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One should not face a writer's block with the mentality of bursting through it. I have found in my own experience that a writer's block is usually due to my mind indicating that it has a problem in 'channeling' the story. One reason might be a re-imagining of certain story points. Another reason however is that there is a problem in where you are at in the story, so you need to look back and find out the problem with the 'journey' that prevents the tale from advancing.

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 Living with Spirit Girl: Cp12

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PostSubject: Living with Spirit Girl: Cp12   January 5th 2017, 7:56 pm

Living with Spirit Girl
Chapter Twelve

I honestly just walked into the hallway far enough to be out of sight of Officer Tarkenton, then worked to relax my mind. Suddenly feeling the body move, then seeing Arraelly’s face in the mirror almost caused me to take back my body. I however told the lady to do what she must, and she thanked me as she went into some rooms I tended to avoid in order to brush her hair and use some of Wendy’s and my mother’s makeup. She did not move back into the hallway until feeling that she looked decent enough to speak to the policeman.

Officer Tarkenton rose upon seeing Arraelly step into the living room. I could tell that he liked what he saw. He politely shook her hand while assuring an introduction. After they both took a seat, Officer Tarkenton began asking some questions.

“Where do you live? Here?”

“At present I am a spirit tied to Blake. It is more complicated than not, but not. Blake and I are still trying to work things out between us.”

After writing some things in his notebook, Officer Tarkenton asked, “So, where is Blake now?”

“Well, this is his body, but not. I am not a scientist, Officer Tarkenton. I would say that I am wave form distortion intended to overcome the present medium, but those are actually words I read in a report. The one that I am hoping to help both me and Blake is a scientist by the name of Honidder Stovichet. However, there is a complication.”

“Which is?”

“I am a police officer. I know how to read things. I got on the local police site and saw that you had returned the gorilla, even after it killed – murdered – the other criminals in the van, to the zoo. It has since escaped.”

Officer Tarkenton had a police call radio with him, and used it to speak to the department. He verified what Arraelly had said. I felt some relief in Arraelly upon hearing that the animal would have been euthanized, but that it had escaped last night even after they took extra precautions to secure its pen. Officer Tarkenton was told that with gorillas being endangered, certain procedures needed to be first met before it was killed. He closed his conversation with his department, then spoke to Arraelly.

“Okay, how does that complicate matters with this Honidder Stovichet?”

“Honidder is working with Lorither Bommardy, who is presently in control of the body of the gorilla.”

He wrote some things, then asked Arraelly about spelling. She honestly said that she had no idea how to spell the names. She mentioned believing that she could speak was due to some mental contact with me. I listened as Arraelly spoke of hearing the conversations between Lorither and Honidder being in her original language. Officer Tarkenton actually handed Arraelly his notebook, and asked her to write the names as she would spell them.

She handled the pen in an odd manner, then made odd strokes that made complicated characters. I guess just to be conversational she spoke of her native life being in water, although had spent time on land. She thus spoke of her life being different, although with enough similarities to enable her to accept our life on this world. Officer Tarkenton took back the notebook and pen, then asked some questions that he did not write down the answers to.

I had heard Arraelly speak of her world, but not in the manner she related to the policeman. It did not sound bad, although very different than the life I knew. Officer Tarkenton did start writing notes as Arraelly spoke of what she did to the van, although she used the situation more to explain how she would have moved in her original body than to relate events of what she did the previous day.

He again used his radio upon pressing Arraelly to explain how she knew about the arrival of the van. Upon hearing that she found Honidder speaking to Lorither during the robbery, he wanted to know where. She did try to explain, but suddenly a call from the department had him decide to take her.

Rising to go with the officer, Arraelly said, “Tell Blake’s father that Blake is with us. Do not make an issue of it, but make certain he hears you say it.”

“Uh, yes.”

“I will race to your car and climb in, so he will hopefully think Blake did so as well.”

He looked at her then said, “The department is going to want to speak to your parents.”

“I am not a child.”

“You look no older than Blake. I can tell that you are not Blake, definitely not the same body, so they are going to want to check on you.”

“I have no identification. I have nothing – nothing but Blake. I will not involve Blake any more than necessary. He is an innocent civilian, and I will protect him. You either work with me, or you will have nothing. While I believe very much in helping fellow police officers, my first duty is to the people I am sworn to protect. You give me trouble, and I will act to protect Blake.”

He looked at her for a moment, then said, “Okay. Listen, I have some leeway, as I am working with juveniles. Certain matters of privacy and dealing with often unintended consequences are part of my job. I can work with you, and will as much as possible. You prove to me that you are an honest source, and I can protect your privacy as part of protecting Blake.”

