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 Living with Spirit Girl: Cp20

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PostSubject: Living with Spirit Girl: Cp20   February 19th 2017, 9:52 pm

Living with Spirit Girl
Chapter Twenty

All the complications coming into the situation with Lorither only disturbed me because people were dying. I knew the feeling, but since becoming S4 I had enjoyed not having to deal with it. Again facing the procedures of local and national bureaucracy did not please me, and knowing that it would not be my people that died due their idiocy did not reduce the degree that I felt disturbed.

With the military I had to go into deadly situations being destructive when I felt other options presented themselves. My people were a prey species, but the animals that sought us for food were not intelligent. Most did have tactics to get close to their desired meal, but our brains did give us methods to chase them off or just assure that no one went near the threat. I did admit that many of those creatures that ate my people were good to eat in return, but often the military did not set up things to properly clean and process the carcasses after the slaughter.

In the police force I did have opportunities to work with a situation in my own way. I did not gain any authority to perform as I did, but the limited manpower of the law enforcement department just had me face deadly threats without anyone present to give me orders. Each time the threat was rendered unfed, meaning no civilians were killed, I gained accolades. My procedures however were not passed around as the recommended way of doing things, but I found myself promoted as those in my sector of town found themselves not fearing for their lives.

There were politics in asserting my authority as S4, but as my reputation of resolving the situations grew I found myself presented with less obstacles. In a way, it made being S4 less fun. I certainly did enjoy going around the obstacles of procedures and watching the faces of those that created certain policies as I accomplished what they had been unwilling to allow others to do.

I wondered if my people considered me dead. I was glad that I did jump through that energy field after Lorither. If I had not, I might have gained further credit for removing Lorither. I however now knew that such accolades would have been false. If my people had awarded me the honor, I definitely wanted to end my life having truly deserved it.

“Hey, Arraelly, you look glum. I know that the bad guys got away again, but the radio said that they had some heavy firepower.”

I tried to smile for Fernando as I replied, “Yes, they had some firepower. It was stupid policies that prevented the police from stopping them however. If I had a gun, I would have done it. The police had guns, yet their superior was screaming at them not to fire. If more people die, I believe certain people should feel bad, but I know they won’t.”

“Yes, the world is a crazy place. Look at me. I am about to go into a cage with a bunch of other idiots who have no other goal in life but to beat me up.”

I took the protective devices Father David handed to me while I spoke to Fernando. “You better get into that cage and win, Fernando. If not, I might show up to beat you up myself.”

“Sounds good, Arraelly. I am going to climb into the cage determined to stay looking good enough to kiss you. Will you do that, Arraelly? Will you kiss me if I win?”

Considering some of the things I had done to him, I felt that he deserved something nice from me. “Considering that I was threatening to inflict further harm upon you if you lost, I guess I should kiss you should you win.”

“Well, good, as that is what I needed: incentive.”

“You did not have any incentive, Fernando?”

“No, except for Father David I really had no one believing in me.”

I had done some research on Fernando when studying with Blake, so could say, “Now, Fernando, you have won these battles before.”

“Not like this one, Arraelly. This is a bigger match with some really qualified opponents. Most said that I was just a brawler, so would lose to one of the bigger martial artists, like Victor Vertigo. You were thus a godsend, Arraelly, as you are giving me practice to remove my weakness of not having experience with someone really athletic like him.”

“I don’t have the size of Victor Vertigo.”

“You can climb on me in a manner that gives you a size advantage, Arraelly. I have been learning how to counter those moves however.”

I knew an opening when it presented itself. Without any warning, I suddenly leaped upon Fernando. He however adjusted his weight that kept me from throwing him. I dropped telling him to hold his position, then checked the strength in his legs. Finding him to have a good, solid stance, I knew that I had to give him a compliment.

“It seems that you have been learning. I might have to worry about kissing you.”

Instead of acting as if I insulted him, he smiled while he said, “I might be a big, powerful man, Arraelly, but I promise to give you a real sweet kiss.”

“I’m working with the FBI now, Fernando, but if I can get finished by Friday I will certainly be there.”

“This fight is too big to have anything planned afterward. If I do not win, I will have to make other plans for my life. If I win, I will need to see what type of plans life makes for me.”

I heard what he said, although had to let him know about certain things about our present relationship. “Well, I however do not believe that you will still be here late at night.”

It was Father David that replied, “If he wins, he probably will be here, Arraelly, as he will need to get into shape for the next fight. If he loses, we might leave you a note.”

Fernando quickly said, “Just give me your number, Arraelly.”

