threat in her voice.  I knew the amount of time and the resources she spent to find her android daughter.  The fact that Mary had been found healthy did bring a lot of relief to Mary's mother, although I also knew that it was her legal team that pursued the Straw Sapien Corporation to get the indictments that eventually awarded the girl a lot of wealth.

Dr. Beyonce said, "Mary, I would say that this ship is too large to make the maneuvers you are suggesting.  Debra, get your team to a boat."

TimeSaga:  The Development, the first 12 stories edited, is now available on Kindle.
TimeSaga:  The Advance, the following 8 stories, is presently being edited.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.

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PostSubject: Chapter Two   February 16th 2016, 7:45 am

Protected Answers
TimeSaga: The Society Story Five

Chapter Two

The shuttle assigned for the mission was rated for speed and maneuverability. Everyone who told me that also warned me about caution. As long as mankind had been in space, they had not been active zipping from one place to another or holding intense space battles. With the vacuum of space not allowing for a number of tricks used by regular pilots, people were not certain about the stunts shown in scifi movies being realistically possible. While I was assured the shuttle assigned was the best for the mission, I climbed in simply hoping my team would continue to prove themselves a success.

It was not the small size of the pilot, but not recognizing the uniform that had me look to him. I had tensed with worry that I would again face Al. The very pale hair and small frame did have me think of Roy's brother. The one that looked at me from the pilot's seat was a little more mature in development, and had a lot kinder voice.

"I hope that you can trust me to know about flying combat maneuvers in space."

I replied, "I spoke to my brother about you. He also met a korlock ghost that claimed to be History, and it was a lady."

"Yes. Actually, we are both the same and not. I am unable to convey the horrors that our kind inflicted upon ourselves, and that I had to personally watch. I was female, but that part of me is tied to a moment. I actually am still female, but this is more of an active embodiment created to help me fight against my situation. However, not being able to fight, has forced me to suffer horrors as well. I however am seeing in you humans a chance to finally end my own torment, and that gives me some comfort. If you see me change into my true appearance, do not fear. In that identity I am closer to who I truly am, so better able to supply information. In this identity I however have some power to affect a change, so I find it more comforting."

Mary came on board calling my name, then stopped upon simply saying, "Oh." After a pause, she explained, "I was wondering who you were talking to. It was reported that a pilot had been assigned, but none of the pilots recognized the call sign. Chaos?"

Saprello replied, "I did put that down. It is good that we are learning each other's language, but dealing with other humans does not give me the freedom of language with them. Chaos sounded close to my name, and some would say what I represent."

I said, "History is not what I would equate with chaos."

"Ah, but to tell a specific story other stories that actually entwined the original characters and events has to be removed, and some events have to be excluded or conveniently explained away. What results is not the full truth, and in those lies chaos can fester."

"Mary, he says that he can pilot this shuttle. Do you have any reason to challenge him?"

"No, but I will need to access the main system to include him in the personnel roster. Excuse me."

I spent time with Saprello assuring that he was familiar with our mission and the workings of the shuttle. He did not present himself as a strong personality. Having built a robot that had proven herself very capable in moving through the vacuum of space, I felt that I did have some knowledge of flight mechanics. Saprello did not challenge what I said, and often thanked me for what wisdom I could provide.

Perry came on board and simply took a seat. I had been around him enough that he tended to be a little free with expressions. This time I got a cold feeling from him. I finished my conversation with Saprello, then turned to Perry hoping to reconcile any problem with him.

"Getting tired of these missions, Perry?"

He looked to me with an expression that he would not speak, but I was grateful that he did. "Dr. Beyonce is still working on me to get a new body. She has Charcoal's family helping her. Just got word that they agreed to leave Earth, although now the problem is exactly where Charcoal is going to call home. Anyway, I see a new body as only being a whole new set of problems, and I do not feel that I need a whole new set of problems."

I thought for a moment, then realized that I did not need to present him with any issues. "I agree about not allowing yourself to simply be a guinea pig for all the new technology coming along. Wait and see what we come up with, and make certain you get tested replacements for the body you now have. That body you have is clunky, Perry, but I am glad that it works. As long as it is working, I will support you keeping it."

"My thoughts exactly, Queen Debra. Glad to be working with you again."

It surprised me to see my brother with Mary when she came back on board to say, "Okay, Chaos, you are in the system. It will probably raise some flags, but a successful mission will help to soothe things over in the future."

Saprello replied, "I told Debra – Queen Debra? – that there was no entity representing a glorious future, but I will work to assure the stories we create end in a good manner."

It was Clyde that commented, "Our time for true royalty is in our past. There is a history why my sister gained the title she has, but it has nothing to do with being of noble blood."

I had to ask, "Clyde, when did you get here?"

"Well, politics, Debra. Roy might be in charge of the Solomon Federation, but it is still connected to the Iranian government. The United States ordered me to advance with my team. While we actually applaud your use of the mercenaries, let me say non-political mercenaries, our government wants to be involved. I however cannot go with you. Two members of the same family cannot serve together in critical situations. I however want to introduce you to Jericho. He is also non-military, but he has been working with me and I have come to trust him."

I suddenly realized that there was a youth present near a wall. Information of Jericho had been sent to me by a number of sources, and I had been previously introduced to him by my brother. I thus had no other option but to welcome him to my team.

