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 Living with Spirit Girl: Cp16

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PostSubject: Living with Spirit Girl: Cp16   January 31st 2017, 7:22 am

Living with Spirit Girl
Chapter Sixteen

I felt that Blake handled the conversations with the Torks and his own parents very well. The way he behaved himself and some of the things he said proved his knowledge of the people. While he was still young, I found it interesting the way he was able to interact with the elders of his society.

Children of my world did not grow up as did Blake and his friends. Much more of their education was handled by computerized lessons. The travel to and from school was dangerous on our world. I was finding it interesting being on a world of predators, but also wondering about the children of my world should they be influenced in the manner that Blake had been.

Fernando had some people doing publicity in the gym when I came in, but he yelled to me as if very glad to have me show up. He had me do some routines with him. He then spoke more to me than to the publicity people as they did their interviews. My thoughts on Blake and his knowledge in how to deal with the adults had me interested in other aspects with how these humans related to each other, so I willingly participated with Fernando.

At the end, he said, “Thank you, Arraelly. Listen, it was great what you were willing do back there in front of the cameras.”

“I found it fun, Fernando.”

“You really cannot go with me on Friday?”

“I will not if this case continues. You are choosing to go into this combat, and your opponents are choosing as well. I have innocent lives depending upon me, Fernando. People have been killed, people that had no plans on even risking their lives, and I am worried that more are about to die.”

Father David said, “Listen to her, Freight Train.”

Fernando kept his focus on me. “I really would like for you to be there, Arraelly.”

I replied, “Listen, I am going out tomorrow to see if we can uncover some more clues. Maybe by Friday this thing can be wrapped up. That is all I can say.”

“Okay, Arraelly, but your name is going on my list. If you can make it, come on. Go to the freight entrance and tell them who you are, and they will let you in.”

“That is an arrangement I can agree to, Fernando.”

We settled back into our usual series of me presenting him with differing attacks. His usual tendency was to try and get a strike in on me with me often able to make a twist and bring him down. He however had been learning to assure his own position even as he moved to affect his own attack. I had been gaining some benefit from the sparring, as most predators on my world were large creatures. One never got a chance to test one’s skills against a serious threat without actually risking their life. The zoos that existed on this world were not desired on mine, as feeding and harboring immense things that would mindlessly attack was not a wise use of resources. I however found Fernando gladly allowing me to test certain routines on him even as he cautiously worked to test defenses and counters in return.

I got Blake home in time for him to put on a show of lying in his bed before it was time to get up. He promised me that he would have my clothes washed. I told him to go on to bed, then do well in school. He assured me that he would before lying down in his bed.

One aspect of my life was the constant movement. I had a home, but seldom stayed there. Most of my money went to help my parents support their other children. Kachellor was in college due to my work, and Minsamin had left a note of gratitude in having some readily available finances for her family to rebuild their home after a preanort targeted her dwelling and ate two of the children. I never settled for a normal life of regular police work while working with a man to support some children. While I had enough success to assure a switch to the administration ranks, I continued as a S4 just because it fit my personality of constantly moving.

It helped pass the time to look over Blake’s textbooks as he went through his classes. While he easily skipped pages back and forth to find the answers to questions, I sought to simply manage to sound out a word. I found myself wondering about how I knew the language. While the letters sounded out should have had no meaning to me, I found myself surprised a few times to indeed recognize the term. It helped realizing that I did not have to learn the language in my desire to simply be able to read street signs.

Math was not that easy for me. While I did gain a sense of reading the symbols, this world’s base ten number system did not automatically translate. While I did gain some confidence in reading the numbers, the math often threw me because the place values did not relate in the manner I was used to.

Overall, I felt that I had put the day to use. The disadvantage I had the other day I did not suffer from as bad. Feeling that my time with Mr. Tork might prove successful, I found myself as eager as Blake to leave the school for home.

We spoke of chores as he did his. I reminded him that my people were a prey species, so most of our growing up was staying in secure shelters. While our children did need to perform their studies, most of the day was spent doing activities around the homes. Blake actually spoke in a manner that displayed some interest in learning about my world, so I discussed the topic with him while he did his chores.

