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 Living with Spirit Girl: Cp18

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PostSubject: Living with Spirit Girl: Cp18   February 9th 2017, 7:36 pm

Living with Spirit Girl
Chapter Eighteen

The police were not happy about the situation, although they did seem satisfied that at least no one died. Some cars were damaged as Lorither rushed to give aid to Honidder. It helped my attitude to hear the police speak of feeling that they had the serious felons where they could have taken them down, and had instead been forced to let them go.

There were a number of things that all of us wanted answers to. I learned that ‘tranq’ was short for tranquilizer. Indeed it was a non-lethal weapon. The police seemed to need assurance that they had indeed seen a gorilla driving a truck and firing a weapon. Some thought it government stupidity to order the use of a tranq on a creature they would then euthanize, but they spoke in a manner that they were used to their higher authority acting in an illogical fashion. I spoke to a number of officers of the law who saw me pass through fences, and I found Officer Tarkenton and Mr. Tork support my comment that I was just quick in jumping over them.

We had to wait as a number of police wrote up a number of reports. Honidder really had not impacted with other vehicles, but to limit claims of property damage they needed to do some paperwork detailing what had happened with his car. The police also did paperwork on some of their own people and vehicles due to the gravity shocks. With Blake being a minor, and me something they really did not want to admit to, I got a feeling that we could leave if there was not something Officer Tarkenton and Mr. Tork had been told to wait for.

Finally, some new cars were allowed on the scene. The men, there was one lady in the group, were all in what appeared to be nice clothes, but not a uniform. They were met by the police in authority, then directed to us. As they walked to where we stood near Mr. Tork’s car, he whispered to me who was coming.

“That is Mayor Atkins with some FBI agents. I recognize Agent Wilson.”

I had to ask, “What is FBI?”

“Federal Bureau of Investigations. Government cops.”

Feeling that I was able to form a belief, I asked, “You don’t like the government, do you?”

“Let me just say that the feds can be a help once they are brought up to speed, but that requires time. As in our situation, we really do not want to give the bad guys the time.”

“That is definitely true.”

Mayor Atkins mostly acted as an official presence to properly introduce the FBI agents. I recognized the procedure as such was normally how I was presented to the local police. In my case I would simply inform the officers of my mission. They were normally glad to have a major problem being concentrated on by someone, and while they would promise me support they were usually glad to be about their normal duties until I did what was necessary before requiring their help. The police here, including the FBI, seemed to want to do the work themselves however with no sign of being grateful for my presence.

The one identified as Agent Wilson said, “If you would just let us –“

“No,” I rudely replied. “Lorither has proven himself to be very deadly. Plus, he and Honidder have knowledge of the technology that brought me here. I thus will keep myself active to hopefully prevent anyone else from being killed while assuring that my life, and Blake’s life, can return to normal.”

“Lorither? Who’s he?”

“The gorilla has the mind of Lorither Bommardy.” I saw the agents pulling out notepads and beginning to write, which I considered to be the right thing for them to do. “The man is Honidder Stovichet.”

“Hold it,” Agent Wilson now interrupted me to say, “We have word from a Mrs. Anita Pritchard that the man is her husband, Clifford.”

“It might be his body, but the mind is not his.”

“Can you explain how that happened?”

“No, as I am not a scientist, and definitely not a technician. I however fully believe he is responsible for building the device that sent me here. I thus am trusting him to know how to return me.”

“We just have your –“

Officer Tarkenton interrupted to say, “Excuse me, Arraelly,” then swiped his hand through my form.

I was pretty substantial, but that did take concentration. Hearing his words, I just relaxed my mind when I saw the hand coming toward me. The mayor made exclamations along with the FBI agents in seeing Officer Tarkenton prove that I was not a regular person.

To assure a point, he then explained. “I have found myself more than involved in Officer S4 Arraelly Fortaubin’s situation. This does not simply mean that I trust her, but that I have seen more than enough evidence that there is some credibility in her story. I also can list to you the people that have been killed, directly killed, by the criminals that were active here. We might not need Arraelly, but I will speak in favor of her commitment to stop them.”

I added, “And stop them quickly. They will kill more.”

The lady, an Agent Norwood, asked, “And how does the presence of the minor come into this?”

It was Mr. Tork that supplied the answer, “Arraelly is connected to Blake. For the sake of the minor, I would rather not have the connection made public. However, Arraelly not only wants Honidder kept alive to resolve her own situation, but that of Blake as well.”

I spoke to support those words. “Blake is a good kid. His curiosity and youthful actions probably resulted in disrupting the effect that should have caused my mind to overcome his body the way those of Honidder and Lorither overcame their hosts. I also believe that what Blake did can enable us to part, but it will require someone with the knowledge of the technology.”