I thought about what to say, and came up with a response. “I will try and get you one where I can feel certain to get the message.”

Father David asked, “Could we just call the police station?”

“Yes, but ask for Officer Tarkenton.”

“He works with the children at the local junior high.”

I really did not want to speak about Blake, so only gave a vague reply. “Yes, but he really is a good man.”

“Yes. He comes to our church. I thus know him.”

“Oh, well, okay.” I really was relieved at hearing another support my belief in the quality of a person. “I really am new to the area, but he has shown himself to be helpful.”

I began the usual sparring session with Fernando working my mind to recall various routines I had used, studied, or simply saw others perform. The hope was that dredging up memories of one type I would stir up other pieces of data that could help me. My lack of complete focus did allow Fernando to toss me at times, although I had to admit that he had been working to develop counters to my style of attacks.

When Father David called time, I had some thoughts about my own situation. Feeling the period had been positive, I found myself not resisting the affection from Fernando. I hoped his positive spirit would give him the advantage as I felt it did me. Just not to leave him out, I went to hug Father David. He usually kept a sober, distant, attitude, but I found him to smile as I forced the situation of displaying some affection to him.

Leaving the gym I saw a car following me. I looked actually hoping to see Honnider. The next thought was that it would be the drug dealer. Not recognizing either, I simply stopped while attempting to see through the tinted windows of the car.

I guess understanding I was wanting a reason for the tail, the vehicle drove up with me seeing Agent Wilson when the window came down. “Just keeping a watch, Arraelly. We were told you spent time with Fernando Freight Train.”

Accepting their presence, I simply replied, “You should have also been told that I am connected to Blake. Considering that the lad needs to go to school, I am going to get my rest while he attends classes.”

The voice of Agent Norward could be heard from the other seat saying, “We are going to claim Blake, Arraelly. He has good grades, so the school is willing to allow some outside experience.”

Determined not to play games, I replied, “You just want me, right?”

“We want the bad guys. It however seems we need you to catch them.”

“You had them today, but let them get away.”

Agent Wilson said, “Listen, we will buy breakfast.”

“It’s not like I have money.” I suddenly had an idea, “Listen, I would like to see Fernando fight. If I can assure a backstage pass, can you help get this case solved by Friday?”

“I would like it solved today. Honestly, I would like to see the fight. Get some rest, and just have Blake ready to spend the day with us.”

Sounded to me like things could hopefully improve, so I wished the agents a good night. They replied that the night had mostly passed, although allowed that some people could get by on little sleep. I commented that I was like most people, and could not sleep when I had troubling thoughts. They assured me that they would be watching for trouble, so I should be able to get some good rest in what was left of the night.

Going around to the back of the house, I saw the window open with Felix in it. “Where are you sleeping? You come back here to drop off your clothes, but I cannot figure where you go.”

I simply looked at him and said, “Don’t you read the comic books?”

“Comic books?”

“Yes. Those who learn the secret identity of a superhero tend to die.”


Wondering how well he listened to his younger brother, I let him now, “I’m Spirit Girl.”

“You don’t have a costume.”

“I however do have a superpower.”

“Oh, what is that?”

It helped that the family knew I took Blake with me in visiting Fernando. I stepped away while waking Blake. As he rubbed his eyes, I told him to stay against the wall of the house while I went back to look at Felix.

I relaxed my mind, and gained some pleasure in hearing the older brother ask where I went. If there was a good light source, he probably could have seen me. Enjoying listening to his confusion, I passed through the walls to enter the bedroom. Felix turned hearing me open the drawer where Blake stored my clothes, and I reminded him of something.

“Now, don’t go snooping, Felix. You might learn something that will wind up killing you, and I do not want anything bad to happen to those of Blake’s family.”

“You’re a ghost?”

“I really, really hope not. Still, there are bad guys out there killing people. Blake got himself involved, but I am doing all I can to protect him. Help your brother inside, then go on to bed.”

I was glad to see that Blake did show up when called, although as he was helped into the bedroom I heard Felix ask, “Have you seen Arraelly naked?”

Hoping to save Blake from being embarrassed, I replied, “He’s too young to really appreciate the sight. I suspect he will be interested in a short time, but by then I hope our relationship is over.”

“I would like to see.”

I found myself glad to be taking Blake away from his family in hearing that. “Sorry. We have no relationship at all, except you are Blake’s brother. I don’t want you to die, Felix, so go to bed.”

“Okay, but get a costume, Spirit Girl. Something skimpy.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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Living with Spirit Girl: Cp20
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