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One should not face a writer's block with the mentality of bursting through it. I have found in my own experience that a writer's block is usually due to my mind indicating that it has a problem in 'channeling' the story. One reason might be a re-imagining of certain story points. Another reason however is that there is a problem in where you are at in the story, so you need to look back and find out the problem with the 'journey' that prevents the tale from advancing.

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 Living with Spirit Girl: Cp11

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PostSubject: Living with Spirit Girl: Cp11   December 31st 2016, 10:34 pm

Living with Spirit Girl
Chapter Eleven

Being the youngest child, I had grown up in an active house. My parents worked with one of us usually having to get out of the house early. Felix grumbled as he forced himself out of bed to begin doing something he considered more interesting than sleeping. My older sister would sleep, but if up she would be talking about something. I thus usually had someone disturbing my rest in the morning. I however found myself looking around the room with my alarm clock letting me know it was time to become active.

After taking a quick bath, I came down to hear my father say from his recliner, “You mom is already at work. I go in at one. Plan on flipping some burgers before I leave with you kids fixing them as you want when you want. You need to be ready for school. None of your friends called.”

I heard Arraelly ask a question, and I saw no reason not to voice it. “Has there been any news of the activity yesterday?”

“I haven’t checked, Blake. Figure that I will be informed of everything when I go to work. I haven’t turned on the TV yet.”

While there was some talk at school, none of my friends actually bothered with the news. If something did not affect them or was not part of their entertainment, they were not interested. While no one considered me weird for asking about the events, they did not see how some bank robbery had any importance to them. I did try to use the computer and check on the news, but Arraelly and I considered it odd that we could learn nothing.

Just to keep my mother, or my father when he got home, from fussing at me, I checked my usual chores upon returning to my house. I weeded some plants. Saw a wasp nest, so found the spray and took it out. Wendy had the assignment to wash and fold clothes, but with her working I would put them in the machine and start it going. With the chores done, I felt that I had the free time to play a computer game.

As I started to load my game, Arraelly asked, “Is this what you normally do, Blake?”

“Yes, this is what I normally do.”

“What about going in the graveyard?”

“That was a dare. We were talking ancestry, and I wanted to prove that I was from around here. Dorothy is Japanese, Justus claims his family is from France, but I am from here. They said that I wasn’t Indian, so had to be from somewhere else, but I told them that my family were all in the graveyard. They dared me to go into the graveyard, so I did and found the graves of my grandparents and great-grandparents. The others had come as I yelled that out, and then I found the brooch. I held it up to see it better in the light when it was struck by whatever sent you here.”

I had the ornament in my pocket, so Arraelly was able to semi-materialize. I felt her hug me. She then kissed me. As I played the game, she sat but I do not believe she watched. I think Arraelly cried, and only after some time was she able to say what was on her mind.

“The mind of whoever had the body of Honidder is either trapped or killed, Blake. The poor gorilla also had no control of its body. If you had not held up that brooch, Blake, I would be in control of your body. This life we are sharing is not normal – not right, but at least you can continue your life. This is your world, your home, and you should be able to live your life in your body. It is my job as a police officer to provide the security for you to live your life, and that is what I will do.”

“What are you going to do, Arraelly?”

“I am thinking of talking to Honidder. I have worked with him before. With Lorither out of the picture, he should be willing to work for good. Hopefully, he can remove me from your body, then I can direct Honidder to doing other things than what Lorither would have him do.”

That sounded good, but I had to speak of the problems I detected. “Why wouldn’t Honidder want to work with you anyway?”

“Probably because I have no money. Honestly, I never considered him corrupt, just willing to work for whoever was paying him.”

“I don’t have money either, Arraelly.”

“Don’t you worry about me, Blake. Worry about yourself. You’re a good kid. You keep on the path you are on, and things will work out for you.”

While it sounded like she was saying good-bye, I knew she could not leave, so said, “I like having you around, Arraelly.”

“I am so glad that I you are alive, Blake. It is my job to protect the citizens, and if I had killed you, or only knew of you from some feeble psychic signals trapped in your brain, it would bother me immensely. The fact that you are here with your family having a normal life makes me happy. I know that I will bother you, but I honestly suspect that Honidder can help me.”

“It is actually cool being the secret identity for a superhero.”

She hugged me again before saying, “It is nice that I can give you some pleasant memories, Blake. You should have a good life.”

Suddenly, I heard my father calling for me. Since I had done my chores, I felt that he had no reason to yell out my name. Worried that Felix had again tried to claim that I was responsible for one of his messes, I apologized to Arraelly before pausing my game.