I was grateful that Blake allowed me time to prepare myself for spending time with Mr. Tork. While I did take a shower after my time with Fernando, there were still things I felt needed to be done to my appearance. Blake did watch as I did things, and I discussed with him things I did to my appearance back on my own world.

It was Blake who came out of the bathroom when his brother demanded, “It sounded like there was a girl in the bathroom.”

I told Blake to say, “Tell him there will be if he would step inside.

After hearing those words, Felix said, “Ha-ha, Blake,” then walked inside.

Now get to the Torks,” I commanded.

He agreed, and we made it out the house. Neither parent was home, so he did not have to worry about them. As we headed to the Torks, I however made the suggestion to allow me to arrive at the house. He agreed, although could not calm his mind enough when I made a comment.

“I think Dorothy likes you.”

He sputtered, I believe attempting to disagree with me, and finally found his words with the statement, “She didn’t until you arrived.”

I had to ask, “She didn’t act this way around you before? There had to be something, Blake, as she was there with you, Tim, and Justus.”

“She just likes computer games, and we guys will talk about them while the other girls usually don’t. Same with Justus. He is a jock like Felix, but Justus also plays sports games. No one else wants to play with him, but I will. A game is a game to me.”

“So, Dorothy liked Justus?”

“Well, no.” I gave him time to think things through, and as we approached the door to the Torks’ house he said, “I really don’t know. She might have liked me.”

“Well, she likes you now.” Seeing we were at the door, I materialized and hugged Blake so whoever opened the door would think that was the cause for his embarrassment.”

It was Mrs. Tork at the door, and she said, “My husband just came in. He will be ready shortly. Would you like refreshments?” She then looked at me and asked, “Can you even eat?”

I had to admit, “I really haven’t. I have not felt hungry.” Attempting to find a polite reply, I said, “I leave the eating to Blake.”

She directed us to some seats as she asked, “Arraelly, what is your favorite food. Not that we would have it here, but it might help to know what you would prefer.”

“I’m an aquatic species, so used to eating some small fish or aquatic plant. I really enjoy corpatet however. It is a huge land predator. During the dry season we often have to shoot them to keep them from ravaging our homes, and I enjoy feasting on them.”

“And how do you cook them?”

I thought that I had already said something, so was careful in my wording. “Uh, well, we live in the water. We really cannot cook our food. There are ways, but it is not traditional. Our health department does recommend that we cook our food, but most do not.”

“Ah, and here I was thinking that you would not enjoy certain dishes. Do you at least use vinegar or such to assure some health standard?”

“Yes, we do that. Of course, the usual method is to use salt. However, it can make most foods taste the same, so other substances are usually used just to change the flavor.”

“We have the same problems with too much salt.”

I knew that the humans did have salt available for their food, so was not certain how much was too much. “The water we live in is already salty, and a little more in the diet does not hurt. Still, using other things can make a meal more noticeable even before you eat it.”

The doorbell rang, and Mrs. Tork got up to answer it. She then opened the door introducing Officer Tarkenton. Since I knew the man, I did not feel concerned with his presence, although he felt a need to explain after Mrs. Tork showed him to a seat.

“Blake, Arraelly, I am here simply because there are minors involved.”

Not wanting to be relegated to an inferior role, I quickly replied, “I will go after Lorither if he is spotted.”

“I was trying not to include you, Arraelly, but Blake is very much someone that we do not want involved.”

“He has not been a problem up to now. Still, Lorither has killed people and will kill people. While I also agree with protecting Blake, he is technically as much an innocent as anyone else. Lorither needs to be stopped before anyone – anyone else is killed.”

From down the hall came the voice of Mr. Tork. “Arraelly, let me say that my contacts with the bank agree with you. We lost good people, then the criminals working with the gorilla were murdered. We are dealing with the worst type of criminal, and we need him stopped. Up to now you have kept Blake protected, and I am trusting you to continue to protect him. However, I fully encourage your dedication to removing a certain scourge to our people.” As Mrs. Tork rose to straighten the man’s tie, he asked, “Is that understood, Officer Tarkenton?”

The policeman stood as he said, “Yes, it is understood.”

Mr. Tork kissed his wife, then said, “Good, so are we ready to go?”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
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Living with Spirit Girl: Cp16
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