Roy walked in saying, "I wanted to come, so was glad when the U.S. pulled strings to get Jericho on this mission." The two youths shook hands, then Roy said, "Politics, but hey, I get to go. Cool."

I then heard the voice of my male programmer who said, "FER-RON is all checked out, Queen. Wish I could go with you, but I have to say that you should be safe enough."

Those words intrigued me, so I replied, "You wish you could go with me? You might have battled robots, Lenny, but you have never done anything to train for actual combat."

"Well, no – well, I... I ... I always felt I was the better one to monitor the simulations, Queen. I mean, I'm used to directing the combats from a distance."

"So you're not qualified to go with me, Lenny. If Clyde is remaining behind, you might want to start getting some training from his men."

My brother quickly said, "Hey, Debra, we're special forces. We don't train people. We wipe our asses with them."

"Don't tell me that you haven't been training Jericho."

Jericho replied, "Actually, they don't, except that I can surprise them."

Clyde supported those words by saying, "If I can get my hands on the little runt, I wipe my ass with him."

I looked to Lenny to say, "Clyde is my older brother, so I am certain he has wiped my ass. If you want to go with me, you might need to figure out how to survive his ass wiping."

Lenny replied, "Well, uh – I'm here for you, Queen."

I was grateful to see Clyde speaking with Lenny as the two left, so was in a pleasant mood when I commanded, "All right, let's secure ourselves. This might be a bumpy ride."

Saprello said, "I do have combat experience, so I plan on delivering you in a safe and comfortable manner."

I had to ask, "The Nerisus Federation had wars?"

"Oh, yes. One thing I find interesting is how little government control you have in your lives. It is there, but not as pervasive as I remember it. Also, I see you, the people, as less desiring of the government oversight. I believe we ended up as we did because of our willful dependence on a higher authority."

"Well, I would like to talk to you about that, but I doubt our journey to the space station will be calm enough to chat."

"In the future, hopefully we will have the time." He then strengthened his voice to say, "Secure yourselves. Will be moving out shortly."

The ride was rather stressful. I felt my body pressed into the safety harness a number of times. I could not see where we were going, but I did not doubt that Mary could as I saw her features display extreme concern a few times. I heard the others speak of the stresses they felt as our craft performed maneuvers, so looked to my fellow female for advice.

"How bad is it?"

Mary replied, "Very bad. I really do not understand how Saprello is able to avoid the attacks. I am unable to resolve a pattern."

"Well, they managed to keep the verikiy at a distance."

"Saprello is attempting to get the space station to recognize us as not enemies, but that has not happened. They continue to fire upon us, although so far Saprello is able to avoid being struck."

Perry asked, "Mary, how dangerous are the weapons?"

"Probably not that bad. They are mostly energy weapons, and our armor should disperse most of the attack. However, I sense that should one actually hit then many more will be able to fix on us."

Suddenly, we all became slammed into our harnesses. Not only did we sense some strong maneuvers, but I felt certain at least one was unplanned. That meant we had been hit. Before we could think of taking emergency measures, we became slammed into our harnesses due to a force that felt as if we had stopped.

Saprello yelled out, "Made it! We're hurt, but we're here. They cannot fire on us here, but no telling what you are going to find once through that airlock."

Perry removed his harness while saying, "I have been in a number of direct fire situations. Those I can handle."

Mary said, "I am sensing no real movement. We could be very safe once inside."

"How about security systems inside the space station?"

"I cannot detect them, at least no active systems that will fire upon us."

I thought to speak to another. "Are you ready, FER-RON?"

She removed her harness while answering, "Yes, Debra. You want me to take the lead with Perry?"

"Yes, FER-RON, and listen to him for tactics. If the inside is like the outside, we will all need to work together."

"Yes, Debra. Perry, I am to work with you."

He replied, "Glad to have you, FER-RON. Between the two of us, we should have a safe trip. However, let us move cautiously."

"I will let you set the pace and advise the tactics. It is assumed that you will listen to Debra and Mary."

"Of course, FER-RON. I trust both ladies."

"As do I. Okay, Perry, you may take the lead."

TimeSaga: The Development, the first 12 stories edited, is now available on Kindle.
TimeSaga: The Advance, the following 8 stories, is presently being edited.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Three   February 21st 2016, 8:15 am

Protected Answers
TimeSaga: The Society Story Five

Chapter Three

FER-RON and Perry did manage to shield us while we moved from the boat into the space station. As had been common with korlock construction, things were built a little larger than what we humans would construct. However, what we found on the space station were those things that indicated creatures actually lived and worked. Some of the things were seen on board the derelict spaceship we had searched for the portal to this location, but in the weightless environment the items had shifted to make its intended use sometimes unrecognizable. We thus moved into the space station taking pictures to help us start identifying some items of furniture or appliance. I guess we got into a conversation over possible uses for a couple of the things we saw, as I was shocked when I heard FER-RON and Perry go into combat.

It almost felt good to fight korlocks. I have to confess that we looked at the forms of the translucent aliens speaking of support for our opinions of the use of some items of furniture. The fact that we were in deadly combat did not see that important. Those I was with had fought korlocks successfully enough times that the threat of the monsters really did not seem that great.

FER-RON took off in one direction, but asked when Mary spoke of us going another way, "What is our objective? Is it not any possible survivors?"

The girl replied, "I feel that the portal is not that far, so we can go ahead and secure that objective."

"There are a lot of korlocks in that direction."

"I was thinking of allowing Perry to try the device Charcoal gave him."

