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One should not face a writer's block with the mentality of bursting through it. I have found in my own experience that a writer's block is usually due to my mind indicating that it has a problem in 'channeling' the story. One reason might be a re-imagining of certain story points. Another reason however is that there is a problem in where you are at in the story, so you need to look back and find out the problem with the 'journey' that prevents the tale from advancing.

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 Living with Spirit Girl: Cp10

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PostSubject: Living with Spirit Girl: Cp10   December 26th 2016, 9:17 pm

Living with Spirit Girl
Chapter Ten

I found myself wondering about Arraelly as the day went on. There was not any bad feeling, although I could tell that she was not a part of me. Concern for the lady did not allow me to focus on my work, which caused me to finish right before the teacher called time instead of being able to check my work and read a book while the other students went on with the assignment.

I started to worry about her when the bell rang for the end of the day. Since she was new to this world, there was a fear she had gotten lost. Wondering if there was a way to summon Arraelly back, I put my hand into the pocket to grab the locket. Feeling a strange tingling, I again worried about her.

Justus slapping me on the back changed my mental focus with his words having me look beyond the busses. “Hey, Blake, isn’t that Arraelly?”

Seeing her running very fast toward the school had me move between the busses just to get a better view of what might be chasing her. Justus came beside me, and as I stopped to look he told me to keep moving to her. Some teachers called to us, but with the companionship of Justus I kept moving to Arraelly.

She came upon me and demanded, “Blake, give me the body – NOW!”

Like an idiot I simply replied, “What?”

Justus said, “Give her the body, Blake.” As if wondering about things himself, he then said, “You are mostly substantial now, Arraelly.”

She just again demanded, “Give me the body, Blake!”

Suddenly, I heard sirens and the roar of an engine. I knew something was happening, and it was coming in this direction. When Arraelly again demanded the body, I understood that there was a need.

It was hard. I had only done the act once in a truly public situation. I however worked to ignore the sirens, the cars, the teachers, other students, everything.

It did help my mind to hear, “Good job, Blake! Now, stay back there. This is going to get dangerous, and I do not want you hurt.”

Attempting to keep my mind at peace, I found myself able to see. The view was through my eyes, but set back as if looking through my eye sockets and not directly with my eyes. Setting my mind to think that I was watching someone else play a computer game, I relaxed and let Arraelly do what she felt necessary.

Officer Tarkenton usually walked out to direct traffic from the school. I saw him begin to run as if to catch Arraelly, but she spun to rush faster than he could move. She did stop to pick up some rocks, and yelled to Officer Tarkenton to stay back as she did so.

The sirens were getting closer, but Arraelly showed no fear as she came to the road. A van suddenly taking a turn and coming in her direction did not bother her. I could sense her mind. While her language was understandable to me, I could tell that her actual brain processed information in a completely different manner than my own. Instead of moving away from the road or the van, she began running along the street in the same direction of the vehicle. It was faster than her, so closed on her position rather fast. Without any fear, she threw a rock at the window on the co-pilot’s side.

The van swerved when the glass shattered enough to disrupt vision. Arraelly used the change in movement to enable her to grab the handle on the back door. I felt a concern that she would fly back if the latch worked, but the handle did not move even as she did. A foot went to the back bumper, and the other to a hinge. Before I knew it, she was on the roof of the van.

Arraelly trusted her hands. She had told me things of her original body. I had seen it, but then I did not know her. The idea to have her change into the body of Melanie Morlock came from Justus, and I really did not feel comfortable with her alien body. She had horns like a demon, and body like some monsters in computer games. None of us knew anything about having her change her appearance, but with Justus able to have his phone show her a video of Melanie Morlock we held hands and concentrated. Something happened, I remembered feeling some type of energy pulled from me and of my friends saying the same, but then Arraelly had the hair, the clothes, the complete look of the famous girl. Even being such a physical match, there were things about Arraelly that were not like the interviews of Melanie Morlock. I however found myself able to trust Arraelly, and could say that I have come to like her.

Her hands had a strength in their grip, and her legs moved in a manner that I do not believe a normal lady could match. I got the sense that she could climb. It helped that the van had a top rack along with straps securing some equipment. She however did not use the various holds to keep her in place, but to simply as sturdy places to apply the strength of her arms and legs to move her along.

As the van attempted to regain its speed, Arraelly moved up to slam down the other rock on the front window. I could hear cursing from inside the van when the windshield shattered. Arraelly used the slowing momentum to send her body over the front of the van. She then dropped to the side of the road to roll.

I believe she spoke to herself in that I did not just mentally hear her say, “I got to move. I got to move.”

She hurt. It was strange, but she looked at her body in an odd fashion. While I saw her bleeding, she actually seemed impressed with how her arm appeared.

Again I feel she actually spoke as I heard, “The skin is damaged, but it can heal. The body makes sense.”

She lifted her head so we both could watch as the police cars gained on the van. Realizing that the criminals would be caught, she took off around a house. She however stopped when gunshots were heard from the van.

As the vehicle slowed down, the back door opened with a gorilla racing out. Police cars screeched to a halt with cops quickly readying their weapons and yelling to the animal. Arraelly went back to rushing around the house as she said something I agreed with.

“Lorither won’t get away. Job done. Job done.” She found spot to get some cover, then commanded, “All right, Blake, take your body back.”

I hate to say it, but I felt the shock of the words finally breaking the spell of me just being an observer. I did not return to controlling my body in a confident manner. I found my voice powering my vocal chords as I said words in response to Arraelly.

“That was cool! It was just like you were a superhero.”

Arraelly’s voice sounded in my mind, “I thought I admitted that I possibly was.”