Agent Wilson said, “Okay, well can you tell us if there is any defense against that weapon he used?”

“It is a wave distortion, so a machine that can create a counter gravity wave –“

“Counter gravity wave? Darling, we cannot affect gravity.”

“Then the only defense is to take out the person using it.”

Agent Norwood said, “It seems that your people are more harsh than ours.”

“We are not the ones in control of our world. We are a prey species. We are the food source for other animals – really big, really nasty, animals. On my world we would not be standing around in the open chatting. What we do, we do to survive. What I see you as doing, is not worrying about survival.”

“No, what we are worried about is this getting out of hand. A stand-off or a shoot-out does not help anyone.”

“A stand-off does, because it keeps Lorither from hurting others. As for a shoot-out, one hit by us should resolve the situation.”

Agent Wilson did help prevent us two ladies from going at each other by saying, “One well-placed bullet, yes, but hurting our people by anything less than a well-placed bullet is not something I want to have to admit to. Has that ever been in one of your reports, Officer Fortaubin?”

Proudly, I replied, “No.”

“Then I would suggest that you work with us to keep it that way.” Agent Wilson turned his head to assure that he was speaking to the others and not just me. “Listen, we are here to provide what help we can. So far this has been contained to this community, but it has involved traffic on the major roads. That alerted the state boys, and the seriousness of the situations – the deaths – caused them to contact us. Further, Mrs. Anita Pritchard has been screaming about her husband draining bank accounts, and that has again caused us to become involved. Finally, in speaking to Mayor Atkins it has been learned that most of the actual confrontations have been with this Spirit Girl, I believe that is you Officer Fortaubin, so no actual officers have been assigned to this. That gives me the opening to assign myself and my team. If there is any argument, I need to hear it.”

Both Mayor Atkins and a Captain Sullivan ended up allowing the FBI to have the case. Each of the local officials stressed that they wanted to be informed of matters. Agent Wilson then pointed at me and said that I was being assigned to his team. Officer Tarkenton spoke up about Blake, but the female agent spoke of being able to take the youth into her consideration. In the end Mr. Tork and Officer Tarkenton were told that they could return home, and with Blake telling them that he would call his parents they wished us the best.

After they drove off, Agent Wilson looked to me and asked, “Okay, Officer Fortaubin, how would you suggest that we act next?”

“I heard them do the report on the vehicle, so I can say that Honidder was using his body’s money and assets to supply his activities. Lorither however does not have any of that. He however killed the members of his gang, who from my observation of them were a rather professional group. I thus suspect that they had managed to accumulate their own resources, which Lorither is now using to his advantage.”

Agent Wilson looked to one of the men with him, and ordered, “Get what images of the situations you can, get visual IDs on all involved, and get me those records.” He then looked back to me to ask, “Don’t take this wrong, but there is no way to lose the minor?”

I moved to put an arm around Blake and hug him as I gave my answer, “No. Without him I cannot go far and cannot speak. He is a very smart and good lad, however, and has not been a problem to me.”

Blake spoke in his own defense, “I have been supporting both Mr. Tork and Officer Tarkenton.”

Agent Wilson now asked, “Okay, so do we need to inform the parents?”


“I know,” I said to Blake before turning to look at Agent Wilson. “They know that Blake is involved with the police in some manner. They know about me – in a way. It is best however to use the Torks or Officer Tarkenton to relay information. Blake does not believe his parents, especially his mother, can handle certain pieces of information, and from what evidence I have seen I have to agree with him.”

Agent Wilson asked, “How much do the local police know?”

“You would actually know more about that than me. I have not really dealt with them. My stunts have been in my usual direct style, but as Lorither escaped each time I found my attachment to Blake to be a limiting factor. Blake goes to school with the Tork’s youngest daughter, which brought about my association with them. As for Officer Tarkenton, I believe that he mostly acted to protect Blake and only worked with me upon accepting my relationship with Blake.”

“Does our bad guys know about Blake?”

“Not to my knowledge. They are surely suspicious about my situation, but when I caused Honidder to run off the road he was screaming to Lorither that I was a ghost. I thus hope that is how they consider my present state to be.”

Some chuckles sounded among the FBI agents with a couple making comments about my appearance. While I felt that they would end up being told about the brooch, I did not supply any information about certain rules of how Blake and I associated with each other. The FBI used their own language references in making comments among themselves with Agent Wilson finally making some decisions.

“Okay, Officer Arraelly, I am going to take you and Blake home, which means to Blake’s house. I need the night to catch myself up with things. Blake, get your schoolwork, because you are going to miss some days. I will pick up both of you in the morning.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
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Living with Spirit Girl: Cp18
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