The cyborg asked, "Are you certain, Mary? It could affect you as well."

"I am aware of the device and the problem it presents. I can deal with it, but there has been no evidence of the korlocks being able to deal with it. I believe the verikiy support that, as they use similar tactics and have been doing so successfully for a long time." I was surprised to see Mary come up against me, then put an arm around me as she said, "Just in case the device really troubles me."

Feeling honored, I simply said, "Go ahead, Perry."

He made certain that FER-RON knew the controls to the door, then had a section of his left thigh open to present a strange tube. I almost thought it was another type of wand like that Mary used. He however treated it as if a bomb before giving FER-RON the signal to open the door.

As with the earlier sonic attacks, I could faintly detect it. I saw the features of Mary deeply crease as she worked to overcome the effect of the strange sound. Roy moved to hold one of her hands as he also showed signs of being bothered by what the device was doing. Wondering, I turned to see Jericho against a wall also displaying signs of distress. While I could only faintly detect the effects of the device, I held my place hoping the monsters were the ones truly suffering.

Korlocks rushed upon us, but not actually in a sense of attacking. I did attack, as did Perry and FER-RON. I noticed that my device did not act the best, and my robot seemed limited in her capabilities. Still, we did not need to do much, as the korlocks did nothing more than rush past us.

I was relieved to see Perry reopen the door, then move in without needing to fire his weapon. It was not too long before the sonic disturbance stopped. Having Mary release her hold on me, and seeing Roy and Jericho again take movement on their own, I felt able to move up with Perry.

Mary came up behind me and said, "We want to go over there. It should take us up."

I looked to where she pointed, then began advancing even as I spoke of what intrigued me about the directions. "That's an elevator."

"Ah, yes. We are interested in that. Well, I don't know if this is the time to inspect it."

"I just hope it works."

Perry said, "Yes, as the risers on the stairs are not really big enough for my feet."

Instead of the usual double key press of most coded electronic locks of the korlocks, Mary went up and pressed a single button. I actually held my breath wondering if the door would open. The portal separated by the two halves sliding to the side into the wall more like seen on science-fiction shows than as actual elevator doors open. We all then went to go inside while inspecting the car we hoped to ride in.

Jericho asked, "Would you want me to go up through the ceiling panel to look at the mechanism?"

I said, "Later I expect to have a number of people crawling through this space station. There are a number of us that would like to know how their elevators work. Right now, let us simply hope that it does work."

Cannot say exactly how the elevator worked, but we all made comments about gravity plates or something having an effect on the experience. The floor Mary chose was eleven above us, and with the height of the ceilings being over ten feet a rather long ride was expected. However, an indicator panel rapidly flashed and in only a few seconds the door opened back up. I felt no acceleration, so looked outside the elevator suspicious that it had truly gone nowhere.

Mary seemed to laugh as she said, "It did take us to the right floor."

I had to reply, "What about momentum?"

It was Perry that gave an answer, "Maybe they can work with gravity and physical forces the way you can work with moments in time."

"I don't think that's possible."

"We just experienced it."

As the one in charge of FER-RON, I did have to work with the routines that operated my robot. While my focus was on her personality, I had to assure a proper translation of mechanical code into my calculations. It helped that FER-RON was already operating by the time I gained the position of head of her development. That night she killed Jimmy, she had operated very well. Improvements had been made with Chu and Linda also working to assure that the actions of the robot would agree with the personality I was providing. I had to approve all their mechanical routines, and as the one responsible I made certain that I understood the instructions. I ended up learning a lot of Newtonian physics, but I did all that was necessary to assure that FER-RON was the robot Jimmy had sought to create.

I did not speak any retort to Perry. Feeling that enough time had passed for some threat to announce itself, I stepped out into the room. What I saw I felt to be a type of lounge. For the first time I gained the impression that travelers actually came and went from this location. The portal on Earth was in a position we had associated with a religious experience. The one on Mission was beneath a building in what appeared to be dedicated to some type of official transfers. The one we had used to find our way here was in the remains of a space ship, so again had the appearance of being isolated to only those selected. In this room I however gained a sense of people being made welcome and accommodated in something other than a duty focused setting. I did not speak as I advanced into the room, but listened to see if the others gained the same impression.

As Roy checked the comfort of pieces of furniture, I heard Jericho ask, "Are these pictures of real places?"

I believe Perry meant to assure the range of the question by asking, "You mean, those photographs?"

The lad moved over a piece of furniture, then stood on it to better inspect the picture before answering, "Yes, I believe they are photographs. Mary, could this portal go to several places?"

She replied, "I believe that a number of people would like to know how they worked. All the portals surely have a manner of being calibrated and set to their locations. While we have simulated the science, actually understanding what are the processes is still unknown. That is why we need a portal to gain the coordinates."

I said, "What I believe she is saying is that all the portals should be able to go wherever desired, but we just do not know how. It would however be nice to find one with a recognizable control panel."

Jericho nodded his head while saying, "Yes, I believe something like a control panel was what I intended as well."

I looked over the lad's shoulder, then spoke on the picture at which he was looking. "That does not appear to be one of our cities."

That comment had all of us take an interest in the pictures. We noted changes in foliage and what we could see of the geography wondering if this was one heavily populated world or communities found on their own separate world. While Mission only had the one city, we speculated that surely those of the Nerisus Federation had spread out on the worlds they had found early in their exploration of space. While we found the pictures interesting, after a period of making comments we all looked to Mary about finding out where the portal was located.

