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 Living with Spirit Girl: Cp7

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PostSubject: Living with Spirit Girl: Cp7   December 11th 2016, 6:11 pm

Living with Spirit Girl
Chapter Seven

When I walked into the gym, I found myself completely confused. Nothing was familiar. I did see some weights, but they were being used. I thus walked around wondering what I was to do.

One man standing on a strange square platform surrounded by ropes asked, “Hey, lady, you lost?”

“I was told this was a gym.”

“Uh, yeah, for boxing. We don’t do no fancy aerobics here.”


I did know the reference. Men would box. The tentacle fingers of us ladies were longer than the men, but made for grasping. The men would toughen up their digits for more physical applications. I had done things to toughen up my hands, but mostly relied on my legs in combat. In looking at my size in comparison with the speaker, I felt that boxing was not the proper topic.

“You’re way larger than me. I could not box you fairly. I would have to cheat.”

He laughed, then said, “I ain’t no regular boxer. I have a cage fight in a week, and all attacks are legal. The refs are just there to assure that we stay living. Come on, Darling, and I will let you do whatever you want.”

There was a man standing beside the platform said, “That is Fernando Freight Train. If he connects with you, Darling, you will be feeling it next year.”

“I understand,” I said reaching up to climb on the platform.

“Wait, Darling, put these on.”

What he moved to get were pads. I looked to the one on the platform and accepted that they were to protect me from some of the damage of blows. Before asking for dinstruction on how to put them on, I felt a need to assure some understanding.

“I am Officer S4 Arraelly Fortauber. That man, gorilla actually, that attacked the Junior High School is my quarry. I understand that he has probably made you people around here wanting him, but I wanted him first. I however need to assure my basic physical abilities. Knowing just how dangerous my opponent is, Fernando Freight Train does not scare me.”

From the platform came the words, “You should.”

“Yes, well, Lorither is more dangerous than you.”

The man with me indicated for me to start putting the items on as he asked, “What did that guy do where you are from?”

“Burnt people. Pulled the heat from the surrounding water and boiled them. It is known technology to us, but not ever allowed to progress to such a level. I would bet the science boys will be saying that the same technology is responsible for him coming here, but why he came here I do not know. There is something going on more important than just being a special murderer.”

“How did he become your problem?”

“Just by getting my attention. I am S4. You do not want my attention. I will pursue you. I will do what I need to do to overcome you.” I looked to the platform while adding, “Even if it means fighting Freight Train to do it.”

The man referenced said, “All right! Sounds like a good work out. Come on up here, Girlie.”


“I’ll put that name on your tombstone.”

“That’s the name that belongs on it, not Girlie.”

The men laughed. The one with me patted me hard in places. I accepted that I would feel the blows, but that I should not suffer the harm. Of course this man was not attempting to hurt me, but the power from Freight Train, whether actually intended to hurt me or not, would be felt. I did not laugh, but took on a serious attitude in facing the man on the platform.

Fernando said, “Tell you what, Arraelly. I will let you have a free attack.”

“Thanks, as I don’t know if my usual manner of attacking will work. I might even look silly.”

“I expect to be smiling as I get my blows in on you, not from your actions to me.”

Sounded like a reasonable opening. I believe that he was surprised to find my attack work. Actually, I felt that if he had prepared himself he could have stayed on his feet. I rushed to him, climbed on him, put a blow from my hand to his padded jaw, then dropped with my legs making a hold and an attack that actually brought the Freight Train down. I really was not pleased, but he stood having a more reasonable tone of voice.

“Ain’t never seen that. Where did you learn it?”

“Military, but then the streets helped me perfect necessary alterations. I however believe that what I face back home will not match what I face here. Thus, my reason for being here.”

“Well, I face all sorts of martial artists in the cage. Learning one more move can only help me. We both have fights coming up, so I promise to go soft. You explain what you are about to do, and most of the time I will let you do it – once. We will then work on defenses. How does that sound?”

Sounded like a wonderful use of my time. As we shared moves, we spoke of our pasts. Fernando had also served time in the military. He spoke of being in the Air Force, but not really having the personality for that branch of service. I told him stories of my own military experiences. I could tell that what he heard from me did not match what he knew, but the training I displayed in our workout had him accept that there was some truth in my tales. I was not seeking knowledge of his past, but only used the talk to help me get to know my opponent as I used the time to find what my body could and could not do.

Finally, the man on the floor said, “All right, Freight Train, tell the lady good night.”

Fernando obeyed. “Good night, Arraelly. Would not mind doing more with you. Direct experience with someone is much better than just going through dry routines.”

I felt the same, although had to admit the truth. “I cannot promise anything, but this workout with you was what I needed. If I get the chance, I will be back.”

Fernando pointed to the showers for the ladies. We however both had to admit that I had not brought a change of clothes. The man on floor, that I now knew was Father David, however went and got me some clothes he called sweats. They appeared as nothing fashionable, but I took them accepting they would cover my form until I got back to Blake’s house. I thus thanked the men, then headed to the showers.

As I was enjoying the water, I felt the mind of Blake. I actually expected him to suddenly gain command of the body. He however only stayed a mental voice. I thus continued to enjoy the water while speaking to Blake.

