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 Living with Spirit Girl: Cp4

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PostSubject: Living with Spirit Girl: Cp4   November 26th 2016, 9:54 pm

Living with Spirit Girl
Chapter Four

Everyone was glad that none of the students were harmed. A couple of office workers were killed but other than that no one had suffered harm. Attendance rolls were checked and double-checked with all speaking of gratitude that the children had stayed unharmed.

Mrs. Carpenter wrapped herself around me upon finding me safe. She was a big, fat black woman, but I saw her move fast before having her rush to me. While she asked me questions, it was hard to answer as I was squeezed.

The police officer I rescued also asked me questions. Both he and Mrs. Suzuki, whose class I entered, mentioned the doors being locked. I really did not provide a clear answer. I was searched, but no keys were gained with Officer Tarkenton having to admit that I needed to retrieve his key to unlock his handcuffs. As for the doors, they just praised God for them being found open by me. Relieved at that acceptance of my story, I did try to answer their other questions.

I finally was released from the adults when the buses started arriving. Returning to my friends I found myself again the focus of questions. I however did not mind speaking to my friends, so was smiling as I got on my bus.

Only after we were well on our way home did one of my friends, and it would have been Dorothy, ask, “Blake, what about the ghost?”

“Oh, yeah!” Tim exclaimed. “Wasn’t her name Arraelly?”

I answered, “I haven’t heard from her. She went to follow the criminals. Hopefully she can return with information to give to the police.”

“Ooh,” Tim said, “it is going to be neat to have a ghost that solves crimes.”

Dorothy asked, “Could she be hurt?”

Again I supplied an answer, “I don’t think so, but I also think the criminals were looking for her. They had a device that reacted when I put the brooch on.”

“That’s odd.”

“Yeah, but she claims to be an alien and not a ghost.”

Tim interjected, “That is what she said, and she did look very creepy. She did not seem happy to change to look like Melanie Morlock, but did so just to appear as a human.”

Justus voiced his agreement, “Yeah, Melanie Morlock is hot.”

I said, “Well, Arraelly is not complaining about how she looks, but only reminding me that she is really an alien. She is also a cop, so I feel will work to solve crimes.”

Dorothy asked another question. “How can we help her?”

“I don’t know if we can. I mean, not only is she an alien, but I think she is old. Maybe she is dead. I don’t know, but she does not seem bad.”

“No, she did not seem bad.”

Justus had to reinforce his opinion, “Well, she’s hot as Melanie Morlock. When she comes back, Blake, call me. I can come over to play a computer game and visit with Melanie – I mean, Arraelly.”

“Yeah,” Tim voiced his agreement.

I said, “It might be the police she wants me to call over. Let you know later.”

The bus was coming to my stop, so my friends understood that the conversation was over. I however noticed that Dorothy stood to also get off. She did not live that far from me, and would often walk down to visit while waiting for the bus. Mr. Benjamin, our bus driver, thus did not say anything when she got off behind me. I waited for her to speak, because I knew she had gotten off to have a further conversation with me.

“Blake, would you know if she was hurt?”

“I really don’t know –“

I suddenly felt as if a body had slammed into me. A need for air caused me to bend over. Dorothy came close speaking of being worried. I was concerned as well, so reached into my pouch to retrieve the brooch. The contact somehow had me better connect to what had happened, which enabled me to answer Dorothy.

“She was gone for a long time, and I believe went past her limit of how far she could travel. Everything should be all right after some time.”

“Are you sure that you are all right?”

“Yes,” I answered showing that I could stand back up. “Just felt like the wind was knocked out of me. I’m all right.”

“How about Arraelly?”

“I’m not feeling hurt, so I don’t think she is hurt. Just pushed her limits.” I shrugged while attempting to assure Dorothy that I told her all I could. “Really, I have no feeling of being hurt.”

“I’ll be on the network, Blake. Contact me.”

I looked at my house, and said what I saw. “My father and mother are home from work. I thus will probably be tied up with them.”

“Before you go to bed?”

“I’ll send you something, but that is all I can promise.”

“Okay, Blake.”

She turned to walk to her house even as I ran over to my parents. They had heard the news, so both were worried about me. I was not their only child, but I was the youngest. Doris was the oldest, although left high school early to work as an assistant nurse at the hospital. Doris wanted to become a doctor, and all said the job would help her. Felix was in high school, while I would not be in high school until next year. He however was not a good student, so father and mother put their focus on me to follow Doris’ example. As their baby, my parents also just worried more about me.