She indicated a door. We had not seen a korlock since Perry used his special bomb, but we suspected they would be returning. All of us took stances to be prepared for trouble, but what we saw when we opened the door was a problem we had not expected.

Mary said, "I don't think Mommy ever expected this use of her technology."

I could make out a distortion in the space ahead of us. Having Perry fire some shots I considered to be unnecessary, but I appreciated seeing how the energy from his weapon was dispersed upon reaching the troubling section ahead. The flash from the charge acted as if they met a solid wall, although what I saw visually had me feel that the space ahead had been filled with some type of distortion effect.

Jericho moved up closer than I judged safe, then asked, "Is there a way around this?"

Mary replied, "I am tracking the energy source for this. It is a few floors down."

Perry asked, "We can't just cut the wires?"

"No. It is Mommy's time-loop technology. It is set to create the effect here, but the actual controller is down below."

I looked around while asking my own questions. "Any other options?"

Jericho moved to one of the walls. I almost expected him to disappear and move in the manners he could. I guess the others did as well, since they also watched him. There were a number of sighs of being resigned to fate when he gave a simple negative reply.

All the guys spoke of knowing where the stairwell was. In their check of our surroundings they had located the method for manually moving up and down. I remembered Perry mentioning that he was glad for the elevator as the risers for the stairs was too small for his mechanical feet. That caught me odd, as some of the humanoid korlocks were rather large. Thinking to consider that fact as I trudged down the stairwell, I turned to follow the guys.

TimeSaga: The Development, the first 12 stories edited, is now available on Kindle.
TimeSaga: The Advance, the following 8 stories, is presently being edited.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Four   February 26th 2016, 2:07 pm

Protected Answers
TimeSaga: The Society Story Five

Chapter Four

Fighting korlocks in a stairwell was rather difficult, as the semi-physical nature of the monsters enabled them to move through the risers. None of us wanted to fire at our feet, as we knew the energy from our weapons would spread. Attacking the risers did not please me either, as I was scared of compromising the support structure for the stairs and send us to our death. Luckily, we had all fought korlocks enough that we could adjust and recognize signals from others to make our attacks only deadly to the monsters.

There were other doors on the way down, but we trusted Mary to not need those doors. I know that I felt curious about what would be behind them, and I heard others mention their own desire to simply look. I however assured everyone that we would possibly have people crawling all over this space station soon enough. This thing was a wonderful source of information about the technology of the Nerisus Federation, and the presence of the black hole would only further our scientific advances. I thus put my focus on doing what I could to make the station operational. Thinking that the waiting area could be used by fellow humans as they took breaks between transport locations or just between projects, I passed the doors in a rush to go where Mary directed.

Reaching the door, Jericho said, "It's trapped."

I believe that we turned to him because he was not one we considered a source of information. Jericho did have his talents, but those related to subterfuge and not knowledge. It was Roy at the door, and he turned to the other forskin with the expression that the reason to pause had better be good.

With his usual dry manner of speaking, Jericho said, "Mary can only detect things that are broadcasting. My perceptions however are on recognizing where I can go. I cannot go through that door."

I said, "If there is an energy flux, we should be able to recognize it."

FER-RON provided her information, "I do detect a korlock on the other side of the door. We had been fighting them successfully, so I was not alarmed."

Mary's features tightened in a sign she was concentrating as she said, "Yes, I can agree with FER-RON. I would just suspect there being a korlock as well. This is not a korlock however, but some type of energy hole that will siphon off from whoever touches the door. It however should still work."

We saw the girl begin looking around. When we asked, she mentioned a desire for some long object to enable us to press a button without being in range of the siphoning effect. Jericho mentioned that he still did not feel as if he could pass. None of us argued with either, but accepting that problems should be solved one at a time we also looked for a usable object.

It was Perry and I that came up with the option. The fact that both of us had worked with the buildings on Mission gave us some understanding of the architecture and what pieces were for decoration. He mumbled about some early operation those in charge of the Pyramid program had sent him on as he removed a section of a door frame. From what I gained of his softly spoken words, it was one of his first times to need to kill someone. I did not press him to speak clearer or louder, but listened to what I could feeling glad that Perry would reveal something so dark and personal to me.

The length of material proved itself as we noticed a drop in temperature when the button to open the door was pushed. If the trap had been to siphon energy, I would have suspected the power to operate the portal to have been drained as well. The door however did slowly slide open. We proved ourselves to have overcome the trap when we saw floating roach-like creatures with tentacles instead of legs use their front appendages to lift weapons in a manner even I could understand to be a signal for us to surrender.

FER-RON had an arm switch to a weapon that would be more harmful to a corporal life form as she informed me, "Debra, these are not korlocks."

Perry also changed out his weapons as he asked, "How do we speak to these?"

I activated a microphone, then directed the question to someone I hoped could help. "Chaos, we have encountered living individuals of the Nerisus Federation. Can you speak to them?"

The one acting as our pilot said, "I would certainly think so. Be there."

Waiting for Chaos was tough, as I felt things could erupt at any moment. The only stalemate I could determine was that each of us was waiting for the other to fire first. I could not keep my arm raised, so backed up to assure Chaos did not blunder forward too far when he finally reached us while those with mechanical bodies kept their weapons pointed at our possible opponents.