My father did not have the look of anger, just puzzlement as he said, “I just got a call from Ed Blanchard, Tim’s dad. It seems that Justus and you left school with you not returning. Justus is claiming something about Spirit Girl, and Tim is supporting him. What do you know about this?”

The voice of Arraelly came within my head, “Remind him that you were out late the other night with a girl who was practicing with Fernando Freight Train. Tell him that was who Justus is calling Spirit Girl, so you rushed out upon seeing me.”

Actually that was true, so I willingly parroted the words. The words seemed to satisfy my father, although I could tell that he was not fully relieved. What he said in return were words that trouble would not come from him.

“Well, the cops are trying to figure out some stuff, so are investigating things. Leaving school after school is not a crime, but you might need to speak to people. Your mother is working odd hours, so if you need a parent see if you can have people wait until you can contact one of us. She should be off tomorrow, but cannot be certain they will not call her in.”

I replied, ”Will do, Dad.”

Going back to my room, Arraelly materialized saying that she was going to use my computer. I was actually interested in what she might find, so told her I might work with her after reaching a save point in my game. She said that from what we did in school she did not expect to find much, so might be finished before me.

By the time I reached the next save point, probably due to me dying a couple of times and needing to reload my game, Arraelly had the computer back off. I checked my mind to sense that she was there, but quiet. Not really knowing what to say to her, I decided to go back and play some more. By the time I got back into the game however, Felix was yelling for me.

I came down the hall this time to again see my father. It helped that again anger did not show on his face, but I could tell that he was serious. As I approached, my father let me know the situation.

“An Officer Tarkenton is here to see you, Blake. Says it is something to do with school.”

“Like you said, I didn’t commit a crime. I know Officer Tarkenton. It should be all right.”

The officer was sitting on the couch in the living room. He nodded as I approached. I saw my father sit in his recliner. I stood and thought for a moment before sitting in a chair.

After seeing me take a seat, Officer Tarkenton said, “I told you the next time that we spoke to assume that I was ready to listen about whatever you wanted to talk about, Blake.”

I replied, “Not in front of my father.”

My male parent replied, “Officer Tarkenton told me to be present, Blake.”

“It’s about a girl, Dad, and you blew the father-son talk.”

Father had, but I believe it was Felix that actually tripped him up. Somehow my older brother knew what our father wanted to do, and had to come in to interject some comments. Father ended up speaking to Felix instead of me, and on things that made mockery of the subject.

Officer Tarkenton said, “I would prefer having a parent present, Blake.”

“Yes, well, if we spoke at school there would not be a parent present. Let’s pretend we are at school.”

“Mr. Manwell, do you mind?”

My father said, “No, I guess not. I do need to go check on things with my car. I will be outside if you need me.”

Officer Tarkenton rose to shake hands with my father. They both assured the other that certain things would not get out of hand. After the door closed behind my father, Officer Tarkenton sat down to speak to me.

“Now, let me tell you the situation. Justus’ father is an insurance salesman, and what happened is resulting in some claims. Checking on the situation with Justus got some story of Spirit Girl. Strangely, the story dealt with ghosts, aliens, and superheroes. Totally not believing what Justus said, Mr. Whitman called down at the hardware store that your father manages, I believe hoping to speak with your father. He instead got Tim Blanchard’s father, who works for your father. Mr. Blanchard called home to speak to Tim, and also got this story of Spirit Girl. Frustrated, he called your father, but he knew no more than the other parents. Well, Justus’ father is trying to figure out things about all the claims, and I am getting some questions from the police force about some things along with matters about the school, probably just because the situation occurred not that far from the school and the earlier incident was at the school. Anyway, Blake, any help you can provide might help us make sense of things.”

I heard Arraelly’s voice in my head say, “You can let me speak to him, Blake.”

Whispering, I said, “I know, Arraelly.” I then raised my voice to say, “You’re not going to believe me, Officer Tarkenton.”

“Probably not, Blake, but I need to make sense of what I am hearing. Some background would be nice, whether I believe it or not.”

“I cannot tell you much. You are going to have to speak to Arraelly.”

He already had a notebook ready, but flipped back a page or two before saying, “Arraelly. You said that the name of the ghost is Arraelly.”

“You want to speak to her?”

“Yes, Blake, it would probably help a lot if I could speak to her.”

“Give me a moment.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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Living with Spirit Girl: Cp11
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