“When I give your body back, I am hoping that you are not tired. I needed this time.”

“Why am I in your body?”

“I know no more about our relationship that you. Can you move about as a ghost?”

When he set his mind to concentrating, suddenly he had control of the body. I was not pleased as he griped at being drenched by the water. He was back in his clothes as well. I thus directed him to put on the sweats and head back home.

He looked at them while saying, “I cannot fit in these, and they are girly.”

Really not knowing, I had to ask, “How are they girly?”

“They’re pink.”

“Then you are just going to have go home in what you have. However, take my clothes with you.”

I could tell that he was not happy, but he did as I ordered. He complained about a number of things in the walk back to his house. I just let him know that he was going to have to learn to deal with it, but that we needed to somehow allow each other to have their lives.

Experience did say that we could affect each other, but from what I could tell the night of exertion on my part did not reflect in his physical status. I felt that was good. We surely had more to learn of our relationship, but at the moment I felt it good that I could move about at times without affecting the physical status of my host.

Coming into the house, Felix turned from where he was drinking a glass of milk near the refrigerator to ask, “What happened to you?”

Blake replied, “Just stuff.”

“And why are you carrying girl clothes? You going about as a girl?”

“I am not going about as a girl.”

Felix would not relent. He picked on poor Blake about carrying my clothes and wearing the brooch. Listening to the conversation, I found myself understanding where Blake gained his complex of not being caught with things that were feminine. I was glad when their father came into the kitchen and looked at my clothes while making an experienced observation that silenced Felix.

“Blake could not fit into these clothes.” Hearing silence, the elder male asked, “Now, Blake, why are they in your possession?”

“I am working with a new girl, Arraelly Fortauber. These are her things.”

“And why do you have her things?”

I suggested to Blake, “Tell him that you do not understand girls.”

The lad did as ordered. “I don’t understand girls. She told me to take them.”

“Ooh,” Felix said, “I guess you will be seeing her again, naked.”

“I did not see her naked.” I was naked when he awoke, but he was correct that I was not exactly looking at myself. “She was at the gym.”

“And what were you doing at the gym?”

Again I gave a suggestion for the lad to speak. “Tell him that Fernando Freight Train was there practicing, and you joined me to meet the man.”

“Really? Fernando Freight Train?”

“Blake, they can hear you!”

“Oh, yeah.” He then composed himself before saying, “Fernando Freight Train was there practicing, and I went to meet him.”

The adult said, “I had heard that Fernando Freight Train was using the gym behind the Lutheran Church for his training. Still, Blake, you should not be up so late, or early. You do have school.”

“I’m fine. It’s Friday anyway. Survive today then I sleep through the weekend.”

“Well, I still am not in favor of it. Still, surviving the day on limited sleep should be punishment enough. Go get ready.”

I guess that Felix blabbed about things while Blake was preparing for school. With him wearing the brooch, I could return to enough of a substantial form to put on school clothes as well. Once we were both ready for the day, we left to start the day. I knew that I seldom felt tired, but tended to stay active and alert until near exhaustion. I did worry about Blake, as I did not know how my activity would affect him. He however went through the day at school without any issue of being fatigued.

As usual, the brooch did not get worn until coming home, so I was feeling rested and wondering what I might do when Blake came into his house with his sister repeating what she had heard from Felix. “This girl that had you bring home her clothes, is she cute?”

“Well, she does look like Melanie Morlock, but she is older than me.”

I had to mentally chastise the lad. “I am hanging out with you and your friends, Blake. You thus tell everyone that I am your age.”

He again accepted what I said, so adlibbed, “Uh, well, not by much, and she is cute.”

His sister asked, “And what is her name?”

“Arraelly, Arraelly Fortauber.”

The elder female had come into the kitchen, and she now entered the conversation. “This girl is not going to get you into trouble?”

Felix had to interject his own opinion. “I believe he wants to get into trouble with her.”

I had to suggest, “Tell your mother that I am working with the police. Nothing important, but just meeting people and seeing if I can get some information.”

Blake said, “She is working with the police to just find what evidence she can. I am sure that was how she learned about Fernando Freight Train.”

I had not told him that final part, but I did let him know it was a good statement. Felix and the elder male spoke for a time about Fernando Freight Train and cage matches. I was glad to hear the information. To pull out some more facts, I told Blake some more statements to make in order to support his story and continue the conversation.

As the mother came through the door, she told her children that they needed to get moving on performing certain chores. Honestly, Blake was pretty good on doing what he was told, but the other kids were at the age where they felt their own decisions with their lives was more important. The Father mentioned things to support the words of his wife. As Blake left through the door able to have time with his friends, he removed the brooch from his pocket while again letting me a fact.

“I really cannot have this at school.”

“It’s okay,” I replied. “I believe I am resting. It might be forced rest, but it does seem to help me. While I was active last night, you seem to have not been bothered. Don’t forget me, however.”

“I won’t.” He saw a hand waving at him and said, “Dorothy won’t either. We will call you back, Arraelly.”

“I’m glad, but put your focus on school, Blake. I feel that I have found my opening to do my job of finding Lorither. However, my first duty is to the people, which includes you.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
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Living with Spirit Girl: Cp7
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