When the one acting as our pilot did show up, he identified the creatures as Lodeggie. What he said had the floating creatures react in a strange manner, although luckily the weapons raised to no longer be directly pointed at us. I could not understand what was being said, although I sensed that there were problems in the communications.

Chaos said, "It has been centuries, and their language has evolved. Just as you sent for me, they have sent for someone they feel can speak with us."

Perry asked, "Wouldn't they know the language of the okagaki or verikiy?"

"While you see this space station as having a number of answers, I believe those here see it as a tomb. While there are ways they could have survived, the boring repetition of the environment has not challenged them to keep their minds and bodies at the best. I believe they have treated everyone as unchosen, so have remained apart."

I challenged those words by saying, "But they redirected us here."

"No, they stopped you from going to an important part of the station. It was your capabilities to understand things about this place that brought you here. Others would just be stymied."

Both of us turned back to the lodeggie as a number flooded into the room. One came in lying on a board. I could then see that there was a device enabling the surface to float, and found myself able to identify similar devices on the others. Realizing that I was seeing functioning anti-gravity devices had me hope for a peaceful resolution that would promote trade. I thus looked to the lodeggie in the room wishing the best from our meeting.

Chaos now could be seen to clearly working to have a conversation with what I assumed was an elderly lodeggie. While I could not understand what was being said, the expressions on the face of Chaos indicated that he was choosing his words carefully. I also gained the impression that he was having trouble understanding the lodeggie either due to the poor language skills or just the age not enabling the one speaking to use proper diction. Chaos however did seem to be managing a conversation, and he eventually let us know what had been exchanged.

"These have denigrated in culture to a basic tribal level. The presence of the verikiy is recent, which is supported by what they said. The space station has continued to function, but with the presence of a black hole it is not surprising that the equipment had a constant source of energy. What these lodeggie know however is all merely verbal history. While they have fantastic technology available to them, the knowledge or incentive to make use of it has failed."

I found myself attempting to use what I knew of history to manage a method of dealing with the lodeggie, although appreciated Perry asking a basic question. "Is that a good thing or a bad thing?"

"Speaking as History, I have to say that this is a good thing. You must understand that I know of the problem at the ultimate root of your, I mean humanity's, problem in advancing into the worlds of the Nerisus Federation. You are not going to find others, at least not in any majority, as you are finding these here. As far as any separate identity these people have created, I however feel it is meaningless and will be treated as meaningless by your people and even by themselves. I would think that to possibly be a bad thing."

I could not help to say, "We do not want them as our enemy, or even worse could happen."

"That is my objective as well, but these people have been secluded for a long time in a space station. As wonderful as the technology is, it is wearing down. These people understand that their situation is desperate, but there is still a strength in them to fight for what they have."

There was a problem with what Saprello was saying, and I found myself blurting it out when I finally gained my own comprehension of the error. "But they could not be isolated. We faced korlocks. Surely they are facing korlocks. How have they dealt with them?"

"Ah, that was one my difficulties in the discussion. They wanted to speak of religion."

I stepped up to exclaim, "You can't do that!"

The lodeggie did display alarm at my statement. Saprello did come up with me to translate, but I felt a need to keep the advantage. Thus, as soon as he stopped, I spoke some more.

"Religion is good, but it should not have you deny reality. We are not ghosts. We have needs and wants just like you. We get tired. We get hungry. We want a better life. If you stand in the way of that, we will assert our own strengths. LET'S NOT DO THAT!"

It was hard waiting for Saprello to translate. I however understood that my words were wasted if the lodeggie could not understand them. I thus waited, and actually felt some joy that something was said in return.

Saprello translated for me, "He said that he has no other options."

"No." I took another step toward the lodeggie as I stated, "Surely you have a good religion. Surely you are worshipping something that cares for you. Surely you are going through rites to assure a good future for your people. Are you saying that your religion has not supplied you with prophecies of a hope that things would get better."

I heard Saprello behind me exclaim, "Prophecies?"

I had to turn to him to explain, "Are you saying that there were no words of your future from whatever God or gods you worshipped?"

"What happened to us? No."

"Well, uh," I turned to indicate the lodeggie as asked, "what about them?"


The conversation between Saprello and the elder lodeggie became more animated. I believe both had gained some confidence in their use of the language, so became better able to exchange ideas. Seeing the lodeggie listening to the discussion not display any sign of aggression had me hope that things would work out between us. Seeing FER-RON lift her weapon and point it while moving to get a clear shot at a korlock had me feel despair. I felt that with the lodeggie seeing us initiate combat would completely destroy whatever good emotions our conversation had developed.

TimeSaga: The Development, the first 12 stories edited, is now available on Kindle.
TimeSaga: The Advance, the following 8 stories, is presently being edited.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Five   March 2nd 2016, 7:47 am

Protected Answers
TimeSaga: The Society Story Five

Chapter Five

Hoping to present some sense of desiring a good impression from the lodeggie, I simply held my place while my robot worked to destroy the invading monsters. Seeing the insect-like people striking their weapons to make a really annoying sound I knew to be a useful defense. The acts however would not eliminate the threat, but for a people who considered survival a daily concern I accepted it had enabled them to live until now. I held my place waiting for the moment when the monsters would be destroyed or chased off.

