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 Living with Spirit Girl: Cp15

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PostSubject: Living with Spirit Girl: Cp15   January 25th 2017, 10:03 pm

Living with Spirit Girl
Chapter Fifteen

I believe Mr. Tork realized that something was wrong because of how Dorothy acted. Whether or not his wife had told him anything, the manners of his youngest daughter I believe clued him in on things not being totally proper. I enjoyed the food, and learning to use the chopsticks did not spoil my time. It helped keep a smile on my face hearing the voice of Arraelly speaking her opinion about using the tools herself with tentacles for fingers. I do not believe that I did anything to give a wrong impression, but Dorothy was rather quick to redirect the conversation or offer explanations.

At the end of the meal, Mr. Tork excused his oldest and youngest child, then told Dorothy and me to join the parents in their parlor. I obeyed with the voice of Arraelly telling me that she could appear if requested. I was thus willing to speak to Mr. Tork about what extracurricular activities I had planned to choose once I entered high school while Dorothy just moved in a demurred manner.

“Blake,” Mr. Tork said, “I would like to know the truth of Arraelly. Considering that my family has helped her, I believe that you owe us an explanation of who she is.”

“It would probably be best just to let –“

Dorothy said, “Blake, no!” She moved over to whisper to me, “She’s a spirit, and in our culture spirits are bad.”

I looked to Mr. Tork to say, “Arraelly was sent over –“

I stopped hearing Arraelly say, “Let me speak, Blake. Trust me.”

Without any choice, I looked to Dorothy to say, “I trust Arraelly, and she says to let her speak.”

It did help hearing Mr. Tork calmly say, “Yes, Blake, let me hear Arraelly for myself.”

As I calmed my mind, I told Arraelly, “The food was good. Wished that you could have shared it with us.”

I suddenly realized that I was seeing through my skull as I heard the voice of Arraelly say, “One day, Blake, I might have you taste some food from my world.”

She then rose to properly greet Mr. Tork along with his wife and youngest daughter which Arraelly had already met. I had heard her tell the story of how she came to this world. Her belief in Honidder being able to help restore her had also been related to me. I thus easily managed to stay calm while Arraelly spoke to the adults. Having also heard her describe things to Officer Tarkenton, I almost drifted off unconscious while they spoke about the situation in front of the school. Finally, however I heard Mr. Tork say something that bothered me.

“Thank you, Officer S4 Arraelly Fortaubin for your time. If you do not mind, I would now like to speak to Blake.”

The process was easier for me to take over the body, so soon enough I was telling the elders that I was back in control to which Mr. Tork replied, “Blake, I deal with money, so you can trust that what I have heard will be treated with the utmost confidence.”

“Yes, Sir, and that is what I told Arraelly about you, although I believe she also heard things when speaking with your wife and daughters.”

“That is quite possible. Blake, just for clarity, you cannot leave your body, but Arraelly can?”

“Yes. There do seem to be some rules, but she can move about almost like a ghost.”

The only reaction was a slight nod before he asked, “She can hear me now?”


“Can you sense her?”

That was a hard question to answer but I tried my best. “Yes, but not in a regular way. I feel a sense of loss when she is not present, but really do not feel anything when she is with me.”

“You do speak with Arraelly when she is in your head?”

“Oh, yes, as I like talking with Arraelly. We cannot talk mentally, at least we have not figured out how. Whoever has the body has to speak. When she is in spirit form, I do not hear her normally, but I know her words are coming from outside.”

“Thank you for the extra information, Blake.” Things went quiet for a period, then he said, “I am going to instruct my wife to continue to supply aid to you and Arraelly.” Dorothy gave a soft cheer, but quickly silenced for her father to continue speaking. “To keep up appearances, I believe that we need to continue to show support for Arraelly. You, of course, have your family to show support to you. Between our two families, we should be able to enable Officer Fortaubin to finish her mission without gaining any unneeded attention. Once things are fully dealt with, then I will reconsider our offer of aid according to what might be necessary for Arraelly to restore things to as they should be.”

I said, “She said that Honidder, the man supporting the gorilla, is a very good scientist who just works for the one that pays him. Once Lorither, the gorilla, is completely dealt with, she should be able to convince Honidder to work with the process that sent them and her here to restore her.”