I basically assured them that I was fine. I did tell them about being caught in the media center, but that was just to brag about being smart and trusted by the teachers. I did want to do well in school, and knew that my parents would also be encouraged. Nothing about Arraelly however got revealed. I did not want my parents worried about me, so only mentioned things that would have them feel that I was indeed fine.

Going to my room, which I shared with Felix although he usually only came in to sleep, I felt a need to lie down. Sleep did not come over me, but it helped just being able to get some rest. Eventually, I felt the spirit of Arraelly calm as if she was sleeping. I then was able to get up and do the usual things I did in my room.

Actually curious, I moved into the living room and sat with my parents who were watching the news. The information did help, but caused me to worry about Arraelly. Father seemed concern as well, and did not argue with mother when she ‘suggested’ that they order pizza instead of cooking. I sat with them as they continued to watch the news, and discussed what I knew while also paying attention to what information the television provided.

Felix came in with the pizzas, although the delivery man followed as my older brother told him that he would be tipped. Father did not appear pleased, as he knew mother had paid by credit card when she made the order. He still gave the man a couple of dollars, then went to get what slices he desired before sitting back down in front of the TV. Felix asked questions about the events at my school between devouring slices of pizza, then when he said that he had enough he headed back outside.

After a while, I became bored with the repeat of information, so told my parents that I would return to my room. Mother said that I did not need to go back to school in the morning, but I replied that I wanted to be with my friends. I knew that she and father would return to work, so I felt was grateful that she would not have to worry about me being around the house alone.

I was watching the video of the police cars exploding when I heard Arraelly say, “Lorither is a gorilla. The one we need to worry about is named Honidder. He had been on this planet for a while, and has learned the language as well as organized a number of your locals.”

I had to ask, “Do you want me to call the police?”

“No, as I doubt they would believe the story. I cannot provide enough evidence right now to actually prove anything. I did see Lorither, and he did not look like the other humans I have seen.”

She agreed with the image of a gorilla that I pulled up to show her, although I had to focus on something she said. “How did you learn my language?”

“I don’t think I have. I cannot say for certain, but I believe that I am pulling information from you. We have a mental connection. Honidder spoke of using teleportation technology to come here. Teleportation however is not perfected. Scientist can demonstrate it, but not in any magical manner. What they can do really is not amazing to watch.”

From my computer games, I knew enough about teleportation to speak of it with Arraelly. It seemed that they also had science-fiction presentations, as she could speak of programs and games as well. It was actually fun talking with Arraelly on the subject for a time. I however finally had to ask a question on something I felt a need to speak to her about.

“You are an adult, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Blake, I am an adult. Got good grades in school, but mostly because I got tutoring while being active in sports.”

I had to interject, “Yes, I believe that is the only way Felix,” I pointed to the other bed in the room as I explained, “my older brother, will pass.”

“I did more than pass, but made good grades. Went into the military, and served eight years. I really enjoyed the energy level, but not the deadliness. I felt that we needed to stop the bad guys before they acted, but the military is not like that. I thus left the military and went into the police force. I did good, so good that they promoted me to S4. Been S4 for four years. Most people seldom last anytime at all at S4, but it seemed to fit me.”

I said, “I hope that you do not mind the body I had you take. It is the body of a young lady.”

“It does what it is supposed to do, Blake. It helps me relate to you and others of this world.”

There was a question that I did not want to ask, but I did. “Did you get hurt?”

“No. I’m fine. I believe that I was gone too long and went too far.”

“That is what I felt, but I was worried.”

“Thanks, but maybe I can do more with practice. We need to stop Lorither, Blake. The problem is that they probably are also the only answer I have to get back home, so I really do not know how to do it. There is also the problem of them recognizing something about my being here. You having that brooch on you will alert their devices.”

I took it off and returned it to the pouch. She lost her visual presence in the room. I could still see her, but I knew where to look. Putting the pouch in my school bag, I spoke to Arraelly.

“We really do not need the contact.”

“I can tell that you are not wearing it, Blake. I thus think the contact is important. We have a lot to learn, but Lorither has a history of doing some horrible things. Right now they are planning to acquire money, but Lorither is never in it for the money. He is a sick, sick individual who must be stopped.”

Again thinking that I was working with a superhero, I asked, “What do you want to do?”

“Right now, get some rest. I believe that we both need it. Tomorrow I hope to form a plan for us to learn what we need to do, both to perfect our relationship and to get Lorither.”

Just then I heard mother telling Felix that he needed to go to bed. I knew the words would also apply to me. I thus told Arraelly good night.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
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Living with Spirit Girl: Cp4
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