At the end of the battle, they turned to FER-RON. I commanded her to hold her place. Knowing that their close presence would have certain routines flag the actions as needing a response, I continued to speak to her to keep her from doing something that could be taken wrong. While I could not understand Saprello, I could tell by his actions and the way some lodeggie would look to me that he was telling them what I was doing. Finally, I heard something that took me a moment to realize was about more than FER-RON and not relating to battle.

"We once had technology that could have done this."

The words from Saprello caught me by surprise. It took me a moment to realize he was not speaking to me, or someone with me, but actually translating words from the lodeggie. Hoping it was an indication of an advance in our relationship, I tried to make use of the words.

"We know. We are following the trail of the Nerisus Federation. We see a lot in what was left."

"Can we return to what we were?"

"I hope not." To assure that Saprello understood my meaning, I kept talking. "I would hope you would want to return to being an advanced culture in a position of authority in this great universe. We, humans, want to be in a position of authority in this great universe as well. If you will be willing to work with us – with you returning to an understanding of this space station and the worlds beyond and we learning what all that we can teach – then I believe our future can be a good one with the problems that doomed the Nerisus Federation solved."

It took more than just translating for Saprello to get my words across, and finally he spoke to me to let me know the problem. "They are only a few, and they recognize that there are a lot of humans."

I tried to let my body language show how confident I was in my reply, although with us having completely different anatomies I was not certain how much they truly comprehended. "We found you. We could find others. The Nerisus were once very numerous. We advance knowing that we could end up being in the minority. I would hope that you would join us knowing that you should end up being a lot better off than you were."

Again an exchange occurred, and not simply Saprello translating my words, before I heard, "And you humans would be coming anyway."

"Yes, but it is my belief that you will learn that we are friends. While you might be very hesitant about who we are, and very afraid of what we can do, I have the belief that those that come will not be cruel or impolite. You should eventually learn that most of us mean you no harm. There will be those that do, as we have not eliminated the evil in our souls. Most of us try, and I believe you will come to realize that."

Now I saw Saprello display confidence in his stance and the manner her proclaimed my words. I watched and listen amazed at how good he made my statements sound. The lodeggie listened, then I heard the words I had been wanting to hear.

"They are going to allow us to pass, Queen Debra. However, they warn us that there are some dangerous korlocks ahead."

"Korlocks? They call them korlocks?"

"Well, they just call them monsters. I let them know that what bothers them are the results of their past history. They are known monsters, and I used your word for them to differentiate them from just the generic group of real and imaginary threats. They allowed that it was a good word."

"FER-RON, to me." As my robot came to my side, I assured that her database had the appropriate values for the encounter. "You did very well. We have gained a potential friendship with the lodeggie. At present you are not to consider them enemies."

"Understood, Debra."

Roy exclaimed, "Debra, you did great!"

Perry said, "Indeed, she did. However, they warned us of trouble."

I asked, "Saprello, what exactly are they going to do? Can we expect to simply go back up and pass into the control room?"

Mary gave an answer, "I don't think so. The routing of the interface here is not back to where we were."

Saprello started talking with the lodeggie, then gave a more complete answer. "What they will do is give us passage in that direction, and we should be able to find our way back up along with the control panels to release other sections."

"That is what I detect as well."

I did what I could to transmit my appreciation. The lodeggie were nothing like humans, but I watched them as I smiled in an attempt to recognize their own expressions. I watched as a couple did something at a panel, then Mary let us know we could advance. I again sought to transmit my thanks to the lodeggie before going with the others.

Perry could barely fit in the passage that we could now pass through. I looked to me like an access corridor for repairmen. I found myself asking Perry if he had a way to get images of all the equipment. He reminded me that Charcoal monitored his progress, so pictures were being recorded. I then got technical speaking of what I saw. Perry and the others let me talk, then simply told me that there was a lot about the space station that a number of people would desire to learn about first hand.

Coming out into a larger corridor, we had a fight with korlock lodeggie. I found it troubling to realize that these monsters were becoming recognizable people. I had seen generated images of the more human korlocks. I had now met these floating insect-like korlocks. As I moved in the corridor to find a position to fire, I found Jericho to be near me and thought to ask him a question.

"Do you think the lodeggie we met would be troubled that we are fighting these korlocks?"

"They probably think of them as we do zombies or vampires."

That was a response I did not expect, especially from a youth. I then remembered things Clyde had said about this forskin. Wondering whether the lad could speak from experience or was just parroting wisdom provided by others, I asked a general question.

"Do you like those types of movies?"

"A group of men with your brother like the new ones. Your brother heard Dr. Beyonce tell me to watch the old horror movies, and he had me sit with him as he watched some classic black and white movies. I cannot say that I liked the old or new ones, but I know about human monsters."

Roy injected a suggestion, "How about we ask them later?"

Mary said, "I can help, but I doubt I can speak it like Chaos."

I had to comment, "I was wondering about that, as I know you were given all that information on the Nerisus."

"What I was given was formal. What I heard Chaos say was simplified, and he was having trouble. I could verify what he claimed as a translation was correct, but I could not even begin to try speaking it on my own."

"Uh, Mary?" Perry was the one that spoke, and being that he was in the lead we all stopped and went silent worried that he had something to warn us about. "Mary, do you think you could translate this?"

I joined the girl to see what appeared to be a central operations room covered in graffiti. There were panels filled with readouts, consoles filled with dials, switches, and keyboards, and objects of various sizes that I could recognize as being chairs. Some values could not be read, because the clear screen over the display had been written over. While Mary looked at the writing, I asked Perry to help me clean a monitor.

