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 Living with Spirit Girl: Cp17

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PostSubject: Living with Spirit Girl: Cp17   February 4th 2017, 10:07 pm

Living with Spirit Girl
Chapter Seventeen

I first had Mr. Tork drive to the Lutheran Church where I was walking home from that morning I encountered Honidder. Once the initial location was determined, I began directing Mr. Tork in the way Honidder traveled. While I was not in a physical body, Blake had the brooch so I did maintain myself as substantial as possible and with Blake also in the car I was able to move without concern for the distance. It helped having the men in the vehicle, as they could read the signs I remembered seeing when I was with Honidder.

Finally, I had to admit, “It was about here that I was pulled back, although Honidder was accelerating at that time.”

Officer Tarkenton took out his phone and called his superior to relay the information, then informed us, “We are recommended to check the Gallagher Estates about Brichton Road. One of those killed had an apartment there, and Honidder might have decided to go there.”

As Mr. Tork spoke an agreement, I pointed while saying, “That’s the car.”

We watched as the car roared passed us. I wanted to tell Mr. Tork to turn and give chase, but felt the sleeker car would easily be able to out race his larger vehicle. I however heard some sounds, then he informed us of what he saw the car do in his mirrors.

“It just made a quick turn and is coming in our direction.”

Blake informed me before I could say anything, “I do have the brooch in my pocket.”

I commanded him, “Keep it there.”

Mr. Tork informed us, “This is not my car, but a company vehicle. I am officially on the clock in doing this. He will thus not be able to get any direct information about any of us.”

I turned to look back, and saw the car attempting to maneuver through the traffic toward us. I then looked around and decided that what I had planned would not work at the moment. Turning to look ahead, I gave some instructions to Mr. Tork.

“Speed up and get us out of this traffic. I am going to do something, and I do not want to cause an accident that will affect others.”

Officer Tarkenton again used his phone, and after giving some information he relayed some instructions. “Turn on McHenry. It heads to the jail, so usually is not that heavily traveled.”

Mr. Tork gave the order for us to hold on. We did as he made some sudden moves, then swerved onto the indicated road. Sounds erupted as the small car went through a business to get on our road as if he had not been certain which car had set off his detector until we made the sudden move. Mr. Tork indicated that traffic was indeed not bad, then asked me what I planned to do.

“Blake has called me a superhero, Spirit Girl. I plan on using my superpower.”

“You’re kidding?”


If I was using Blake’s body, I would have needed to have given it back. However, Honidder would not have detected us either. As it was his device did register something, and I was free to act as needed.

Losing substance, I concentrated to have me move back to Honidder. I could not move fast in spirit form, but I did not need to with the other vehicle behind ours. The trick was to somehow gain enough substance to end my movement in coming before Honidder. Stopping before his face he could not see ahead. He tried to swat at me, but I was not substantial enough for him to do anything to me. I did have to concentrate to hold my form, but I did not allow my mental effort to prevent my face from displaying a smile.

Honidder was somehow using his phone while still driving, and said, “*Lorither, she’s a ghost! I have some spectral lady in front of me!*”

Over the speakers in the car came the grumbles of the gorilla saying, “*I was coming to you. Where are you?*”

Not being able to see, and using a hand to try and disrupt my form, Honidder hit the side of the road, then went on into a ditch. Somehow he bounced to the other side and managed to stop in a driveway. Honidder released his seat belt while trying to see where he was.

Getting out of the car, he screamed, “*Police!*”

Again over the speakers came the present voice of Lorither, “*Run to me!*”

I gained some substance so I could use my legs to propel me. Honestly, I was fast on my own world. Honidder presently had size to his advantage, but was not able to leave me behind. Further, he had to jump fences while I could just move through them. When he stopped due to hearing police sirens coming down the road he had just reached, I used what substance I had to make a move on him.

While planning to make another move to keep him down until the police could take over, suddenly a force sent the official vehicles bouncing. I recognized the weapon as a gravity shocker. The weapon would resonate gravity waves to cause crests to align making for a very heavy gravity pull or for troughs to suddenly have a minimal of downward force. Most gravity shock devices would do one then the other to cause a strong reaction. In this case the gravity built up, then when it was released the cars jumped up. It was not enough to send the vehicles flying, but their actions did cause concern for those inside. The officers outside however did suddenly find themselves moving unexpectedly. As the local police tried to figure out what happened, and I had to adjust to handle my own disruption, Honidder regained his feet and started back to running.