“Sounds like a deal.” She then rushed out the door toward the police car while saying, “Come on, Blake!”

Officer Tarkenton did speak with my father. Felix did come to speak to me, although Arraelly was in the front seat. She turned around as if speaking to me, although what I heard was her mentioning that the glass for the back doors was tinted very dark. She did wave to Felix when he tapped on the window, but then turned back as if again speaking to me. Officer Tarkenton told Felix to stay around, as I would not be dropped back off to an empty house. My brother asked about the girl in the car with the policeman simply saying that she would be going with him as well.

Arraelly did give directions to Officer Tarkenton. Arriving at the scene, he requested backup, then listened as she explained what she had seen. When two other police vehicles arrived, Officer Tarkenton then had Arraelly get out to tell others.

The other police officers listened to her, then moved around to the back of the house. Officer Tarkenton kept Arraelly with him. When shouting suddenly erupted, he told her to return to the police car and wait.

Returning to her seat, she said, “I might be S4, but I am still a police officer. I might have the authority to go beyond certain limits, but proper procedures must be maintained up to that limit. Thus, we wait, Blake.”

I could not help but say, “I understand, Arraelly. It is interesting being the one inside your head. I am not bored at all.”

She was no longer substantial, but I was pleased not to hear her reprimand me. “I am the one usually bored, Blake. That was a lecture I am usually given by my superior. Still, I have learned to wait. For the record, I am not bored either. Your life is just so different from mine that I am often interested in what you are doing.”

Suddenly, the police radio began speaking of things with a much more frantic voice than the bland chatter usually coming from it. Arraelly then turned her head to what I could barely make out was a car racing away. She was looking at the computer in the car I believe to determine if she could use it when Officer Tarkenton could be seen rushing to us.

Returning to his seat, Officer Tarkenton said, “All right, Arraelly, your information checked out. I am thus trusting you. However, for the moment I need to return Blake home.”

She held up her hand showing it to be translucent as she said, “He has already taken back over.”

Worry had me make a conclusion, “I guess Honidder is getting away.”

It was a strange expression on Officer Tarkenton’s face as he said, “Yes, although we really do not know for certain. More police work. Listen, if you or Arraelly come up with more information, let me know.” He took out a business card, then another. “I am putting down my private phone number, and I want you to use that first. I am giving you two. Obviously the two of you are not wearing the same clothes, so have Arraelly take back over so she can put a business card in one of her pockets.”

I focused to again settle my mind. I knew that I had been successful when I heard Arraelly thanking Officer Tarkenton for the card. She then told me to take back over, and I did to pocket my own business card. Settling into his seat before driving off, he asked a question.

“Does that hurt?”

I answered, “No. I really do not notice it, except that I am suddenly sensing my body doing things. The hard part is letting Arraelly do her stuff, as it is very easy for me to take back over.”

“It must be nice being able to see a naked girl’s body.”

Arraelly might have been listening, but I went ahead and spoke as if she was not. “She picks on me because I haven’t. One time she was in the shower, and I woke up shocked then found myself drenched by the water. The other time she was with Dorothy, Dorothy’s mother, and older sister, and I just went to sleep bored with their conversation. Arraelly almost sounds like she is mad at me for not looking.”

“I believe that she is letting you know that she will trust you, even if you look. That is a great honor, Blake.”

I heard Arraelly say, “He’s right, Blake. I do trust you.”

Officer Tarkenton had not put the car into gear, but was looking at me, so I assumed he saw the expression on my face. “Can you two talk to each other mentally?”

I answered, “We haven’t figured that out. She can talk to me while still insubstantial. If I talk, I take over.”

“Haven’t figured it out? So, you two have not been together for long?”

“Not at all. It took time just for us to get used to each other. She can exist outside my body, but only as a spirit. At times she can get close to physically real, but not completely. We had to figure that out. That is how I unlocked those locks. I touched the doorknob on my side, then she went through the door to touch on the other side. With us both touching, she could work the knob. This trick of switching bodies is a new one, but we really have not been together that long. We are still learning.”

Officer Tarkenton had me speak about what happened that Arraelly and I became a pair. I talked about it in more detail than I did with Arraelly, because he could better relate to my words. He claimed to be mostly Mexican, but with the women in his family always seeking out European males. Some of the stories he said were rather funny, but it seemed that he had a hard life. By the time that we arrived back at my house, I felt that I had made a friend.

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
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Living with Spirit Girl: Cp12
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