The girl touched me to recognize her presence as she softly said, "I can read the monitors."

I replied, "I can't, and I would like some knowledge about what is going on."

"Yes. What the graffiti is basically saying is that it is a lie. I don't know if this was written by survivors, or those here as they were affected."

After activating a communicator, I asked someone I felt should know an answer. "Saprello, did the change over the people happen quickly?"

"Well, it happened relatively quickly, but not instantaneous. You have also gained evidence that it did not affect everyone the same."

There was a hope he would have gone ahead and answered another question, but I found myself needing to ask. "It also was not painless."

"It most certainly was not painless."

Perry asked, "Can these consoles give us access to where we want to go?"

Mary answered, "Yes. In fact, this was the room used to activate the barriers we faced. Give me some time, as I am needing to translate as I work."

She did not head to the monitor I was trying to clean. While I could not see what she was doing, I found myself able to look at some actual writing by those who once lived and worked here. It bothered me at times just how little we actually knew about the Nerisus Federation. As I sat in the strange chair and looked at the weird symbols on the screen and painted around me, I finally felt that the aliens we fought had a real existence. I listened to Mary as she spoke to Roy and Perry, but I stared at the monitor in front of me simply wondering what regular job, family, and life the one that previously at sat here experienced.

Suddenly, my screen changed color to an odd, soft green, then I heard the voice of Saprello. "All right, what did you do? Lights are coming on the space station. Oh, and the verikiy are asking questions."

Mary replied, "Tell the verikiy that we offered to fix them. Next time we make the offer, they should think about what we were able to do to this space station. By the way, one of the things I did was to shut down the link with what I am assuming is the central server to the Nerisus Federation. Whatever was being done, it will no longer threaten us, assuming it was still a threat."

There was a pause as Jericho spoke with Mary about the route they would be taking to the portal. I then listened as the girl gave instructions to the crew that came over with us about preparing the probe. There was a pause after one set of instructions, then Saprello spoke about something else giving orders.

"The verikiy just spoke a threat about attacking the space station."

TimeSaga: The Development, the first 12 stories edited, is now available on Kindle.
TimeSaga: The Advance, the following 8 stories, is presently being edited.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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PostSubject: Chapter Six   March 7th 2016, 7:45 am

Protected Answers
TimeSaga: The Society Story Five

Chapter Six

Instead of sounding concerned, Mary replied, "Let the verikiy attack. The station was already in defensive mode. It however was not directed, as other commands in the system were confusing the system on what was truly a threat. I believe those here were worried about how they would be recognized after they transformed. I have removed the conflicting scripts, so the station should be a lot more precise with its responses to any actual aggression."

I had to comment, "You're sounding confident."

"The space station has lasted all this time near a black hole. I really don't think the verikiy compare in danger." I believe she did some more things, then declared, "Let's go check out the portal."

Again we took the stairs. There was an elevator, but Mary spoke of korlocks being in the shaft. We all agreed that we did not want to use our weapons in an enclosed space. We thus went to the stairwell and began a series of combats as we sought to go up the risers.

While barriers were still active, Mary confidently went up to consoles and typed in the commands to drop the protections. We advanced prepared for some more fights with monsters, but instead we found ourselves not bothered. We entered a large chamber showing a refreshment area and doors to elevators. Mary confidently went up to a console next to an obvious arch in the wall that I felt to be a portal, but I stared at some nearby monitors, one really large, amazed at what I saw.

Mary looked at me and giggled, I believe understanding the expression on my face. "Yes, where do you want to go?"

Perry asked, "You mean we can go anywhere?"

"No, but there are only four connections from here. Still, it seems that I can give you instructions to wherever it is that you want to go."

Jericho asked, "Earth?"

"You go the way you came." She typed at the console, then I watched as the monitors showed a series of solar systems with a bluish line between them. "There is a warning of a primitive culture along with instructions about how to prepare. It seems that they did recognize the resources on the planet, but there is actually a reference to legislation that assures those of Earth having ownership. I assume the legislation is generic, applying to natives of any world, but I would assume that was why our planet was left alone."

I had to reply, "But that would also suggest that Mission was established for us of Earth to interact with those of the Nerisus Federation."

Perry said, "Maybe, but I am sure that they considered any planet capable of supporting their life forms to be available for exploitation. If the event had not happened turning those of the Nerisus Federation into korlocks, we would have found a much more active world."

Mary explained, "They called Mission, Confullate, and say that it is available for settling, even listing prices. I guess Perry is correct."

With the portal found, a number of things needed to be done. I put myself to work with Saprello to communicate with the lodeggie. It was and was not their space station. They did live there, but we tried to explain to them how they were part of a once and future grand civilization. Of course, the past civilization was the Nerisus Federation. The new one was with us humans. When I brought them into the portal room, I worked to explain what they would need to do to accept their place in a much greater reality.

It helped that the lodeggie provided some knowledge of the surroundings. While what I presented was new to them in an operational sense, they had a comprehension of the basic data from their own oral tradition and what they said in their lives on the space station. They could relate to what they were being shown, although also spoke in wonder at seeing some things actually respond. The hardest thing for them to understand was that what could be found through the portals were inhabitable worlds, and not other dangerous, powerful celestial wonders like a black hole.

Saprello laughed as a lodeggie touched a monitor with a tentacle while saying something, then translated for me. "He asked if this was a real place. I think they are ready to leave."