The usual problem with gravity shock devices was the need for large amounts of power. While our society could create large amounts of energy, we intentionally keep the amperage low to prevent people from hurting themselves with accidental contact with the power grid. Most of our electronics were thus very frugal with electricity out of necessity. I had noticed that the humans allowed a little more power flow through the electric lines, although it surprised me to see the gorilla holding his weapon with a power line to a generator that easily fit in the back of his truck, so I knew he was enjoying some of the human technology.

Lorither displayed no reluctance to use the gravity shock weapon. It did take some time for the device to recharge, but not enough to make me comfortable. Since I could not move quickly floating, I wanted some substance to my form in order to use my feet. That however caused me to feel the effects of the gravity shock weapon. Hearing rotors, Lorither lifted the device to point upward while yelling to Honiidder.

“*Drive this thing!*”

Arriving at the truck, Honidder said, “*You got it, Lorither. Where to?*”

The truck had been left running, so only needed to be put into gear. I believe that Lorither saw me, as I suddenly was thrown by a disruption of the land around me. Picking myself back up, I saw the truck race off.

With no other option, I began moving back to Blake. I saw officers look at me strangely when I again lost substance to simply pass through a fence. They however signaled another, and soon I saw Officer Tarkenton move to me.

“What type of weapon was that, Arraelly?”

I had to move closer to the car containing Blake before I could answer, “A gravity shock weapon.”

“It’s nasty.”

I had seen it used in a number of manners, so easily replied, “Oh, it’s not so bad on land, but you should see it work in water.”

“Our chopper just got hit with it. Did not cause him to crash, but he does not want to get too close. What’s its range?”

“Honestly, not that far.” Again I found myself unable to relate distances, so looked around for associations. “Oh, about from us to that red container down there on a post next to the road.”

He pointed while asking, “You mean that mailbox?”

Being able to tell that I did not know the reference, he made a couple more statements to which I could verify. He then spoke in his radio telling his fellow officers that the range of the weapon was about fifty yards. I remembered Blake telling me that a yard was three feet, and knowing what a foot was I nodded that the approximation was correct.

Officer Tarkenton then asked me, “How many times can he fire it?”

I answered, “He has a generator on the back of his truck, so I guess as much as he wants.”

Suddenly over the radio came a voice declaring, “Animal rights says not to fire.”

More than Officer Tarkenton made a disparaging exclamation to that. I heard the voices of other policemen speak of the threat of the armed gorilla. While no one spoke against the potential harm of the situation, a voice they all accepted as being that of authority kept stating that the officers were not fire. Officer Tarkenton again exclaimed his dissatisfaction when another voice spoke of an option.

“We are readying a tranq.”

Officer Tarkenton activated his radio to say, “He has a weapon with a range more than the tranq.”

The voice that had been issuing a statement did so again. “You cannot harm the gorilla.”

After making another exclamation, Officer Tarkenton asked me, “Do you have idiot rules like that on your world?”

I did not know what a ‘tranq’ was, but I assumed from the context that it was some type of non-lethal weapon. “No, as we are a prey species. We are thus used to being threatened by dangerous animals. Even if we did, as S4 I can ignore such policies.”

“Yes, well, I guess neither applies here. You still did what you could, Arraelly. Thanks.”

I nodded in acceptance, but then lifted my head to say, “Hold it! His car! He had a device.”

I moved to the yard where Honidder’s vehicle came to a stop. I then looked inside to see a device on the floorboard. I opened the door and took it out speaking of its purpose to Officer Tarkenton.

“This is the device that can register when Blake has his brooch. Honidder and Lorither said that it would register their presence. It might be able to help us.”

Officer Tarkenton used his radio to alert a superior. By the time an older policeman arrived we had already done some testing of the device. It registered Blake, not me, and then only when he had the brooch in his possession. If he set it down, I lost substance and the device stayed quiet. If I took over his body, it went quiet. The police captain showed up as I again took on a form separate from Blake. As the superior law officer watched, we verified that the device only had a range of about seventy feet.

The police captain said, “If I could get someone in that close, I would rather him have the tranq.”

Officer Tarkenton said, “Well, maybe we can have our boys look at it and improve the range.”

“Well, we are tracking them as best we can. Still, it does not hurt being prepared.”

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Living with Spirit Girl: Cp17
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