“You should know, if you do not, Blake, that it was a branch of the bank I work for that was robbed. Arraelly helped us regain our stolen funds. I thus have a little more clout that you might think. I also have access to money – in a way, not because I am wealthy myself. Anyway, yes, let us take out this gorilla then see what arrangement we can make with the scientist.”

“Then I can only thank you, Sir.”

“You’re most welcome. Now, as for the matter of catching this gorilla. Does Arraelly have any leads?”

That was a development of the conversation that I did not expect, although I did try and supply an answer. “She rode in the car with him this morning until it passed the limit she can be away. She came back saying that she does not know our alphabet to read the road signs, so I have been working to teach her.”

“Can she remember anything?”

I heard Arraelly speak an agreement, so voiced for her, “Yes.”

“Then have Arraelly come here after school tomorrow. I would like to take her driving around.”

Again I heard Arraelly speak an agreement, so politely said, “I will see that my chores are done, then we will be over.”

“I won’t be home until about five, Blake, so, yes, make certain that all is well before coming over.”

Some more things were said, but they were all just part of polite conversation. Soon enough Mr. and Mrs. Tork were seeing me to the door. I again thanked them for their time, and left feeling good about future conversations.

Arraelly told me that she would probably go back out to Fernando. As far as I was concerned, she could do what she wanted. I however did warn her about my parents beginning to worry. My statement seemed to gain support when I opened the door to see both of my parents waiting for me.

My father said, “Blake, how did things go.”

I answered, “Very well. I am supposed to go with Arraelly and Mr. Tork after school tomorrow to check on some things.”

“Mr. Tork dropped by the hardware store today, and told me that he might be making the request. Officer Tarkenton also stopped by and told me to support you concerning matters with Officer Fortaubin. I don’t know what you are involved in, Son, but I want you to know that your mother and I will support you even as we worry about you. I just want to hear from you, Son, that you have not gotten in over your head.”

“No, Dad. Arraelly will take chances, but those do not affect me.”

Mother asked, “Must you work with Arraelly, Blake?”

“Yes, Mother, I must work with Arraelly. It’s complicated, but trust that Officer Tarkenton and the Torks have been fully informed.”

“Why can’t we be informed?”

“Because, well, I can’t trust you. Its’ just – well, odd, Mother, and you don’t do well with odd.”

Before she could respond, my father said, “He has you there, Beatrice.”

As usual, my mother kept her composure even as she also controlled some anger. “I don’t like odd, Blake, and like it even less that my son is involved in odd.”

I just restated, “Well, that is why I did not tell you, and am not going to tell you.”

Again my father made certain to speak first. “I would normally support you, Beatrice, except that I have people coming to me to tell me to support Blake.” He looked at me to say, “You are a good kid, Blake. You make good grades in school, and have earned the trust of people. Things however can go sour just like they can go well. You come to us, Son, before things begin to turn sour.”

“I will, Sir. Mr. Tork said that it was a branch of his bank that was robbed, so he had some clout and liberties to help in resolving the situation.”

“That is what he told me, Son. He said that he assumed you were involved in something that could end up costing his institution even more money. He thus wanted me to know that he would do what was necessary to assure your help.”

Feeling that my father might have suspected that I had just gone through a period of interrogation, I said, “I had a good time, Dad, and I suspect to have a good time tomorrow.”

“All right, Blake. You keep up what you are doing. I promise to keep your mother off your back, but we would like to be informed – sooner rather than later.”

My mother said, “Yes, Blake, we would. However odd this situation is, it would be better if we knew what it was.”

I replied, “Maybe by then whatever punishment you might assign will not interrupt what I need to do.”

“I do not do that, Blake.”

“You already want to stop me from seeing Arraelly.”

“It’s for your own good, Blake.”

Father jumped in to say, “I married your mother because I agree with her, but I again have to say that you have people speaking for you, Blake. Right now we thus will not be standing in your way, but we do want you to know that we worry about you.”

“Yes, Dad, Mom, I know.”

Mother asked, “Blake, are you going out tonight with Arraelly?”

“Arraelly is going out, so I need to as well, but I hope to again sleep through it. I do have school tomorrow.”

Father said, “Glad that you are taking things into account, Son. All right, good night.”

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Living with Spirit Girl: Cp15
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