I replied, "Well, we could take them to Mission, but that picture is to where the probe is going. We do not know how things are there now."

Others spoke agreement, and even provided commentary as if the lodeggie could understand them. Saprello did provide some translation, but I believe the lodeggie understood by reading what text showed on the monitors. When those working in the room directed us to step back before opening the portal and launching the probe, the lodeggie moved with us as if understanding what was said.

The verikiy did not attack. I believe they were waiting for us to initiate combat, but eventually became bored when that did not happen. They finally chanced a curious reply about what we were doing, then were flooded with information. Accepting that we were basically ignoring them, they set themselves to figuring out how to involve themselves in our activities. The verikiy finally accepted that we could help them, so initiated communications speaking of trade.

I found myself receiving instructions from those of RayWeight Technologies and not Dr. Beyonce. With her being on board the Engendered, they actually considered her to be an employee on assignment just as I was. I heard of her coming in the same message as I was informed of a large team coming to the space station. As I relayed the information, I heard Roy mentioning the instructions he received from those of the Solomon Foundation.

He then said, "Debra, I am told that it would be wise to keep FER-RON with me. Thus, you are invited to accompany us in traveling to even more worlds."

I replied, "Well, I would like to settle down one day."

Perry tried to provide comfort by saying, "Do not fear, Debra, men are hearing of you. I am sure that there will be some coming in search of you."

"Well, it will be at least a year before the PASSIONs go into production. So I guess I am stuck traveling for at least that long."

"It won't be bad. Charcoal has a family, and every time he thinks about having them come and settle down he finds himself traveling even further away from them."

We settled down in a common room and began sharing things about our lives. I believe many of the stories had been told with most available in databases, but there was a depth to our conversation as we found ourselves accepting each other as close companions for the near future. There was humor at times when someone spoke to FER-RON as if she had things to share, but her basic replies only reminded us of her limits in truly appearing human. We were speaking of things about her logic processes, and how I was adapting them to other robots when someone else made their presence known in the common room.

I saw lodeggie in the room, but it was the mechanical spider-like body of a verikiy that spoke. "Debra, I was told that your title was queen. It does not translate properly."

Wondering how much more of my history I was going to have to relate, I asked, "There is a story behind my title."

"Well, is there a king?"

We laughed, then I said, "I believe that the word did translate properly. The answer is, 'No, he died,' although we were never married."

"I am sorry. There were no humans when we became what we are. Maybe if there were, we would not have done what we did."

Perry replied, "Maybe we would have forced it upon you. There are those of our kind that can be evil, and there are dark periods in our history when those people had power. I became as I am due to such people."

"But you are here socializing with these others as an equal. That is something we feel we lack. A number of us have certain forms, duties, because that is what our status forced us to be. Many became as we are simply because that is what we were. We actually saw becoming a machine as making our lives more true to how we felt about ourselves. You are showing us a better society, and that is having us want to be a part of it, but we are trapped in our forms."

"I am told that there is a possibility I can be put back into a human body. The technology is not there yet, but I believe it will be. Maybe they can adapt the process for your kind as well."

Roy quipped, "Or put you into a human body."

That caused a period of laughter, and while the verikiy laughed with us, his reply came from the speaker as dryly spoken. "We are speaking of that. Let me admit that we did receive words of humans, but did not trust the information. Also, when we realized that humans were in the system with us, we became worried about our own meeting with you. Let me say that we have added to the information we are building on you, and what we have added is positive. I was however told to come here and ask if you are going to revive the Nerisus Federation?"

I answered, "They have worlds we find agreeable to our own bodies. We are also finding their technology to help us in areas we had yet to discover for ourselves. The fear is not that we revive the Nerisus Federation, but that we grow to become our own bureaucracy that is susceptible to one with evil intents to gain control of. Maybe with the presence of the verikiy, the okagaki, the lodeggie, and others, the society we create will become something more versatile, more independent, more responsive to corruption that will have us all go into the future proud of our lives."

"We are watching, humans." He then turned to the lodeggie to say, "You need to watch as well."

Saprello translated, then spoke to us after one of the floating aliens replied. "They agree to be watching. They however also say that they are of the Nerisus Federation, so will do what they can to assure that what the humans do with the Nerisus Federation will not duplicate the mistakes of the past."

I said, "Sounds like an agreement. As a major authority of RayWeight Technologies, let me say that I appreciate the watchful eyes of the non-human races."

Roy sounded out, "Yeah! As a major authority of the Solomon Foundation, I also welcome the presence of the verikiy and lodeggie."

Perry said, "Well, I'm just a mercenary, but I like being hired to work with good people. Thus, I will welcome employment with verikiy, lodeggie, okagaki, or anyone with good intents. Some of the things I was previously hired to do I am not proud of, and I want a better future for myself.."

After assuring that Saprello managed to translate everything, we all spoke of an agreement for assuring a better life for all. I had each speak of what type of worlds they truly preferred. It seemed that there were particular differences that had us all believe we would not be competing with living space. A world that one would find truly comfortable would not be particularly pleasing to others. We thus ended up agreeing to allowing each group to live as they thought best, and to support the independence along with the traditions of their community.

TimeSaga: The Development, the first 12 stories edited, is now available on Kindle.
TimeSaga: The Advance, the following 8 stories, is presently being edited.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
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Protected Answers: TimeSaga C5 (All 6 Chapters)
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