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 Living with Spirit Girl: Cp21

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PostSubject: Living with Spirit Girl: Cp21   February 24th 2017, 8:31 pm

Spirit Girl
Chapter Twenty-One

I thought it was funny how Felix got into trouble when attempting to quiz me concerning Arraelly. He spoke of her disappearing to suddenly appear in the room when he had been sitting in the window. He then asked me if I had seen her naked. Mother and father started asking him questions, and when he found himself assigned extra chores after speaking of asking Arraelly if he could see her naked I could not help but laugh at Felix.

Seeing the FBI agents at the door further annoyed my brother, as he realized I was not going to school. They reminded me that they had promised me breakfast. When mother spoke of not liking her son out in an active investigation, they spoke of Arraelly mentioning free passes to see the cage fight tomorrow evening if they could be finished. My brother became even more annoyed upon realizing I could possibly go see Fernando Freight Train in action.

They took me to a rather expensive restaurant for breakfast. I felt that I knew why they had chosen the location when they directed me to a booth that had some privacy. After allowing me to fill my plate at the buffet, they both looked around to assure no one was nearby before asking the question I should have expected.

“How do you contact Arraelly, Blake?”

“It’s a brooch I found in a graveyard. When I lifted it up to look at it better I was struck by some beam.”

Instead of having me show it to them, they began asking about the event. It did not surprise me that they correlated the event to about the time Lorither showed up. It was when I reminded them that Arraelly spoke of her coming due to chasing Lorither through some portal that the FBI agents had me show them the brooch.

No sooner did I grab it than a noise went off. It seems that they had not taken the device from Honnider to their scientists. Surprised to have it work, they had me do some things. I was glad to summon Arraelly, as it allowed them to question her while I could eat. I guess to allow me to continue to devour my breakfast, they asked Arraelly to grab the brooch. When she did so, I suddenly felt very weak even as she spoke in amazement.

“Such a simple solution, Blake! Why didn’t we think of that?” I felt her arms go around me, then I guess she realized my condition. “Are you all right, Blake?”

I answered, “I feel like you had gone past your limit.”

“Well, you have substance, Blake. I do as well. Still, if you are too weak.”

“No, Arraelly, you keep it.”

“Blake, my first priority is to protect those innocent. Protecting you comes first.”

I moved my hand to touch Arraelly as she held the brooch. Suddenly, I saw her as she appeared the first night I held the brooch. I somehow sensed that she was still in her human body, as the form I saw would not fit in the seat. The alien image simply floated. While the first night it had appeared extremely odd, I looked at the form and saw things about it I did not notice in the night. There was color to her form. The way her shell covered her seemed to be adequate protection while still enabling her to move. I found myself wanting to touch the image as I thought about how lovely she appeared.

Thank you, Blake.

I looked around to see the FBI agents simply looking strangely at us, and in managing to see the Melanie Morlock body still sitting beside me I had to ask, “Are we now talking with our minds?

I believe so. If we are holding hands, but I don’t see why we need to. We have been pretty good at whispering.

Holding hands with a girl did bother me, but I thought about something else. “I can see your real body, Arraelly. When I said you were lovely, I was looking at your real body.

I saw her look up before saying, “Well, I did work to stay in shape, and I did have men hitting on me. I am nothing like a human though.

No, but colorful. I could not see the color that night you first appeared.

That is just a sign of me being healthy, Blake. Still, I was proud of my color.

Finally, Agent Wilson asked, “What are you two doing?”

Arraelly replied, “Speaking telepathically. Now we know we can, maybe we can figure it out without having to hold hands.”

“You were looking like two love birds.”

“Yes, well, I need to give the brooch back –“

I quickly replied, “No, Arraelly, you keep it. I don’t feel so bad.”

“Are you certain?”

There were a few bites left on my plate, and I wolfed them down before starting to rise as I said, “It was just something new. I’m going to get some more food.”

Agent Norwood asked, “Are you getting hungry, Arraelly?”

“No, but I might try a bite of Blake’s food when he returns.”

I had hung around to hear the conversation, so felt that I had missed out on getting more food when Agent Wilson commanded, “Sit down, Blake.” He then looked to Agent Norwood to say, “That’s her.”

It surprised me to hear Arraelly identify the lady that entered, “Anita Pritchard.”

Agent Norwood replied, “Yes. We are thinking she might be a good contact.”

“She wants the return of her husband. While she has heard most of the story from Honnider, she still fights for her husband. She would only help us if we lied and said that we could get her husband back.”


“We don’t know enough to say it as a truth.”

Agent Wilson said, “You are right about that, Arraelly.”

I thought of my parents as the two fell into what was an old conversation with Agent Norwood mentioning, “We could offer it as a hope.”

