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 Living with Spirit Girl: Cp19

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PostSubject: Living with Spirit Girl: Cp19   February 14th 2017, 8:59 pm

Living with Spirit Girl
Chapter Nineteen

I believe Arraelly was worried about me. On the drive back to my house she went over the whole day with me attempting to explain why she did or said certain things. I appreciated her attention, and really felt a need to speak about certain things as well. Coming back to my home, Arraelly however mentioned something after entering my bedroom that worried her that had not bothered me.

“Blake, you did not know what a tranq was?”

It took me a moment to even remember to what she was referring before admitting, “No.”

“You did not know what FBI stood for either.”

Not wanting to sound like I was stupid, I said, “I just knew that they were the feds.”

“*I assumed that I knew to speak from sharing your own knowledge.*”

“Yes, I guess, but you did say that you could still understand Lorither and Honidder when they spoke your native language.”

I saw Arraelly looking at me with a strange smile to her face. From her silence I expected that she wanted me to say something, but I had no idea of what. I however had come to learn that she would not stay quiet for long, and sure enough she did finally speak again.

“*I am wondering if you can talk back in this language.*”

That sentence did not make sense to me. We had been talking for some time now. Arraelly continued to smile at me as if she told a joke that I did not get. I was glad that she spoke again, although again I felt that she chose a sentence that would continue the humor for her while making no sense for me.

“*If I say that my house is inside a gruthoby skull, would you understand that it has two doors?*”

It did seem strange that I could picture a bulbous skeletal head where the internal boney ridge of the nasal cavity made it easy to convert into a duplex. I somehow knew that a lower door would be set in the foundation securing the skull to the ground, then one where the large hearing membrane would decay out. I did consider it strange that I knew what a gruthoby was and how its skeleton would be used, but still had not grasped what Arraelly was smiling about when Felix entered the room.

He said, “It’s getting bedtime, Blake, so you need to tell Officer Arraelly that it is time for her to go home.”

The lady told me, “*Tell your brother that I will be going to Fernando tonight.*”

I was actually about to tell him, but stopped when he said, “What did she say?”

Confused by what my brother said, I replied, “She said that we will be going to Fernando’s tonight.” I then looked at Arraelly’s still smiling face, and asked, “What are you not telling me?”

“*I’ll tell you later. Right now I probably should let you go on to sleep.*”

Felix asked, ‘What language is she speaking?”

I answered, “She’s speaking…”

Suddenly it hit me what Arraelly had been doing. She had mentioned that Lorither and Honidder had been using her native language, but I had never been present at that time. Just as she had been able to speak my language, she felt a need to see if our connection enabled me to speak hers. Honestly, what she had been saying sounded like my normal language to me, although I also remembered understanding what a gruthoby was. I then thought about other things she had said.

“Arraelly, so you’re saying that you did not know what FBI stood for because I did not know?”

“How would I have known?”

Felix interjected, “FBI? That’s the feds, right?”

Arraelly answered, “Federal Bureau of Investigation. Blake and I are now working with them.”

“Whoa. Moving up. You two must be into something.”

I knew that Felix would gossip among his friends, so did not want to say anything more. Arraelly still had her focus on me. She did not say anything, even in her native language, but just moved her head and eyes in a motion toward the door. I found myself understanding, so just told Felix what I needed to say to keep up appearances.

“Yes, but I need to let Arraelly go. Will then be going to bed.”

All I did was step into the hallway, then Arraelly faded back into me. I knew that she would take back over once I was asleep, but her late night activity had not bothered me. I did find myself wondering just how much we were a part of each other. While I did like Arraelly, her being a girl did disturb me. It did help that she was nice, and was not all the time doing girl stuff. Being a cop made her willing to do things that I thought were really neat. From the hallway I went and knocked on the bathroom door. Hearing Wendy tell me to just wait a second, I stepped back against the wall and wondered about living with a girl.

It did help that Arraelly could not read my mind, although I felt it would be really weird if I could read her mind. She surely thought like a girl. She also stayed rather active, so I felt that if I shared her thoughts that I would constantly hear a babble of female ideas that would be really troubling. Actually glad that I could not read her mind, I however wondered how much of Arraelly was really a part of me.

Coming out of the bathroom, Wendy looked to me and said, “You and Arraelly going out to the gym with Freight Train?”

“Yes, then with the FBI tomorrow.”

“You probably should get your rest then.”