“Well, that was –“

I stopped upon sensing a vibration from my pouch. Realizing that my phone was ringing, I took it out. Seeing that it was Dorothy, I answered it.

“Blake, my mother is coming to get you or Arraelly, whoever is in control of the body.”

I replied, “Arraelly does not have a phone, Dorothy.”

“Okay, but meet my mother. She will be driving along the road behind the one in front of the school. You should know the car. Is Arraelly hurt?”

“She took a tumble from the van, but she is not complaining.”

I heard in my mind, “I was wondering about the strength of your bodies due to not having shells, but I think it is a good design. Might want to look at things further.”

Dorothy said, “I’m on the bus, so need to hang up before I get caught. See you at my house.”

As I put the phone back, I said, “I might need to give you the body back, Arraelly. Dorothy and her mother will probably be worried about you.”

“Oh, come on, Blake. I can sense enough of your mind to know that you are not going to stay quiet. I can however just take on my mostly substantial form. Move near a tree.”

When I did as instructed, I saw Arraelly step around to join me as if she had been behind the trunk. Suddenly, I felt a strong drain on my body. Pain seemed to come over me as if I had again fallen into mother’s rose bushes. I saw Mrs. Tork’s car turn on the road as Arraelly stepped to me with worry on her face.

Instead of answering her, I reached for an arm. She looked and saw it healed. She then looked to my arm, then my face as if very worried.

“Are you all right?”

“I’ll need an aspirin, or two, but I believe I will be all right.”

I found myself thinking of her as a normal girl as she said, “I’m sorry, Blake.”

“You were great, Arraelly. How you knew to do that I cannot say.”

“I’m S4, Blake. That is what I do. Lorither is now in the hand of the authorities. My job is over. I now have to worry about you.”

Mrs. Tork drove up, and we climbed into the car as I said, “You don’t have to worry about me, Arraelly.”

Dorothy’s mother said, “Blake, are you all right, and what about your friend?”

Arraelly answered, “Blake said that he would need a couple of aspirin.”

“What happened?”

“Nothing, Mrs. Tork. I don’t know what they are going to report on the news, but what is important is that they caught the gorilla and some criminals. The world is a safer place.”

“I’m glad to hear that, but what are the two of you doing in missing your bus?”

I looked to Arraelly only to see her giggle before answering, “Watching. We just had to watch, Mrs. Tork.”

“It is not funny, Arraelly. There are rules, and as children you must obey them. Also, you could have been hurt.” Those words caused Arraelly to giggle some more. “Listen, young lady, I did not give you clothes to have you go and ruin them.”

I instructed Arraelly, “You tell Mrs. Tork that you are sorry.”

She obeyed, “I’m sorry, Mrs. Tork.”

The elder lady commanded, “You too, Blake.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied. “I’m sorry.”

“Okay, you two, I want to hear all about it.”

Arraelly said, “Sorry, Mrs. Tork, but we will need to listen to the news report first. From there, we will tell you what we can.”

Strangely, those words seemed to satisfy Mrs. Tork. The rest of the ride to her house was done in silence. Arraelly seemed interested in my arm. She touched it in various manners before seeming satisfied, then quietly waited until the end of the ride.

I believe that Arraelly was glad to see that Dorothy was already home when we pulled up in the driveway. As we got out, she moved up to Arraelly. I believe something was said, as Dorothy quickly turned and gave a command to me.

“Blake, you need to go home. Leave Arraelly here.”

Arraelly whispered, “He can’t do that.”

Dorothy whispered back, “Mother is going to want to look over your body. She almost noticed you were not fully real last time. She will notice if she is checking your health.”

“Blake is too quick to use his voice, which gives him back control of his body.”

I tried to defend myself by saying, “I was quiet while you stopped that van.”

“I moved too quick for you to think about saying anything.”

Wanting to gain some trust from the ladies, I admitted, “That’s true, but I still did not take back over control until you told me to.”

“If she is going to check me over, you are probably going see me naked.”

Dorothy admitted, “Well, probably more than he is supposed to see. Arraelly, couldn’t you knock him out or something?”

“Hurt Blake? No!” She hugged me while saying, “You cannot imagine how precious Blake is to me.” She then looked me into the eyes while saying, “Learning about us ladies is one thing, but a good thing. Harming him is not good at all.”

Dorothy moved to look me in the eyes as she said, “Really, Blake, mother is going to want to check Arraelly out. She needs to be completely physically real.”

We moved behind the vehicle, then dropped down. I again did what I could to think of playing a video game to fall back to looking through my eyes while allowing another to control the action. Arraelly and Dorothy then rose saying that I had gone home. Mrs. Tork did not challenge the words, but did call the girls to her. As they moved into the house, Arraelly did whisper to me about me still needing some aspirin, but I then heard her thank me for not making a verbal reply.

I believe that I went to sleep. The chatter of the ladies did not interest me. Arraelly had torn her shirt, and it had not healed, so removed it. I had seen my older sister in a bra, and ladies in bikinis, so did not react strong enough to take back over control of my body. Dorothy could be interesting to talk with, but with her mother and older sister they did not speak on those topics. I thus became bored and mentally drifted off, and for once in my life found myself being told that I did the right thing.

I finally heard, “All’s well, Blake. You can have the body back.”

Realizing that I was in front of my house, I thought to open the door only to find myself doing it. No one spoke of being worried about me. Felix did mention me doing something improper, but being told by Justus that I was with Dorothy did not cause him alarm. I looked down rather pleased not to be carrying more clothes for Arraelly, so simply agreed with my brother. Realizing that it had been an amazing day, I thought to get some aspirin before doing the things required of me before ending my day.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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Living with Spirit Girl: Cp10
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