Arraelly said, “For her it would not be accepted as a hope, but only as a promise. Let me speak to Honnider, then we might be able to go to her with something substantial.”

With the look of not liking having the conversation interrupted, Agent Wilson asked, “And how do we let you speak to Honnider?”

“I thought you were taking me somewhere. If the device goes off, I go in.” I saw Arraelly look to me as she added, “Not with the brooch, but as Spirit Girl.”

I asked, “Could you go spirit now?”

Her face contorted in what I felt was concentration, but then she showed shock before saying, “I could return to my real body. You say you saw it, Blake?”

“Yes, above you.” I looked up to see the ceiling, then said, “I really cannot say how.”

“Maybe I can return home. It would really help me to speak to Honnider.”

Agent Norwood said, “That is Regina Bishop, her lawyer.”

I turned to see another lady wearing something that looked like a suit move from the door to the one already identified. I felt a breakfast place was a strange place for a meeting. I always thought adults met in an office. Meeting at an eating place where I would want to conduct business. I turned feeling Arraelly pull me away from the edge of the bench.

She placed something in my hand with the fork while commanding, “Keep the brooch, Blake.”

It was Agent Norwood that asked, “Are you certain, Arraelly?”

“You want a deal? With the lawyer present we can possibly get one.”

“How do you figure that?”

“The lawyer will be a dose of reality to the wife. Anita has her dreams and hopes, but the lawyer will seek a resolution. That is what I hope to gain.”

I had to ask, “Don’t you want to be solid?”

“No,” Arraelly answered. “If they are going to accept what I tell them of the husband, they need to be shown something that will cause them to believe.”

Agent Wilson said, “This is a public place, Arraelly.”

“I should be substantial enough.”

Arraelly was barely visible even to me as she left the booth. She however gained the amount of substance I was used to seeing her maintain near an empty table. Grabbing a chair, she slid it over to the table with Mrs. Pritchard and her lawyer. When the two ladies looked at Arraelly, she took a seat while speaking at a level that I could barely hear her, but Agent Wilson activated a device that allowed us to easily hear the distant conversation.

“I need the two of you to maintain your composure.”

The lawyer replied, “And why is that?”

“Because I am about to do something that will have you lose your composure.”

“Is that a threat?”

“From me? No. The threat is from a Honnider Stovichet. That is the name of the one who has gained control of the body of Anita’s husband. I want him dealt with, and my own situation dealt with. Your cooperation will help.”

Mrs. Pritchard replied, “Honnider is the name he is using. How do you know that, young lady?”

“You won’t believe me if I just tell you. I need to show you something. This is a public place however, so I do not need either of you to make a scene.”

“Well, go ahead. I came here to prevent myself from getting emotional.”

I saw the lawyer only nod. That must have been enough for Arraelly, as she then faded from view. Neither lady did anything. When Arraelly again became visible, the lawyer asked a simply question.

“Could you possess us?”

Arraelly answered, “Have not tried to possess anyone, but I doubt it. Honestly, I am not certain if I can restore Mr. Pritchard. However, I am certain that if he is not stopped that more people will be killed. If I can stop him and remove his influence, I will certainly do so.”

Mrs. Pritchard asked, “Are you a demon?”

“No, but an alien. The technology is however very advanced and untested. I cannot believe that Honnider allowed himself to be used as a test subject. That is presently beside the point however, as he is here and must be stopped.”

The lawyer asked, “Are you working alone?”

“No, but with the FBI. I already knew some things, but they have been brought in due to the murders. They seemed to have known about this meeting between the two of you. What I am hoping you can tell me is where Mr. Pritchard is hiding out. He has developed some technology from my planet, so it has to be somewhere he has good access to stores and electricity.”

Mrs. Pritchard said, “I believe he is at Dave Haebotten’s house. He raises animals. I mean some exotic species. I believe he was once a veterinarian, but now only works on special cases. No one has heard from him in a while.”

“That would explain the gorilla.”


Arraelly turned. Agent Wilson signaled me to slide back on the bench so I could not be seen even as Agent Norwood nodded toward the ladies. I held my position, although turned hoping to catch a sight of Arraelly through a reflection on something even as I heard her over the agents’ device.

“Thanks. Continue with whatever plans you were going to make. You might need to do whatever you were planning. I hope not, but I cannot make any promises.”

Mrs. Pritchard said, “Thank you for coming to us. I wish you the best in saving my husband.”

The lawyer asked, “What is your name?”

I could only smile hearing Arraelly answer, “Spirit Girl.”

Fantasy puts more requirements on the writer than any other fiction, because the world must be made as real before anything else can be real.
Adult Christian fiction quite different than all the usual lame stuff in that market.  "Dilemma of Dreams" now in hard back.
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Living with Spirit Girl: Cp21
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