Wendy could be bossy. One of the things I liked about Arraelly was that she did not order me around all the time. When she did give me a command, it usually made sense. Wendy would have me do things just because she could, but I answered her knowing that as my sister she did help care for me at times.

“I will, but Arraelly seems to stay active.”

“Don’t let her get you killed, Blake. That is what we are talking about at the hospital. Those criminals Arraelly is going up against simply kill people. I am worried about you, Blake.”

She actually sounded worried about me, so I tried to let her know that I would be all right. “I’m not allowed to get into trouble, Wendy. You are right that these bad guys kill people. That is why Arraelly needs to stop them.”

“But why do you need to be there, Blake? Mom said that you would not explain it to her, because it was odd.”

“Yes, as in really strange – odd.”

“Your circle of friends seem to know however, and the Torks, and your school officer. If they know, why can’t you tell us – your own family?”

Considering that I was speaking to Wendy, I had an easy answer. “Because you, Felix, and Mom – maybe not Dad, cannot keep your mouths shut. You would talk about it. Further, you would pick on me, annoy me, and just be hard to live to with if you knew. The people that I am associating with are keeping this a secret, and not bothering me about it. That makes me want to hang out with them and not with my family.”

Suddenly the voice of my mother said, “That is all the explanation I need to hear. Go to bed, Wendy.”

As my sister left, my mother came to hug me. I heard her sob as he continued to hold me. When she finally broke the embrace, it was just to wipe her eyes. She held me again as she spoke to me.

“When things go bad, Blake, remember that we do love you. As annoying as we might be, we love you. You better come to us when things go bad.”

“I will, but Arraelly does take care of me, Mother. She, and Officer Tarkenton, and everyone is worried about me. I am worried about Arraelly, but she is really good.”

“Well, one day I need to spend time with her. Really, Blake, you could at least bring her to visit. I usually work during the day, Blake, and would not mind coming home and fixing a good meal one day.”

Thinking back to the conversation with the Torks, I said, “Arraelly usually leaves the eating to me. I will however try to have her meet you, Mother.”

“Yes, we women do always seem to diet. Okay, Blake, but you do that. You have Arraelly spend time with me one day.”

Wondering about how it would happen, I said, “I will try, Mother, but she is not like you at all.”

“She is still a girl that is interested in my youngest boy. I thus need to meet her, Blake.”

I told my mother I agreed, then stepped into the bathroom. Just having to know, I asked Arraelly if she heard all of that. She said that she had, and was pleased with the way I handled my mother and sister.

Just because I thought it was the truth, I said, “You are not like either of them.”

“It takes all types to make up a world, Blake. I am glad that you like me. Considering the type of women that you grew up being around, I find it rather surprising. Of course, my mother and sisters are boring, which I don’t feel that I am.”

Agreeing with her, I said, “I find my mother and sisters annoying.” Again, because I thought it was the truth, I went ahead and said, “Honestly, though, I find most girls annoying.”

Arraelly sounded pleased as her voice in my mind said, “We females find you guys often annoying as well. Honestly, I am amazed that I do not find you annoying, Blake. You however seem like a much more sensible boy than someone that would go into a graveyard late at night.”

“Well, ah, I do get bored at times as well.”

“And I heard you say that you were just defending your family’s history.”

I really did not say anything in reply. I simply nodded my head. I guess that she saw the up and down motion of my eyes, so was able to understand my reply.

“So, Blake, let us figure out how I can spend time with your mother. I guess we can tell her that you stayed at the Torks while you allow me to use the body.”

“I guess,” I managed to reply. “I mean, if you want.”

“Might as well learn as much about you as I can. They both however seem to be able to tell some embarrassing things about you, so you better be able to keep yourself from reacting.”

“That will be hard.”

“Surely you have heard the stories many times before.”

I had, but I could not help but state a fact of my mother and sister. “They laugh just as hard each time they tell them, so it bothers me just as much each time.”

“Well, you will need to grow up eventually, Blake. Still, they do love you.”

“I know.” Suddenly worried, I asked, “Arraelly, what are you going to do once we deal with Lorither? I mean, what if you cannot go home?”

“I might get to know you better, Blake.”

I really did not like that answer. I did like Arraelly, but did not think that we got along that well. What she did was not exactly things I wanted to do. I did like her as a friend however, and prepared for bed thinking that would be enough.

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Living with Spirit Girl: Cp19
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